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Dial 1-800-KILL-KILL-KILL it's a My Favorite Murder minisode! This week, Karen and Georgia kick off 2017 with your hometown stories about nextdoor murderers, young 'Bonnie & Clyde' types, twisted morticians, and more.

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This is exactly right. You look so surprised to see me. I felt we just got a countdown from some like a new thing and in five four I then silent train. Karen looked at me, went good evening. This is Georgia, hearts to know it's now, a restarting oh!
and one begin Karen High Authority of welcoming appears urge here. You think you can look at me like show in my apartment in Europe. Oh, my God welcomed your apartment. You that's your bedroom! Thank you. Please feel free to use your bathroom. Thank you personally. Have her, though, when I know you better be it has I dont want just your germs, hair my, but I don't want your butter rounds. This is my favorite murder, many sewed, where we read you your hometown, meritorious american Can we get so many and their great you re the number, the phone number Should I give your phone averted a phone number family guy that one eight hundred we should kill, kill noise can save the amount the number of as elsewhere.
Two thousand and eight as two hundred and seventy nine emails are and are in Bonn right now: no bright red, no brass brag, because it's making us go out of your fucking mind with anxiety and it's not abroad, because now it seasons job. So next and people who send them to us now write them. Then it's her legs alienated, evokes Stevens. Imagine like it's like January. It's a brand new year we ve got a plan. We're gonna, take care a bed. Now we're gonna get stuck in a bombed, but doesn't matter in the meantime, no yeah. Until that you know it is it's a race to that, and until then, would you be so organise its array, swore to that Stephen is going to take care of our emails, just ignore what about Lucy had ever thought, I'm on I'm on the ear Keith Peppino style nerd are not trying to start a race while providing Keith pay me. Ok, I'm not on his side, of course, not my point
that seasons gonna be taking over a lot of shit, and I'm really excited about it, because I like somewhere telling people as if there's a distressed about it when we are the ones that are super about right. They don't give up. Just like fear, no brag, my access empty. This is why you fucking liar you see they wouldn't have hired someone who has. We wouldn't fired our selves, but somehow we got the job. I also got to do the brag that Stevenson when Siemens had his inbox is empty. Mine
Ten thousand eight hundred and ten e mails. When will you know if it's important, though Emily you again four times, is its important I'll? Get a? U p S registers letter saying you know, and then your opponent, somewhere else, you'll get far more. I figure if it's important to sheriff, will pull up the guns of lay them and take me down to the station the hope and then come back like bail. You out. Yes, you will please be let you learn a lesson for a night, though all that's gonna teach me a lessening Manila illyrian lesson about males. So here you want to start wait now you got ok. Here's the first one that I picked and it's, because it's from Aaron and this
decline as I was getting laid while they were getting slave? That's right! That's how our kicking off January rapidly in the air shit! Hey you guys and that's all it's a bunch of ease a bunch of oaths and a bunch of use. Hey you guys! You refuse to say it. I won't do it isn't says mystery. So I listen to you guys when I'm driving working, cooking and showering dangers- and it's got to the point where I now use Marina Lingo in my common daily life, I own a restaurant, loo, Loo and recently during a shift said to my crew Bucky granted, I look a little like Luke from Gilmore Girls was stone under that is by me. They're legislator, issues at a shorter, more lesbian, Luke Loophole in a lady. You know I think, Lucas the NAIL Li L guy gotta get or have to check our sources, Stephen, so those words coming out of my mouth we're not expected. One bet my staff stopped in their tracks like a scratched record staring at me a well so here's my hometown, murder. I grew up in lit its Pennsylvania, where nothing, but chocolate in Brussels had got little tits to whose turtles about with one hand, on her chin, like sadly librarian I wish you'd give I got left, it's ok, let lit it.
Lives. It was voted coolest, the little town or something ridiculously homey like that and folks who grew up they're, usually stay there. It's a snow globe, town adorable as but in the apparent in the neighborhood carriers in the neighborhood, where my parents lived there were, Group of kids that were within three to five years of each other. Like a ton, we used to play collective neighbourhood flashlight tag cake that can capture side, you get it. I moved away for college and only came back for a short time, while my mama sick, I was twenty four at the time and hated being back in my childhood room. But you know: nothings is independence like sleep hundred twin bed under your third great class picture is really pay me a picture for us? Yes, I was casually dating this girl who also
at home winners, every literally, never we're alone. One night, while my parents were on vacation, we stole the house and did what any early twentieth heart struck. Lesbian couples do not wasted and want to Disney move that we really want the direction I didn't I didn't either in the morning. We scramble to leave for work and were immediately circled by police. I was convinced my parents had found out about our razor and couldn't believe they call the cops I rolled out my window and the police officer yelled. What are you doing here? I told him I was going to work, which he said. Not this way. You aren't there some crazy stuff that happened on up the street. You have to stay inside, so I called into work with no details. Awesome waiting at fired and state inside, like the cop told me to three hours later we got a visit from the same police officer who told us there had been a murder upstream, Michael and Catherine boarded who live two hundred yards from me, we're both murdered in their home by their daughters, boyfriend favoured blood way. You piece of shit, David Eighteen, who was dating their fourteen year old daughter, Ill, was found to be sexually active, with heard after being forbidden to see each other Ludwig broke into their house, killed both parents and then fled with their daughter Kyra at the point
The cop had come to my house. They were still on the run adventures David wrecked, the Cuba Getaway car into a tree in Indiana after a chase, and they were covered car. A car attended her parents funeral sitting next to her other siblings fact. What now get the fuck out of here? Initially they sought the death penalty for David, but after a plea he was given. Life in prison meant with no hope for per all. Now we know how we need to put an end after that the house became neighbourhood Scare Shack where kids play flashlight tag would go up and see how close they could get door before they freaked out ran back shows that you never know what's happening in a small town, any who Elvis your awesome Ladys. Thank you. So much stay sexy, don't get murdered errant that was a large sum, but also fuck. I warrant heads like SP, especially after the spine cast yeah, I mean like you and if you re a kid like, I don't know, what's worse, having the daughter or the shitty boy who kills has dating
a fourteen year old kills the family. I mean you just can't control fate, that's the thing so you have kids and they grow up and then their old netting. They live next door to you. Nothing ever happens or a bolder rolls down your streets or like genes than giant peach, his parents member, is they got run over by a rhinoceros that probably shaping and such like that was. My aids Yes, they asked the rhinoceros escaped the zoo riot and they ran down the street and ran over his parents had to live with ants by colonel sponge. Only to worse dance of all time is this: why were we? have a connection on this level. Classroom dollars, my fuckin favorite, person and a whore out he's the best and he hated children, because you know that hated children and I think you may have been either an anti semite, of course, that there are some questionable stuff. Ok, that is surprising for a person who wrote things like
big, friendly giant, Danny the champion of the world. You some of my favorite books about time. Please don't ruin James, the giant peach for me. Can't can't do it. How can you an anti semite rather than a euro area? That's exactly right! Paquette! Isn't it off set by living on a peach that you use a small all tax would like the coolest inside my teacher read that in like fourth grade I just sat the going. I want to live on a permanent, Idaho, bad went to eat my home. I love peace, but they love pages. I wouldn't you my home here, right, that's Aaron! Thank you Ok, this one is car, but climate change may do burst. Goddammit. Ok, this one's call. It says hometown story than our caps. You will die. Yes, This is from Olivia, hey Ladys, I'm obsessed with her broadcast and you my fiance thinks they should be hospitalized. Men are claiming that murder. You will die at this story so good, so the quote
bombing and Clyde for some reason. Ok, so my fiancee went to high school with this couple Heather his now twenty years old and Tommy is now twenty two Heather came from a wealthy family and is a bit of a troublemaker growing up. She had a tumultuous relationship with her mother because of this, and it got worse when she started dating a club, bad boy named Tommy, yes from the wrong senator, hey Man, Tommy Tammy, just a White t shirt. All the time make it from the waste them to grow. Storekeeper white teeth are about. Two years ago, Heather's mom Sheila arrange a luxurious trip to Bali for her and Heather to iron out their relationship. Yeah, that's how my family? Doesn't they re? I no. I ain't, never gonna get like vacation braids, and yet we just put on some surrounds announced in Bali and talk shits through my mom and our best friends,
maximum talk, Tommy unexpectedly join them. I'm sorry and she was not happy. How are you unexpectedly jump on a plane to Bali? Yeah? That's, it becomes affected when you're selling out eight grand for Tommy totally during the trip the couple told Sheila that they were expecting a baby. She did not think Tommy was good good guy and she was not please about the news. During a confrontation, the mother was beaten to death by Tommy with a glass ashtray. Golly back the couple smashed, the lifeless body into a suitcase called a taxi. Put the suitcase into the taxi, told a taxi driver. They would be right back and ran away. Let but that is not about- was not a man. After some time went by, the taxi driver got suspicious yeah
covered. It was a dead woman in his trunk. They lived in the hotel surveillance, footage and tracked down a couple by the airport trying to flee the country, Heather and Tommy try to claim of self defence, because she'll attack them after learning about the unborn baby. Fuckin way, however, the authorities later discover the couple had planned the murder for months, They plan the motor for months and an ashtray is what they're going to hear in Bali. Holly Bali, I'm never going other. That's not let me place in that. I won't go for it or why no misgivings about this and other place one another point of view. I finally revealing its ball. It's like the most beautiful place ever, among other, did we find out the Bali is not in the United Wait. Whites
if you want they do. Let's see here, seasons shook sorry over subsidies, even hours divan. They use the code term, saying hi quote for any time. They will talk about the plan, murder of these peoples and fucking stupid. Don't you think this is the perfect time to go and say hi or, let's say hi after we tell her the news, Heather and timing I can convicted and thereby still in Bali, prison? Oh you dont want to be in Bali. Prison I'm guessing is that the ban is about by. I don't know. I just don't want to be a jail out over blue crystal or like of chaise lounges and sandwich drinking at a coconut, someday cocoanuts have our had her baby and his raising her daughter in the Bali prison. It also came out that in Chicago hate, what if he sounds like hey? Where are you raised in Arisen in Bali President, my mom, I'm
victim here? I totally innocent. Both Chagos visit, my home town, it's a fucking maximum security president is this where we had Christmas and its corner. This is where my mom had. What's it called when you're buyers up folder soup, Super lonely, initially secure that initially Gaga we're Heather RAP that the police have been called at their house over ninety tonnes, because Heather would it be use her mom why the fuck is nothing done. Heather and Tommy, both still postman social media like lunatics Alla time and call- and my fancy is quote friends with both of them because he knew them back in high school. I m sorry he's calling her fucking, crazy and he's friends a fucking murderers. This whole thing is gone. This person might be a little stone and just riding whatever they comes to their head. I think this is a living is call for private
How about the answer is a visually. I mean I'm, what sort of a near speaking vocally abusing heard, but Thornton verbally think here your visually abuse me or vocal. You look like shit, you're, ogle suck. You look terrible he's gas, letting our he's telling her she's crazy. Meanwhile, he's like hey, happy birthday, hangar, there's there so many victims in this story. I know how that are. Then I look for their social media posts and I can't look away in recent posed to her more than seventeen hunt thousand. Seventy hundred and fifty Instagram fathers have. I didn't, give fucking instagram unworthy. Listen it wouldn't! You falls on that's in Bali. Resign as she get Instagram oh yeah, but because I think Bali prison is the shared right. Here's what she rode have: a robber barons, Durham yeah. I know your haters gettin ready to throw me homecoming party.
I know your haters gettin, ready to throw me home coming parties sarcasm travelling time, something I think sarcasm for smart people. There are so many more details and I don't want this to be too long. So here's the link lovey both Exo Exo, Libya, Livia. What the hell did you just tell us honey there are places you can go to get away. Do is now is Heather. Leaving Bali present to go to a cyber cafe down the street from the prison till to log on, or did she get to have her own laptop in Bali present? Did you line where prisoners have access to computers. I mean Did she earn? It would. Did she mop really hard that we like high school students? We barely got access to computer it's crazy, and then it was only like fuckin organ trail and shit and also what's up baby
does it have long, harrowing baby? No, it's got back and vacation braids is built on a carnival crews, its whole life. She will do and we are sure that was clucking. That's all right! We have again, this is it. This is one is called. Dont have children, I mean you, don't have teenagers s right, I mean. Do this one from Thomas inside
always want to say the last name Plano this subject: fine, as my mom, almost one on a blind date with a special ed teacher, Slash killer man? Ok, I murder queens Blue, it's fun, MECCA, longtime, listener, first time, email, her and then a smiley face made with pair parentheses, Instep Elvis not now. So when I was eight years old, my folks got divorced two years later in ninety. Ninety to my mom was a majority. I was already a deep alcoholic at this point my mind, you were not about me. Ok, two years later- and I only we about you in nineteen o due to my mama's already- was ready enough to try to start dating again I'll. Do it. She had a close friend that she worked with, will call him Sammy that lives near us with his wife. He felt he really felt bad for my mom and ugly divorce and offered to set her up with his brother on a blind date.
Stephen Clark Foster was a special ed teacher at supper, an elementary school in the Portland Oregon area called organ city. Everything went to Hell, however, just one week before she was to go on the date with Sammy's brother. This was early October. Nineteen, eighty two and the principal from Stephen Foster School Alan Dean Gallagher had gone missing in the community and his first names Alan. Is it now and that was in a way inside baseball stand of comedy abundant in detail. But I am not way and of these Elsa wasn't funny, so he gone missing and hadn't been heard from in nearly a week likely racked with guilt and shame. Stephen Foster called nine one, one from a pay phone to say that he had information regarding the principles disappearance. I believe the police dispatcher told him to stay there, data
control car come to his location at the pay found to speak with him. However, he panicked got in his car and left police did not find him at the phone booth, whoever they laid. Spotted his car driving on the eye. Forty five in downtown Portland Foster eventually pulled his car over atop, the Fremont Bridge, the highest bridge over the Willimot River, and was observed pacing back and forth by obviously the police feared he was contemplating jumping to his death. The homicide detectives that followed him were able to convince him to get into their car with them and go talk with them. At a safer location, often off the bridge, Foster admitted that he had some sort of dispute with his principal. I believe he was caught stealing something from the school or someone at the school, as foster had more. Arrests and the past for theft, of course, but they go ahead and higher. Yet, as a teacher aired
and then he just like pack in that backpack with post it. Now he stated that he Lord Gallagher, to his home, where he repeatedly stabbed his Bosnia and then check chest neck and admin until he died to foster drove Gallagher Body thirty five miles West Portland buried his body and a shallow grave. While the detectives were waiting for officers from organ city to arrive at where they had pulled over with foster the special Ed teacher slid over from the front passenger seat in the driver's seat of the detectors cruiser after slipping his handcuffed hands from his back to his front side, began to take off pedal to the metal as he nearly hit the officers ass, he pulled out. Fine detectives opened fire with his service pistol and two bullet struck. Fostering the optimum foster didn't make it very far thereafter crushing the cruiser into
utility Paul just down the street foster, would be taken to the hospital where he would later succumb to his wounds and die officers were able to use. The information foster gave them just before, shooting to locate principles body that later that day, needless to say, put my mom off dating back up the day after that mere day, with a killer wishes for murder, Reno Thomas stays, sexy don't get dead p s, I am also a distant relative of trials in Burke and the Winberg bade low. I love that ass needing murder in itself. I agree I am fascinated with so SAM it's so what happened? I know as the person, but I think I know a happy. I think it got so foiled at the beginning and I want to say what it is and has been up to it. Ok should be built Most important debate
debility same point just so you know he also says he got his tickets for the dullest eleven twenty six Portland show this week can, when we look at us shit if you're going to the dollar dollar above me, love the dollar, but there are sister podcast air and I was to examine the May summit, so we can plug it all we want. Yes, that's right, you're, not gonna, fuck, em! There's nothing grows our mother, vegan wow man, sacks! That's all! What's crazy to me. Is he got caught stealing from the something from a school, so he stabbed the principal repeated lady get fired. Why collect unemployment? What could be in that school? A typewriter Leah? What's the most valuable thing denying that it doesn't make sense that doesnt vending machine and healthy? More than that, it was like money. Molesting children get livening, they maybe not
They can't prove it so they're. Just saying like how do I want to know take immediately. I was like the cop who was able to talk him off the ledge and end the cop car, like that. Guy deserves a metal and then some fuckin rookie cop lake ruined it for him wakened away, he put the because he has on wrong or not tenant, or you put him in the front seat and said it is lacking in the back and then shot him in the guy. Was such a fucking medal for talking this guy off a fuckin bridge view made the metal up it's over time, there's a metal you're right, you're right, but what I want to say is what, if he's one of those like like from it
sincere just like. I would not just some dude but then underneath, like his sweater, he's like a total yoga guy so like he was gonna, be able to flip those like get his leg double join end or some weird Lee able to get getting your hands from back to front earlier in handcuffs is not an easy thing. You know in a car, I think he's gonna happen. I thought you were and ask if he was a machine like a fuckin handstand off there, bridge periods, I everybody one, zero sons, eye irritation and then there, like you know, I think, he's a good guy. Let him go he's good at yoga. Him girl, like, oh, oh god, ok.
Lastly, this one is called my an uncle we're friends with a murderer, and yet it was a more Titian why Jessica Levels, Jessica, Georgia and Karen love. Your pack has obviously my best for an hour are obsessed and basically one to me, you guys when we grow up you calling us old, that's rude. So here is my fave murder, probably ever also. I don't. Make this sound interesting because I might we also want to make this an interesting, because I might not just watch the movie about the guy nope girl. This is all about your fuckin story. Here, that's right time to shine. My uncle was a mortuary was in mortuary school and Lake, Charles Louisiana Mobile and his assailant happier and work side by side with this really nice guy named Bernie tied work. De I e E. They work.
Local funeral home together? Basically, twenty four seven for a year. I recently text of my uncle about it and he casually responded. They would go to remove dead people from their place of their places of death together and bound together and work funerals together. You get idea Vernon. Surely she wrote you know the usual my aunt and uncle then move to this report area but kept in touch with Bernie. Apparently he would visit them and Shreveport while he was living in Katharine's, Texas and less taxes, and they would have him over for dinner and catch up. Ok, here's what the story gets awesome. So Bernie was in Katharine, doing his mortician thing: first, small town running the funeral home, etc, and he was like a v nice guy. Apparently, everyone in the community loved him and ninety ninety is short. Is this what second Zack I have an accurate his jet black fac cited exoticism you're thinking of the that's the other one where they were both running from air, whatever? No one, not one yearning of his Bernie, which is Jack Black, whereas the little moustache and curly hair I dislike inelegant, as I'm telling you
I believe you, but I think it is. This is a Veronica Lake situation where I got here, I see you can't. I've never been wrong pass this already seconds before that. Here's sky now, because I loved the movie Bernie, because I could watch Jack black do nothing, but in this movie he is so insanely hilarity Ikeda admit that they both kind of like resemble each other. So I'm not saying no, not in the least and they're they're, both playing like a feminist southern. Yes, guys like less Dashwoods Zack Thou galvanizes plays when he places brother, yes, exact, same character, baskets rate the same thing in that one, but that's one where he's running a gas will feral in Bernie were raised on a true story. I am thinking of that movie. I think I'm just thinking of the wrong person, yet you recasting descent. I have air freshener thirteen years old, like I'm, not gonna, fucking. Remember everything. I'm look like. I will accept that this is called the four breeze excuse and I'm sick of hearing it was. It was like a grocery store brand. Second language laid, don't do drugs. Yes, did you do
Ok, so he met this lady Marjorie, Marge Nugent awesome at her husband funeral everyone says: Marjorie. Was this total bitch really better and pretty much hated every one wishes we want to be. When I told you, I will be ok but Bernie, who was in his early thirties and Marjorie, who is around eighty became inseparable, pretty bizarre nineteen when you, when she had disinherited her son and left her five million state to Bernie, okay, what she says and was kind of a strange from her kids, apparently by ninety three Bernie left his job to work for her full time. Is your business manager and travel companion Omega Stephen that Stevens whirling God Stevens our Bernie Stephen? That's your title. Basically, he was only has the mustache tie that basically use is related. Assistance are three years later and ninety six people notice Marjorie never left her house. Bernie is essentially spent all his time in her estate. Just such was very ill missing care over the burning after they act for nine months claim is she was ill and didn't wanna leave the house and didn't want to speak to anyone
basically there its came over and found her body in a freezer because he had shot in the back four times and then put her freezer and then her in the freezer in the garage one, those old, big standalone, freezers which are so fucking, also because there are so many fuck and tv dinners and their debts and obstacles wait. The balmy forgot ran their hair, like got like the shady green and purple, and yet nobody on any kind of fell, the box and then you're like will you could go move those Ribby stakes ever found in white paper. Fuck man see if you can't get yourself an old fudging call. Not expected my way, those gorge budget. Now, my dear that's your nickname, absolutely elf, logical millions, birdies argue that now because, like I said he with a super nice guy and how he snapped- oh, let me use my company
She was in charge of everything. If you want to watch the movie which starts jet black, I would have thought even forty. Nine was running with me on the exact same. Why? Because you have it in your head that you can see it in your head and so you're sure of it. I do the exact same thing I mean you can't tell me that they weren't they weren't for the world together again tell we know you're still right, even though Europe first, I just want to be right. On one fuckin thing: it's called Bernie, it's on Netflix stay sexy, don't get murder Jessica, PS until twenty fourteen Bernie had been serving a life sentence than some new info came out. Boring stuff. It's not interesting. I want to go into it honey. You need set your great got released on bail, part of the terms that, between his release and sent me sentencing, he had a reside in us. Richard link letters, blah blah blah blah blah like how, in actual fact, the data that was reasonable condition of his release. The end
like basically that these were like he's kind of nice and he's a good, so he gets to get out and where the US live. At this person, I say he has lived on all may earn Richard Link letter slightly worried that actually terms of parole than the soviets I'll take it well. I would recommend watching that Movie Bernie. If you are a guard, the only thing that stressful for me, I was watching it. Why it's about a year ago and there's a part where Jack blackest singing him in the church and he's doing the thing where he moved his lip its
tis the funniest person, but it's really stressful, because if you are avoiding any thing in your life like say a bill or there's some thing, that's gonna hanging over your head movies like that like for me, it was stressing me out o bad because he's avoiding like he's, killed her right and some are and then he's trying to put people love and like do this dance like around try counties to kind of like trying to like make it so that the problem, never surfaces like waiting to get found out. Stress real well like when you really kind of lied to someone and, like you know, they're gonna find out one day see you have to tell them, but you don't want them to like well. For me, it's less of a lion more of lake, the it was my furlongs. I was my taxes that I never took care of you I had to, but in years going about your life, pretending that you don't have a huge fucking problem, yes, which drains you in every way and is so terrible d out yourself. But you pretend, like it's just easier to like to procrastinate than it is to take care of something when actually its exact opposite. We don't see it in a movie. You go. This fucking are likely in pain for him. Yes, and you can see how damages to do to yourself. That's how we feel about people who, like Chin on someone and then have to keep, decide, never to tell them like I'd rather tell them and they broke up with me, then have to keep that for second twenty five years, but I think
people who, like cheating, lay like having a secret in two of peoples who are like. I just told people that I took an huffed air freshener so clearly, and not one of those who are not yet members are now. I think I owe me there, but I realized that that used to make me really mad about people like how dishonourable it isn't like everybody has a thing given. Let him have let him have their thing whatever to somebody a dick, then you can just like if you find a way to find out about it, uses like walk Lamby like while I wash my hands of you, you have to be like destroyed. It's like your thing. What an unfortunate situation for you of Araby he I tell you
Their best find something else. We maybe you like kites you're, not even giving him a chance. You're so ended. She'd suddenly got people who, like a really indicated this, that's it that's what it is there like. I love box kites because I used to fuck every woman into those I killed it, or else it has. The eyes are looking down here. There's a tales, everything ok tales all I got your piece of guy. It's uncle. Henry is really in details. I mean not cakes
rights or listening to what business again, maybe the craziest episode luminous out this with great one thanks for sending those in keep doing, to keep doing it's good time. My favorite murder at Gmail, so what's up to Stephen, say, what's up, doesn't even tell him to get on his homework really to make our second lives easier. Already, please it's easy! It's twenty seventeen already and stay sexy and don't get murder by baby. You wanna many cookie, he's I can hear the Atlanta many cookie cookie. Maria, ok, bye, bye, bye,
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