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In this civically responsible My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders including a family murder in New Mexico, a spooky sleepover tale, and more.

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This is exactly right. Me, I'm gonna make random its class is just got class. True, we are now I am highly produced by gas and we have the soundtrack and using the background, PBS pecked us all for five episodes yet curse anymore by, but we can wear turtleneck see, I think, that's what's important and were no art unwrap murder. For now talking about civic,
responsibility. I go that's right, so please donate to PBS Charicles ethnically click clear COD Cas machines all over the United States was the bad idea that there will be broad cast machines, yes, but also that, like you trick someone didn't into giving money to a cause that, like you're not actually working for, like other PBS, I'm out, you will get many gps. It we see. Where have you should give money to be bs? Because that's the reason I get to watch Father Brown, it's why I get to watch a video all my british procedural on pvc. British procedures proceed! No! That can say that you can you tried again british procedural serenity.
You just need to put your hands down on the carriage of my health and rights of alabaster self furious. The lot of great history should answer commanding roadshow, o dude british antiques. Now I know I was serious anglophile problem, but the difference between british antics redrawn American because when they reveal the praise they build it up and build up. This were there like is evoking eighty five thousand pounds and there, like, oh, my God and expected on em and the American One yeah there like it's beautiful. It's actually array make. So it's probably worth between eight hundred methods in dollars, and you are like
over. We angry that they're not millionaires immediately as there dumb vases, they ve been going to fucking garage sales for twenty years to get buying shit, I'm hoping it's worth money visa and meanwhile, in England, at their like. Oh, this is useless. They regional stone ends to thank my aunt. I bought it. Thundered amounts Vatican, attics, which should be quite proud. Everyone's just never sell that's when they lose around I'll, never sell it. I'm Emily forget. It means too much to ask for us to be rich, thorough, cost less world market by african, fake webcam sites that mother Fucker, like the dire you. As you say I am, I am by financial adviser american style. Libya high totally welcome, do know what is this. This is a menace out of my favorite,
murder. So this is just a myriad all with many amazing hometown murders. You guys send us that we love so much centres to my favorite murder at Gmail com. That com not forget what now stop PBS, not the earth's Jimmie Dale sure did you say you, Governor Connally Joanna, covers, like an aunt Joanna Giant, want a man that great film yeah. Ok, here's, my first one. And I will admit the part of the reason I pick this one is because the woman whose sent it her first name is Z, Andorra with a name Alexander, asked whether you know it's gonna, be a good email, Z, IE, eight, and do our a so I'm all about it. Your first name serves the z. You ve had a rich in store
life run home run and then the subject line is asshole murders, wife and various her in his trash pits, psychic daughter, science, Siberia, asshole, murders, wife and Berries Hearn, his trash pit, psychic daughter, finds her.
Everything about that everything Sandra here's, your batting a thousand, yet we haven't even gotten into the bottom, all emails! Blank higher! That's weird is a picture of bunch. A hot air balloons. Farewell thanks Sandra ok! It says highly these first of all keep up the great work we will. I loved you listened to your crime podcast and my husband thinks I'm a little crazy. I'm refuses to listen to me. Talk about the crimes because I always accidentally go a little too in depth and under the rightful we relate to go to our facebook page everyone there will relate to deal so it's so great to listen to you to talk about it like it's totally: okay and fine. So thanks hey If Chris Morrison can do why can't we yeah come just ass. He leaned on things really well just cause. He has the narrowest knows of all time. Let's say: fuck and loveliest head of silver hair. No,
Given that credit yeah he deserves a totally is at Christmas or Chris Morse Morrison
its key clumsiness, Keith Morrison, I'm thinking Jim Morrison misses the point. This is a good moment to tell everyone that if you want like an back soon come to the right place, please go out. I gotTa Pbs, I'm not happy learned in history is where you get back. That's right. You show me great parts. Ass. Only a part of our reliable, ok, it's others on ok out of the interesting part and she's spell this out with so many hours them. This is not a murder from my home town hometown, but it's a murder that happen in my family, so maybe that counts Sandra that counts more than a hometown murder. I think we should make it clear because they get a lot of these hometown, meaning the place you live now. The play she looked before your family compound is as in quotes. It's the one where, when you either that it's the one you know the most about, because you are the kind of around did at some point in your life whenever that did you, because it was so close, we're not strict about stuff like them anything now, if the murder happen in your family,
we should actually set up like a red phone for that kind of stuff, that's first hand. That's what I like to read them were heard. The murder takes place in Yunus New Mexico, a new man. Sarcoma. True, that's new whim that Latvia, Mexico, the victim, was my grandfather's sister. So your great aunt she had caught her husband having sex with his sister, Sir AWE and his sisters, husband and divorced him. Wait I thought she was murdered them all hold on, should he had caught her husband having sex with his sister and his sisters, husband and divorced him. Ok, though,
some Pollyanna Marie in New Mexico Orient Incest, Yoke, there's some anything like the polio, something that set out to your NATO. Oh, I watch a lotta game, a throne, so very misleading. That is a zero almost until now and say that she had moved away from him to live with her heart with to live with her daughter in Level Land Texas, but she travelled back to New Mexico to stay and night with her ex husband and would accompany have accompany him. The next day to Mexico to get dental work done which is really a kill them. Sorry, cholera that girl there's this story now turned into a choose. Your own adventure were what's gonna happen
There is only one answer: she's gonna get murdered by american dentist of Category one. Second, there's only one with all the other Mozilla NGO according to the children, but oh ok, that this is an parentheses, the dental work story is according to the children, but was possibly just a story to lure her to him. The night he told their son, who is living with him, that he couldn't sleep at the house. That night,
and to find a different place to say next day he had a son come home and fill in the trash pit that he had in fact yard using tobacco and told the sun and the two daughters that their mother had found a female trucker to drive to Arizona with, and that you just called from the truck stop and was doing well is one of the daughters, however, is a little psychic. I know this sounds crazy, but our family is kind of crazy and like no one in the family seems to dispute. The lira has she's, never been wrong. She's, not psychic. She just until the when someone's filling in the pit the mom is missing. All this creates what's happening. The mother, Dragon mom. I believe she second, I believe in it I'm a believer so there's a lot a run on sentences hears weight
ok. So one of the daughters, however, is a little psychic weeds said the thing about the family ATA and knew tat their mother was in the trash met. Molly, I know you're right, notably in young, is our notice. How does anyone not question that? I bet that I bet the psychic sister was a murderer email. I was like I've read about this year hundred time when a trash pit shows up in your backyard over Nigeria not over the weekend, and we rely to be filled immediately and your dad's agree. Mom is gone. Yeah also that I feel like that little detail of a female trucker is suspicious that he had to say that it almost seems like she's, ok, she's, ok, I, like you, sensing summons, you, ok and also you know they say you can tell someone's lying if they give you too many elderly. So it's like if someone says. Oh sorry, I'm late, there is where traffic someone's like. Oh, my god, it was coming over the hill, which is what I do every time. I'm lying you can you do hell, I'm lying here. Whomever headline me about mainly or are you
Yes, that totally makes sense. It will just cause I've been slate on you so many times, and there no need to So do I I thought about that now when we live ways: historic, ok, sorry, sorry, the commander engine formation backed his hand on her, you're! Ok, so one of the new ok, the doubters like trash pit, so she had her brother go back out there with the back. How oh and dig it up after just digging up nothing but trash for awhile. He wanted to give up, but she said no just do one more scoop right there and with that scoop came his mother's leg, She was found in the trash pet with a plastic bag over her head and her purse with all its contents. Next to her, the autopsy found that she had been made unconscious, using
either my dad says he used carburetor, cleaner on a rag and then buried her alive under eight feet of trash and dirt. She died without regaining consciousness because the weight of the trash and dirt made it so she couldn't breathe. At least she didn't wake up I mean you guys agreed but mix like such a small. The call plus oh yeah. Oh my guy meandering earlier reneging decency to kill her. You know I mean suffered, definitely say
I like wall, he pushed out, like you sure, just do that's also about thing to say, but now totally legal. I think he's such a piece of shit yet yeah, because he will he he made it. So she, the possibility of her suffering was max is highly I'm suffering totally. Okay, so she's, as this is a horrible story, but I think the worst part is that the murder has since told his children how much he enjoys being imprisoned because he can nap when every wants watch tv has his meals prepare for him, etc, and that is just so disgusting to me that he could very his ex wife alive and then actually enjoy his punishment. You know it's andor, though an egg is bullshitting, I think is well shit. I think he's ego based- and I think he's just saying that when he could actually be crimes off to sleep every night, I think he put her in there still alive, so he could make himself like village. I wasn't. I didn't, really kill her right. I just knocked her oh yeah and then unfortunately, all the garbage I put on her hair and she's less culpable
thank you again so much for the Show- and I hope to hear my favorite murder some day this one, Well, you just dead. Who will give us a cookie for me and Mimi too. She deserves a cookie to me. It's I'm stay, sexy yogurt, murdered, o z. She calls ourselves, that's cute, Benghazi. I mean I was intense, a lot of emotions. Everybody got it MRS Frahm, Isabel and she is really creative title called my hometown murder. At a time when everyone announced was still open, is you don't have to be like? Sometimes it's fuckin hard to have a subject to sign off our hard things to make up when you just don't wanna married her so Isabel says
No. The episode has already aired, but I just started the sum of the pod costs and a figure I share. My own story, anyway episode, I'm from the extremely small town of ozone, a Texas was only three years old and knew nothing of the situation when it happened, but a girl, but the name Jennifer Great gravel was murdered by an older man, slash neighbour, name, Melvin, white and growing up. We always we're always reminded of this murder and personally, at apparent more experience that we believe to be connected to the story was, I was growing up. We were always reminded that I fuckin dude murdered. Some man was that's good parents teeth. I mean yes, keep your eyes open some creep o neighbour yet begun to go into detail. He can- I don't wanna by whom neither of us have children. I want them so bucking airs he could now turn took her out to arrest up molested her and then, when the other car,
then one another car and showed up. He took off to a different location and then killed her with attire iron. She was now and in the whole, just he then drove outside of town and dumped her body by a water tower after being tied to the murder by witnesses he immediately confessed. He eventually was denied life. In prison and was sentenced to death o turned out to be molested. His daughter, another family member and other teens throughout his life holy shit. Here's where it got where for me. When I was a kid or on the age of twelve about it,
after he was put to death. I went I best friends house what I thought was a normal sleep over. It was my first one there at her house, while she told me that we would be sleeping in the living room and lower getting ready for bed. She asked me to go to the back bedroom, which was being uses storage room for reasons. I will explain later and grab a few blankets. I proceeded to the back of the house and opened the door a cold stale gust of wind hit my face. I turn on the lights which, but nothing turnin. I then grab my flit thrown out of my pocket inflicted on to use as the screen that uses screen is alive.
I saw the blankets and work towards them and, as I lean over a chest to get them, I heard a scream from a girl. I thought it was my friend we were at the house alone and I thought you might be in danger. So I grabbed the blankets and ran to the front of the house with my pocket knife. In my hand, it was a small rash shall we all had nine so that all the time seller second awesome totally. Will I get there and she looks at me, like I'm crazy, when I told her what I heard she said well, yeah, that's why no one sleeps in those bedrooms this was Melvin. Whites have, Burma, according to old photos. They have bound in boxes in the ad and now at their own love, the way as an attic, there's tons of people on Twitter or, like that's, how I pronounced day. May I say that I support old photos. I found in boxes in the attic. This is my like dream. I guess why have a metal detect area for real the room? I was in. Daughter is wrong I want to test as to who it was
who was I heard scream, but I will say that after experienced sleep, a worse were held in my house. Thank you, Isabel ok,
You say that that Isabel friend is flocked for being like how about you. Go get the blame lunatic ways screaming. There's a higher how's your and I got airlines. Screening has experienced the ghost I'm scared of to get blankets, hammy, calm down. I essentially there because I refuse to go in that room and everything we honor house or redound sleep in their bedrooms, because its flag, Klingle tucking Sham Lessing, murderer, lived here. We can figure out a way to sell a house that room that you won't go and do a little girl, not molested on the regular in their go, get some back and let you know you run in their quickly. There's an oh there's: no electricity should nightmare room. It's it's strictly haunted, there's just blankets and goes in there. You quickly go around one of them. Whatever you can grab a ghost a blanket cup of blood, whatever you fine. I also think it is really very detailed that she was like. I grabbed the blankets than one to help. My friend like, I would have em like thought. The blank ass fuck you didn't like this girl out much you sound like a Belgium is understandable and
if you're that girl and you have a counterpoint email. You like designed as my favorite murder, Gmail dot, conquers. How much we want to hear about the house and see those voter? Ok, the at finding any, I feel like I've spent my life going into places that are Attic lake or attic fly or us going to throw stores and hoping to find a picture of a person when it goes behind them. More. Some I mean like something is a hatchet and a thing I mean like that's a dream, although oh my urged had recovered memories, how majority my parents were, it was between the.
It was, but we were moving from one house to another and we, my mom, actually loved going I'm looking at houses every week, I'm she was like the queen of open house love. That, too, is her. It was her favor acts ass, a y know what almost every house in petty lemme looks like on the inside, of course, because of that- and she always like we're. Gonna go now that GMO Mark for us and we looked at a house one time. I think it was an Sebastian pull and we walked through it and was just kind of dark and weird, and then, when we left my mom goes. The woman the catch and told me that actually previous owners are moving out because the mother committed suicide in it, and then we just drove like in silence while and then she was like. Should I not have told you that now, as I know, I'm fine with that like well. How are you gonna move variant more? I don't wanna live there, but I was so stoked that I walk through the house. Totally is
We did, have bad bad feelings, and I went to a lot of state sales, which I love, partly because I love seeing people's houses that I would never normally see. Yes, especially because our old people's houses there, like the same as they were before, if something has been as something has been, am remodels, it's always like from the seventies or adsl, but how terrible? Yes, I'm so ones how into a dynamic wallpaper homelike idea like just swan. Second, tiles swans, it has fallen everywhere. I went to the citizens and San Francisco and, like I was walking around, doesn't have bad vibes at this place, not that by just six spooky and I went into the closet, which I always go to look for vintage clothing and I happened a glance at the back of the closet door and on it. This woman had started.
Listing when the symptoms of her illness had snow now until she died, headaches start this date had a headache. My guide effect enlist. My I, like my hand, was not today on the back of the fucking closet was a kind of closet door that just open like your front door. The awoke has a regular old door. Of course, I immediately pictured its does like pull pulley one like he'd have to be inside the closet, riding on the no sugar just open the closet right, I wasn't about species or she, basically, in the same way, families in the kitchen will mark children's haste. She basically reverse to that like a hidden place where non answer. Oh my, really I'm not trying to figure out. I think, through that ship painting is from there.
Oh yeah, I get a Londoner out all the lights and strike Ciba chanting. I think Stephen might be crying. I'm scared of my eldest sister. My luck Elvis is speaking in time. That is its side is a horrible. It's like somebody trying to deal with this. The heaviest thing you can t actually deal with your own mortality, but then that is that I mean that Sugar Street Indoor movie totally, but that I live a stem cells, and this is why I know a lot of people can go to a state cells, because this is a dead person stay. I feel awful, but it's like. I attracts treasured that ship painting that I bought for ten dollars and I remember it from two thousand and four the whole time, and so this person who suffered and died but kept that painting their whole life to I'm taking care of. Yes, I'm ok. Can I say this to you. I love is data like if you go you please invite me Fridays did praise of the secret essays other? Ok, that's us up, although ok great there might I just kept my mom went ones with me and am I I'm really
particular member states, hills and came back and said this. She did what your mom did. I talked to the guy who are selling, and this is how they died. This you're not supposed to do that. That also is a meeting, was a mystery man. Oh man! That was good. I don't think we need to do any already. We come along How are they usually that's a long while. You another I what about you guys are really amazing of somehow they can vote. I want to listen to this. Any more live, universes live here, and it's just like a telethon on tv. So much I don't reckon whiskeys magnet for the computer I kind of wanted rebate. Getting one resign pushing through is because this has. This has a good feeling to me a good bad feeling. Ok, it's from William It says: hometown murder. No, no,
How can I didn't read the subject line? I read I scanned the first like to are three paragraphs and I was like ok, there's gonna be creepy, No, no! No! No! What you say: that was the more because I was laughing also. This is bad. What if the woman who wrote step on the back of his closet was his mind. My mom used to read happens it's worse Udo, hometown murder, children thrown off hotel room, no heritage, How does that get worse? That so Now I'll, I wanna hear that. Didn't say anything about that. In the first two I met while here's. This is my denial mechanism. I did not see that subject like I'd my eyes, wouldn't Rita. You must have clicked on it. In light, without thinking like He knew it was something interesting. I thought it was something good now, don't throw children of hotels. Now, oh god, who d just like just give a sulphur? Ok,
it's just right over they just ass, my men and thrown them. Oh yeah. I don't know into a poor, everything's, fine everybody I haven't green week. Do you wanna tell anything about the issues the mystery? Now it's a personal one, crazy. So it's only bummer time. Usa. Does it work? A person my answer is history, a murder broadcast that wants to hear that whole story. I now ok, nor oak. I dont think let the to grant. This is too much of a jerk around four people. Now, let's subjugated ok, I have won by Phoebe and it's it's called this. This is makes my hurting. It's called my hometown murder story. There's no fucking, throwing children greatest straightforward beautiful! Will you don't know that though I dont get big big fan. Hog has first time inhaler this action?
happen and the whole time you ve gotta use email Phoebe, it so inconvenient earlier this year we would rather be raising this actually happened in the town or I went to college. Although there was only about ten miles from home down, don't you to explain its fine. Did it when I was a junior in two thousand and five, I had a really good friend who lived on campus in an apartment complex. That idea. I learned it was I don't I let them an orange. Does you go right home right now, seen your car on tat once and one Saturday, we have plans to go to an amusement park with her and her boyfriend. They were about an hour later pick up my boyfriend and I wouldn't they showed up. My friend looked super harassed and upset. I don't think she met her ass. She told me that about two I am the fire alarm had gone off and there was a fire in the apartment next door to her. This was on the ground floor. She said that she went outside and could see smoke from under the next door. Apartment in and coming from sliding glass back door to the patio. The fire department came and battled flame is for about two hours. Is very habit, seem limited to one apartment. My frank of saying, I think, are the two girls who live there, weren't home. I guess the fireman gone in and suspend inspected the place in the early morning. I didn't see anything anyway,
we went to the amusement park and I had a great day we're home around seven. I went to my dorm about half an hour earlier. My phone rang, I picked it up and my same friend was on the other and hysterical turns out that when the fireman had a research the apartment about an hour later, they had found the body of one of the roommates. She was naked and end about tat with a bunch of debris piled on top of her. She was really burn, but it is clear that she had been raped and strangled with an object of some sort and honour. I owe you know my friend had been. There is also white supremacist graffiti everywhere. Let them I had. My friend had been in her apartment next door. While the sky was killing that poor girl there, citing doors were next to each other, we were so terrified in the interim before the guy was caught. Yes, you were my God. They eventually caught the guy because it was in possession of some stolen goods at the longer this young woman. He is now on death row. I didn't know the grub was murder, but several of my friends did. It was so sad. You seem to have so much promise and life, and this was a random attack, tragic and creepy unjust. Overall off all the case still haunts me: no one hunts, my friend
HANS S, tail downtown Sappho, everyone listening, I mean we came to be haunted, but then, when it actually happens, it's always a bummer. I didn't want the I thought I won. So it's sad thing of like girls in college, where feels like such a vulnerable time were. There's all this promise and all this lake strength and independence and when stuff like this happens, it's just so crushing visits like girl. I could have been me. I was a girl in an apartment totally going to college and to live next door me the same kind of age girl- and I just haven't you what bothers me yet, so it so hard to think of like an eighteen year old who has so who is so, They think they're indestructible but they're like those most vulnerable, and so you just like your fucking game
well and also the older. You got it. I think it's like older. I guy I realize it's like you. I was that I was the girl that would get drunk at parties and walk called early like across fields where I live in Sacramento. Meanwhile, around me, people are being murdered, left frightened, goddamn centre totally. Unlike yeah. It's just it makes me feel lucky. We both have these like stories of, like, I think, may be part of the reason we love murder stories as there's nothing. There are so many fuckin closed closed chances when he called them. Close calls. Think we should have had close dances were glad that you are alive. Listening to this pod cast, thank you forget in and if you have hometown murder, you gonna tell us about go head to my favorite murder, Gmail, dot, com, dot com, and, if you could please rate earlier unsubscribe on Itunes, is that just gonna helps us remaining. Whenever are you can not? What's your life, but yeah live it.
Safely and stay sexy and don't get murdered, Elvis you wanna come there was no lies. Only to my guess is that no more cookie, although the average life
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