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This week’s hometowns include two close calls and a sickle-wielding maniac.

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This is exactly right. Hello and welcomes in my favorite murder the many sewed where we reject your share. Are you ready for it? For you for your shit, are you ready for this task? I think we ve done it a few times. Another gets fair. I feel like what What should we do break it up and then each right a different intro for every week them like it's some kind of weird new shown yeah. That's it the debate that the person I do tonight on many you wanna go first, absolutely great subject. Line of this is my mom, some pigeons and a serial killer great. I am of em crew, my mom
rapid, nor the New Jersey, the middle child of seven one up, Irish Catholic doesn't fit in the late nineteenth fiftys. When my mom was about eight, a family moved in across the street, they had a daughter, my mom's age. Let's call her Debbie. My mom little Debbie became good friends as Debbie's mom and my grandmother, Debbie, also an older brother name Richard? Who was around thirteen Richard and little daddy? I me home on family treats and music and piano playing love it. My mom says Richard was always nice to her. He showed her how to keep homing pigeons on the roof and he used to do that thing where you hold hands with a little kid and spend them around really Fettes kid lives up. That's all
thanks for your help. Think someone the gray. I love, though, that that such an it's probably international. I would guess, but it's so across all yeah experiences, and yet there is no name for it other than that thing where you that thing where you spend a little kid, but he would only spend my mom, not Debbie, and one stubby asked why he turned on her and snarled because you, a brac. My mom said they didn't play much with Richard. After that, Eventually Debbie inner family moved away, and she and my mom lost touch, but my grandmother and Debbie's mom stayed good friends. My ground It was even invited to Richards wedding years later I'll decades path, and then one day my mom heard that Richard had been arrested turns but Debbie's family was the cutting hams and Richards. Full name was
France's Cottingham a k, a the torso killer, mention briefly by George in episode. One, seventy two and also done by me at alive, showed the first LIVE beacon, show we did in New York City. I remember we never posted at ass hole, you know a fuckin straight up it. This isn't like he killed his wife's mother, that's fucking, good or bad. I guess cereal, like you, have a name killer. Had three now: ok, wait, hold up referendum feel free to skip part of you ve, covered him by now, do it, but in the late nineteenth sixties and throughout the seventies, Richard Cunningham rape, tortured and killed at least six women, though claims? The number is much higher in New York and New Jersey. He dismembered his victims and left nothing but a torso behind earned him the imaginative nickname the torso killer as well.
The New York Ripper and the butcher of Times square member that mobile story. I am so glad that you're reading this, because I almost did this for an episode recently, really getting that you did it a tidy but doesn't count if we do not live in that. Never air, absolutely not. If we don't remember- and we did a bunch of work on it and that's all our story is that weak the week you guys we're so then it's the moment is now in a moment is not tried. The time is not fucking. Linear, no circle. I forgot the third part of the circle. That's right or character. That start already in which means that circle doesn't exist. That peace circle is gone, that its eaten pizza love it pizza line that ok, civil, ok, Murray this horrible known are known. We had that was as I buy. Ok, he was caught in nineteen eighty when he brought an intended victim back to this. Hotel. He had left another victims body. In a few weeks. Earlier lazy,
my grandmother, that's what they were they rather. My grandmother died before I was born, and there are so many things I wish I could ask her, but now one of them is definitely why Who was that wedding lie? All my family law says the save the date photo of the cabin was bizarre early off pudding now, unfortunately, its loss to history. Thank you. Ladies value. Do stay sexy and don't hang out with your friends, creepy pigeon, raising older brother, a I bet they
Jordan, almonds and in pretty little laced bags. Let that wedding nope, I bet the vibe was often people are like. Is it already eight thirty? We have. Let me take a piece of cake to go, actually gets rapid, wrap it up for me, wow, that's heavy header, yeah, those it that's a big one. Oh my god. Yes, so we have, we ve done Richard Cunningham, but only for whatever it is eaten alive able in New York, which we don't record those ones. For the same reason, I'm glad to hear that, because I have that whole one written out an almost did recently. I mean at some point, we're gonna have to go back to your unjust. Do all the ones the other person did, but you can't use their notes at all. Now you can. You can't mention anything managed to get really did a deep diatribe. Ok, listen called std end and may be broke up, a marriage greetings. I went to college at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville from two thousand and two to two thousand and six years before:
the town was known only for white nationalism and, having quote very good people on both sides owner who is there? We weren't that worried about white nationalism, but we were very worried about a serial rapist who had been assaulting young women in Charlottesville since nineteen ninety seven, while every female students at uv was very aware of the serious rapists the police visited our norms and told us to be vigilant, and there was a quote safe ride programme set up to help students avoid walking alone. I of course ignored all this advice. So one night after a football game, I decided to walk to a party alone. I nearly jumped out of my skin when the carefully manicured shrubs lighting the street I was walking on, began shaking Lee. I quicken my pace but the shaking continued, and then I heard a low le loud mon, this man, was followed by another, more angry grown and then a large man lurched out of the bushes directly and my path. I was for
to defend myself and even began to assume some type of karate style stance that felt natural, but probably look ridiculous, but instead of asking me the man simply collapse under the sidewalk at my feet. His a phone and while it still out of his coat and that's when I had the chance to analyze his attire wrinkled. Oxford shirt, dirty khakis, uv baseball cap. This was not the cereal rapists, but a very drunk you ve alarm was pretty common for former students to come back a tenth of a games and try to party like they used to. He was a very, very hammered had scrapes Oliver his face a huge gash on his farm. He said, happened. I was about to offer him help when he began to hit on me to the extent that it possibly could and his condition didn't take long for my fear to transition to anger, especially when I saw his wedding ring. Oh I reached down and picked up his wallet planning on taking whatever cash. I found a paper a cab to the party. This was years refer Goober there was Ok, but I did find a hotel key card and looked at them When the driver's license. Let's say it was Tom Psmith called the whole
I'll phone number on the back. The key card and asked to be connected with the re register to Tom Smith. When a woman, presumably his wife answered, I asked hey, are you missing your husband and she, she and responded. Yes, I told her where he was well. He seriously began to cry and say please don't call my wife plea. Unless I men love our main vomited on the sidewalk. I assume she came down, picked him up did I now. I had no reason to be scared of random dues in the bushes, because the following year the cereal rapist was arrested, and I had are encountered him many many times he worked get the daily at a local grocery store Harris, Teeter yep I frequently asked him to cut my smoke. Turkey super thin thinner, I had made an readily it lots of times maybe weekly. I, like sandwiches,
defend yourself defenders up, he was a married father, Afore and his Emma was stocking women for weeks learning. Their travel patterns and then breaking into their homes, and they were gone and hiding for hours until they came home. You then surprise them usually bludgeon them unconscious, assault them and flee. He was finally, tat when one bad ass, lady, who had been assaulted, noticed the guy behind the daily counter, looks familiar and was acting super weird towards her Deutsche Telekom, cuts. Yes, I do, but I never walk along the night sky sexy and never trust a man with a cleaver Ricky. That is, I feel it That's why we all are interested in these stories in the first place, because it isn't em, it isn't a manner in the bush. Now I mean in that, in that way of you decide to fear verses. What is to be feared might like to watch out for guys hiding and bushes, but also watch out fur, but but it
a thing words. Those people hide in plain sight in those in that real, vague, bland way. Where you're like eyes, that's the guy was bossing around the grass or even think twice about him, who that's a crazy amazing story goes this way, because that way I mean all the way as the drunk. I really had it like a full cycle. Life experience in just in standing with that girl, but when I get a bit, but I don't think you're hitting on her roaring curl his wife and also almost my rob, but you didn't care in cash as our I'm, assuming that it's a woman is Ricky with Kate wriggling get because ridgy that idea of looking look, into his wallet. To get the information and taking care. Business was a very generous thing for her to go. It was very kind to a very drunk person and then so smart, so smart, then you and also then you just have that person's name, so they can try to come at you in any way. It's like back the fuck up, Tom's,
That seems like one of those things where, like later you like, I wish I had done ass. I should have done that she did it and you know I'll realtime, good job, Ricky, the gate and the flash ok. This underlines this one is my mother in law escapes murder twice over. Inclusive hello, so divergent my fiance as from Oregon Acre the Pacific Northwest a murder corner of the. U S growing up his mom Cindy see. Why Andy I? What about the girl the meat and great this past weekend who I said: what's your name and she goes Cindy and ice, I couldn't hear her the first time and asked again. Then she got Cindy from the seventies member. That is agreed that mean I'm still laughing about sending me. Ok so this is it. This is Mother Cindy, see why India growing up his mom Cindy narrowly escaped being more twice, so I'm lucky he's even here young, since
here's to hitchhike around town during the seventies, despite being warned by friends and family that this was a terribly not in the Pacific northwest. Now, God, no, one day a view bug stop to pick her up. She glanced at the driver, skinny like guy and thought he looks harmless and option. Ass soon ass. She was in the car with the door closed the driver lunged at her Cindy reached for the door handle to get the fuck out of their, but she was shocked to find. There was your side door handle dude, had removed it to create his own little murder mobile. She fighting him off when she felt the door open and someone grabber from behind. She thought: oh shit, there's two of them, but it turned out to be a friend of hers, saw he'd been driving by seeing her hitchhiking and circled around to pick her up, but when he saw the v w bug parked in the same spot, he stopped to check it out after a friend drag Cindy out of the car. The driver sped all my guide and euro, but she's gonna
This goes into a second story of escaping twice, but nowhere in that is mentioned that this was one thousand percent. The Taliban, the Emma or more frequently It was just a regular thing guys back now, and not always happen is I'm off. That was if she she that sounds like such a TED. Bundy experience right, ok those mountains or you would hide it. He would hide those women's body. Oh ok, It is also there the knight of the Oregon Museum, tavern shooting if you're not familiar on. May seventh thanking eighty one, a twenty five year old man named Lawrence, William more, why into the Oregon Museum Tavern in Salem or and shooting into the crackling. You do this one to know this is very one. There was an army incentive. Is there with friends, one of whom have served in Vietnam so soon He heard the fur shots Cindy's. And turned their table over and he's Cindy. The others hid behind amazing people event.
Really tackle the gunman and these currently serving life in prison, sabotage First twist, one of the victims Dennis Sheriff, was wounded during this shooting in paralyzed he lived until January. Twenty thirteen but died from. Applications from his injury, bringing more this murder tally up to from forty five people- over thirty years after the fact. Luckily Cindy lived through it all and she'll, be there to dance at our wedding this October, I bother like you, I married swept the answer soon as they came back and I can't wait to change into them the minute there are seven. Oh that's awesome. Some Its biologic re tabled a martyr pan today, sexy and always check for door handles vow amazing, Cindy with a why Cindy whither, why? I e, since with a why I oughta look. This is I went on a date with a single wielding maniac. Oh hello, sickle hello. Oh I used to get applauded
classes with my mother instructor operate there what's right, belies manner, whether my mother within it. After him, she really liked our moms, always like jeeps ocean are you recipients of man. Yes, It is because they are this guy. He seemed like an ok guy at first a little now really, but I had you bear. Meanwhile, we we pre radio like a half an hour before I promise it s. A man knows that we will see its really sex. It's got used to the cannons, using the can ok guy at first this little nerdy, but not overtly creepy. I dont have ever want a fuckin nerdy instructor for working out. Do you know you to be so fucking yo creepy in yellow
this is your life way. Yes, nerdy doesn't seem to come into the picture. It seems like they just picked up. May people ADI raised last minute, whereas, yes, I want. I want someone who's the aspect. I want a man, a wreck, sick he's, all KEDO. You know I mean he fears Brad his fuckin. The volume of his voice is just like a whole most unacceptable and is always got those hands on the heaviest rape. That's right! ok nerdy, but not overtly creepy. I then had credit session with him in which he did some sort of sea as sacred massage wait, whereas the same from again sake role as your leg. By with the call about how detailed on ok, oh, I think some sort of sacred quotes April, massage thing which kind of Crete me out, but he stayed on the right side of not groping me, so he let it slide. Ok, yeah yeah sacred is like you're but low, but thing ok, so damn that's me there ever so get out of there.
I did, however, stop going pilates, mainly because of scheduling issues. My mother has a habit of defending people, she hired for various tasks, and this guy was no exception. Apparently he cannot. He thought he and I had a connection, and he asked her for my number to go on a date which she then gave to him as rant. For another day, we went on one day in which we made awkward small talk and he showed off some of his culturally of appropriate of jewellery, which he had recently bought. There were zero chemistry, so the next time he asked mandate, I beg doubtless and trivial excuse and he didn't pursue it further. Recently my mom posts in an article ants on social media. That's a maniac who had attacked a seventeen year old man with a sickle, injuring him in the arms and hands and then engaged in a five hour stand off with police, after which they finally took him into custody. Guess who
Her pilates instructor turns out. He had a history of mental issues and violent tendencies and was a martial arts expert. Oh, he has since been arrested, but my mother is officially never allowed to set me up on a date again, no stay sexy and don't let your mother set you up with unstable, sickle experts, TB well yeah like that. Then I just start thinking about how many like muscles he's intensely engaging as he's holding that signal at the police threat he's. I couldn't gave us a sacred Although we have through the core through his jaws law is scalp is tight trade. Tell your mom's that you have ever. I'm sorry, I don't know if they know it they have good days. No, I don't think so. We married your dad JANET J, ai, let's irish dams are eager out, but that the logo.
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standard norm. If you have children in the car and your listen to this, this is definitely raided and see seventeen bun exe husband even plug your ear, Stephen even get out of the room but recording the subject. Line of this is Ex husbands grandpas porn, oh dear. Hey Karen Georgia, Stephen and assorted animals before I got married imprudent There is never again. My now accept I moved into his parents in LA apartment in their house is also a bad idea. His paternal grandparents lived there previously and had passed away and some of their items were left in the apartment. My ex was unpacking the linen closet and suddenly started yelling for me to come upstairs. When I came he was passing his pants laughing and holding an old VHF taken his hands. Apparently he found a box of tapes at the bottom of the closet. He remembered that his grandpa took tons of photos and attitude quarter running all the time. My
Ex said he was wondering what nostalgic footage he would find any was planned hooking up an old vcr to watch it when he flipped affair, tape over to read the handwritten label instead of seeing babies first Christmas are Uncle Fred and Aunt Jane wedding. He saw pray, did meet in his grandfathers, handwriting big tits pink clicks, We we both blogging dive laughing and I was tempted to include be imitated, my speech at the upcoming, but his parents would have spontaneously Cambodia. So I was sworn to secrecy,
but I'm divorce. Now so forget they sexy and get rid of your porn before your grandchildren find a Laura ART but analyse whether that is just really was just like a baby's birthday, but he was like I'm in a microphone. I go cremation. Oh, my god, thou be fucking Holler ways, maybe he's a little older, maybe he's going a little organic in the brain is like this is why I guess that's what they get for. Looking after my hang, that is most new teacher. I mean from real it. So it's so disturbing. I won't repeated measure or in again made is gonna, be in drawing up a very old man's hand. Holding of the eight chess. And the writings of me really small. So you can see the rosy glow yeah down that made me laugh. Here's my last one! Ok, I lived in that murder house shit Dearest, in Georgia and Co. I
the absolute pleasure of meaning you too and Louisville you to our lovely minces approach, and it went so fast. I felt like such an idiot after I left them. Looking through other things. I wanted to tell you, but suffice it to say to our amazing thanks for tat, openly about anxiety and normalizing. My secrets, I felt and keeping me company for literally everything that I do. I know you hear this a lot, but I feel like you're, some of my best friends isn't lift jumpin. Yet she oh but I've been dying, PAM intended to tell you my hometown murder from when I was a child and Bartels Ville Oklahoma, but I was waiting until I was fully caught up with the show one idea: surprise and sense of urgency to write, and when I hear my hometown murder on one of your many sides what the fact as a quick, a quick and sloppy refresher in many, so twenty six Olano detailed, the story of the accountant named Stephen Alan or see down it was heavy.
A fair and one day claimed he sign intruder fleeing his house, so he left his children and the card. A check on his wife who we found quote bludgeoned in the house, cut to the end has been was guilty. I was blown away that a fellow Marino had a connection to my tiny hometown, murder, Bartels Village Tiny town, Northern Tulsa anyway going through the five stages of grief at my hometown, murder had already been told. I realise that you all might really enjoy hearing my follow up too long as hometown murder. Ready for that This my family was the fur. To live in the house were seen Alan murdered his wife after it happened, Woe Bartels will hometown as told through the eyes of a five year old. I was the. Mr is four daughters. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad was an up and coming computer programmer read lots of mouse to feed with not lots of money we Bartlesville, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two. When I was five years old, when we were in the market for a cheap house and we're going to see the house two different occasions before my parents purchased, it may also
at the house, was yellow at least of my childhood memory. It is because, both times we went to visit, I wet my pants those accidents to my little fighter, also knowing there was something not quite right in that house after having remained vacant since the murder in June, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety we ended up buying the house in April, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and living just over a year sidebar when I was texting, my mom for confirmation that we were the first live in the house after the murder. She responded in true murdering a fashion. Yes ma am no one else would touch it benefit, but my mama since told me that when we moved and she had a scrub blood spatter from under the kitchen floorboards where the cleaners had not thoroughly cleaned up. There were also still blood drops on the stairs leading up to the attic. It was as pull down ladders in the garage we're Steve had hid the murder weapon, a ball pain hammer after the attack. It was.
Then toilet paper. As I understand the story told by neighbourhood, kids was that the man was angry, that his wife would not let him by a big screen tv, so he killed her yeah seem reasonable, reasonable enough. At the time, these same neighborhood kids told me that you cook spaghetti on the grill, so my sources were questionable had asked me about the same insure numerous as a launches hometown filled in a lot of the missing piece ass. For me, I didn't even know their names or that poor Sandra was only thirty years old. At the time sad face Lastly, I dont remember a lot from living in that house, but I do remember the male man who called me stable head. Then it says plain: By with my sister and I was standing too Oh, she says the sister Setting my toes every damn time I walked outside without shoes and
each tabby name, Riley forever. Cept cemented my love of cats and eating Robin or MAC and Cheese, with my mom before half day kindergarten, if living in the Bartleby moorhouse wasn't the thing that Mania Marino than a steady marathon, a forensic files every Friday night during my adolescence sure did the trick. I put my calm down is giving you as much choice. It gave me to hear my own tiny, hometown murder on your podcast on a chilly and stand in October. See GM, Emily NICE less those are all Sicel life. Thank you. Emily thanks everybody for sending in your hometown all the people that It got them on this week, congratulation on job, hearty congratulations thinking and meet them. Send it to my favorite murder. Gmail dotcom, get some taught storytelling going in our Gmail account right where you can go to a website and submit them there too, and you should also stay sex and don't get murder go Elvis you wanna cookie.
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