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2020-06-08 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a trapped underground story and another local pervert.

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Has your love for breakfast grown deftly called while gang. I sweat, breakfast is back and once a fresh start, it's just crack an egg, and it's so good. All you gotta do is at a fresh egg to their fixin, like real potatoes, Maggie's meat and cheese for a hot scramble and less than two minute has such a good idea feel alive again in the morning with just crack and egg take breakfast back its end. The egg I'll go I've. And well gonna my favorite murder, the many sowed where we re junior stuff but you ve written congratulation eroded it, but I think we gotta do in our work. For us, you did the work. Now we get the rewards, we literally couldn't do without you.
Literally. Thank you so much german the first her ok also we're recording ass the week before Its airing anything possible and our culture and our world right now yet, but we hope you're. So and strong and fighting the good fight, that's right and, in the meantime, he tell you about one Clare. Great grandfather stayed sexy and was subsequently murdered because crape I went enable this is geographically accurate as possible. In case you do DC home towns. While I was home in the suburbs of DC for Thanksgiving, I was finally able to get the story of how my mom's grandfather was murdered. For year she wasn't, she never spoke about it and would always change the subject. When I asked after a few of wine and light prying. I finally got the story that I simply had to share with you all my girl, father was the youngest of nine children and his father. My great grandfather, John, was a butcher. My family, jokes
my great grandmother married him to make sure she always had enough food for her to my grandma. Do merited what the hell? Yes, grandfather, John worked in Virginia as a butcher during the great depression, a time where, as you can imagine, no one could have by Meet, it is important to note that this was pre civil rights ERA and Virginia was deeply segregated. This meant that people of color could only purchase meat from butchers through this site or backdoors and could not go through the front door. Fuck that shit am. I right is my great grandfather, John thought. The rules were stupid and wanted any one who could afford me to feel welcome in his store up only one day, John, was seen by some local clansmen Code Uncle, letting people of color, come through the front door to buy meat from him that night, the local, after the cake came murdered. My great grandfather outside his store, while he was walking up in. Way am extremely proud that he was murdered for being ahead of its time by not being races piece of shit. So
he was indeed murdered. I would also argue that he stayed sexy by not being a discriminating asshole. Oh and don't. Worry about my grandfather and is eight siblings. My great grandmother married another butcher after Johns murder love you. I can't wait to see all in Dc Clare wow I may I you sacrificed your life on the great good, endless and and not being a piece of shit like one more word. I wish for sir, more and makes it makes you think that maybe we should all donate fifty bucks The black lives matter. If we can, I not or any of the scrutiny associated Joe a fund or bail funds out bearing there's lots of things you can find on social media to be an active participant in helping this move. And I had a letter that are on the front line. Acl use a great place to do it. Ok, louder, louder, great ones.
So I thought, we'd get real darkened deep inside and do some unrolling hometown murder of Matthew Shepherd, while which somehow we ve never done. It's an important story, so, let's get you it, I'm from the good state of wyomings and for those who don't know because I get the question alot Wyoming is located in the MID West, United States above Colorado. Thank you at all the total population for the state, as fifty thousand, which is fuckin crazy, its tiny, an overall and laid back state. My stories about the murder of Matthew Shepherd Matthew Shepherd was was born in Casper, Wyoming and nineteen. Seventy six. He was strong We present in the theater community attending the american School of in Switzerland Calloway a college Casper College and became the first year a first year, political science, major at the University of Wyoming and Laramie, with a minor in languages and ninety
Ninety five shepherd was beaten and raped during a high school trip to Morocco. According to his mom, this caused him to suffer from extreme depression and anxiety, o ultimately believed to be the reason that he returned to go to school. Go back home, not long after return home on the night of October six. Ninety ninety eight fuck. I was eighteen hour this fuckin. Clearly Yazzi was a which, by air and Mckinney and Russell Henderson at the Fireside Lodge in Laramie all three them, whether in the early twenties, Mckinney and Henderson offered to give Matthew a ride home, they drove I too remote area and Laramie, where they robbed pistol, wit and tortured, Matthew and entitled to offence and left him to die. Math a sound eighteen hours later in a coma by a baker and died. Six days later, at the age of twenty one
please November, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight pre trial hearing Mckinney ACT stated in an interview on October, ninth that he and Henderson identified Shepherd as a robbery target and pretended to be gay to lure him out to their truck and that Mckinney tax shepherd after Shepherd put his hand on Mckinney's knee, Mckinney and Russell Henderson were charged with first degree. Murder following shepherds death Mckinney and Henderson, were convicted of the murder and each received two consecutive life sentences. Matthews Her brought national and international attention to hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels in doctor, two thousand and nine, the United States Congress paths to Matthew, Shepard and James Bird Junior hate crimes, Prevention ACT commonly known as the Matthew Shepherd ACT. An ox we're twenty Eightth, two thousand and nine President Barack Obama sign be established, sign and established. The Matthew Shepherd Foundation, shepherds death inspired
novels plays and songs most commonly american triangle by Elton John and the Laramie projects which I formed when I was in high school as may be, your teacher was best friends with Matthew. The play is all one hundred interviews compiled together by Moisten Kaufman all of those were around the area of those who run the area during the time who knew Matthew the pros Esther is both good and bad officers on the scene and even some transcripts from trial. His dad at him as an optimistic and accepting young man who had a special gift of relating to almost every one who was it The person who was very approachable and always look to new challenges, Matthew
great passion for equality and always stood up for the acceptance of people's differences. I know the story is heavy, but with pride month and current events of the world I think is important to share, as things are changing but not changing enough. I attach the link to the Matthew Shepherd Foundation, which is an l, GB, nonprofit organization, headquarter in Casper Wyoming by Denison, Judy Shepard and the member Matthew, the foundation runs education, outreach and advocacy programme. Should anyone want to donate stay, sexy and be the voice for the voiceless Ashton, amazing job Ashton. I was gray, I remember so well, and so who is horrifying, horrible horrible story, but also, I think that's you know they. Great point in an email which is kind of like its pride month, and that's that's the reason that that there is,
I had my adds like it's: it's parties, its parades, I mean not this year, not quarantine. What will they do? Quarantine and I mean there's there's the fun aspect, which is the witches sickly, living your life and celebrating your life, but then there are also is like what people have had to come through in this country, because there again it's important to talk about it, and it supports talk about those struggling this This email is baby, Jessica's predecessor who now TAT was a lot when we do story or talk about one specific thing: it happens more with recommendations were you'll, recommend one show and then they'll be all these people come to me on Twitter going have you ever watch this and it's like? Yes, I would have talked to you about the other thing that right did, but that doesn't mean that I don't know about every other thing. They've done you would maybe want to assume. I would know it. It's really hilarious to me, but so these
got brought up a lot, but I actually read about all of these, because this story of somebody caught trapped in a place. In capturing the imagination of Amerika, has happened with our two big ones before baby just and so this is one of them. When I saw this, I was like oh great cause now summons done the work for me. Ok, look like I'm a weird trapped in a well obsessive We all know your which we I am yes now imagine. If there was a pervert trapped in a well, then I thought I can recall in sight of a well hurry, he's a pervert but he's perverted her treasure. They asked like me baby, just his predecessor, hey cleans. I just finished your may. Seventh episode, symbolic, violins and, and I struck by the similarities between baby? Just historian, something happened back in eighteen, twenty five. Have you read about Floyd Collins? Yes, I have fair warning, it's not a happy via this. I don't think I know this one. It's pretty made.
In the early twentieth century, Kentucky went through a period known as the cave wars were, explorers were constantly competing to commercialize the biggest and best cave system underground. Just holy released, but remember the mystery spot up in Northern Ireland. I know the stickers- I don't know this, but yet bumper sticker, as you see all there is so cool there. The original ones from the fifties, because my there's a classic picture of my dad's family, they lived in the sentence at district in San Francisco, nine, irish kids and the parent kitchen table or their dining room table where they all eight had bedrooms bordering the room. I'm sure it was just a tiny. Yes, so, like sober there's one picture my dad show videos, hey that was my bedroom and its them sitting at the dinner table, but behind them as a bedroom door with a mystery spot bumper sticker on the door. Oh my god, it's all I know is like litter.
Before I ve ok way. That was just a personal braggin. I knew about the mystery spot, but I just love this idea. This is like this was early entertainment for like early America Cave caves, know we have a better cave like you weren't a programme of guy I'm into it. Floyd had already handsome moderate success with his crystal cave, but it was remote and he was super ambitious. He wanted to open a cave closer to the public and make a pretty penny. So he made an agreement to open up a new option, called sand cave on his neighbors property and share the profits, while he was working. Parentheses crawling true, a all caps literal hole in the ground in order to widen the passengers, passageways and parentheses, us parentheses falling rock pinned his left leg and tracked him a hundred and fifty feet underground, stuck in a freaking crawl space with his lamp extinguished and no food or water.
He was found the next day by family and friends, who sent him crackers to eat at an electric lamp late and warmth he It's just survive underground for more than a week, while the folks above organised rescue options alive, journalist, skates Miller, Scathes skates Miller. Hoarded daily on the rescue efforts, he was a smallish dude, so he was able to crawl down into the hall for an interview, Floyd, in parentheses, all caps, an underground interview, command journalism. They gave him fuckin opium to cause. I mean what have we armor for real that such a that such a nice idea here flight, but the Senor cheek Newsletter- let it dissolve spoke. He was when he was even able to dig a lot of the earth away from Floyd's body in an attempt to aid rescuers his work ports are distributed in printed in papers all across the country which to a national interests and Floyd situation. Radio
casts a news. Bulletins drew unimaginable crowds to the scene, grounds above the cave or covered with vendors reporters and thousands of tourists. It was the third against media event of its time, and it was a goddamn circus complete with popcorn. Why, unfortunately, the cave passage suffered a collapse in two places during rescue they make us all the fuckin popcorn makers and our aside by him. I think this was back before people and said that you could absolutely set a perimeter and people will stand wherever you say you don't have to let him come right up to the mouth of the whole right, which is the same thing as a mountain and the whole leaders tried to dig a lateral tunnel above Floyd, but by the time his body was reached. He had already died of exposure. They left him. Body there and filled the shaft with debris, while the whole mess of media and tourists quickly dispersed two months, Our Floyd's brother homer ended up digging. New tunnel on the opposite side of the cave passage to retrieve his body and give him up
upper bear nuts and If that wasn't enough in nineteen, twenty seven Floyd's father sold the homestead and the cave and the the owner, all caps dust, blade, Floyd's body in a glass topped coffin inside Crystal Cave, years later. His looking body was stolen when it was recovered. The injured, left leg was missing. Jesus, just let the due to ask. If he's the reason I know so much about a man dying a neck and turkey cave it's a musical. It's called Lloyd, Collins and it was a first show. I did the Syracusan Universities Musical Theatre programme. I won't forced b Many of the videos of me in the ship. I wish you were in love, baron upon you. I won't forced you do any videos Michel, but I will share with you this Spotify linked to one of the most beautifully heartbreaking sounds I've ever heard. It's called A glory goes, this is Floyd's.
In the cave contemplating what Heaven will be like when he gets there. Oh, my god, how, anyway live in Manhattan, which means I've barely left my apartment. Since MID March, I I've taken to climbing all the stairs and my building for exercise and the nearly thing that gets me through that torture is your podcast. Thank you for all the incredible philanthropic work you do and for us, make me laugh out loud love, Victoria Philanthropic, what Philip drop it that's so nice, those nice! Thank you like we're in the philharmonic George I didn't know you played the elbow great, that's a great one, like a Vieira Karen. Do you know this? One just send the hometown instead and like you describe it, I left like Lollo up sooner like oh, I actually, my mother in law was there at the thing you're telling and hears her experience and here's a straight and know about that. They raise its
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Bertha Junior, yes and next week in a Monday, is yeah. That's what is unique donating day to anyone who needs it am I didn't even think to do the forward time, mass of being happy birthday view at the top of the shell next year in Paris Oh we're going to have a birthday banished from the Eiffel tower. Ok, happy birthday: we love you, Georgia think you're, happy birthday, candle tip, oh yeah, ok, here, I'm an early two. Thousands, a couple in my town will call them rich and Diane were going through a bitter divorce and there are disputes over the rock quarry that they own together, which track quarries and any fuckin disappearance story.
They had not got nothing as well as custody. Other two daughters who are splitting time between each parents house one evening rich brought his daughters to Diane's house to stay for the weak, but when they get there, they realize she was gone like done, disappeared, gone knows end of her and no indication that she took anything which her, which was, of course very suspicious. For two years and she still missing and rumours are swirling around our small town, because it's always the husband right right but rich as an alibi and been clear and having cleared by the cops. Do Diane's disappearance rich, got all rights to the rock worry and was still running it like before. One day he and his business partner we're dead, being near a damaged well, and they had a large chunk of concrete shouldn't have been there. They thought was really curious. They kept digging and uncovered a dead dog. Ok, That's even weirder, they thought and then they pulled up a chunk of concrete with a human hand, sticking out of it. Yet they acts
they dug up Diane's, discarded body, the police, a while to unravel the mystery. But it turns out that Diane was seeing a much younger man that worked at their quarry at the time of her disappearance and they went on a date to go site in some rifles, and this has small town shit turns out. The guy ended up, accidently shooting her in the head and his truck as they were getting out and he freaked out and didn't think anyone would believe him. So he dismembered and hid her body on the very quarry that she owned. Oh, Fortunately he wasn't a prime spot picker and ended up getting caught in his recklessness and it turned out to be Diane's pet dog that was buried above her just throw off anyone digging, he must have gotten this idea by watching really bad true crime. Tv shows, like my sister and I used to, because this is how I found out my sister- was a murderino when we were kids when she casually told me quote, if you want to hide a body, just bury it standing up and put a dead dog above it to throw off. Whoever is digging what the fuk can. I see your nine
I see this story, I see you can come into my room. Does your girl, although I think this story disproved that theory and shows that anything can happen to solve a cold case when you least expect it s? stadium, candle, wow yeah, and also that the husband had to find his own miss a year and was of course assess back right. I'm an amateur out, I'm sure some people have still think he had something to do with the cause: Exocet Gracious, but right Aurette. So I'm in it I'm an attorney. I'm now take another left turn for us. Let's do it and decline of this aim is a classic Emma Emperor hired me. But I love love guy ivory body for your consideration. I am submitting this entry for inclusion in the lengthy Canon of Emma found her. He didn't jerk off the cheese that I know of, but I think he's still worthy. Ok,
Oh, my god, I love this gap. We should have done a curve trigger warning before a fur. Anybody we don't yeah yeah, that's turnus could be really not that big idea, this guy terrorized, my hometown of Newark Delaware. So not be pronounced Newark because they do the stated state name change? May I love to do that? They alone undue amount to do the New Jersey pronunciation near Newark, Delaware. When I was a student at the university there in August of twenty ten. He started breaking into the houses of female students and making his way to their bedrooms where he would proceed to get under the covers and start spooning. Now the girls woke up to the random ass stranger cuddling them. He would flee into the night Actually, the town was quickly ablaze with rumour and suspicion about a man who became known as the new Burke snapper. Fortunately, one day a police officer saw the nap or walking down the street and recognized his face from a camp.
As it sketch made from victim account like on work and all the time he was arrested and charged with burglary, unlawful sexual contact and offensive touching. As far as I know, he was convicted because the attack stopped as quickly as the he began when an aperture dented he was revealed. I was shocked to discover that I had once hung out with him. The liberal. I didn't do that, going emotional towns. He played in the university jars ensemble I'll, get your drama child. What do you think is how take your elbow shovel abode and get the hell out of my bed. He played in the university jazz ensemble with a good friend of mine, one night, my roommates, and I had a party and that friend brought up of his jazz ban mates. I have a vivid memories of being in my living room and the person I would later learned was the Newark neighbour,
Her sting into song singing several archipelago verses of some brazilian Boston over IRA rethinking hut. This guy see little are and how one of the most beautifully written home gowns we ve gotten ever good shit subjects a job anyway, thanks for reading and for creating something as reliably entertaining as this pod cast. You guys are hilarious. Also shout out to my wife, Kate who's been listened to Emma them for years and told me several times that I needed to start. She was right, airy usual good job stay sexy and if someone start singing Brazilian Capella at your college party call the fuckin FBI Mike nice. It's not an overreaction. Just do it. It's the real deal anytime, aka Bela comes out on a non aka, Pella festival situation. Lately it is your riots and, if you're hollings they have lower, they go to asphalt on the green or whatever, and article pallor lacking concert, fine sing it, but- and I had a Fuckin college party, if it's a voluntary thing you bought tickets, for because you just love pitch perfect, so Mahdiyah film and that's on you.
If someone brings back into your natural environs right, you get you get to absolutely highly John prompted archipelago is like in crime. Sorry, ok here's my last, I'm so sorry, sorry that were right there. Thank you your pay, ok, let's when they make you the sauna mercury to those title, but the big. Start spooky quarantine, which I guess there's money ago, spoon gorgeous. I just heard you live. We, ladies discussing all the reasons, never to go in a balcony at a party, but I e, but I have one. Oh. I was living in Baltimore, my early twenties in a cute little row home when my roommates and I decided to host a fourth of July barbecue. We each invite people and through a crazy series of serendipitous events, a man from Alabama
is living in my home city of Philly ended up at the party with a friend, neither of them really knowing any one. When we all went up to the birthday to watch the fireworks, we sat on the deck railing and struck up a conversation about how much we love Philadelphia with that he felt words off the railing falling flat off he's fine follow up on the roof next door. Above a ten foot drop, oh shit, I owe mediately burst into tears, convinced I would but charge in the death of a complete stranger at my house, but he popped up dusted him off and asked me out to the bar arrests, history. We ve been married for two years and had our first child, you money so immoral, a story. If you're going to go to the deck and a party it better, be to meet your spouse, o S, Sd Gm and stay the FUCK home Anna
so. I hope that they got married on both of those rules. He stood on the lower, I'm gonna get revolvers lower arose, and I don't think we have to remember in Berlin, we went through the hardest thing in your life and not that big a deal to me. Let's make about it, I think a very ill. I'm falling in love with you and I can't get out with you, though we were angry. I get out of love with you because I'm an all seventeen year old woman in my own kids send emotionally emotionally, yes, send it'll get a strong neighbour to come by and take up my body. That's how hard I fallen. There was great You know it's funny. After we talked about those porch like that, because we were going or was it this one note was that where it was there's been so mass
but there's an insult me over the years, it's theirs and am sure in every single city, everywhere horrible, like every part of the city that you can think of, there's been a balcony collapse or- and I bet you added two Story- Party City- there's been one- is that and every parties in aid or him all over the across this fine land Miss born team. I this party said Adam everything. I've missed you can do one thing I would go to party city and, like all the balloons procure it doesn't really corona. I wish I could assist the poorly name, soup, plantation and just stick. My hands in those garb bonds are being built, but squash him around. I love doing my love. I wish that I could get take. A couple the pizza with my bare hands and then change my mind and put them back with a deaf. What the other bear him, that's re in case I only had to all the toothpicks before I figure out, which do that. I wanted to use my teeth.
The first in this corner. In the first time I want grossly shopping. I would stand there and look at everything because I, oh yeah, you want a kind of like touch things or at least check, expert explorations data, and I would just stand there staring and then grab something really fast and lay untouched. Uk. You can't dick touch things like he used to and then just put them back and one time actually found about of apples and picked four of them out and then realize that the better apples were right behind me, so I went over to the protests guy and I was like hey, I just pick these- and I don't wanna- put him back and a guy goes its fine Mozilla over. It exists leg. Lady lady just put him bad lady air. If you're like that, conscientious then you're, probably He probably wash your hands regularly and he knew that. I had wash my hands and my home ray. I did the old Pirelli monitoring are at misinformation, but yet, but still stay home stay safe.
Stay strong wool and strong o stay cool for sure and stand school a conceptually, but we know that most we're out of school in the fall if you can, but otherwise Jude online at home. We other great courses, sourcing Amazon for but mostly stays, Joam, Garral, murder, Elvis Tijuana cookie,
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