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2017-11-16 | 🔗

In this week’s episode, Karen and Georgia cover the Amish Serial Killer and three mysterious disappearances. Plus a special surprise from Dallas.

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This is exactly right. Ok, let's get them yeah, let's get real son. Put your hands and prayer position and rub them together in a little bit of friction. Missus S m are now that's right and you get there before and throw the dice this is my favorite murder. Featuring George hard Stark, featuring caring, Bulgaria with a sidebar element of steam and re Morris right over there on the ground areas. We expect them to be, and it always is I'm cosy cosy.
Is there? I would never because he's sitting in a position that Stephen offered him a chair can we can we go ahead and it's how he likes it. Yeah he's under yoga. He must be near, fuckin young and consider how we want when you're young transfer. I said that I don't even know what a success that nanny, though all is very young man. The cartilaginous knees still there nothing it's brilliant back from from our amazing leg of the tour it down in taxes. I knew that would be a special. I knew that there should be a special trip, it was so good I mean they all really are in their own way in that sounds cheesy. But it really is true here and These ones were great,
They were just so great in every way. Why why name and bright but just were many ways see so all the ways either so many ways you can just imagine. Somebody did make me and I'm sorry, I don't know your name off hand, but it was the second night and Allison woman came up in just handed me. If you're, beautiful silver box and inside and she made a box full of moth cookies, so was the Box of MOSS that I fear, but in cookie form, which I don't fear right and it I think it may have arrived to my phobia of getting a box months on the mail. It happened in Europe.
Happy about it does no one got her whereby she's cookie these here, too deadened getting dead. Matson alarm live my life like opening a box and having muscle lie in my place up in your face re like silence in the lamps, yes and its or is it the moths? Also or is it just or is it also the connotation of what one, which would mean for one to take the time to send you a box of moths yeah how creepy specific be, although I'm not exactly sure whenever we would argue that it just came out of my mouth fray and have this, but this is called like a journey into the subconscious that we never want to talk about again or further. So we were both. We were in Dallas and we met in the lobby of the hotel and when they are like leaving for the shoulder both like someone knocking adorn handwritten driver and then we were. I had been freaked out because, like I'm, not gonna, doors like who the fuck is, it was like the concepts like that, whenever a guy that work there guy that work there, which I you know, I did fuckin not anchored or anyways when you're alone out of the shower, and he is exit
he you know said someone had given a presence and opened the door which I don't know what I was thinking handed me a gift Bangladesh and then I was like someone knows where I'm staying now, and this is creepy and scary, and even though this is yes and then happened to you too and happen to me- and I this is the It part of the brag than that I want to tell the most, which is that our rooms were so big and beautiful at that hotel, that someone would knock on the door. This happened in multiple times and would take me so long to get to the door. They would either knock again or try to open the door bell, but it would be like say with turned down or the note or something like that, because I always forget to put that leave me alone thing on. I always forget, I always wants. It really means, and I welcome this- is how compatible whereby the moment we we dont close the door to the hotel room before putting the leave me alone. I got up to that. God cause it's there's nothing more than one person.
Comes in your room, they don't want to be there. We are there and you it's like you're being a creep by having not put the sign on totally so anyway. The guy knocked I was walking over knocked again, and I said who is it? No one answered again I said he was it, but it was close enough to, I thought. Maybe it was you joking around and I didn't I hands on so then I was like I'm just gonna open the door as our funny joke of opening the door closed on great. But then, as I actually think, that's happened, I love surprising with no clothes and my favorite joke. It's pretty good, but So I stood behind the door opened it. It was a dude and he was like here's a present, for he didn't say here is a pretty thing, but here's a present for you and I I
the door so close that I basically only can fit my arm out grabbed the bag, pulled it in and slammed the door didn't say, thank you and say, and it was really scary will. Then, of course we meet the woman who drop. Those things are the ashes. Did you guys get my my bag that I sent you the present an immediate, and I was terrified me. We were like how are we looking at some of the yelled the front ask what's going on? Did you cholera and Texas looking for the fuckin right, our minds, of course, in Bulgaria and saying in the way where, if other people get to hear us, they d like calm down asking us like this- is not that big, oh well, but when the explanation finally came, it was like really embarrassing. I saw her and she was just like the sweetest blonde Texan, like angel they sunlike area. This is the girl, who's, gonna kill us. It's like. Ok, it's pretty good. When she's fine, she s, we shall do nicely, but then she has acted shock in the President s events in the parking lot of my hotel links. You just knew that we are saying in the most natural non evasive race of way possible right. She knew, and this so sent us up some delay and also its the thing that everyone we were going crazy foreign and everyone in Texas. We learned that there's
There's a gas station called Bucky's, that's beloved and Bucky's makes a products do not know. If you know this already, they make a product called Beaver Nugget that are essentially crack cocaine, dipped in fuckin like maple sugar, some share yeah, there's a poor grind element, but also kind of like puffed seek cup pup, corn, Syria, but then maple coding, the air and something about it. It's a dying look here. He is almost got a con candy element. Yes, does it just like sugar and air, but we were eating them. Like kind lunatics, so many of those and that's what she sent up, it was like the little lovely after, like welcome to tax the warlike propelling down the side of the building right, you're, so crazy, but it just that thing of like I can we do unless our own story realistic, because it's my favorite of this, the Czechs who sister the chick
sir. Yes, so after I'm sure you're, like a meeting great thing where we mean so many cool people like listeners and tick photos with them in a lot of them. Give us presence
boxes of chocolate of candy moths or ever so one girl. When came in medicine, she was so nice and she was like you guys got me there's some really hard times. Thank you so much whenever gray, ok and then we're gonna take a photo with her and as the photo is it ass. We take their link that moment of silence where we all turned to the camera, like fake smile, weird pose an right. In that moment she goes. Should I was your lady dear do and then Georgia's Gonna do what she did. Ok said the lady goes, my sister's dying in Georgian laughed with us like ours are like Georgia burst out laughing MIKE was cracking because you're in a horrified position. Sometimes you just laugh, you will, and it was so quiet. It was like hell, certainly think eyes in detention of like what the fuck are. We gonna get my sister's dying, my sister's dying, so then Georgian lacks then the pictures, the hearings that over georgia- I didn't say it like that
you could go a kind of like don't do that. Well, I was just like that new admonishing I ve never admonishment before well you're laughing. I sent her sister. I didn't. I know you're in at all how to reset agree with you. So I turn to the woman after the federal like, unlike both us, what are you talking about were like tell us. I contact turned in oak circle up not allow a moment. This is a thing and we're here for you, we get it and then she does. She is so jealous that she's, not here at issue just hang use the wrong phrasing right in a moment of silence. So it's it felt like. She was basically saying I'd like to tell you this very sad day sisters die sisters, dunno my sister's die of how you I wouldn't desire yeah. So now we know how I reacted movement of horror and now you know
it was hilarious, asked about it, it was super and also she thought it was kind of funny once we were like we are why I mentioned say: she's fine, we really mad at her yeah. That was a lot. You have a corrections corner, and this really is only for the people that were at our second show in Dallas. I did the story of Terry Hoffman, who was this crazy coat leader? It was one of my favorites murder stories of ever done, but at the end I said she died in ninety ninety seven, which is very odd. I like pulled it out because I didn't have it on the page and I'd forgotten right. I had something notes. I want to make an area. I just want to tell everybody: she actually died in twenty fifteen at age. Seventy seven- and that is a big difference in time she just going, she was just like not giving up on this call dream now
She wasn't it all, and she she that book that she made was the cut money. The power of color. Money force or the or the color of money. Power force is some bullshit book about like, and we talked about that night. Whatever color you, whereas gonna bringing re money in different degree now does have an effect and vintage orange clown blanket. Can I bring me a lot? Gonna look. There's a fifty dollar bills are needed. They should, let's, just where I keep my money. Oh, oh just stuff, for an under your munching, whom I have a second corrections corner. This is for everybody
Last week I said that the director of wind River was a woman and it certainly is not a winner, miraculous. I I'm not sure exactly where I got it, but it was the movie that I was talking about. I watched it on the plane and it was really good. It was about the murder on rising like a native american land and Miss. So I said if its Taylor look it up or liquid the directors name it. Taylor, Sheridan and that's a man Taylor is interchangeable name, it is, but I feel like I should have at least glanced at a Wikipedia, but I think I see I thought I remembered
female woman of love like native american female woman, getting getting accolades, and so I kind of really combined at all. In my mind anyway, prophecy Taylor Sheridan cause it's such a good movie apparel at night, something yeah, the internet. We enhance article recently It says that the it's from the past, It's a d c when one is is like is the name of their website, and I says Weird NEWS: the voice behind many best selling books on tape is actually a serial killer. No, so it turns out that and now in the eighties, a blind couple showing their appreciation to the prisoners at the California Medical Facilities State prison who have voiced their they started a programme to have the inmates of air voice audio books. Ok, it was The programme was then run by
a friend at camper. So it's common volunteers evacuated or the blind project. They were recorded, thousands of books, best sellers textbooks, mystery science fiction Western West. Children's books, no cookbooks undertake cassettes from nineteen thirty seven. Eighty seven camper had spent over five thousand hours in the recording booth and had more than four million feat of tape and several hundred books to his credit, including MRS that's one flowers and looking at this annex added flowers in the addiction flowers in the attic. Why do I do ok, baby? purely based on mind, Hunter, the the wonderful series on their hucks that I personally love and the way an actor pleaded camphor. How can you imagine flowers in the attic as that guy in
could kind of nerdy always like there. She touched his wine is adamant about it. I don't know. I knew her and Brother Letter Chin. Groin is rather like that we have to track down somewhere. I mean I would never listened to that in a million years. I would when, if I started falling asleep so bad at night, because you know Virgil, relaxing no, it is not homing. Any thing knows when it my new fall asleep in my books, then I'd kill a bunch of people and their not related at all. I find, and I Eddie bragged, I'm sound sensitive, find people's voices to be a real make or break the her, and knowing that a person who had that voice rate was also a Cotter killer, who beheaded his own mother, be a hard break for you. That would be-
tough, one, two separate and not here, although critically crags of insanity and Margaret there there enough. So I can listen to a book about murder by falling asleep, but a countless anew I shouldn't know, but by a murderer, read by a murderer. I don't think so. I dont think you know that iraqi subconscious, because you do the thing where you know, unlike you, wicked old photos of a murderer and you like do I see can. I see it yet. See and his eyes rain. Here it is in his voice. You absolutely well Priscilla tendering. Yes, nothing else here to be hearing the voice of a sociopath who has no human like normal human. Action to the book
he's not going to do to us to be read so much uneasy. Andrews when I was like we should have been taken away from, it should have been banned. Listen I'm not for banning books. No, not really busy Andrew had some shit going on. Did you ever read my sweet arduino? Yes, ok. I obsessed on that sets out what if my parents have brainwashed me- and I dont remember my actual to help make the whole concept was unbelievable and tell you how badly I wanted to have been adopted and cut back. I wanted have been kidnapped by my parents and I am really my apparent yet what the
because, right, why would they is just like exciting, like you're just sitting there in front of your tv dinner, you know like having your normal life and you're like when something happens. I'm cool happen like I don't belong here, surplus three, that again, let's book club right now. Yes do on. Oh, yes, my, let's all read which one you want to do you want to do my sweetheart. I don't remember most of us, my sweet entering a, but it gives me chills. So I must know something is going on. Another that's the one where one point the active mother, somebody's scrubbs, somebody else with belief in a battle and to remember that no, like you, must get clean air and Malaysia if it's not that it's a different exceed our flowers in the attic with sorrow with which we start with. I can want to use my sweet. I dreamt I just cause it's a little bit like. I just reward the they do. The flowers in the attic made for tv move. I time element to watch it see them
did miles doing episode now, but she should never. She absolutely. Usually it will you tell her I'll, do it with her. She doesn't say. Ah, ah my you wanna do it do sure. Now's has I cast called mother Mason the five by Gaza. We both on when you watch a fuckin made for tv lifetime, Livy yeah, and did she stopped doing it she season? Also because our I know you go, you go be by beat of the Movie Association. Fifteen episode chunks takes a few months, I've made. Then we will have time to absorb out watch it the team time right. Full essay on America Malls Molly,
actually only Macular we're coming actually coming for you, but everybody else that wants to do this. Let's all yes read my sweet, Andrea, like you, wanna, go pick up copies tomorrow. Sure today it will be a has to be a use like paperback crop. It has to be a haunted cobbled together with the tears of uncle other fuckin girl from the aid is his leg. I hope I get kidnap yes by a hot, but as he is, if you can go to thrust, that has the copy of this or your mother, your grandmother's books, shelf. It makes me think of the cabin we sustain and blue lake that had all kinds of its Stephen king, Vc Andrews. They have all that shit. It has gotten. You can just go pick some horrible bulkier going to read. While you are there for the way, some amazing so we're goin to we're all
starting my sweet, our dream this Friday, because so that next week as Thanksgiving, so I am opening alive episode up and so Let's will meet back here in a week and too in two weeks at the beginning of December yeah, whatever next parliament episode will meet you here and we will have read and we will be ready to discuss my sweet after emit eyes. This is a big epic. Send us no thoughts, hurry! Ok, why am I so excited o cousins failure? other thing no really quickly. We have couple new towards aids because you guys got really angry that certain things and message after agent, Joe yes, salary, fifteenth, we added a second, showed a solid city at kings, very hall, those
on sale, Friday November, seventeen, which I think is shit so solid city second show you got your second show: SALT Lake City. God bless you ve got an Andy, you scare and are fucked endured. It has joined, that's how you have to do, and that is not how you do it come Adam Dublin as our second job, yeah, but they already put it up for sale, so its May seventh, its vicar street, and it's already on sale. They wouldn't do any kind of hold their like fine, we're doing at the sudden. Dublin's May seven second show up and then may seventeenth we added a second show. This is a fresh. This is a new show of this new. Sorry, sorry May seventeenth Glasgow Scotland. We are doing a show for you and I just like to say I lived there in two thousand and two I lived with New Glasgow, for. I think three months so come come.
Support your hunger than I can remember me. I I never understood what a lot of people are saying here, but I really have the best time so those also go on sale tomorrow. This shows to be at the is the vote. The academy is hey, pronounce it yellow to academy you Academy, I'm basically just go to make ever greater outcomes, flashlight for all the details and all the other shows or doing that our fuckin really excited about twenty eight teens. Can we ride we're getting new March its it's gonna, be a new like a fuckin new experience. It's gonna be we're having the best time on the Rome when you guys are so fond common aid and do shows with its. We really are it's quite a peak experience oh and were were so peak experience or repose, saying our holidays are
today. Design are large design, so gonna, my favorite minor shirts, dot com and check out the ugly holiday sweater Kenneth. I expect that we get on that yeah it's from it's one of Georgia's earliest concepts. Was it years or mine- and I know I don't know Kirsten just do it from the principle I don't know I mean I know she Chris person designed area, but I can remember which one of us thought of it. I won't take relics hour. I have no. I won't either it's basically a really cute looking Christmas design that says: here's the thing fuck everyone in it and like stay sexy, don't get murder and buddy acts like a Christmas wetter. Yeah three debates are, but it's also like a sweatshirt, so you don't have to wear as you can still have an ugly christmassy other without the heat or discomfort of an ugly criticising the teacher. There's gonna be a mug. Listen come on we're doing all free, look we're here for you. What can listen, please at my favorite murder, shirts, outcrop dotcom goodbye, Or cannot or yellow dot? What's it is
Their religious one got some G s. U S! G! Well, that's wrong! Miss Catholic! That's because I was Tryin Klute, everybody, some people, God look on your way! G s! You that's what I think my added that agriculture has been usurped. I do not mean to complain that the blame recently I've been in.
Dates of mind of being so tired and drain, or just like we just talk too much larger, there's so much talking that I hear things came out of my mouth or I'm doing what we are things like. You hold the door open for someone they walked through and then your leg to my ear. Welcome tomorrow. Yes, I just some were totally weird rain and you think you're saying the normal thing. I got it horrify. It's fun notes it's a good time, whose first, this week, we started, let's, let secular, there's really quickly. Ok, we decided them, and I think we should talk more about this of who should be first this week, meaning if your fuckin murder is horrifying awful and I have a book and delightful black widower from the fuckin eighteen hundred zoo is like allow her that's like will. I should go second to like bring it back. That's right. Like last week I went second, did the burning, and that is just and terrible story and you should have closed it.
It s. The same with member the last night. I did the story of the boy that killed his father right and same exact thing, we're about, like I did, a fucking guy who dressed up as Santa Claus and early nineteen hundred them, robbed Bang and it was hilarity, ensued so much hilarity and soon MRS Dallas third night in Dallas, the third night or not- and I do so. I should have closed we can. We can look back in remembrance all we want, but where maybe maybe one which one of us knows we're doing a murder. Our story is a fucking horrific and we can tell the other person like hey this, isn't a closer! Are you into the closer yes, that sounds fine, ok, so mind right now it can closer if you need to be how's, yours
not a k o my her fact. So we are in our ears right now. We are now officially dismantling they who went first last time unless we need it. Unless it doesn't matter, how will we go back to it when we ve where we decide? Ok, get up on this? Oh yeah inserted reconnoitring right, there's no former. This is all per tonne. Alright, how great. The mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home, son, easy and afforded,
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And I did this in Texas a couple times. I'd start something only like this is to depress. Yes, so like there was the killing fields, I was working on the killing fields, because it's right outside he's done me- and it is a pity- is where a either one or several serial killers go to dump young women's bodies, and it's been going on for years. No one's ever think that caught one guy that's connected to eleven murders, but they haven't caught all of them. It declares it is called the eleven right now you can watch. I think it's a nanny show on demand. It wasn't drought. Let me ask on any laws on the member who did it? Ok, that's great cause, it's very it's very involved and convoluted, and I got, I would say a quarter of the way through it and then I was like candidacies for alive shows. You actually is just simply believe so many people live has been like you shouldn't. Why didn't you do this murder and it's like because it so fucking depressing? Not because we do
onto it, didn't know about a ray. It's just like hearing the audiences silence when you are talking about a fucking eleven people getting ordered who didn't it's not solved yet was a huge bomber, it's rough and also some well, whatever just all consumer rights going on great. So it just felt like I started and stopped many because there are so many dark ones, but then I stumbled upon an episode of the television show, deadly devotion and, don't think is on. I D, never seen that when I got it on like I tangier, but so it's basically like murders that happen within certain churches are religious and yeah. So this one is pretty amazing. It's the amish serial killer amish serial killer. Yeah, tell me well not in the classic sense, but yes so there's eight
I knew nothing about any of this. I didn't know there were subsets of amish within the army and there are some who are more lives. And some whore more conservative that sounds political, but more GINO, classic old school and the sorts and rubber trooper Amish, I'm sorry sorts and Cerberus Amish are the can old order, Amish they Pennsylvania, Dutch, I'm Pennsylvania, Germans, not even reading out the page that I'm holding and reminded us that I might Ukraine to remember the dog man as I'm looking at it. They speak Pennsylvania, German, speak English. Without siders they d follow their fellows a poor intermarry with more liberal amish orders, so they won't go outside of their own amish group.
Like, though, like they consider, the Amish, who put the red were orange, reflective signs on the back of their carriages. That say like scintillant, low kayo me, that's too liberal for them these people don't have running water or our plumbing. They they did, they ve never write and cars. Unless it's an absolute emergency, they they their belief is there not specific interest in their appearance because it promotes vanity, so they dress and dark colors. The women were longer dresses its
it's considered vain to wear button on your draft as a woman or labour have, but it's so basically, there are huge fucking bomber notes. Great about. Why do honour stories is that they can't listen and tell us what we got wrong. They'll, never fucking know. A word were saying about those phony benches: bony thickened button there so phony calling the Amish phone bony buggy bones! Ok, I know there are still the realist, so also don't allow the teenagers Ino, normally amish, teenagers gotta get to do their runs, bring out where they go out into the world for a year and party and go crazy, and then they get to come back on their like yeah. This is better it's better. They have homing butter and those Barnes. There's wood burning stowed away. They sell on tv. So This works in tribute. Amish teenager
do not get to leave, but they do allow them to quote court in, redefine a marriage partner which includes hugging in a bed while being fully close and rocking in a chair together, Sir? Are you back? You seem across the room. Like, oh, my god. What has this electricity that I'm feeling? Yet? As I know, no electricity is because I don't know what this means nothing. I just held my hand to hide five Georgia and she fucking picked up her foot and pointed at me like I was gonna live or foot genius get sir. So something my sister would do so yeah. So so
hard core and a young woman aim IDA who is raised. You know she's in the community, her family as well liked she's. You know a pretty young girl that everybody likes and they they show this thing in the episode of the show where the one of the ways that did the boys and girls teenage boys and girls mixed together is they go sing and groups in a barn like somebody like a blast right, they go into the barn, the guys are kind of over on one side singing and then the girls are on their side singing. So IDA goes to one of these mixers answer. That's a generous waited right and there she meets a fellow shorts and Trooper Amish man named Eli statesmen he's gone Looking his witty he's, sophisticated
charismatic. He was a rebel. The people in this house or a button like him out of here but like as a pen, grey or rather not hidden disease. It is button. Was he just had an extra yeahs superfluous, but are you the fines, though there? people in this episode there is this really awesome woman who used to be amish and get the greatest accent and she was like so leg, wearing her bright turn. I am very, but the craziest accent you couldn't figure out what they accept was, and she was saying that he always stood out that he was this. You know he was really good looking and he just kind of was like this thing. Everyone paid attention to because it was just different than the other amish teenage boys. He was the five year of the Amish world totally in her.
If the actor that they got to play him in the reenactments. Look like the main guy from walking dead. So he has yet bounce cheek bones and kind of like rangy. You know like something's going on there. They might shoot you need you. So his father was a bishop and he was like a rebel, so he was his father and he fought constantly we're really viciously because he would talk and church he was always is doing something he did reverie wanted and other and made the father crazy and embarrassed and he couldn't control and any was always testing the limits they said so
where's IDA! Immediately as like, I'm in love with him, I'm him credible without attacking during church him he's a fucking fighter shut his fucking now that he is whispering during during the term than the Bible reading, okay, so she ends up some people are her. Parents are worried that she's, mixing and with the you know, a bad Amish but other people say that she had this calming on him and he was much less rebellious and they were clearly really into each other and in love and the way they describe the almost describe it is. When you have these things, call, it being worldly so like if you're really into, appearance in the vanity thing. That's a worldly when means like your from from out the outside, so
his worldly ways created problems in the community and end with his father, specifically and so on, gets in such about fight with his father. He leaves the community and of course it is devastated. He never said a word to her. He just leaves she's broken hearted, but she knows there unless she believes there in love and she believes he's gonna come back So he goes and stays. Front farm, another amish family. He goes stays there like rents room, but he ends up getting kicked out because the mother in the family finds gay porn in his room way. Why? Yes, fuckin hundred, maybe so she's in the reenactment she's, really she's, making this bed with the big, beautiful, amish quilt on it? And then it's like what's this over here and basically this was a
he had been dealing with as part of his rebellion and part of his thing. What are you? How do you think you think the amish woman was just like what s this machines, like I'm gonna, take five minutes and then I'm gonna tell it realises like I'd better look through. They make sure homeland Where are you ok? So you can imagine how free doubt they were. They were like they just immediately. Kick him out loudly, even fine gay porn. Well, it's Also key was: can he from the looks of it in the sound of it? He was a bit of a sociopath, so he got what he wanted all the time. So they went to a Bucky's and it was like he was soon went down to the buggy. He put on his his worldly suspenders, so that nobody would you know him so ok? So he ends up moving back into the community and he tells IDA that he wants to marry her and start a life and he's gonna reform and he's gonna be good but which are essentially was he had nowhere else to go, and so he comes back. He
oh Jesus. He repents they get married on Christmas, nineteen, seventy five, so after a month, she's pregnant and they D, start their family? You know their son. Danny is born. Obviously, nine months later It turns out the Amish carry their children for nine months, just like the worldly full. How so they move they their son Danny's born and then they moved to a farm and they start every business, so they have a bunch of cows. They melting, as they seldom milk and that's how they make their money and they all work on this farm is really hard work, but there actually doing ok- and I d get pregnant for a second time and then one night there ethical storm hits
and they wake up in the mill the night and elect a lightning bolt, has hit the barn and counted on fire, so they run outside, run I'd run straight into the barn she's like I'm, going to go, save this pails of milk. Why the girl he runs to go to the pump to get to start feeling buckets with water and when he comes back with a bucket of water IDA is lacking in the doorway of the barn unconscious, and so they cut Pino gets neighbors. They end up calling nine one. One and he
and the police and the fire department. Everybody get there. He explains that ETA would Winters child she had about of rheumatic fever and socially weak heart and in a sheet ended up being dead, and so there were like a. She must have been so scared of August Meyer and having runnin and everything that she just had a heart attack, and I said they list her death as cardiac arrest war. So he He, of course, is completely grief stricken and a community rallies around him. They all start working at the farm to make sure the dairy farm keeps going he's he's? Just in the house, as some people come Take care of Danny because he's just like completely beside himself.
And I'd as mother actually moves end to take care of Danny and slowly as the months go by she notices. Eli is less and less grief stricken and more and more acting like the rubble that he was before you left arm and within. Months of her death. He has the whole farm electrified. Yes, there's a really hilarious scene where they just walk in and he's got this big, really devious smile on his face. He like reaches up and pulls the string and, like the light, goes on in the kitchen. Like you see, this is mine, so he puts in lights everywhere a heap as a car, he cut his hair any starts leaving the house at night. So I'd as mothers like what the fuck is going on, So then it turns out
He put an ad in the personal section of a gay newspaper way what ya. So he was going to live, that secret dream. He wanted to do before and this is how the ad red deer, amish man, muscular thirty five seven one forty blue eyes, brown hair straight appearing, I think, is what that's at sea are a p p very ending appearance. What strapping stress here. What is it I was thinking behind them. Like straight line seems very look. I gotta get it, but it could be striving its merits. The brownie MA am very discreet. Affectionate health, conscious sense of humour, would like to meet others into farming, ranching or carpentry for friendship or possible relationship on so he's going for claiming fine loved in I love
farming and ranching are very similar. I'm not sure why he used here used of those letters to write both, but maybe there's a subtle difference, I'm not sure or could be code. I don't know So he starts having parties in the barn and, like my manner by hiding wife died. Yes, men are caught. You know this is months. Are over? Men are coming to the ranch gay men and it says he It says here: he starts having parties in the barn for gay, english and Amish men Zippo just like whoever wants to come, but historically the entire community starts gossiping because they're, just like did you hear and he's not being discreet in the leak? He's got light sign of lakes, respect for starters,
Finally, he there so much gossip and he's so he know he goes and tells family friends like he's so hurt by all this gossip make. It seem like it's all, malicious and untrue, the key in nineteen eighty two, he sells the farm, he takes a knee and he leaves- and He fight he settled in Austin, Texas and it was really hard for DNA to make that adjustment, because he went from being Reno old into just the real world of us, so he he became really withdrawn. He had a really hard time. Meanwhile, his dad was big basely the construction, business and just start freely dating gay men like dating openly there in a very modern away, which you know it's. The early eighty Texas like it must have been dangerous, disabling its owner and the
of nineteen. Eighty four allies driving down the road and he sees a hitchhikers pick them up in his name's Glenn Pritchard and Glenn patriotism, divorce, father of two who used to be Mormon, and had a really bad drinking problem here, that's the Mormon church. He left his family at me and maybe his wife divorce him cuz his drinking problem. He tried to join the Coast Guard to solve the problem. He got kicked out So now he's just kind of lost, so Eli offers him a job at the construction, business and room on board in the house. So he He actually Danny you. I son gets law. Glenn really. Well. I'm glad has two kids any really, MRS as scared, and so here you know, takes Danny as like his and look out for him, and he really doesn't like the way he lies, bringing men home constantly and is done in no way tries to hide it
I'm glad he's really uncomfortable like that he's doing it in front of Danny and thinks you know and tries to talk to him about it. But he doesn't he. U, I has none of that and they like. Well, I also of another problem which, as you haven't paid me in six months, cause he's been working. You know for the construction company area, an eel is not paying any lies like a diver cash flow problems. I'm going to get you the monies ago. You need to get me the money. Well, turns out. They fine Glenn, Pritchard dead in a ditch he's been shot ends the police come to talk to you. I may find his last place of residence, Eli as I haven't seen him in two months, I dont know what happened to him and me: ITALY. Police are like there's some government with this guy when they go back to crush him a second time like a week later, Danny and Ill. I have left town, so basically Eli stop standing off, family that he met when
you kind of first left, Ohio where he, where they started out he bit. There's like their family name the borrowers, and why arming that he met they. I'm not thinking knew them that well and he brings Danny to their house and some off as best they can. You take care of him. I have to go and like except some reason, my hand, some business. He hasn't go. Take care of news like I'll, be back. Six months later he calls and says he's coming to get damage. Take him to Danny's grow. Parents for Christmas is going to take him to eat, as parents back to amish country did is thrilled and then the grandparents are also thrilled cause. They hear that they're coming back for the holidays, and so there bake they haven't in Danny in five years, so their throw that they get CM again and reconnect ten days later, it's Christmas Eve they show up
so, of course, they're the families really worried Eventually they get a letter from they get a letter from you. I sang he's skiing with friends in Idaho and then they he keep sending letters just giving them updates on what they're doing out in the world, and so Danny sends letters to just saying you know I'm learning this in school and blah blah. So then, then, the grim parents in July. So it's like you know six months. They didn't show for Christmas They get a letter saying that Danny was killed in a car accident and buried in Wyoming on the same the plot of Barlow is the family that he stayed where only an apparent the grandparents are like will we we want to see the like? We tell us more about it, he just doesn't say anything else, so they end up getting on a bus. These old
amish people who are not allowed to write and cars, they break the rule they get on a bus and they go to why homing so that go see their grandsons grave, so when they get their day, there need their last name is Gingrich, so they get the Gingrich's get to the bar laws in Wyoming. They say. Will you please show us our grandsons grave and they dont know what they're talking alone and there, like the last that we heard as they let you know you. I came pick them up and and they were going driving around and we haven't heard anything else there. There he's not buried here so they have to ride back on the bus like now. They have no idea what's going on on descent. Twenty. Fourth, nineteen. Eighty five in Chester, Nebraska a hunt There is walking through a field. Oh no and he sees something across the field and its clean coal dino its Nebraska in December
he thinks it's a mannequin. He thinks it's a doll and weak when he comes up on it the body of a young boy in blue pajamas, lying on his back with his hand over his heart and its so called outside that the this skin is blue and he's dead and authorities can't identify him, there's nothing identifying on him. So end of calling him little boy. Blue and two years later. Readers digest does a story about little boy, blue and the hunter who found them and how there is no sign of trauma on the body. They dont know how he died and they don't. The authorities hadn't figure out a cause of death they just now he was wearing blue pajamas, so the bar allows.
I find this story now in readers Digest magazine now. They know that when Danny left their house, when Eli came to pick him up, he was wearing Bluebird shut the fuck up, so they have a bad feeling and they go to police. Are they Please please come over and then instigator. Who was on the scene when the body was found, is the one that goes to the Carlos House and they go plot. A picture of danny- and he immediately knows- and they end up taking some of the things that Danny left behind at the bar Laos House, one of which was copy of the Valentine rabbit book, which was his favorite book and they fingerprint off of the pages of that book and they identify and it was his body is that so supper fourteenth it's identified is Danny statesmen and they realize Eli husband, sending letters from Danny too.
Parents, seven months after Danny, was actually dead and magnificent. He died immediately after leaving the borrowers house probably is pretty, might show exactly right. Then in I think it's a hazel, Texas but it may have been something like easel taxes, but I couldn't. My son figure out what the narrator saying but based leaning, Texas Town out, I believe, is outside fort worth eel, files of police report, because his car get stolen and immediately Please go and arrest him and he's extradited to, while my home, so when He gets there. He tells the police that he picked Danny up from borrowers and he was sick when you picked him up and he their driving all night and you I just assume that he was sleeping and then at one point he checked on him because he wasn't responsive and he figured out tat. He was dead, so he took Danny's body and laid out in a field quote where
I could find him yeah so upon learning this and that bullshit story they police, reopen. I'd is death from nineteen, seventy, seven and go tartar iders doctor who is in the special he is like this. I am assuming he's normal doktor cause he's. He looks like an character, actor from little Hasna Prairie and he's kind of talks like this and basically the police went to them and they asking. About eight s, heart problem and he's, What are you talking about? She didn't have a heart problems there like work, and he goes what? Where did you get that never like that? husband and he's like no. No now she was imperfect. Health, So then they know basically that he had something to do with that dad, but they have no evidence to Caen
come to it whatsoever. Wendy. The US and police. Ask him about. Glenn Pritchard death? No, he changes his story from what the original story was, and he tells them that he was in the house would Danny. They heard a gunshot go off, but he didn't and up and check to see what the noise way. Yeah right how you would do if you're in a house and someone else got shot and then the next morning, when he got up to check, Glenn was gone, and so he began. He didn't know what happened and never looked into so turns out when the police go to talk to the neighbours the neighbours are like. We could hear them screaming about money at each other constantly and we heard the gunshot only so that that, like the neighbors tell a totally different story, and so basically the theory becomes Danny.
Was there when his father shot Glenn Pritchard and he didn't want the witness. So he smother Danny and that's why there was no signs of trauma on the bought all my idea: and left his body in a fucking field, which is just the weird like that alone. The idea that he thought he was unable to tell authorities that left him more God could find him. Words like, like you, that was ok somehow or it's like. No one would think TAT was ok you if you would Never do that until your child. It doesn't even make son now anyway, on in August of nineteen, eighty nine he sends to forty years in prison. But he's purled in March. Two thousand to now ended up serving like a quarter of his terms, stop at everyone, but when he gets out he most
Four worth he's lives Super Loki Life because he found out while he was in prison that he had HIV. So the ends up on January Thirty first, two thousand seven he can and it's suicide. He slashes rest sat down in a chair and then watch tv until he had out and died wholly share and that Eli Statesmen- is the honor serial killer. So it's not cereal and earlier that we would love to be well. We lesson we don't want you, don't love, no, not love it, but, like I'm thinking, Buffalo bill when I start this story, but then it is the thing if this is a, a sociopath, slash psychopath, who just would kill anybody that got in the way of what he wanted to do in his life and the idea That's coming out of it, just like it just needs me. It could be. It doesn't matter how you grew bright, doesn't matter where you came from. If you that thing in your brain
thanks. You only want to when and blatant dominate people at it doesn't matter thrilling immune to the second. Empathy and that the EP, your immune, knew it yeah Yoke, Arusha, crazy whose do you want and then you leave so many people. In your way. You now grant the grandparents horror last people all of you just don't care and that again just over knows deadly devotion, and that was that, basically, I just told you that episode of deadly militia, which I really enjoyed, I love that never heard of it was not easy, but like the cons yes with the rape.
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this like when I said that this is a clear. This isn't a closer. I didn't mean it was like a light, hearted story, so Milo Gag not happy about it. You know like there's, not a ton of lake there's no gruesome details, and I mean I feel like if we ever sat down and did like a scientific pie. Ground for something as it would be like this when you can't get out of is dead children ray murdered. Children is the hardest right. Ok! Well then, this is a little bit right. Let me just do this guy in in honour of what we talked about last we can last week
Websites like rancor and all these of lake, the lists that they do yes is. This is three Sumer mysterious disappearances, ok merit a yes and I'm changing the rules. I loveliness now get you whatever you want. I am starting with the spring, failed three, no them! Ok! This is so Missis swear to me because there's there's not much worried about the Springfield three story May and June: seventh, nineteen, eighty two to friends, Susie Street or she's, nineteen and Stacy Mccall she's, eighteen, so picture the banks and the fuckin bleach blonde hair. They, the two girls graduated frame Kickapoo high school the day before until their celebrating like graduation of that sort of thing. And they are seen around two am luncheon seventh, leaving the last
graduation parties that attended that evening, there were supposed to spend the night at a friend's house when they got to the friends house. It was too crowded, probably with people sleeping and not sleeping, so they were like fuck it. We're going back to Susie's house at Susie's house was Susie's mom, Cheryl Leather shoes, forty seven she's a card metallic just at a local sign, she's, a single mother and she's really close with her daughter. So they go back to her house. Then Next morning, around nine, I am a friend, her boyfriend go to the house to pick up didn't because the two girls were supposed to have picked them up There are two like a water part for the graduation activities, blah blah blah when they get their base. Find the front door unlocked. They go in the house, but there's no sign of any of the three women.
Each of their cars are parked outside and all their personal property is left pine, including their purses money keys cigarettes as well as the family dog, whose super agitated and locked in the bathroom. So they like what the fuck. The only weird thing at the scene is that the glass lampshade of the porch light had been shattered, but the bold inside had been left intact, so the boyfriend sweeps a broken glass up to. Alpha and they are wilder inside. They also answer a strange and disturbing call from a ninety eight unidentified male who made sexual into windows innuendoes to who entered the phone, the girl of the couple over there he asked, so they went to check on them the ground, just a fossil, immediately a dirty found very hungry immediately. She hangs up and then another call immediately comes in again of sexual nature and she hangs up again
Let's see so they pop up their another, that with the mother of the girl Stacy, who wasn't he? at the house she later those to visit the house. We look worse a fox, my daughter. I can't get hold of her she inside notices all three of the persons. Are there of course sees her daughters. Cloning neatly folded from the night before she it causes police and after placing the car, while checking the funds answering machine, she finds a strange message left, but somehow it was inadvertently raced the master So we don't know what the message is why and why they could have meant and did did she say what she just said: it was a weird mass. I think it was like another sexual nature message. So Police were very interested in the com believed it may have been contained. It can't contained a clue. But it's fucking gone
gone forever. On forever because this is early nineties lake, was it still like ants, Hiroshima, taping raw think so right we just were you were wind up and record over, they still existed. Then, although there was you know that, well in our household anyway. You ve got the like call. The answering machine became, it was just in your phone rise. Basely got ordered what you want it re. It would take messages, but then you can also get that's one star. Sixty nine made its grand a blow. I remember when I heard that like silver and black fucking message machine with the tiny Cosette inside an you'd, listen to a message, and then you re wound the tape. Recorded over it, and then you could get new messages which he could only get as many messages as were, as could be less. That little Cosette? I fuck him on that machine yet was fascinating, is amazed. The ash is Chris
so police, aren't call four hundred and sixteen hours after the women were last seen at two a dot m night before and other worried friends and family called and visited the home that day, which means a fucking shit. Ton of people walk through the house during the day ten to twenty people. Why should a house? Upon arrival, the officers notice no signs of a struggle, except for the shattered porch light and they also noted that the beds have been slept in the south side. Men had been so in ninety ninety seven Levin and Streeter error declared legally dad, but their case files are still officially listed under missing investigators received a tip that the women's bodies were buried in the foundations of the South Parking Garage Cox Hospital to thousands of in crime. Reporter Cathy bared
brought a man named Nick Ec Norland, a mechanical engineer to Springfield to scan the coroner? Are the parking lot with ground? Penetrating rate? Are here, three anomalies, roughly the same size quote that here and were consistent with a grave site. Location in the foundation to the anomalies were parallel and the other was perpendicular, so like kind of like cross hatched, Springfield Police Department didn't believe the scandalous, conclusive enough to justify tearing up the concrete and also the parking garages completed a year after the women's disappearance, but they could have been left somewhere great, so it was never Torah. But people think it's. There then read its also like here's how your fuckin wrong- it's not! Oh, ok,
then a nation. Only seven Robert Craig Cock sees an imprint he's in prison in Texas as a convicted kidnapper and robber and the suspect in Florida murder. He told journalists that he knew where the three women have been murdered and buried and claim their brand but never be found. In nineteen ninety two at the time he had been living in Springfield, but had alibis for the night, but it was like his girlfriend at the time who has since been like. Nobody was fucking lying about it, yeah He said that he would disclosed to what happened, what he would disclose. What happened to the three women after his mother had died, but open and as of today, couple tips a month still come in, but now now what happened in listing Ness Springfield Three my Gaia these three second women that guy's mother hasn't died, I guess not, but he had ever one day I see, but everyone also thinks he's lying. Oh he's just try
get some kind, but a kidnapper from that neighbourhood in oh yeah, it's just that super crazy here, ok, the next one? ok, so girl in Asia Decree I'm sorry should degree. She's bore issues born August. Fifth, nineteen, ninety she's, second normal nine year old, fourth greater from shall be North Carolina, normal girl, happy family, etc. The night February forty two thousand Asia and her brother went to sleep as usual in the room they shared her elder brother. Almost an hour later, the power went out in the neighborhood after a near by car accident, which has fucking creepy and weird, but isn't connected to them to this, but I think it's discreetly. Yet
it's restored and then, after that, her dad Harold returns home from work around one thousand two hundred and thirty in the morning. He checks on his daughter and son. Just saw them both sleeping normal, but Only after you d better on two thirty. I am here cause hearing ashes Abed squeak at that Allegedly Asia, got out of bed took a book back she had previously pack with several sets of close and personal items and left the house, and I heard of the esa- it's crazy. It's crazy, she's, a nine years old, yet leaves between. Three hundred and forty five, a dot m and four hundred and fifteen a dot m to drivers, saw her walking south along highway. Eighteen wearing a long, Sleeve White T, shirt and white pants and one witness reported seeing heard about, for. I am and said He turned his car around because he thought it was strange that such a small child would be out by herself at that. Our that, when you
three times he saw her, run into the woods by the roadside and disappear. It's just bone chilliness link Dr say you're driving home, you went to a party or, like I wanna leave I dont have its President elect. Please you stayed to more hours blow. Biblically forums are, I know it's Laurie I believing as you're driving home you're like sober bummed, wanted to go home through. I was about this, how a picture of a thing in my life and then you're, driving down a highway and see a child dressed in all. Why her walking with a book barrier I know you never stop screaming, and then you go back you're like what the fuck. This is where you go back and you can go to dry by her again and she runs into the fucking Vulcan darts away. What do you do? call the police hollow police site right. You pull your carver, you leave it. There call the police in good health on Sierra Raise yet yeah
now cellphones. Maybe he went home and called maybe what why wasn't rich guy with one of those crazy huge cellphones in his car and rich guys, as is in fact in Dallas, isn't worth tv show they had leisure, ok, Bob I visited at ok and said ok. It was a rainy night to add that this thing a rainy night and the witness said there was a storm raging when he saw her. No there's. No, I wouldn't think that was a ghost if I saw it. Oh yeah like is it so insane yeah at six thirty and that morning issues mother went to the kids room to wake them up. She found Asia gone and she called the police who arrive by six forty five six, forty, I am police dogs- are called at the scene. They could not pick up Asia sent
February seventeenth, two days after the search began, candy wrappers are found in the shed and in a near by business among the highway near where Asia been seen running into the woods, so candy, wrappers, ok, along with them or a pencil- a marker and a Mickey mouse shaped hair bow that were identified as blind to her. So it's almost like she ran away at this point. That seems yet re yet, but why would a kid runaway enraging storm that doesn't seem normal rule? We I bet it started raining when she is outside Moray. I wouldn't think right any plan, you would have those rainy and be like. I did this for sure. Ok, a week later. After no other traces are witnesses were found. The search was called off, F B. I got involved
How did she was not a typical runaway? Obviously, she was under twelve didn't have normal stocks such as a dysfunctional family shouldn't, have bad grades and by all accounts you as a shy sweet girl with close family church community. All this shit she didn't even have a computer in the house of the thing I like her running away to meet someone she met on mine. Oh that's! Not that doesn't make any sense I mean. Does it makes That's right, right There is no blood, no signs of a struggle or car accident and for eighteen months, everything stalled and how issues book bound was bag was found during traction project. So the backpack, with her name and telephone number written inside, was found wrapped in a plastic trash bag about twitter six miles from her home. It said that the bag looks carefully prepared, as if she were instructed by an adult hath no may sixteen, the F b I announced that there they bear
ray investigation of the case. A new witness that had come forward and reported seeing a girl threw resembled Asia getting into a dark green nineteen. Seventies Lincoln Mark for foreign Thunderbird with rest around the wheel and near where she was last seen. So a scholarship. In her name is created for deserving local students and family My family members hold an annual march each February retracing what they believe is the path that she took the night she vanished, but they dont know why and the thing about the path she took to is that it's it's path. At her school bus took in the morning, it's not like when you went to school. It's not uneasily workable path. It's almost like it was the only way she knew how get from certain points in town, clear. She took it everyday yeah, rather than that was her purposeful, planned lay
she knows if she's gonna go to say their town library right. This is the way she's gonna get his library away. You go yeah. It's just this weird story that is, maddening, yes, it's like who got into her ear has like. Do you want the audition for tv right and then how come you should entail any ever friends like I met this person or her. Lawrence Lake Oh my god. That's adding and how long ago did happen this happen, and it happened in two thousand, man, and she's nine so much younger than yeah that's lake. What makes you think it's like someone who's lake eight. Her can major believe something said she can have something that she normally couldn't have yeah
like. If you meet me here, I am giving away this pony ray a shit well and then, like all that up until that point is like ok, she ran away from home. For certain reason everything would have been normal, but then, when they find her backpack buried act and plastic some she ran into someone. You have something the things in the bacteria? If somebody It like that idea that she, packets specifically for a reason: ass. It was a plan. Mere cat tat worked up horrifying the last one has a resolution. Ok, Ok Bobby Dunbar, ready for this ok, Bobby Dunbar was the first born son to Alessi and Percy Dunbar of Opium. Lee AOI Hawaii now town in Louisiana, ok, allows us no Louisiana in
August nineteen tell twelve. I think Lucinda I could be wrong, but Lucinda Williams has a song. It say it. I think it's over. Alas, Opel losses of alliances that I am thinking of negative duchess. Its young might be about Bobby Dunbar in August nineteen, twelve, oh yeah, numbers took? A fishing trip to nearby Swazi Lake in Saint Landry Perish Louisiana. We're on the trip lower body. Dunbar disappears. After an eight months, search authorities found a handyman travelling through Mississippi with a boy, and it's like this crazy search with his photo everywhere. It's this missing child blah blah blah Who appeared to match the description of Bobby Dunbar. The man with him, William Camp Cantwell Walters.
He claims that the boy was actually M Charles Bruce Anderson, and he was the son of a woman who he who worked for his family and that the boys mother named Julia Andrew Anderson. She had willingly granted him in custody of this boy and doesn't matter. Fuckin Walter's is arrested and authorities sent for the Dunbar's to come to Mississippi and identify this boy that they think is How can they think is his son? They think it's Bobby Dunbar. Do you know how much longer was after he disappear? It was eight months. Ok, yeah, so pretty quickly upon seeing the missing sign her missing, signed, there's like dinners differing report. Some say that the mother lessee like freaked out. I, like my sign and Body Dunbar, was like mom. You know that embraced and other people said that The boy cried aunt said that an agreed that this wasn't his mother,
our someone else. Yet how get those How two different exact opposite stories- Yegg didn't happen and it put animalization gamma there'd be an official you haven't media around they like to tour, not that there not talking should on media everyone's gray, light all etc. Now more than ever so yeah, so they're like our I maybe this is our. Can let's bring them home tonight and see our gas does just like the change laying just like the change real fucking. My it happened like thirty years before yeah fuck. Ok, can you imagine I mean it. The time you don't have photos or something, but not knowing that this person is your kid or has it
I dont know world, but in the changeling she knew it wasn't Orkut and it was the cops going. No crazy gas it. This is your kid ran amateur housing alike and grief stricken mother whose, like this resembles my can. I really want to be my kit they're telling me it's my kid. Maybe they're right exactly here, like the your worst fears that child is gone forever, so anybody showing up and being like it's me, Reno yeah, but he was the kin wasn't even like us, according to certain store. Is the kid was like now. This isn't my the HU. I am this. Is not my parents also you to think of this kid that was just being driven around randomly by some do yeah? What was he in? What was happening to head, what kind of state of shock and freak out was here almost like you combine to people who are in shock Roma together totalling hook, and it's like ok, so yeah you're not gonna, stay outta, the pillar, the police
Sir, the mothers like maybe like now, you guys are wrong, was, as you know, you're not gonna. Do you know how many bad haircuts? If I got it's happening, I'm like whelp, you're, the boss, again looks gray. I guess I dont know what I like any now, that's true, so they, We don't overtime who bring him home tonight. We give them a bath and then the next April. I kept that's our kid based on malls and scars, though like it's totally our sun, ok how's. While so the boy goes home with the Dunbar's theirs, parade and fanfare of celebrating the homecoming everyone's like we found in. We found the missing Dunbar boy, and then shortly after Julia Anderson, the mother of the boy who originally was supposed to be that wasn't Bobby Dunbar she's a North Carolina. She arrives and
I was like that's actually my kid and I didn't tell him he could take him for that long, but she goes to his his chin to his hoddan. Ok ok she's unmarried and worked as a field hand for the family of the man who had him. She said that she allowed him to take her son for what set, which must be to day trip to visit one of em Walter's relatives and that she had not consented. Take him for more than a few days, so search. So this woman, Julia is presented with five different boy is basically a fuckin boy photo line up here the same age as our sun, including the boy who had claimed it had been clamber? The Dunbar's The boy is presented: He gave knowing and he gave no indication that he recognized this woman ass, his mother, oh yeah,
and she asked whether that he was the boy recovered. His accept the boy you found like didn't totally recognize him at first. I were also. What are you give a shit? Aren't you looking for your son? What why are you asking other questions? Yeah Jesus, you didn't know your son. She didn't know for sure sure Is that how do you? Ok, yes, right she said she was unsure at the end of it, and I'm wondering so this kid who supposed news now is our is Bobby Dunbar boy goes home with this family they fuckin, maybe a nice house and all this nice shed and he it sees as a mother. We're gonna get him back, he's a fucking, feel hand yep, and he doesn't say anything. Maybe yeah now he's a sad as that is well and also he's. The she's, the one put him in that car with that man yeah it s two tabled over, and that was she thought
he thought she didn't want her anymore. Maybe it was just like the knock on back to this shit. Yeah but she takes the. She takes the boy back with her. Season, the next day I guess industry can she undresses him so this fuckin kid is getting under us, the left and fuckin right, MRS he passed. She then indicated a strong certainty that the boy was her son, Bruce Bobby Dunbar. That, of course, everyone was already like fuck, you poor lady, that's not true. You're lying so, of course, than the newspapers question her moral character. Could she had had three children, the other which were deceased where that point out of wedlock, and so her claims are dismissed, oh yeah, she dies. To the kidnapping trial of the sky waters and says M repeats that you know cheating kept. He didn't my son,
and the court reaches a determination that the boy was Bobby Dunbar conclusively there were like period. It's not this. Other kid Bruce is forbidden by this Walter is convicted of kidnapping and the boy remains in custody and grows up with the Dunbar family as Bobby Dunbar. The kitty were gone missing when they went camping, yeah, ok, so think this does have a resolution guarantee know what happens yeah pretty much please. This is not. This is like for movies combined, because it also remind me of though the wine, veal, chicken, coop, murder, yeah, there's somehow knowledge to that's what same things are changing their changeling, but don't that chicken coop murder stories in saying it so fucked up, but there were kids who
at the end of that were afraid therein get in trouble, so they dad. They belong to the parents that were there to claim them. I'm thinking of those two things as designs, but it was basically just the end of the story where they were like. No, that's not me because they thought they were gonna, get like spank yeah, like it's crazy little kid mentality, it's so sad, ok, so bottle! This boy is raised as Bobby Dunbar, Weather on a term for sure he marries, has four children, Amazon and dies, and nineteen sixty six having learned out the remainder of his life as Bobby Dunbar, the sky? Ok years. After his death. One of his granddaughters Margaret Dunbar Cartwright, begins her own investigation of the events, because I think it was a family fuckin story that nobody wanted to talk about. So she poor newspaper, accounts interviews the children of Julia Anderson, the woman who claim that that kid was hers and actually said to her. You know this man came and visited visited us
I think it was him trying like that. The candy was raises Bobby Dunbar as an adult came back to the town where they lived to meet his, maybe sibling, ah, And examined the notes and evidence presented at Walter's defence, it presented by waters, defence attorney for us, kidnapping, trial and appeal and too and then for after an Associated press rapporteur, FI approach the family that the story Bobby Dunbar Junior, consented to undergo a dna tests to resolve the issue. The test showed that the kid This does Bobby Dunbar. Was hundred percent not related to the Dunbar they share, so that poor fucking moment that came down as like this is my son he had take a way for me, I too late? We already heard he did the parade. It's this permanent or tape has been ticker at once. We know it's over lady
can't go back. It's just this whole thing to you. Gotta wonder: leg did did parents of Bobby Dunbar no in their higher and we're ok, because just couldn't come to terms with the fact that maybe their son was sad Julia Anderson was she like my this can as a better life. Now it's I'm fuckin passed, but but the fight that hard because he's not these are good. People raise, I knows well, ok, Apparently, Julia would speak of her lost son Bruce A and at the family always regarded him as haven't being kidnapped by the Dunbar's. So Dana we're gonna. Ok, there is an incredible this american life about this case slowly, ghost of Bobby Dunbar that it's the thieves from two thousand and four. I remember listening to it and just I was like paining my bedroom when we can and then had to sit down in the middle of the room, just a fucking, listen to it because it was so powerful
incredible. Apis has definite, listen to it and in it Margaret Dunbar cut right. They come at the end, her through it, she expressed the opinion that the real Bobby Dunbar, the kid who went, fuckin, camping and Swazi Lake, that he was probably in biology an alligator back in nineteen twelve, so she things happen. Kind are also reminds me of the someone knows something season. One or like did this kid drowned, or did something happened to him? Yes, it's that sort of thing to or it's like he disappeared, didn't get kidnapped. Did he die, but he thinks that he probably drown or will he isn't, selling like out in nature. It could be Anything you can. Even you can't even figure out like anything, can happen and like that idea of just an alligator going group and that that being like It happens. Our second Louisiana, like the alligators, are up in there. I can't believe see this
it's a non upset, because when you look up the wine vote, chicken, coop murdered or watch the movie, the changeling you, should. Then there should be some if you like this rate about that, because that's lake so fascinating old, Jaime kidnappings and missing people fucking fascinates me because there is like no dna, no phone, barely any photographs, yet in barely two graphic snare yeah. We doubt the ghost Bobby Dunbar the circular amazing disgrace- that was three creepy fuckin people insane stories. Oh, my God, should we gave our favorite thing as what happened. Our first show in Dallas? Yes, okay, so they weren't you Second time, I'm ok, second, The package is found me please. I don't know
ok, so we had a special guessed at. Are Dallas Show- and it was really thrilling- Jennifer Morey CALL Caldwell, who we talked about in episode. Fifty three think so yea mighty wine. If you want more in the fifty one arrives and moreover, Uninstall grandma was episode. Thirty three essentially was the. I survive story that I re told of the woman who lived in the gated apartment community. It specifically for the security and ends up waking up the milliner being attacked her powers cut, the phones cut a guy stab sir, and then the name on one operator stays on the phone with her and when those security guard comes to ask to be let in here dont, let a man, and it ends up the security guard was the person who attacked her here and it's the crazy story she tells them herself. I basically just re, told her version of that story. She tells it on ice arrived. He hasn't episode we heard from her,
sometime after and just saying hi, I her email, whatever her desk, which is a huge thing for us. I think we know he just didn't, expect that and we ve always kind. I wondered what impact what we do has on people and they are getting that specifically from the victim of the story. Was a positive email was so it felt so good yes, it was really nice. It was like someone going, I get exactly What you're doing- and I approve- and it happened to me- and I approve so that itself was exciting than we. She lives in Dallas, so she Let us know that she try, think she tried to get tickets less than they were sold out. She was so sweet you like I tried to get tickets to Dallas, but it's sold out. Do you think, maybe another? So she and her lovely family came to our shows in Dallas and she at the end of the show, instead of doing home towns, we asked her up on stage and the audience one
Fuckin ballistic, am I fuck em. I started luckily tv crying, we all were crying and I think everyone in the audience is crying and basically she so sheep. We waste wanna play this moment. We don't want to wait until whenever comes up. There were in a play. This live episode because it was just so cool, and so I don't there is probably a lot a long silence is because there is definitely look moments where we're or hugging or GM crying. I would ever, but it was just really an honour and privilege to meet her she's, the coolest woman. She is so chill she's she's, a lawyer she's got this. The whole family who all came with her, who are also super cool, and she also told us backstage the nine one one operator from her story. It was his first day on the job. It was the second night on call he had ever taken and he they ended up. They were lifelong friends. Is she danced with him at her wedding?
he was the third person ass. He danced with her wedding. You know she, it was just the cool ass. We ve got to meet her in time or hard to be part of the. So here's that moment now. Normally this is the part where we do a home town, but we actually tonight tonight we have our surprise guest for you, but were very, very excited to bring out on stage special guess that we want to introduce you guys to others, and you you, you others. Hence I remember because we talk about her case on one of our episodes and she is here in the audience tonight with us.
I don't remember the number of she's walking down right now. She has been in the audience with you this whole time. She her story was on an episode of ice, thereby allow right, my god, you see you guys to so. We when we did this episode,
where I all I did was retail Jennifer's story from her words from an episode of I survive because I'm lazy. Sometimes I d like to do stuff like that, but but also because the story was so incredible on the way she told it was so incredible. It's one of my favorite says sorry, my so beautifully, but the night I heard it my husband whole bottom line, and I cried- and I cried you- u honoured me
when you told me so it's all were better episode. You sent an email and we read and we couldn't believe it because a lot of times when we do these stories, we do this stuff We never knew any. This part was happen like for a long time. We did this podcast in Georgia's apartment. Talking to each other. So the idea- The person we're talking about responded and was like yea. It was the most it was just so exciting and so cool and so
Then you will disappear. Like can I come to show when you come down there, we're like we can get. You know I'm a lawyer and if you guys know my attack story, my tax my daily life. I can't let it be and some sitting in my office when day last September october- and I hold lawyers say to me you made it needs more. I like who's. Your attack. Yeah and you and me
and so I went home at night, and I told him I think, there's this thing, And so we like Google bound and we sat there and listen to it and it wasn't summit. That's really prepared to listen to what I have to say again and I listened to it again. Yes, they get ready. You talked about me like you, my friend, Craig. It was a horrible experience like in IRAN but Goddess God, or whatever has as blessed me. So much and I've got my husband Gary and my two, so everybody here
ever have anything terrible happened to you and unfortunately, too many of us will have something terrible happened to us. I hope it doesn't happen to you. With show talks a lot about anxiety. I become a murderer, you know my daughter is fifteen and she probably should listen road trip. We listen to this and many way if something bad ever happens to anybody out there. Hope you guys have something is I mean got? This has just been such a gift. Have you honor me and our people all over the world reach out to me and want to me, so thank you and what you do years we're all fascinating horrified by these crimes, but with the way you, bring laughter
to what you could cry or laugh pick one less laugh. So thank you, guys, yeah. I mean so much to thank you and thank you very much for being here eyes. Stay that way.
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