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2016-12-05 | 🔗
On this week’s selection of hometown murders, Karen and Georgia read a tale by a 13 year-old, share a listener’s Ted Bundy connection, and more.

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this is exactly right i can hear in this is my favorite murder and this is a many episode of a mini soda of your hometown murders where we squirrel and scroll and scroll through are my view murdered gmail account we hustle up on your hometown murders we read them back to you on voices so many we could do a fuckin telethon of these no no brag but we have so many hours bizarre it's our only its bragging that's there so many and people who are interesting
there are even ass yet and yet you and yet here i am and yet here we are braggin away but are you a lot like you're trying to impress someone sea or like i have over ten thousand email yeah well that's us has anyone for us by really be i think like people that run at servers and going on i'm getting link search is thinking about that yeah this is it's like we have ten thousand book reports do is how it feels to me get you a first check this
card into the woods murder mystery and this is by robin hereupon they found a show no matter how many times you guys joke about tomer of listening to your pike ass i am thirteen absolutely in love with true crime and thank you guys are so funny oh no oh oh no some call the police please robins been kidnapped in someone else's emailing less from her and robbers her account robin stop it the nearest to doubt and tell them robin put a chair under the doorn on and the lesson in this two thousand and twelve in carter real elinor ways and then she then they said that was just a test hopefully you pass because they know that i am as i'd like to but by the names of jake wheeler and jesse evans were camping in the woods oh they came across a neighbor danny k cost in and
they were found shot to death at their campsite in little who abash river
i bet you can guess who did a year was custom so they come across that i guess they come across a neighbour the man of diana and of dead so he actually x y see a certainty and now she's all dinner you got it you got it you got it he is currently serving a fifty year prison fifty two year old fifty two year prison sentence and will probably get out hopefully my parents will have moved to her move from our incredibly small town by then and i won't have to find out the hard way i know this is not the most interesting murder but i freaked out when i found out about it on an episode of nightmare next door the investigation discovery shall i watch out i can this episode is entitled into the woods anyway hook you gotta worry there's an infidel if you didn't this was a complete waste of time and i couldn't have read at least two articles on hiv homes he's one of my favorites oh and by the way i found karen an you a picture of my of an alligator and a raccoon riding on its back yes sorry for the typos some of the keys on my computer want because i'm using my school's laptop i'm in science could our science teacher is kind of stupid so i won't get caught nay sexting don't get murdered by wait a second that was a thirteen year old writing us from science claude why am i not as cool as this thirteen year old in writing as little asshole you are bucket cooler than us i can't figure out how to work anything when irish thirteen june i just only want thirteen year old system the spot can i think we can we can start really focusing towards a thirteen year old demographic we can shape the fucking future to know that no openness and a shitty fuckin all persons home and world like thirteen year old they just band together and take care that they like us that's right hey man chill out coal chill pills robin all that shell pill take no chill bills that's wrong an ngo crazy ada those great
thanks robin that was red and we also share and show our this is from lauren and though it subject line is my best friends grandma was ted bundy sunday school teacher that funny got around my way by the s friends grandma was had bundy's sunday school teacher all ye shit and it starts high girls and kiddies i recently found her part cast and binge listen to every episode this past week it is really helped me pass the time while my husband is deployed i'm listing all the way from japan like i think what it rainbow flavors we have on this episode thirty thirteen year olds people their deployed in japan everything we could possibly want a glove at my best friend from high school recently told me her grandma was ted bundy sunday school teacher and she said he was such a cute and charming boy shudder and practices but that's not why i'm here
to lord ass mice my hometown murder is from spoke in washington the killer is robert lee yeats junior shortly after high school and dropping out of college he worked as a prison guard and then join the army he was stationed in germany and somalia during his service he was living in spokane washington when pressed prostitutes we like to call them sex workers were showing up murdered and raped the police had discovered a pattern and started following people that had picked up sex workers he was built pulled over in his white corvette while my guys rarer luck and fly just after picking up a woman and he told the police her father requested him to bigger up and take her home so the cop just let him go now i worked his that worked she was taken just out of sight and let go oh so she she was a girl he sold the corvette to get rid of all the evidence because that's where the murders took place when the police finally narrowed in on him as a suspect they tracked down the new order owner of the quartet which was a local cops sister osha did act a guy robert dna evidence led to his arrest and he had sixteen victims they also suspect him of twenty six unsolved lines
it says miseries probably of lennox workers in but it's probably murdered emma guess it's miseries it but it was miseries of sex workers in germany goddamn this was so scary to me growing up because he was most active between ninety six ninety eight so i was five to seven what made it worse was he was a beloved neighbour father and had been my brother's cub scout leave like he was finally apprehended in two thousand and was sentenced to four hundred and eight years and then sentenced to death in another trial and they got out and six year he had this same attorney is gary ridgeway retailer guys got it not feel good about whose of him now through unwell tommy
camera who said yeats that's them that was the attorneys name who said yeats and ridgeway are virtually the same person in terms of crimes and life history and yet were treated differently i also have to say how much more i love you for mentioning my favorite childhood story the green ribbon where the girls had falls off at the end that was at hollingford at thy scary story stella dark it's from the book in a dark dark room photos below i dont know why i love that so much as a child my mother always thought it was a creep up a mirror you are now great work love the pod cast its now my favorite things for bringing laughter to such a depressing topic i had a cat early and every time she hears ellis she starts me owing so i think she has a crush love lauren oh do you remember this picture of the green ribbon
that's a really even if i dont remember though i know that the super creeping in a dark seventies illustration another in a dark diagram mine was off of a record that we all sides i think it is like a fairy tale darya tail creepy thanks on an eminent dealing more and that was for more and more robin was thirteen year old robin was thirteen hiram taking over this part cast were giving it up ok this one's called a from arcade in yorkshire new york this is by lindsey ok just finish listening to your podcast lover so this is what happened in my home town back in the early nineties there was a man that was killed in his truck behind the aim store andy casper
with one fatal stab winter the chest speculation was at the killer was his wife's boyfriend fast forward to when i became driving age my insurance agent was cheryl casper just a few years ago the case was salt and cheryl casper and her former boyfriend were charged with murder oh and she confessed a course in her boyfriend kill her husband i was so fucking shocked my second story amid namely who clean exciting let's do it my seconds or in the mid nineties my parents divorce my dad within an apartment above a divorced mom with her two kids i stayed with my dad miss girlfriend now wife often under my mom had primary custody been there done that the tool not fun
my downstairs neighbour always seem to order food every night little did we know it was actually an fbi agents ass the agents changing shifts she was being stock to think she means her stepmom pierre was being stopped by a well known rapist name she hasn't now from prison and she was under protective custody this man was in prison and had an accomplice i would follow her and give explicit details to the man prison and he would write her letter saying how good she looked in that skirt and creepy shit like that one evening after change in fbi shift and after her two children too bad and the accomplice tried climbing in through the window and the fbi agent was their point again on him and said if you wake up those kids i'll shoot you oh my god we had zero knowledge of any of this she's one of the kids know that she was saying the divorce mother with the kids that live downstairs member at the age of was in the apartment i didn't follow its hearted following your reading it is
i'm just a listener you're right i'm the receiver thank you we had zero knowledge of any of this until after it was over those are my stories love your podcast can't can't wait to listen to the rest of them lindsey lindsey i follow that now that was crazy too you don't wanna stairs like watching the love but you have no idea what's going on you should tell the neighbour should now the more you be freaked out would you want to know that re fright now there's an fbi agent in the apartment beneath you if i was a woman in an apartment and in case an apartment to someone who is being stocked by rapists and that's true yeah just be like gimme the chance
once again modal holiday or it here's my second one second and final this from aerial and this subject line as fifteen heads of l s day and its party time a lady's my stomach go find my favorite hometown murder is what really got me interested in murder i grew up in westchester illinois when i and when i was thirteen my third grade teacher was murdered by her a ten year old son will ye in belgium the sorrow that deborah tom pour out ski gotta call on sunday from her son stephen eighteen who is on a trip with his father and uncle in wisconsin he asked her to drive up because they were having car trouble or something
she arrived in the evening brought him something to eat and they sat on the porch to chat all while his dad and uncle were dead inside now that's a horror movie right there while he ate his fucking berger and fries little shit phase apparently violently murdering your family really works of an appetite he went into the house before her and shot her on the way in the dark stephen had taken fifteen heads lsd and proceeded to shoot both his uncle and his father his uncle did not die so naturally he grabbed a kitchen knife motor oil and slid us right after he shot his mother he covered all of the bodies with drapes or sheets or something and get this oh god no no placed baby toys and dull around them he was so fucked up you so he was so fucked up dash this as the previous part to me there is like he gulped tucked them in the also took all of the family photos of the walls and burn them in the battle he had time for that apparently he was caught after he drove home to us just got stuff from home including the family dog and
because i think they found him in kentucky or something he is in jail for ever my parents never knew how fascinated i was in this case and its details because i was worried they would think i was a psycho were being interested we hear you i am so glad i found my people if the kitty smuggles for me louis just my cat keeps me company while i watch creepy netflix documentaries about murders late at night the best his picture is below if anything if anything steeple season will enjoy hasty event say sexy don't get murdered aerial that was amazing aerial the thought of taking fifteen heads of alice all its you know you are here and saying yes you can your brain is
all chemicals and now nothing makes sense you're not human point that's terrible terrible horrible nightmare i mean it's a funny thing i've i keep thinking about this over and over we tell these stories and so many times these people are on drugs and adjust its people are on drugs addicted to drugs and its leg i am not hate him drugs meaning drug leaning money for drives you and i have both been man it's so ugly and it's like don't do don't just dunkel near it i've been there org seem people closely who have been there and ass
it's it's a one way street to living how you're not you anymore it's terrible in europe horrible person and then when it's over you up to fucking with your saw this he said and you sober up and it's just awful their shit that i'd tell my therapist that i would never like i'm so embarrassed of things i know back them i know it's because you just i mean that cause yeah it's just a mistake it's not you and it's a lot of people make who youth who you think you are posing an essay owe us i'm never having children because oh and also
stay in school stay in school stay off shrouded cool stands going right if i can alligator though if you're a vacuum raccoon if your reckon right an alligator that's our best advice i thank you hang ten analogous and just be chill just speechless facts and stay sexy and don't get murdered a lonely cookie yeah one alice cookie ellis cookie he's just staring mary clarence me
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