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This week’s "Christmas-themed" hometowns include a killer in the home and riding in cars with strangers.

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This is exactly right. As MRS Mary, Mary Mary Mary. Merry Christmas welcomed like over the Christmas Eve, many so outrage, very I grab your girlfriend's and be the first to see like a boss as part of girls night out on Wednesday January. Eighth, these exclusive gene- This is the eve of
Cries manner, but what are you gonna meet work obviously record in this before when you gonna media anchors? When are you gonna be for Christmas Eve? I leave you now on the shelf. Would you gonna, be I wanna, be a Jew area, be a cow jus, ignoring you're dumber holiday, but I bet you got a great Hanukkah ok, dad they, you smashed, add another, that's honey. I've ever had. I bet you gave away so many little beautifully rap carefully, such a rate. Days after days when I first as a child heard and yeah that Hanukkah men, Eight days of gifts, I've already felt so much like that was the tribe I was supposed to truly then that are supposed to be divorces, Joe child in Manhattan cameras died and then Orange County. Didn t I can easily be unease cast and probably
I hated everything around my life, so yeah Brahma, you probably to be that several thousand. But as this is it always bother me, you guys got a ton of presents to. We did that knowing nothing about Judaism. I just pictured that it was Christmas. Every now care for eight nights run like they have all the humor get like every you get like a big his present every night there's I was taken. Beautifully rap gift. I bet you rate days after days of when I first as a child heard and yeah that Hanukkah men eight days of gifts, I had already felt so much like Counters catered Delhi, sandwiches, the greatest less theirs. You can't wrap your mouth or on a counter sandwich, those that you have to get like, dismantled and eat for small sandwich exodus, yeah that
like a present day, man, it's a real slackened lie. They tell you that to get you to convert ray, it's not your drop Attica. Follow that jump on. Usually we would do like little gifts, seven knights and then the one big gifts on eighth night rain. Small guessers still get gives you. I knew stocking, suffer pepper thing right sorry to bursting Hanukkah Bob I guess I'll just stick with me old Catholicism and doing such a great this line of this first email is that's what it's like to have a killer in your home, hello, hello, counteragents! Even I absolutely lost my mind when Karen powered a story from my hometown Edmonton, although Edmonton is quite literally the most boring play soccer senseless, that's dismantling and eat for small sandwiches. It s the air that Hanukkah present day man, it's a real slackened lie. They tell you that to get you to convert ray, it's not to get you to drop Attica, follow that jump on. Usually we would do like little gifts.
Edmonton is a city and albert as a product and re, as you said, and that is, as I know exactly as you knew as a fact as a knowing citizen of Canada. My story comes you from when I was working as a server and seniors home. I was cleaning up a table after the meal and the whole ladys at a nearby table, we're talking, I overheard one lady say something like an that's what it's like to have a killer in your home. Now this lady was quite a character in a joker, and she- and I liked banter quite a bit, so I decided to jump in and lightly tease her. What are you talking about? How to something like this come up in conversation just think this is her offbeat sense of humour. She was yourself, and that in my act out the
lady turned to me and says: oh so casually, oh, no, it's the truth. I've had a killer in my home, my grandma, my granddaughter was married to mark twitch all my brain broke. I walked back to the kitchen in a daze and went through the rest of my ship, like a zombie marked, which is the Dexter copycat killer. It wouldn't be serial killer, who created profiles on dating websites to lure men to his garage where he would it and that's what it's like to have a killer in your home. This lady was quite a character in a joker and she- and I like to banter quite a bit, so I decided to jump in and lightly tease her. What are you talking about how to something like this come up in conversation? Just thinking that this is her offbeat sense of humour, she was quoting yours,
it was covered by Dateline. I remember my Oji murder, you know mom turning to me, while watching the episode saying, isn't it exciting creep wars and is here and have been two years or then and then implement this issue? and went through the rest of my ship, like his omby marked, which all is the Dexter copycat killer. It wouldn't be serial killer, who created profiles on dating websites to lure men to his garage, where he would attack them with a stun baton. He killed one man, but his next victim managed to escape and twitch always apprehended issue which had dreams of making movies, and he was a huge fan of Dexter and its believed. He became a killer. I remember that in that case it so the guy that ended up living. It's such a terrifying, whore,
thing because this crazy person is laid out like tortured, and yet he thought he was showing up or about like a blind date. Guy. That's too survived it's amazing, yeah habits, bananas, it so grazing imagining Fuckin Mary than me like a guess why your husband in it he There's a coldness, camping, explained if there's emptiness. If there's, I don't think you could see it in their homes, bad, they won't talk about and then you're not allowed to. Look at it. Yeah yeah, you can't you'll, never know cause. That's their specialty. Raise covering totally. Is it's always the last one needs that noise suspect him those alone. We have a very great that's what I that's. My secret is beauty, spread that suspecting Destr out everywhere seem you're too good. Marriage suspect him of everything and the means of doing a thing. You're, pleasantly surprised, God, what a what a relief you say every single day answer it. Ok,
just called rating in cars with strangers high everyone. When I was in my early twenties, I moved to a small town at the edge of San Bernardino County. Don't worry, I got out of there as quickly as I could says. Good reason There was only one tiny little diver in the area and since it was such a small remote deserting the only thing to do on the weekend. Besides a ton of drugs which did go to this far and do a China density, which does your ex, there was nothing back then, but luckily the bar had equal bar car a queen, older guy who they would call, and he would pick you up and take you home from wherever use for whatever you thought. The right was worth, first, there was a little bit sceptical, but after a few rise of my friends, it turned into a normal thing. It was always the same old man. He was always happy to take us home, no matter how drunk we were, how late it was or how little cash we had left it to him. He volunteered help a town drawings get home because he wanted to make sure everyone made at home safely, which, like in a normal world, that's great yes, This is not a normal world, it's not an outcast, especially
out skirts of flesh is SAM Vernon Edina in Bird deal, that's right! Flash for the last year I since moved away, but was back in town to visit family for Christmas. I called go to my own friends. We plan to meet at the bar. I asked him at the bar car was still running and he responded with you did they would call- and he would pick you up and take you home from wherever youth, for whatever you thought the right was worth at first, I was a little bit sceptical, but after a few rise of my friends, it turned into a normal thing. It was always the same old man. He was always happy to take us home, no matter how drunk we were. Sensitive in a small town had been small town gossip for decades and he was suspected have murdered his girlfriend, and they just never thought to mention this to me It turns out, in the eighties his government, missing summer months later, they found her severed head and hand in a river near the town. This had been only parts of her body, the police with ever finds he would be the. I suspect that they didn't have any evidence to convict him and the case what cold in the early
thousands of reopen the case and were able to test the dna which linked him to the crash and later on, as my family was drinking around the Christmas table, I told my mom with his suspicious tone Haiti BAR car driver and killed his girlfriend. The look of don't less rights home by myself, and I got blacked out drawn and stumbled out of the bar into his old car. My friends additive in a small town had been small town gossip for decades and he was suspected have murdered his girlfriend and they just never thought to mention this to me as it turns out in the eighties. His groping went missing. Solomons later they found her severed head and hand in a river near the town. This had been only parts of her body, the police, with ever you clearly didn't hurt anybody while he did it or he would have gotten caught all right right. Maybe he's like no I'm a good guy. Still. This just happened. I just had this bump in the road where I beheaded. Ah call it. Ok, moving sheriff.
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So many tiny briefcases one year during dinner. On Christmas Eve, my family got talking about my cousins old job at a haunted, morgue unrelated story. It then came up that my uncle's old House was actually haunted two apparently when his kids, my three much older cousins, were younger. They all left by themselves in the same room or nursery for the first part of their lives throughout each of their respective childhoods there. Describe to their mom, my aunt as having the exact same imaginary friend as the other, according to my aunt they eat. Described the friend as a young blonde girl, with a red and yellow striped dress. One day my aunt even walked in on my cousin heatedly arguing out loud with this girl, while he played while he
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our getting there like equipment. I mean showed up at my door step and I was like I think it's too soon, and then I looked at my hair and unlike no, it's broken nights. Thinking for you, that's why it's helping you so that you dont cause. I do them all the time or I realize I need time I hear when I'm in sign seed and urgent, these later, probably they open of the wall in said room, and I should you not. To the wire. As if place there was a Japan. I love this. So fine, you're, perfect, shaded, Madison Dash red dot com. My favorite murder looseness get ten percent off plus three shipping on their first color kit. With code, my favorite murder, that's code, my favorite. This is the story. I always tell people to their disbelieve when she, spooky stories, and I thought you guys would love to hear it. Thank you. Such varied. All I sincerely hope to see to join you at the divine life show in Spring stay sex.
And don't play with selfish ghosts. Maya, oh god, that's like. I love that sorry, I love it, but I've been it for my own sanity say no way not trail. I mean you'd. Here's the thing. Its people who don't care about shit like this, would take that dress and put it in a garbage. You and I are in and what I believe to be normal. People would put on some doctors gloves and go and there were tweezers in pull that fafnir photographing the shit out of Oda grafting, every aspect, wake we put it on our past events, Laird CAT or downright ride ship. It did. This is solely idea to you. I would like to say- and I were ok- this is my last once again. This is called good luck. Duncan murder, ogre pillow I'm guessing gals guy and assorted furry animals.
I grew up in a small town in Eastern Oregon when the time came. For me to select and college my parents- and I felt ass- a small scale would be an easy transition for me. I in rolled in a liberal arts college outside of Portland Oregon and had just over two thousand students and was ranked as a top twenty five small college Bob ragged college. Congratulations about call at the school is very conservative, except it was very conservative this, but she's basically saying there's no dancing, conservative roommates, no boys allowed etc. They are offering implants to travel home for Christmas and then ok, my room explaining to ride back to Montana, with a fellow student who is also on the Big Sky State You ve been there in several times. She had a crush on him. Probably imagine our shock and I confusion when the F b I shut up one morning and arrested him up If you read that right, he was dragged out of our dorm in handcuffs as we learn soon after he was a serial killer and I actually question this veto it
ass, a personal killed, multiple people, that's not a serial killer right. I have to be within a certain amount of time right. Okay, he was the center of a multi state. Manhunt days before, coming to one of the top ranked christian schools in the nation he went to the home. His family had previously owned and kill the owners in their bed. He then left on his phone I'd scholarship to the northwest sheep when he arrived, ecology asked us all to call him by his middle name. That should have been. A clue as to something that was up. His middle name was shadow. Little grey cat was an owl. Why did we not see that as a red flag, the married couple were found naked in their bet, a few days after the killing, when a neighbor became suspicious that all the windows were opened and the trail of the killer grew cold in the police even considered consulted a psychic who described The killer. As a slight young man with black hair, who knew the
victims and the like the house. He said that the man was a college somewhere in the west, soon be arrested in December of ninety ninety three Felicia with that the police began looking into the history of the murdered couple before there preached Oregon shadow, confided, fella student that he had a gun. Of course, the religious student in immediately contacted campus security, which led to a call to local law enforcement, are small. Who made the news that night, but not for academic achievement. Many of us followed his trial and he is now serving AIDS, a sentence of a hundred and fifty years. Needless to say, the university did not listed as a highlight near, but nor is any brochures the moral of the story is that small schools are necessarily safe, dont trust people named shadow and always Sd Gm free. Why? How crazy re? That's is so and say here: it's our!
it's crazy, because it's that idea, like you're gonna, do this thing and then just go off to your new la and be like call me by my mental yeah. Hey, I gotta have a normal life now yeah. It's me, Lynn, If he had told her about the gun that one guy in the guy and fuckin marked on him, he might have killed more people, that's how it always go yeah. They can't keep their trap shut me. That's just oh! You mean I thought you meant the person you told by two of your going mad at the guy you in order to shut your mouth, you snared, yes, niches. Gate had been any ok, we'll weapon, but this one guy. I won't read this. Karen Stephen impacts. I wanted to share what happened to me twenty years ago, when I came home for the holidays, my parents had moved to a new house after I left for school. That's important only because it man, sleeping in the guest room with no phone. One night my parents were out of town, and I was home along with our dog and two cats,
I too, am I woke up suddenly thinking I heard a man's voice. I just convince myself. It was a dream when I sat up and saw that the dogs and cats were white away staring at the bedroom door with hackles raise. I started looking around for something be used as a weapon when I heard a male voice from the next room in it BP, singsong voice, say p I got out of bed and grabbed the bedside lamp. The dogs and cats are growing at the bedroom door, ready to throw down again the voice said in exactly the same town, which was now sounding a little familiar
It turned out a talking big burned. All my knees had been hidden away in a closet for Christmas and it has started talking. Needless to say, I does impelled that thing and put its electrical components in one room Zol in another before returning to get back like my family, kept that creepy toy for years. After my knees it outgrown it, just a torment thinks you're being my constant companions as they walk. My dog you make me laugh out loud, like an idiot, and I don't mind, say sexy in sleep with a pack of right or die pets in case big Maria Sarah I gotta go. I gotta get a diet colleague that used to happen, When I was little one of the first big Christmas guess, we got one This is called, I think, is called
I want to say baby alive, but I think baby alive as the one you ve said yeah. This was the one that crawl, oh yeah, and it was like a doll head, but then a machine and we were so excited get. It was like the commercial that was on every cartoon You know Gaia, Block and the first night,
went to bed with it in the middle of the night it turned on, and was it so scary, because it's really loud and then it has baby noise, and I think that you can hear the mechanical part of those yet as a photo. What's it called stated that away baby that away terrible now look at this day I had a bad thing, but so is that thing, but the joints are like screws and bolts and like it's like having warriors all eight seven, these machineries carriers, but at least it didn't fuckin, say peak Adieu, Pinatubo Land, the wise relay merits a familiar Mammie dear a soft spoken man like when I play area. That's one of the top three things I don't wanna hear coming from the other room when I'm home alone- and I the word peekaboo specifically no by anyone and he computes like oh you're, gonna murder, the fuck elements that straight out of horror me ass, the other day was walking through my house. I whispered no more milk to myself because I just try. I was thinking but ice whispered, its myself and then I could not sub laughing at how someone out of our new, if somebody was add, just walked in the door. I love. Sometimes you can be the creep. You're scared of Danes. It's! U congratulations! Happy Christmas and a Hanukkah includes all the area of you. Don't celebrate anything sorry
If you dont celebrating thing, you can celebrate these wonderful stories that you just The human strengthen the will to survive the sand if you're having, if you're, not having a great holiday reach out to someone. You know friends, family. We won to make sure that everyone states connected this holiday season, because it's not always fun for people get. It can be very shitty depending so a great thing to do. If you're feeling shitty go to Food Bank and help out go to a soup kitchen, how bout donors Elsa Toy Acting and do some cool, but yourself around other people and put yours around people that are good at helping others. And then you can blend right in and turn it around for yourself. Deliver yeah right, well, stay sexy in token murder, again Ellis looking
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