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This week’s hometowns include a triple homicide and death by a snail. 

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This is exactly right. We welcome you and my neighbour murder, many so that Georgia hard Start Ex caring coherer. We haven't done only alive or if we stop doing. Why are we not do that, because we ve only had a couple shows since vacation came back so world super rusty? We forget how to be professionals. It's me, you have no idea who is talking. Is lake We don't help. You know it's just like you're on your own when our voices ones in your right ear ones in your left. Air is at our works. Yeah attack re guerrilla, stating the whole time we so as a great chance you ll fall over. This is where we renew your stories, your home towns
what other eva yeah. Whatever you lie about listen creepy, pastor deliverers were onto you kind of but this one's very real. Or can I go firstly about this? Just the subjects of this is an Oji hometown, high Emma found crew and assorted adorable pets. My name is Lauren and I hail from eerie Pennsylvania and belief give me the pizza bomber. Isn't the only reason this places? Half those are Laurens, learns everybody, I do, I'm ok, so June, eleven twenty seventeen and about one thirty p m Christopher locally our forty nine, put out Stress call to the: U S: coastguard, claiming that his wife, Kerala Clare, fifty one had fallen overboard. He told investigators that he and his wife had gone out on Lake Erie on there commercial fishing boat. The Doris EM and Karen had been sitting on a bucket near the side of the boat, because she was experiencing motion segment when he looked back
check on her she had disappeared and when he realized she wasn't on the boat. The first thing he did was called a coastguard They did a massive search for the coastguard was not able to fine Karen, but here's the thing. The surveillance, video from the lake showed Christopher and Karen boarding their boat together and going out on the lake on. TAT the day before he reported her overboard in Russia. The boat returned about three hours later, but docked in a different location, away from the doors elms assigned slip, a single some got off the boat and drove away in the vehicle that the Le Claire's had arrived in earlier than the now stage. One eleven. Twenty seventeen, the vehicle returned in a single person, boarded the boat and went out on the lake. Again around known. It was an hour and a half later that Leclerc the coastguard back to sell. That is basically when everybody figured out the crystal early Clare sits on the throne of lies and charged him with her murder on June thirteenth, twenty seventeen as it turned,
out. He was leading a double life than having an affair and had a girlfriend on the side. They think. Around a girlfriend different. The sentence goes had been having an affair and had a girlfriend on the side of those guys busy and fuckin asshole he's a graded organizing his time now they think you preparing to do something like this for a while and in been telling friends that Karen had terminal cancer and did not have much time to live three, ex later about her found Karen's body about six miles off the coast of Dunkirk, New York on July. Fourth, twenty seventeen she was tied to an anchor police search the doors em on July fifth and found ropes, which had been cut that match those found on the body. An autopsy done an eerie county New York on July Fifth, and determine that Carolyn
there had died of a gunshot wounds. The head and her death was ruled. Homicide wholly declared then claimed that his wife knew he was having an affair and asked him to stop talking to his girlfriend three weeks before her death. He as the current committed suicide on the boat the day that day, because she was still upset about the affair. His lawyer, argued that Christopher Clare was overwhelmed by what had occurred and he did not know what to do in just reacted and did not want people to know the current had taken her life and that's why he tied her up and threw overboard cool storage costs, oh, my eyes. In October twenty eighteen, he was convicted of all charges and then, in December he was sentenced to life in prison without per day at least there some justice for Karen and this monsters behind bars forever. So, yes, the pizza bomber case was crazy and made national headlines. But don't you worry? We still have plenty of fucked up shit going on around here.
I'd stay, is saved and do gods missions, but that's not really my jam so I'll go with the classic stay sexy and don't get murdered, Lauren. Ah those pesky security cameras. I mean that is such a classic Oji hometown. I can't believe area second, one what a monster like Egypt, Lecoq other is surely saying not cool. Looking now scary, he looks like the cowardly lion. What had about the arab outline low? I hourly about I'm totally that was fucked up yeah k, here's one this runs called triple homicide and Blanchard Avail Wisconsin, and I am taking out the last names that she put inherent just because I don't want to get good idea in trouble. Ok, he just in so I just was turned on to your podcast and I wanted to share my hometown triple homicide story. That's a great, that's a great thought. I remember the story when it happened. I grew up in Blanche or real Wisconsin, but at this point I had moved to medicine. I heard of
MR my mother, that there was a triple homicide that took place in the county, and your bill has a population of under eight hundred according the sign entering the town, which has never changed. Since I was a child s, one thousand eight hundred most the story and folded. From articles. I read rumours I heard and from someone who knew when the investigators who is there that night and started with a plan for by forty five people. The people personally about their Jason, Eddie and Aaron and errands a female twenties very early on there was a rumour that at least one other person was an Bob someone, eighty from high school, but it was always a rumour. The group came this plan in the country between Blanchard Milon Argyle, lived Bradley and his wife not saying her name either broadly was known to these kids as a local drug dealer, and they saw an opportunity to rob him and the potential to either make money selling the drugs or taking the drugs themselves bad plan, always about idea. The group would pretend we d agents, and they would in the House and Raw Bradley
So they're on drugs themselves seems like dad draw yes hallucinogenic, not the fun kind of let's hold hands and do a drum circle. Now, when the night came to pull the plan off, one or two additional people were no show for whatever reason, the trio decided to continue with the plan. Anyways they brought to yeah cause one was left over a mile away as a backup and the other was driven to the home, and Bradley Home was previously achieves factory converted into a resident xyz content. Ok, can I just say: there's a cheese factory they, oh I like it. Countryside o peddler. Last that we always take people too. You have a nice picnic by a leg with glass and stuff like that of the inside of the cheese factory. Was Lee Smelly, place. I've ever been in my lad. If the idea that you would live inside, imagine it it's like all. Cement is a year, never eliminating when a dairy things like their Campi, a ton of
sure it's swell girls of gas is a picture. The smell you, their feet beat smile, so previously, cheese, factory, converting do or residence and an Bradley was also not only a drug dealer, but a gun, collector gonna go rob a drug dealing, she's gonna zoo earth, so he is he's the worse person. Anyone could brought me. You should not rob this person as a rule in your life. You should know that in your twenty, this is gonna be about experience, whether it be olfactory, experience or d just getting out Linda. While it gets bad. Ok, it is and if the trio knew this detail about the guns, it is also unclear if they knew that Bradley had an extensive security system around his home, which alerted him of their arrival. I mean, like he's a drug dealer, Tarsi love, so went down. Exactly is unclear spoiler, as accounts were limited to the survivors, but the trio render the house and caught Brad Brad's dogs,
barking at the commotion, which worked Jenna up, who came to see what was going on and was then taken hostage herself, Brad at one point got away and I got a weapon from his bedroom Brad. And came back and shot Eddie three times that Jason and AIR and ran with Jason S getting shot in the head. Is he attempted to escape? Aaron female wooden get back to the car and escaped successfully. Oh, my god. They earn drove back to one of the nearby towns and struggle to make a decision on what to do. I had heard she contacted someone, told them what happen and then they were like. You should call the fucking Policia. Meanwhile, back at the crime scene, Jana called the local authorities to report a home intrusion. This secular in that had Aaron not escaped Brad and Jenna, wouldn't have involved the police and instead handled the clean up themselves, but with a witness out there. They wanted to get ahead of the story, but having the power said. The house, where Bradley dealt drugs from main him trip up his story. He served.
The gun he had used to kill the two kids to the police on arrival when What did you think what you think the motive for robbing he was he share. But he had a gun collection while show His guns, the police, saw his pills staff. He should do so officer was station with the drugs and diamonds, which rightly may have seen how things were going to get only more complicated from there now keep in mind broadly, was initially being treated as a victim of home invasion. These new items and development, the police asked if he had any additional weapons on him and then began a pat him down the following. The Italian her from another person who knew the officer that perform the pact down starting a brass ankles, came a boom and what officer said felt like rain, which made him into himself in the moment. Why isn't raining inside the house? Oh Brad, gun in his waistband and figuring the situation was only gonna get worse from here on out drew
Gun and shot himself in the chin. Oh my god, because now the local authorities were now witnesses to a new crime. State authorities had take over the case. This brought the death toll to see with two surviving witnesses, Jenna Erin police had only the pills as drugs and for quite a while. That was the only angle they worked with a few days later, a relative of and Brad recalled them we call while helping the movement of the House a room in the basement. Tip to police, to its existence, o this the police to hidden room where they had a marijuana, growing room. It doesn't matter if it's not another at some national story as I've known for years reading, the article reminded me of some details and clarified others. For years. When I would tell people I was firm Blanchard will people usually didn't know that was so I'd, say it's a small town known for a triple homicide, a bank scandal and our high school girls, basketball team, making it to state three years in a row,
the girl, Blanchard Wolverine Azure anyway, I hope the sounded interesting. Let me know if you any questions so questions or need anything clarified. I need you to live or clarify this need the dozen ass justice, I dont know whose side to beyond I dont know who's in the wrong either there's its victims in this. Why there's no m p S thoughts, all bad guys in this one I am, but I feel like if the if the becoming a drug dealer quote on Korea was because he was growing a bunch of Puglia. As I drive down the street in LOS Angeles and every other store front, is a weak store, yeah its tragic than anybody had to be killed your items or feel like they had to kill them. So it's it's a fuckin hometown or their yeah great job, even those of bomber. It's a hometown, a home! That's who always require Irena like this, when I think of it. Well, qualified
some decline as an Epstein connection. That goes all the way he has an excellent can actually love it would do. I am, could have put my dad and J sinister ebbing connection. We will do it, I'm not supposed to tell anyone like we won't say your name make up any story. You want about it. Ok, ready, o o friends, both with and without fur, none of us here here really bids us moustaches included under that, but I'm a massive family show of a ton of creepy hometown stories, because I spent most of my life in Nepal crime, ridden city state. I just of what Florida I also just recently got my masters and forensic psychology in Edinburgh, Scotland. So crime is kind. My thing to study
to do for the first time I have direct connection to a current criminal case and it goes all the way to the dog. All caps exclamation point it's a little long, but I promise it's worth it. My hometown of Albuquerque New Mexico has recently come into the media thanks to a literal piece of flaming garbage Jeffrey Epstein. May he rotten hell if it exists. This is all on. The fate has massive ranch in the desert had has been revealed as a place where he wanted to quote see the human race by impregnating, a bunch of women Doing fuck knows what the people you need to know about are the for those I don't know the family are one of the wealthiest in America and their patriarch grew his money in a lot of the family is a strange, but one of them was named in the court documents released about Epstein, okay so, back in two thousand one, my dad who works in the spot and hotel industry was asked to do a quote special favour for personal friend of the family. He was
us to design a quote private spot with multiple quote treatment, rooms and amenities at the New Mexico ranch knowledge. He was told to work directly with. I dont know how to pronounce her name gives Lane MAX, oh and then Prentices Epstein, nightmarish partner in crime and ex girlfriend Turkey. A space. Where quote special friends could receive massages illumining quoted areas is a mess email. He was also asked to recommend female massage therapist quote work special events, tat hard pass yeah. Thankfully, After a lot of back and forth questioning the project fizzled out, he then found out. I can't believe her dad found out that the third president. Initially he had initially recommended were rejected because they were quote not the type of there because they were looking for and quote miss act now wanted younger and more attractive women. The whole process, never side easy with my dad, but he had little to go off of other than a gut feeling until a few years later when
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from Pittsburgh. That's a slow murder! Well away. They hear that. Ok, this announcement from Pittsburgh and you can tell because it says first jack. Karen Stephen Feline cookie monster, let's Elvis you guys are so I sent her hands and murdering. Oh that's Pittsburgh, a means guys are so awesome and I was truly question, my own mental state being morbid and fucked up until I started listening to your PA gas, the thank so things are can we feel a bit more normal and a bit extra morbid, Here's my story. I grew up on military bases. As my dad was a: U S Marine. I spent five years my childhood. Cadena AIR Force Base in Okinawa, Japan, loving life the tropical island. I was they're from ninety ninety six to two thousand and one putting me from six years old to eleven sweating? our chunk of my childhood. There was super cool, but also terrifying, as islands such as this are home to some of the most fucked up bugs ever
when it would rain there. There would literally hundreds of thousands of these fat worms that would appear all over the streets and sidewalks, and this one of them being crushed under the tires of cars. Still haunts me today, day whom driving them treats you could look up and sea monster, spiderwebs and trees, accompanied by banana spiders, which are ain't, moorish and huge and bite what stolen seeming photo. Please, one time when we were on our way to our water park, a banana spider fell under our car hurled into our sun roof and down my mother's hair. This is this better, be a creepy pasta, designs, guy, very up I'll, get creepy pasta from us. That's right! Her fucking hair! Anyway, to the point in two thousand these crop. These massive snails appeared on the island giant. Four can snails to be exact, and let me tell you these things were everywhere from trees to cars, to houses. It was us First, there is a big snail on it. Now
say giant, it's no exaggeration, these things were about three inches tall and eight inches or more law like nasty fucked up snails and have no business existing a snail. That's almost a foot long, I'm being is about ass. Ten year old. I didn't know this girl, but a seven year old from my school was walking home with a group of her classmates and neighbours when they began teasing her and dare to pick up. The whole one of these disgusting african snails for several minutes this year, girl, did exactly what any of us bad ass broad would have she fiercely picked up that aid and snail climb from her hand up her arm before releasing it. Bravo young warrior, but this is where gets weird later that may that cute little girl fell into a coma. No one knew what cause was, but it lasted for several days ultimately leading to the poor things. Death turns out. These snails were infected with a parasite which was
and many a little girl taking her life, we're all than urge strongly not to touch the snails, which I think everyone was comfortable with. I just think it so fucked up that the sweet, little girl who was just proving her bravery, smelly boys, had to go in such a sad and unusual fashion. Moral of the story is don't pick up bugs, especially on foreign tropical island states. And don't get murdered by a snail p. That same year, a poisonous japanese snake killed my cat, Arnold, so hold Elvis close tonight and keep them away from snakes. Please Maria B of Pittsburgh cuts Maria, what a bummer hometown, I'm so mad right now, that's the creek! Is there ever heard it's horrible, but also just like to say this. If some He dares you to do something. You absolutely have the right to pick up. The snail
throw it at the person dairy. I like this idea that she had to prove is a fallacy and look that we're talking about kids whatever, but I'm just saying that to anybody listening, don't always forget your option of fuck, you yeah it's there and its important Stena units shows a banana spiders as good as either been analysed by rosy hands size, yellow on and the legs are so long. I was pitch one of those national flag, crab spiders, but this is like a spider spider, a coconut crown organic crab, but this is a fuckin spent by is so big. It's as big as a grown man hand, but its legs are lake is this looks like something out of horror movie. I it's awful here.
This is that we owe man we're gonna need the fuckin. Despite costs will kill you girls to cover this Africans like ok, there's a short one k. I won't say the summit: people give away Karen Stephen and assorted fur babies mused, insist upon doing of urban areas. Listening. I just started to say about a month ago and I love listening to the stories you share. I've been a murdering, oh, my entire life an early reader so first grade I began. Reading Nancy Drew and my obsession with murder and mystery began, loved and answer saga, love that those but covers yet I knew that I had to write in when a few days ago my mom told me a new story about uncle and his time spent in San Quentin. Oh dear, that's! Where I am from think when my uncle
dawn, moved California in the late eightys to become a quote big star. Ok, apparently, a few months after he arrived, he got into a violent bar fight and killed a man when he hit him with a bar stall. Dawn was charged with manslaughter and sentenced to three to ten years in San Quentin. I knew all of this, but evidently he was assigned to the same cell block the one, and only Charles Manson before Manson, was transferred to Cochrane uncle had a similar hairstyles Manson and resembled him pretty closely in the face as well close enough that the Mai, and asked him if he and Manson were brothers and asked Don told my mom, he would say we might be related, but never I am to be his brother outright due to fear that Manson might hear his claim, get angry and have him shanks she's. Essentially, he used Manson's prison cried to stay safe, while in prison for the three years he served. Before being released for good behaviour and overcrowding. It's crazy,
that someone from West Virginia would and abusing trials Manson's prison, wrapped stay safe in prison, say sex and don't martyr anyone yeah yeah, that's Faxa bar yeah Ok, one! So in turn you see it! So you see in these like movies and verified someone breaking a bottle our chair over someone and it's like they don't get up and keep fighting after that. Don't do that! You watch road house and you think it's a documentary and it's not it's not a quick kidding yourself. Ok, first responder hometown, it says
How busy so, let's get to it, hey yea, I'm a police officer in Canada, not going to say where, as we got to protect people's privacy truth, I train a lot of Turkey's, because I'm apparently quote calm to the point that I'm not sure she knows what's going on nets, and then it is written by my supervisor on my year and evaluate, but a member, a good for you, Kate, called to the point of churches, knows what's going on. I think some of your high you see my name is an invaluable ability. Absolutely unshakeable adjust. Please Something like a living attention will pay attention and they turn and there like hears all the attention. I've been paying here's your Miranda Rice witnesses. Ironically I memorized them. I had been with one of my rookies for about a month when we got a call that one of our local bad guys just shot himself in the head in front of his girlfriend boo
We got to the house in town the guy face down with a gun. Next to him and blood. On the floor, I told the working to go, get the gun and the second. He went to go walk over the body. It got up he's likely you it's a really hard wait: a right that Serbia, when basely cause you're, not as the body gotta array that sounds. We learn to walk over the body the outcome, their God Kate. I need you to pay more attention and put a comma there. The man, I'll get my head hurts on himself she'll my head hurts and my rookie was now writing the guys back, as he tried to get up turns out, ended up ricocheting off the guy Skull Remit She got him in an ambulance which my rookie then got to drive as the medics were both working on the guy and I was holding him down while may work. He was excited as he was an out even allowed to drive the police car yeah attributes
the hospital. I asked my rookie if he was doing ok, he responded better now when he got up. I thought the zambian Polyps headstart. I reminded him that when dead people get up, they are not on bees and not to shoot them big. Thanks for that I cast enshrining a light on the importance of therapy or pot cast his greatly love by all of us. First responders, mine, love, Katy, be wow Katy. That is a horrifying store that guy's got a yet he's survived, and I'm very interesting is that's that as happened? Sometimes people yeah hydrogen on I survived people, get shot NED and live. Happens a lot like a lot more than I ever thought. I read, but I wonder, I am interested to see if that, guy, at baseless a new lease on life, it's like yearly luckiest human being there is yes what
I do now now you have become for us responder, you can. I at least drive the ambulance for this poor town. The only of two people know what they're really do any like that. I twisted and turn the maize ended with an eye survived yeah, send your stories of survival and crazy shit happening, and it doesn't have to be murder related crime related. It could be grandparent related. We just like great anecdotes, nice YAP, snappy stories about your family friends. What not like, while stories that you tell it parties yam that are not creepy pasta That's a real tee in green. The true will now please Ex Ante ogre murdered go my elbows, you wanna cookie,
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