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On this week's My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read hometown stories from sister murderinos and give real estate advice on buying killer condos!

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This is exactly right. This isn't my payment murder. Many! So can you deal with it? Can you try to? Do your best Joanna Gophers, tired Georgia should all go first. May I care and well guess what? If that's, what would have been kept and as the intro Georgia I robot
I knew it. I knew I choose as ok. This is that this is a hometown murder that you guys send us, because you want to hear about them because our fucking fascinating, sometimes my favorite murder, do now. This is one summons any that J, Katy and murder, this story is based on my recollections and what my mother was told by Jays, mom and sister, which she later shared with me. I grew up in great falls: Virginia J Katy and lend across the street from me on a cul de sac where the same age and attended school together from fourth grade up until the end of the high school.
Because in the neighborhood would turn the play together, but he never really joined in by the time we got a high school, your friendly, but not really friends, although he would sell me part on the cheap and was pretty chillingly smoke together. Fuckin, that's the true friend rents, early nineteenth after you went to College James Madison, I believe he apparently began having serious mental health issues and ended up back at home living with his parents on and off. According to my mom, when he was at home, he began working as a door to door Knife sales and an came by the house from time to time selling his knives man so that background. During this period, mother worked hard
This period mother worked hard to ensure he attended therapy and receive psycho psychiatric care. His father was more of a pull yourself together by your bootstraps Krajina guy fucking, and not supporting will one day, and I learned this much later. His mother is begging him to come to therapy appointment. She had set up for him and he snapped. He stabbed her multiple times and fled his, and fled in his car? She died MRS Katy, and was soon thereafter discovered by her daughter, Jays older sister. The police tracked shit down giant, found him curled up at a parking structure, James Madison covered in blood and my mom's, for I said this day that she thought she heard screaming that day she was humming. Occurred. I dont know. If that's shaven freaks me on any ways. It is still so shocking and heartbreak and kicked prior Britain that this kid and knew all much. How
this kid I knew all my childhood could do something like this and to the only family member who was his was really trying to help him. I believe he was since Agnes was schizophrenia and went to institutions out of jail, but I don't want to look it up because, but I dont have any articles should attack my memory of this tragedy. My parents move about five years ago that Mr Katy, and was still sitting in the house. I couldn't do that. While another story he says again. Great falls. A mansion with a serious security system was broken into twelve years ago. The family in mother, father and children were tied. Naked should share as they while the
perpetrator to rob the house except the robbers, barely took anything and they never untie the family. One of them got free and ran across the street and woke the family for who I was working with. I was working as a nanny. I came over to start the day and the cops were swarming. The whole area that one scared the whole area for a while, because it just didn't, make any sense and that's from Alexandra G one broke in and made the family get naked and tied them to chairs and then didn't take airily stolen. Anything! Yet us with a hot with a hard core security system that so creepy totally, but now
creepy as a man who continues to live in the house where his let wife was murdered by his son, who just like get your boss, drives and beg about mother furtively at it says I woke as someone who doesn't know what to do now and he just as a no to deal now. He does. I can't think, outside of email, here's what you do with your life this! These are the normal things that happen and as soon as I read like in his early twenties heat where he started acting weird. It's like a year's gets frantic right right that's not necessarily true, but well that's one oftentimes, India, young men, schizophrenia starts to develop or they show signs in a fairly in the world can but can scare away schizophrenia like that's, not how it were their appeal ways of running the union, mad treated for sure, but nothing why do you need
men's. Did you really meant is not and not shitty we'd semi way, everyone here, ok, the headline for this is the subject. Mine, I mean is too serial killer neighbours when you're real estate agent can't tell you what you're going as as when you're real estate agent can't tell Yo Berlin, I care in Georgia. My name is sage and I'm Chloe. We are to sister saving it's an email that has to people narrating it. I want to see them like switching back and forth, by which I do different ways. As the S mind, AMOS Age and I'm club a. We are two sisters who love your podcast and want to tell you all about our hometown murders. Ok, fine! Well, more, our mom grandmothers! If that still counts it does. We grew up in Vancouver Washington
which is right over the Oregon Washington border. That's me. That's me, giving your graphical now that I have as I'm in a puppet in when I have got a girl. What, if I'm wrong where where our mom also lived for part of her child and inhuman, is eight. So what? If I'm wrong? I mean she also lived in Auburn while a while in Seattle, which will be relevant in a little bit. That's it's called, fortunately, so her dad moved a lot for work, so my grandmother rented out their Vancouver House in the late eighties, while they were living in Seattle or somewhere. We can't remember because we're bad daughters and listeners, my grandmother, stayed behind to paint the house before the mentors moved in your grandmother. I mean that's not a grandma near the house was any quite called a sack in suburban sprawl that has been covered, so our grandmother Marjorie left all the windows and doors wide open as
She tends to think more about paint fumes than a fucking cereal canal, fuckin, half that shit man in us, especially in the eighties and parentheses around this time. Young boys around the same age as my uncle have been disappearing from Vancouver and nearby Portland not have where we all live now, excluding our grandma who still lives in that same house anyways through those open now, windows, backed up to her back yard, was another home and an apartment. Building this apartment building is the residents of one Wesley, Alan Mother, Fucking Dodd. That's how it's written Barletta seriously. What's with serial killers having three names, you're selfish enough to kill people in you, and just your first and last name isn't good enough for you, Stephen my were just talking about this here. It's three names are listed. We all know this cause Westley Dodd Wesley dog could be anybody, but Wesley Island is, as it were, special person onto him exactly that one killer. Ok for those of you haven't heard of him, he killed three boys in the eighties in Washington and Oregon. Dad was the first american inmate to be hung since the sixties. By his own request, we may but a psycho. He it gives my grandmother shivers to this day to think about how just a stone's throw away a child was being held for days before being murdered same day area and
questions. I can formulate the same area, its also horrible to think men in a park where we hiked and plead when we were little kids to children were starved to death. Dad was sent to while a wallet where, coincidentally, our mom and her family lived at the time. They were close enough to the present to hear it and in fact our mother would often mess with her brother saying that inmates had escaped and were away, however, that there is an alarming the worse people. My moment say: I'm gonna call the indian reservation. Remember you're gonna pick up the phone number to call an indian reservation, so racist omega, that's all it. This is the funniest family. Well time of Adrian my sister's friend Adrian, my favorite thing is the way she controlled her three children when they were all the same age and little is she would just look around like it there in a restaurant there I'll acting up she just look around ago. Oh no, the man's coming events- if we now know that quite quickly, she would act scared and then they would all get like super ensue. That to me- and I was like being laughed at a restaurant, I do like blue. It's really great demands coming. Ok, sorry, this got a little long, we're back in the email. Now, that's not our story. We have one last little anecdote which may or may not read,
as I mentioned earlier, Mama's also lived in Auburn wishes in Seattle, so she saw some good gun shows that battle, but also, as you know, why you know that about this matter, everybody out there and she saw some good gun shows, plus spent some time at her friends house and she, and she was little in the seventies. Her friends house backed up. To the Green River, where Gary Ridgeway don't his victim, he's the green over killer. My grandparents obviously were great picking, neighborhoods. Well, those are home to orders. Thank you care in Georgia for making a shitty shifts and long commutes bearable thanks gaol rearing over the best, especially when they tell her sisters about it. I know staging Chloe way to go. You guys are
sage and glowing nothing to say that your sage don't make sense ass, I didn't say anything at all or whether it is. My second point is just this enthusiasm that, like the most it's just my hometown, where're, you no knife. So this is Cassie EM
and she says, hey guys just wanted to? Let you know that I love your podcast eye to suffer from the anxiety of dying, a terrific Desmond, witnessing one and somehow listening to this shoe crime stories. Help with that really does word girly at it. Anyway. I wanted to share my hometown murder story. I grew up in Phoenix Arizona and went to school with a kidney, Michael faltered for water flatter Michael Falada. He lived three streets behind me, so he would sometimes we would sometimes walk to get home together and rode the bus together when we were in middle school. His dad Scott full alter, worked for Motorola and came to my school and discussed his job with my class and brought some pretty cool gadgets to show us too. He had an older sister and she and his mom would walk the park. We lived across the street from LA he and they played on the playground. My mom joined his Mama couple times too. Then, one day our neighbourhood was all over the new showing their house. His dad Scott falter.
Killed there mom one night, while the kids were asleep upstairs. He stabbed her forty four times on nine and finish the job by drowning here in the backyard poor good cause finished among the kids, her there mom screaming and came downstairs to check this horrible Scott told him to go back upstairs, so they did so. Claimed he was quote sleep walking when he brutally murdered his wife. It was horrible. The kids left him until there, but there are other relatives and I think Scott is still in jail. The craziest. It was the craziest thing ever because you them in such a quiet, little neighbourhood and no one would have ever suspected something like this happening. It's like, if you don't suspects me in your neighborhood, it's gonna fuckin happened anyway. That's why start suspecting? So I suspected me in every place I've ever seen in my life, because then it will never happen. Did
I mean obviously the sleepwalking defence didn't word it. Doesnt click has lake, maybe maybe for the stabbing, but then he asked and dragging to pull out like a fusion, that's so tat. They knew if you are trying to kill someone, he stabbed and forty four times knew it hadn't worked and then took them like in any event like to many steps. That's right as also bullshit guidelines and start to serious bullshit has said that those kids came down. Oh, it's a nightmarish nightmare. Just fuck off this fuckin Lou me yeah. Everyone here that on a subject liners should I buy a murder condo, I really wanna higher. The answer is yes and invite us ever from their levels and bring you better make his hand coming over this is Heather
I guess, you're, both just wonderful to listen to. It really feels like we're listening to some of our closest friends, she's talking in the royal we owe it says we being my sister of why I didn't do that. I'm perfectly stirs you enough for them, so that so funny we being my sister and I we rarely agree on anything, but we both think your great let's, but I could Deaf gush some more but anyway onto my question, yet get I'm shopping for a new home for the first time ever, I've done my research and I kept a really close eye in the market. I think if this is what I think it is, It does not make it, as we have done. Is that smarter home opponents Like I have two million dollars and seconds go. I think I'll just found the perfect unit I want to buy. The thing: is this one's in
this one building in my city. As prices that are too good to be true problem because they are it's a murder, condo ass, a murder conduct two guys were shot their while a third person, a woman escaped by crawling onto the neighbors balcony. Here's a link to the story- that's not allowed tell me over a dozen units have gone up for sale since the ordeal all reduce pricing. One unit in particular, has the best price, I'm pretty sure, that's Capital T capital O the one other than the murders. This seems like the privilege. I know you can't tell me what to do, but I'm curious. We can tell what would you do things here? Input newest murderer, INA Heather, clearly doesn't know that we are going to tell you what to do so. Will I would tell you what to do. If you didn't know we're about to that's my whole Bay S, O p p s. I wish you would revisit Paul Bernardo part, Paul Bernardo, that's my hometown, murder. I e no at other. I will revisit Paul Bernardo, that's the only now. That's that honeymoon! I don't know what they were called Diana does by night. Bore me- and everyone wants us to do it, which makes me such a fucking kind, not wanna do like it's just that I did it, but I bet it because I didn't do any research now just kind of talk and through it was like episode. Let's start lets you and I both start back over from one and Marie. Do other that's a great idea, then I just know no cross. Talk, no judge just like let's put some like fucking. Let's make this a narrative punkahs, let's get client put music just baby screaming no swearing. Babies screaming like with the background music. Ok, here's what we think about your fucking, Ganda isn't working. Tell me. We really think that she found out and tell me what you're overload. I'm I open the link. I learned the links I dont want it! Ok, ok! I just want to say that
it's really, even if as a drunk killing, fuckin there who gives a shit rafe if it was like? Oh ino, a bunch of women got kidnapped and second killed there, big, don't fucking within their ok. What you think is so are you saying that the differences I give it was a one off kind of passionless murder that somebody did for business. Like almost done it was like the mafia. They're, fine yeah. If it was someone someone I had a horrible suffering lino yet to learn about dinner. Dunbar, but, like yellow, didn't suffer if they got you like shot mafia style. That's the whole thing is that if there is like a captive situation where this this poor, these poor people were held,
given suffered, and it was this horror. I then I wouldn't want to move their cause. You would just feel awful not that I blame Gus Marriage psych feel awful bad vibes advocate a new deadline to burn a bunch, a sage whose honour my waist favorite fuckin, gloves earliest favorite things. Bad teach you the IDA liability that they hate. I don't like it at all. What would you do I just with the thing I just said about. The movie is not true, as they do tend to torture, which is bad vibes. They want information rarity have their linked by right, but I mean you know it's fifty fifty Asia who knows what their actual cases never been in the mafia and especially the canadian mafia sure, as those motherfuckers are doing, pouring maple syrup down your throat, whatnot stuffing Mihai used up here, and that was there. We are neither syrup near getting water boarded but also like it feels like breakfast sign out how much you hate when you're in a restaurant, like with you, want real maple syrup it'll be two dollars extra. We see now, you know you're high class, I'm like only at Swingers Lag, have in fact and all share gimme the real soft you're saying yes, until it really does tastes different with, has gone any has only then I mean an arduous pay, an extra five grand and fat. I guess I ass, ok, wait it. This was a shooting two guys got shot. One lady got away with extraordinary. I am thinking great via that's survivor. Then you ve got some if their. If there's residual energy totter, it's like either tiger soundings haughtily, but then there's the two guys that got shyer baby, so you can have to find out. Is it new carpet new pains? Did they did they spackle over those who, like how much less are we talking also why, by in this economy, when the world is ending living in Canada like it can't be? That expert like this, I also nothing's going to change for them. When are you gonna get out another market too, like if it's us Angela sounds like,
everything has two billion dollars. So if you could buy something here for cheap time, but what's the deal in Toronto right now, who knows? I mean Terranova nor any arc of Canada's? Is I ve no idea? I've already proven. I know nothing about Canada, time and again your answer? Is yes by by it I mean don't have because of that put by it option with the least about at least with an option to buy? I don't know I rent a fucking one bedroom weren't, controlled apartment, in LOS Angeles and our own I mean, what's the worst happens, you're in there you have some nightmares, there's no such thing as second nightmares. All fucking, Meda, Bayard, dumb brain, is just laying I'm a brain, allowing I wouldn't like frank you. It's not real and nothing Israel. Once again, I want to tell you a real Gus experience same year, new trying so did. I will then stop saying some real hooker.
Oh, no, I hope you're happy. It never came back out at this late hour. I wasn't talking you. I start you sent that but anchor. What's her name do get back, you can go well! Mr Bob David you gone to shit, it was Heather had broken up as pod gas. I hope your happy other members about us greedy landowners who beautiful painted I e the tiger painting on the like mural in the Fuckin law and send us about other dont. Send photos, send Georgia maple Syrup and my guide semi. Oh, my god, you legal, to cry across the Jura and as I like totally mainline like DR actually the Congo and get the pay
we're going so that we could possibly move to Toronto and become citizens there if need be in the next six months and say that we don't so reckless and anarchy, and then to go somewhere, let's just say we're renting out your second round cats to say you might have to new roommates in the murder apartment will get through it together. Listen, you marry someone legally in Canada and you adopt me who. What are you doctrine Mean Stephen.
If you have such a good- and you are totally do that you can adopt in it. Can you really probably gonna stay its links to help so believe? Do I believe that when a lady is just like ghosts, but with adoption leave everything eyes and then I M Dense and Stephen, I really become your children. This is this is the best news com. I did you ever it's a family in to run as anyone got shot, but now it again I mean and what you did and then and then its, I guess, jarring Mimi, yet poor baby she's a star and teacher
in truth and introducing Mimi thinks for listening vast, typical coming to my right so happy all that is trying to be careful, get your shopping done, but dont get aggress answer fact and catch Iraq scenes and your shopping. Does Turkey Hearkeneth set things is even re more as our fact engineer, audio technician, technician, Perker! That's what I want to start column technician. Did you save for the per capita sty unwanted flag is part, go oh realised what was yours? Yes, that is via the virgin. Given a list of the gap on Kyoto, will they get it's a joke? I mean it's a joke, but it's not the exact Israel. Georgia was on finances on his great yeah, we're on
Talking about Elvis for an hour and a half which, like all I wanna, do it my your dream, they dream think race, religion in we love urine stuff rate reviews. Whenever you know you now to do yet you doing there. Do you don't think you will you guys think here stays I dont get murdered goodbye now miss you wanting a key. What cookie like what wonder cookie Karen ask! I hate you wanna go yeah well,
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