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MFM Minisode 134 - The Ghosts

2019-08-05 | 🔗

This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature ghost stories.

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This is exactly right. Alone will come to my favorite learner? The many sea owed them many times when we tell your many many stories, You ve written so many stories into us and now we're gonna present them to you back at you home towns, things that have happened to you. They got you true crime, the first place there that was the original. Beyond we got off into go stories. We ve got us into sink calls, but this is specifically. This is where we
gather all those stories you re tell them to you. It's almost like the just the weird stories that you can't tell anyone else yeah. We just like your weird stories spring your where choice here and then we'll tell everybody out here about the and yet for it, Oh yeah, are you writing? I'm ready this, decline of this is John Belushi hunted my baby brother, dear care. Georgia, Stephen Pets, I've been wanting to write to you for some for a long time and finally, during a recent and still active, binge podcast got the inspiration. I grew up in the suburbs of LOS Angeles, with my parents, younger sister and younger brother. My rather at the time of the story takes place, was two to three years old. One day our houses, septic tanks backed up and flooded. Our entire house, my mother, being who she is decided
The only place that could comfortably how's family of five was the chateau Mama Holger down once we're talking about the Chateau Margaux. Nowhere in Hollywood, baby girl, sick, So this mother of threes, like let's get this whole act down to the chateau. You know what this is discussing was. Was your mother candy, spelling ok, so we moved into one of the bungalows into bedroom stand alone merged above the pool, which just happened to be the same bungalow in which John Blue. She died from an overdose in ninety, maybe she's, my parents.
The master bedroom I Cisterna shared the second bedroom and my brother, who was still in the crib, got a large walking closet, enjoy throw your kid a strange little things will happen in the house like smoke, alarms going off for no reason they do that at the time of the doors slamming shut. That's the wind lights. Turning on off electricity yeah. That's how lights were an overall feeling that there was some sort of energy around you and it wasn't a negative and you just a presence that you could feel like a soft breeze blowing by well. That's the breeze. That's called a breeze. My toddler brother began waking up during the night calling for my mom. She would repeatedly go check on him come comfort him and tell him to go back to sleep. One. She asked what was bothering him and he replied.
Funny. Man woke me up. He wants to play cars. She would frequently hear my brother talking to himself while playing and strange things continue to happen throughout the bungalow one day my brother was playing in his room. My mom walked by and saw him sitting on the floor. She walked into the kitchen for a couple of minutes and then, when she walked back into look on in on him, he was no longer on the floor, but standing up in his crib since you knew he couldn't climb up in their himself. She asked him how he got there funny man helped me me me. He said this is absolutely the beginning of one of the insidious movies yeah, I'm positive. This is a cheap, and I also met loaded, adoring, horror movie, my god you're setting up no offense, not boring tee of it
I see a lot of really boring. We eventually changed, bungalows could do icon yeah and didn't you anymore about about the funny man, you haven't leg of the funny man like stay there, because that the other bungalow might be the scary mad. Exactly right than any man may be defined. A man is like your best possible fucker
possibility. Think about all the other crazed, Asshole Drogheda, LOS Angeles and of state at the Chateau Margaux with the comedian yeah. Ok. So, a few months later, my mom was in bed with my brother reading, a book on the history of the hotel. She turned to the chapter with John Pollution of the black and white portrait of him filling a page. My brother saw the photo and clearly recognising it started giggling. What is it she asked? He wouldn't answer her. He just continued to smile. She asked again what are you laughing at? Do you know who that is, and he giggled and nodded up and down, is that she asked that's my friend. That's the funny man turned out my little brother been spending that his knights playing games with a very lonely John believed he was so young at that time. There was no way there is no
he knew who John Belushi were prior to all of this happening. What if he is super and ass, I now has a toddler. Naturally, no one ever talked about his death in that bungalow, two autonomous area- I hope you enjoy. This goes right made me feel sorry for John Belushi, but I'm glad he found some solace hanging out with my brother and hopefully got a few last from him. Stay sexy don't get murdered. Gina! Oh my god. Amazing is such a good family story. Ok, this is called so spooky ship or hollowing, and then sidebar cats. Now
oh right Elvis, yes, others Hank eyes and gals, no high guy and gals all my thoughts now that it's almost hello, we know to be good time for me to write in about my spooky paranormal experience. I grew up in a small town in Colorado in a house, it was shipper far away from other houses, and it was unanimously agreed was haunted his help. All of this book. He was reported happening in the same room, the tv room in the basement. Of course, the stories mostly happened during parities with my friends hearing fucked up things or people acting we're in the we ourselves at the morning, except one time when a hippie lady stay with us down there and told us, she heard things screaming in the walls which we decided to blame on raccoons move on their good catch. All those rockin reckons that my personal experience happen as I was about seventeen. My parents were
of town and decided to leave me and the enormous haunted house alone. My dad was allergic to cat, so they have to stay outside and our garage, but I was spooked, so I brought the Hermes inside second right where we went downstairs. Is there really gonna help you when you say that milling around, as your murder doesn't like says out at the idea of a fucking garage full of CAD fitness, nothing as a cover isn't Migs Nemours at at at at at at at at at at at least inside we went downstairs to watch tv and I settled into the couch pacing the tv, with my back to the majority of the room, one of my cats. Today in one of my cats, Tito was Arme lap and uncharacteristically really on edge. He kept jolting
up and staring over my shoulder at the same corner. I would turn around and look where he was looking and, of course nothing was there, but he would use, but he would just stare. He did this several times. He would go from purring and drooling a male app to highlight, with all his hair on end and staring at the same fucking corner over my shoulder, then suddenly he hissed and bolted out of the room. I decide not today, Satan and booked an upstairs to my room where he was waiting for me, I'm a bad, acting like nothing happened, so I got in bed and finally calmed down in a palace sleep, then thing I knew I had. Open my eyes and my nose was an inch away from a wall eyes, come to. I realized where I was that's right. I fucking slept walk to the corner in the basement,
I free and sprinted upstairs and launched in my bed. I checked my phone. It was roughly three o three I am and in the morning, meaning that I must have been in the corner almost exactly at three. I am now. Is it Albania, nothing like that? Has ever happened to me since and we are now selling the home. My mom used to tell my sister and I that the spirits have worked, just grow up and so aren't a threat to us, but might be mad about something else, but still fuck that coroner things. So the awesome broadcast a sexy interest, your cat Taylor and the next to tailor. In parentheses. It says, girl, Taylor, girl, girl, tailors a female Taylor, girl sailors, roads to Herpes, re, transitory cats, God that's upsetting to fuckin sleepwalk and then wake up in the basement in a corner. That's kinda, bad corner. Give I woke up and I haven't slept- walked to the pod law, which is a relatively like spirit. Free safe place would be freaked out. Oh yeah, none! I know, there's no good place. You can now like you. Could sleep walk to the freezer while the ice cream as the Adobe Freaking, the fuck I, but to the fucking corner, where your cat was kissing? Add to the Blair Witch corner? How are the bad children going right before their murdered exactly Algeria, for I am let's re me. Ok, this one. The subject line is haunted elevator with some surprise, celebrity cam, cameo, Lovett level of it and how this high everybody perfect.
Create a dozen times. Love love everything about it, the first line and uniform okay. So my hometown in the land of Georgia, my hometown is Atlanta, Georgia and my hometown murder for its life. Ghost story also happens to include the single most bizarre account or my life back, an agent Andy for my mother remarried into an extremely well the jewish family. When she Marietta girl, my step dad hit it and stack up my the family and I come from vastly different backgrounds now. If you, ladies of watch the share shameless but the character,
Mickey Moloch of it is a male version of me when I was coming up. If you haven't seen the show, I was on my way to being a piece of convict garbage no offense to convicted found anywhere on the first line of Hanukkah two dozen to my family celebrated. At my step, grandmothers home she lives in a high rise in an upper wealthy part. A bucket and building has elevators. You can only use after
front attendant, has given you Clarence. I get a lover, fancy my step daddy and he is my usual sidekick at family functions, but he wasn't feeling well that night, so he didn't attend the party. Without him I felt out of place and ended up hanging out so sweet her step down ones were sunk. I know very easy. I felt a place and ended up hanging out with one of the concierge staff. In the downstairs lobby, we were shooting the shit drinking of booze love, I'd, smuggled down from the party when I started hearing a consistent, dinging sound coming from the elevator from aside corner of the lobby, it sounded like somebody was pressing the button to open and close the elevator, but wasn't getting offer whenever weird reason I looked over and could see the floors, opening and closing the doors opening and closing and the lights inside flickering on and off, I asked the attendant if the elevator was broken. Any casually is branded responded. No, it's just on it. He told me that a few years earlier, a bloody man had run screaming into the building after being shot in altercation down the street and had collapsed and died in the elevator. Now, apparently, the guy who had been the perpetrator was true
To run from the police, but didn't make it very far I had been the perpetrator and was trying to run from please I'll. Have it didn't make a very far the attendant told me that ever since the death, the elevator had behaved strangely, no matter how many times they had had insert the doors opened and closed on its own and an active like it had a mind of its own, taking tenants to random floors going up going. All the way back down without opening the door to a shared going up then either way back down without opening the door and generally being pretty creevy. I thought the iter was this point my leg and I told him I thought he was full of shit. What a pleasant british voice chimed in behind me saying: oh, no, that's elevators most, definitely a hunted. I refuse to use it. I turned around to see who else
if this bullshit only to see it was Elton fucking, John Standing Mare wearing a blue, a pair of blue pajamas and one of those stocking cap hat things that you might expect to hear an apple soon is laughing. So aren't you write this as a prank is insane you founded and you're like? I have to give us a them here. Cities sees laughing in a way that it he's like excited so good, you, gotta, love, a celebrity and cadmium is an epic. After a second of me staring at him. I tried to process, but I was seeing he gave me a cute little head nod and wandered off down aside hallway. That's the story of how I learned that Elton John lives in my step, grandmothers building that he believes the elevators haunted and that he is sweet. Ass pajamas cheers Amber P S my step, that is my personal hero and best friend, and without him I wouldn't be half of who I am today. He listened to the podcast with me, sometimes so, on the off chance. This was read. I wanted to add that to the record, so lovely Amber that's variously Anna great fucking stories, for you, I'm happy for you Amber deserve your
their deserved at you in Lima there any she found a wonderful man, a wonderful man, didn't we had money, and it says that IRAN will say never system. This is called friendly, ghost story, Moon, Chicago, high I found fan. Thank you, sir. Much you're, making go stories, fair game for many sides, because I've been so excited to share this ghost story that has been passed through generations of my family. We you people are the best ok here it is so a smack dab in the middle of the great depression in Chicago, and my great grandfather was struggling like everyone else to provide food and shelter for his wife and several small children. One day he heard word that local bank had a job available. He immediately drop what he was doing and sprinted to the bank, but I read: A huge crowd of men had gathered, who all one of the job, and then it says in parentheses, one of messed up time really was tell me about it. No women could work. There. Ok
waited for hours, but never made it to the front of the line and eventually the boss, man from the bank, announced at the job had been filled and they should all go home? The totally defeated my great grandfather went to the local pub sure, and then it says good for your grandpa as he is sitting drinking beer and then sat down next amateur bar, he ordered a drink and they got to talking after several minutes of chatting a man out of the blue goes. You should go back to the bank, they have a job of eligible Great grandpa was like no, I was just there and they hired someone else. The man was like they have a job available, and my great and I was like no they'd out, this continues- and I guess my great grandfather was pretty and with the guy event, she was like fine. What our I'll go back. He thought of the guy completely bonkers, but something in it made him walk back to the bank like expected. When he got back, it was pink business as usual. There is, there is no crowd in the posting for the job and taken down. He was about to turn around only when the doors bank doors open in the bank boss, man is ushering. Someone out, then he pointed to my great grandparents ed you here for the job they grey
grandpa was in shock, but somehow pulled himself together enough to ace an interview and get hired turns out that the guy the boss man was ushered outside, was it when they who were they had originally hired, but something didn't work out as soon as break. Grandpa was done with the paperwork at the bank. He ran back to the path because he wanted to find the man who sat next to him to thank him for somehow. Knowing the bank job would be open again. Your crying her own going, but when he got back them it was gone. He asked of our tender young man who was sitting next to me. I need I need to find him and the the tender said. You're talking about those out in anybody's in ASEAN. That's exactly six! I value your crazy because you were talking to yourself the whole time. Oh my great ground,
was totally confused ass. He walked home. My family is convinced that the bank job saved him and his family, and so also my mom, my siblings and me, my irish Catholic family thinks serious man was an angel, but I don't know friendly go seems more likely to me say: sex ain't, always you at your friendly pop goes, tells you to do bridge can, I say, Brigitte where I think it well. Yes, because in the great depression in the crash of nineteen, twenty, nine or- bankers, killed them saw her, and I bet you as a fucking banker from that bank and is the reason why the jobs as open and looking went there. It was his job without because why would even be in there that bank or no or hot bank love is scary? I love such slowly.
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it's called a dead camper question: Hey Georgia, Karen Stephen and ah animal grammatical, L huge under the show, and since its October I'm we listen to last year's booze stories they but little squiggly lens episode. In the event you do something similar this year or a greedy menaced. Many says some time. I hope you find this creepy too. I was born and raised in a very small town in New Hampshire, home of good old H, H, homes, Mannion early nineteen, hundreds, our property was a summer camp for boys are any terrifying hoard. Just the worst idea, the smells everywhere houses houses Foundation was literally built around the old swimming pool in our front yard. The concrete from the pool was covered with stones, but as the years passed, they fell off and revealed more paint from the pool there is.
There is also weird things and our property like a set of old wooden, stairs built into a huge hill on just one side: no creepy. We had a good amount of land there I or I'm in the backyard my dad cleared out to create by trails and jumps for us rad anyways when I was probably twelve. My friend and I were writing airbags and rode all the way down to where the clearing ended and the woods began and the same exact timing. Both came to a sudden, stop and skidded offer bikes, basically staring at the woods wondering what the creepy ass hell. They were looking at rate at the tree line. There was a boy staring back at us who look to be around nine years old, whose very dirty with shaggy brown hair. He was completely naked, except for a shirt made out a fabric. You didn't makeshifts short skirt it the skirt, not sure, ok, can I say he's but he's wearing a slow, skirt, yeah, ok,
like a wild boy. I like it better than if he was wearing a shirt with no pants like porcupine yeah like make it from the waist down little boy. That's bad! Bang, none unknown, adapts emergency situation, girt, ok, stir, ok, Asker Element, a makeshift skirt, Meda fabric, Ali Old Timey, all. He had was a dog that was already running away from us. He started As for a good three seconds before gently shaking his head, I don't know if I would call it a non and then he ran after his dog who both reach out, ran back home to tell our parents who believed us enough to go unchecked, the woods, but obviously I didn't see anything. I never saw him again, but it's always stuck with me. There's always been where things that have happened at my house. To my other friends, your childhood is that they thought my house was creepy to know shit yeah. I looked into my house as much as I could. All I really found was evidence of a wealthy businessmen back in the day, opening a camp that was for boys to teaching about hunting, archery, etc.
No after that I can't find anything else. I even worked my towns, historical department, but they can't find much more either my time small. Everyone knows everyone and whose kids are, whose there's no missing children at the time or ever. Basically, wasn't any of my neighbours are classmates and I've never seen a kind of dog. Before around town. I like to think it's a boy from the camp at either died there or ran away and died and was a and squiggly lines thinks are eating, stay sexy, no cameras Katy, he was a girl. There was a guest of little boy goes to like is leaving his best life like best coastline out in the woods. A wild child he's got his Fuckin trusty hound with him, but why is he nodding his head he's just like yep you saw me. Oh, he was yes nodding. He said it wasn't like a yes here, and I'd nodded nodded his head. I dont know I would call it a non o shaking his head. I don't
Call it a night shaking his head is creepy shaking as like stay away from this war, or something you're not supposed to be here, because what, if that it? You know that reminds me of his Fox island, which is in the upper peninsula in Michigan. Is that their Michigan killers? When is it the Oakland Oclock child killer? That was that weird connection to they started in underprivileged boys on an island where they flew kids in the kids couldn't get back off the island. Most of the kids were underprivileged in some way and they fucking were molesting nanny, Lou insects turn words into fuckin, just have their yes and it like. Well,
they fuckin. Oh, my god, this is like it's. The forties version better back when no one would have reported and an echo to the fucking time goes as my god. What, if that? Well, they businessmen started that fucking camphor boys was named h, age, how it was his first pass definite. Also, why would you build? Yes, I do Why would you build now we're a pool. No, no, no, no saw all sorts of problems, its foundation only and end the spiritual, and I click a link or likely essentially the foundational. Can we giving one second, because this one? Yes,
my last one here, the subject line as it goes saved my life right already, and I am going to cry. It might well say a love letter to care the article. It's my favorite low, at least this shit. That's how it's done tat is how little of this shit on New year's eve- and I was six months old- my parents lay down for bed one night and wanna and went on about their business about two hours later. My dad heard this loud, but beautiful whistling it being the eighties. He was forced to get up and turned down the tv as we didn't have a remote in parentheses, which they still tell me to this day is the reason they had me to change the channel that, but, as the whistling continued, my dad want to their bedroom to see how the hell my mom could whistle like that, but he and she was dead asleep. I got it. So dead and I was like he was dead, and that was the dramatic warning who
well courage to ask her to ask if it was her and upon realizing. It wasn't then rushed to my room. They rushed to my room. Your daughter's amazing. A baby was previously my room was ice cold, but I was drenched in sweat when they took my temperature was a hundred and five following a ship. Needless to say, I was at the ear and minutes once there they did a spinal tap eyes bath an x ray of my chest. They found my lungs filled with pneumonia. The doctors told my parents how lucky they were to have brought me I could have been dead within hours if not for them. Checking on fast forward to the fourth of July were our next door neighbours for throwing a pull party. My dad started talking to the wife who had lived there for thirty years and out of curiosity, asked about the previous tenants of the house,
her eyes lit up when talking about the mother who lived and died next door. According to my dad, her exact words were quote: she was a beautiful woman with several children. Everyone loved her. You see back in the day we didn't have air conditioning, so we would leave the windows open to let the breeze in, and you could hear her whistling the most beautiful song to her children at night. Needless to I just gave myself just needless to say my dad shit his pants at that point and probably had a look of shock and horror on his face. Then she started to smile and said still there, without knowing anything about our situation, she went on to explain that. Unfortunately, she stopped whistling when her newborn daughter stay away from no no, no, no,
stay sexy and let whistling old, ladys ghost Savior alive Laura. Oh, my god. I have the full body Joe. I don't care if this is faith, it's great right in the end, if it's real, even better- oh my God is in that I mean: do a hundred this beautiful whistling in and of itself as insanely Gabby yeah, but Ah, but then go also a baby is still there. Isn't she she still there? Isn't she having pneumonia and then thirty years later, another baby having ammonia is. Maybe
dismantle that side of the house there. Somebody there's something walls are sometimes lily. Frightening. Put your baby asleep in the kitchen. Roundly is the of that crab over by the microwave migrations going, but look at you and your with as much as a beautiful pneumonia whistling yard that was beautiful, so beautiful, touching touching feeling whistling whistling maddening oil learning gazing in your as their story that my favorite murder at Gmail, and you know that yeah and stay Saxon took a martyred guy. When a cookie,
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