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2019-12-23 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include an unusual stalking story and a family secret.

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This is exactly right. And we'll go my favour? Murder, many! So that's Karen Kilgour! That's Georgia hard Stark and we go Miriam. Thank you Clare. I made that I know. What's your real name, Larry ACT in land is plain old. When two ends, though ok. This is a first responders story. That's what it says in the subject. My high France,
we're going to get a France love you all that, so my husband is a pair medic. It's a fine line between quote. Tell me all the things and quote relive your trauma for my ancestors and unless God, let's read that again, it's a fine line between tell me all your things and release you're trauma for my own fascination. So I generally wait for him to tell me saying one morning he came home saying he had a good story to send to my murder girl, good on his time one night partner, go and call for a fifty something woman who had tried to kill herself. She had cut herself pretty add the dead bandaged her and were ready to bring her to the hospital. A cop checked her road pockets before they left and found a large Kitchen, he took it before the ambulance left with just the woman and the two medics on the way to the hospital. There was a near by cardiac arrest. This was
at the woman's mother's house. What a family member had asked the police to do of a welfare check on the mother, because she and her daughter had fought about money earlier in the evening. My husband went to that call to start the code. The woman was stable. He went inside with the equipment to do the resuscitation, while his part, stayed in the ambulance with the woman inside the my husband, found a lot of police officers in the kitchen, with a dead elderly woman. She had been beaten to death with a rolling pen, no amount of de pr could help me, so my husband continued on to take the daughter to the hospital this time, the police officer, also in the truck because the woman
killed her mom and tried to kill horse- oh my god, it's probably unnecessary to say, but I am so glad the cop had taken that knife off of her when she got any ambulance with my husband, Sd Jam and hide your rolling pens. When you fight about money, Carolyn from North Carolina Hole, you share whoo hoo rattling pan, it's also its automatic our and your mad at you, think it's bad and this one direction, and then it takes a hard left in holy shit they re. No one wants to live in shutting out please, but we do like to drive oh yeah, that's what this package that's right It's called hometown story, perfect. Hi all by adjustment in my very first solo apartment in the big city, was just me and my tabby Calvin and acute little attic department in Cleveland Heights that I say out an apartment
that I've gotten over that in Cleveland Heights, oh hi, on a leg you have to get, it were Pegrenne does point there's tee shirts himself. My little doesn't Lena got after about a week of getting used to being. On my own, I came home to see the message slight blinking. This was the mid nineties before everyone had cell phones or voicemail. So my cute little apartment had an old school answering machine yea. After about a week getting used to being on my own, I came home to see their message. Light blinking, I'm machine somewhere between our I'm sorry with somewhere around twenty messages. Badness, that's right! Only about it, which was way more than I am used to receiving seven up to seven is amazing: the killing younger one pillar for India. People can't get enough twenty messages, someone's states absolutely there's death involve right. I pressed the play button and the first message, which is five minutes of background noise, like this sirens, horns, hunky and construction, noise, etc. Weird right, the second ass. It was the same and the third by the fourth message, a fight
minutes a background noise. I started to feel a little freaked out. Yeah five minutes was a maximum message. Time built into the machine, so it appeared. Small is just calling and letting the five minutes run out and then calling back to do it again. Someone had called me twenty times and just say They are saying nothing. The tape ran out very somebody was calling her listening to her voice. Now machine like the quietness not everything about you, including your answering machine. I was certainly very aware of how alone I wasn't is cute little apartment, a big city ass. I sat there running through the worst case scenarios in my head contemplating calling the police thinking that maybe it's not such a bad idea to have a hand on my sweet, Calvin hopped upon the table ass, he walked
the table. He stepped over the answering machine inadvertently, activating the memo record function with his paw and sat there on the table casually grooming himself, while the machine recorded another five minutes of ambient noise, her own cat was stockyards as days, even don't get stuck by your count. Tuna, oh my god, that's so scary, and then such a really, I know, and also I've, Frank! If there's a button near by that frank shouldn't- be touching locks up with his paw, like a person and and touches, and now it's unborn ring. I told you he's turned unlike the laptop in the middle of the night, Ass Edna movies are flying and like, and he is just laying their next to it like. It is his choice. Ok, the subject line of this one is mother. I can't tell you anything or you look suspicious. Karen Georgia, Stephen and of pet friends. My mom shared a story with me over the weekend about my grandpa, her mother in law.
Back in November of nineteen sixty, there was a plane crash that occurred in the small southern Indiana town and my dad grew up in Fifty seven passengers and six crew members were on the flight and no one survey and in the area that the plane crash, the town decided to build a memorial for the individuals who lost their lives. That day, my Emma volunteered to be the keeper of the grounds making The path through the trees was always mode and he would make sure to weed whack it as well. He is once a week for over forty years and eyes away himself out my your that's plenty right now, but there's more up to go to where this memorial was, he would have to drive his truck through the back roads of southern Indiana. Two basic a path in the trees. The one he created with his long our! He would then walk the path remove anything that would obstruct as mowing on one particular day during his initial walk. He came upon, a body that was completely naked with both their feet and arms bound together rope,
was pre cellphone, so my grandpa had to get back into his truck drive the back roads to the house. Let me see let me sidebar real quick. My grandpa also refuse to ever drivers even the speed limit, and I like to imagine that this was the day he said, fuck it and sped for the first time in his life anyway, he got home called the police to explain that they needed to come out right away. My grandma is trying to ask questions as he ran out the door. He told her not to talk to anyone she persisted in our questions when he finally yelled mother, I can't tell you anything or you'll look suspicious there's nothing better than one old men call their wives Mamma the funniest thing of all time. Oh god, all in all, it ended up being a mess, deal gone wrong, FARC, so scary and dark and out in the middle of nowhere all at once. The crime scene was removed, my grandpa, I'm back to his duty of keeping the memorial at peak condition that such a beautiful thing
yeah and then horrible amendment alone. But then yes, thanks for a reading along Stephen and Georgia, Karen. If this gets chosen, Yaller treat- and I look forward to a more years- as the murdering as demand years of listening, but then there's no name, I wanna be a tree, but that they allow aerial tree olive tree olive tree line, loving it gee. I cannot guarantee that air. This ok, hey all love you guys and your pod. My mom got me hooked on it a few months ago, and now I am behind in my grad school papers. Don't play Martha, take responsibility anyway. My grandfather passed away about ten years ago. He was a swedish little man you'd ever met. My best friend is a kid here.
My grandmother or your typical setting, grandparents, we rode horses every Sunday after church any took me Jim nasty classes anyway. My grandma grandpa met in the church Squire years ago, fell in love and were merry for forty five years on the way to go fast for two. Three years ago, my mom gets a dna kit done at home, then story start and find that she has a brother. She never knew about half way across the country she gets into with him, and she tells my mom that my grandfather and his mother or an item back in the fifties before he went to prison, My mom obviously confronted my grandmother about this and she chuckled and said yeah. Your daddy was a different man back before I met him.
This conversation piled into my grandma confessing, to my mind that my grandpa was actually part of the prison choir program that saying in her chair do they did meet enquire? Let my grandma was in the church Non prison choir and that tell I met they eventually married once he was out of prison. My mom tried to pry on what he was in prison for my grandma wooden talked much about it and we ve had no luck. Finding all record slew, my grandma came from a prominent family doctors, lawyers etc, but she has never really been close with them. Family reasons were always awkward and I'll make hence now after learning she met my ex content grandpa in a prison church choir. I guess they didn't approve stay saxony don't believe your grandparents when they tell you how they met with. Can you imagine you are a young woman in a
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I'm running on behalf of myself and colleague, were both female clergy Pastern Deacon and we're both Marinos. We also are both in a number of clergy, Facebook groups, which is where the story comes from: listen I'll, sparing the details, but probably comes as no surprise that Clergy Facebook groups can be real dumbstruck, for I would not have done well and save delete. Facebook is alive.
The petty arguments about how, with right and wrong way to do things wrestling stories about how genuinely shady church people can be to one another and my personal favorite endless examples of sexism and massage any in the church. But on a good day in these groups, you can find love affirmation and support from our colleagues are or me story that restores or hope in people and occasionally fn task and disturbing what the fuck story like this. I see there's always a silver lining up past our colleague of ours posted in the group that, when he was visiting with an older member of his church, he learned that this church member was a prison guard where Jeffrey Dahmer was held law. Not only that, but this church member Slash prison Guard had to or Dahmer back to a cell after an attempt was made on his life. Currently Dahmer was attending Sunday Night Chapel Prenticed
Is I mean good for him, but I would hate to be the clergy perceiving man etc and parentheses when a fellow inmate armed with a homemade razor blade slashed toothbrush tried to slit Dahmer Throat on the first. Wipe, however, the blade broke and the guards pulled. The two apart Dahmer had to go to the infirmary with a cut on his neck and when he was released from the infirmary firmer aim. Our colleagues church number, The task of supporting him back to a cell on there he was seldom return to the garden said that happens when you give an amateur a knife, let them
foe. Unlike my colleague, and I thought you would appreciate this story and the fact that you ve got a lotta clergy, murdering us out there, all sexy and don't get murdered will handle doing gods, niches and Sarah and Julia. Oh, my God adds the craziest thing, I've ever clergy bringing the good Home town in Kiev. Every dollar- yes, I'm reap Jeffrey Dahmer is yeah. He makes true crime no fund. Now, there's just it's just so often so off. Also, ok, here's my last one. Oh hello, friends, empathy we knew but compulsive listener and I just heard the episode about finding things in your walls. I lived in manage how Springs Colorado, I'm sure I'm fuckin saying that run sure. Several years ago, in a remodelled, eighteen, hundreds home, I was just asking to be hunted. The large home was divided into five separate apartments and the only space tenant shared was the basement laundry room.
And into the community laundry room one night and found the door stuck on something. I shut my body weight into the door and busted my ass into the laundry room that manage to damage the large wooden laundry bench against a wall in the process, while trying to discreetly put the top piece of plywood back on the bench. I happened to glance inside it was a staircase that was a very deliberately hidden b into the earth from an already underground. Baseman now see compromise. Of twelve hand. Doug steps comprised comprise meetings. I, whenever there is an skip, the laundry that night the day I was moving here. Dogs doubts, unlike IKEA, it's horrible horrible. The day was moving from the house. I finally went down the hidden stairs. I got to the bottom and shine my flashlight defined a small bedroom size whole Doug into the ground. Beneath my house, there were
entire nursery filled with baby furniture. Deigning it These two hundred years old lights, the craziest part, was- and nothing was out of place in this than the slightest it look like it was being kept up. Even I ruined. I tell the story to develops new theories, especially even the towns, paranormal and dark stigma well stay out of the creepy Devil basement and don't get murdered, no name you First of all, no pictures. I would whoever descends, I would but oh cake, but think about Doug stare either. If you will ask those in areas on the way down, then you're stuck in now and yet the limo baby earn you and again in the grand. Maybe each baby furniture is the soul of someone who fell down and turned into a weird rocking oars. Only eighteen on that is who did that? Why
Did they do our baby for at your hundred euro, baby, France or download it sounds like it was set up like a real, not just like a storage space for baby for each year, like the baby's item dirt maybe could live there there baby around, like a warm baby, little earthworm baby longing eyes an eyelash link link I from the Richard scare him and he's got a top hat a pie Earth goes baby mercury earthworm goes Navy Blue. I feel it gives might be the end of the year end of a long year. Gaelic. We need a minute of break things like like I love during their show, but I may have just gone over the associate the earthen amateur. Oh, it's terrible! Why don't we
pictures other. Why can I see at first hand right as you're fucked up weird stories? Jesus that was fun will read them in twenty twenty. Yes, thank you guys, but don't lie. We don't make the earthworm areas that better Beecher, God that they actually undone murdered goodbye Elvis you wanna cookie.
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