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This week’s hometowns include a fishing trip with Al Capone and an aunt who thought she was dead.

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This is exactly right. And one of my favorite murder and many stowed. Here we go everyone. Let's do it now. You go first shirt, The title of this email is
going to give it away, so I'm just gonna get right into it: hello, friends, both human and animal. Thank you for making my weird to crime of session normal and hilarious. No potato! Ok, we all know your awesome. Let's get into it, hey state through that power, when I was twenty three, my living boyfriend and I broke up for the end. For the first time I was living alone with just my amazing pup, jelly parentheses. It was the fucking best. My house was a dream and within walking distance to all my favorite things, yoga studio, coffee shop and all my favorite bars. I've been there for about a month when one night after running home from a bar drunk and then this is inferences. Yes, I used a literally sprint home after drinking too much. Oh, your early twentieth us, and that is so true and I couldn't afford. Usually I'd be too late for any pilot transit and could, of course, could not afford a cab was back when caps were impossible rate. I would run home I'd also like I'm scared and walking home in the dark, so like somehow running, felt faster, yet felt ass. If her yeah
I remember one time walking up over the most insane telegraph hills, just the most insane like straight up and down San Francisco, Austria, to get from the Castro basely over the hill to the upper hate. Where I live, I walk straight up hill and early hour guy there and you come around the side of that weird bar par. Yes, yes, I was so drunk the by the time I got up and was walking on flat, clear as I realized I was still holding a drink from the barn and Still that much of it I finished it and then ran up to a permanent building and slipped my hand down all of the buzzer's and ran like you thirty in the morning, and I woke up everybody in a building and ran thing when you're in your twenties anything you're, manic pixie during really you're, just a fuckin asshole trunks, fucking asshole you're, just a vein of everyone's existence. In my mind I was just like. Can you believe me? Oh Corky, I I
I'll. Just do a thing like this: do wild Corky thing inside the building where people who could afford to live in the hope of telegraph failure? They were a two thirty in the morning on a Thursday night, they were getting ready for writing morning work and I was like MRS Gus ok, sorry
actually in the middle of reading email, I woke up around three ok, this guy's got me. I woke up around three thirty, a m to my pups sitting up alert and not making a sound. That's fucking scarier when the dogs go into pointer mode and they just stare out the window will hunt Macao, they just stare, and I'm like why tell me now I have a beagle who Howells at air so seeing him sitting at the end of the bed stiff, not making a sound was alarming when you're Beagle scared. That's timed IRAN! Yet that's right! Then I heard the door being against the frame and thought fuck. I didn't get the door shut all the way I laid there for a moment, still kind of drunk contemplating. If I wanted to get out of my company bed or allow the gods to determine my faith, but finally got up when
to the edge of the stairway, leading to my front door. I saw him a complete stranger standing outside trying to get into my house. I very quickly nope that shit and called nine one one. Luckily, for me, my apartment was only half a mile to the police station. Thank you. Small towns, businesses, lanky, small miracles, is a perfect line break. Thank you, small towns and the cops got. There are no time after getting him into the police car the cop knocked on the door to take my statement. When I told him my name, he goes. Are you sure you don't know this man puzzled? I assured him. I've never seen the guy before in my life and asked why he then goes this
the clans you're married and knew your name. What's you read that right all caps, the guy, knew my whole fuckin name. Obviously I moved out of that apartment within the month and never heard from my late night, visitor ever again like I'd. Joey has been with me now for eight years, and this is only one of the many gifts he's given me. Stay sexy and get yourself a loyal pup unmanned. Ah, the guy FUCK and New heard was like that's my wife. In there to the car he's been stocking her he had and trying to trick the cops. Italy was his wife and she's just being drunk. Can you imagine there is time? and maybe we we might still be in. It were just because that I was the man he would have us believe. The woman would be like guys, guys, she's crazy, he's drunk look at her. What their laws are. She gets like. She loves to graze mad at me on the street at the bar. I've stopped her at no, no, I'm not gonna take an ominous when taking my parents.
Europe and Alberta. Canada moved to the San Francisco area, to start our family one night It was the second grade and my older brother team, oh, was enforced great somebody rang our doorbell. We both went to the door and greed and a man is forties, who told us that he was an old friend of our dad. Yes, I know red flag, strange man at the door, but our parents were home and dad confirm that this was his childhood friend, whom he hadn't, seen in over fifteen years, will call this catchy friend, Curtis Curtis shouts of my parents for a bit and asks if he can stay for dinner, super shall just have your canadian, french or out of the blue at your californian harm and invite himself over dinner, my mom of course, and we pass a relatively normal evening with Dad's weird friend here
Later in the evening, a couple days later, I get pulled out a second grade class and escorted to the principal's office. Young me as thinking holy shit. What did I hear a thought? Because nobody will tell me what's going on when I got to the idea right, fuck in very small letters in the bathroom well about, ladies airline, when I get to the office my brother's already sitting there so that a shift to holy shit? What did he do that benefit? The principal tells us that he is going to drive us home, because my parents need to see us and then it says in parentheses, again kind of a red flag to kids get into cars with the principal anymore. I don't. They now turns out dad
Curtis was on the run back and Alberta. He had killed. His wife then burned his house to the grounds of her fleeing the country. The investigation, with a few days behind him and the police were talking to anyone. They thought could be affiliated with Curtis who lived in California, since they knew that's where his credit card had last been used. Ding, Ding ding. We said that mother Fucker dinner, who learn about learning this. My mother was seized with panic and decided for some reason that he was quote after the children and call the school to have us brought home. The investigation moved on and eventually the trail went cold. We never heard from Curtis again, but my dad things he was probably on his way to Cuba or something and wanted to eat dinner without pinging his credit card who smile so smart thanks for reading and thanks for everything you guys do I've had your guys voices at my head the last few years telling you fuck politeness when the occasion calls for it, you guys inspiring the stronger and more about us every day, stay sexy and don't invite murderers in for your family dinner Mattie. I think that was smart. I mean we don't have a true sense of what year this was area, but I think that was smarter. The mom, because you don't! Why not pull everybody in anxious? Double chat, totally Cosette its.
It puts me in mind of every kind of crime, procedural, whatever words like that now cut to the child walking home here and a joint like bullshit. You had this psycho murderer in your home, who know he knows you're children's names he knows like where their bedroom, as he knows things about your family and he was totally find killing his own wife and bright eyes down right who the fuck knows. Maybe he's like trying to get rid of evidence, and that's your scary, oh yeah, that's a real! Let's go upsetting grey area to ban yak as the differences ear. The areas are going to overreact or you're. Gonna make the worst mistake of Malta array to overreact. Think of the children, always overreacts you're, supported by two lunatics em again.
The tunnel runs at I ladys moustache and pets, love the show, let's rock the current small town. I live in typically. Never has anything exciting. Well, at least true crime lies happen. One day, I thought I'd ask my grandmother, who has lived in this town for over seventy five years. If anything, interesting and happened, and she said, Benzene, anything interests in this downloads. Every sorry, that's not it says. Instead of telling me about a murder or kidnapping, my ground decides to tell me about someone. She went fishing with my first thought. Why simple?
as a kid. My grandma lived in Chicago and when she is around five to eight years old, but it's a grandma memory ass, like some are below ten and above five, her family moved up north along the Illinois Wisconsin Border, where her family bought and ran hotel on a lake fun. She continued on and mentioned how one time she went out fishing with her father and brother. They were fishing for about an hour or so when a boat pulled up alongside theirs, and she heard a man ask her her father and brother. If they caught anything, she looks up and who does she see none other than Chicago mobster, fucking, Al Capone as sorry, I read that wrong I'll fucking Papa. She said he was all dressed up and had several men on the boat with him most likely bodyguards. She added that he was a very nice, I'm sure he kept asking questions about the days catch any finish the conversation by inviting my Graham and her family over for dinner at the hotel he was staying at. Why I mean how do you nicely say? No to Al Capone, my great grandfather made basic chit chat and in high tilled the fuck out of their they obviously didn't end up going to dinner without my brain is still boggled that this
My brain is still boggled by this tiny little TED bit of info, Graham just told the story so casually like it was nothing if that were me, I'd scream it from the rooftops. I'd be scream from the rooftops, whom I met say: sexy and uncle fishing was syphilis bearing mobster civil is bearing on the three wise guess: yeah. Oh my god. Oh that's! That's in! saying also tidbits history. It's a wonderful two bit, but it also makes me think I wonder if he was like a lonely for normal people. Anorak. It makes me think of you know how much we love Boardwalk Empire and that a whole slice of life that we saw, that could prove was probably very dramatize right, but still we know he did a bunch of keys.
Oh great Emily key was a bit of it. Ever hop had killed tons of people constantly. I like, I bet he was out on the lake and just like hey family with kids, and I want to be a part of that normal human life. Again, maybe or maybe I'm stash them illegal liquor, the basement of your hotel- maybe he wanted to if they would get there to eat dinner. I would have the mule drugs at dinner, tat each If a heroine, sorry, I called out upon a hop had that might not be re till now alleged, while this says highlight, skip the niceties and get right down to Hell, yeah, that's or order. I allow a few years ago, I was working for an optometrist as his medical biller, but would occasionally work the front desk to check patients in one day a long time patient who I hadn't met yet came in to get a new pair glasses
the bereaved lady smelled, like mothballs, would always asked to use our bathroom like you couldn't have just gone before. He left the house, letting that's a little mediterranean terraces flatters me exactly. I shut it down the right now, twenty two year old kid you don't know what you're an for any waste any time after that she would come in she just plain written off all figured. It was just her being old, but boy was I fucking wrong. Barely this woman murdered her eighty one year, old husband hid his body in the basement of her home. First six months, yep, you read that right. This woman claims she killed her husband out of quote self defence with a hammer hid. His mirth hid the murder weapon and rapped his body up in plastic bags and kept him in the basement. He was still working at the time at a nearby hospital doing a medical research report. When a colleague of his noticed he wasn't meeting deadlines, but his key card was still being used to get into the building who be yeah seeming suspicious. They send the state police to do well for a check on him and when they arrived, she refused to let them in the house later on. They get a search warrant and found the body the weapon and a diary. She had kept documenting everything. She stated in her diary that they are having an argument about housework while he was working on their kitchen and grab said hammer and killed him. That's not self defense! No, that's
the crime of passion right granted. It's probably not too hard to kill and eighty one year old, but still she was able to post her veil, which was set at about one point: five million dollars. So clearly she didn't kill him for the money, since all their houses across the country and overseas were in her name and her name. Only all their house a phrase that right there tells you that, even though the money that's right, she also was still writing alimony checks to his ex wife. So look like he was still alive, unfortunately still an ongoing case. So I don't have an end to this, but she was only on house arrest and could only go out to the grocery store to get the mail and doctors point ments. Needless to say, the next time she came and she was very pleasant as if nobody in our office watch the news, I'm not that she was a murderer, stay sexy and always be nice to old people, Chelsea
Y. All Asia was that ideology the big bit, and then she sees the news report magnetic live at heart. I better take note that the usual. How should I mean it's too late? It's really hard to get a bit that smells like my man, oh yeah, yeah, oh, come This one's just so near and dear to my heart- and I won't you read you the thai area, subject line again: hey everybody, after hearing Georgia tell stories about people buried alive. Error might have me of my aunt story, and I thought I would share I've heard it so many times, but it makes me laugh every time when my aunt Patty was an early twenties. She went out drinking one night and had a little bit too much for that. Next thing she knew she woke up in pitch darkness. She didn't know where she wasn't couldn't see a thing she decided to feel around in our hands touched a wall on both sides. Her first thought was: oh god, I'm dead. She was drawing not to freak out, but couldn't help
the thing, meaning that she must have been buried alive. Luckily, you, my mom, her twin sister, opened the door to the bathroom flipped on the light finding in the back of his puke. All over my mom said you fucking, disgusts me and slammed the door. My aunt says she wasn't even mad. She was so relieved that she wasn't dead or buried alive, stay sexy and don't pass out in the bathtub. Oh, it's all my gun, okay. So the reason I love the store, so much is because this exact same thing happened. My sister Laura when she and Adrian were in Ireland. Together they went out one night in. I think it's the city of dual in which is it.
Many coastal West Coast, irish town I mean to village and superfine they went, they got super drunk. They went back to their boot. What is essentially like an arrow, and no, I M not an Airbus and be a bed breakfast and in the mill the night my sister got up, went to the bathroom went too far in she thought she was just stopping or the toilet way out. The shower, which has a stand up shower, was the next room in so she went in and the door closed behind her and then she said she was in its pitch black right, she's like and now I'm in a box, and then I don't know how long I've been in the bow. My guy and I'm thinking have, I always been in this box, or will I forever bonus boxes and she started having a full on like
down and she started crying going I'll, never get out of the bottle and finally Adrian came in and it was like you fucking Idiot legal. You just went one section of the bathroom too far. It was the end when my sister tells it cause she's such my sisters, the one that's always telling everybody else to shut. I asked upping dramatic, so the fact that she was the one like literally crying going. How long have I been in this? My god? It's my favorite story and listen now: you're, not alone listeners. Aunt paddy did the exact sake and for the good of all the sun's call. My sister tried to kill me nice. So hi. So when I was six years old, my family moved into a bigger home. It was an old kind of historical house, the lead based kind.
That's funny yes, so mood in the summary trial and my mom it's over the windows. I will say that right now I don't know it's buyers watching you have like a little giggle reaction like I was watching tv, whereas, like did you anything you doing so we move in Summertime imam wanted to open the windows. For some reason. The people who painted the was also decided to paint the window shot, yeah, ok, every apartment. You ever run to the nearly a hundred per cent we're you're just like if I could just crack at a tiny we candidates at my mind, being a handy woman, she is decided to use a flat had screwdriver to pry open the windows. While this was about ninety. Ninety nine, when all moms wanted to do is sit on the phone and gossip. So when my aunt called talk to my mom, she left the screwdriver sitting on the window sill and went into the kitchen to chat away now. Here I am lying on the floor in front of the tv minding my six year old business when out of nowhere my three year old sister, all caps stab me in the face with this great, primarily shit. She got me that two inches under my right, I just barely missing my cheekbone. I grab my face and immediately ran to my mom, who did not want to be interrupted. I know this story ads you. I was standing in front of her screaming mommy and when she turned and looked at me after well that like an eternity and yet what do you want? I put my hands down from my newly pierced face to show what had happened. She promptly took me to the hospital after
making sure to say her. Goodbyes first array account using low. I gotta go to the hospital or the doktor proceeded to glue my eyes shut. They didn't want to stick my face and leave a nasty scar. So when I was laying down they applied, the glue gravity did its thing and my eye was stuck Jesus say. Wouldn't let me leave until I opened my eyes and they made sure no extra damage was done good. I can't quite recall the repercussions my sister suffered, although I'm sure it was none because she's the favourite, still talk about this event to this day and I always promptly remind her how evil she has the ability to be anyway stay sexy and don't let your three zero play with screwdrivers Maggie God. First second, I thought there was it was the older sister run like this is dark under any good. It's like! Oh just a wild toddler filled after I feel like four years old and under is
three year old and under as like stabbing accident, see as ok will also, I remember, being that age and wanting to like it was almost like. You didn't think other people could get her dress like you would hurt them just to see what they would do that I was I I just like. What's this do, but if somebody did a background immediately start crying written like well you're, not me, I so I must be fine. I'm gonna put this in your letter and I lived and on what tv show was. Ah the screen that maybe that was the inspiration those landmines has like Iraq, rats or something yeah yeah or they were watching
murder. She wrote something with with more murder suggestion in this old house drivers. I write this old house, send us your weird stories about your sister and about our waking up and where it places a yeah. Any kind of also we asked for this nine times, but, like one grandma, just drop some crime on you, and cause. She doesn't think it's a big deal that she hung out without Qatar delay. Those stories are treasures, and thus my favorite murder gmail treasure thanks, guys, say sexy and don't get murmur, thereby Elvis Tijuana cookie.
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