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This week’s hometowns include a childhood adventure gone wrong and serial killer connections.

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And welcome. I favour murder Domine. So a trait that's caring, kook era, smile illegally and shorter hurts. But this is my Alloway Jaeger Jane. You got me. Your dark spark think that's Georgia, hard bankers! Ere! I love this when we review your stuff. Forgetten is a lot of good hollowing territory. Now, God people are getting yeah they're getting and regular and have a full hometown, always scary, spooky episode. Yet on hollowing, so look out for the steam. Do you think you could find us boiling cauldron? Sound effects like him just like the bubble bubble, toilet trouble of India or you have to say that I know well, but I am of agro Astir, meaning, ok, cancel that idea. Ok erratic system about ok, this first one, I'm not gonna, reduce the it's the entire story in the subject line as alarm just gonna save. I am
I'm crew and animals I start listening to the show this past summer and just got cut up enough to finally send in the story. I love you guys, but all save the pandering for the effort and get right into it. My parents were both thriving young adults in the seventies and eighties, a k, a prime serial killer time. One night after dinner, I decided to ask them if they had any crazy stories to tell me, but really I wasn't expecting much, but then my dad said: oh yeah park the Galapagos Van from nineteen, seventy eight nineteen, eighty Gerald and Charlene Gallego terrorize Sacramento kid thing, young girls and young women holding them hostage before killing and disposing their bodies disposing of their bodies. All of the victims had been raped and beaten before they were murdered and out of the ten victims, nine bodies were found, including twenty one year old, Linda Aguilar, who was four months pregnant. The two were arrested in late nineteen, eighty early nineteen, eighty one and in nineteen eighty three Gerald Imprint Hooker
pronouncing right Gerald were sentenced to death. However, that was returned and he died in prison in two thousand to shoreline received sixteen years and eight months after promising to fully cooperate and confess everything she was released in ninety ninety seven hour. No deals for killers clues. He set out as it he team serial killer team yeah, you know That's fine, go rent an apartment somewhere and get a job at the drugstore know what you're going to have less serious than people than some of your victims had on earth in jail for your crimes. Goodbye, IKEA during their spree. My dad was working as a parking attendant at Harrow Harrah's casino in Lake Tahoe low it. That casino is legendary ever
couple of months, Gerald and Charlene would drive up to the valet in a large beat up Van. Of course, my dad said that whenever they pulled up, he and his co workers would argue over who had to go park at me. I get the car because of the terrible smell inside. I don't even want to imagine what it was surrounded by every time, a man that's like making my skin cross like that to be the end of it.
I had never heard of the glade us as before, so I was ready to go up to my room and do all the research to craft the some town. Then my mom turned to him and said who was an old woman came into the hotel in Sacramento the one with all the bodies in her back yard, and I immediately stood up and screamed. You serve drinks to Dorothea points like my own down after the casino my dad worked as a bartender at the holiday Inn in Sacramento. I guess Dorothy Authority mixed a good drink, because my dad remembers her coming in a lot and every time she did my dad would tell her, could tell there were something off about her. She, Crete him out beyond belief and little lady creepy, especially the fact that she tipped in jewelry instead of cash. That's pretty bawler each time she came in should have a brand new ring or nationalistic evaluate. No, we see, we see what that mean. I see my dad would always turn them down, but one of the waitresses he worked with had developed a collection of all the pieces. The Dorothea would give up. I think our dad never took them, because after her arrest, the police came in and inner interviewed everyone when the waitress mention the jewelry. The police immediately had her turn everything over informing her that they had most definite
They belong to the victims that had been found in her back yard. Sakharov prize rebel she's, like you, can have this whole jewelry box and my dress re hearing me again. I neer lobes love the podcasting. Thank you for making my college experience a little bit easier, stay sexy and don't get in a van that smells weird or accept Joe, from creepy, old, Ladys, Jes, nice one just has to fur right. I was that was a sacro manner, a Sacramento powerhouse. It's weird, though we ve never done the legacy yeah I've never heard of it at that was an early one. For me, I was like twelve. When that happens, all you gotta do I I don't know why. Maybe me that one was kept from me. Somehow I've never heard of that one might go. It can take make another that gladdened just right. This time, I'm not gonna, be the title and there is a suicide trigger warning on this good idea. Thank you. Oh hello. Everyone in their pets. Great one
Favorite things to do with my kids is going a little adventures. This could ran I'm playing you want to get lost, or I let my kids pick and choose were going by having them give me directions. Well, undressing, colonel after thorough, ok hold up, that's hooking higher grade parents or air Whelk howl fund. Would it be old to control where the car well yeah as a child? Wanna go out here? I also you're learning left from right. Let's go. Let's give law. Let's get last reminds me of his being my parents, being single parents and having no money and is making up shit for us to do. Go hit Gulf balls at the high school both of you like they used to do that living sound, so good, so free or very simply following things in the sky
so why are they just follow things helicopter well pulling psychic? We play these games often, and sometimes we find some really cool places that we never would have known about otherwise, one day last spring My kids and I were the local ice cream parlor eating our treats outside after but ten minutes or so little kids. As do you hear that, the second to listen, and it turns out we get here but not see a helicopter who nonplussed we finished eating and took to took back off into the car and drove hum about an hour after coming home, the kids and I were talking on the porch when we could see the helicopter. This is a really a bizarre thing to see up here, as we are too far from any airport, a minute military base to have a chopper flying for such a long time and is soon to be a news one to boot. So being that mom, I ask of you, want to go on and adventure. My kid squarely s and were piled into the car and followed the damn thing
Copper took us to the lake. That is five minutes from the house where they were where there are more choppers flying around getting the car we watch as they circled when one of the city officials and I now sauntered up to Us- regret each other. My kids washed watch fascinated like I said we don't get to see that much around here her and my friend bent low and whispered in my ear. You may want to get them out of here soon, they'll be taking the body out in a few minutes. Children. My spine, and I turned to look at him and said what the fuck it turns out that one of the local men that had a history of mental illness had road himself out into the lake Titus your blocked with and throw himself over the side of the boat
children, and I were now witnessing was the Bobby recovery are now need us to say. I thanked him for the information and later the fuck out of there with my kids, I still voted ventures with my kids. I just make sure that I don't follow any sort of news helicopters, even gunning, layered, actually perfect plan or ambulance right right now, stay sexy and tragic exposure, kids to dead bodies, Natasha could plan, I mean, that's, there's a fine line between adventure and trauma yeah. So yes, it's good to really really pay attention to my news. Helicopter circling! Never again, that's never fur parade, it's no! Rarely very rarely. They usually get that footage on the ground was right when you're going overhead for the foot it on its seven car crash. Usually that's right. Take it from us. We in LOS Angeles. Ok, Subject- and this is visit. Another country briefly become a suspect in a grisly murder suicide suicide worrying our very
idea, and we ever even thought of that. Ok, hey Ladys, my hometown, murders from Lake Orion Michigan, and it's pretty crazy for me to account, because I had to get these details straight from the person who found the bodies- I am counselor and occasionally contract out to a foreign exchange company to talk with students who are here, trouble with their stay in America soon April. Twenty. Sixteen I get a call seeing if I can meet with a high school student from Japan. Sure of course, then contract or tells me it's to evaluate the young lady state of mind. Since her hostess were found dead earlier in the week. I'm sorry, why share the story As this sweet young girl recounted simulator was at her house, parents were pre normal couple that they argued a bed but nothing out of the ordinary. She told me that the day of the murder she come home had dinner with the host mom and dad and then gone up to her room to do homework and listen to music the course of the night,
some loud noises and thumping, but with her headphones in, she didn't pay too much attention to it. The next morning she woke up called good I too your host mom and caught a ride to school, she gonna write I come from school, called hello to rouse mom and went back up to her bedroom, my God, shortly after arriving home, there's a knock on the door she ignore the thinking her house, parents will answer the door, but the knocking persists and nobody answers. So she finally goes down to get the door and it's the please asking to talk to her house parents. Are they home? The girl says I think so, but I haven't seen or heard them. Let me go check. The police officer bless his instinct isles, the young girl. Do you mind I check of amazing. He comes upon the bodies of those mom and dad shot to death in the living room. The girl was showing the officer through the house and he stopped her from seeing much of the sea. I the reasons unclear, but there has been shot the wife multiple times while she sat in a recline, then down and shot himself in the head? Why
exchange student was doing homework upstairs leash turns out the Mama's opposed a worker with a stellar attendants record and when she no call no showed the next day at the Post office, her co workers were convinced something bad happened and called the police. If that hasn't happened, that girl would eventually stumbled upon the grizzly scene of house parents bodies, and she was briefly a suspect, but was quickly cleared based on the get that she's so far, I was out about the parents back home in Japan and how they must have reacted to their daughters, wonderful exchange, experience of murder and America state X in don't almost get murdered overseas Ryan in Michigan, so sad that she was there having had dare with them that that night, yes and also she's enough she's, a teenager on a foreign country that they I mean
they handled that really. Well, you like me immediately getting a councillor, unlike immediately, but oh my god, what a whole that's heartbreak! It's horrible, well that was a serious one hears I'm a funny one. Ok, that's what drugs that's why I'm about drugs that pathetic, plays and threaten, unlike what seventies clothes. Why you're talking like that? The opening of this is such fuck, Ursus took it and then, as my favorite general gender neutral greeting a man a way to go. When I was oppression in high school, I signed up for drivers as many fifteen year olds. Do it was pretty basic I wasted last week of my summer and a hot room with kids I fucking hated. While they showed us crash videos and told us not to text and drive yeah yeah, then we spend ex few weeks, driving around with instructor is to get our hours. The instructors had very nice cars chargers, mustangs, etc that we would drive around in which we thought was cool. My instruct
You refer to himself as road ready run, the driving seat, was called road ready. How clever look like your average hometown creep? Five eight seventies, porn sash around a glass with a red polo tucked into his genes, is dead on the fifth avenue thing to do is spout off. Inspirational clip quotes that made no sense in context like you, don't have to be the best you just have to try like why I went through the chorus graduated got my license all that good stuff. Then Years later, when my mom was looking to register my younger brother for driving school, she googled road ready for my mom, despite being the biggest murdering now I know and getting into crime avoids the news. So it came as a surprise to her when out when her Google search starch yielded articles
road, ready wrong was selling cocaine out of a student drivers, cars, yes, but what has aside business? Hence the nice car, Louis Drearily, road, ready movements and say my brother had to attend a different driving school as road ready runs operation was shut down, but honestly, how smart in him right, who had suspected student drivers Carta, have cocaine in it for real, it's totally ridiculous, but kind of ingenious. Anyway. Thank you for all you do. It means a lot to us Marinos everywhere that we have a place to feel understood and our weird obsession and inappropriate time humour as a copy mechanism stay sexy and don't drive around the cocaine in your student driver, hard. Catherine. I wonder if you got like extra time for endangering children or something yeah, that's interesting become, or was it just like
in those weird drug suitcases in the back of the car and in it it was like you did that at night, exactly an anti taught the children. During the day you gonna teach the children, you don't have to be the best. You just have to sell cocaine. That on some little embroidery heard more. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home son, easy and afforded
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Darts, hallo gang great Scooby. Do a few weeks ago we had some friends over for dinner and games. Our friend is a state trooper, so naturally the murdering o in me could not stay stupid. I was so not be able to revalue and went right in first. So, what's the most scared, you ever been on the job, perfect, ass chance and the right question perfect. He took a deep breath and said well at one time I was responding to a call about noise complaint in the deep woods. Evidently, the area he was going to his known for having people perform, satanic rituals and Earmuffs Elvis cats her face, and it's been a big problem for year at a huge problem, its vs, not ok, so you're, not here my dear mother, they're, not sure exactly whose behind it but the local people, dogs, cats, dogs those dogs that play poker, ray you're too smart and there too, rich
So they're, not exactly sure, is behind a, but local police will get a call every so often about this satanic calls. He said it was pitch black out and the only way to access the area was to go down. This make shifter road that had zero lighting and was bumpy a f. Shoved along writing. So Lowness cruiser. He informed us that troopers dr sallow to most calls he started to see the blaze a really large bonfire and about a dozen or so parked cars? Later nay, I went ass. He approached he saw a figure standing by the fire with what described as having animal. Shaped heads wearing long capes and carrying large weapons. Ok now Ray area, so slick Rick, king over for a partner is, I put my partner. He shown is largely on them and told them to drop their weapons Mary brave they
renewed walking eerily slow towards him. Capes blowing in the brain he held again drop your weapons solely one by one they throwing their weapons down and their hands went up as he pay. So flashlight over each person he noted most were in medieval style, clothing and their weapons also look like they were from that in time period, but looked off time. Travellers, one growers.
Oh no cats, cancer. I tend to outside era. They weren't sacrificing energy, just didn't make it through the machine off as the socks. One of one of the men started apologizing. Emphatically he explained that they were just a group of large purse, live action, role, player or meeting up for a game. In case you dont know, live action will play is a role playing games with the participants, portray their fictional characters represented in the real world by interacting with each other. There are a whole set of rules and appoint system. Think costumes, homemade weaponry constructed from duct tape, face paint. You get it once my friend realised that he was not dealing with an animal sacrificing called, but rather a bunch of adult nerds. He said he felt a sense of relief. Now you join, he doesn't know the danger of nerd,
smarter than everybody right. He said the larboard were incredibly cooperative. Of course, they were delayed along shit from year, love aiming data there not like suck the police bigger and they even showed off some of their homemade weapons and explained the points system to Molly. I made a friend and through the kicker to all of this was that the woman who called in the complaint was aware that this wasn't the seat and think about what was really sick of the noise. So she embellished a bit to get the cops to go out there sooner, what a deck, what are termed it would if it shot one of the people it had a fucking lan well to banks. Was interrupting blue blood for herself at the aft shoot them off. On you, lady lady, say sexy and drop your padded sword, J O Lord LAR per at his right of EU, and you be me other level just have digs orator
a guy. I really love this one. This is called We D board story asking you shall receive here's that it just starts. Here's the thing about wage boards who never really know if the people playing it are telling the truth or just spinning shit to make you scared and my mother hate scary things and is the most honest person I know so when she told me this story and it was there by my Catholic Ninety, your grandmother. I became a true believer when my mother as a kid in the early seventies she and her two sisters had a cat names smooth chee chee. Where do you remember that Robin Williams, Edward Norton, movie death, this murky from like them early to hook now, but not death, smokey lawyer. Well, they had done this cat and once more disappeared one day they were devastated. My grandparents help them look for her for note to no avail. They reside but she must have gotten out by accident and run away after that,
months later. My mother and her sisters asked the spirits of the wheat keyboard if they knew where smooth she was, there were seven eleven and twelve years old. The location of their beloved cat was paramount to who kill J F K, apparently, ah now that we ve Board spelled out G r r, I Jerry my mom, the eldest daughter this. This was strangely spelled version of the name Jerry they discuss this together, but none of them knew a person named Jerry with that spelling when my grandma call them to help drive the dishes and put them away. They continued their conversation when my grandma I heard the mention the name Jerry. She dropped the pan. She was holding on the floor. She asked my mama horrified her face how they knew Jerry. My mom reply that will she Bore told them the name, though she said she wasn't sure if it was Jerry with J or Gary based on the spelling, Grandmother started to cry, she told the Smith. She hadn't runaway. After all, my grand
had apparently generated an allergy, two cats and she tried for months with allergy medication that made her feel terrible. My grandmother found a friend of the friend than owned a farm that can take smooth she off their hands and have a nice half, you'd like. Oh you guessed it, the woman's name who owned the farm. Her name was Jerry Scale G, he r R. I holy shit. My grandma couldn't break it to the girls and worried that they would blame her for having to get rid of sneaky Sophia. My grandpa decided to tell the kids at switching runaway amateur sceptic, so my mom Tommy the story. I merely needed a check with my aunt and grandma may all told the exact same story. Well, anyway, stay sexy and dont linear kid. For then we D Board will write you d and then she said vs based.
Porn, star, name game. First, Pat with First street address growing at my mom has the most epic porn star name ever Smitty Robinson Ye Lover away, as is that better than my poor name, though, what's yours again, Pepsi night, what's my whiskers age, a fool, he lets accede! Yeah Cotonou Agee, like I don't shave, yearly happy you're, bringing that Seventys the ally about though it Stevens
is pebbles western, that's hurry! Evens is the porn star that actually went to an Ivy League College graduate because they were really into SAT, that's right and he likes pebbles. The citizen is your stories. All of them. Amazing said everybody great job region might ever murder Gmail or you can do it on the website is, while my favorite murder, please do as Bulgaria Wean movie online ends and stays x and don't get my God. I honesty, wanna cookie
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