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It's not fake, it's a My Favorite Murder minisode! Karen and Georgia recount hometown tales including Sonoma's Ramon Salcido, Mexican wrestler La Dama del Silencio, The Catman Of Greenock, and more!

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this is exactly right the marketing stephen i will fire you an rehire you at a lower rate very a cannon i would earnestly rating stephen left in the patent beginning at the forecast that was our according i feel like that might be a fun new recurring segment to spirit stephen yeah maybe recording oh my god i'm so sorry but he also had to be told welcome to my favorite murder that many sewed you tune and when
just when you have time twenty thirty minutes depending on what we feel like talking about whether the store or real is just announced you now to some yoga stretch desire that we're not reading your story that you sent in three times already but then breathe through that in blue i'll read and move out read out blue and those of if you have a rage issue in red urine visualizing drouet drawing in red into your body and then blowing up blue cool blue air wait the wait them then the blue believing or by any your dry in blue and white and like a dragon growing outran let's started over will just keep your anger issued deep inside your body where it belongs hold it hold your breath hold tight
and worked as glue what happens when red and blue max that's per brown ok keep the purple inside of your body i'd like a great drank like just turning like shake yourself and turn it into purple and then hold your rage and mix it with the blue and then you're just like fine and the becomes younger privilege just like medium rare yep they may have some airlines freemen boy was i'm saying oh i see it's really it's you found a spot where you get to be angry if you want to but then you also conclude down again feel i get like you're in control by pursuing a cover ok are going to read your hometown murders that you sent you sent them this is your doing good job this one from anna scott love your pack ass my hometown murder story
karen and georgia i recently found out about your podcast god that's how every one of them starts legislate thank it for themselves even like four years ago flitting about gas so here i had a premonition about your paw guess i went ahead and ruthless dahlia obsessed with that i never thought that there were other people their enjoyed murder i watch every lily did much to my parents dislike it anyway i wanted to let you know what my hometown story i am originally from mexico city and when i was young maybe that ten or fifteen years old and old lady the two houses away from my died i always thought that if a little earlier because some cops to china to ask if we had seen anything but she was old my parents just told me that she passed away so i just left it at down into clause also cut to film orphan have you seen a previous back in february i went home to visit my parents and for some reason my time i started talking about that woman in the house and if her son was still taking care of it and my dad finally said to me oh well it must be really harper to sell the house because his mom was murdered there when i was in shock he had never told me this or anything relating to this i find out that she was murdered by one of mexico's most infamous women serial killers while the old lady killer yes oh she wrote in spanish or lamartine the artists in spanish element of the oddest you know i'm saying you know her name was reanimated yadda joke right there now i was gonna make now very tasteful joke you write a warehouse doing her name was one day on borrows some para
this woman used to be a mexican wrestler known as the lady of silence legs which let them i'll dose sullen theo i took typing instead of spanish and my fine took french or white town did by sorry lady who was murdered was the lady of silence the lady who was their fucking serial killer no was that a mexican wrestler known as the lady of silence please most infamous women serial killer call eminently scrap this because i'm ideas as my murder so bad this is so fucking good i know but from my understanding each other this is noted means you everyone i never heard like we don't we scan these are like from what i understand she started killing all women still things from them and would dress up as a nurse and convince your lady so let them into the house
kill them but eventually she started liking to kill and just went for the longest time the cops that it was a man who is committing the murders and not a woman because she would punch and strangle the victims and of course wrestlers than she said and of course the woman wouldn't do wouldn't be strong enough for that unless she's a ressler issues via brussels actually they are really get attention than actually her you with our flag taking the bunch ethic my going policing sign my husband placing the punch placing shoes finely cut in two thousand and six and sentenced to be ready for this seven hundred and fifty nine years seventeen days ok impersonal that feeling the watches you anyway so interesting and fastening i thought you would like to learn about serial killers in a different country love your pie casting so much from doing it and making me feel a little more normal for all these things honey your fuckin better than ass this is such a good story however great weak frahm anna anna we ask
the lady of silence your grandma just picture it tooling around the house doo doo doo canary up in the corner like i've lived so long like its oklahoma grandma can stay at home and live at home just resting and just making a roast or whatever and then she that's a door in his standing behind it but the lady a silence ressler from because you are wrestling match you think old le may wrestling with nurses uniform as a kind of cool character for wrestler i'd be pretty amazing manure lake she's got those big thick white shoes on like that kind of a farm malaria look i am i honestly have wished that those would be in style for so long because i want to wear them said look like the lifts nurses shoes and want to so that on my feet my mom was a nurse rio we grew up with all those just a super where g rubber healed shoe link this kind of cute like a vintage wayne and rang really hard to bring them back to add a thick white shoe or their sometimes they come and tan and unlike those fucking kidding like nude and yet another nude yeah
kind of dingoes ok well then i think we have our new uniform sounds perfect i thought black dresses at the ices from now on that we're dressing like mexican ressler garrisoned rich or there s the best the whole time and only now i don't know who karen isn't over georgia is who is the one with the wrestling mask on and has like the red and blue and carries them on the mouth the purple nevertheless the solemnity of the whole time that we did we can't tell them apart neither restock ok i'm gonna do stephen awake a full shout out to stephen who is now going into these home towns starting from the beginning of a gun all right you didn't want to say because it just makes me want to conceive incredibly also don't want to sound like as
however while the hour by hour this narva all and also i think it makes people feel better that we're finally doing that we said we're going to do for a full year sand is annexes from april she prizes listen any more of us she stopped listening dan emily please treated as if you're still listening system so hopefully will get our case stinking now that we are at the core of the bag thank you stephen i mean let's be full what they call that transparency like obama tried to be let's do that of his body diane hilary because also she tried i think
it gave me so much anxiety like we actually said the amount we had set up i don't want people feel lost in a sea of i shall never read a financially analyses go back to january forth of twenty six goes a full fucking yearly shut and this was in the subject line was florida sucks this hometown child murdered doesn't question why hello ladys your pockets has led me to dive headfirst into the history of my hometown murders this murder is not just in my home town it all happened just walking distance from my actual house on the morning of november fourth nineteen eighty elisa arises nelson ten year old with long gone heron slate blue eyes was writing her back to what was then called palm poem harbour middle school i went there is a child elise it was going to be late that day because of a dentist appointment her mother had given her note to excuse or tardiness that tardiness would become a forever forever absence shit doesn't give you know for the in depth nicky's really painting a picture here mia larry eugene man a male with prior sexual assault convictions in both florida and necessity including molesting a mother and threatening to sexually assault her eighty month old baby ease as us kidnapped elisa and left her bake in a ditch about a mile from us all he then slid her throat and beater over the head that had some type of concrete basics he discarded leases body and citrus groves that were eventually demolished to build the new middle middle school it is literally forty second walk from my front door that's an all caps holy shit man attempted to suicide this same attempted suicide the same day the murder claiming he done something wrong and needed help yeah four days later it was reported that man's fucking wife was getting his glasses out of his pickup truck that's though about his leg just as fucking wife and all gas at eric he had a fucking at a fly wife she's got down one man was like you know i want to spend them not a good person i might be the devil stood in front of it with me forever god in this family i was i come and eleven cherish you murder children though i'm just gonna do my thing there she found a leases bloodstains tardy no asta she goes this is awful the police were notified and soon had a warrant to search the truck they found paints release or not if i've been his fucking wife was like what's get me out of here for her could you airlift me out of here lilies her though they found paint scrapings from her bicycle and blood in the cab needless to say the trash bag of an individual that
crash bag of an individual was arrested and convict and that seven years now man was executed april tenth twenty thirteen and this made him one of florida longest serving inmates are also just happened in twenty thirteen he was one of lord is longest serving inmates on death row there is now a greeting nook dedicated to lisa at the new palm harbour middle school and you got your asses i'm heading over a essay pay to see it thank you both for being and gratifying women and making me realize how deep my love for true crime really is nicky nicky that you did great on your hometown murder that was an absolute atrocity also make me a reading the content i please i'm in turn my body and reading is that what you would like a reading that sounds like a drink i yes do you
like gum and bought a put elvis ass you wanted at the drawing room sack over by the karaoke she re carry outcomes you unless they turn into one that's fucking digital karaoke machines and get me the file you won't be there's no way later they will put you at the alcove outcome scrape i like the erika outdoors ok guys listed birds bird feeder ok i like birds forests oh yeah i'm not going to go over to like i'm about to be like here's my favorite part that i wanted to say that wednesdays ok what i should do in western europe people back let's see schuyler or two stu great like
it's one first so let's do this one great like there's gotta be a reason this kind lotteries and scientists from march and it's called the cat man of green uck hi guys they found the podcast and i recently turned my sister of the show since we both share as love for true crime the seeing as we live in small citizen scotland there is a huge amount of murders in this country q just imagine the accent with which she was typing mass i wish i could do it i can't even imagine i wish one of us could not insult an entire country by during their access to give back
just the piles of emails we would get if we tried to speak scott audacious stop doing that patient there their terrible should this race as they should update that's its causes and get rid of it so there is an exactly huge amount of murders in this country let alone serious or interesting ones let's move fucking scotland i may not be a real relieve there are however some great local legends whilst speaking to my sister not getting us about your show and our shared interests in mad shit in madge shit shit she asked me a question i told you about the cat man of greek chronic grumbling chronic right so the story goes at my sister's hometown of gridlock there
a cat man a guy that lives feral in the woods for all their eyes stomach all day and each yes elvis got so delicious his whole head parking areas like my dream he is completely covered and dirt and grime from all his ears of living in the trees and cannot communicate with others sounds like my dream for years the story but he does have a smartphone and this kind of the minster remedy is known for years a story tat man was passed from one person than an ex often believe to be a tailspin i fucking know stephen as about right now see you hardly areas on saving show us right now no negative images john we hold on oh my god this shit i bet they know that this cannot be real it looks like the movie what's that see em
ah ha and drive the when she finds them the am scary months about lying about in my looks like we're sitting is a woman actually i don't know there's i will there's two people when they get the really small people now for some people though like there's a homeless basri like how he has at times i merely faddle like this is insane you guys so you can just brought through okay so it's engineer out in his bald with a beard like crazy here come on the side of his head and then a beard and he is his claim he looks talk about being purple governments victory could this be a hoax it could be a whole keep reading seems also these pictures he has rats and his mouth in each picture it's like he's curled up to the camera like hey folks and then like the rat is their lorries any also looks like you
speak no honour ass his arm saying enemy like one maybe skinny ok any wild ones i just fat shamed cat man was i've tiny seventeen conqueror gadget mike and now this is just traumatized did it for years a sorry the cap there was passed from one person next often believe to be a tale spend a scare local kids or worry drunk as they stumbled home i live we need more to worry about however a few years ago a video service of a local citizen attempting to speech a cat man well he eats a dead rat
and then some men she send a link that then she said you may needed to decipher a scottish accent i'm afraid oh hey omega what we were right convince and my sister was waning yet only i googled it and turns out that katmandu hundred percent real multiple videos and photos from exists now some say that he was a russian sailor who are stranded in greenwich and lived off the streets other sage local man with severe mental health issues but either way the shit blows my mind he just slow stare all police don't bother him we're trying to get him help at all parenting because he doesn't do any harm to any one else they just leave him be i don't know if this can qualify for the shower not oh yes girl but i thought it was fucked up enough that you guys want slash need to now yes yes the great again with a great show and her her his name is column the there no i'm encampment this person is out of the person callum callum this girl i am neither should not we should not move it out callum kate yellow you only see column
cullum callum callum see a l l e m is our boy i think that's a boys we were never invited to scotland you know i lived there for a couple months re but i do not like that i didn't learn any real review in iran come that when i was i was actually didn t make are all about like oh yeah the one where she has forgotten was ireland though there now ready certainly can pick up your generosity linger awful in town of light acute as my column yeah that was exactly what it was like i please anyone email us call us on the hotline if you know of a person now look yes we got this could be a person with extreme mental illness and only will crawl on the ground is that good no doesn't hurt him problem is he happy he look
can happily content is by peace he's smiling with around his mouth for these pictures but dude it's also just like holy shit that's happening there that's crazy look up these picture like i think half the population would be a cat man if they had a second choice and like go do that i mean it wouldn't be a nice relaxing we can that's for sure only slow start or cat man retreats virtuous like be pharaoh vero retreats i would get mad because i don't like crawling that much i wouldn't like i need to lay down what does it's like pharaoh every like my week days when vince is at work and i'm home alone with gas as unfair like several days what do you do second
i wear fuckin siamese cabbage m accounts and i couldn t shirts and just crawler now just like talk to them more europe not less do you get super dirty i mean dave ferrie after him now i do i just don't i am convinced comes on my mac but not you i wrap it up around five thirty four the idea here is concerned will early so like i gotta be ready yeah that's right pretend like you ve just been ready all day way this error this open right that's a good that was a good one international stories of like let's call them stories of fascination like have you ever heard of the dog suicide bridge
no oh that's a guitar i log suicide yeah it some somewhere in blue i'm pretty sure it's in england and there have been two dates say i just read this article took as i got the atlas obscura book for christmas which i love and the others a bridge i know it's in england and dug up like their safe thirty or forty dogs have jumped off this bridge to their death baby it's crazy is it is it a river of tennis balls question
quick question is it is it a peanut butter river with us here in this house because that would because that's not suicide girl not sad and tat in like can you imagine jumping face versed in d like when you like computer but a river works for a moment just fine and i don't mind a tennis i have to say they smell good and their funding kind of squash around in your hands of yours just now i can men you can have the backing of our own around on dublin one if you were swimming in a peanut butter butter river there would be so much support eater mean like you could i guess you'd get stuck lava but
flowed let's just say it's a hippie kind that has a lot of oil and here there is a flow to the river frontiersman eminence to your preference i don't i would want smooth and they should be celtic isn't much more buoyant salty and there should be tackled without like talking worth just like you should live in the world by now you do not live in chalk up you know about our lay lappin lake near by their land come to our fellow retreat there are in fact that peanut butter legs
there were that terrorist balls and we can jump deirdre relations if you'd and seriously though if you have a peanut butter part in your town please email i take this one this next the fuck is this body weight who care at this point how cares girl this is from january eighth of twenty six year she sense we know that since the day her name is joscelyn and it says my hometown murder sonoma california where your near that's great so this might be one i know tat i want to make
i mean to do this extra dramatic my husband things i'm a total weirdo because i mentally draw strangers faces just in case they turn around and murder someone and i have to provide a sketch to the cops ok smartest sentence of the email that's how she bus out there's no high or hello litter oh sorry there was a high georgian karen up there until i got dying to get this out and you are someone not to call her a psychopath urges like cool the best thing i've ever heard tell me more and also why didn't you tell us sooner
so needless to say your park as is my fave that's that whole first paragraph unifil start jocelyn here's my hometown murder this guy is burned in my brain because i did they remember helicopters circling my elementary school looking for him on april twenty fourth nineteen eighty nine remember this one i gotta they gonna go to israel is bad ramon cell seat over twenty eight year old vineyard worker went on a killing sperience noma small rural town where i lived joscelyn i lived in petaluma
well actually it at that point i had gone to sacramento for college but girl i'm with you after returning home from a night of binging on alcohol and cocaine at a local bar sighed out this bar was right around the corner from my parents house socio found his wife angela gone in its three young daughters asleep in their bedroom being an insanely jealous man i'll see to a standard angela was i would sleeping with another man and attacked or when she returned home cutting or with a knife he then grabbed his three daughters and fled i remember the right this ban yes it was later reported that angela had actually
to the falcon atm to retrieve money and had planned to leave him that she had planned to leave on that day and bring the kids probable she was just a little late now if you know anything about sonoma and i'm picturing if there's a bar like it's such a small town that if they lived near a bar big sonoma is so small town in but it's like upscale now but back them as rules far greater button its rural and the surrounding the town itself is she got if she went out to go to the atm like it's right by the town square everything's very central there unless you're like out by the veneer to rewrite i'm explaining that is just like its maddening to me she probably was like i'm gonna run down and get money and i hung back real quick
after leaving the house i'll see to drove his three young daughters aged four to line to a nearby garbage transfer station which is right outside of petaluma as this one rocked my mother talked about this for ever does it was the there's the dumps is my dad we spent my child with my dad go and come to the dumps with me like digging through the damp snow i was that so cool
go and he had to dump our garber d never done that my love i go at once when i say that like our own get to bring your garbage year card a place i know why because it will i lived far out of town enough where there was a girl in shit would be like getting your share campsites very firm fucking orange county we didn't have services like city services we're outside of the city limits so do you have to look at our trash ever that's in seeing as you put it down a little shoot
but my new apartment has one very clear benadryl like there's a story the girl who died in one of those anyways she gone anyway ok hans why are acting like i'm should be telling an anecdote when i'm in the middle of this separable fucking story ok here's what he did he brought his three young dart and it is this is the worst and rocked all of sonoma county and probably further i mean like you're an orange county and you know this and i know about it so horrible he brought his three young daughters aged four two and one to a nearby garbage transportation and slid each of their throats then dumped their bodies down a ravine on top of this suspicion of his wife cheating he'd also recently learned that his oldest daughter sophia was
father by so he caught her first after disposing of the three girls he then drove to his mother and laws house in qatar body which is just north of petaluma and brutalized and butchered her and her two young daughters twelve and eight cell seek out the key was fuckin monster co its cocaine white drugs people now he's awakenings i don't want to blame it on cocaine thou over you shouldn but he still a piece of fucking shit whether knives and the cocaine i mean what if he was a virgin greatest except for the cocaine cedar who we don't know socio stole a gun from that house drove back to sonoma and shot his wife in the head then drove to the winery where he worked shot his supervisor who was wounded but are killed and the assistant wine maker who died he
so try to shoot his supervisors wife but the gun didn't fire hutches cedar believed his supervisor was having an affair with angela cedar then disappeared you remember this partner as a man hunt for seven days was the part where is like that's why everyone was talking about it that so many days yes and he killed someone
people and children alike missiles ruinously yes i remember my parents refusing to let me go outside alone oh i just got chills people in town were advised to keep their door's locked and stay in at night for the first couple of days no one knew where the daughters were police warrant sure if he'd abducted them or killed them thirty hours into the man hunt the three girls responded by someone who had mistaken them for discarded dulls at that time no two of the daughters were dead but the two year old was miraculously alive because of the way her head slumped forward sealing the slicing in her throat and prevented her from being a week later amounts i'll see that was capture in mexico where he had fled directly after killing the seven people twenty seven years later he remains on death row in san quentin this case is obviously chilean disturbing in itself but the fact that a serial killer was hanging out just yards from my home before he lost his mind has made it a case i'll never forget thanks for reading joslyn this the manhunt part of that case was so fucking crazy in day is
and those who are small town yeah you wouldn't i wouldn't leave my house yeah crazy a person who just like killing whom fucking leg went berserk he went berserk and also i think technically sonoma is a smaller town them petaluma so lake the parliaments a place where you dont lock your door did back then at least so i really think sonoma probably i mean the lima summit lorries on a show up at your house at any fucking moment horrifying hand like he's not it's not just like oh this guy that snapped on his wife it's like new he just went out to kill pierre fucking horrifying did the wine minor if i live i want to ride to live and his wife didn't die i wonder how i want to hug them but the wine the wine assistant guy her baby huge aside
restocking bottles and they i kill but that's how you more and i always feel the worse for leg innocent bystanders like his daughters more and they are but it's like his supervisor who was wounded but not killed this isn't my wine maker she died but the supervisors wife it was like a misfire just like a but just by chance she didn't i fucking ass also he still alive on funding to on sank when he was at last january when we see the others right yeah far but we would have heard if i saw that name in the paper remains i'll see too is one of those ones that's like richard remarries at night soccer words like dealing you immediately never it is an even you know like if they said it all of northern california be like thank fucking guy see then your hired these are great
which ones would you guys like to see where you look so nice but you clearly the depraved fucking mind you know you know us and he sent them like he sends me so many sins karen simon you're just like you can tell like what he thinks caring little you're selling us a large sets re nice guy you sent me a cat why oh my god stephen stephen you fucking not you're fired snow i love i mean oh my god we're saving the rest of these for next week so great thanks you guys so much for sending as in thank you for telling all of those trees were so great how much detail and stevens going from the end of the beginning and end like looking at them all over so they're not keep sending them is what i'm saying yes for sure and also i don't mind if we go into the cole fascinating fascinating creepy people out cause losses previous fact that worry mad look up
look i am pleased though elvis noses what time it is what you guys thinks are listening and stay sexy don't get murdered and wish you wanna cookie who i wish i could be elvis by
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