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2019-03-11 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include an EMT story and bodies in the yard. Plus we have a special announcement!

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This is exactly right. And workers, whom I have ever heard her. This is a many so its many that's Karen Miss Catnach Georgia and that still care homes and not remain so. We re just always listen. Look very
we have a very fucking crazy, special surprise for you, that's bananas. We ve been waiting there. I mean waiting for so long to tell you and told you we ve been waiting. Then you know that you're even teased so long about this- that you don't care anymore, does get through. This will last boeotia because you're going to care about exactly in a we're, it's gonna make your Hargrove chooses to smile and here's a head. That's exactly right! Now! exactly right. You got here's First, I was gonna say number one, that's not to have had would be pic. I mean truly. Not gonna be this subject, lion care, it's a giveaway guys really, let's be a little more mysterious and are subject line. You have it, then they won't know like what to pull hullo its mean alternative, such
climb that's right, you can give the one that you want to give so people know the stories about yet then habit show line ray of show, subject, line of that a teacher and then student could make. This is ok, go look! This is a meaning that response be haven't we're bringing you about high Messina scenes of exactly right, it's so higher. We want and also Stevens mustache I went, and so I went to the dentist yesterday to get some cavities filled and she casually asked me if I was doing anything fun this weekend. I said no, but next weekend I was driving down from Reno, where I live with. France to see my favorite podcast live. I told her what Emma families and she got really excited turns out. My dentist wanted to be a forensic, those dentist sorry and had taken a bunch of forensic dentistry classes dude. While she was now may my face. She told me about this case. She learned about in class and actually examined the remains
In the eighties, this biker had disappeared, but since its Nevada, a state that was basically created to make it easy to hide a body, they were unable to find him and it was kind of forgotten about. Until recently, in the interim, a family had bought a house in Virginia City which is nearby answer. My murder was started. Millions right egg is last night, the that's right, a quick sidebar. Last night we did a big show in Vegas. Thank you so much LAS Vegas for being there and everybody coups game. But so tat. The time changed. We lost an hour and Georgian. I look like we're in a cold commercial right now, we're both like afford both Roy and run down emerald, whirring, weird bathrobes. How did it
I went to bed at four in the morning yeah I played some buffalo, but the fact is that I want money. Yet it was really fun. I one no money I just kept putting in five dollar bills. Mediately they just be gone a cause. They don't like she's documents cigarette. She doesn't even know what she's doing and now we're back. Ok, here we shall begin ah my
In the interim, a family had bought a house in Virginia City which is near by and they ve been having issues with their septic tanks. Oh no, yes, they decided to drain it to see if that would help, but the pump got clogged with a boot do, which is a huge deal if they find anything antiseptic tank that could be part of a body. It basically becomes an investigation. I hope so I gotta their searching through and they find a necklace and then some clothing and then a remarkably well preserved body. Polish literally wholly whole body. Malaysia get there s a bush. Apparently the person who killed him had shot him and put his body in their set.
The tank, but then they poured bleach into the tank septic tanks operate by having a specific biome which is made of micro organisms, the brake everything down when the killer porn bleach into the tank they killed off the MIKE Micro Organisms and stopped D come almost completely amaze. Arson then left the house, Dubai and it had sat empty until a few years ago, when the family moved in and discovered the body.
Body was mostly unrecognizable, but there are still able to pull his dental records and confirmed it was him and my adorable Dennis? Was there doing the work? I tried not to think about the fact that her hand, yes in a super dead mouth and now our in mind that have been in a septic tanks three years to rape it that's what soaps therefore cast a gift. I pick anyway, that's mine about a hometown. So, incredibly, exciting to see our biggest next week. States accede don't put bleach near septic. Helen amaze is not good, so he just never know about people with their weird shit is yet literally I mean let it go on and on and that it also just connect to my thing of things being hidden where we other it's a box of beautiful treasure. You dont know, is there from the seventeen hundred or just a perfectly preserved biker EC shits. Every goddamn step is everywhere. It's everywhere all over the world, its head just Y know I just wanna, be a male, the generous I just wanna be X, Ray specks extra expects, hey here's one CUB Swinger Party gone wrong, Yazzi Ready for this. I am, can put your papers
ok, sorry, I thought I lost my play. Hallo Karen Georgians eaten, so I never thought this was too big a deal until I started the stingier podcast and realise how this could have ended so badly. So as to in two years old and I had just moved to Austin Texas from allay it was my first time living in a little one, better apartment, all by myself round p m. When I ran out my car to grab something and went straight back into my apartment not the door behind me. I sat down on a couch. My cat was about to start a movie, not even a minute later my door right next, the tv I was watching opened up completely and in the doorway stood a man. I had never seen a naked man. No, I was shocked, I couldn't even move and we seriously staring at each other for a good ten seconds before I jumped off the couch and said fucker you trying to sound toughen intimidating even on justice, tiny girl with nothing but a cat as protection, the man then said, and he was being completely serious. Is this this?
where's party. Why does it look like us? Who is very eyes? I know that you latch and I could not stopped laughing I called my dad right after and told him what happened as I'm still laughing. My dad, however, did not find it funny. Nobody did. He didn't believe that he was looking first winners Perry. He thought it was testing the waters with me and checking out my apartment. I went from
I think, two terrible fight in point five seconds. I call the police gave it its description of the man, told them the situation and state at my girlfriends house. The next unites the men ended up being my gay next door, neighbor, who adjustment in that weeks, I ended up seeing him alive and he acted like nothing had ever happen, sir. So weird, I avoided them at all costs a lock, your damn doors always say sexy and don't go to Swingers parties or go walking around an apartment, complex naked Mandy is I mean for real? I killing any Swinger would tell you. Dont arrive at the melody totally new like for you. I know a little bit of roaming ass. Well, you have to go to the, but they have to go. Put your hot dish down about the thing. Is it not remind you of something I would do laugh a yet. You show up at your hotel room, and this is why as well. Oh, this is a family afford. Georgia have you met, my college remain, or are you get the room next to us? That's crazy to me is:
that I must have been on drugs because he was going to his neighbors and going is this the Swingers Party words like so sorry, you, you got invited us where's party at your neighbor's house, and you didn't know where it was an b. We odor inedible arrangement the next day and I'm sorry minimum with fucking chocolate covered strawberries in everything and then a nice car send an I'm sorry yeah arrangement, you send a card that says, dear neighbour, yet my balls are none of your business and I am amazed that their business allows our seven scary for you yeah. Can I please
Forgive me. I was on Ketamine love very, very always, walk around with legal barriers, balls areas of air and of the moral authority. Again he shows up at the apartment building Christmas Party no bury this is not slingers, it's just a holiday party, or maybe they were just watching the movie swingers. But you know that if we want to do it make a super indigent babblings, wayward, ok subject. Line of this is my friend had dead bodies of her front yard, not light hearted. Oh dear hello, Karen and georgian friends, I've been listing Germany, so it's all day and had to share this quite fucked up story with ya I live in a small town in Connecticut. Oh sorry, them a story with you all there's no Ya'Ll and can I live in a small town in Connecticut that, from the outside just looks like the biggest scandal. Would even Deborah WAR, the wrong tennis court to the country Club fattening Debra rat. However, the ship goes down there,
had been talk that my towns, elementary school librarian and her husband had gone missing and soon paper wrote an article about it. Stating them is missing persons. We were all kind of weird it out, but thought hey, if I was no country school library and I probably want to get the hell, I had died while also man, a couple of weeks went by and there is no sign of them until their pickup truck was found at a park. A park and ride off the highway with Window shattered, sketchy couple days later. My friend was riding home and was stopped by at least just at the top of her rode by a shit ton of police officers side. Now everyone has that friend that bad and weird shit always happens. This is that France for baby. If she asked the officers what was up and they told her, there was an investigation going on when she
closer to her house, there are even more police cars and a fucking helicopter flying overhead. They had found a human remains in her fucking front yard. Front yard was connected on the side to property within abandoned house, so it wasn't directly in her front yard, but her adjacent yard, but you get the idea anyway, I'm and remain away. That's it turns out. The remains were the librarian and her husband long story short. They had it likely business in the next house where their son also worked. He had been a drug at it and the librarian and her husband had just decided to cut him out of there. Well, I M Heronry. This do get pissed shot, both his parents and decided to dump their bodies in my friends from another side now this year. It is on the main road, so I dont know what it is thinking, but that that the poor choice, if he was trying to get away with it by means of clear many poor choices, so man that again and areas of dire,
first, one was them having their child. Don't ever do it and then pick it up that pipe. He just smoked a really of noxious tobacco pay. This is irritating to look out to this day. My friends and I was- will still bring up my front to my friend, hey remember when there were dead bodies, new front aren't so sexy and don't cut your psycho son out of your will, or you will end up dead in front yard. Hannah yeah. That's right. It's
really, I mean a week after week, we justify my choice: not to have children for real, really like this. What this, my guess is. This podcast is basically to gals sending you the message. It is time to rapid things down on this planet. Double up on your birth control. Where we're done Harry we're down the earth is telling us we're done. We are telling each other word. Dollar signs red flags on earth is like red buck and lying. Like I don't know what that is at all of humanity is like we can't figure out new ways to kill each other. Ok, I think it's time to rapid down. Ok, here is your dark. I have it a bad man you're on their by helping my neighbor S, Sd Jam Karen Georgia, seamen and associated pets, partly
my true crime obsession I like to know who may neighbours are which cars they drive and I always have an ear out in case anything is suspicious. Ok, yes, I am also a bit nosey. I can a lover I was lying in the right. I was lying in bed watching television when night, when I heard a woman screaming that didn't match the audio sure enough. My party, the show the screaming, continue known. I immediately at the my bedroom window, which overlooks the parking lot of my apartment building. I recognise one of my neighbors cars backing up. While a shortlist man was holding under the drivers door throwing punches into the window, she sits and attempting to pull the door open. I instantly opened I window and screamed and going either ivy I'll bet it fights before Serbia. The cops are having just that's a good way of bricks. Yeah, that's right took off I got dressed as fast as humanly possible? Flu downstairs ran out and got her to get out of the car and back into the building. In case it came back where we immediately called nine when one turns out
just gotten into the car and paused to turn her ipod on when out of nowhere, this guy open her door and try to take her seat belt off and pull her out of the vehicle, she's a strain of grand theft, auto style. She started reversing the car in an attempt to knock him off her and that's when I fell down the police, HANS was quick and they brought in dogs and eternal cars. They ended up finding the guy if you locks north and south the scream and was able to help and look out for a fellow young woman yeah. She was ok, physically, just extremely shaken up SSC Gm always help out when you can keep track of your neighbors and please please awkward or as soon as you get into your vehicle Melissa. Yes, that's such the point Melissa It's really important. There's no reason not to it here in your car home base, lilac, always Listen. I wanted to elicit to bring a weapon
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attempt concerns irons, and I can't really is truly desired. Isn't Zimmermann, and here it's fun, hail? I'm finally caught up with all the episodes, and I'm surprised there aren't more stories from first responders or nurses. We alone run their, but yet we haven't got a lot. He listened what finally caught up and then you're here to get to give your complaints you're here, I can say here is here's. What is? It adheres lack ears with missing in your blog, Thank you for all the feedback we have seen some shit. That's very true, and most of us have a dark sense of humour. Also true, see better, be fucking laughing at me. Attacking you. This story was a pivotal moment in my nursing career. I work in a trauma I see you. I had heard on the news earlier that day in a nearby small town, a man shot his Ex wife, her boyfriend and his own daughter, and that he was on the run, thankfully All three live tall girl, yes,
that day the police were on a high speed chase with him and finally, caught up the sure got out of the car, took his hand, gun and shot himself in the head and how he did it right in front of the local hospital. So they were able to keep him alive, and- and here's where I come in with them stabilized local hospital and transfer to me in the I see you a larger hospital. He had a through and through gunshot wound to the head. So no answer recovery, but there was it and sweet still harvest his organs. So I worked on this man to keep him alive all night. He was on the bene later, along with other medications, to keep him alive those The weak stomach cover your ears. Oh my god. Oh my god give you a cover. Your ears pause, even courier earth. Oh it is, there is already a bones. Just presented the earth. I give them any more than I already have. This is just one sentence: a! U mute it for five seconds, say: thou really out pick up this do
brain matter coming out of his nose and we're back. I was trying to keep alive a mother fucker that had just tried to kill three people, including his own young daughter. It was really a bizarre experience for me. That's nursing! Now you take care of the basque people and the worst a lot of the worst. They read that we always make a lot of Lord. This man was not an organ donor on his license, but his next of kin, his older daughter, made the decision to make him an organ demonstrate that mother Fucker clean. Yes, it was a small bit of justice that we were able to help people on the transparent plant list with his death
please become an organ donor. I agree and yes, pleased it we're sullens email. That was not my values, but I agree. I won't go into too many details, but it is very rare that someone who passes in the hospital is even a candidate for organ donation, love. You guys and everything. You do z amazing at such a gaze at such a good point- and you know We took me so long I was in my twenty is when I became a donor like just check that Little box yeah beginning everyone thinks that it as a superstitious another thing as well as soon as they do, that I'm gonna dies. If he's gonna happen to me or selling, will that doesn't exist? This world is any bit fuckin rail. Everything is fine, just because you're gonna get a better person just put like click donor, biased, knowing Israel, nothing's Rome and also it just. There is a way you can be generous pass right. Instead of sinner and fearing your own death, you
Look at it in a different way may be just briefly and be like this could actually be. There are people who need spoons, I laws of livers and kidneys livers, probably IONA everything and you know, does it it'll actually help your family after because they'll think of you posit like, then not as an asshole, as you were, whom your life, I don't know where you make your family, stop hating use those stories, literal guys, zombie, on someone else's. Finally, love finally be able to love your got. Those stories of people whose, like kid dies in that, but they get the organs of the goat, gotta go meet the hearse citizens, horror, unbelievable, and it's like that's real one, video where the dad meets the the boy with his daughters, hard he's like it really is her still her heart. I know it's the most beautiful thing, a little tiny limited with that force. This give people your her. Ok, I'm gonna! Let send on that one and then tell everyone are stuck in surprise us on our inherent as we get to finally announced
This very exciting thing: it's our first original podcast for the exactly right network. We ve been working on it and we ve been so excited to tell you you guys are gonna fucking love. This are you ready for this? It is our new show. It's called Jensen and holes, the murder Squad Castle at Paul Fuckin halls and Billy Fuckin Jensen, our friends, arguing upon our picture crime. Goes it so exciting. It's every week. They go through a cold case, and then you can use your skills, social and otherwise. To do research and follow leads you. Basically a citizen detective answer. You gonna help you gotta, listen, it's gonna be incredible. These are two professionals who know what the fuck their doings yeah going over cases. Some of them are cases that are from Paul holds career that were cold and never got solved summer from Billy Jensen, career of being and a true crime, journalists and their interviews with people who are involved. In the case. It's really incredible were so honour to bring this and so happy that they let us.
Help them yes lasts down. Oh, I am so you can go to the murder squad, dot com, we're gonna play the trailer for right now it comes out April. First, the first episode yeah we're so excited for this. Obviously, so, all for all the information like finding out when does its subscribe and all the links and everything just go to the murder squad, dot, com, try and stay sex and don't get murdered. Here's the trailer! I listen to this on poles and on Billy Jensen. Well, to the murder squad. All of a sudden? I realized, I was in serious, trouble literally felt a cold wind blow through the car, and then he grabbed my arm. This The last time anybody saw the knees and her daughter and that's when he you know, stop deadness track and gotten my personal space, and he said that that none of my game business, what else
Has he done you been listening watching and reading true crime investigations for years now we want you to be part of our investigation. Darting April. First, we want you to join our team. I solve cases through crowd, sourcing on social media, while law enforcement I tracked down criminals for nearly three decades will be dining at the cases. Some are still looking for the killer. Others need to bind victims, so you have to wonder you know, how many may have survived beer encounter and there's just need their name given back to them. Once. You find out who she is. You can interview friends, you can any of your family show picture said TAT. She was she hang out with this guy and if you are able to provide them with information on that loved one, they never never. Listen as we go through the case files and give our insights all of them. Knowledge from all the true crime stories you ve heard up to this point will now be put to good use.
You know the online sluice can really prove themselves. They can provide a lot of assistance to law enforcement, go ahead and hit us scribe button, wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, whether that stature, apple or whatever and you'll get episode. One moment it comes out on April. First, you become part of Jensen in holes. The murder squad.
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