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Jazz hands up, it's a new My Favorite Murder minisode! Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders from all over the world including Austria, Ireland, El Paso Texas, and more.

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This is exactly right. Marrying gum began beginning out. Now you go welcome to my favorite murder. This is my very murder, aware of caring coherence on Georgia, hard stark high that worthy opposite. That's all Maurice, each other's name, bread, but not. We got that from tv like we're analysing each other are many. So your hometown errors at your email s. A lot of another bass- I gotta say I like the many, so it's better than
then our regular says they're quickening, as in not like it's more fun, there's a likeness to as many snappy on our problem. Somebody else's problem is that they are funded. Problem is written, we're not right in the news reading. It is that kind of like it, and then we have a double indemnity clause of its new Stevens. False there's ratios them. We get handed. This like we are high level is superstores words like someone just goes here. You go lane newscasts her when they like hold our air peace like this. Just in ya like they don't even know what the real thing you know. Sometimes they do that they I on the show em we're gamete. Now I haven't, I have being that's what that thing is called the thing that goes near air and it's really exciting, because our epee, whose in the control room, which is where the director and all the monitors are and where they watched the show on every single camera, is she's sitting in there and talking to me and then what she says to me comes out of my mouth you I would be so confused. I love it so my reading something and talking at the same time something else at the same time, but you noted is Europe offers I'm not reading. I'm DR ripping, by the way, this is dire brands new showed that will be out in March called talk, show the game show were guy Brantome as the host. I am one of the judges and we judge people being on
The talk show that guy brand image hosting well, it's pretty hilarious and very fun for you, like judging people, hell yeah, that's for work and also people do my hair and make up. So I doubt my normal lazy, like very low key behaviour area, is raised in the sudden. I kind of look like I'm gonna stay. Look a lot like lies monopoly. That's all I get more than anyone is the idea is Manila. You deal you and I both should just have the same. Look at all times here that's. A good idea should get some sparkly pants to take our let alone. That's fucking person in the world doesn't look silly, just jazz hands it up the vesper, I'm half of a good person, you're have of a good person and then together were the best person a normal and God. We can leave our bad people behind yea and only be good people Henny. How bad people
Well, yeah, some zero time ownership as email does my there are minor, Gmail and Stephen takes now, and then we read them, and so don't worry. I had her anything going. First know either so, MRS Cod, an countryside and murder who remain yes, Ready to put down your air right in here, I do mine, ok eminently you I might now do you mind staring indeed hold on whom this and after listening to your guests, appearance on the crack podcast here have been steadily avenging on your very on your own, very entertaining bypass listenin, to regale one
another, a grisly stories item and the time Miss remembering or Miss, quoting as it just six not by concerning out I'm again, but I mean it's the truth though, and subsequently correcting, and then she says Reddit is a blessing and curse. Is it not and something of which we are all guilty of a guy? I got to thinking about my arm, hometown murder. I suspected that the details of this murder were completed and Miss remembered by yours. Truly you so I took it. I should to some sleuthing onto the meat has basically when our practices- yes, that's where I come from a very small, very small town in the irish countryside called serial killers, genre sure, there's a first thing wrong. Unless killer Sondra collation, dry I'd, say it's over. I think single street agent, I'm paths of football pitch Irish, but bowed not that Nancy Paddle thing you have over their level. Candy quote shit poke country, nowhere kind of place had sense perfect from a young age. I regularly played irish music in one of the many pubs in town as part of a local tradition. One elderly man who join us so bitterly remember as always, being grimy and dirty that kind of crime, that repulse soap and to be honest, doesn't actually smell, would often play the penny whistle with the group for an hour or two have a couple paints and then drive his mopeds home in the small hours. That sounds like the perfect bucking I as a good life, but I bet he's a murderer
it was simply an honest Johnny about town. Yet my mother inform me his name was Johnny Golden. Quite the name of harmless old man living Amazon. Now much else to say all villages have one or two of these here he is Stephen, showing me a photo of. Ah he, like your cue grandpa, that I bet you anything is a murderer except look at his dirty second hand, oil is out in the field of D. Look at his his hammocks amusement. Putting it into fireplace like fireplace his hands, looks like he's been bearing the teeth that current and has had a pipe. That's this guy's class he's like type castors. The irish pub whistled whistle ok in two thousand ten after I had lived away, I heard that Johnny had been murdered in his home. All sorry Johnny and from the stories circulating had been stabbed to death. I feel bad now coming soon coming cut. All that
And his face cut into a Glasgow, smile fuck, says, think he's ledgers, Joker in the eyes and worse, I couldn't believe it. He would do such a thing to who is an apparently a sweet old, lonely man, but you anything is a fundamental weaknesses. Deeper ominous going, I mean yards, I'm gonna, get you the fuckin suddenly of doubling. Now you are so sorry. One moment ago did a double fucking. Now I will keep pal shower through it. Travel lustre, there's gotta, be a reason. Eventually, a young man. Nineteen year old, Brendan Mcgovern was arrested for the murder, the details think and act the trial. It turned out that Mr Mcgovern Approach, Mr Goldstone, is home to confront him regarding pass sexual abuse that he had perpetrated on him six or seven years previously. Damn girl get new it. The tale has now turned into one of revenge and anger. It turns out that Mr Golden accused of that at this stage is no one to speak to the contrary, sexually be as MR ungovernable. He was a child, but he eventually moved away. They had met again after Mcgovern.
Started working nearby and Golden started: taunting him leering at him and telling stories about him. An effort to confront Mr Gordon to request you to stop Mister MC governments and Mr Goldens Home to talk Golden assume that Mcgovern was there for sex and produced a condom after which Mcgovern flew into a rage and proceeded to beat golden that glass. Maoist smile embellishment did not occur analysis for emphasis, everything you're nuts to shreds, I'm sorry Elvis that can't be right. Ok, he did not die immediately, but we found the following day at home by a neighbour and succumb to his once a month later. What do you guys think deserve death, a crime of passion, Mcgovern served eleven months for the crime, keep up the good work interpret other sentiments humours a copy exit mechanism. We can mostly all relate to so dont, lose it chow for now Mark
That sounds to me like you called it, but the story in the way it's explained of, like I just went to his has taught that sounds like bullshit like if you sell your Old molester in town. It would make more sense that he would just be like I'm a fucking kill that guy and then go and do what he did that idea like that there is any kind of like I was there to be reasonable to get caught and so now you're trying to kind of,
a gear trying to tell a story of like oh, I was there to talk, and then he did a thing, but even if that wasn't true- and he wasn't there to talk, you is there to beat the shit out of habitats and of killing home. It's like a justified that that this guy with molested I was a child and panting him about it around town you, but we don't know if that's try now, the one thing I wonder is like had he told anyone about this beforehand like did he just come up with that case or, as are a girlfriend who is like here, he told me about the last station when we were debating on it, wouldn't make sense if he, if the old guy was the molester, that he would taunt him and tell stories about that, doesn't make sense. If he's the military wouldn't say a word orally, so that could be like a paranoid or or just as being in it that victim place of like you can't stand seeing or being around that person toiling at eleven months. It has worked.
My first one says austrian: vintage murder, hotel Karen on Georgia, I'm from a small touristic village, Astraea called Saint Gilligan, its Mozart's mothers hometown and where they shot the sound of music. Rad, basically is as quiet and unassuming as it gets there used to be in the Excelsior Hotel and in the late sixties the hotel honours wife died, her husband, kept her Mamma five body in a room in the hotel turns out that he wasn't that good among the vacation, since the corpse was eventually discovered because of the smell. No one could prove that the husband had murdered her, and apparently there were rumours that he got away with the mummified thing busy claimed it was part of his religion or something. According to my grandparents, the whole thing was very mysterious and strange stuff, like the hotels secretary, committing suicide by jumping off a cliff happened around the time of the waste debt, since the husband was never convicted. This out tell state open until he decided to move, slash, travel to Australia or New Zealand. The hotel was turned into apartment, which are still wheeled into day, o a bar and a pizza. Ria I go to the bar beget pizza laughter, never fucking live in those apartments. Would you spend the night in those parts of? Yes?
after drinking or not drinking after drinking and pizza would you have to have, but yes catechism, I would just be drunk immortal and you cannot now be out like either. One is just not good alone. What if I told you that, while you passed out drunk, say you blacked out will be, I don't do their partying now I in no way I'm accusing us of that, but your parting in Austria does people drink, I'm fucking laws. Are you pass out and I tell you you can pass out, but the there'll be a goes there. The dust off to the quick took us hint deceptive. This one can, because one thing I would say yes
I'm not sure. I I just thought I'd make up a fund Quizzer only halfway through at some point the old turn like it. I should be in Cosmo. Maybe the bedside astrologer ghosts sex is how to have more fun black out. Do you want to attract a hot guys, not sure what the ox outweighs step to handle these death at you at some point, the old hotel on a return to the village, and he currently lives a couple hundred metres away from me away from me. I got all this information from my grandparents, so I can't guarantee that it's a hundred percent comrades and preserve we relate to value. I tried to research it, but all I found or some vintage luggage labels from the hotel and postcards which I attached, along with a picture of the hotel I took today even handed down to us the hand who this is
gorge, also seize on our instagram, accept them saying the postman ashram. I always say that may never do it Stephen poses unreservedly in doing so. I won't you do I think that we really my damn it does that's very cool getter made by that late. I want that free and origin of assured of that Oh, you can see the cliffs where the secretary killed herself. In the background of pictures, I also found an old movie that they shot at the hotel a few years ago, a few years before the death. It call shaming it's cold, zero, zero sex m, Wolfskin, Jen, Z and before I nickname Infra disease its net. It says not poor, and I checked the title translate to zero zero sex by Wolfgang Z. Okay, now that phrase, that's the lake next to the hotel, still the Wolfgang Z!
I can see is the name of the lake demands zero, zero sex by Wolfgang, not porn, though all those words make into zeros sex sense. To me, oh, it says it's a James bond reference and six and sex is the same word and german double its like double a seven, but its devil of six by Wolfgang see now oh see as an Essie a now. I see I don't get it. I don't either by I'm, not sure what the most disturbing fact about this whole thing is any more than it actually orgies, and I love your podcasting, I'm sorry for making you read a bunch of weird austrian names things. Even that's cute, that's crazy lake. I because several horrifying things happen then, but then it was like and we continue on with our day and people like you out of there. I bet it's uniform. I mean that on picture lies
at the pub there? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, now, The life show at the pub at the pub they offer you several glasses filled with a delicious Lakota, its peaceful at your ship, it's kind of tomato. We base our floating on the top, but you know that if you drink it, even though the most delicious thing ever had you're going to pass out and get touched by gas nor myself now coats, I said no or goats yes goes to now. I don't want to get lying. Knowing Lhasa ghosts hung in the morning, yes will have look, I you're asking me, you know
I don't give a shit now. I don't want to pass out because I'm a hang, I don't, what's worse, getting molested by goats. Ghosts are having a hangover. I never intended to have the word molested. Be folded ended this quiz just happened. I know it's what I am saying that I dont mean molested as unlike time all station, I mean no us it s. The old fashion or legal steer on uranium were less. It is, but fucked with. In the same way. I behold I we're we're talking about a late grazing, the press. I would arouse nightgown
with women, who are fully self possessed, find there to get at a man on someone's gotta know introduces said. I told no, but you just can't gaga, because I really like it, I like the idea of it. What's gonna happen, I can't let you when only one more than you do, want more and more on up and leave. You buy up. Ok here we do want home, townish, murder or hometown murder sugar. Let's go. Here's home, townish, murder by by Alex right.
Starts can gets right him, ok, so living Lawrence Kansas, but I recently started working in topic. I I don't know how much you know about took pictures reputation, zero, oh my god. I've heard so much about what a slut topic it is. I don't know anything about to become a period that is sorry to me that, as far as I am sure your beautiful as far as state Capitol goes, its reputation is a hate using the term but sketchy to say the least. I worked from rental car company and extra branches and abandoned building, which is not uncommon for topic. I, when I first started working into peak customers, would occasionally com to confirm which are the two rental car branches into peak. Other reservation was for. I would go over the address and the general question of the ranch. Inevitably, the customer would compromising oh you're, the branch by the Ccs common Pisa Jane. I seek partial less you last year. I, sir, are you three or its I'm onto the honouring, dreams. Thirty sneezer
bless you on three? That's when my family law, you use, knows everything and then tell the thirty say something: no, no, it's it's
I can remember the same, but it's the third time the angels bless. Yo arrives. Sorry, one another at assurance for those things better, that it sees a common peace, a chain. This would confusing, because there's no cc's next or a branch for the cap tapping again and again and haven't so much they just sort of saying yes, because people soon enough something I did it when they went across the street to pizza height for lunch, and this is not an advert pizza places. Secondly, this girl behind the counter and told her I work for the rental branch across the street, and she said she knew the branch because she restoring the cc's next door. It was sad how excited out ways to get to the bottom of the missing cc's. The girl behind the counter said that both she and the manager EAST or for the seas that used to be an extraordinary intermarriage and credit. If it was a pizza had that shut down the ccs- and she looked at me sudden and puzzled and had no the owner was a murder. I was caught off guard by such a fate for pizza shop by such a fate for a pizza shop owner. So I asked her to fill me in apparently, the cc's owner was a fifty year old man named heralds Asko, who is living with a nineteen year old girl, and then they wrote quote Topeka Yanza her guns, allies Mc Ellen make Lynn
Maclean Mckinley
Magritte. Mc Lynn, one night, Sarah put sleeping medication to heralds beer, he drank and after he fell asleep. She attempted to chop his head off with alarming nice man just go at the pills. What was happening in that house? How more pills like some second awake from their fucking head being charter is all yet make him o d back over his arms are put back over said. Well, I mean, maybe I hope, is a piece of shit or there is a fear that saying that guy then she man says we're back in a lot amid a male mistakes. I can say on this: we are, or they are leaving US rooms of luck in Asia. That's the problem, blame playing blaming than that, and I he drank it. She cut his head with a hunting knife. Then she Manson style or wrote all over. The walls stole his dog garden and Nissan Ultima fled. She was caught illegally camping in the Florida Everglades that sugar, madam you get we're with that ten and am she was caught illegally, can be limited by. They brought her back to Kansas, tried, convicted and send inserted fifty years. I feel, like you guys, do a lot of adults murdering kid story, so I felt like, or over situation was needed. Sorry, the story was so long. I love the pod cas it listen to and things are slow at the branch. If you like that to pick a murder story, I am much more. I heard you guys on the crackpot Gaston thought you guys we're awesome, keep up the good work
They are sometimes gas, Alex thanks I'll answer here. Nineteen, oh man, what was going on in that house that she was like what was going on facts and also, if you she clearly didn't steal that much money if she just wanted the everglades and illegally count. He was past about something I mean. How should I know talks about managers of Ccs but can't be second in Dover or even though, as deriving here. Yes, also, how many I've never heard the name cc's that many times and around it just like over and over again the whole. There really was a lot of questions, but also then yeah. I actually do want to hear more to peek a stories, because it's like that, it's Kansas, it's this old enter. Did I ever tell you about my my pen pow. Now when I was like
eleven years old, all this island. I had a pen publicity at here, but I I just started getting letters from a girl named Donna who lived.
Pretty sure in Kansas Fishing and I write a kept. It was, like letters alike, hi. How are you I'm your pen powder and then I wrote back and I'm like high good? How are you- and I was like how did you get my name like how does this happening and then she Rebecca Blake? I signed up for the pen pals thing and I was like I just never signed a pancake thing and we must make sure we gave each other erskyll pictures of me about her told each other about our schools and light is popular, his cool exactly and like how we felt instead of on line. But every time I be like yet again and just real quick like how did you get my name and it we never? Every time I asked her, she assumed that I knew legs. I think she thought I was asking how it work. The Esteve was an agreement that, like all I got your name I got picked. I picked her name yeah, we're like I guess they have a system where and then I'm like. No, I was, but he didn't. I like, sir, and I thought it was really interesting than I was getting this little girls picture and like she was telling me about her life and of course I was immediately like listen a mile eyes like six pages in the S of course, for so great and like you can just talk,
like writing a thing and they couldn't respond. That's where you dislike. Let me go. You have the floor here. That's like these hometown murders swiftly. Of them. That training is addressing. Let me you got shut the fuck up for a minute, but we now we find common between, but that's what you got.
That's right, Mckinley at our say, you know I was just thinking of down. I fear out there in Kansas somewhere and used to write me letters high, better now, whirling around man, rather such done, you're welcome waiting a weirdo in jail picture on the wall, a trick. I just kept Eleanor that it was. It was one of them now registry, like passive pervert of all time. That's just like he's super into writing. Letters. Michel symbols, popular curling, scuttle hate her argentine, her immense me eleven euro. Me too. I also like Garfield D, like I feel that our fleet statement question. However, I prefer Heath Cliff like those guys always like you know. Maybe he just wanted a young friend videos and agree. It was this: it's maybe you just like a shot, a guide area or operate like what is it even like? She wasn't even like a pervert he was just like hey. Does anybody want to do letters, and these are the will of the little girls? Of course, will write me a letter that name and like I'm. I had a bad childhood. Nobody so find it like over. That's if they would have this is total insanity, and here I love you go Henry won't care who here gonna hit Caleb Donna, hey, let's go down to Texas, Henry ITALY, sure my favorite El Paso, Texas, murder, high girls. I just started listening, so I apologise if you ve already covered this murder, but nobody outside of our Paso pays much attention to anything that happens there. Besides, the war as murders have you heard of this disease is yet
yeah older women. Yes, here I'm so excited that someone is giving us the sense. Only one is like women to episodes to cover that I mean. I wonder if this is the same thing: ok, let's find out just read the letter care and does so in late. Ninety ninety four, ninety, ninety five, when I was about twenty years old, they started finding dismembered female body parts painted different colours and scattered throughout the desert outside of town and serial killer. Panic ensued, particularly among young women, with overactive imaginations. Like me, not over attitude, I ran out a very large seed to start that it's just actually reality painted body parts. Are you fucking kidding? You just leave the body parts out of, but don't leave body go ahead finally found a head and in a day
bid to identify the victims. They wrapped the neck in its whole and showed a well you'll. Never forget that in your whole, fuckin lies is the first time I've ever can be taken for. Oh God, are you ok the amount high the idea. What year is it? I bet they weren't like this. Next thing is disturbing. There were just like yours. Does anyone know this not a photo of the head? but live video I the head. I was lucky enough to be tuned. They warned us what their own idea ok again, but they didn't even finished the sentence. This is going to be disturbing, so get your kids over the rule for they cut to the waxy looking head. It was so gross yo they want to put like declares on their length just like not even trying to fucking, not scare people will yak has ninety four ninety five, that getting into that lay gear. You know
they know what people tuna for it, but that we ask that legitimate. It was horrifying, but it worked. The woman had identified was identified within an hour. Her name was Susie Hon Bradley. Can you imagine knowing their purse and her neighbor happened to be watching and recognized? Her that's horrible turns out Susie's husband, James Patrick, broadly, had really limited mobility and had to rely on a cane in a wheelchair. The marriage had been abusive, possibly mutually so depending on who you believe, and one night things went too far in a shudder. Given his mobility issues, he had pay had to dismember his wife to dispose of the body. He was an artist by hobby, so it's unclear as to whether he decided to paint the body parts to suggest a serial killer or if he was just you know, inspired to paint the parts, because artists are weird and not to be trusted. As an avid reader of the weekly world, news me to rest in peace hissing that about the week long, as you can imagine my delight when this local story made the cut so to speak, we are
we as a city or simultaneously relieved and deeply disappointed to learn that there was in fact no serial killer lose a couple of years later. Of course, they would arrest the railroad killer on the El Paso war as border, but that was cold comfort, best Kate, I saw it was going to be about those two tons and tons of women that are found in that killing field in, but it's on the Mexico site right now I don't know yet that's the one I gave a year. I was living in the one we are buried in the that they did on area killing fields, man. Ok, that's fucked up that super saga painted body parts is. He that's pretty antis why he didn't that part of it drugs
I shall try anything that might be my first gases. That seems crazy here, I like it's also egg. So pointing back to you if they find you and religion and artists and have painted stuff, then you're even making it worse. So he must have mental crazy. You wanted to get caught, MRS. This horrible thing and had snapped yes well, thanks for sending in your hometown murderers, you guys keep doing it. My payment render it gmail, Tom unlucky meaning to them. We re familiar with gets here. We certainly will be out in about twenty twenty seven. Yes, say sexy murder by we have, as you wanna cookie a cookie,
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