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This week’s hometowns include a badass mom and Ed Kemper’s house.

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This is exactly right. And I'll come to the many so of my favorite murder. This is the thing or we read your things. You love it. We love it. Let's do it to give a good ending on Adieu, ok, look looming up person or look at this one. Actually I found because I was looking up my story when near a national and that this was a really great story, but I didn't want to do it, but found this hometown about it. So I gotta be cool. That's the perfect subsidy! I generally bring attention do it, but it says it's called touched me and appropriately, and I think he murdered a girl tales from a national taxi. Hey there.
Georgia. Stephen Inverary knows my name is Vernon raining. Do you from National Tennessee longtime listener? First, I'm color like most millions. This is not my hometown, but it is my home state and I have a particular connection to this hometown murders. I'd like to share with you, Sir before the intro, I feel, like you re, that we even tries now we need you to plunges directly into the middle when I was acting as book writers spit, but which is now we're only in the middle and ending on three year beginnings, I'm going to start with the murder because storytelling article of its weak. So it's February, twenty thirteen on the east side of Nashville, it's very up and coming area with a serious hipster, vibe think silver liquor. Brooklyn lobbyists a beautiful vibrant thirty. Two year old, make up. Artist was out hitting her usual HANS. She starts the village pub awesome, mule specials, by the way, pin up the HOLLAND House boot. Gee Craft BAR too many flavors of bitter like why and ended up at
three cry which is a dive where it still leads to smoke too. He us a little after one a m. She realized she was a bit too tipsy and decided to call it a night. If you of her friends offered to drive her, she lived only seven minutes away, but she waved them up and said she already called the cab witnesses aid. The driver was mail and not cacao. Perhaps middle eastern artist, bannock according to detectives witnesses also to the cab, was a yellow than the other have has no record of the pick up and nobody seems have paid much attention to either the vehicle or the driver, because it's not unusual to see people getting into a taxi around five points. No big deal but Livia, never mayor home about three and a half hours after she was seen get into the cab and neighbour heading to work, son, unfamiliar object by the side of the road we live. Smith's lifeless body less than a block away from her house investigators know the cause of death, want forced trauma to the head and they have ruled out the widely speculated method hit and run, but was her death.
An accident, a homicide was the taxi driver involved. Ok, now connection, it's January, first, two thousand and fifteen at one thousand, two hundred and thirty a m. I just watch the ball drop at a friend's house. No at a friend's bar I've been So I took a taxi home. I called Yellow and when I left the bar, I left in a yellow van the driver. A middle eastern ominous fifties suggested set in once you going to do the way he began forcefully grabbing me fondling me and attempting to slide his hands at my dress. Despite my numerous please to stop, I was actually horrified and nothing. I did or said seem to sway him who want to leave. You Back alone, I was We aware of the fact that we were going seventy five miles an hour on the interstate and if I was progressive. I e slapped him or screamed at him that I was in danger. I think, and respect. That was his intention yeah. When I got my call the taxi company and filed a complaint they refuse so give me any details about my driver, suddenly it seem. There was no record of me even taking a taxi, the manner
wouldn't take me seriously or even hint that this was a bad thing. One manage or even said he probably thought you cute. These guys with this chuckle in his voice like I'd, be flattered. Oh my god forbid. Does. He thinks I q question my question mark. I obviously called the cops after that then, about seven weeks later, a young student from Belmont University was raped. The same drive away. They had my report, which included the phone number I saved from when he called to say he was outside the bar amazing, and now they had a second victim. They arrested him within a few days. I also see the taxi company nice good. The up. When I finally found a lawyer, a fantastic lawyer, I might add, I was informed that my attacker was a suspect in well, obviously, Livia Smith's murder only guy just think that there are too many similarities, the Yellow Van the driver, the unwillingness of the taxi company to cooperate, not to mention the very plausible scenario in which he a soldier in the same way, and she fought him. Yet. All of this,
regulation, of course, because now, thanks to a shoddy, please deal with the dossier he serving. Eighteen months from my sexual battery case and the other victims full on rape. There is no justice right, Georgia right and I'm starting to think that speculation, as other will ever be. Thank you for everything you do love listening to the podcast. It's my first. They highlight keep doing you you're the bee's knees s Sd Gm Jen found now, so how does a person that could have been a suspect in a murderer just get eating month as a great question valley, if yeah, but at yeah, I just that's, really intense and really fucked up its so scary and sad that she must be thinking like I know, I know what happened was that happened to me almost and there's nothing. You can do about it, I mean I just wonder: if there's some kind of lack of evidence- tick,
knock them in a real where I am about to Huxley Company really should be ashamed of themselves. I really like that idea that you just one suit. It's like they are responsible for those people. That's the whole reason. There is great licensing and taxi applicants distant sanity. Let's move something more a light hearted my on my mom Diane Downs, VIP, wedding, gas, dear georgian CARE and says he is ladys. I feel like I know, Lovely Stephen and all the animals. If you came to my house and took a look at our bookshelves, they'd, probably seem pretty ordinary unclose inspection. However, you'd notice that dotted about or a number of unroll books, part of my mom's extensive collection. When I was a kid, I thought it kind of. I thought it kind of strange that we owned all these books about murder. Little did I the a few short years I would catch the bug and become a die hard fan of upon cask name. My favorite murder such as well In the mid eighties, my mom was living in Oregon and working as a judge's law clerk. There
for she was involved in one of the most notorious trials and the states history that Diane Downs, it was an extremely estrato situation for everyone involved. Hearing them seclusion describe how Diane shot her children in cold blood was a harrowing experience. Listening to Christie, Diane surviving daughter testify against her mother after a year spent recovery physically from being shot and suffering a stroke as a result and healing emotionally from the trauma was an experience. My mom will never forgotten. In fact, she describes the trial to this day as an event that really shook her foundations and shaped her as a person. My mom also went to interview Diana Couple times in prison together, more information about her relationship with her children, but diet I didn't want to talk about them. Oh no, she was much more focused on her upcoming fantasy wedding with her pen power Randall
but field a k, a the eye, five killer member, the football player guy. I d I having I'm a while ago. These stories method, that's crazy, a match maiden heaven no eye in Diane's eyes. My mom had become such a good friend during those few visits that she just had to come to the wedding, which in case you didn't know, didn't happen. Much to my disappointment, can you imagine the stories? I just want to say a little things to my mom who listens to the pod cast for carefully nurturing my love for many things, but most Importantly, true crime, without them encouragement, and possibly even a genetic predisposition for an interesting murder. I wouldn't it across your podcast and then I dont know where I'd be sitting, is sexy, then never turned down an invite to a prison. What in NATO from Scotland, amaze man but forget sir, I mean it's that such a like post
I usually don't like it like personal serial killer personal life stuff. It is also clear up if I come, but Diane Downs is like it's almost like just continuing proof that she was this it flaming psychopath and like no remorse at all, not even able to cover like a woman's there to do to gather information about her children and fake it, because she's like and I got a letter from a guy in love. Ok, this one I mean this is like a heavy hitters apathetically like this is called creepy van nail file and my bad ass mom, hey all, amazing, a yo yo favorite? We're ok, my feet?
soon I weren't road trip when he introduced meteor podcast. It obviously went good because we listened to it there and back seven eritrea- and here I am writing NEO high. When my mind was sixteen which might have been back in the seventies. She was walking down town in a very small town. When a man pulled up next to her and to men and Phronsie asked or for directions, then it says have can common right, she's the closure of the band, a point on the map when a man jumped out of the back and pulled her into the she was an event with two men in the front and chew men on both sides of her. In the back The driver top told her how they were going to kill her. My mom somehow managed to hold onto her purse when the man pulled her into the man she reached into her purse when the driver ass. What she was doing she replied getting a cigarette out. Is that a fucking issue both at an instead, she pulled out a naval file, the ones at that.
Any stab yes and stabbed the driver in the back of the neck lucky under all off the guy's, an extra her and managed to open the vendor and jumped out of the moving vehicle yeah I may is its stub everybody and get on and fuckin run that I'll, therefore juggler vain down and get gave your neck a man here that it is the likely they were still in town and she jumped out in front of her bar where a few men were able to get her inciting calm her down. They called the police and she was able described the man and the then, but the men were never caught, She is always taught me to have something in my purse at all times to be able to save my life, and I hope I can pass it advice along as well, because without that now file, I'm not sure my mom would be here today or show
me. Either stay sexy and nail file, save lives, Samantha North Carolina, Yeahs, Samantha, say out of your mom for us us, yes, man, end and then high five, her for being about out ass re because also yeah. She had to think of it. Do it and then act, do little moral stoop Acta of like I'm test smoke. You fuckin asshole, not ok with you here, which I actually recommend it when in doubt, if you take, the trial it at least kind of my eyes. A little bit like it said,
my got pulled over and my friends. I was stumbled summer, but all my friends were like blind drunk in the back just bend to their wedding, and the cop tried to pull me over right as we are turning into the hotel, and I refuse to pull over his eyes like no we're almost later, and so then he was like a bolt overriding went insane and I just there's a part in fear and loathing unless they ass, where they're like. If a couples you over, you have to get aggressive and you and it's like a U shock and offer them a madman. They might let you go, and I just was like Can you see that there's a drunk bride in the back seat? I have just started yelling at this gap. Meanwhile, didn't have shoes on, and my eyes were bright red because I too had contacts in all day long journey over that I only dollar out sober. We only do that if you're, confident enough, the you haven't done anything wrong yet urinating, I was actually doing the right thing than any other in that city was doing that night. Has everyone wished it based? I'm just like? No, not me, and then he basely made like three people get out and walk and let let us go well
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The subject line is vip line. Dallas the subject line gives it away my aunt: isn't: arsonist Dear Emma them family, seeing you guys live at the Dallas show, was so incredible and made for one of the happiest nights. For me, please thank them for being such a great photographer since he started snapping pictures. As soon as I handed him. I found we capture every moment of US meeting and meaning you and sharing a laugh at our homemade shirts couldn't have asked for better. Yet that's the whole plan Thea gets. It is really gonna burn he's good at candidates now to get to it. Every family has its fair share of crazies. I happen to have a crazy aunt JANET on both sides. At one of which is the attention seeking compulsive liar type, the thought that you can talk bout and laugh at the ridiculous thing. She believed she can get away with what the other JANET is the reason. I'm writing you. My dad is the youngest of nine siblings. All which my bad ass grandma raised on her own as a widow in northern Indiana. We
there are several states away from all my extended family, so I always assumed not meeting the other aunt JANET had something to do with distance or just bad timing of our visits. Nope typical You have kids not being included in all the details of what is really happening growing I would get bits and pieces of JANET stealing people's identities of credit cards and all that they believe this included her victimizing family members to including my dad, but thanks It seemed to just end up in changing cards, moving on and trying to guess at whatever name JANET would be going by now. Then, several years down the road, my grandma gets a call all caps from the FBI. They asked of JANET had contacted her recently, formed her that she was dangerous and my grandma was to make them aware if and tried to regional or contact her in any way turns
aunt JANET, wasn't satisfied with your typical stealing. She decided to go in a more Dorothy appointed direction. She apparently had cost several elderly people into letting her be a caregiver, all the while she would like their social security checks, except when she was on the verge of getting caught. She didn't bury them in the yard. She would freaking said the house on fire to start onto the next victim who, like this happen, dozens of times across several states This then no one in the family has heard from her, but she is still wanted by the FBI and is still at large. Because of this, I had to get my dad's permission in writing this in, in which he requested that I change her actual name because of how dangerous and clever she is. He said not to underestimate what she's capable of which isn't at oh ominous two here for your dad. I'm thing for my dad made sure that my sister and I always had more than a healthy fear of creeps, point where we weren't allowed to spend the night at any of our friends houses which
is aggravating until I understood more when I got older, he also made sure I read the give to fear, which is a book. I recommend every one read at some point. I'm so thankful also to have you two to keep me knowledgeable and all sorts of ways to say sexy and not get murdered, and while in line for the meat and great my closest friend, Chloe and I had recovered, memory of waste are listening to the pod cast its literally because Chloe had accidentally ingested. Her dad's ashes made me listen to the home town and many sewed eighty, where the woman kept your mom's ashes in her car for over a year and then accidently inhaled somber mom in her attempt to releasing the ashes and I've been a fan of herself. I remember that story gets mention all the time. It's such a good, it's so legendary. You Ladys have helped me to have more confidence in my life and only that you ve helped me have more confidence about having to use store, bought serotonin, but far. More importantly, New felt Chloe through one of the toughest years are a life in ways that I couldn't, and I cannot express how grateful I am
that stay sexy and make sure your family is the ha ha a kind of crazy and not the wanted by the FBI. Audrey Clearly- and I agree, I think you are doing that so sweet, I'm crying so those rights vague names just so everyone's aware that she made up the name jam. And she's not wrong. Okay, this is called permanent, pixie cut, lighthearted tenant just starts growing up in young, sound Ohio, formerly known as murder, Capital USA, who know that I've been a murderer. You know, as far back as I can remember, I have that these stories I could share with you guys from the not one not to but three dead bodies. My dad came across as a kid with his friends was Nan by me style, because my I must house, was on a road use by the mob for body dumping. Oh shit or my great uncle, who worked as an intelligence agent, was mysteriously found burned to death in the locals elementary school playground, as for another time
This is a story from my middle school years. That still makes me cringe to this day. As my friends and I were shall shuffling into our first of many shitty summer jobs, my hilarious best friend at times aren't working our local movie theater. One of the points of her job was unlimited, free movies that she can bring a friend to, and I just happened, her friend of choice for the bring it on movie showing one hot afternoon, sir. We sat in the back of a very dead theatre, giggling and sitting so does with only a moment, her daughter a few euros in front of us about TAT minutes into this terrible film. I felt something yank. On my ponytail anymore. They turn to my best. He who is known as a joke, stir totally capable of such puckery. She just after I smacked her and we turned back to watch Kirsten Dunstan, cheery, literary stuff that we really couldn't give two shuts about, because we were punk rock quantities but hey weapon
say freely. The show was about half way over when something drew, my attention to the mom and dad or do a sitting ahead of us. I watched in horror as a normal man's hand, reached up from the floor behind them and gently started, putting the daughters, long, hair hanging over her movie see again my smacked my friend, but this generous again our attention, as I was too horrified to form words ass. She and we figured out when I was staring at she shot up out of receipt and said: oh shit, it's him again and bolted out. The theatre. What she fell dimension, that there had been a guy who had sneak into theatres, lay on the floor and much women's hair during movie there they had never may will catch the dude who doesn't with somehow leave undetected time until at day. It's is, though, stick it's like they may can't catch the sticky ass man.
Do you see shit like lollipop sickened at those like you, corn and better known Arnold might be so. Growth was still sitting confusing, completely crept out. I watches the lights, went up the movie cut off and to security guards marched in to pull this guy off the floor and he's like thinks he was gone with the baby s little black eyes. I've ever seen. I wish I could forget his face. My friend in the back standing by her manager and the mom and daughter were mere hysterical when they were told what has just happened: shaken
I hope to see how this excitement- my true crime, Levin brain slowly, began to realize that it probably wasn't my best friend who had pulled my hair at the beginning. I know now was a needless to say. I marched right over to the great clips across the plaza and said one pixie cut. Please I made sure, as hell kept, that short hair for the last twenty years. Did it side note I've never seen the rest of bringing down, because I'm pretty sure I gotta watch the best any possible for that movie sexy and keep it short Nicole Jack she's lucky enough to have that choice. Now us can go, get a picnic out, three they'd be like no. I think you haven't you keep it about just to have by now keep it in a button, but the idea that once again there is a story about a creed. I lay on the floor, the movie theater, it's a faint, just picture the floor of the movie right. Then I heard of it for them. There too. I think it is like those guys the get into em
into the ILO. The kid that's good as they campgrounds they have built the permanent open toilets. There have been no been people caught in those scuba out that now not getting look at em look at. Why do you not believe me? I refuse send this anymore, so awful yeah. I see I find the movie theater lying on. The floor is only two steps away. Just disgusting subject line of this last one is my fur lived in Ed campers, murder, house, La Ray. I turn in Georgia first off thanks, so much for your podcast Ellis knew every week after list
into episode? Thirty, nine. I thought you might be interested in hearing about my hometown connection. One day and early August. I was going to the thirteenth birthday party of my friend Kiki, but I had a friend who used to call me geek. It was so not me, Michael you that you can totally alien my pair, I think such a good midnight, but my parents are unable to drive me for some reason. So that day my grandpa drove me to key south. I given the invitations, said that he could read the address and he did a devil take. Are you sure this is the drowsy asked me? I told him? Yes, I'd been there a million times before he said the car and explained that he knew Kiki address, because she lived in the House of Ed Camper, a the famous co had killer holy shit. He then proceeded to tell me how, back in the seventies,
and increase, was the murderer capital of the world on and he related right against her up against young lady. I lack fight that my internet over and he related the entire horrific story of the Ed campers murder spree. Campers, modest written, don't mean that the hidden included the details that women had been dismembered and keys. Batter their head had been buried. Their heads had been buried in Kiki Backyard. This was
I'll talk to me during the drive to the party. While I was watching keys birthday present, even drop me off, ignore driveway and waved it by Graham has are the best help but think it has to be a gray hair anyway tooralloo I don't wanna be a mom, but I want to be a grandparent aerial back. That's all only the goods w I was totally shocked and traumatized, and when I entered keys home I was freaking stuck out in my state of horror and because I wasn't that popular and didn't know how to socialize. I told everyone about party that we were in a murder had a little welcome home. Oh my god. Suddenly a bunch of kids were in a frenzy and cheeky realise that I was the one blabbing this story to Oliver guess she had no idea. She lived in this his house until that moment, as her mom had reasonably kept that information on the download. I completely ruined her thoughts. They ve got my idiocy Kiki. I am so sorry, that's inferences and I'm sure I must have pissed off her Mamma to Iraqi Leslie. Kiki didn't hate me after this and almost eight years later we are still good for you. She sometimes reminds me of my big mouth and
I thanked her birthdays, olive hatred, which is completely deserve funnily enough. She is now super into true crime and she's. A huge fan of my favorite murder she's, the one who recommended it to me and that's why I started listening cake say so. And don't fucking tell your entire a great class. They are all hanging out of the crime scene Kelsey. This is like
Could not be more one of us yeah you fucking, try go see, that's like that. You could take it all those now. Some do them for other things and that's how he lived my entire life. That's how you and I became friends, that's actually exactly it. Just like. Oh, I feel social. Exactly! I'm gonna fix that by take talking about the thing I'm interested in or not even social, exactly it's like! Oh! I am so I'm so interested in this everywhere. I need to tell everyone, of course you want to know that their severed heads bury our Oda. You want another down the street from arena. Someone got used guild once you have to know that now. Why? Where are you going? What a three girls don't want to know about people being dismembered in about maize MO just that they got that house for a song, but also to live there. In bad. It's a so much because and if it was, you know it was the house where they did something creepy you're, always on the verge of its aside.
The fact that these are some of the worst murders that have ever taken place. How do you the secret like that, when there the kids in town. Talk involve yeah, it's not like you to be of like ok. Can you just not tell keep yeah? They grandpa knew the address, lay at what in hell yeah yeah. That's me happy birthday cake heavily. He ended all you're fucked up you males, like that. That was greater than I haven't, read or a GMO me want to hear them or that's gonna website. You can submit a hometown there, yet my favorite minor dot com and stay sexy and don't get murdered. Goodbye Ellis, looking,
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