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MFM Minisode 153

2019-12-16 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Silver Bridge collapse connection and a mall creep.

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This is exactly right. How true my favorite murder, the many? So that's Karen and Georgia and we're gonna read your stuff GEO, its seven. I am on Sunday morning. Ok, I'm going I wish you on this subject. And is crushing corner corrections. Corner kinder K. Ok, I can hey. Ladies and gentlemen, I was listening to your recent London life Show and Karen was discussing, murderer Thomas Cream. I like the CALM Tom Cream and his men
by free licence and seemed confused. While I agree that the use of the term midwifery is weird for a man I will say him going into. Obstetrics is not entirely out of love field with his thesis topic on chloroform chloroform was actually very common pain, reliever for surgeries and the birthing process during the Victoria, narrow, just chloroform her. Can you vat or eighty out if you are ill in any way, an victorian era for a hundred years? It was even years on Queen Victoria during the birth of her last year, children, it naturally after being so popular when people realised it was kind of deadly. I was debate. But sending this to you guys, because I thought surely someone must have sense- is to be a good, but then I remembered this is fucking, weird knowledge to have off hand. I learned this when I was in college as a drama turn for a play about the use of the vibrating to cure hysteria, which is a catch all for everything, a catch all four
thing from depression to not behaving the way we, The patriarchal society expect you to harm in women during eighteen eightys. I learned a lot about the obstetric practices for it. It was a her time, that's cool thanks! Well, you do Mallory causing the know a lot about you now ray. I went up to her parties home all day, I'm alive, so many questions that makes us where we want to talk to someone about the hysteria. Oh yeah well, but it is the is so crazy there, some movie about it, but basically Society pretended like women didn't enjoy sex up. Until I gray it seems leg from what that's one way. I'm thinking they taught me. Full historians knowledge of go again This is called siamese cats and an attempted Breakin hey gang, my mom and dad we're living in an Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In there
it twenty specific. My dad had finished. Med school is doing his residency at the local hospital, which meant that he often work late into the night on this budget Today my mom, I came home after work to the house, they rented May dinner and the lamps are so watch tv later in the evening. She heard slimming down stairs at the door in idly, thought that it must have my dad coming home from the hospital earlier than expected when the sun.
The door handle shaking continued on just a little too long remain looked out of her room at the top of the stairs were her to siamese cats, Alex and Clio were sitting together and staring down the stairs at the door of their ears repressed way back against their heads in the most scornful, feline frown my mom likes to say that this was the point where she knew something was wrong. If cats are my dad, they would greedy and happily at the dorm yelling for cartels, what they were very protective of my mom and it came the strangers ass. My thing too, if you're scared alone look at the cats, are they freaking out YO than everything's fine? Yet they have the sense of things going on that. It's just like my doubts can hear things happening Sally Street, and so you just get alerted to things and right. You know scared. Well, suddenly my mom heard a thud a picture frames. She had leaning on the inside of the window frame clattered inch under the front porch. She knew someone with must have just open the window and she jumped over Fond Cannae on one when the police arrived, she met them at the door and even though they search the whole house, they didn't find anything or anyone amiss other than the open window as a police were walking away from the house, my mama to the poor
she took up the fallen frame while she bent down to take up the frame. What did she see, but a pair of feet, sticking out from underneath LE barbecue cover what can you imagine what the M balled up in the barbecue sheep bends over seize their feet now, I'm in my mom to issue a good scream at the sight of a spider, but I can't even imagine the ungodly sound that she let loose when she saw this feat. The police came running back to the house and they ashamed took away the hiding man who almost went undetected. Unfortunately, for my mom and she called my dad after the whole whole ordeal he couldn't leave, has shifted the hospital to be with her own quietly, shatter loyal cats to keep her safe, does
slim till they were both twenty, but I would have a photo of my family's current siamese named palm apple and French, who would handle herself horribly during a break in and would probably be sleeping somewhere instead say sexy and trust your cats c, o my god, the thieves, the image of just don't do Dominic now I guess I was over here, but also what size was up. Arbour q, because I'm thinking the one my ad had, which was like the one it was kind of orange and it just is- has a circular led there's no was that this was must have in like a big one and a half ago, probably underneath it was easy to hide under ok subject. One is this: we're Bridge collapse hey Karen Georgia, Stephen and all pets. I've always wanted to write in, but it oh. My stories are about paranormal experiences. I've had, and I wasn't sure you guys want to hear them going- not voting, the alien stories please no. I dont want to hear now why I fucking hate Alien, like you're, scared or analysis, so stupid. No, no, I don't think it's stupid. I think it's definitely. Some of them are real.
They're very distressing to me, I dont like ok, it's like it. I can't listen to those like if it's on last pike S on the left when they go into that whole area cannot countless or acting out its hoddan This dimension is hard enough. I can fucking and airlines and their shit are and what their agenda is sorry to totally Miguel Inadmissible excited those are in up. I mean I get even on an ancient aliens. I'll only watch the wonder about like how the pure These are connected to something how I had no idea what I dont want little Green mentioned
can cause. I think it's ok. Anyhow, after five months of listening, I finally got in past episode. One eighty and was happy are currently the mob man story episode. One eighty three because I actually knew the full story. My hometown comes from this episode about the Silverbridge collapse. In point. Pleasant was for dinner. My grandpa was a male carrier in the sixties and his mail route had him going over the silverbridge every day on the day of the collapse, My grandma woke up and said that she had a weird feeling and didn't want my grandpa good aware of those stories garment. She asked to call us, I think, like Collins Ex, so they could go Christmas shopping, since it was only about a week before Christmas. He took his to think about it, and after some more persuading from my grandma, he called off and they went shopping for about an hour away from point pleasant. They got home later that evening and went about our nightly routine. The first time they heard about the collapse was later that night, while watching the news, my grandparents never talk. About this day
if only heard the story from my mom? So I'm not sure what my grandma was thinking after he heard the devastating news I can only agent. How grateful they both were. Did they watch instead of going on about their normal day seed eyes when wife wants to go shopping instead of complaining. Just go, you never know what might happen. I was so grateful at my grandma convinced him not to go to work. My dad was only five months old at the time and my uncle had been born. Yet I cannot imagine how different my life would be if my group had been in that disaster, he passed away three years ago this month, but I'm so thankful. I was able to spend twenty two great years at him, thanks so much guys for the podcast. My brother suggested it to me back in July, and I listened to it all day at work and help me get through the eight hours on my right back to my home state of West Virginia once a month. I've got to do
something for a six hour drive from Nashville Assess De Gm Jessica. Like an amazing, I heard those stores all the time you know your little than on, unlike unsolved, mysteries like they tell you, though, stories and make him only dramatic. Yes, why, as a kid one time and doubtless Posavina flight, am I fuckin lost mission? Will you keep the night before you can't go crying screaming about it? Yeah like something? That's gonna happen, yet they should have taken me the therapy, for I have a lot of things. I it that's all it was my dad was fine, and yet you are just say, I'm worried. I'm word to Lucy arrayed, but when the time Life series of weird timings worrying the mothers her hand is member that feels that the daughters cut hand over five thousand miles away or when a worker, I thought I we all had he s peak as we hear life's here. Ok, this is the one they got away. Hey. All a few years ago I was in college, I data guy, let's call him Carter.
Very energetic, and to give you an idea of his personality on one of our first states. He took me to a scenic waterfall. I thought is going to have a picnic there who ended up spontaneously hiking off the trail to the very top of the waterfall typing out, now realise that I totally could have been murdered, but that was before I knew to stay out of the forest anyway, during our high, when we were learning about each other's family, he told me his dad was a detective in a small town in Utah. I asked in a natural baby, Marina Fashion if he had ever been put on a murder case
you told me that in twenty TAT his dad was part of a hundred person. Manhunt define a man named Lance Leroy, our Olano, who had just disappeared into the desert after shooting an officer named Brody Young nine times in the back of my early Anna had been parked at a trail head when young had come to inspect his car as it was in no camping zone. Are Olano opened fire on young as he was walking back these patrol Carter run his license. Young thankfully survive the shooting. Well, I know it all shot. Nine. I knives lack Jesus Christ early. I was never caught o Carter. My ended up not working out, probably mostly due to the fact that I am terrible updating, but I always with us a very responsible to take it on your sent out where for you, but I always thought family of him. A few months later, during Christmas break, I was rates unmarried love. It I was reading than a news article about a college student who had found remains of a dead body in the desert. I struggled to myself because it sounded like something Carter would do. Then. I realized that the article was about Carter. He and his younger brother over the brake decided they wanted to try to find early on, as remains they literally went out into the desert and just started looking for him. Oh my god, in their search near the Colorado River, they found some bones within a bag with a handgun and a magazine and dental records were able to positively identify him as early Otto. This was
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This is miss, goes in the column of like perverts per perverts around the country that we like to give airtime. Oh great, hometown, news reporter WAR story, hello to my favorite, murdering as in their pets. Thank you for podcast that makes me not feel bad about how I coped with the horrible stories I covered as news reporter through laughter. I, yes, let's get right into it. I was a rapporteur anyone's ten Ohio and early two. Thousands young was at one time known as murder, town, USA, Woe Jesus! As you know, there are some crazy, So you know there was some crazy shit that happen there, but there are two stories that stand out in my memory: I'm I'm gonna be laughing. Policed, are investigating claims by women that something freaky was going on at one of the local stores in the mall I'll had
and what s similar experience a man approached them in the greeting card. I'll, look! Oh no care level is one you. Ve talked about the hallmark store. The add that certain, via the Hallmark star, which is borderline, Bible, sit story. There is a an airline. Dry grandma, you know, Dr Horizon Year, looted Sow young, muted lighting, feel yeah. So just put yourself there. We are not we're not in You know, I'm sorry, Let's see the s what's the opposite, the store you worked out and then left funky Vienna. I thought that the Hallmark stores, the living opposite of hot topic on every possible way occurs a privilege for the kids that may I am we're we're in a home. I think they still exist that yeah, but like models are so rare. These days, I like young, of anyone. Ok, so like the old school, the F Multi, Stormont, hey so.
They are such a rare bird. These daily, don't know what I'm fuckin target. You just look at a lot of voting on banded malls on it now ass, the best and now just there not the way they used to be, which was it was just as likely for you a fifteen year old to be in a hallmark store, is anywhere else, whereas it feels like these days, unless your great grandma drives you to one re pick out a new Hummel, you will not be a hallmark store regimes like Rogan, so so be there with us. Now all have the same. Experience, a man approached them in the greeting card I'll and asked if they were willing to help him out. He would tell them he could not read. Oh now, and he wanted to pick out the perfect card for his mother. Ask them to read the greeting card aloud. He s under read the card slowly and he would follow along by reading over the shoulder. Even
This was the real situation. It doesn't work right. There's no reason you needed me over my shoulder now, while he stood behind them unbeknownst to the women he master to the car, hurt Dear mother, mother, after they were done reading the card. The man would thank them and war, and then, when the women got home they would founded. They found a strange wet spot in the back of it and put two and two together now. Fortunately, the store had security, camera footage of the man and he was caught. Oh my god, I'm so grows out right now, yeah in our pray, just how my short needed at the misfortune didn't actually specify was a homo. We're! Ok, but I mean it's a store in the greeting Korea. Fillets make it the worst possible oars. It's gotta, be ok, Second story was similar, but different
Once again, the story involves a man who was going to a store in the local mall same one is before. However, he would not approach women and ask them to read greeting cards. He would jack off before leaving home the fluid and hammer film can t put it in his coat pocket. Oh I don't like this. Like you, don't like aliens, ok, the cow. She we just to the part where the cops writ they begin to refer to him as the seamen slinger also by the ok, followed them of that paragraph or I want to sign off. So thank you. How did you pay because its civil girl like high it makes me happy to know that people
might be more aware. You dont go just red cards to random, guys that want to stand behind. You don't see. I don't get involved and things like that for just driving nice enrietta cardan old may be nice to someone you know before I sign off. I just want to thank you for the way you talk about. Mental health is truly important. I suffer from pose partum depression twice and brought me to my knees. I always check on others after they have a baby now, because I feel like people don't want to talk about that kind of at what is supposed to be a happy time in your life. That's a really great point, totally very cool, but you have to get help. Say, sexy and watch out for men leaving their seamen on you in the mall sherry in her eye. I think it beats since these firmer it beats Swedes Jesus under lie. I should point out our number they but slasher. Oh yeah are these guys are all yeah there's.
It's not a race. Ok, if this one's just I'm not convey the name, it hey Emma them crew. About three years ago, when I was still a criminology student, I started dating Jean a lovely girl who was born in the Philippines before moving to the middle of Canada line understand where she came from more? I was googling facts about the Philippines criminologists, didn't this quickly developed into researching crime rates and death halls. Yes, I know you guys want guide me for this. One day I made a joker along lines of, while I'm sure glad you never got swept away by a landslide or stolen by sex traffickers to which he replied, something like while I was kidnapped line. My murderer, you know, ass was so excited to hear the crazy story she was about to TAT, turns out in Gmos about seven. She was playing and family friends yard. When suddenly she was dragged away by her hair and pulled into the surrounding jungle. Her kidnapper eventually ended up dragging her up a tree where they try to force feed her mangoes. Oh yeah, one more important fact: her kidnapper was a monkey. Oh no
hilariously show you I was kidnapped by a mind again. She was up there in the tree for about thirty minutes. Unsure about like ours before her brothers and father could get her down. Nothing can be the pure joint starting laughter that experience the first time. I heard the story to this day. Any ten genes is a monkey. She cringes and says you still eggs, mangoes thou anyway. I love to make her tell this story when every meet new people and I'm really glad she made it to twenty, so we could meet and then there's a little heart emerging. So I am grateful that you guys have worked so hard for so many years to bring us. This amazing pie cast in the whole network, of course say sexy and never trust a monkey with mango footmen, there's nothing in the idea that is so fucking who might and then try to force feed your Langer. Those like why it wasn't just kind of a random things like get up here. It's like get up here and eat this like one
pushy assuming mother monthly, known Wanna go up to her. You ve. If I was that person, I would have this specials arc of confidence because of you, like the monkey, picked, knew who issues this source of all my problem. I had my way you were dragging out. It has just explained to you what's wrong with me: you need validation from anything any fucking Rabby the tree dwelling until I also like I went home. I don't know if you ve ever thank you. Cannot buy monkey bad habits smell about me. Send as your story that Anna Herbert had been mango, geomantic face examined, don't get learner, go elsewhere, cookie yeah.
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