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This week’s hometowns include more babysitting misadventures and murder. 

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Oh, and welcomes in my favor murder, many so that acts carried out here. That's Georgia, hard stark and who I was just burping organ region through verbs, universe, short term to be ok, this the subject line as irish hometown are from our friendly local hang woman odious their care in Georgia and team. I've been meaning to send this irish hometown story for a while, but since Karen showed such sympathy for the plight of Darky Kelly's poor, hang man in your recent brilliant doublet, they wrote having brilliant the current government was brilliant thanks. So much for writing. Dublin lie show I thought you'd both enjoy it now Betty's, Sir grew lived in my mom's hometown. In my mum, sound town of Ross Common Ross like Ross from friends common like ubiquitous, don't be condescending. I did it right. Ok, in the second half of the eighteenth century, she had been widowed young lost, one child is a baby and she arrived in Ross common with her surviving son Paul Rick. But after years of enduring her cruelty, he ran away from home in seventeen. Seventy five at sixteen some versions of the story say he joined the british army. Utter say he went to America to find his fortune at first. He send letters and money, but over the years those letters slowly stop coming and she was living in poverty. Relying on the kindness of her neighbors for food and occasional lodgers for a few coins. One winter night in seventeen, eighty nine, a man came knocking at our door, saying the local in wistful and asking if he could render room from her ass, he paid her. He gave her extra money to go out and get sued for both of them. She noticed his coin purse was full of gold. I guess greed or desperation got the better of her because, as he slept, she took the knife and stabbed the man repeatedly killing him, but all caps ass. She rummaged through his coat looking for the bag of gold. She found a bundle of his documents in his pocket and recognise the handwriting immediately.
Well, you guessed at her sign Betty ran out into the street crying and screaming that she had just murdered her son and she was promptly arrested and taken to Ross Common Gale, which is the word from jail where she was tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. But when the day arrived, she and twenty five other criminals were led out to be hanged in front of the angry crowd. News arrived at, the hangman had fallen ill and couldn't perform the executions. The sheriff was worried that the crowd would riot if no executions took place as angry fucking how'd, I mean so in Betty volunteered to execute the others herself in exchange for her life. He agree were Betty hanged, twenty five that Jesus Christ own Betty and when the hang man died. A few days later, she was given her own private rooms within the jail and became the only female executioner in Ireland's history that she served as the jails hang woman until eighteen o two, when her sentence was commuted by the sheriff of Dublin and she was allowed to retire, but she stayed living in her rooms inside the jail and its said. Her walls were covered in charcoal drawings of all the people she'd executed over the years shoes. She died in eighteen, o seven and was buried in the grounds of the jail in an unmarked grave. So that's the story of Lady Betty, our local, hang woman, Ross Common Gay all is still standing now: Hondo Shopping Centre and a cafe others before and after pictures, unlike that, they say what and when I'm back home losing my mom, I often pass and think of Betty stay sexy and I guess, if you can't beat the hangman become the hangman Jack WA is an incredible that was crazy, stored rights. That's one way to get out of it. I like it sounds very, was a bit of a sociopath. This one's got std em, but also Duncan blown up great.
Carolyn Georgia, like any practical Moreno, I don't answer my door if I'm not expecting anyone, I'm not about to just let a murderer in my house, but that when a bit wrong for me to day this afternoon, some of those frantically knocking at my door- and I assumed it was a murderer, and I did not answer it about half an hour later. I get a text for my friend asking if I'd been evacuated, had no idea what he was talking about. He told me there had been a bad car accidents down the road from me and it had a ghastly police were evacuated surrounding area. I am pretty sure those were actually police officers knocking at my Georgia to save my life. Another murder trying to kill me right, whoops, battalion outside to see what was going on. They had moved the police bear hate up a few houses, so I guess I'm in the clear now I'll. Let you know if anything explodes, though I jumped a friend that really really funny if I got blown out because I was trying not to get murdered, she didn't This was finding adds another day sexy it don't get murder but also get blown up. Catherine.
Catherine. I I would invest in what they call a people so that you don't have to assume every single person knocking on your door is going to kill you have so by May, like old Times Door Menu House has one of those little door like tiny hours, so people will know if I'm looking through to the cow. That's right slam tiny door in their face. You know, but you just have to get really. You have to get really self confident about your decisions and in just like you open a door, you look, I'm the iron like. No. Thank you. I'm sorry by I get. Scroll like money because of the oceans, because I thought it was my lake with getting delivering. I answer the guard. It was just like this really sweet pike girl and she would like that to undergo shit like share some of the ocean differently that state the state Union,
or the job safety on it wasn't now, it is our job to have the ace tyranny for dolphins. Are you talking about some call like Greenpeace, gay romantic as I like shit? Please help those I just unfortunately, now everything on Twitter is now. Oh, here's a here's, video over the Pacific garbage patch writers, video of a seal with like six packaging around its now. Ok,
Let's not talk about depressing stuff. Another eleven year old in peril story took a great glorious, hello, hello. After hearing the eleven Euro babysitter story from this weakens many sewed. I knew I had to write in about the scariest moment in my babysitting career. I I think I was older than eleven at the time. Sorry, but not by much. I used to babysit my three cousins throughout the summer, as we usually just hung out, watch movies order, a pizza, usual babysitter activities, one neither is a thunderstorm and we were hanging out the main tv room watching a movie suddenly somewhat sort of being on the porch door. I looked up and it was a man hunched over in a hood being on the door in the rain, or my murdering, o Brien kicked into overdrive and I yelled get down to the SAR get down Dwelleth collagen their holster they're back holster. When she got that she'll get down to the kids, I had us all hiding under the coffee table. While I called my uncle freaking out, you might want the competent will. It's like so abc hued. It's probably the perfect she'll be s it wouldn't nothing would go through having agenda trouble. Such impacted particle bored, so she calls the uncle and he told me he was going to send a neighbor down to find out what was going on this point. The hooded figure had moved on to the side door, which was the main entrance for the house, and that's when I realized I had it.
I start freaking out even more and all the kids are now crying and freaking out, and in that moment the phone rang. It was my dad calling what luck I thought all know out. L before it can even begin to explain to him what was happening he said. Can you come to the door it's pouring out here? I brought you all ice cream. My amazing, thoughtful father had brought me and my cousins ice cream and I thought he was a murder. He was, of course, completely drenched and I thanked him and apologize profusely before I gave him the fearful about being on a door in a hood in the dark at a house where young girl was babysitting, love you I'll stay sexy in only opened the door for ice cream Christine from Wakefield Road. I love it. I learned to adore knocking stories in our own. I know that's weird nagging last ten days to get like fifteen was it? Oh, my God, analogue, don't say it like an. I like that. It was the time of your life.
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Oh I m ordering affiliate avoid murder, friends. I just went home for Thanksgiving and over dinner my dad casually mentioned a woman. He knew what killed her husband. I do not recall how this came up. So, of course I had to do the thing hold on what I need to know everything. So here's what happened in the spring of twenty twelve Jackie Reed of Osborne, Idaho, twenty miles from where I grew up, shot and killed her husband Gregg in the back bedroom of their trailer home. Reportedly he was an abusive asshole. Ok, fine, but she didn't. Put the serb police mono. She kept on collecting his social security checks and told anyone. You asked about him that he had moved to Seattle as you do. When you live in Idaho generously, yeah absolute got it then. Ok, then here, ok, this is hush rights. This then, here, is where it gets.
Crazy! Oh ok! In July twenty thirteen there was a special agent from the Social Security Administration who knew. That was a thing who was looking into this guy's disappearance, because you know someone was cashing his checks and he wasn't and Osborne or Seattle. Oh I get it. We were any wasn't in Osborne or Seattle. He interview Jackie Red who couldn't keep her story, stray it so they got a warrant search her home and when you know it in
bed room, there's the rotting corpse now rag leave, no, who had just been hanging out in there for fifteen fucking mind no Jackie, I just been dousing him with quick line to keep the smell down could die an article I found Gregg had weighed three hundred pounds or by the time his body was discovered. It only wait. Fifty three pounds, cheese, Jackie, had also been slowly digging a whole behind the house. Presumably to bury him pick up the pace. Jackie lighted a take her fifteen months to dig a hole, lazy ass, the nature of its is: will the ground is notoriously rocky here, and I guess you can't use backhoe to dig a gray for your husband secret corpse chair and I am in twenty fifteen Jackie was sentenced to fifteen years for voluntary, manslaughter pleaded down from first degree murder. Of course, I wish she must certainly, seven years before she is eligible for parole, vestings giving ever
the student grandmother fuckers an email me offsets are girls name but really built a great crescendo, the wow odious, whom so rapid up for here's. My wrap it up
As somebody line. I am not going to say the whole thing. It's my earliest memory Ahoy recently and a family get together my cousins. I and I were talking about the earliest memories we had most were family vacations or holidays, but mine is a little less than a little more murdering, only I'm the oldest of my siblings, and when I was around three or four, my mom worked as a freelance copy, editor and often state up late, with giant manuscripts to get some extra hours in after her exhausting days raising then three kids under four legs, it's as eventually having for kids five years lay my lady do the math. We can't how're you doing anything after that. She just be like bring it on the I'll handle any situation, I'll cater any bar. Mitzvah! Ok, I don't remember this part, but I guess I had been sick and was running a fever earlier in the day. The part I remember was walking down the hallway from my bedroom to our family living of our family living room. Usually it's one or the other, but she's combining both or their combining, both in my barbie nightgown, which was drenched in sweat, I'm gonna kick. I walked into the living room and stared at my mom who hadn't noticed me yet and yelled I'm gonna die. I don't remember anything pass that, but apparently I dropped before and had a seizure cancer gray like it turns out that this was the start of my seizure disorder and my crazy high fever had caused the sweat and this seizure and the deaths feeling probably came from the aura of the seizure, which I still get before an episode or the fever, or both either way.
I'm sure he's scared, my mom half to death, just think of it for your old. That's like this straight out of the ring, totally wet a wet nightgown screaming. I'm gonna die on dropping to the floor like eyes, ye stir in one of those manuscripts they're, just a red line that goes straight across either way. I m sure I scared my mom half to death and now that I have my own kids, I can't imagine how terrifying this would be stay sexy and take your capra model. If it oh, my god, I tried corporate and work for now. Wow. That's why I had one seizure- and I was a kid do after over here- that size of its very common rural area and also than your brain grows and kind of works out all the electrical issues. My brain is huge. Now it's so it's distracting. Ok, this one starts hey.
Oh hi, when I was in law school, I was a student attorney working for the innocents project in Baltimore City, the images and good job. My job was to visit prisons around Maryland and collect information and transcripts from inmates like a potentially be acquitted under a quart of appealing rule. I should mention that all the inmates I dealt with were convicted of first degree murder prior to nineteen eighty, so most of them were just quiet, old gentleman and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Can you looking at home or how many were innocent? I want to send the corner and listened to all this conversation. My visits often involve meaning with dozens of inmates said each facility I spent an entire year visiting all the prisons around Maryland and that with at least a hundred convicted men and women. During my graduation party, I found out that my twin sister was telling Oliver family and friends that I was going ship. The prisons, for quote conjugal, that's it sometimes thirty!
When I asked her should note that men she admitted that she didn't elegant shagging, a horror when, across your face, when I explained she stone admit to me how many people were told about my suppose, it extracurricular activities in prisons, but it still makes me cringe, laugh eight years later, when I think about how you know that's incorrect, I thought it was just a sister being mean to assist ago. She thought conjugal visits mean sometimes of the thirty day. People are just like. Ah gray, probably didn't help that when I spoke about the inmates, I often cited how they were summoned, the most lovely humans I had ever men and honestly most of them were better jailhouse lawyers, and I will ever be the cushy Jaya practicing real estate law now. But I will never forget the time I spent my hundreds of conjugal visits around the Marilyn prison system, which ultimately helped acquit at least fourteen innocent men. Amazing amazing shadow, my twin sister, in care about what we most exclusively address each other as then, our sweet mother be J, who also got hooked on your podcast and may still believe. I had conjugal visits when I was a student. I can't be sure things for all. You do remember to stay sexy and avoid conjugal visits with mortar convicts Genevieve. Oh my god. What areas tat is so funny, it's kind of like the petty grandma's who were told that Ella well meant lots of love so, though, be like on on Facebook, there'd be death, announcements and they'd be like thinking of you Ella. Well, oh my god. He heard and I had that all its very similar and horrible hiring well a if you have extra money,
this day and age which very few people do. But if you do give money to the innocents projects, they do unbelievable were three very important and thank you for listening. Send us all your weird stories that my government or Gmail Mariner website that was fun those out, but there is a great kick back off being home from the UK. I suddenly ceased Ex Ante get murdered, go by LSD, wanna, cookie,
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