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This week’s hometowns include a Scottish serial killer connection and moor-based mystery.

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This time, is real and welcome. My favorite murderer the many so, let's character, Gara, that's Georgia, hard start! This is episode. A hundred and fifty is a true what great round number are now we really done it. We really remember episode eleven now, maybe God minor or horrible. So this is where we read you guys your own stories about things and were re and we're doing these ones are all from London and Re Yak, as will be in the UK and Ireland, for our chore coming up. Yes, we're getting livid were preparing emotionally mentally and then crime lies. That's right. Do you have a good under and on developing hurt him? Yes, ok then come
the first thing you I'm sure sure these are bad, but I got what I want to do them sure shaken things apple at Yale of Hometown, the one with all the murder
dear murder, honeys! I like it, I like it. If I am writing to you from London England, thank you for all the work you put into this podcast and always putting smile amethyst before work of I'd like to think this person for putting England and because we do need those specificities, London to them as a London, England anyways my story, so my auntie was looking to buy a new flat in an area of London COD, my soil hill. After I told her how lovely it was its where I lived for a few years now, she went to view a flat and at the same road, is me and was perfect beautiful space right at the top of a house, nice an open, but it was weirdly, affordable thinking. There must be some kind of catch. Does she asked the estate agent why it was so low price? He looked a bit shifty for a moment and said he up. You guessed it well. I do need to tell you that this was the home of a serial killer and went on tell her all about it.
The killer was nickname. The must well. Hill murderer a k, a Dennis Nelson, a hey, the notorious british serial killer from the eighty come across as guy a lot in my research. I did I not do this one to choose from
oh continue on I'll. Let you know I'll here we go. His victims are normally male, gay and vulnerable or homeless. He would lower them back to his house with the promise of shelter and company and kill them afterwards, often taking parts in part and weird rituals. I didn't do this. Nelson would then dissect the bodies and keep the parts for long periods of time for the smaller bones and flash. She would just flush them down the toilet. Oh right, that's actually how we got caught drain got completely blocked. Obviously, and a plumber had come out and take a look. The plumber took one look at the tiny bits of bone in the drain and immediately called his boss. Is such a good while they were looking into the drain some of the tenants canvassing, but the problem lies Ellison being among them. Oh clearer, who noted a little bones, quote: look I can't see,
Like always always just can't see it just takes a looser. Why do you keep making suggestions of what these little bones could be and who flushes can't see down the toilet? This project, sir? Please keep your voice down just look at his door. Oh your voice are theirs for people here, there's more people here, it's you and a puppet into other people. So we know it's yo. The police were called when they discover that the drain pipe led directly to Nelson's flat. They went to investigate as soon as they entered the flat there over well by the smell of rotting flash of heroin and the police asked Nelson about the bones. He first faint, complete shock was gonna. Sure then shrugged and calmly stated that the rest of the bodies were in the wardrobe after Elsa was taken into custody. They found parts of the bodies all over his flat, including the kitchen drawers and under the floorboards he surgery twenty years in prison and died there last year. Needless to say, my aunt, he did not by the flag
we ve actually stolen the market sexy before my house. Maybe do some googling flies floor, shit, ok, so that goes back as the british Javert farmers. Actually, I've heard of I've heard that case before we haven't covered it. What they need to just burn that house from the from the top, even by a no crazy about it. Lots of Oregon. It's too many. Too much selling your soul. Again. The vibes really be minus one billion bad sage. Man needs all of the painter desert to solve this. About. Can problem no way because it's it's. I think it's one thing when people I mean, I know
does not never a choice. I will be making site it's one thing when it's the location of a murder, this like a singular right, but that would be the home of the person that continually shower afraid upon People who, like everything about it, is so negative of like peep, needy people, he yeah exploited needy people, he exploded people who didn't have anybody to face it, and then he desecrated their body. So everything about that you want to come along when you put it like that, don't be near that block when you say it like that, can stop moving in their every week. I was closing on escrow, no I'll call your viking real estate agent, and so don't let her by this flat on this road, my stepfather Marilla Zubaydah, John John. I need to speak with you. It's a business matter go My first one I'm not very this subject line they give it away. So it's just will say: M T story.
Stephen, Georgia, Karen and Assorted for animals. My friend introduce meteor podcast and I'm obsessive leave infringing it from episode. One to the point where my mother tried to stage an intervention, Joe Jokes, on what kind of tears filled letters mom reading when it like you, just keep Europe Ipods or in your she's, so religious. You know it Satan s, it's an intervention of against podcast, which is like I could see a sea where you'd feel that is necessary where someone is completely checked out, but you get so much done when you listen to buy gas is like video games are just sitting and playing a video game you get put up. I guess, then, that's right! Yet fuckin life taken care of you learned things. You get freaked out, that's all you have experiences when you meet other people who are having a experience to intervene about then later You can win at trivia on trivial name. Please. You learn stuff from us. Rape, clearing
talk to that we're going to intervene and have an intervention with that mom. We're gonna see her only good at the UK yeah we're in a swing by what, if we gave her major intervention mom and no one really gonna get leave down here. Ok, I lived in North London all my all my eighty years of life, eighty. So it's basically she's been sulky teen in the moms like stop ignoring, ok, let's there. I don't owe whose side to be I'm on your mom site and probably her moms age, so Yahoo site now we're gonna, be like. Oh, my god. You remember Doran, Doran, also, butchers, wired, here's, my your child legs to listen to this shit. It's ok! I lived in North London, almighty in years of life and have yet experienced an acute lack of murders and yet and yet have experienced an acute lack of murders. Yeah I added luxury extra word. I men are not there. That's how I know you. I figured the Hank, but yet have experienced and Gue give orders. Can you see, through this piece of paper, that being
and after listening to your many sewed from around a year ago, on M T stories, I asked my dad if he had any fun stories. You could tell me from his early training doktor days my parents are both doctors and fell in love during long nights, working in Annie, which I made Stephen look up in its accident and emergency aid, which is the british version of an emergency romam every one of the most romantic hospital, possibly being where anything can happen at any time and you're a doctor. So you don't sleep and you don't you basically don't do anything, be a doctor and be a doctor school and then on others as other hot doktor. That's gonna, say level as you going through all the same shit. Oh, my god. This is the love to last a lifetime. Reading this email I got like excited like I had a crush on asthma. Okay, so they were bonding over their warped sense of humour, hear us plus plus Lusby. We want these people in our life shall he said
there had been many gunshot wounds. The boy with an here in Amerika were like a hot air, but our air there, like wholly fat, not greatly Yandah inaugurated a boy with his legs split open from scaling offence. A man who came in with a blocked knows that he had had for twenty four years got northern my mom started laughing and asked what it was about that day. That made him come in, so nothing was blocking it specifically. He had just waited that long, and I now I did you want to be big long scarf something with his name. Knitted merit a lark, see you know, that's what happened in my friend my dad's front body. Right now. He went out one day in the eightys to road until the field on his tractor and he it was really loud engines. So he stuffed. He just ripped up these rags and stop them into his ears so that, while he was doing it, I wouldn't and forgot there in there and like a week later was like. I think I've gone deaf and went to the emergency and they took tweezers just pulled these big long oily rags, giving it a brain infection- Greek Ethel, oh my god. I love stories of weird places and not gross orifices. Yes, I mean not private, not private, private arts, red shoe diary style or more of just casual casually left something up there. Oh, I forgot I put this in here or, like a swarm of bees, took nest inside my initial cavity, like that, while I was asleep yeah, ok
that was to name a few of the US. The best, however, was a man who came in with a machete embedded in his head, the man, and that was what was in the subject line. I didn't rodya demand in question, had apparently tried to rob a chinese shop which the owner had not, nor does the owner had not taken kindly to and had retaliated by plunging a knife into his head. What is most amazing about the story is that the man survived. The machete had been so sharp and had been plunged with such precision that it went directly through the man's head straight between the loaves of his brain, causing him no long term brain damage, and he was actually conscious when he came in accordance. According to my mom, she said that she had seen the man turned to my dad and said so. He surfer tetanus shot that mad click. It's just when you're in love you get so funny. You want that personal love you so marketing is heightened. Is it so that it is even a man walking knife in his head is like quit. Here's my chance here we go. Here's my chance market is gonna live
its people to which they both started laughing in front of the past. It was a very disgruntled, enlarge gang member. I have they started dating soon after, for the most part, however, it sounds like working and Annie was pretty soldiering. My parents took to walking into the waiting room and calling out the most inappropriate names they could without laughing just to pass the time adorable. Isn't it the best? Even if this story doesn't make it passed, Stephen screening, I hope someone finds it amazing, someone somewhere. Thank you so much your podcast. They really helped me through an incredibly tough time, I've another sort of hometown murder, sash disappearance, I'll, be sending and soon that I have the loosed links tube. But if I forget or remember that I have a levels I should be doing, maybe you might want to look up the abduction of Madeline MC can oh honey. We now know thou it sort of the Germany Ramsay of England and has become a kind of cold.
I can't hear yeah. We now winos gas, it's everywhere by China on isn't the baby. That's a good eighteen year old email, that's good ceilings! Eighteen year old, we are you out of here, get ahold Hannah. And get our high while its agent in an e o, honey, Hon, Hon, so loud protests an email. Ok, we need to get this doctor based family and to the idea and get into an old intervene right. Hometown story. I M
M crew. I have been a fan of the pack has for the past few months, and it is made me relieved to know that I am not alone in wanting to hear Greece about grisly murders and staying up at night thinking about them in my hometown stories for about a decade ago- and I remember hearing about it when I was around nine or ten years old. I live in a town called horribly and Surrey in England and back in two thousand and eight may angle, I been out everywhere. I don't like we're just gonna give you the island. We just want to give you all the offer me. You know you need it. My small town was shocked when we discovered that whenever the shafts working at the most popular pub in town was a murderer and rapists of the shop was called marked Dixie and back in two thousand and five, he attacked an eighteen year old woman called Sally, Ann Bowman and our own driveway and a completely random attack just minutes after her boyfriend dropped her at home. He was on a night out and saw her alone and took the opportunity to stab her seven times and rape or in the driveway Jesus. That's that wasn't
at the top of his head. That's that's done something before right. This scumbag leftover dad and the case was unsolved for several months. It was about nine months later when he was arrested for having a fight in the pub he worked out that how is about a five minute, DR, where I live, and the police matches DNA, that the DNA found on Sally Ann body thing that I find most chilling is the main piece of evidence which help to convict him was that there was a film were court. Oh, my god! This is crazy. There was a film recording of him at work. Masturbating overrun newspaper picture of Sally Ann, oh guys that must chilling sucking horrible thing. You ever herds so working in the back of the head. Oh my god, he's got cctv everywhere there, the poor.
They see tv, whoever, whatever per songwriter, had to look through that and then discovered that and be like sorry. What's this year here, that's horrifying. The judge called at one of the worst murders he had ever seen. The guy was sentenced to thirty four years in prison, but I hope they never let him out. The story is quite notorious at my town because of the violent way in which the poor girl was killed. Honestly gives me chills everytime, you think about it at such a terrible story, and I always remember it. Every time I get dropped off at home. I always ask for the person a friend taxi driver to wait outside until I go, and just because you never know whom I use it as an opportunity to attack yes, always raided by walk, watch people now to walk but watch people all the way and the door s right, washed watch them take out their keys and enter their door and then wave and tidal I shut it and then get them to text you once they're inside, say the insides clear area. Just keep checking keep checking shadow, my mom who loves upon cast. It is also a huge fan. We love you got. We love how you guys are highlighting the very real dangers that exist in the world, whilst also bringing fun and laughter as well stay sexy none murdered. Georgia.
British George notice that British George Georgia once British Georgia like georgia- and I wonder american ordinary proper, unlike American, Jordan, number The subject of this one is my hometown: mystery of the dead man on the more wars are so crazy. Dear, oh gee, Murderin us perfect, really sweet nice one wanting to write for some time but, as you have already covered my hometown, murders to say the infamous moors murders, I had to think further imagine being seven years old and being told about the five children around your age that were being brutally murdered up the road on
the surrounding hell's that you love so much come. Murder. Rina was born, love. It anyhow. I thought you'd be interested in a mystery which gripped the UK and twenty fifteen and took place in my hometown Sattler worth knowing knew no owing to the oldest, and when is she referred, they wrote Northern England subtle Worth, which is council worth or something will find out later.
In the morning of the twelfth of December twenty fifteen, an older looking man was found dead on a path above Dove stone, reservoir lying perfectly straight in the path with his arms crust across with his arms across his chosen, it was freezing and the rain was torrential, but he wore light clothes for the whether he had no identification on him at all or any personal art of artifacts. There would tell people who he was or why he was here. He did have a hundred a hundred and thirty pounds all in ten pound notes: three train tickets from London to Manchester the day before and a small blue Card Board Medicine Box. The label was printed in both English and Urdu, so all pre, weird clues and no one knew who he was. No one was able to identify. I am even with a sketch of his face on the news. He was a mystery. The people at the morgue called him Neil cause. Apparently he looked like an eel that was in quotes
endeavour stone after the name of the reservoir, where he was found, police got to work, investigating Neil checking Cctv at the train stations and asking around the village he had walked into the Clarence Pub, where I had my first ever job as the worst fucking ever waitress unknown, two percent guy incomes that allow really wanna hear the worries. Anyway. He asked how to get how to quote get to the top of the mountain, meaning the hillside of the more land. The south warn the man that he wouldn't get there in back before dark, but he asked them to repeat the directions and left anyway. Weird sounds like suicide rate. Well,
even weirder, he died from strychnine, poisoned and archaic poison, written about in Agatha Christie, novels and currently banned in the European Union? Does not sound like he's trying to establish an alibi by going in there and sang. Tell me how to get to this weird place. This once is inadequate. How me again, like that sounds like you're gonna. Remember me, yeah, maybe resource following him. Maybe why not just then say. Get mouth, watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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Someone said, while you tell me, these directions are also another piece of information. I can keep going now, there's a lot of ok. Why would someone kill themselves like that and how did even get that poison when its band over the whole continent, and by now his face was all over the news in the UK? Why had no one come forward to identify him in an autopsy titanium plate was found attached to his left femur. Strangely, it didn't have a serial number but was granted by a company found in Pakistan through as police manage to identify him as David lighten, so not an eel and saw that that was on the ridge and saw that he had flown four thousand miles from Lahore Pakistan two days before he was found dead on a path unsubtle worth more police found out more about his identity, but until this day no one knows the truth about his death. Did he returned to the UK specifically to die by suicide? Then? Why did you come to Santa worth more? Why you strychnine? Who knows
Let me in all gaps. Thank you. So much for all that. You do me and my partner listening to your pod gas and love being in the internet, sub communities that are only possible because of you, both shout out to macabre rhinos and Smoker Reno stay sexy and state a fuck off the Moors Abbey, and so I like this one because its recent and its unsolved- and it's like, MRS the histories of the culture were going into this- is on murdering those mines of what the hell was that also to be found in the past, like her eyes like place tat because
It was strychnine, they're saying you know he is alone, is derived about and then in a lot of paying your right. So if you die, you would die right like up looking like a mid seizure, yeah I'll did someone come along and do that there's no way and also the rain. I bet prevented any kind of like if there were fingerprints anywhere autonomy yeah so that one shilling thanks Abbe I can tell the name of this one team and co? Sorry, What the empty my things together before spurred Alan, let them team and company nice
I'm going to get straight to the good stuff back in the nineteen. Seventy is my dad. This family lived in Cambridge and even though he was twenty or twenty one, he was still living at home and then it says the dream, while you, while you stating my mom, who he met at a sixth form social and then, thankfully for us they are a problem for the american audience. Yes, thank you. Thank you because that does not sound my problem now, the previous year anyway, during nineteen, seventy four and seventy five, the city was on highly because some chap decided to break into people's homes and rape them called him a chap. She did call much up. He was it. Isn't on culture! Guess he would then dawn a long belong here,
and on a long blonde wig and do a runner. Let means he took off he put away when I ran, but I love and who are running around our ok, damaging to elude the police for two years before his capture, some pictures, not back in the summer of nineteen. Seventy four, no idea it was summer, but that's how I imagine it will. My mom tell me the story and my dad's younger sister, also still living at home, is hanging out in the garden of their home, which was on the outskirts of Cambridge and talking to the very affable son of their neighbors. About quote these. Full attacks happening to women in Cambridge and how bad it was, etc, etc. The neighbours and agreed with her and discussed it for awhile before finishing the conversation and going about their days is long gone. There's gotta be a month later when she gonna. U
to a few months later, when she found out she was shooting the shit with none other than the Cambridge rapist himself about his attack holy fuck, I mean seriously anyway. That's my parents, hometown murder, loving the podcast, its literally my dream, listening and so nice to feel like part of the Amazon Community laws they sexy and don't trust your neighborhood kids Sophie a good advice them feel like. Oh, I love that idea that they're, just in their british back gardens, hang ants and being british drinking tea over the fancy having crumpets over the fence and fucking boom satirist, and then, of course there can. You believe us. This does happen. Unease I'm scared to, and I said, I'm not even a thing: that's how creepy these psycho rats are. You can't tell you you're the hair on the back of your arms. Probably won't go up because it's not warm blonde hair beak, love on here on the back. Your arm goes up here. Oh it's wow.
The seventies man. Look: ok, ok! Last one, the last one, it's a half in half of a story and then some information which I I enjoy or like it just as some sound story, hey huns, I'm on a holiday with my parents and recently listen to your crowd, crush up a certain. I was that was the the one
from the who concert. Oh yeah Amber Cincinnati, and I was facts out yes of item. I was on my parents about it and my mom told us unexperienced she had when she was a young thing in nineteen. In amidst seventies, she went to a t rex concert in London ass. It was a tiny venue and there is a large crowd. People at the front would get crushed against the stage and pass out so the security staff would just plug them up and take them outside the venue. My grand out arrived to pick my mom up and was surprised to find rows of unconscious young women laid out on the pavement outside had he saw them coming around. Looking confused getting up and stumbling right back on inside, but apparently this is a good. This was good crowd, control solution in the seventies and no one thought that anything bad would happen to an unconscious woman. Just left out on the strong, my god, my mom said she and her friend had seen how bad it was at the front, so hung back a bit, which is probably a good idea,
Mary, but also these are T Rex, allied real time, raising unbelieving at a small venue yeah in as a sidebar? I just want to thank you guys for how open you are we talking about mental health and thereby, last year my younger sister was hospitalized as she was suicidal and my repressed. English parents had to go from zero to trying to understand this real quick. You helped me see that there be a normal and important and I've spoken to my parents, a lot about it. I've seen them grow from depression does not exist to making sure I choose a health care policy with extensive mental health cover. We now have open and honest conversations for the first time in my life and they ve pushed me to seek help myself telling me. Well your american murder Ladys say it's good, so you should listen to them
Oh no will only I've been seeing my psychologist for a few weeks now and she's helped me so much already. We went through a lot of shit last year as a family, but who are starting to see life become more hopeful again. My sister is out of the hospital in and we haven't where she's thriving. I guess I just want to say thank you for making me laugh during a worse once in my life and for helping me find the words to explain to my parents why it's good to talk to a professional so, Karen. As a fellow big boob lady, my girl, then my girlfriends constantly aroused my boobs. I feel yeah. I've come to accept it as part of my people exceeding be kind to yourselves really is another, because that's kind of I think, what's happening to a lot of people. I that the main reason I want to read that is like is because people get
have. Thoughts of violent people have go through things that become overwhelming and they can't deal with by themselves. All of these things happen all the time to lots of people and this family who had never had to deal with the before a adapted to the current reality.
Thickly accepting at not fighting it not make blaming anybody here. Freaking out about completing it doesn't exist, yeah, insisting that they can't face it. They basically did the hardest thing. I think for anybody which is faced the shit that's actually happening to, and they did it and there is continuing to do it. I mean the idea that we get any credit at all is a lovely and we like to be part of your story. I will take a we'll take anything, but you guys are the ones doing the hard work and its very cold as that's the way he adds the way through it and please say hi to your sister for our proud of you guys the out you're, all doing really good. That's awesome, bf send us any story. You feel, like writing, yeah you. Now what will Rina? If your story is a beginning, mental and ends up, maybe some Sancho?
The interesting shit in the mental deal connected to something else. Do we like to read a yes and to make their remote or Gmail thinks for listening guys? We can't wait to see you, Ireland and UK, it so exciting states, excellent, don't get murdered, go by our history and cookies,
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