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2019-09-09 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a morgue story and a gun range.

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This is exactly right. And welcomes in my favor murder. This is the many sewed or we reduce shit, your own shit right back to send it to us. We have no choice but to review of forests are ham. It's the agreement we all made at the beginning of this house, I mean a pot, guest and it'll, never again It will never be over, give wonder and on like a light hearted one kilometre first yeah minor about magazines, tat her heart. This just says hometown story. Yes hey Gauss, first off
So then you guys got me for my grilling. Can you on the LOS Angeles Metro any who I'll get to it? I moved to allay about a year ago, but before that I lived in a small city in Missouri called Springfield. You know the home of Gypsy Blanchard, how parent most Missouri. Yes, it is, deleting you get that I have lived in an apartment downtown for about three years and how many sketchy things happened to me, but this was by far the sketch, the scariest I kept saying this creepy dude with Jeffrey Dahmer, glasses and a dirty ass, sure skulking around the premises for awhile. I assumed he was a new tenant. This just the whole sort. Marines me of the planet lived in Hollywood that it and it's terrifying yeah. He always heaped on me in the basement laundry room now and I would ignore his attempts at interacting fucking up. I building laundry rose. Is there anything scarier or more dangerous? Totally, you a weapon and get real, confrontational, think someone's quota quote creeping on you in there
Andrew. I turn around and go back. Should bananas on the earth just I've, washing your clothes get a friend who has it like washer drier take out alone from them in quarters IA take it on down to a very full laundry. That's a great idea. One day I walk to the gas station around the corner and noticed he was following me. I thought maybe you just going to the gas station to, but he followed me they're waited outside and then follow me back home. I was shrieked out. I told myself off- maybe it's just a stupid coincidence. Well, guess what it wasn't later that One of my female neighbors had told me: you'd gotten attack the night before by a man and glasses. He had cut behind her and tat. De grab her and drag her down the stairs. Luckily, she felt back and got away from him and call the police turns out here. Squatting in the basement for about a month in my area, carbon manager, did nothing about it and guess what neither did the police they let him.
Because there was already an ongoing investigation embodying him that they quote didn't want to interfere with so I'll caps us up registered sex offender, Jesus cried the ongoing investigation. They were talking about involved him raping a thirteen year old girl. We share. Needless to say, I trust my got now and it tells me someone is creepy fuck head. Yes, thanks for being the best Lacy Jesus Christ size so much there causes an ongoing investigation and he might be a child rapist rights go ahead and let him do it at present Trespassin getting him in for trespassing while derailed investigation. I, like where we have to watch our own fuckin backs Greece's one also yeah in its. You're in. If someone is walking behind you and there's more than one gas station in your town. Yet it is not a coincidence. Erle deter on pepper spray. People are fighting to close. The euro slowed allowed to trying to get the fuck away from me. I'm not kidding, do whatever you want, yeah say, be confrontational, be aggressive like those people,
need to know that you're paying attention and that you're at or be or turn around and take a picture of em Amelia. Knocking agree rate. I worry me now have a picture of you, I'm taking him to the car. That's a great idea. You know when I got I got box, then, like someone trap me off, the freeway You thought I cut him off and I couldn't go anywhere. You gotta have a car came my window and I did was Can it now to do was yelling at me? Asserted recording him with my found yet and assume I did that he acted all normal and walked away. Yes, that's right, yeah yeah get get them, get proof if snort collecting your own proof and show them that's what you're doing here show them that Europe, pretending they're, not their cause. Your scare re show them scared therefore you're going to go not so beloved. Yes, please lover, also involve your friends. Involve the guy It works in the gas station yeah I say to the guy that works the gas station. Can you help me that guy's following yeah, like do you see? see if anyone will jump in on it re totally, but also you save it for
for when you know yeah carry pepper spray, make sure you're, not that's all happening a lot. You know be your own best editor, but when you truly feel it go with it, that's right You're peppers? Bragged has only a few sprays Anna remember that two runs out pretty quick but know that people will help. You look for a mom, tight, yandah and look at her and go this guy's freaking me out yeah or stopping Billy neat. Pretend that we're friends really quickly, because I this persons following me just don't be afraid to rope in others that Save have clean shirts right. You know right this, We just get right into this. What up You are also read that I even got my scary cat sister Anne my boyfriend, who hates most things into my ma. Am I guy has sink you, those to those of the victory people, guys who aren't innocent, twisted and women who are like. I can't listen to light ardor. I thank you so much
Brother was a teenager, he was irregular hooligan. Echo is always getting to some sort of mostly harmless trouble. One day in two thousand eight, when my brother was in a junior high school, he decided to stay home or parents sister and I went on a little leg day. A few hours away. This one. We were about to get ice cream. My mom got a call from my, and this is what I heard: what he's where, is easy. Ok, he did. Why oh my god. Ok we'll be there in a few hours, it turns out my seventeen robe, whether in a group of his pals or hanging out in one of their female friends, nice ass. Wealthy, neighborhoods filming a movie. In this movie, they were pretending to kidnap the girl, well girlfriend and had been taking acting since she was eight and pulled out all her act as gas girl. They dragged her into the car kicking and screaming sped away the girls we saw this in immediately called nine lines report. Her kidnapping shouts, as shout out to the neighbour for calling none alone and asking questions later, while the police wasted
time put out an amber, alert and shut down the highways they pulled over my are there and his friends and arrested the modem? I they brought them to jail and we picked him up after we finished our ice cream. Looking back on it now, even though it was a pain in the ass for my idiot brother and my parents, I'm super glad that the neighbour took action when she thought she, something happening and that the police reacted so quickly and took it so seriously. If brother was a real kidnapper. They would have saved a girls like I dont think there were ever charges filed against my brother and his friends, but I was only in the fourth grade, so I was damaged, oblivious he's, thirty and so basically a dumb teenager and he hasn't can kidnapped anymore girls. So we are seeing big. Improve states accede, always tell your neighbors before you kidnap your friends, Shelby Shell show me and Larry S and identify as having a troubled older brother. Also. I wonder if they still use that, but if I bet it was great seriously kids it
Go who make movies on their own are so cool? I think I'll wait. A second that was from shall be Tarantino layer them again, good Neighbourly here's another one ready it. I'm just gonna tell you it's as Anti story, gray, howdy howdy out My great grandmother was murdered by serial Killer Donald Harvey, which inspired my lifelong love of true crime, ultimately landing me and career field. I am, and today the stamina You do it by the that's just turn: gotta opening YAP, an empty and Morgan ploy. I have, lots of stories from both of these, but the ones that keep me up at night of the once from the morgue knows, and I bet I have seen it all, but my favorite is about what I actually brought home from an autopsy this summer was
extremely hard, as we all know, which leads to some particularly unique circumstances for us at the morgue, contrary to popular belief, morgues are actually pretty clean and we use enough bleach that doesn't smell too horrible. So I act in the door and immediately gagged. I knew what had to be bad. We had a g comp case in which is something unused to, but what I wasn't expecting was all the little critter alone during our topsy. A few hundred maggot started dropping to the floor. Ok gross, but no big deal here is where it hits the fan, a fucking sleeps out of the body bag and onto the floor can handle anything except for rodents. I bought it instead of the room and the little mouse is darning around searching for a place to hide. So where does you decide to go? towards me great. Thankfully, my shrieks of feed, you're scared it off. Can you imagine a morgue worker and an anti, and you seem to so much shit, you're scared of my that's it. I was gonna, as everyone has their thank everyone. Has, though, that there are some people like We stand how you could ever do an autopsy and then the other people- it's like. I don't
Stan you could ever look at a map- gatt, like us about women than theirs, clearly right and wrong right. Thankfully, my tricks of fear, scared off and it runs under the door and into the supply closet. After the days and I come home and take off my shoes expecting to shower and each vetoes to only two feet that somehow maggot got under my shoe covers and into my shoes. Fortunately, is only one but after the mouse, I was just over it to make a long story short. I panic over little critter pathetic, I know, are pathologist eventually finds them ass a week later, who sadly have the ironic fate of dying at the morgue? play sexy and adopt cats to keep the mice away here from Cincinnati, wow Tierra You were doing the work you Diego it's important. We dont mean fond of you or the little your fear. Now we, your brave and many way, eyes ironic. It's there
like an Bulgaria's exactly if you were weeds idea or face yet because if you and you know it yeah, ok now this goes almost in the other direction sexy and think twice before you call the police. Ok right a lot of things. I'm entertain tame make judgements. Yeah judgment of hay loves. I grew up and Clare in western Australia and ass such had a natural obsession with serial killers. In fact, both my parents were witnesses to the first disappearance in the Claremont serial killer case. They were exiting club Bay view known back then, as club base view she was take, my guy. They were there. When I was about seven and I was home alone when I heard a knock on the door to police officer had come by to show local residents photos of possible suspects in a recent attack of a fellow officer at Claremont, train station. I had a very long look at the faces and said I would get in touch, I saw anyone who looked suspect nearby, cut to the next
I'm on the train going to work, and I seeds two older men across her me who I recognise immediately. I change carriages and make a frantic called to police that the tool silence or on the train heading two Perth city. I get off the train in the city and their easily a police officer storming the platform ready to take down the attackers. When I suddenly realized that these two men are not suspects, I'll shown, but are actually just friends of my dad's from the golf club I got. There gave you the cops from the night before it had a little bit better. Ah, I just ran. I of course called the nearest some say that I think I've made a mistake and high tale about their and thankfully no one was hurt or arrested. Because of me, I think the moral of the story is it
can trust your gut unless you're unimpressionable seventeen year old, with flair for drama, stay, sexy and arrest, all old men adios rainy, I loved the parallels here. We got good and bad. Yes, that's right! There's it because everything is nuance. There's it's just contextual, what's actually happening in our part of the reason we don't trust our debts anymore is because its probably wrong most of the time work, so we stopped trusting at because, like never at one time, I called the Fuckin NHS Swat team sure on my dad's golfing friend, there's always doubt there is no doubt that you're just kind of having reaction. That's why I like jacket jacket, twice rejected. Third talent, trust, your guy, but train. No yeah sheriff lie that what you know of the trust part is continuing to check and then, when you realise- oh, no, that's just Dan and Woody. My data, Galva friends, your fine, correct it then get the fuck out, get out of there. I'm glad she said
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Hello, all, let's just get right down to the nitty gritty. Sure look! Listen! So I was a young mother. I had my Senate nineteen and I wasn't the wisest person at that age. Lawyers shoot. I know some of them have no, because not many nineteen year olds are. Worked in a restaurant is at the times I often you'd centres for the weekends and evenings. Sometimes I parents and sister it just couldn't fitted into their scheduled to take him, so I would have to out source once in particular, I asked my fourteen year old needs to watch him for a few hours until grandma could pick him up, so I dropped him off. It hurt. Its house where she was staying for the weekend and headed out to work now, let's get something straight here. I am not a gun advocate. I hate them. So my reaction when I found out that her dad had taken my all caps, eight, old son, to a shooting reigned and taught him out a shoe, You can imagine one eye one pissed off Mama. Now, let's go hadn't fast forward about four years turns out. My nieces father is a murderer.
Why Jesus Christ? Yes, that's right. My son learn how to shoot a guy from a murderer. Her father, actually shot his current wife, something like forty six times. I ask you, don't remember the exact number, but it was insanely high my sister or the story, would have been a lot more depressing that, yes, I am that terrible mother, any who stays see and don't let murderous teacher kids had a shoot guns. Angela, oh my god, I now twists turns I bad enough, which is the shooting a gun, I know really. I was fine with the Un Range thing out: the height of that a term that horrible now, oh come on you, I didn't want to end. I want you to know. I'm not gonna, be the subject by higher so much we moved to us in taxes shortly after leaving DC to raise me a wee baby in a normal of urban House with my brother and sister being a mother three, as well as about ass in the state Capital. My mom was tired as hell of taking care of me one night after only getting me to fall asleep. My mom dozed off-
She walked me screaming and crying on the baby, monitor and was about to gradually get up and tend to me, but then she a strange man's voice over the monitor, saying America. Let's go to the car and things like that. Of being horrified waking my dad or calling the police. According to her, her only thought was, thank God. Somebody else is taking care of her and she went back to bear no eventually, my dad woke up and heard the voice bolted. Tears to my nursery, where I was alone sound asleep. Somehow they re I ask that the monitor had crossed channels with our next door, neighbours who had the same system, there, anyway, lovey all please come back to us in. Thank you re again. How do you, I trust your mother again for real life. She was so tired. I just like a someone's doing something, but did I ever tell you? The same thing happened with my friends, Peter fancy. They had their kids were babies here they are video monitor and
there were sitting there one night and Peter looked, or maybe it was friends of theirs. I think goes there frenzy of them the story that they looked over and they saw hands going into the baby. Crib- and it was the same thing bolting upstairs like someone is in the babies were, and they got there, the baby's asleep it's fine and it was they were looking at them. The crossed fee of their in their neighbors monitors. Here's what happened you go in, and babies finds the second thing could be. We have fucking ghosts. I wouldn't be like the neighbours must across regions be like there's a demon and my fuckin alice, and I I would think this second thing would be you stay. No shit in your panda in the baby's room like a baby. Yes, because that would be so scared because you have demons now. You're gonna have to go into the monitor a kill, the demon out. Why just hurt myself? doesn't. Even, though, is good for nothing. I think soliciting send your. We really need your stories. My favorite murderer. Gmail send your weird
Funny interesting story is make a concise. Yes, we want to hear whatever you have to tell us, tell us a good story and in a two pair max yeah like something like that happened in your family, that's that wherever one laughed about at in the end, but in the boat at first thought yet demons sure a demon is fine on a hidden treasure is fine. Any your grandparents did with weapons is grey? That's right! Also little brother brothers and sisters with weapons way ahead. You almost killed your kids when they were let all of accident. That's always a good one. More. Let's just remind everybody of my number one of all time, the little boy, the drug road round on his bike chain saws laying down telephone calls and his town just mayhem. Male her get. The man is a theme that we like to hear her presence during some shit, I'm on. What's that time, you would crush climbed up the water tower as you drink too. Many I'm colours and knocked over whatever do it has to be true that we're ok,
x and don't get murdered goodbye, and will this you wanna cookie
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