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MFM Minisode 132 - The Grandparents

2019-07-22 | 🔗

This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature grandmas and grandpas.

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This is exactly right. began. Hello. Welcome to my favorite learner, the Minnesota Borri region should see you do you like it. will I get this one's called glowing eyes in the basement window and there's no Indra, because this is her l is we got to get to this episode spur yet. I grew up in
super small town in northern Wisconsin. I was around ten years old and my best friend and I were excited to go to a youth group at her church. That night. Since her mom is part of the churches band, we had to get their early for them. To rehearse we got there. We were the only kids went down to the basement where the group rooms relocated to play around until it Intel Group started, the basement was broken up in a fork quadrants with each with their own lights. So we only had the lights on an hour quadrant in the basement and the rest of the rooms were dark. It was also dark outside by this time, so I'm feeling a little creature by being in this old church, there's also a window in that room. That was at ground level, and this is important. so we find about and we're about to back and forth to each other when my friend bounces it while it any and I miss the catch, the eye
a proceeds to bounce off the laws and into the windowsill that is kind of push back into the wall. We follow the ball around the room and when it reaches said window, so we both freeze because in this window we can make out the outline of a head with the biggest glowing white we ve looked at each other, the same terrified tastes and start screaming as if we are scared enough already, as we start to run up the stairs, we can hear the figure a fucking yelling, no help me. no, why? We are practically tears at this point and we run her mom and explain what we saw. She didn't believe as it first of course, but we were both really distress. She finally agreed to investigate ass he went outside. We could hear someone still yelling help me. No.
This is what my mom's face turned to. This is when hormones face turned to, and oh shit look yet not knowing what the fuck would be behind this old church. My mom decided to call the cops. They can investigate good once they arrived, we were behind the church to find not a tariff glowing I'd creature but in fact a poor old lady who had fallen off the latter in her back yard. She had broken her legs so when she saw the basement light turn on. She crawled her way to the ground level window to see how scarier scarier you'd, all lady glasses were reflected in a light coming from the basement, which made her look out solely terrifying, I felt so bad afterwards. It I'd taken us, that's not long to get her help, but hey better safe than sorry assess g g M, your favorite Rugby Blair, Shelby Shit, shall first of all my favorite girls name, shall be I'm assuming. That is fucking how scarier that they were
They really were seeing something. May it was really was yelling help me. It was real huzza, poor old lady. What are you doing on your lady? Why are you on a ladder you're, an old lady, ask your neighbor to how is your glasses? Are this thing I should not get up now. That's the sign up and when she's all older army crawl to the basement, known as like eggs, Furl came in these little creatures screaming at all, Like I was like then lying there all day. I'd like the light comes on that thing, I so thirsty. I wanted a couple of lemon Bounty Animal Sosa Shit that was a good money up, show ok the some decline of this one as grandpa stops robbery with some unlikely help? Our great page do
Sub Karen and Georgia and Stephen my dad and I were on a road trip and we swung by a little house, he grew up in with his seven brothers and sisters his mouth. and his dad. Who was only police officer in town you there
this was also the police station that New Zealand. Ok, that suddenly makes Saddam's right seriously the front two rooms or the police for police business and the family kept the bedrooms to live in, and I think they shared the kitchen MIKE gives amazing. When I asked my dad what the hell they did when they needed to lock somebody up, he said there is a shared in the garden. I dont know if he was joking, so good, can you imagine growing up in a police station? I asked dad what it was like four grandpa to be the one and only cop in town, and he said he needed to improvise sometimes than he told me. This story late, one eye grandpa, spotted men with flashlights inside the tv and appliance repair shop, obviously robbing the place back up from New Plymouth would
take over an hour to get their grandpa didn't want away, because, of course he knew the people who own the repair shop and couldn't just watch while robbers ruin their business. That's when he saw the lights in the local Roby Rugby Club, where I like to imagine that he now said thought Protocol before he took off running for the club. He burst into the room of drinking rugby player like there and if any one would like to help em catch some bad guys, they were into it. The town didn't have street lights back then so Grandpa had a shepherd the road. Players through the pitch dark death, but we try to keep political position them at the front of the shop. Then he's around back, took a deep breath and kicked in the backdoor shouting, freeze, police, the robbers, after what they were holding and bolted out the front door right into about a dozen drunk, enthusiastic relevant layer. None, as my dad said, quote. They work
absolutely didn't, have to hold anything bad wholly share. I feel far sorry for the robbers they had not signed up for anything like what happened to them and it was dark, so they literally didn't know what hit them. They were scraped off the pavement and sent to New Plymouth for processing and the Ruby guys would talk about nothing else. For days think we all dream that one day will get to help. I'm take down a criminal, hopefully, will be sober and not one of the twelve other huge ass men when it happens, stay sexy and help out your local carpal array. A perfect story is not I mean you can see it all of it happening and as soon as you said, rugby layers- oh yeah, oh fine, yes and drunk once to the best kind. Are there any other kind? Are there any other kind, be how good are they attacked and punch launching punching in tackling this? What they do and it's like you, can't buy them now. That's their whole. Job now is to keep you from getting by that was a brilliant story.
Bull S, Lorraine, not closely in the name of this one, but I will say that the theme of my store is today as grandparents. Ok he's here other one hello, all the wonderful people and animals of Em Fm, hey, that's one of the best ones yet easy love it. I have quite This life stories, I've been meaning to write into you, murderous great uncle, survivor, friends, mom highschool murderers. However, once you mentioned writing and stories about secretive about secretive my cousin No, I guess she wrote secret lines, but it was in one word OECD. She forgets it is better lives about secretive, which is the professional name for threat cousin who introduced when you're podcast insisted. I finally buckle down and write this thing, so here it is around April
cleaning out my grandparents house, where they had lived for sixty shoe years now, they didn't pass. They didn't pass just had a lot of shit that needed to go and came across some interesting things in the process, my grandmother who, who we call back she has always sampling bad shit it as a deity, see HIV Becky that she has always been known for the insane amount of photos she takes a naturally. A lot about I found was pictures lots of family from growing apps, I'm on her sister when they were kids, etc. As I was working in the living room. cleaning all the wine glasses on display with back she. She was telling me about the good old days and how all her quote, intimate friends would come over and they would have a great time, but quote of
not when the children were around. I was taken back by that same chocolate up to eighty four year old woman with dementia, talking about thrown crazy parties with her friends getting drunk playing cards, listening to Elvis records, all of those things and sows Elvis Next few days, I found some interesting birthday cards from my nanny and grandpa Meatball with my cousins. Grandparents is this: is this a cartoon character? Writing and do? I should love that I like that. They may, though, that in the hall closet, which I again was like, they have very unfair, very uncomfortable sense of humor but shouted at to nothing other than that and then
The next thing I says case I was wrong. It certainly wasn't nothing by moved on to clean their bedroom. At this point, my daddy and pop out we're staying at my mom's house. I could be slightly more productive and found a box of pictures under the bed not being at all surprised by this, because they were quite literally boxes of pictures everywhere. I opened the box to look at the photos and possibly have a few laughs about my mom's old boyfriends over an hour, I'll caps, nope
not pictures of my mom's old boyfriends or photos of s growing up. Instead, I found photos at my Graham from my grandparents, all caps Swinger Party, oh no known David, is pointing at that. You have photo what I'm looking at right now she said. Oh, she took them and sent them to. I love her lover, her lover able or they knew young, where they are their middle aged people, but it's in the sixties or seventy. I mean seventy authorities but look they're. All in one bed like like Charlie buckets, grandparents, it's in a bed under sheet together smiling like level they are having so much fun, crouches touching his payments in that vote, but you can't tell the end laughing or ass off to make out. There are still like all gritted like in one bed together, losing our lengthy or call you. There was a lot of them, you guys, oh my god, naked and highly dubious. Can we post, I don't know. Probably these Ngos, we don't know shaking ass, even goes through and puts lack bars across everybody's eyes. Look at this one things like their positions, but their cracking there. There
Spain Kind of funny dirty drunk the kind of what it seems like, but also in a room that it that's paneled in woodpecker while wallpaper and then would piling on the bottom half its seven dyslexic, nineteen. Eighty to me so brown. They look like they look like nineteen eighties forties economically like therein. Therefore, these yeah available to us. It also looks like people who probably drank a ton and were board and they were like. Well, you look. You all have a mustache or a beer right. We might as well just fuck like chunks, in fact each other eyes glowed, like you, should already seen, Zack, yes I'll use. I want to see your hat honeys decker at every s. Exactly let me venuses keep no done for that. I want to keep looking an ogre migrant none of its my grandparents six swing, so those are her grandparents, Swinger parties and a few sex toys from way back in the day when my mom and aunts were growing up, and then I was mortified by immediately took pictures of the photos and sent them to my cousin, the thoughts tat, I could be justice scarred as I was at that I would do and how to take a break from cleaning the house for a little while the eye by side in peace. All these things together, I realized what I had just stumbled upon. These are all old people that I knew all people I had dinner with and play cards with TAT. I was young. My nanny and grandpa Meatball were both featured in this as a few other close friends of my Graham bearing a needless to say. I can never really look at my grandparents of same way ever again of shit. The grim badge is still while she was exclaimed our house. I thought no, no, the bachelor slackened click on it and I checked my cousins down with me. There's still a lot of that house that needs get cleaned up, but, quite frankly, I am horrified to do so. Yet so yeah, that's the story of how I learned my grandparents were swingers, stay sexy and don't look under your grandparents bed. Doubt Delaney! Ok,
I don't know I just Delity Dillon like Melanie, but with the ok, I'm just saying as blew up her grandparents, her grandparents spot so hard like cause, not that many people call their grandmother batch e, totally cellular, there's going to be people and then hometown there. Like a skews me, oh well, that's Really in saying that this is just like it's this there having so much fun. I sexes, natural and sex is fun I ruined as it were, but everyone's grandparents something do it and take pictures of it all. My guy, it also looks like they're doing it just to be like yeah just take a picture. How does or being dirty on purpose could be and what a gorgeous expression of human lot I was fun and then just the phone like the fact that there are photos just made it I mean I was I'm shocked,. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number. One meal kid they may
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standard norm. If you have children in the car and your listening to this, this is definitely raided and see seventeen bun exe, husband, even plug your ear, Stephen even get out of the room but recording the subject. Line of this is Ex husbands grandpas porn, oh dear, Hey Karen Georgia, Stephen and assorted animals before I got married parentheses. Never again. My now acts and I moved into his parents in law apartment in their house- is also about idea. His paternal grandparents lived there previously and had passed away and some of their items were left in the apartment. My ex was unpacking the linen closet and suddenly started yelling for me to come upstairs. When I came He was passing his pants laughing and holding an old VHF taken his hands. Apparently he found a box of tapes at the bottom of the closet, he remembered that his grandpa took tons of photos and attitude quarter running all the time. My
Ex said he was wondering what nostalgic footage he would find any was planned hooking up an old vcr to watch it when he flipped affair tape over to read the handwritten label, Instead of seeing babies first Christmas or Uncle Fred and Aunt Jane wedding, he saw print neatly in his grandfathers, handwriting big tits pink clicks we we both blogging dive laughing and I was tempted to include be imitated, my speech at the upcoming, but his parents would have spontaneously Cambodia. So I was sworn to secrecy,
But I'm divorce now so forget what they sexy and get rid of your porn before your grandchildren find a Laura our intellect whether that is just really was just like a baby's birthday, but he was like. I'm gonna make her head like Croatia, oh my god, thou be fucking, Hell Airways, maybe he's a little older, maybe he's going a little organic in the brain is like this is funny I care what they get for. Looking after my hang, that is most new teacher. I mean from real it. So it's so disturbing. I won't repeated measure or in again made is gonna, be in drawing up a very old man's hand. Holding of the eight chess
and the writings of me really small. So you can see the rosy glow yeah down that made me laugh. Can I just feel real quick. Currently this once called my grandmother better Nazi yeah. I feel like we on its like a good time and airline hell's Janius hello, longtime, listener. First time, writer, my grandmother, Wilma, grew up in Germany in World WAR to some of the families and her community took turns hiding a box in their houses. This box contain valuables that belong to the jewish, fit other jewish families in town. Once a nazi soldiers heard of this, they wanted to put a stop to it. When the soldiers came to my grandmother's door, her dog was barking, biscuits had so fucking, so a fucking Nazi shot and killed her dog.
Wilma, who is ten to twelve years old at this time, was so upset she bit the Nazi. Will ye ask her family with punishing. She eventually was able to flee to England before settling Canada. She never smoke spoke much about her childhood, but someone from a community paper interviewed her and published historian a paper. I thought you would like the story about a bad ass, a little girl biting a Nazi Erin Now we re all Nazi saw she also it's just like you. If any fucking World WAR to Nazi movie that you seen how oppressive and awful their presence is an they go into these towns and take over and lugging turn. people against each other and their monsters, and this little girls, just like you for you killed my dear. I don't give a shit. What you do. I held my darling than I do. The only thing I can a bite you yeah and you surrender Eddie, you, God damn Nazi
and love Wilma. I also love it's that such a great idea, the leg. Then she
greatest England. She emigrates to Canada, Shiva lives, her private lawyer, and then somebody sits her down Enrico yeah, hey, what's gimme some, I like seventy stories, Joel yeah, I got a story for you. I've been a Nazi LE young as a child, and I M here to tell the tale so it's the subject line is Gulf wielding grandmother, light hearted freight I care in Georgia, Stephen and animals. I stumbled upon your show recently and it has made my commute to work and law school so much more enjoyable, I did them. I did make the mistake of listening to your episode about the leaf man, too, close to bedtime and end up sleeping when the lights on, because obviously murderers wait until you turn, but otherwise I'm so impressed with your wonderful mix of human tragedy. With these dark and fascinating story, I think thanks my hometown isn't about a murder but an attempted robbery. One day, my grandma phone to say that she was in the hospital for a broken arm, which, on its face, seems rather ordinary. However, the story comes out that my grandma woke up in the middle of the night to noise is coming from down the hall. She lives alone and doesn't have any pets if she knew something was naturally, she grabs one of my grandpas old golf clubs leaks out of her room to investigate and finds a large man rifling through her things in the living room. At this point, most people would call for help, but apparently my bad s grandma thought that she would handle this situation on. After all, she had lived through world war. Two in Latvia, perceptually families row is re, fuck, yeah so
she was forced to flee to the U S as a teenager. After some of her family were killed. Yes, Sheeta she's, not fucking, since T doesn't scare easy, so she looked around her house to make sure the man was alone. Smart pump out her with her golf club raised and started beating that over the head, while shouting at him in Latvia, he was so startled and probably can cause the drop twenty grab resisted. The grandma attack very briefly, which has won my grandma's Armas broken. They can then led into the night. He was never caught by the police, but thankfully he also never returned afterwards. My mom gave my grandma lecture about the importance of calling the carpet risks of attacking intruders without knowing, if their armed or not, and how she could have made an escape. Instead, my grandma promised that she would be more responsible, but when we visited her next, we discovered that she had placed a golf club in every room, avert Guerrero, anyways you're, all some so make sure you say sexy and always carry a golf club, Love erika, oh my god, yeah latvian Grandmaison, take share. She couldn't have hit that hard. With that re lake, I mean finance. Surprise. The shit out of this two year will probably her and maybe like knocked him a little yeah less but yeah, and then also this woman screaming at you. In a foreign language yeah
wow that gun. I like that one yeah issue, those are all amazement, Gray, Ellison, any story, you that's fucking, Gracie, just send them to us, my favorite rhetoric, Gmail and stay sexy and don't get murderer, thereby elements you wanna, cooking, the boy, nice one.
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