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2019-03-25 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a church parking lot murder and a sleep-driving story.

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This is exactly right. Oh hello, allow and welcome to the many, so I would my favorite murderer. This is the short version of the podcast, but we only read your emails effect and crazy stories, ice and ass. You I like that were explaining to the person who also sent us the email. What this as right! Thank you Everything about our interests make sense and are a good idea, is the opposite day. That's re every day and also not
you want me to go so I go first, you forgot, we were gonna decide. Please do ok, good, ending one idea. You absolutely right, that's perfect are not, can play the name hey. I am crew. That's us what's right with a k, that's right. We recently had a quaint sorry happen in my neck of the woods that I thought you and all the interested in hearing her woman, Chicago and aiming to inform him about how she had visited a few weeks prior. The house. He's getting ready to enter into for closure, and she was checking it out to see if she'd like it ass. She walked around I'm guessing she broken and she came upon a chest freezer upon. Opening it. She found a large black bad covered with a blanket blanket in a freezer red flag necessary
This is DR you, never wrapped stakes in grandma's coils and then put them in the big old freezing. Let's say it like you put it. I was like all you know. Sometimes you put a washcloth on your word when it's called just like. I did today looks like we're having a blanket on when it's hot, that's the freezer. No, that's not gonna happen. You can't get stuff pass me no way. Ok, one of that. Ok, everything was frozen, but the shape stuck. Struck her ass being a body she commenced or sound. It wasn't and left the house, but then she started thinking about it. After a few weeks, she told her friend, let the house she showed her friend that the whole thing was really bothering her. Her frame can answer to her friend convinced her to go back into that house. Oh to prove that, of course, it was just not a body when they returned the houses in full foreclosure of meaning the electricity had been shut off. Oh it's a whore maybe
I turn to the freezer open the lid, an maggots city. Oh now, so they had wrapped maggots in a black is that which are telling the sauna die and after she had been there poured Lara. They did a freezer. Can I decide bar? You were one because I I can't stand by its like most human nature. There very
I mean bad things. Even I don't even get them there, the worst but I'll. Tell you how you get them like how you interact with them is if you're comedian who's on the road, but you throw away. I wrote to Sir Richmond in the garbage skin and then you leave her like a week and home even take the trash, and when I came back to my apartment, it stunk terribly, of course- and I was like online and as I'm pulling the garbage out to throw it away knocked over your come to three chicken and all the maggots inside and I had to sweep up and clean fucking maggots in my own home apart. No girl was really terrible. Please please!
throw away your perishable holes. Moreover, sorry Arap, ear, rotisserie chickens in quilts go on the road. My way within the free then says that a debate was variant. Bones were now protruding through the bag own, and it was very evident that it was indeed a body. The police, corner and crimes intimacy enters descended on the scene after a few nights. It mag like magazine after a few days at the end of investigation, it turned out that the family that had lived there put grandma in the freezer no twenty years ago. She died of natural causes and they wanted to continue to receive social security,
so I guess it didn't set up any alarm bells to the socially social security administration that this woman would have been a hundred and twelve years I just kept sending the Czechs they actually single morning. America over the ark is literally gotta check this lady. It unfortunate that this family value this woman's monthly check more than their respective, giving her a proper and send off after death. I hope she haunts the hell out of them. Stay sexy, don't put grandma Freezer Rebecca. What if that was grandma's final wish honey. I know you need manually. Man just throw mean. I love that big resource Keith bicycles, throw me in an air. Never don't even look back my favorite afghan about a hug me. I made that lack of think they're out of mega wicker hate this of decline as hometown story, everyone here, It's the dentist of care
their Georgia, Karen Stephen and furry beams. I wanted to be mad at that and I kept very beings. Ancillary rings beans, beans, Fabian's, kill, probably like cute. For being yeah, but funny, got my stepped out died from a terminal illness. When I was in high school shortly thereafter. My mother told me that she was asked on a date by the doctor who lived a few houses down from us and that she was going to go.
I was super bothered by this because my stepped out had just passed and I felt it was much too early for her to be dating. Already. I had grown close to a girl in my class who stepped add, has also recently died hers unexpectedly, so we spent a lot of time together. After my mom told me this. I rushed over to my friends house to vent when she asked the man was, I told her his name. All of the blood rushed from her face. She stood and just looked at me wide eyed and rushed out of the room. She dragged her mother who was friendly with mine into the room. They insisted. I call my mother and tell her to come over and media. Oh, my god, they sat the two of us down and began telling us their story. The ship, my friends mom, was having an affair behind her stepped out back.
It went on for a few months. It was with her step. Dad's best Frau know who was the local Dennis? Oh, no, my friends, mom decided to come clean to her husband and end the affair. The dentist would not let it go. He called dozens of times a day showed up at her home and job and was just outright. Sucking creepy come to find out. My friend step dad, I e dentists, best friend and the husband of his mistress, was so currently found dead in his car outside the local Jim one morning the autopsy showed heart failure which they assumed to be naturally occurring, but when they tested his blood they found a hefty dose of an honest eddic that you guessed it is regularly used in dental work way. It gets better holy shit, dentists, obnoxious, large white, as you ve, which was often partners driveway, which you can see from our house, is seen in the gym security footage pulling up next to stepped out car sitting for twenty or so minutes, then pulling away on the morning of his delegation,
then this dude goes ahead and sells his of noxious as you ve, while he's being investigated by local police. They charge him with the murder and a jury. Trial is held where the dentist gets acquitted back. Needless to say, dentist is my new step. Dad kidding I'll stay sexy and don't let your mom data Dennis Tory getting wrote that even illegal supper line is really is not horrifying. You imagine how quickly you would want to explains that lady, how
what she should non utilised stays in town, and yet you like, murdered her husband, yeah Cacus ease the smartest man on the planet. Laziness Craig is fucked. Yes, that is the kind of content we are looking at or is it a Tory? That's it that's it. Ok, aloha, sexy murder, attics and refill on endless, allow my name is alone. Lonnie Emma live on the beautiful island of Kuwait, I'm actually not from the islands but from another tropical place called Cocoa Beach, Florida Lonnie Being raises a roman catholic. Of course, my parents unrolled my younger brother, nine, a small catholic Church School, called our Saviours catholic Church located across the street from a local strip joint who does less weight anyway athletic for almost my entire grade school years. I attended this church school and participate in the church choir like I'd freakin choice. There were few choir Ladys at Tata, songs and help prepare the students for church performances within.
Bunch of Ladys. One of them was named candy, not only one of them. Can he not only work for the church, but also worked for a foster care agency as well two adopted kids and I went to school with and a husband that was the churches Treasury so years go by and by the time they had sixteen years old in two thousand and one I hear horrific murder that happened at the next town over and merit island. I learn that a younger mother, a young mother Tracy Bag, well, was stabbed over thirty times, was sitting in the driver's seat of her own car in a church parking lot. Only the only clues at the time of the murder was spotless passenger, see right next to her body. Obviously you understand this. Poor women must have known her and was sitting in the sea last having her. The police interviewed the victims, daughter and learn at the last time she saw her mother alive was the night. She got a page from work at a local. Foster care agency, but the daughter didn't know who the paid was from so
missing pager that was never found at the scene, is now the main focus of their investigation since her, since it was her work pager, they got a list of Tracy's coworkers where lo and behold candy was on that list.
That's a tracking candy down the police pulled her over and our car while another officer page the missing, pager and thence Europe, which I thought was a very clever it. It's quite clever police. Where that's right, you won't believe it. How, then, can you get the page or went off in her purse while talking to the cop that pulled her over my god? That's good. Of course they re for questioning a well that's going on one of the officers. Question candy carefully looks at the patriarch in his hand and sees a small speck of blood on the page, her he leaves immediately and has attested since it takes a while protesting. Candy is released for a few days and ends up being ends up dead in her own poor. Oh no one really knows how that happened. She jumped from her balcony and it was suicide or if someone else had a hand in it, super freaky. By the end of it all, they figured out that the victim had cock, handy embezzling, money from a foster care agency met up with Kandian of in a parking lot of a church to confront her and murdered the hell out of her own. My so I was taught to sing holy church songs by crazy woman who would end murdering someone down the road. This was the perfect timeline for my parents and I was no longer attending the crazy church ever right at a low, her and stay sexy, while avoiding murderous choir Ladys in church parking locks, Lonnie wow it's so I know this is my personal bias. I know this is the bias when you're raise Catholic and then you have so many you just are so suspicious, but I honestly feel like in any
crime. People who are hyper invested in church should be looked at first because it's like they're trying to go, it can't be Moray. I teach choir Ray, I'm like its people. Looking for the cover, I love God only guy. He then get asked that do huge choir of children much. I love guys. I dabs dabs dire and that's the thing to have likewise. I said I'm sorry. What do you call it pennants? I said, I'm sorry, so it's fine yet absolution avenue. We have an increased. We tell the breeze, you tell God through the previous year. Look I have. I have sinful thought. Can you at the big man now and then Xilai? Do oh say six Hale marries sounds great right. This is a great deal of people who use their religion to not to absolve themselves from any fuckin wrongdoing. Yeah fuck you, it doesn't seem right. It doesn't work that way. You have actually be sorry. All right then
decline of this is the incident of the hunt hungry jocks coke and sleep driving. So I have divined an absolutely could be wrong. Burma role the dice, because at this point who cares that Hungry Jack's is like a jack in the box, but in Australia we saw them they're. Ok, yes, and am I right yet so this isn't just me putting the context closed again now this is real. Yes, awesome, hair, Karen Georgia, Stephen in pet pals away, or maybe it's just they wanted to name yeah. I think it's just a restaurant, but I dont have its yes. Like it still jagged rocks they just couldn't name at night now is like our party's Harold Junior situate no differently. I think these. When were you there? It has. It looks out. Working logo was Burger King low, but it says hungry Jack's. Instead, a burger king re, oh, it is its. Is nostril factory franchise, a burger king so now owned by, but it's not
it has hungry Jack so like your heart ease and cross junior guy soon, so imagine the burger King Logo, which is the bonds and the meat, is the name except instead of saying burger king. Why can't picture this night, explaining literally every explained it twice like guys. Follow we understand what Hungary, just like I'm a lot so crucial as a motorbike. Ok, I was losing your most recent episodes. We're Georgia. Did this sleepwalking murderer and thought I would write to share my experience with sleep walking in my early twenties. I moved into a share house australian verb apartment that we share with people with four friends that was located around twenty metres forty feet Henry somebody eleven feet: from one of the most popular shopping, a nightcap nightlife strips in Melbourne.
Putting a twenty four hour nightclub being a single out of door, twenty four hour night club. Can you imagine, then it's not a nightclub, that's the first with it! I'm all about titles. Does everything? Is there at six in the morning, drugs speaker triggers being a single out of work, theatre, director living with an assortment of actors, musicians and writers loose leg you a nocturnal chemically, enhanced, very irresponsible lifestyle. Then the unthinkable happened. The white lion flying unicorn of my industry. I landed a mass of ongoing full time. Did based contract with a theatre, Festal an event Only five It's from my house from our house instead of
changing my ways. I attempted to work days and hardly ninth eleven there, just showing you why, after around six weeks of this, I was understandably exhausted and decided I just needed. In early night, I jumped into bed around nine p m in my fresh pj's, ready for the sleep of the century and passed out as soon as my head hit. The pillow what seemed like a second later I awoke to the sound of General Carr Hubbub in the confusion of waking, I assumed I drifted off at the wheel as I was sitting in my car with my seat belt on once. I
and to come to a bit more. I looked around and notice. I was parked pretty terribly in the car park of the theater, I was working for my driver side door was open and I was holding a large hungry jack's coke in my left us I was also still in my pj's, like I looked at the clock and saw that it was too I am to this day. I have no idea how long I was sitting in my car for or how the events unfolded. That name as the hungry Jack's did not have a drive. Relations as the hungry does not have a drive through. I've always thought how weird we must have been for those poor kids out the check out at hungry Jack's, who kindly served a strange pajama flood woman, a large coke, even though I didn't seem to have any money on me. I guess I'll, never know how that really went down now. I am not very boring thirty something youth workers living in the birds and sleeping any chance. I can guess I love the podcast and hope will have a chance to see you live in Melbourne sometime soon, yea
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This is called homes down hometown story, not a murder. When I was in college early eighties, my sister was unlawful and had her own apartment. We lived in a little rock. She was going out of town and asked me if I want to stay at her apartment on how a lean since I was living at home. The answer was hell: yeah hell, yeah, I promptly invited, may be, if ass, a bunch of gay guys over to watch the movie hollowing, I'm sure drugs were to be involved and that we were going out dancing later with our fake ids, since my sister was in LA school, the apartment, what is bare bones? No tv or other distracting entertainment, one of my friends was bringing the tv is love and ideas area. Also in the EU, where either the smallest t write, overseen or human fuckin furniture. I was waiting on my friends paying out food, etc. When I heard a knock at the door assuming as one of my friends, I shouted come in Similarly, I left the door unlocked. Nothing happened that freaked me out a little bit, my friends what I've just come in
to the door and looked at a window nearby at the door was scruffy looking die. I didn't know I put the chain on the door and opened it a bit. Yes, he responds you're to fix the tv I start to slay the chain of the lock thinking at something my sister had arranged them. I stop and say: wait a second I have a tv, he stands or and looks at me and says oh and he waits this even going to open the door and when I doubt he turns around walks away now. My friends, you have actually show how can we hang out smoke whatever and go dancing? My sister comes back. The Ex Ante mention them repairman. Looking for the tv she responds Nancy, you should have called the police. Someone has been stealing women's underwear from the laundry room and even worried. Something else happened. Sign stupid. Lucky for the answer,
dammit ants: you did your best, you didn t mean at least she put it together. There was no tv, thank God straight up like that. Just reminds me of the Boston strangler like that Louis he can in with the repair man shed repairman shit and also thinking that you can read someone's energy and then go from there go. They will or will not kill me based on how it the vibe they're giving me please remember that, I go past can control the via view take from notably, please remember that they know tricks and tabs there like Venus fly, traps of humanity, relaxed, celebrity shafts, delivery tricks, they load tricks and deaths, Mayo. Oh you love them. So much. You think they're great people, you love Bobby flame, but all thinking about that Psycho, Freddy Bobby I'm not gonna, say the impact so to climb guys
You wouldn't believe what stories you get from your family members after years is thinking. They dont have any cool, murderous glories, so I'm currently and training to be a truck driver. You guys keep me saying when I'm driving my trainer is a nightmare and on my off weekends, I've been going to my godfathers house and hanging out with him. We start talking about how there's been so many things about Bundy on TV and somehow I managed to bring up John Wayne Gacy. Well, my godfather very nonchalantly goes oh yeah, a couple of my body stores toilet before they demolished the house. Of course, I made him tell me everything, and apparently they were in the area of his house and they thought I'd be fun to go up there to go up there before it was completely dismantle sofa. As you know, they raise that thing to the grandma when they got there. They see that gaze he's toilet was sitting out on the front line so like any twentysomething year old, guys sure enough. They loaded now years later guess what the guy still has John Wayne Daisies toilet just sitting in his garage and tells everywhere all issues day sexy and steal toilets Mason. May I read even sell that fucker? I would. I bet they're PETE collectors that would pay five grand ten grand for that thing. Let's go steal. It deal the stolen toilet. This is just like Nicholas Cage next plotted. The nickel is, he gave his toilet, toilets dealers, stay nationals, toilet dealers of America, a man, a man,
well. Fuck that was great sent us here. Senator weird stolen stuff stories say: yeah great new still keep doing. Oh yeah! We monitor all that all the shit you still. I like the idea of a story where someone goes to witness something like Darwin, Daisies House being ruined, but then they have a little high jenks themselves tat any gonna hygiene see we thought we put our hands and I make that story. Fun cause it's the genuine gay suit is not going to do it I'm so now we we all know the depressing harm. John Wayne, gay with stealing is toilet, is a nice little bo peep at the end of the liberal group. At the end of the story and states now get murdered, Elvis you wanna cookie,
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