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2020-04-27 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Kent State connection and a porch mystery.

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from the MID west. Let's get right into it. It was the mid eighties and my mom had a wild firm and brother and I were not yet around to drive her and my dad bananas, bananas premier click on any great network flee from occurred, murder, my parents, it just, but their first ominous supper just Southwest Chicago. I just did but I shall accept. She gave him one day, the real estate agent that seldom their house showed up their door with a dog and ask them if they wanted to keep it MA, am being the animal lover. She is happily took him in without question. How come it doesn't happen to me? I want that to happen to me. Ding Dong. Yes, do you want the best I ever? Yes, he the beautiful, amber and red golden Retriever that my parents named Duke Fellow, a role. Beautiful, being funded staff till the famous we're talking being, apparently there posted agent. Let's call her peggy was in the process of showing a nearby home that had below Chicago mobster who was recently murdered. The man
left behind his widow as well as his dog. You may see where This is going. You notice that the mobsters widow would leave the dog tied up in the back yard all day long and did not seem to care for him at all. So one day he tat matters into her own hands snuck into the ladys backyard, all my eye, the dog and brought him to my parents where's, my parents know the woman never went looking for him, which was for the best, since I would agent it'd be every bad to piss off mobsters widow when I asked my tell me more about the story. She also mentioned that Duke was supposedly a gift from one monster to another. He was purchased and likely a pretty expensive present. My mom adopts all her petrol, Walter, so Duke was the only pure bred dog she's ever had my parents say the Duke was one of the sweetest, and I can only wonder what kinds of things he saw before he ended up without. I hope you enjoy this story. It's one families favorites. Thank you offered what you do and for keeping the company as
run up and down the stairs in an attempt to exercise from home seeing you in Milwaukee last May was a dream come true and I hope to see another live show when this is all over. We do to stay well. As a a that's great It story, that's a great story. What a mob died. A little lot lately dangerous that real estate agent was a very brave woman. Yak per bold. Ok, this one just goes high, I just finished the latest episode about the Kent State Massacre. My husband is from and and his whole family has a connection to the university in one way or another. The first on they went back home with him. His mom is driving us around Shelly, us things in town when we got to campus, she drove us to the now parking lot where the massacre happen and began to tell us her story of that day. But first, a meat, cute
My mother in law was in the first nurse in class. I can stay and my father and lodged role for the campus bus service. Several times a week. He drove the nursing students to Cleveland complete training at a hospital there. After a few trips, he and my husband's mom hit it off and began dating. I'm not sure time there were dating before the massacre, but it was enough time that he knew her family well and had been to her parents house many times on the day the master her attentions on campus were high and my mother in law, within our dorm, just behind the hill, where the shooting took place. She. Why from her window. Students came poring over the hill following the gunshots. She then got the order that everyone how to be off hampers immediately and got a ride back to Cleveland to her parents house with some people. Her door This whole time she knew that my Father in law was somewhere on campus but had not been able to get a hold of him all day. She, worried ass. She sat at her parents house not knowing if he was a k or not, as they were getting ready to eat dinner, a bus pulled onto the suburban Neighbourhood Street, where her parents lived. She was relieved
my father in law got out of the bus and exhaustively sat down to dinner with them Turns out ass soon ass, he heard about the evacuation order. He began filling up the campus bus with students and drove back and forth to Cleveland all day it's about. I now it's about a forty five minute drive to get students airport and other safe places they needed to go the who, family was so relieved, as did at last when it pulled up on that Little Neighbourhood street the stories fuck me and this time that we are seeing how people who do jobs we normally wouldn't stop to think about. Can realised as essential in the wake of the tragedy my father in law. I knew it was essential for the students to get out and realized he had the ability to do that. He kept working for the campus a service and eventually went on to run it for a few years. He and my mother in law have spent the rest of their lives and can and race poor kids who all went to Kent State, not a may for goes by that my husband doesn't take a moment to recognise one important part of history. That day is even though it happened, for he was born, stay sexy and flirt
your bus driver Rachel. Oh, that's too that's so girl. Now. So bad luck for just everyone, as Mister, like said, also dont, one thing of like sheep. They dont know where he is and the fact that he's safe, a and then be just spent his day being a hero. And then the link that Cuba from a tiny story, just fucking labour lag opening, out of service out of service this just as hometown story, hello, all I grew up in a small suburb North Carolina and when I was a sophomore Highschool, a man named pursues who all grad was arrested after the bodies of two May. Were found buried in his back yard, Zuzu former John Alexander loss, suffered it.
Zuzu is the devil from the exorcist. You know what is it the face that shows up? I derive wrong or could sound a lot like it safely back man. You know that part where all those things are flashing, and then there s insanely scary, face it's. The demon Zuzu, I believe, but this may I do, but he had the lay in his name like clearly, namely an important, and I wasn't gonna make some of the name, but then I realized he made it up the mouselike its he he's tried the bees, Gary issues Busby a scary demon name. I think, if I'm right, Stephen the eye is the main antagonist in the exorcist horror. Novel and film series possess a position Zuzu. Formerly John Alexander Lesson- was born in San Francisco that he and his mom move to Clemens when he was to hear supposedly had a pretty normal childhood, but started drinking regularly at thirteen
he went to my high school, but repeated ninth grade once and then dropped out at some point he was diagnosis gets a front and agoraphobia, but his mom gave up on to get him to go to therapy when he was in his early twenties, he legally changed his named thirty. He liked the Arab itself because, for this pursues. Sounds like a twenty happy answer. It's not scary. It doesn't scare me what if behind here, we see this had his power by tearing daughter, something that Just drop straightened out. Ok, when he would they must twenties illegally changed his name to pursue all grad and, after a deal oh sorry, I regret the fabric like I thought of it myself, it's right here, Stephen sorry.
Had I not leave it I'll? Ok, he changed his name to pursue all grad after a demon. Any exercise, I didn't realize the one- and I just had a last name, a christian name. He filed his teeth, two points and gotten how two's on his face and apparently ope openly told. People that he may be our sacrifices and that he could control the weather. I also read that he didn't bather brush his teeth tartu in there just those low points. No I'm sure he was a joy to be around. He eventually gained somewhat of a following and even had to fiance's. How do they do it He live less than a half a mile from my high school and some of the reported activities at his house included self harm, drug abuse or use and drinking animal blood, slash performing animal sacrifices. There were satanic messages and blood all over the walls, animal carcass he's lying around and apparently even human feces on the floor and for what
twenty one really earlier now, it's not like you is just a fuckin rack or wherever It wasn't just messy there with him. Or to it there- and it wasn't just demons. Twenty fourteen, he in one of his fiance's Amber but birch position, I'll grab we're both arrested after the skeletal remains of two men were found in his backyard. Both men had disappeared. Two thousand nine and the autopsy said that they were both. The head, the house was condemned and demolished a year later. I don't know a direct connection to the story, but knew a few people that lived on the street. One girl said he spray painted satanic. Was on her garage door. That would be horrifying and another girl said cat went missing and they'd always thought that possess zoo had sacrificed or eaten him
this is a very boring, very christian suburb, and this was definitely the strangest and most exciting thing that ever happened in a nineteen years that I lived there a little over a year after the arrest pursues. It was found dead in his cell at central prison and rally. The autopsy said that he died from quotes. Severe blood loss caused by a deep wound major blood vessel in his left arm. At the pit of his elbow, I end quote: his death was rolled a suicide, but the end Your men used was never determined or found. I tried to make this as short as possible, but there just so much crazy stuff about this dude there's also Och easier is called the devil. You know about him. If your interested stay sexy don't get murdered by crazy dude, you don't shower. Emma man does like that that person in our neighbourhood growing up. Everyone knew where everyone thought or the house was haunted, or this woman was a wit. You, like, I, just love the stories and I d on yeah. That's the most intense, local color store ever know why this is hometown story? Hello, beautiful, for
babies and bad ass, podcasting women. I elephants, whew I have concerns about the time I found out a murderer used to live in my house garden, another one of these. Dinner to bedroom house with my roommate in May of twenty nineteen and have lived there and tell this month. Recently I was packing to move back home due to covet nineteen and was subsequently clean, my closet in the closet, I found it birth certificate for a man, name, Watson, Presley and that's a fake name. You know I'm nosey, so I immediately looked him up to see. If I could find anything about him, he was in Florida and would be thirty five years old. According to the birthday I did, the Google search. The first thing that came up was a mug shot and asked further research. I discovered that he had been arrested for all cap's second degree: murder as well as armed criminal action. This is what I get preventing and a cheap college town? I guess I d deeper and here's what I found out the murder happen and twice fifteen, fortunately not in the house. I live in by on another street. In my town it was a dispute,
Watson and his uncle, which resulted in Watson shooting the uncle several times in the chest from far away, and then a few four times at close range. The murder occurred back and twenty fifteenth curious how his birth certificate had gotten into my house and if had been in my room, we can now to my landlord to my landlord. I discover that he had lived in my house and twenty sixteen and seventeen when the court proceedings were going on to decide his sentencing bail, Homeboy debt, I slept in my bedroom as it turns out he was left out on probation and still lives in my city, some, whereas if twenty twenty hands with a name that gave us smart the judge, let him off with a few years of probation and now he's just hanging out somewhere in town. No, here that a nineteen year old Museum study student has his birth certificate. Now oh This. Let me know that my landlord clearly doesn't do background checks and that you should poison, investigate the top shelf of your closet to see what fun stuff you find say, sexy
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Hi everyone on last week's episode. You asked for stories about Mormon families, and this is my time to shine in all caps. I come from super religious family in Utah. This story is also about my sweet, grandma jazz J, easy. So it's Jennifer, with Mormons an grandma's, my grandma loved and lived for expensive jewelry, real jewels, real gold, you name it she loved. It shows love to store money and other expensive things in weird places like when my grandparents, Moved out of the house they lived in for forty five years, the new owner found seven hundred and fifty dollars cash in the furnace room anyway, one day I'd like to imagine that it's a lovely day, ninety ninety seven albanian army knocked on my grandparents door to ask for can't food donations all caps. Well, Mormons love our can't fool who sell they a lot of it. My clueless grandpa in one fell swoop at put all the.
Hands from the storage room into a bag and sent the NICE Salvation Army man on his way. Well, I know where I know where this is going and rate Harlem cutter. It's these are my favorite as well, and it we ve talked about these citizens or as well cut to the local nightly news that night. There was a story that someone had accidentally donated an empty can of Campbells Chunky Soup, full of thousands of dollars, worth of jewels and if you know who this person is to, please let them oh that they have lost their jewel wow. That's so generous them them too to announce it. Yeah Kiley you're, no, is like just gonna be gone forever. My group I was able to get Oliver lovely jewelry back. Everyone had a good laugh and wasn't at all surprised to find out. It was my grandma with the missing jewels. Weirder things have happened. Just celebrated the three year anniversary of my grandma death. I thought those telling the story would be a good a great way to remember her, although She probably wouldn't listen, you're hot gas. Isn't all the efforts that the baron?
Lastly, I know she would love that. I'm telling the story. She was one special lady. Ah, so I guess say sexy and check your suit cancer, expensive jewels before donating them. Candice, I love I feel like everyone now that were all huh more some of us, our home, have time to write in their grandma and grandpa stories, because I got a lot of those and it's that gap they may end maybe time to call them if they are lucky enough to call them on the phone and ask ass gin. That's right, ok. This am I right, one Are you the name of that cause? It's just so funny and Gooden tag I live on. Be crowded street in Philadelphia where the porch to my home is pretty accessible. We have Epps leading up to it, but no gate. Seven or more months. The most bizarre thing had been occurring on this porch, my roommates come home from work and discover a single piece of Le Zanu Noodle perfectly plain on either. A porch, couch or table not What peace, not a random pile of trash, a single note, all my roommates thought it was
like a funny neighbourhood kid at first and I was not amused. I was very creep out that someone had walked. Underwear porch and dense think so harmless yet powerful. Throw away the neutral and hours later. Another piece which show up this non stop. This nonsense would start for weeks and then randomly start again. I started going into a full panic, cold, sweat after like the fifth time, because I consume loads of true crime, and I am aware of the sick nature of humanity. This is how a mere like Amazon you knew at all. Then that's! What does it mean that was going to kill us? I literally burst into tears at the sight of the noodles once because before him. The image in my head of a sick man watching me and my young female roommates from afar and waiting until you're in the house to trespass commit this disturbing. Yet harmless. That is what was the end goal. My one remains very nonchalant shell and after I drafted a hand written note battle, even
portion right. If you need anything on the porch again or approach this home, I will call the police. My roommate was amused at how scared I wise and insisted it was simply the squirrels, probably just dropping food, I sure, am squirrels from where the italian squirrels with their own restaurant in the tree when about thinking. I was house, girls, love Pasqua. You know. I should my face in disbelief. I don't know what that means that shit Leave squirrels were capable of such disturbing, yet harmless terror the other day I walked on my porch and froze I couldn't leave my eyes. There were men The whole squirrels digging through my neighbors trash can and pulling out euro and pulling out noodles no My neighbour must get a hankering furl as on ya and never use all the needles in the bag. I caught one on camera, Emma link it in the emu, the Bastard drop a nude, all my porch, just like it apparently had been firm. Anyway
the idea that some pervert is actually still watching and waiting to drop raw pasta. My porch still lingered in my mind, attached a random pay. Throughout the months of the place, noodles and then the best squirrels, assessed aging and that was called lasagna squirrel. What is that with its the pervert, is actually watching the squirrels and even more perverted than you think he is because you not even into you yeah. Send like squirl feeding legs squirrels, make score sneaking score, some carbs school vestings portion of the internet, squirrel, pranks, Those are amazing this we could job everybody ass and assure weird fuckin stories and the time you freaked out and it wasn't what you thought it was gonna be like when I go now Do that for sure else you want, but I shall stay sexy and don't get murdered, got Elvis Tijuana, cookie.
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