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2019-09-16 | 🔗

In a special presentation for Fox’s new drama Prodigal Son, Karen and Georgia cover the cases of Sante Kimes and Dolly Oesterreich. Plus, an interview with star Bellamy Young!

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This is exactly right, today's bonus episode is supported by prodigal son. A new drama on far from Malcolm bright murder is the family business. His father was a notorious serial killer called the surgeon, understand how is dad became a murderer. Malcolm became the best criminal psychologist. There is now he's making a man's were as follows: wrongs by working to saw crimes with the end, why peed be Emmi and Golden Globe nominated actor Michael Sheen, an Tom Pain STAR in prodigal son airing Monday's beginning September, twenty third, at nine, eight Central on Fox goodbye.
Terry and welcome to a very special episode of my favorite murder. That's right at special, its unique it's a Monday. That's right! It's a bonus. Episode onus brought, you buy, Brand new Fox drama, Prodigal son: that's right with the super. Super hot Lou Diamond Philip, though you're, not strange, L, L, P p. I am. I know this, isn't my chance to get Lou Diamond Philips an honorary achievement.
A war of four in the Amazon thing. Yes, they do honorary achievements for childhood, Georgia crushes Corey, Feldman, posthumous fact: who else is there you tell us the honorary: hey, hey Baby Young, but this is really. This is not about Lou Diamond Philips, but the kind of his yeah bout? It's about this new shown Fox called Prodigal son where the great Britain After Michael, she plays
they saw there s a husband and what an Ex husband and a serial killer, that's right, yeah and, and then his son, who turns out was also british, but you can't tell no no not in it, not on the show. Just in real right. Exactly than his son Tom Paine, who like went through his family, was childhood causes that turned out to be a serial killer. You he's like what I'm gonna fuckin solve all the cereal killings then, and it becomes an FBI agent, how it happens in realising right. Does he needed dad cereal killing help to solve crimes? Prom? does he made his mother's approval, who has turned against? Obviously her ex cereal killing husband was late? Are they super rich yeah,
As does Lou Diamond Philips come in as the Fuckin fatherly father figure that he never had how you look at me. Love bumblebee has still got it. So it's it's a very exciting new drama on fog and this. Basically, we're doing an episode that brought you buy, and so we find it out. Rum, its especial theme episode, where it's basically kind of like weird family like an element of family in the story, yeah, ok we can do that and then at the very end, Bellamy Young who plays that rich act now. Ex wife my end
mother and Mother Tom Pain. We have her on for an interview yet and I just wrote cheese delightful. She was so lovely to talk to you how interesting she has a home town that heartbreaking eminent. It was such a great conversation and it was really fun so yeah. We're very excited to get to do this very special opposition for you. So thanks for listening, yeah of uneven listened yet. But we appreciate that you are we just like in a new l. You wait so in this world of special episodes. Yap who go first, Steve,
What was ready for the day when you have to be ready for everything, even leaving preparing for the moment for sixty year, and you can't get its Heller. Could you please be more likely diamond you just like Lou Diamond Philips always have a quarter in your pocket. Yet so we do heads or day I'll always be prepared, like lewd Ivan Philips, ok I'll, go first universe. Sure you're like super exciting, I'm well, I'm excited about mine and you know what it is because when we went to pick so never fuckin happened. Yes, a really doesn't Musingly hope, but when the we came up with the theme of this should be. We should do family crimes to kind of support. The theme of the issue This one came to mind immediately, so I immediately text Richard exiles and want to make sure I don't know why you like live shows our shows like this. We we make sure that the other one is in doing this. The when we picked so we just texture them only want to do and say this winter
I can't do this. Are I call this one and he says yes or no, and I always been yes, you can do it because we never pick them I'm sorry, I don't know because clearly there's a mill, and the doors to pick from, but in this when it came to mind immediately, I couldn't I realize we'd, never done it and couldn't believe it, and so texted the pick two J and then I would say a couple days later, you were at the earliest dammit you picked. I am because this a very typical story of o Ino generously I'll, say a bizarre families analyse woes yeah, so This is the story of the original helicopter Mother Shanty Times and her son Kenny Holy Shit Tom about sell your story that I got an J did the research for me. I got sources from a vanity fair article from two thousand by right
MRS Andrews called Shanty times, mother murderer and criminal mastermind, as well as Wikipedia Murder, pdf and shanties. Allay times obituary, I also last night watched this made for tv movie like mother, like son, the strain. Story of shorthand can at times it's on The two sides so good at starring, Mary Tyler, more shantytowns, she's, amazing she ate lay like the quintessence like this is the type of person we're talking about like the quintessential Mary teller more or she like out of the box she's out of the box. This is not the merit, the empty em, you thought you know she's she's, a scammer, an economist and oh weirdly, sexual with everybody, and it's very uncomfortable to watch our hero. Marriage ever more be that at such a time am spress. Jean Stapleton is in it. Who, if you, if you aren't familiarity, is a great actress, she was it all in family, Stephen. Yes, all! That's us!
is very well known, but she is an amazing actress when used when you see her in another part, you're like oh, my god she's, so God can have very different and then Gabriel Olds play. Kenny crimes, and I think he is from a soap but he is great so anyone and that for tv movie was based on the book, the mother, the sun and the socialite by Adrian Hell, so there's lots of things of this story. Interests, YO, YO vendetta. On a dirty details in lots of ways. So let me let me get into care. We will start with a woman Irene Silverman, so Irene, she's, a retired ballerina.
Is the New York City ballet accompany member, but she was also an elite social light and she lived with her husband, multimillionaire mortgage broker, SAM Silverman in an extravagant seven million dollar townhouse unease sixty fifth street in Manhattan: seven million seven million in the like seventy he's, all right guy, and so she is an extrovert. She throws parties all the time: she's she's, a truce, socialite, nouns fun, yeah, right, haven't money home, she's always aiming entertaining gas, has tons of frank canopies everywhere gonna pay canopy can and cannot. Do you think it's given that canopy? Can I pay existence so when her husband, SAM passes away nineteen eighty Irene sides that she's gonna take their humongous town house and TAT. Into like an apartment building into basically luxury apartments, so on average the
of these individual apartments go for about six thousand dollars a month which, in days. Money would be seventeen thousand five hundred dollar an apartment for permanent on EAST sixty ST tell you know Manhattan array, right, cats, but manner so tenants. Are varied and impressive and include such luminaries as the marquess. And marchioness of north. Hampton you know, I'm reading a fanatic, oh yeah, spelling of both of those Martian of Northamptonshire Martian Marchioness of Northern, not a martian. Take me day earlier Daniel Day listen Shaka, oh shit, I would together we don't know, would we not start Gaza, but, yes, they were deeply in love with those with that kastler lawyer I'd pay up to eighteen thousand dollars a month to live their humanity,
a camera and starts? I can watch you go downstairs to get your mail in their Shaka con Gallic, hey girl, it's like you, Wanna got partying, let party. So ok escape ahead about twenty years after she's, establish these beautiful luxury apartments. Now Irene is eighty. Two years old on fourteenth. Ninety ninety, a young business man from Palm Beach named manner Guerin arrives at brings home asking if he can rent one of her apartments he is traditionally good. Looking like lieutenant pillows now. Look what I got a special something. You know everybody has different tastes. We talk about people being good, looking and beautiful right time, but who knows what people in our daily lives, like you, don't get? If I can say in it, that's right traditionally, good looking means if someone drew a picture of what a good looking personally look like bright. Look Hugh grand Traditionally, good luck traditionally good looking right, but there's lots of peace or a good looking in different ways.
Anyhow selfish, he's good. Looking traditionally well spoken, very friendly, very charming, very smooth and he tells Irene he was referred by a mutual friend. She recognizes the name o you know it's all great are the marchioness from its. He adds the marchioness or the more class. Unfortunately, Manny doesn't have any idea on him, can't remember his social security number and the only he doesn't have any other references. But It promises, he's gonna, get them to Irene the next day and then he gives her six grand in cash for his first months rent. So, ordinarily Irene is actually very careful about stuff like this, but because they have the mutual friend and because he's paying in Canada, and probably because he's traditionally good, looking and incredibly charming how she allows him to move in the day of death. Factor ok that handwriting every line of the wheel and also well ninety eight,
early days of the internet, of a trend in eighty two euro, woman- wouldn't real, absolutely no. It was all their at our fingertips Roca. So, over the course of the next three weeks, Manning goes from being a charming suave business. And type to a creepy weirdo. He never turns over the proper idea or references. He will not allow Irene maids into the unit to clean, which goes along with their six thousand dollar rent ready, lack colleague hotel. He always hides his face from the security camera in Irene Lobby show here. Echo and- and he always has strange guests in his apartment, including an older woman who seems to be there all the time on Chuck it on sugar gone she would Shaka never go down there. She knows creeps when she sees as right. Now in the Merry Tyler more movie that I watched, he tells when the maid comes. She tells her that she is man ease assistant and is very rude to the MAX
it doesn't make any friends. So, basically, after the first, we Irene, decide she's gonna, ask meaningfully if she's like me, you had your you had your month enough for this. He flatly refuses lab and creepy. How can you imagine a traditionally handsome first and flying refusing something then you're just like? Well, I guess this is the new reality, because the hawk I doesn't want to write. Well, there's one Irene does cashier, taking a shit. She cuts off his phone line. Thinking, that's gonna, get him out of there and she begins eviction proceedings, her she's immediately kicking ourselves for being nice which is what happened, always a mistake. So on the evening of Saturday July. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight Irene has friends over cuz, it's fourth of July, and It also have noticed many strange behaviour. She Irene explore the whole situation and her friends,
very concerned- and they say you know like do you need help when you want us to do she says that she can handle it. They know she's, tough as nails so that you know of It feels ok about her next morning, life. If ninety ninety eight Irene one of her maids if she would run some errands for her and when the maid gets back from running those errands, she can find Irene anywhere in the house. The main immediately contacts. I means business manager who then decide to contact the police and when the police search the home, they don't find any. Kinds of a disturbance there, blood, any signs of struggle to indicate that there was violence or an incident of any kind, so they start questioning, Irene friends, and the tenants but managed earn, is nowhere to be found and when I run a name check on that. One new mysterious tenant, the name manic wherein is fake, so sudden.
The mystery tenant is now possible suspect in Irene disappearance it just so bends that on that same night July, Fifth, a mother and son by the name of Shanty and Kenneth Times are stood in front of the Manhattan Helen for dealing a Lincoln Town car from dealership in cedar city, you tongue, wow? Yes, they finally track them down and they get arrest so, when a detective who was on the sea for the Silverman case sees the story of the crimes around on the news. He sees Kenneth and says that looks exactly like the description of many guarantees and handsome nature, did he pay that guy's traditionally hands in a way the Boers me, but that? But that also immediately trust for reasons I can explain. So here put together that they are one and the same person. So on July, seventy. Ninety- ninety eight, the and ninety eight nypd- have Champagne Kenneth Times properly identified an intensity and that's
They discover that the mother and son are being tracked by the FBI as suspects for slew of crimes across the nation, including arson fraud. And murder. Ok scenario, Back and we'll talk a little bit about shanty times. She was born Sandra Louise Sing in Oklahoma City on July, twenty fourth, nineteen, thirty, four She grows up in Nevada with her parents, married men, horn and mandrake. Am I saying and theirs most nothing known about her childhood factually, they believe that her birth certificate was forged, so her exact origins and even date of birth. Are there not creepy about it and the funny thing is is met. Kyler more playing shanty times. All she talks about is how much she hates getting older and aging it's it's pretty. So it would make sense that the first thing she does is erased.
Birth or dry gibbered does number and that fuckin thing it turns out. She was born in eighteen, eighty eight, how ok so far. The family would later a test Dantes parents were respectable people She was a troublemaker who cause take us from an early age. But according to shanty her parents, neglected her there was a sex worker end. She was left to run amok an fend for herself, all her life colleague little both I mean it's true, probably listen, the whole story and then decide who you believe so we do know is that shanty graduated high school in Carson sit in Nevada in nineteen fifty two and immediately married. Her high school boyfriend- Marriage lasts three months now. Man grave and then in eighteen, fifty six. She marries again this time, it's another ex boyfriend from high school. It's he's us commander, contractor name, Edward Walker and they have a son together named Kent.
On the so aside from being a wife and mother shanty. Is a petty and not so petty criminal. She indulges in shoplifting, grand theft larceny just to mention a few and her son can't later go on to write a book called the son of a drifter describes how his mother would often force him to be her accomplice. So now in sixty. One chonta gets caution. Uplifting and she's convicted, and that ends her second I urge that was already troubled, but that I finally was like what are you doing here? This is you're, not in junior high, so in nineteen. Seventy shanty meets Multi Millionaire Newport Beach developer named Kenneth time. Great re pray but not second husband, get that knows on ordinary eimer them they marry a year later in a nineteen. Seventy five they have a son named Kenneth Junior,
so her sons in Kent and Kenny, creative, the coolest probable way for can't okay, so so now shanties landed a rich husband, she's living the high life, but it does not stop stop her from perpetrating her scams frauds com. And crime. Speaking like when you got when you got a knack for something, she really had a passion for ripping people off in any way she could and my wife, I'm a mother- and I am a con artist and I am a great fan. I do it all well, I do it all. So the family has homes their super rich. They have homes in California, Hawaii LAS Vegas, to name a few places she commit crimes and all those place for her right? She still good she's deals a car from dealership in Hawaii. She may false insurance claims over lost and stolen. I nomes like expensive rugs and rolex watches, shall do what I can do that.
Means she did she caught them? she had to hire lawyer. Then she rocks up twelve thousand dollars in legal fees and she never pays up so she said The scam lawyer who got her off, isn't a smart. But that means you are committed as a fraud. Absolutely she has a passion and she ten doing this over the years sometimes her cons or entertaining like when she convince people that her it was an ambassador, allowed her access to a White House reception during the foreign ministries. She was a route. The original Whitehouse cried out of her. I give her shells would pass herself off everyone's while, as Elizabeth Taylor shooting We have the same kind of lake six seventies, less Taylor, big blue font, hairdo her and was pretty other. She doesn't look like Miss Taylor, also pew. Tricia's rang big sunglasses or something but
other crimes were more serious lake committing our and to collect insurance money on family property shed and all the while she's rich yeah, hi, it's hilarious. I mean it just like you know it people here so in nineteen, eighty six she's convicted of the charge. Slavery. What she's doing is yes in in her home in LAS Vegas, she's luring mexican girls to come and work for her, and then she keeps them locked in their rooms doesn't pay. Them is physically and verbally abusive will enable one of them finally gets out and reports her and she's actually convicted,
slavery and sentenced to five years in prison Y yeah. There's a scene where Mary Tyler more burns, her the maids hand with an iron cause she's like setting off it's crazy, so yeah. Obviously it was a pretty extreme fear. So Now we'll talk about Kenny crimes as though this is the image that's your mom, now growing up as isolated from other kids, a shanty homes, schools him. Of course she says she isn't him mixing with children of a lack of a lesser Bree Then MRS their second canine, they can nomads so he's raised by nannies and top I tutors and of where's. He wants to feel he wants to hang up other kids and feel normal, but instead his mother forbids it. She does.
Let him hang out with some select children that she has chosen and some an end Mary tell him or movie. She pays too have come over and hang out with him. That's how you do it lets aid at a kid. That's normal fails juggler about him, sir. I yeah So when trying to go to prison for the slavery charges Kenny tells people it's the happiest he's ever back. He gets the live at home. With his dad he's outside of shanties control, and he is loving life everyone around him notices that suddenly he seems happy and normal. Unlike irregular kid, it's all right, then gets out of jail. Two years earlier, I yeah He comes home. She finds her son happier and more well adjusted an independent and, of course, hate, he s, friends and a life outside the home and that's not cool with her.
So kenyan shanties relationship is very strange, and then in ninety ninety four, father. Can crimes passes away so without His dad around Kenny is now powerless to fight against shanties influence and control, and he falls back under her spell. Weird way. To put it, I controlling let go of abusive. Weird ways fell spell when try to defend himself against her there. Is intense arguments, but in the end he always caves and says telling their people that his mom is quote always right here, he was going to use Ie Santa Barbara in ninety ninety six. He dropped out because she demanded that he leave school. So now there is now we're gonna go off into a separate sidebar story. In the seventies shanty know a man named David Campden, and
some reason he allowed her and her husband can a senior to use his name on the deed of their LAS Vegas Property, perhaps because she burns step down, and they you know, of the insurance. There is some short insurance issues. I don't know that's editorializing on my part, but leave it in Ninety seven Charente tries to take out alone on that house, India, its name and without his permission or knowledge and when he finds how about the loan David casting calls. The bank reported as fraud and stops hey from getting that loan, Then he realizes that she's, a con artists and he calls her up and threatens to expose her social takes up a plan, an convinces her son Kenny to go, do her dirty work so on the evening of March Thirteenth, ninety ninety eight Kenny in another man slip into David, cast his home and
put him in the back of your head there, that you read him off yet he lay puts a stop to being ripped off and he had killed four yeah. What about your bullshit yeah cause he's based He calls and basically says I'm gonna tell everybody that you're you're upon artist and don't help someone that just do it just do it exactly a get dont give the warning now yeah that was you know that's not victim blame game. It was a mistake. I just think that leg Craig can deal with crazies in effect a normal way, while he probably thought because- and this is the interesting thing about her- and this is me based up of unmarried Hellebores Florence, but she comes its. Everything- is about almost like a light seduction with every right. So everything when her
can come senior would say like you, ve got to stop the shoplift, please don't call it that she doesn't want to use the words. He won't have the conversation about anything in reality that you delusional she's delusional and she won't let anybody come into that and ruin that delivers rain anyway. So this guy basically called up and like I know who you are and I'm exposing you and she was like that camp happened right, his David. Thousands body is found days later and a dumpster near LOS Angeles, but the man or weapon is never found tat can become prime suspects, but they leave town before anyone can find them or question idea? So the mother Some criminal do a land in New York City with another. A deadly scheme in the work so apparent shunted uncanny, had heard about Irene Silverman and her seven million dollar Manhattan hometown apartments complex, and they really wanted to meet Shaka gone right so
their initial plan was Kenny's. Gonna move into the apartment complex under a false identity and then they're going to rob Irene, but and as Irene proves to be a sharp assertive bad ass. Who is suspicion? save him from the Gatt, go the plan escalates. So when the Nypd arrest Kenny an shanty for car theft on July Fifth, nineteen. Eighty eight in the stolen car. They finds a handgun the empty box for a stun gun. Ammo plastic. Here costs syringes and flew when I travel PAM jeez us, which is a sedative ten times more powerful than volume. Friends guy is to get rid of the evident great. Most importantly, they find several forms of Irene idea, including her social security card and power of attorney forms with Irene forged
signature on them. Sweetheart you ve basically taken the whole case. Did the clique entire prosecutions gaze, put him in one barrier stuck in the back seat here: kinds, Nolan Car, so please I also find a notaries deed in shanties, Jim bag. Still gowns Jargonelle. That's urging it to keep that should tell you what they call the gymnasium. Then another says the nineties narrow. Maybe I was no longer a twenty four hour. If it knows that's why they call it, they call it equinox it has a ranged, forge signature on any and it is signing over the seven million dollar mansion she will company called at land his group. What's it called, it's called I'll, tell you that Atlantis group El Tv, which is of course a corporation that shanty set up oh good, ol masterminds must of so much energy- oh they really. They loved it
of paper where they love practising signatures of other people. They have time and energy for schemes. They pay a lot of attention to things they really yeah. I care I wanna taken when they had they care about stealing So with all his evidence against them, shanty uncanny are tried for murder, the murder of Irene Silverman. In March two thousand. They killed her. Oh right, she went missing. Well, yeah where'd. She go work. Can you hold it? They don't have the body, but there's so much evidence. Yet it does not look. None, Nothing. Is that nothing in that Jim Bag is anything you take to the gentleman in March of two thousand, their trial begins, and it is, as some would say, bizarre shorthand can demonstrate a very strange mother. Son relationship in the courtroom, Kenny is key.
Stoutly complementing his mother's, looks and personality s lawyers, as divine idea anytime, stick to the facts. Italy's. They also exchanged glances that indicate there more than four wait more than friends more than friends, and a sudden mother yeah. But I'm being kid see a collar on biogas is later. There is gathering ere, they do it. They sleep in the same bed in that apartment and Irene, Silverman Apartment Empire, building, hell yeah, there's not there's no hard evidence as ever brought forward. That, like has, has the proof but their weird enough in the courtroom and don't realize their weird enough to cover it up that everyone's like what's going on, I got some hard evidence for your son and boner and its creevy. No, unlike said, except as mother Chonta, is a constant disturbance in court. She constantly delivers rambling monologues trying to convince everyone that the authorities are trying to
frame her gratitude everyone's like IRAN, like is it still Her turned a tall order, She even passes a note to a reporter during during the trial, trying to influence his reporting in her failure. Like me project one, a very s and they eyes, like I'm I guess I'd like you. Kind of look like listing there's so much evidence and done shanty uncanny that, even though Irene Body has never found they are found guilty of her murder. So Shanty and Kenneth Times are both sentenced to life in jail plus a hundred and twenty five year, that's how clear it is in the Mary Tyler, more made for tv movie, the judges We says- and this is my favorite
he calls Shanter the judge costs onto a sociopath of unremitting, malevolence, Wa N says she's the worst offenders to ever appear in his court room there she's of true creep They never find her body. No. Ah, then, in March of two thousand one Kenny's extradited to LOS Angeles. Where heeded trial for the murder of David caused in pay, and that trial begins. Three later in June of two thousand for at first. Can you please not guilty, but and he changed. He decides to change his mind when he hears he's gonna get the death penalty and he testifies against his mother. An pleads guilt aha, during his trial Kenny admits to a third murder that were and even on the forts radar, that of Amy and banker Name Siad Bilal Ahmad. He was in charge of shanties offshore bank accounts and FARC Ahmed
Vanished in ninety ninety six, after her Dinner with shanty uncanny Kenny tells the court that all of the crimes and murders that he committed. Down at the demand of his mother and she. Esther Minded every single want, so Kenny crimes is still alive. He is now forty four years old me still serving a life sentence without their chance of parole, shanty times passed away in prison of natural causes in May of twenty fourteen at the the age of seventy nine her face, but age, however, is still active anything apparently being maintained by her legal team. I found that out because there's a lower third on that you too early and that says, go to her facebook page and it's all about how their maintaining her innocence come on. Friends, and that
Is the incredibly bizarre installation, scam, ridden story of the mother Son murder team of shanty uncanny time like good one? Thank you. You did good. I'm not mad anymore oak. I was really holding a granted that you is that I now that I'm under my it's to me. It is one of the weirdest, because there's so much it's unproven had their so so much rumours about the fact tat. She was very inappropriate, sexually and they're. Just all kinds of rumours about the fact that they were covers which is even disturbing that aside, each died decided that we can allude to it, but right Not only is legit its alleged importantly, they just killed people They just kill people so that they could well it's a thing of. Wanted to be rich, but even when they were rich, it wasn't an idea. They wanted other people stuff, it's the crew.
I can't leave is only forty four I know. Could he started? Is a baby he was do not in its twenties, it's crazy. It sees Ivan under how much like if his mother, influenza or that, if he were I've done any of it warrant for influence right, not nothing I dont think he would have. I mean like not to defend him, but at the same time giants like a manipulative, yeah mom, like as we all know how the well. I mean I think she was a true psychopath yeah and if he's you know under her spell there's no one else like he can't fighter he she ll, early, kept him locked away. I mean what choice: did he had its pretty creepy, but maybe you loved it? We don't know, you dont know, and we can't say that's right rag, great job, this. Bonus episode is supported by prodigal sign. A new drama on Fox Malcolm Right has a gift. He knows. Oh killers thank and how their minds work. Why
His father was one of the worst, a notorious serial killer named the surgeon to understand why his father committed those crimes. Bright becomes. The best criminal psychologist there is murder, is the family business and bright uses is twisted genius to help the N Y Pd cell crimes and stop killers in this one hour drama all, while dealing with a manipulative mother annoyingly normal sister, a homicidal father still looking to bond with his prodigal son and his own constantly evolving neuroses out of all the stories we ve done on the show, I feel there so many that have to do with family dynamics and how twisted and crazy they get an issue Does that perfectly I mean it's a little. You know how
yeah, it's so real well in its exciting, because, as we talk about it's a procedural, but it also has like the family drama aspects. So it's a kind of it's a new kind of crime drama, the kind I haven't seen before and if you like, Michael showing the way I do, is such an incredible actor. You ve never seen him like this before I. It's amazing how many great sweaters prodigal son is a realistic, delightfully disturbing edgy thriller, with a wicked sense of humour from executive producers, Gregg Brill Anti Chris Static SAM's flavour and Sarah Schecter, and storing Michael Sheen, Tom Pain and Bellamy on June in Monday's starting September, twenty thirty nine eight central. Only on box go I wear I'm doing a story. There's a family
it seem in it. But it's not exactly the same. It's not a traditional family, it's not ok, creepy low, a hardly be family times. We love it, and this is one that I started to work on was like great and then realize that I think we did it when we were on the dollop. Ok, is that right and I think you also did it when we were lived somewhere. What is it Dolly Austria should know. I did it on a television show not to be named right up as a right, but we haven't done it on our show. Ok, this is your version. Let's total reapproached, ok, great yeah, good it, and this is further deaths this it's almost like. You are trying to find a family situation. That's even creep here than the one I just described reviewer and I was like, oh if you're gonna do the one that I wanted to do that I'm gonna want do when the Eve Artie dash. How about that you really you ve, really showed me, I'm really vindictive. Last, just part of my personal. I love it. Ok, and so I got a lot of information about this. One from upon has called let's go to court.
Was an exclamation where you earlier that I'm going to listen to her now and yet, how great is that unless court cases hell yeah just cover famous court cases, let's go to court exclamation work and then one of them, because one of the hosts got a lot of her info from about this episode from a bunch of old news ever clipping says she did the research nice everything I've iron as they wanted. The has got her research from the dollar and the night. There is an early times article there's a website called the Vintage news: dot com, our best friend. Europaea and, of course, the interesting there's, a bunch of articles you can find it like Youtube videos and shit yeah story as epoch, Erika slackened, Dolly, ok, then a disclaimer, and this is from Lily. My research gaol. A lot of newspaper clippings had conflicting details. That age is an some info, so a lot of its just kind of guesswork brain you now, I'm not making shit up here.
I got you I've. Actually I had to read, unlike usual, with my reserve, when I the story for the unnamed project that I'd talked about it on. I have read those old articles and it's so crazy. I bet you was almost like the peat. The borders of the day were like we don't. We stand. What's happened like around just kind of lax people have sex Valentine, Saxon Roca. Had, let me tell you about it, let's hear it all right. So this was a woman name, while burger core cordial for real she's born in the eighteen, eighties and Germany is young. She emigrates Wisconsin grows up poor on a farm, but when she's fourteen she starts working in effect three, where sheep meat seventeen year old Fred Ostrich owes to write like it's very german. His father and shoe store, so he can
a pretty well our family. Three years later they get married, they moved Milwaukee, they open a shoe store along with a bunch of other stores and later they open an apron factory and they become wealthy textile manufacturers. So Daddy live in the immigrants dream in America. Is coloured, daddy, that's your cat! catch me she's also it so so her name she goes by Dolly friend and and and Dolly they don't have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, he works long hours spent more time at the bar drinking with his friends and eat us at home. He's basically he's drunk or always busy says she's like Bill young. She and she gets fed up with his behavior so one autumn day and nineteen thirteen she tells her husband, whose at the the textile manufacturers yo my sewing machine is broken, and so it's it's kind of gas as to whether she did this on purpose or this was an accident,
He sends seventeen year old Otto son who were he is a repair man at the factory, the textile factory, and he as hot as fuck you Lou Diamond Philips High is now due to the fact that a mechanism featured in the new thoughts drama, prodigal, son now there's no way she didn't go down to that factory to be like. You forgot your lunch Fred and then she's like what will lose this now. Seventeen and like it's gonna creep into that. Her husband Fried was seventeen when he met her yeah as well. Some young everything for seventeen year olds, but it sounds like she didn't know who he was because when it sends out to come, fix, Dolly sewing machine. She shows up at the door in a silk robe stockings, yes, heavy perfume and nothing else which is discuss the alligator many it's like. Ok,
you'll grow by get with stockings and linking like mucklucks, but I bet it was like the sexy garter. Well, sexy old fashioned stocking and then heavy perfume and others like our. It's called arsenic and road disgusting, yeah, perfume back in the day. It was like no one cared about anybody else's like I'm in a smell like this and no matter how it impacts year because it even have regular showers back them. It's like cover it. That's right! Are you thinking fifteen hundred great ok as a seventeen year old Otto opens the door. He is like lads back and do this help those are in your old that just like a naked lady naked labour with MIKE, lacks a lover. Dolly and other start hooking up may meet in hotels or at her house during the day when freds gone, but soon die
is nosey neighbour starch notice that this second hot young peace sure is coming in and out of her House YAP Karen step down, and so she d like what the fuck is, our nosey, that's how they were back, then sure, though they didn't have a lot of their number internet. No, they didn't himself. They had to pick out their curtains at their neighbors right. Mind your business oh dolly than it, was before mind your business right down They tells everyone that hot Otto is her quote: vagabond half brother hot. So that she gets away with him coming over. All the time is saying that their related, yes it even more creepy. Yes, well maybe that's she wasn't here right. We do don't know my em, but Dolly still wants to continue her affair with Otto, but she wants her nosey neighbours to minor effect and business so she makes out o quit his job, and this is so that he
you won't be sent coming in another house anymore. So she says: how about you quit your job at the factory just move into my attic and live there in secret, oh perfect solution. Now you will have to come and go because you're just staying in the attic, I meant to keep you. The bird is actually like. A human man burn up in the attic and again he's right. Seventeen stout he's, like sounds great heart, Let's do even better and better he died tells him. You can't leave, or else people were now he's there her brother. Her brother, my India, so she sets up a desk and caught for him in the small space, the LOS Angeles Times says quote at night, he read mysteries by candlelight and wrote stories of adventure and last he wanted to right leg, mystery stories by day he made love to Dolly and helped her keep. Us and made bathtub gin sounds pretty fucking great is the life I want to read and write all day and make Jan and fast
as one who, what I'm sorry, what year of mere I'm, I'm a young man in the beginning, prime of his life, I am an old that time. Oh yeah thieves, almost dead. He had a shoe the thing he had a place to live, rent free rebate is frightened. She probably fathom. I would imagine that some food there now and then better go up with his books even up to take her the movies or do anything now. That's opinions called that sounds like they married yeah, pretty much. You can keep the man he saw them. Bread would come home in the evenings in Oughta would go to his room and spend time reading the novels, Dolly checked out from the library and writing his pot. He wanted to write and Dolly would takes on the story that he rode and then they had them. Publish under
the pen name Walter Climb, selling. It was working out for him, like you know how hard it is to sit down and re. We were of an entire fucking book and awful you could. If you put me in a nagging, I wouldn't fuck and finish it. I wouldn't like I'm a do. Pushups that That is my life. I'm gonna talk to the spider. This goes on five years is man. Otto I wonder what is life was like before this was the better alternative. It must have been Probably it Master Van he's like I love it appears the best I've ever been treated it so warm if they give us and you go into a small room- is really warm and just get tired yeah. Maybe it was just like slightly drugged by being in the attic etiquette point or two We draw on vast agenda which is not safe. Consumption, not good for you at all. So then for five years and friend does notice some things though, and it's almost like she was gaslight. I am a little bit so frightened es Dolly about the noise, is that he heard and couldn't explain, and she was like
He also tells her about seeing shadows moving in the upstairs windows like when he's outside and about his I finish cigars that keep going missing, hey, but just stop fucking, smoker mistresses dont, milk. The smell is thing that can be seen tree right and don't stilted there also constantly low on food, but Dolly always convinces Fred that it's nothing and he should see a doctor because he's crazy, oh, like she totally gaslights, that's raphia. Lumping I see a doctor but of course, are like theirs, I can wrong with so he thinks that the house's haunted or that he's going crazy, oh and so he decides that they needed was out of the house and move somewhere else. Yeah. That's a perfect solution at set moved to EL
yeah. That's all the important thing for crazy people. That's what everyone else. Does it look normal if you're in allaying you're crazy? No one can tell that's what I did everyone's just concentrating on their own, but an insane shit. That's right! You go to a town where everyone is self obsessed, normal care of your crazy, that's right, rather than to lessen the thing when you think everyone is staring at you in the room in LOS Angeles. Nobody cares about you, nobody stares at you in the room. Now, unless your casting director, that's right, so Dolly isn't stow. She agrees to move to delay on the on. The one condition has one condition, and that their new house has an attic She is smart. She is just subtle and smart, but you know allay like we don't fuckin have those here: yeah, there's not a bungalow yeah, so my new house has creepy basement and then in the creepy basement, there's a pull down cross space that I'm calling the fanatic
You didn't get your man up in the year, seventeen year olds, Georgia shopping for seventeen you're no, no always ends up there. That events you go in the attic, so It can move into my house if she wants to, but they do find a house with an attic in Lahti at Park place which is near Macarthur Park Oda. So, like mere rampart rent, she gives out o the money she's gone from selling historians, which I guess she was but can keeping send him to allay by train, so she can burning and then he works as a janitor our lives in an apartment while he waits for her. So he it's a taste of freedom and what it's like to live alone and still when they move like no. Thank you still like. I can't wait to get from across base year
so it is the view from ISM for her vagina. We rethink some girls, they get the cobwebs and of the way and wells or locks doing here, the frightened Dolly moved away and they start a new factories. Are there still richest back that's the thing about this. Is this? Is a really fucking wealthy couple, she is keeping a dude tailbone yeah as peace in the upstairs. I kind of find it empowering it is. No It is now. I don't think it, then it's not good, although it doesn't, he several chances. Yes to get away, it wasn't against his well, so at least it wasn't against as well. It seems like a little bit of other like a baby s m kind of a thing. Ok in might like that. To me this is says that, like he kind of likes being told what to do control measure and swearing alone. Let's hope here,
This is where he likes to write in a suffocating here and are working for everyone, and she wants that girls base. Attended to now? We get so oh Otto continues to live in. Is it in the attic for another four or five years solutions like ten buccaneer those boys at a long period of time as the brother and friends he'll hear a strange noises and food and cigarettes Janina Goma, saying he starts drinking more and more cause he's like I'm going crazy. I'm crazy! I might as well just keep guidelines pretty, Enzo Darlene, Fred, start arguing more and more as well. So that brings us to the evening of August twenty second nineteen, twenty two Dolly and Fred your party, they get in an argument and leave awkward.
Couple like it's not fight at a fuckin party, just in front of everybody, I'm sure they had a couple bout tub Jens before they laugh at. You know they came in with a nice heat on. As my dad like Secesh pride, he is lying ass. He turned to the rest of the party. Bear thing: if thou job everyone else's just trying to do the Charleston they're just like, could you please shut up fight fight? Do it that cared ear? read his cigar and even my secrets I that exist, everyone's like she is out of handling. You ve had met her curls by airlines. I dont want to speak about your cross space dolly so they go home and their fight continues. It gets LAO An auto upstairs his I can live with Dolly starts to get free the fuck out because he hears it getting violent. That I, which this is us. Population I'm here say because what happens next is that Otto crawls out of his cross base area grabs, but not litter,
you're, not figuratively right right. He grabs two guns up along the Fred goes back up and comes out of this cubbyhole on the ceiling where the couples fighting suddenly Fred Seas. This fuckin pale sit awaiting the grave dude with two guns that he recognizes from ten years. Member is, he knows I was a little boy. You once already recognise an amazing what, in the actual fact there in LOS Angeles, now it's like I really am crazy. You out of my mind, I'm a drunk and I'm crazy. He recognizes him if he goes nuts, they start fighting and then the gun goes off and eventually Otto overpowers Fred. This fuckin, this cage, Weiler, yeah overpowers Fred, which sucks and shoot him three times? in the chest with one of the guns, so Fred the husband dies immediately yeah. So
they're saying about them. Fighting on him being violent is just based on what Don Leonardo say. So we don't know if it's true or not, so he could have actually been ambushed entirely. Unlike you know, honor? I dropped from the ceiling like a creepy, white, spider and Fred was like WU. Wu. Dolly could have been the vile I'm like we don't really now yeah. So then, when Fred dies, Dolly apparently thinks quickly and decides to make it look like a robbery She has Otto lock her in the bedroom, closet and Nan. He taken, then undertake spreads, diamond watch and both guns and get goes back upstairs into his fuck em at it, and then double heard screaming, and yelling neighbours call the cops. The cops come he still here. You didn't even high- tell it my going Parker some, no, no, he loves that is home. That way out from the cross base. The cops come when the police arrived, Dolly, tells him how the robber shot Frere, they still belongings, locked in the closet, shells, monad and the hope. The please help
in the actual fact, doesn't look right because the robbers took on the watch and there's a fat? What a cash and red jacket pocket the neighbours for signing and how they are going and Dolly has emotive, because with Freds death she becomes a sole owner of their large fortune while but without concrete evidence that can't hardly anything. So she goes free and they never check the attic. Well, what I love to sorry, Sir, it's weird to have this conversation knowing it because we never do it this way. I remember when I did drunk history and then didn't realize what I I had even done. You are halfway through the story that I had done. I'm drunk history Theo circle. The latter is not just one sound familiar. I know this for some reason, but when I because that, because it's like the one thing. Keeping at keeping stories straight was it she was locked in a closet and Kosovo just there's no way it could be any differently. We hire believe her because this one we're detail, because if, if that's not true,
What do you make up like? The truth is strong. Then fiction. I have one word that they didn't think of accomplice leg. Why anywhere? the accomplice how's it? You know it's a yeah It wasn't a warrior daily and why, Why not believe her that this is what happened yet? His yeah yeah, ok, so there has been the picture, Dolly get some of the money. She buys a new house in the large, my area. Oh how you'd like that. Do you talk as you can never remember the word large, my right, you can't every time, I tell people to go there. I'm dislike right as the area very charming. Everyone good Bengal shows a great salt straw ice cream- it's great, oh yeah, did I ever tell you about the time I got a ticket. I gotta take a big,
the meter expired, and then I thought I had gotten two tickets. This second ticket was a coupon from solving straw to get a free ice cream because I gotta take it as they do for people if you get a ticket shut, your mouth genius that is genius marked out, like I know, having a bad day now, but here is a good day. Green will feed right and dear aiding, and this order I used to have a therapist on that block March mine and I go talk about my shopping addiction and the next door. There was like everything under twenty dollars, just below employers, Argolic I get home. I turned out that their vision walked you to your car setup, Jennifer, Jennifer, right, the love of a large and then even even ass. She and ATO now theoretically free to live in the open and have leg a fuckin, real relationship after ten years. He's like currently living in the air? And now he s why? Yes,
remember. This though it was his there was his journal, allow his dream, maybe heat. Maybe she showed up at the door with like the silks another sexy shit and he shut up with a bag to go, live in the outer ugly. It was both of their plan yeah. Around the same time, though Dolly Start took it up with her estate lawyer, whose remember she was like egg in here at everything and you like, and now I'm gonna bone. My lawyer assure flung his leg. He represents her richer. The adders like yea. Thank you. Maybe he was hot Zahm is, Shapiro sounds ha state lawyers they had eyes Asia Pencil behind your ear, would ever so the date. So she dates this estate lawyer for a short time and as guess she gives him the zest marches Freds die, and watch that was stolen and robbery Dolly and she is, he
It's like well, I thought this was stolen and she's gonna between two you catch cushions they cover. I was wrong ups, but he I think it is important not to notify the police Carolina yeah that's, why I'm sure get loving that want that's right. So there but then, like dollars has been Fred. Shapiro spends long hours away too didn't professions of Dolly takes on another lover. At the same time, she can't get a now. She can't Roy climb She asks Roy to dispose of one of her. Husbands got hurt her Now dad husbands gun sang it. She was afraid that the police would think it was the gun she used to murder. I was used to murder. Her husband says: she's just get rid of it so that link they don't get along view bother right. I dont think you yeah, so he is like great. You got a great caught cross base, Absolutely do that for you and he throws it ready for this
ray? A tar pits the bass, the vastly cider weapon, the Bass yeah, and then she sweet talks her neighbour and bearing the other, the second gun in her in his backyard. Here's the thing we have to say by Dalia. She must charming as hell that's right, because she gets everyone to do the weirdest shit for every man that comes across Europe is like what do you want an errand jointly to adjust my entire life in the weirdest way. Would you why I ll do it? Can they do you stop time? Unlike start my fuckin brain? Why didn't dolly right, a dating book trick men and get him up in your girls made what ok
Ok, so, a year later, though, doubtless is nothing. You gotta worry that Dolly breaks things out with this third lever ran he's fogey, so he goes to the cops, so they go to the carpets and somehow find the game. I can't imagine how ok quick Sidebar summary hit, but there is an amazing episode of criminal about LAPD officers that scuba if the laborious carpet so fine, a thing I remember those It is that I am she be judge, and this is criminal. Further Weller judge the carrot. So they find the gun and they arrest dolly for her husband's murder. And then, when the story, it suppresses Dolly's neighbours like oh shit and landings up the gun and brings it in his well that neither weapon can be tied to Dolly because of corrosion. So she, fuckin this. Actually she does it again, girl get it she's blast. Truly bless, So while she is awaiting trial, her lawyer lover, Herman, visitor and she's, like can you do me a big
Lastly, for some weird shit here is another one: Are you ready? Can you by groceries, there's a man living in my attic tap on the ceiling of the bed closet, let him know so he can come out and she assures him that the man is just a vagabond half rather everything's on the Laval. There's nothing to see here officer keep moving, so he does it yeah. He doesn't get cigarettes stories instead of tapping on the bed, from closet ceiling. He whistles and moments later. It says a pale and sweaty man emerges from the cubbyhole in the ceiling of looking. Can you imagine if, in the end, the guy begins to scream and memoranda? Ahoy Otto had been living in the attic for about ten years and had not a real conversation with any one besides Dolly for a long time. So when he sees us, Herman fella he's like one
best spread. His eyes are super wide drop down head. First, like spider man, he had very suddenly the Herman things, it's Dolly's brother sure, but Otto then cause he hasn't hooked anyone's along starts Chip Chang and he fuckin brag about the sexes haven't with Ali on knowing your mouth do so fuckin her The boyfriend gets pissed off about energy, does not crept out pissed off, he orders idle to leave the house and never come back so Otto later days to Canada. So, finally, Otto use what a horrifying moment for auto too have to cross threshold of the hour of that home and then be in the world. All I did was talk about sex alive. I thought it was allowed, lived and also just what do you do? You ve been in a very confine space for years and years and years ya go to Canada.
Canada. But the solution emigrate. Candy and people are very nice, Mary, nice health care for all can you imagine why origin we'll get there as for Dolly the police? explain how she could have shot fragments at the closet, so they let her go even further. The guns and Herman and that moving in with her lawyer, man, Doug I'll, do anything and that must have had some good and I can't keep I'm not coming setting. Years later in nineteen, thirty, Herman and Dolly haven't nasty, break up. Sure. Then, because Dolly starts hooking up with at another guy. That's where they re up Herman's past the affair but thinks that it he doesn't leave voluntarily. Is that she's gonna fucking kill em, so she, to Saint Louis Missouri, but he so angry about how Dolly treated him. He writes a fifteen page affidavit dealing with how Fred really died and males into the l a district attorney nice Herman's letter is all the police data
Finally, a Otto who had moved back to EL at this point as now forty years old and living under his pen name, Walter Klein S, writing- remember him nice hard. And they also arrest Dolly so Otto. It tells them everything he confesses any colors the whole attic situation in a favourable light. He tells us ray of hearing Dolly and Fred fighting how he came down and killed Fred and basically I'm a hero, runners, we and reared hero, I'm the palest hero you ve ever seen, translucent. While they give him a name in the newspapers, they call him. That man, bat lover and it goes. Nineteen thirty's virus, like everyone is just scandalize at this fuckin in out in their minds. Hussy yeah is just taken lover after lover and keeping one up there and holding one down there and that one's dad- and this on your lawyer was unheard of at the time is right. The lover in the attic click about low right. You keep them in a hotel room like a normal for us
so Otto goes on trial in nineteen thirty, please not guilty by reason of insanity, but the prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty. The trial becomes. Does the Batman case and they their defence. His events argues that Otto had been love slave yeah, and he had the mind of an eight year, a boy right, sir. As we all know, this story will not let you have thought now, every time you like. Oh, my god, this is amazing and then your design lots of America row yeah. So they visit the house forefront where he was staying and they visit the attic and they are all the jury members. By the time they come out. Neither side there dripping sweat, I think Another ten they come out. It's like being reborn happy and that's how hot yoga was born right here in my hand, and everyone hates themselves outta that no yes overjoyed at the worse. I hate he saw ass, they got yelled out in it. A jury,
six women and six man going to deliberation for seven hours and they find Otto guilty of manslaughter which carries a windy ten year sentence, but then autos genius, fuckin lawyer, awake men is like ok, you have at this time limitations. That means has run out, so he can go now right, o has it been in recent years is spread was killed, em, so the judges like yeah, I guess so. I guess you're right and he sets the verdict aside. An otter goes free wow and then all it says is he went on to Marian? Have kids auto? Did he go they lived in the time you have just a tiny house, tiny his little triangular, how real hot heater on day and night that's right, typing away. A few months later, in August of nineteen thirty dollars trial begins. The jury goes into the duration for three days and then up deadlocked
and no one is going to change their minds. The judge dismisses the jury and eventually, the day ass. The judge to drop the indictment against Ali since they had no new evidence, so she Gus yes well, while here so Fred never got his justice knowing didn't over the years. Dolly, invest her money wisely and her fortune grows. She and that other fuckin than other affair she was having cause. She was bored with Herman, they date for thirty years or getting Mary on April. Fifth. Nineteen sixty one well and she's sixty nine and see five and she ends of die. Some say that she's in our eighties, though it's hard to tell exactly what she is, but there together for thirty years, Dolly Enzo I'm sixteen days after they get married. Oh no. Nineteen sixty one she could
settle down. She was like I'm saddled and now I'm going to make, and that is the story of Dolly Ostrich wow yeah. It's an amazing story, and why I feel it we could tell it like once a year and it would never get a little less because it just the twists and turns are unbelievable, but have vagabond brother is at your bad name. For a sure, oh here's, I'm innocent. Introducing any did I have, as my vagabond brother is the perfect cover that sweaty pale guy. That's just my back vagabond rather a bit but from out of town some upstate. That's right! Don't worry about him coming in and out of my house, because he doesn't live in the attic I was amazing great giant year. One version was great. Thank you. Yeah! That's right! Thank sorry, Dave Anthony VM and made a trump you yet again that not all we're restaurants. Here's an interview we did with Babylonia Young plays the wife of the serial killer, Diana Urgent, a surgeon in power.
Uncle sign is so lovely and delightful. She's like creepy, incur in the show, and so we weren't no to expect will meet like met her in area, her right, she was so funny and so light and lovely the eye turns out she's just a good after yeah, but these are not only not impair the lid she plays on the tv show. Ya know we had a great time. It was very exciting to doktor. It's very fund interview. People have is so easy to Turkey, so listen now. Here is our interview, one of the stars of Prodigal Son Bellamy, young call, survey on the part of my God, I'm so excited we love the show. Yes, I was just: did you get to see them? Did you can see the pilot yeah yeah? Ok, that makes me very a happy now it was grey yours do so elegant. I just love
my good delights. Yeah. Do you always play rich lady you're, very good at it became a you know. You know those who cared act as in no doubt that I had to say I mean you know: Molly was that you know of a certain mean, then Lord knows Jessica's old old money, Reno her of her family before the Whitley is sort of own most have manhattans. It's really find their hacha dry debate
so you're, just like with swimming filthily and money, really relayed tastier all around, and I learned I thought we could just take you and put your right into succession the you I'm upset about my mother, how other our maniac has Heaven glove that show there is I that's what I like to. There is as much as there is the stuff I, the murderous stuff that I like and go too far, shows like this there's hope soon. Aspirational aspects like when you guys are having dinner. I'm like, can you imagine sitting there and at a table, nabbed egg and being that far away from people as you eat dinner, I love, and how do you meet soothing that that you, including Roma, loneliest, clink, so do you do you like to crime? Is that something you ve ever paid attention to, or you know I
but I had a death around me. My whole life I have my mother has buried for husbands anywhere on earth. I now there's just alive so so his tune. Ten very early to the fact that I would like to stay here, so I can sort of amassing I'm a rules, oriented human and I started amassing rules like you know. To begin with, it was like you know: I watch job I'm not your kid. Don't go in the ocean. The affrighted thirteenth don't go to some candy area like whatever. Then it got to be, you know, lay gum. Dahmer, like don't gotta clubs, Bundy made me think about college, has made me sleep with my windows club. As you know, I just try and codify things that keep me on the right side of well yeah, so yeah. I still get super super nervous, I was always a child, it would watch the scary movie,
is on Saturday afternoon from behind the recline are definitely like. I want to see him and I want to be like instead to safe distance yeah, you case. No, I love. Will you do because you you chance but somewhere that some, whether we can do something where you know you there's always a positive place to go with the energy of a fear or of revenge or whatever you, but you really know how to get positive result from So we get ass, all its high MIKE. What you know, why do women love true crime and, of course, were only two of the women that we can only has, I think, you're. You make a great point where it's like you just trying to prepare yourself for thing.
I can actually happened in the world and maybe they're embellished on tv and movies like Jaws man until it is coming from somewhere real yeah. Now we what my sweetheart as a precautionary trials, the world all the time in his eyes, having these incredible adventures and he's up true person of light and hill. But he'll do the thing we're after the gig gillig it somebody in the audience in GO play snooker with them to hurry. I'm gonna go out on a walk and played like soccer in the middle of the road and we, talk on some friends the other day and admiring cat was like just not something a woman can do young. That is gender experience that you're having oh, yes, very gender experience, and it's it's true. We gotta we gotta attention in different ways and unless you
anybody system where I love display soccer here's, my friends that are coming with me. I we're all going to attain Sweden S sallow snicker privileges now nodded tragic. So was that you know a little bit of pensiveness or fear Orton Ino whatever, when you were doing the show, was there any any of that that you brought into with you. I mean was there or are you coming when you do your character you coming in from you? go in and your her entirely and there's no nervousness about it. Europe that I think Can nay, actor, who says that shame is very far from them at any time is lie, get all get here by being language, I think, before Jessica Alot of what she has you now he was the serial killer. Michael Shane place my husband who was arrested. Ninety ninety eight on our tv show menace living sort of Hannibal Lecter Land, and I have been living on in my own prison of
for each side of Manhattan, which is you know quite severe and at what was first the writings beautiful. So I feel so lucky come off a scandal where were allowed to live in patriarchy for seven years and have monologues and We have seen that felt like one acts and just delicious. You think I might never. I may never get to work like this again when we have beautiful writers on the show- and I feel so lucky to get to be Jessica, and so so much it is on the page, but also the shaman right there? You noticed tethered to him in name by choice, but you know, because we have our children. Also of that what so many people feel that they the need to a town. You know they're not going to attack their there in their psychopaths and whatever, he's still alive even but you survived and I do not know the guilt of not knowing the guilt of surviving and the drive to a town so that I also think you know.
I think when, in your life and everyone's life, you, u irrevocably losing and when the first mission you know dies and when you ve had a lot of death around here, that's just always there like a little. You know like a bad, tiny little feathers. Blanqui that sort of always shrouding you Damn- and that's always close to me too, so I can I can get to the shame and I can get to the drive to a town and I can get to the just the knowledge of death very quickly, so yeah interesting ashes like carrying that on her shoulders. Even that's. You know that your head, is held high and it doesn't always come out when you have that. Shame as that humility or: oh I'm bad, it's you know. Sometimes it something of just cut everybody off get rid of it. It's not known people deal with it on all different way. That's really interesting! I like you, Your layering that character with
now those human, I guess, quality his yeah. That's what I am writing. As you know, re tried that yeah. That was there anything like this. The like tone of the show is kind of spooky in you know. Did anything happened? You guys have seen the first ups yeah, I'm so proud of. It then wait. I just like to look in people's eyes when they seen it had so explorer. So funny. Yeah just amazes me that both things are so present with us life. You know you got a laugh to get through I am your loved? That's because, because You are deep and that they just keep, though, what's right way to say it they're just so smart about the crimes and the way they present them. The way they tease, My part little by little the nomenclature of how they address the psychopathy, and I did really Hetty and destroy,
being and delightful. The families of the valleys Duff is so human Alban through something and we all dont want to grow up and bigger parents said it is not just that times. Amelia about that will watching at United spread the Bt K die at the daughter of whose he care at her book, and it's like yeah. How do you have a look at that person? Were that's your father, your husband, and think that the person I knew for so long as it's not necessarily air, but now and psychopaths are so good at the mass gang and an living double lives and doing all those things that leave the people close them like what the hell What's going on that's another clothing, as this is a it's a procedural, but it's all. A family drama, Flash touch of comedy I mean I feel like that is a totally new combination. To forget, I and it's so pretty like they pump it all the time full of all that
fog and that there are concrete billion we ve been. We were shooting some scene, I got a couple episodes back and where they built a sub basement. And I think this is revealed very early- lays a girl. Ah said? Oh yeah happening, and I d or yelling at a child, which I always get. That's why I didn't I got so scared does because it looked so good. You don't look so good and it got. Mary had got really real for a minute, so I saw yeah that's coroner, Such measures are so great that you can actually put yourself up. Oh yeah yeah acting required a yeah did anything creepy happened on site? Was it hot tells it was haunted either the creepy thing is and my I mean creepy in the best way to my gosh Sheen Work Cato the first time
I really that we were together was at the table reed, and he and I were both that south by an Austin when the table rivers- link here in New York, so they skype to send another. One of us are very adept at anything tat. Article as someone else was in charge of it and we're like scooted sort of fight a in return I must see on camera little laptop camera and it got to his part. His first seen and our laws and our his eyes. I swear, I could feel his Adam change came over him and he did his part needed is thing. Indeed. His leg is doing this amazing work and then washed away. Then he lifted the things like I've got eight pages copy.
I note the like a level of work. I'm gonna, like Reno, the humanity of the p p is largely is like he. We were just talking about that cause. He always plays a noble character or just as such, are unable character or he's the every man or he's that great british. You know the british guy that you love or whatever- and this is his american accents impeccable amazing- I am, I think I love waiting to see was too, though you times british too, since my guy now, I didn't know that hilarious credit to him. Then tat is right, but I mean like I when I would go Michael Sheen. I always feel like. I know who I am looking at an amiss. It was just like. Oh my god he's gone entirely as this guy. He wrote he just Rota wrote a movie that China get produced of. I think it's their green river killer,
He had just done like three years of deep die of on this particular serial killer, dimension, psychopathy of serial killers in general, and so he baby he ll and he's young there. I've got it when the girl yeah he's. You can tell, though, because there is that he's got the sparkle in his. I know it's the serial killer, sparkle where people say like. Why would you get into a car with a person like because they're so good at it, because I know what they're doing their shiny yeah very much more very much? This is you can opt out of this pushed him. We were saying of anybody of caste members on the show who do you think could secretly be serial killer, lit Ivan Felonious, please child you know. Is it a richer ramirez? We didn't nights talker Movie Lou, I totally, and so I will say if at length
you should go, but at least part of that, because honestly has performances staggering all my dear, he plays Richard Ramirez, We have to look at our language and they get to play them lake in the eightys. As a flashback, Vienna has both time periods allowed our cash. How did they get Lincoln his name yeah? He had percent and again his cell we had drawing through actually Ramirez dry. We had were on the data we did that take down when a cat when the mob captured him on a Hubbard street. We had to the guys that lived there.
And the scene we had the car he was trying to Jack was the car we used and the scene wound the detective it was on. The case was our consultants, so when I think about serial killers in my class that that actually is my favorite, we I would I we did the night stock, I think in each of the first year we started doing the August, but that is surely one of my favorite veto. True story moments is them recognising him from the newspaper and the entire neighbourhood coming together and casting hemmed? It's like a give its Gimme Chile's now, and I know the story so well, I love he fell. He as Africa in Africa, not a typical. Well, yes, I hope I kept going because he was so he now without method without air without remorse. Just the address didn't killing
oh I'm so on our show, and I know that the questions, but we would like to ask people what their hometown murderers do. You have a home town where our story that you like caring right about? What's his name, go down when Gay Sierra didn't read about John K C, I read about in a TED Bundy as a kid was our wine that you're just like? Oh, this is the thing in the world that free throughout the but I'd just tried very clearly. Remember the first person I knew to be murdered, topical issues, dear their family friend, her name was Jamie Hurley and her parents heard dad Lee worked with my dad at my dad was an auditor for the state and he was collector attack collector, and you know I forget what Mickey had done. But when I knew her like on, I was born or Diane adopted. I knew Mickey. Bedridden, she had rheumatoid arthritis, so bad like she had lost her ability to whom she had to use a bed pan like she couldn't get up and running
and Jamie. Was there only daughter and she stayed a lot at our house because you know it was enough to take care of Mickey. You know it was easier from my mom, the cook Green, the Lincoln she and my mom is an english teacher and she and Jamie got along some well and Jamie within twenty years older than I wasn't that point. Well what have still been a few doing, the math but any rate, she was either round and. And then I remember my mom having to have this conversation with me about Jamie getting murdered and. I just had no like I'd known people die but it has had no antecedents for murder, yeah- and I I just remember the Congo dissonance about having to try and take that in an adventure, she explain it.
Even more awful Jamie had been working at juvenile evaluation centre so out. I think nurse want Noah and in how she taken an interest in this kid and TAT get invited for ice cream, and the last time anyway saw her was like in the parking lot at Ingles, and they got car and what they found her body like who, I think, months later, in a shallow grey. He eventually thousands. Went disappeared unlike May, and they got him in life July Leslie Eugene Warren as his name, why they called him the baby face killer on some.
Show or other and he had killed for women. Jamie was the third he was, and thus we lit and Asheville, and he has the economy and high point they arrested him after because he was a personal interest Obviously we all knew where Jamie went, but they could only get him for I'm, not like the title to his car and lake larceny of a purse ass, it had let him go. Unlike gave him a bale of like twenty five grand or something and so use and high point killed. Another lay love when he confessed Jamie's. He was like oh yeah. You should look in this parking garage in the trunk of this car. As that's where you can find the other person and it's still alive and all of us, obviously, and because it's horrific, but also because my mom's whole life best friend Faye and her husband Ben now live in a house. So, unlike always in that,
us where we live so heavy and there, like none of the actual horror, happen there, but there's just such grief and like there's just so much grief. I have story heavy rousing, I mean that's that's. The thing too is like when we talk about these stories alight their human stories, these are their family stories there. Even if you don't know people are whatever it's like its papa. D think reason that it holds interest and maybe like we are talking about before of wider. Why do women loved your crime in theirs? I think there's piece of it. That's it's! You bout holding grief and
and maybe that idea like I'll hold it for you and you can hold it for me, cause we're all it's the thing, we're all afraid is gonna happen or that you may be think about it's like it goes. It takes it to the worse as the worst case scenario of anything, obviously yeah and I can empathize with friends, family and friends of people who have to go through that and yeah. You know. Maybe we hold it a little too much but yeah behold, him just something out of something and think about. Well, thank you for sharing with us here, sorry less Jamie there Amy Jamie Hurley Jimmy earlier also just the frustration of the day, they could have had a minute's like a technically. I why more person die of a technicality na home was the Bay if he's killer featured in the first season a mind hunter. I value is invested disk investigation discovery of our right
Doesn't I I I I think I've heard them before yeah. Well, Thank you so much I mean. Is there anything else? You want to talk about what the show lay aside in about, and that is why I think I can do that. You're, a jar giant tag it when it happens and when they came to an end and all of that yeah sure ass, great, allow goodbye so excited and watch the rest of the Seas and yeah congrats raising sure yeah congratulation near I feel so lucky to be here in New York. I'm so so happy feel very, very, very, very happy. That's great! Thank you! So much for making a time with us. You re thinking. Listening to myself. Talk too much: Thank you very much. I appreciate bad wait. Let me take a picture of us. Are ready onto your white linen Lena Why do you got it they are open. We less. We appreciate real nice. Thank you for what you do. It matters Alai languages, so I mean
such a so many people- and you know the way out- is always through but then you don't know where to walking. Are you come out into the light again and you're just a little stupefied and you guys really put a path in front of people so wow. That's so! Thank you somewhere Jill. Thank you congratulation greatly over here. I all right Thank you. So much bell me young for talking to us that was so fun and thank you Fox for sponsoring. This episode remember to watch local son on Mondays, starting September, twenty third at nine eight central and we hope you like this bonus episode. This has been really fun, yet we had a great time guy it was. It was Superfund to do a themed, show and stay sexy and don't ever got my eldest. You wanna cookie
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