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2016-03-31 | 🔗
It's the first ever Murder Minisode! We read your hometown submissions and favorite murders on the topic of the week.

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this is exactly right karen yes georgia rhythm section is a female led female made action thrillers starring blake lively and a fearless role as stephanie patrick than ordinary woman who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumes the identity of a spider s film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment as stephanie survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness is directed by red moronto and also starring dude law and sterling k brown the rhythm section is in theory january thirty first goodbye
listening all those men and women and men use may be a quick murder a quick favour werner now my quickie murders murder many rudder many did you got all that he's recording me making of eighteen things in inherent spitting out one that why is that that's the old writers are on track that i learn that's just don't keep spewing shut out unusable its paisley you use everybody else's ideas we like good button i love
helping you i just took all your help at love it what mrs murder many thing of mobile murder that's karen i'm georgia working aruji couple things gee i fear stuff hyenas a great super clock you can do this while you're at lunch at work you know you can see cram it in clearly apparent at work yeah when you we ve run about to do you can listen to or murder story wash your hands please please are you so so many germs going on a season everybody and get murdered by german that's the public's did you hear that someone screaming outside away from getting murdered over a quick also if you go to pharaoh audio dot com and click on the amazon banner before you by your shirt off amazon but we give a little bonus and we really appreciate it and we don't know it bother weird shit you by like if you buy if you buy like dec in a shovel you liked him too
a body we want even yeah that's your private business you buying it and through our banner gives us money and fairer audio money and maybe enables us to make even a higher quality better research projects are you now than ever i cant do homework ok do you wanna go first sitting let me take overs uniform so i saw this our theme was hiding in plain sight so i went to our my favorite murder podcast facebook group and ask people with their favorite hiding payment or play murder in plain sight someone wrote basically any doktor nurse murderer that kills multiple people before anyone catches on yes and then they'll someone said that they loved that they are called angels of death because the coolest name
and then another one roads bt k is definitely my favorite worked for eighty and will install security systems in the homes of people who were scared of bt k also had a wife and kids and was a scout leader he is the irony murder like the guy pudding in your security system it's fuckin smile it's quite something you want me to do when more than you read ok so someone wrote in huntley he was a school or take her that murder to ten year old girls and there's a the other thing out of him being interviewed on the tv talking about what how devastating it was to the community that someone was murdering girls it's him fucking speaking is he british yes messina i think says fucked up that's crazy also that makes me think of of course are for ted bundy who because he was good looking and i was very charming very very few people suspected him did we talk about this annual
crime writer work to have worked with him and he would walk or to her car at night when they lived in seattle was like an you have to be careful there's theirs he's out there murdering did he ever did she ever ask him why he never killed her she had a very very specific type women the young psychology german brunette hair the part it down the middle desiring her eyes because i was so obsessed with ten by me and i wanted to look like this murder little georgia you ass you know get kind of late dancing around them because of very like teen yang to do it's like how dare i ll do it anyway to fuck you it's fun of his fun that i thought about it i was always leg i check out the he fell horror book from my grammar school library and there was a nun name sister red rose who is truly like probably ninety and she still wore habit like all on and she
so mad that i was checking out amityville horror why do you have it at you should ban the book then it was in our school library i was just like this the only decent book in your lady this is from sarah d hello georgian karen i love your podcast i was filled them reading my getting but i am not at all and i m your wonderful b i love your pack ass dear both bulgaria's my sister air does me to it as we both have always and then to crime and murder stories i love this dichotomy of being amused and laughing while the being tariffs we do to you i'm trying to be not do not to be self conscious about what that says about me this is my local murder story i have to admit i pick this email makes it was just scanning quickly the fact that she is the dichotomy in the first paragraph made me take this she smart yeah and i were eleven nice ten dollar word ok i grew up in wilson though oregon this
place an organ city organism teenager all of these portland suburbs connected and close it was it doesn't want i was nineteen when i first heard of ashley pond missing presume she ran away she was twelve years old she was on her way robust up outside her apartment complex and was never seen again two months it are her best friend miranda get us went missing as well as people to show you ran away at what she went miss wells yeah yeah i'm in ahead to the big city later day trying to make it on my own two months later her best friend miranda gettest went missing as well the less her mom saw her she was walking out of the same apartment complex where they also lived heading towards the south bus stop the ashes went missing on the way to the local new exploded with coverage of the missing girls hearing initially they thought perhaps miranda had run away to join ashley wherever she was i how convenient wanting to take the day off go go the apple these and celebrate you solving something sure that was our
take the day because they ve got the its lined every main road in my town and all the others maine towns with actually miranda's photos news interviewed their family what happened is i remember was at twelve year old ashley accused her moms boyfriend ward weaver the third of rape so as a boy friend word weaver had a twelve year old daughter who was good friends with both finally and miranda scared of going to pay then and being a general discussing prick he raped and murdered her his daughter nuttall show him coolies shit ok ward we then enlisted is teenage son help him gay giant hole in his back yard where he play ashley's body buried her then covered the grave with concrete he told friends and reporters that it was a plot first hot tub miranda toward weavers house looking for
from it was theorized later that he lowered her there with promises of seeing ashley word we then kidnap raped and murdered miranda as well a few more months went by and ward weaver attempt to rate attempt to rape his son frances girls in san francisco from his yeah we're we're commissar his son france's his girlfriend his son called the police and ended up turning his dad in for the attempted rape and them rape and murders of ass she and miranda when the cops searched his home they found actually under the concrete slab and miranda was found in a bar in the garage local later showed that when we're interviewing ward weaver he led the interviewer intentionally into the garage and stood in front of the fraser where he toward miranda while he talked to the reporter he also walked her out and across the concrete slab arrogantly hunting them there is also footage of him talking gleefully
about the slumber parties these girls would have with his daughter fun facts this is this is under me but i love this girl fun facts ward weaver is that bird ward weavers second his father is also present in california for murder francis weaver who turned his father in back in the day is now also imprisoned for murderers he is it was later does ever that word weaver was not francis is biological father he contributes this new is to his downward spiral that land in prison for killing someone in a drug deal gone wrong man some while some fuckin families that security that was a really good email well written on it will also think other people have written to us about this exact murder as a fact i mean i just can't imagine being and that town while these people are disappearing and girl little girl grass and they ran they ran away if you disappear
why on your way to a bus stop you didn't runaway now you're twelve i think that yeah that concept runaways issue needs to be thoroughly be looked into and gets going away i think the runaway thing is also i know we talked about this a bunch of people are treated to us samantha be just an amazing piece on full frontal about untested rape cats there are so many and i just retweeted it honoured on our twitter page that its oppose them supposed to be an amazing monologue had she does about about it i don't really want to just i want to just on it helped those tap test those the very concrete do is at home testing by albert ok let's see one more furthermore on this doctor kermit guys know a female quote wellness gynecologist in philadelphia who was discovered to have not only been terminate pregnancies unwittingly but also underclass
lowering amber calls under qualified staff to perform medical tasks including anesthesia and abortions what here's they fund part over thirty jars of fatal feet were found in his office wait wait a female oh i get it i thought doktor kermit was a female almost gynecologist but he is a female well wellness products man while only read one more
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ferko murder gestation make ship happen guy mary jane fonder when owned wit when all women attack person she thought a lady was having an affair with her past her whom she most certainly had a crush on so she shot hurt i will caps the church is pretty nice night an h h holmes go and beautiful he has peace a legend if you haven't read the book the devil in the white city please read it they're gonna i just heard them leaner dicaprio is company bought their rights to make a movie about it they think of suddenly a grey h h how garry get him a nice curly mustache like somebody admit like some kind of mixed psychologist and i do one more i actually was almost gonna do this case for our episode we need one wait
she she did cases is she murdered nine of her children and they kept saying it was sid's nine it is nine of our kids and then one of her adopted kids died of the same hardly fact they were saying that these kids have dying of if it's not your biological child and dying from this rare hard fact it's fuckin murder clearly did it say where that where she lived we have to place now but there's an episode that autopsy where they talk about this because my mom worked at keyser sandra fell california and there was a woman who is bringing her children in after it happen your second child she brought one entity urgency room it's so sick we don't know what's wrong oh my god oh my god of child she's therefore like four days and then the child eyes and then a year later her new infant same thing happens the child dies then that time they start looking into it and she was feed
the children milk with ground glass in it because she had thousands by proxy which is the disease is that you have when you need other but to be sick so you get the sympathy just kept men trouser and second pillars hooray just do them knocked onto the by proxy yeah but it's about there's such insane narcissist they love sympathy so my is fascinating about that you just need to be the centre of attention that my leg what it's just different parts of our brain could just get a little overgrown or so strange so floats through us gets stuck and suddenly you are a total limit or you have these ex these experiences as a child that re route you're an error neuro your neuron you know what you think that these certain things are ok i think those are the same people who write horrible comments on you too young here to those awful backing people know that
thirteen year old boys let alone and they don't know what else to do their frustrations should we should that be our many murder border many random with many enough i think so alone under that oh that's not that almost a maxie well to maxie droughts or a minister or maxie pad join the my favorite murder group on facebook and you can talk about this with other people alike and then email us your hometown where's my remote or gmail and followers on twitter it my fave murder and we love you and we love you stay stay sexy
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