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MFM Minisode 131 - The Worst

2019-07-15 | 🔗

This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature infamous serial killers.

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This is exactly right. This is my many hometown many. So it's a many said guys. So don't get involved, keep it lie. Get ready and move on quickly doll. If you're, like a quick treadmill run or a quick commute. Or some us telling your boy story is used throughout. They are, but the out just for real. Listen to some of our story. Ok, these are ones that you guys have sent in to my favorite murder at Gmail, but I'm in a red Karen awesome me. I haven't read these ok, these will be fun. Yeah. Let's see here, this, of course, to get at it
contrary to the main thing that Karen Georgia's even in various animals. I just listening to many south. Eighty three, where you ask for secret life, reveals, and my friends haven't begging me to send the story, and so here we go back in this he's. My parents were in a bowling leaning over the years. You get to know other people in the league and you all become friends, acquaintances, whatever one of their friends always invited my dad come over for taco parties, but he never went I don't know why, but all the eggs like us tacit already, is stuck a Marty's, no passport of it and one night, my dad and his friend, SAM or at the alley when their frameworks in acting very animated. He shakes my daddy dad's hand and puts an arm round salmon says to them something along the lines of he guys. I don't think I can stay very long because the FBI is following me. They pretty, blew him off thinking. He was crazy. The next
A comes and both of my parents were at the local grocery store. They worked out. There were eighteen nineteen years old and who often that morning, but SAM holding a newspaper, my mom said that he looked like he saw dosed. What's the front, each story that day their bowling alley friend from a night before had been arrested for multiple murders, oh and who was that guy from the bowling league, none other than the killer, clown himself blushing joy way, it is
Oh yeah mucking John Wayne Gayle, oh shit, SAM, went on to be his offense attorney, oh wow and salmon, my daughter still friends to this day. He wrote a book about it a few years ago and signed a copy for my dad. I remember hearing the story from a young age, but I never really thought much of it until I was a teenager and realized who genuine Gacy was. Doesn't everyone's parents bowl with notorious you serial killers? No just mine UK anyway, that's all I got pronounced a sexy and dont joined buildings with killer clowns, Alyssa PS, my dad like to note that it was the planes PD following Gacy and not the FBI and no crazy aloud.
Oh that's just makes you think of it. I think it was the maid for tv movie or could have been the real movie brine Diana Heap is playing German Gacy and when it gets to that part or he's just like he's like drunk and during the day and driving around in just like trying to avoid the police, or my guys, like I just made me pig in my mind, the movie in my mind, was Brandon. He walking into that bowling alley. I you guys glassy island the bowling alley. What are they really knows? Taco party, like then in the house, and and then he's like who likes magic tricks down to the basement. Everybody cheese is so insane. Ok, this this subject: Liners Elmer Wayne Henley confessed on my Grandad's car phone. We did the shot holy shit. We just did. We just did back in the corral, the quarantine, coral brain and Oh, my god, you Mamma,
he'll be in red guards. Ok, Carol Georgia. My family is from a neighborhood just outside the heights in Houston, yeah garden oaks. So is especially disturbed by this week story, which is your story. He saw him up. I am. At the time when the abductions are happening, my dad would have been the same age as a lot of the young boys who were killed. My granddad Jack Cato was also a crime reporter for channel to talk about. This is that this is the serial killer, Dean Quarrel, ok, the candy MA am we did a couple opposites back and he, is horrifying monster and killed thirty's I'm thinking when you re in a somewhat boys like teenage and younger boys, horrifying ok
so the Granddad Jack Cato is a crime rapporteur, for example, to the local station. The seventies is so he says so I couldn't help but wonder if he had covered those murders and how awful that must have been. Then you got the confession part and I jumped off the couch freaking, the crap out of my dog. I have heard this story a million times, that's because one Elmer weighing heavily confess to his mom Mamma. I killed them. He was using my Grandad's car for whole. That's originates in a video. You can watch it really gone. You see if there's a video of him doing now so good. Ok, my grandpa died when in two thousand sex when I was a senior in high school, this is
such a big moment in his reporting career, they included it in his obituaries over thirty years later, hell yeah, they all he was on the scene. According to this one, my granddad handed heavily the car phone. Knowing that he would be able to hear the whole conversation, then he grabbed the camera started filming and caught the infamous confession on tee. If it's not too, we are to say it war, my heart, to be reminded of another part of my Grandad's amazing life on one of my favorite podcast, even if it was about a truly gruesome murder story from my home town from one anxious, depress person who loves her therapists to another, all around hello, say sexy and I'll get murdered, Exo Exo Genevieve, like that's us. I for some reason the beginning assume this is from a guy and said he at the beginning, but that it also epoch Dear Mamma, and they have the other they have her. Cyber conversation on in them must be why that must be
he got it hadn't I'll hooked up. That is so legendary limit, crying. He is crying Jesus Christ. Well, thank you, Genevieve yeah, why I ever did are our story to nearly the says. Then. Could I met the commune man I local in Georgia, Stephen and esteemed associates. Almost as you know, my favorite one that alliance go get your brief care sticking, those they love. The show love you guys can we do see in Dallas in November, in nineteen seventy three. When I was twelve years old, my mother, I lived in an apartment complex in the north eastern Neighbourhood of Spring Branch. My best Craig also twelve in his elder brother Robert Fourteen, led the next complex over. They were all I can kid so he usually spent the two and a half hours between school and dinner. Doing pretty much anything but homework the complex at a large courtyard that face to straighten, we hung out there a lot farting around the way boys do at that age. Up to you
there's salami and she is so lonely and she's damages anway bright with master, that's boys and the seventy thousand. That's it one afternoon, not long before the last day of school or throwing up all around when a guy pulled up in a man he got out. October to where we were playing looking up at the second floor, apartments like he is trying to find his way around. He was older than us, Polly, seventeen or so, and we didn't pay any attention to him until he walked up and started talking to us really nice tallish and then with a long brown, wait that long blonde hair and wiring glasses just set high and started shooting the shit talking about Football Robert, my friends by their brother, Sir with him, the most probably because he was older the blonde I invited Robert to a party telling him there would be lots of girls there and that there are plenty of beer and food, even some we'd. If he wanted Robert, simply said no thanks. Both he and Craig we're from pretty religious family and then- and I turned to me what about you, you said: come on it'll be fun.
Are showing that weird tingle in my stomach I'll, never forget it. I have felt it a few times since, but this was the first time something was off. I was always a shy kid. So I looked at the ground and said something about how my mom and let me and I again trouble if I did, which was absolutely true. Besides I was twelve years old. I didn't even really like girls that much and yet I damn sure, was an interested in beer and pie. He didn't see matter irritated. He just said something along the lines of that's too bad man catch a next time. Any gone is banned and drove off, and that was it
tell a few months later, when I saw his picture on tv, I recognized him right away. His name was David, Brooks HE and Elmer Wayne handling assisted serial killer dean. Coral for years by procuring boys for quarrelled book, called a rape, torture and murder than burying about shouldn't benches. I remember during my ten years, really resenting my mom strictness, but then I would remember that it was likely varies, very strictness that kept me off. The torture word attended to buy the candy man and I'll cut her some slack thanks for listening, stay sexy and never ever ever, get in the Van yours Glenn. Oh my God, it's so creevy. There might be just do thou back then. Yes it evades lake wandering hippies starting up conversations was totally dare girl. No one even thought about it like that they would want to talk to young kids, would make sense. Thea
I now think, are those boys were a leg, that's together and smarter than religious like that alone. I feel like save them from doing nothing because they knew Satan was in their present cynically fail him yeah, take a visiting a man, Mamma Mamma, Mamma Mamma killed in this I'd scald like areas encounters with infamous man. Hey M crew right what a fan from the very beginning. Earlier quick. I was having a couple of beers with my dad. We have a strange relationship. You ready for this labour strange relationships since he spent seventeen years in prison in New York state for killing my mom. When I was three and a half I read that has a great does do while judkins, when I now. Ok,
She says I now I now. How can I still see or talk to him right I'll, just say it's complicated. Now right shit, you don't, I mean yeah, measured logger, I get it. There's lots of there's lots of things and understandable that alcohols involving our thinning out my hand and even go anyone, and I, like entering around her own mother, lived. I mean you only have two parents, I mean the enormity of yes, it's it's just like. No, I ever understand that unless they gone through yeah and who. What the doubt said I mean anyone who knows who knows Skype anyway, she says- and I am saying it anyway here anyway, anyway, for the first time this week, I really got some details about what prison was like. He apparently only ever spent a month, in quote the box or solitary confinement because he refused a snitch on a guy who started a fight with him. He said having reputation as a snitch stays with you the whole time you're inside the
we think is being convicted child monster. He was Attica for awhile, and he said that he used to play. Peanut go with David Berkowitz Guy, who is seldom SAM. I mean, I hope this isn't a lie, but if it is its great writing, if it doesn't penalizing the funniest car came that you could name in your play it with son of my Son of SAM, Great just great contrast: I love it while he was there, he and a guard with make each other laughed by walking. By Mark David Chapman Cell and singing John Lennon Czar Ah, you should check on. Ah, a pretty fucked up situation, but a cave has occasionally yielded some interesting stories. I love you both I hope that next time Europe will it out there. We could hang out and b, B, F F on make you cookies and a meantime stay sexy and don't get murdered. All do the same smooches to you and Stephen in the animal crew. Exo excess death, stuff staff- that's
that's fascinated couldn't interesting person her I mean per also just that. Experience of a person in a whole like the inside prison expense, although shows It also gives them should tell us in terrible night of or whenever it's all, just like this huge panic, but like kind of an ant, total and stories about being inside prison, is, is a very fascinating way to get that information, because they might imagine that, like data Day, staff is like it's pretty boring ray, It becomes a likely now you're. Twelve years and no life sentences like this is what I do now and we have there's been a couple fights I've had it all, and there Now, that's fine, not much guy on
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and she says my hometown. Murder is me, or rather would have been me if not for well. Let me splain, oh, my profile picture, mean kindergarten. Nineteen sixty seven in Norwalk, California. I was a child on the spectrum, for there was a spectrum to be on back. Then I was just we're Debbie and mostly I was a loner in a crowd of people, and this is still true a fly. One day I headed to a good friends house across the alley we live in an area. There was a lot of apartment buildings and a few single family homes cigarettes, my friends apartment. We had to go through the carport as I'm progeny minority. They approached the area. I saw a man with long surfer, hair sitting in his car. I had a pass by this car, but something about him made me where he is. I got closer. He opened up his passenger passenger
or from the inside and gesture for me to get in as I've looked into the car, I could see he wasn't wearing pants and stick shipped was present, Amber alert. She doesn't mean the car is not Jesus. I ran back to my house, but he was screaming for me to come back and then I told my mom what I saw. Let's just say my mom was not a kind woman and I was slapped for describing a man's pina, though, was told to never talk about that again and she blamed me: hey nineteen sixty so yeah just back before people understood how humanity work we talk about. It, allow yeah, let's see and then moving ahead. Three more days. I was again walking and meet a friend on the other side of the same apartment. Building I mean homologies, get out of your mom's, like my young child, just described and naked man in a car spreading go back outside,
That was her. That's her answer. I avoided the carport and, as I made it around the corner, I passed a car parked on the road. I didn't see the driver as I got near the door, the car he suddenly sat up, opened the door and grab my arm and started pulling me into the car park. I screamed kicked bit hit scratched and Claude my way away from him Yes, it's a girl, a woman walking on the street, heard the commotion and came running. That's array of any drove off what happens like men, she's Latchmere Chrome Another- mean mom, came from across the street. Hit me in the vain anyway them in a psycho ward people on the island I'm on the second one, because well, you know and being for I couldn't be sexy except to a fucking pervert weight. Wait for years old way. She's had six originally wait, no juice or
What can you imagine a warrior old walking around the street? We know like even out a four year old out of a car seat. These days next people nervous much less just fucking bye, mom, I'm going to go. Take the alley to my friends house I'll, be back later when I feel like it yeah, I might go bowling, I'm for I got to live my life
Two years later, he would grab an eight year old off the street and take her to Hollywood apartment and here's work its familiar where he raped and beat her badly and then he'd. We reviewed the and then would begin his Raby murderous Britain's how he has finally caught the man. Rod me out collar Ola. Yes, I'm yokel it. I know it's difficult to believing that I was for at the time that I remember this. However, it wasn't until the late nineties my saw headline with his picture and a screen because staring at me from the computer screen was that face from thirty four years ago, hack that I finally have a name to put with a face. I hadn't even read the article to know what he done, but I knew he was the guy who tried to grab me. Twice also ever since this moment, I'm hype, my hyper vigilance is always on highly people. Think it's funny to come up behind me and startled me. It wasn't who so had so you earned the right to grow up and stay sexy, not getting murdered. Man. Hell yeah she's run.
Al Qaeda if I'm pronounce out correctly alcohol collar I'll collar. Color he's the one that was on the dating game. That is the That's one of my favorite one that one comes on of all those crimes shows. I always have What's that one is a first while he's such a creep yeah over. We any results. The photographer rain ass though he go to these like open, call photo shoes at the beach with like women in bikinis. You, like, I want to be a model of dogma back, I'm a photographer Godiva camera yeah after my place and takes about as it sounds great. Let me grab my four year old child. I wonder how many like how many murders are can be attributed to him that we're never haven't rate I mean doing shit like that, and I know you went from like California, it's a Florida monster he's he needs to get. We need to go in depth on that guy right now. Let's go back gimme ores,
I'm not gonna, say the impact of such climb. Guys
You wouldn't believe what stories you get from your family members after years is thinking they dont have any cool, murderous glories, so I'm currently and training to be a truck driver. You guys keep me saying when I'm driving my trainer is a nightmare and on my off weekends, I've been going to my godfathers house and hanging out with him. We start talking about how there's been so many things about Bundy on TV and somehow I managed to bring up John Wayne Gacy. Well, my godfather very nonchalantly goes oh yeah. A couple of somebody stole his toilet before they demolished the house. Of course, I made him tell me everything and apparently they were in the area of his house and they thought I'd be fun to go up there to go up there before it was completely dismantle sofa. As you know, they raise that thing to the grandma when they got there. They see that gazing toilet was sitting out on the front line so like any twentysomething year old, guys sure enough. They loaded years later, guess what the guy still has John Wayne Daisies toilet just sitting in his garage and tells everywhere all issues, stay sexy and steal, toilets. Mason. May I read even sell that fucker? I I
Let there be collectors that would pay five grand ten grand for that thing. Let's go steal, it steal the stolen toilet. This is just like Nicholas cage. Next plot of the medical, those engaged in ITALY, toilet, toilets dealers, stay nationals toilets that the Steelers from America, a man, a man. This is called a serial killer. I witness was my elementary art teacher. Why hello? Karen Georgia see an animal friends? That's right! I don't mind. I love your podcast and I have to thank my twin sister LISA, foregoing hooked LISA, we're from a small town in Northwest Indiana with a population of just over two thousand. It was a pretty quiet place to grow up, to my grandma was one who got us interested in your crime from a young age. I commend my grandma listening to her police scanner. Yes, and watching cord tv like I wish our job love. You gotta grandma also like to take us to cemeteries for fun, but her we attend.
The local elementary school, where one of my favorite classes was art with our teacher Nita parodies. She was an excellent teacher. Remainder students feel special and talented. Miss parities was, are our teacher from kindergarten through fifth grade. When we can? back for six great ninety, ninety Miss Paradis had left her position and moved away, leaving a very inadequate replacement. We had an older sister Laura who is freshmen at the time. Of course, we got all of our completely agent appropriate information from her years, older sister Laura I next school year, we found out that Laura from Nora that Miss Parodists was actually need an eerie. What an eye witness in the TED Bundy trio. Fuck! That's why she escaped. That's right, we need cholera
the child mega o in Florida yeah I met she'll. Tell us look like do you call it child man? What is it I saw tee? I didn't go to call it. I do not. Can I tell you the truth now I didn't know it affects our allies and tell you told you started running around like a short, isn't our aid in the hospital, Oh, like a highway, patrolman gotta got it. I did residents to sister, listen Simum annoying at it. Now look and listen about Santa Monica City College Bubu book! Ok, so this is really exciting because of reading A stranger beside me were thus stranger beside me, my an rule right now, and so this is a second and is bigger than that visual existing resources are needed it was an art major and a member of the
Hi hi omega stupid, Sorority Florida State University. She returned to the sorority house after a date entering the house through the back door, Meta heard a heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She remained silent and hidden in the shadows and became an eyewitness to TED Bundy leaving the house. She helped to police sketch artist come up with our rendering of by me and later identified him in a photo lineup and in court. Of course, There are rumours that she was in our small town as part of the Witness Protection programme. Oh, we still are sure of that. Was there any truth to that, but either way are small town was probably a nice place ILO for awhile. Anyway, just wanted to share our little towns connection to an authority, a serial killer. Thank you for creating a place for true crime levers to gather without judgment. Please keep do what you're doing stay sexy, not get murdered, Karla Carla. How what a moment, if I now after she is gone It totally was witness protection. Don't you think, like and out, and because
if she's already a teacher than I mean she got her degree. Oh, so she did this. It was tat lagged behind her. He was colloquy within the year. I think of that so is the past was behind her. He was already tension, in jail so We wish you just get me the fuck out of here. Distance right now, but also like she really was the final blow to stopping monster who killed so many when hear anything of her fucking sorority says yes at Cairo Mega upstairs that night, where he Locked in a walked out lake within like fifteen minute. Yes, it was frenzied, don't read the stranger beside me. I am having nightmares. I had a fuckin.
I had a job interview at TED Bundy, the other night. Nothing had acknowledged interview to be his assistant, no at his Fuckin mansion in Beverly Hills. I put my feet and his jacuzzi. His eye was early Montessori Jacuzzi, just that it's just something I would surely adieu and then energy. TED Bundy, it's so symbolic of how show. Business kills people what jacuzzi you up. Who cares? Yes, I'll know deep oranges. Reading I stress the stranger beside me, the most disturbing book about a person who is the most disturbing person that but but an rule had rules see world, but she also had ever eat
all in the book to look at him and go something's not right and she didn't sense it they now, even when it so scared he had had with lullabies weren't grass and he spoke french Mona TAT had been threatened. Me, oh, no, no, mere meal. I wonder cookie, a! U cookie, you cookie boy He doesn't, even though their shown I'm saying now and as we can cut any of that and Oliver with fire yeah. That was amazing. I was great Karla. Also one as Carla's, I'm sure they're very feud, Carla's on the planet anymore through their going extinct, great name, please send us all your fuckin just send your weird share. Yet they may like Senator weird stories and no one you don't think anyone wants to hear yet we want here we do and the people who are listening do but that's it. Yes said Anne even and Stephen, send them to my favorite murder at Gmail test,
Stephen tells even when you need to know in the subject lying down here red, don't use the word for babies, we I mean, or Do it for attention, but just now that that's really old and no one even enjoys the irony of that anymore. You aggressively if you're gonna, do it yet start a start, a hash condensed. I swear you mad at using. What are you doing? It's just that thing in China. Is your native attention due pause array and would have the potential doesn't work than you might as well? Go negative sure say so, they don't get murdered, go by July, Elvis cookie Lawiya writers, rain
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