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This week's My Favorite Murder minisode was found under the sink, next to a collection of creepy poems. Hear Karen and Georgia read your hometown murder stories including the Donald Duck Killer, the Meat Cleaver Murderer, and more!

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Finally, after fuckin were fifty five opposition, we do they remain creepy possible, very beautiful you ve just hung up on our collect, very good, bye like well my favorite murder, many sides, you know the ones, the ones that you send us, so we don't have to do any work God we appreciate. So much saw my show much this round of May says is brought you unofficially by the Dell taco that was on my way over here. We all eight, it may Stephen in Georgia family mail.
who's in one of the saddest, was that if the family, male of the saddest family, I had a varietal with a whiskey. I had taco to tacos and french fries, where I had to stop beating, because I was like this is this is against God, you note, the secret shows all talk is this is not a fucking plug? Could not talk in constructing great below me with the secret is our well yeah to their french fries is their Kamali fear did their fries and organizing. So what you're saying is the secret is being shipped faster. Unc
I mean that's the secret to every stupid to life, especially these days when you texted me like. Does anyone want an infidel talk animals from crying? I didn't even know. I wanted anything it's kind of. I bet you that's how posts mates was born, like somebody else did that for someone where their cause, what's better than someone bringing you fastfood, it's so shameful. The e that somebody taking it to your door and being like here even have to risk an unseen and Adele Taco drive through. Oh my god, that's my biggest that were not anymore, but when I had in fact encourage like crazy eating issue. Yes, the thought especially like if I go to a fast food restaurant with someone and
go to the bathroom. When I tat there alone and without of someone dragon binding sitting inside fucking Del taco alone, at nine o clock on a Friday night, which is like Taiwan you're with your bessie re within ten years, I got I would really. Can you just wait, but can you just now go to the bathroom these days? If you think about it or of like from the forty eight perspective, forty plus, it's actually a political act to sit on alone and in a Mig Donalds like I'll. Do what I want your shames slowly dies when you get older,
You start to realize how much a nothing matters and be everyone else's consumed with their own shamed. They're, not pay attention. I mean we ve everyone's done worse things and sit alone in a fucking DA taco Way way were used. Probably an angel. That's chances are I used to have it. I tried to write a joke about this or one time eyes like got pulled up and the girls like I look into it. Does. How are you always when I got to the pay window wherever where she was being overly solicitous hi? How are you doing tonight? I was like, obviously not good if I'm here, I don't want to talk to you about ending. Take my money. Do not make eye contact with me. This is a shaman moment thing. Don't wanna, be here know nobody, nobody wants anyone to be their economic area and wish you were we're. Having a better my I wish I was the kind of girl I had a friend whose very thin all her life and she was the kind of girl back. You wanna go get french fries, Ivy League, yes, but also in the dead. That's why I can't let's get a sight of a fucking entire cheeseburger. Yes, let's get four things her temper ordering for our family. Let's do that to their somewhat. We could do serious. Yesterday's! That's it! That's for the EU to sort or pot gas that we should have a beer.
Third, weekly podcast is shame. Shame for shamed about shame, shame should not ashamed anymore. They re ass, its also Kardashian Gray, and we get sued by Showtime or or HBO, we're not sure don't told you doesn't har Homa Burke, supplanting it's gonna be a verb. I mean a lot anyways, but you giving me permission by burping too, is gonna. Help me now, I'm gonna kick it off. Please, let's try punctually each hometown martyr with a large and raucous Del talk obelisks. Do it here's my first one, it's
The subjects line is hometown murder, Amsterdam, the Donald Duck killer. Are you ready all of the sums? One how's your mind working right now, I'm do you imagine that this killer is a guy with a speech. Impediment is naked from the waist down. That's adverse happen, my now, and I was thinking or in a blue outfit with no pants. I was thinking like a like a wild hollowing party in the sky drop in Amsterdam, because I heard their brown homing parties in these dressed the years makes way more simonov, so many possibilities, Stephen. You want to make a guess what could possibly be going on? Oh you know I was born. Is I think that he is in California and it has nothing to do with Donald Duck or Amsterdam. That's got even amounts he's just like a stone or in California that loves Disneyland, ready hello. Ladies first, I want to say that I am obsessed with Emma, then you guys are so funny and I and I think, to you M becoming o got it commas. I thanks to you and becoming an expert on american murder, crime and punishment, which ever is kind of weird and pointless for someone living in the Netherlands, but whatever one at all those that was so charming now does. Mrs, is it where we love you? Whoever you are it's
Donald, That's the murders, duck writing first hand. Okay, this case, They won this case. Sorry from they do so only one became known as the Donald Duck murder and it happened in a park in the south of Amsterdam and the interim park named after the queen land to look out one, if I bet she's, pretty awesome looking Queen Beatrix of Amsterdam or that their land she's, like Blake, Alice in Wonderland Character, yeah, you think so. She's. you think so she's got like gum. Her head is way bigger than the rest of her body, and that, like the thing that looks like a coffee filter is her collar. Yes, yes, yes, okay, so
Oh it's a nice quiet neighbourhood. I was born twelve years earlier and have many happy memories of the park. So hearing this story was very shock. I love I was observing. This is the last. I was born twelve years early earlier enough. I was twelve years old rate got twelve years and everything is from before or after this Donald Duck murder and we like, oh, I was born twelve years before the Donald Duck. Martyr reborn bleed you are being aroused daddy. I went to the prom three years after the Donald Murders, ok, Donald Duck killer became a sort of bogeyman for children in the neighborhood. I would imagine, and away for parents to get their kids to listen to them, be careful think of the Donald Duck killer. That's fucked up, ok, I know one person whose mother said that to him still sounds horrifying, wasn't maybe wasn't area rather lens wide Tran, just some site, psychotic mother Gerard spree esprit out S, p r. U eighty percent!
It sure I realize you will be butchering at that. Names are crazy. They are. I have no idea how to pronounce they don't do it makes sense in terms of english letters. Ok: three was a door to door seller of magazine subscriptions in the neighborhood next to the park, and he delivered Donald Duck magazine. Moon, wanna, fuck kids would always follow him because he had a car to happen. Donald duck logo on Red, like during his trial, he admitted to molesting the boys that helped him deliver. Ok, here's another terrible name boss blow Mina, who was not laughing, was a nine year old boy that spruce torn out laughing at the name were laughing at you. I have no capacity to even pretend that I can pronounced Download time. Ok, boss, Blue Mina was a nine year old boy. That's through eat us are playing in the park in August nineteen. Seventy one he lord him to his eyes, strangled him and dump the body in a rolled up. Rug outside the city. The police didn't have any clues, but the relevant the rug but entire rug. While the road was very distinctive and they thought it would help them find the killer. It was shown on television in the streets and sweets. Wife actually recognised it, but he convinced her not to call the police that entire hatch of Ruddy cut out last week
actions. The rug with the kid was yeah it makes me think I should call the police syrian crazy again am I I take our heels tenure pills, honey. I'm sorry! This is this thing. I do. Three years later, another child went missing from the park a girl. This time a lane Isaac was nine years old and spruce had also got her into the house. He thought she was a boy back in assemblies, boys and girls looked more like buying when he realized his mistake. He got so angry. He strangled her. He had the body in a laundry basket and dumped it in another park where it was found the next day honey. He was arrested because lots of people notice that the magazines were delivered hours late on the day. Helene went missing, that's a weird clue whom, like he wasn't like he doesn't have now.
Animal bow syndrome like that there were late. He must be the killer woken up until that point. He was second right on time with his little part so dark when confronted by the police, brute admitted to murdering the little girl in the police connected to the murder of boss. Three years earlier turns out. Spruce, had multiple convictions for rape and molestation of boys. Going back to nineteen forty three, while he himself had been abused as a boy by priest in the Catholic Boys home where he grew up, spread, was convicted for twenty years of manslaughter. to twenty years for manslaughter, but when he came up for paroled clears yeah.
There is an actual, an exclamation point. He came up for pro. He was still seen as dangerous and placed in a mental institution when he got to nine parole again in eighteen. Eighty eight he committed suicide, which you probably should have done before. He started killing and abusing children, but ok, so that was my hometown murder. I didn't want to love sauna set it for you, love from Amsterdam Sana. You can mention my first name, but I don't expect you to be able to point out that the sauna I mean essay N E, sunny Sonny. I mean shoddy its shot, a really good! I was like yeah, they get very well. The sun isn't necessarily hometown murder, but we gotta present that we love. Oh yes, getting presence and its was three candles, and so one bumpers was received in which, like worms, make Buckin heart
spy, someone, her name's Lauren and she runs a company called booze knee arts b, o o enzo. Why and she sent us a president which we find love, and so many this we started reading this like card from her and though I know we're saving this pay, their Karen and Georgia, and Stephen thanks. So much for making such a fat, fucking, fun and hilarious Pica said has united us, true chrome, whereas across the world. I think my curiosity about murder began when I was a kid and Tucker Georgia and are adult neighbour across the street, shot and killed his father who live with three weeks later. My stepped admin destined that house, because quote she got a good deal on. That's Salvador eating, Ehrlich saving it you can all week later. Did you hear what happened and cross the street? You that's a key and then your dad's, like family, made angry weeks later, family, meaning gather around. I gotta remedy Del talk. I gather around. I bet he made all the kids carry. The furniture processes are still under the murder of
pick a bedroom I'd die staged and clap the coroner's. Everybody we're fine! Now, I'm not telling you what room it was done in until you pick your bedroom, not that bad, because I don't want to hear it. I want the fighting now just pick you're, the bloodstained. This pretended not there in the master repaying over. My business in is busy losing the arts and it may Kiki and pop culture themed candles. I've been selling these stay sexy, don't get murder candles for a while, but only recently got access to your post office box number access s- I live in LOS Angeles, but no, I won't be visiting the post office for your box resides the fragrance is called fresh grave, which is a wet earth rose, is that's hilarity salary as men really funny hats? Creative? I wasn't donating. That's amazing.
I was donating twenty percent of the proceeds from this candle to end the backlog that recently changed the receiving organization to plan parenthood. Nice, I'm horrified what should wait? What the new and official as of tomorrow president has in store for women like us, who don't just shut up and look pretty already and donating plan. Parenthood is just a small way to battle this deep despair. Thanks again hope you guys continued agree or Pakistan have done with it shares Lauren. Thank you, moron cooler, yeah! We to take action as that's mad. Ass booze, knee arts be oh, oh ends. Eli heart stock only boots see boozy when the ends first, but your comrade business tonal offence, hamlet, like a home button. Would you be if, like the whole like, thank you think, you're fucking, saying my comfort, you except fanatic, different company, that's actually that makes porn gifts and sell out. Please don't necessitate me with that. Boons e, b and C why arts yeah man, nice, letting you something he learned. What are they get? Can I tell the story of the Georgia also, she does we got some presence, and so she was opening them and she got shoes opening the second one. Then she cast you wanna. Do you want a part of this? Are you doing that is so she hands me? She opened the box and hands me one of the things inside and I'm opening it really silly. I'm like who we don't. Even if this is so creepy, we don't know what this there was no card. There's, no, nothing! We open, I open my up, and it is just like a porcelain goldfish from the sixties that you'd hang on a wall in you. How did you know you got really happy about? I look how cute this is and then church goes away order. Those off as he is from about the rise of oh shit. Think I'm a guard said thanks for your at sea or other India, I wouldn't like those remain yeah I was like well, I demand to keep what I open. That's the law and I ll just so. We just smash both of the manufacturer of the start over our number two.
Meat cleaver murderer caught after firebombing a mosque. Oh, how timely hydrogen Karen. I only recently found your pockets and I am so glad I did because it makes me feel a lot less weird for being some girls, obsessive birder. I am a Phd student in Scotland and I was near podcast on the Loney Lonely, rainy, walk to and from work it brightens my day. Just so you know this is from clear Clare. I lived in. I lived in Glasgow when you are in that modern tv show, but love movie number Mangy Vienna. What was it go? Did you say, love movie I order they called around comrade come here. I made a whole narrative of moving around the river in Scotland and there is actually a kind of in it was like already channel for majority or something I don't really know what it was. But I just I just got the things like. I know where she's talking about it's, it's actually kind of quite a large country.
I don't really know. Okay, so she says I'm emailing B.
Because I thought you might be interested in a strange but little known, murder case that happened in my home town Chantelle Taylor was a mother of three. She had a very hard life and lived in an extremely deprived area of our town in Bergen head. Her aunt had previously died, suspiciously and her brother was killed by his ex girlfriend. Tal was grief stricken and she sadly became a heroine and started working mystery. She left her house one night in March. Two thousand form was never seen again as a teenager. At that time me and all of my friends vividly remember seeing missing posters for her everywhere for over a year the trail went cold. Eighteen months later, after the London bombings, a local mosque was fire bombed in a revenge attack and jacket lifted. The scene was found to belong to a man, conceive and win a builder and former army guy, who was childhood friends who Chantelle when he was arrested for the attack police, searched his house and found a fourteen page document hidden under his sink, which contained his life story and a poem he had written about killing a woman who he described as worthless and quote a junkie whore. They also found a number of other disturbing items, including a set of weapons encased in a concrete block in his back garden and buried, been bags containing shards of bone bloodstained, clothes and sheets. He cracks under police questioning and claimed that he met a push on, tell that night to smoke heroin and attacked or with a meat cleaver when she stole some of his drugs than dismembered her body in the bath and hid it in water tanks in his attic to keeping her there for months, even as his three year old son played in the house, the smell apparently became unbearable and then he moved and he then moved the body hiding parts around the town and stripped his wallpaper carpet clean so that he would not get caught. He in case the murder, weapons and tools and a concrete blocks and plan to hide them under the foundations of the house. To this day, the only remains or Chantelle that have been found are the shards of bony accidently left it in.
I closed. My partner was in the same class as a sibling of Stephen Win and to my knowledge, his family have mostly disowned em
He was sentenced for eighteen years to live for the murder of Chantelle, as well as mothers sentences for the mosque attack. He was recently allowed out into the community. Now. Is it to his sisters, Memorial now without the knowledge of her family now, which is heartbreaking for them. They don't get a fuckin visit. I guess they do. Wind still refuses to tell investigators. Origin tells family where he hid her body parts, so they were only able to bury her bones charge. There may continue to search. I find this case a strange mostly because of the shock of seeing the fall out from the size of the murderers family. After growing up seeing these missing posters all over town, I also find it bizarre that he went to such lengths to covers tracks. It took them six months together, dna from the house busy cleaned it so meticulously. They knew is her array, like I guess, area, but act
for all that he ended of getting caught because he decided to carry out an impulsive terrorist attack and left poems about the murder in his house Jesus. I also see his sibling alone and wonder how they cope with, knowing that their brothers capable of such terrifying things- I hope you find, is interesting, but even if not thanks for giving me a chance to tell this story Clare, it was very interesting letter so that one fucking piece of shit who thinks he's fucking better than everyone, but also that, like she makes a really good point that he had gotten away with murder. So he was clearly crazy in that way of, like keeping that he didn't have to keep any that information or any that stuff. I don't think he left his jacket at the scene of the bombing in some people would say like he wanted to get caught, but like things, ambitious, fucking, stupid villages, fucking stupid, maybe and bad that criminal or better criminal could, but he was a good at criminal up until that point, does an impulsive thing like I don't know just it shows where that it's not a person, let's like it's not like he's completely going into some devious NASA, obviously, and also just the way he wrote.
people whose, under a saint Clair that alone creeps mail, the judgment of her before being whenever he said by email, the person and the judgment of the people in the mosque is just like fuckin delusions of grandeur. Mother. Well one more one, more Let's do did it ok, laid eyes on equal, are so Linda, Nope Lydia says high there I love your PA cast. I heard your request for people's hometown murder stories. I have four, oh in three of them. I personally new either the victim or the killer. The forest was my dad's college remain. Where does this person love,
we will let slicks, like maybe Ohio, ok murder, number one video game killer. When I was in college this kid for my hometown in Wellington, Ohio, I knew his older sister Anne had been to their house before and met him once he shot both of his parents in the head after they took away his Xbox his mom Dat, his mom died. His dad survived is horribly tragic, as his dad was a local pastor and his mom is incredibly and financial in local charity work. Medic, murder number two Matt. Slur kid. I went to junior high where he was really weird and quiet and remember trying to talk to him once and telling, and him telling me to fuck off one day, one day
to his sleeping that one day he walked up to a sleeping down and killed him with a shock, and he then went back downstairs and watch tv like nothing was wrong until the blood soaked through the floor and began dripping down near him. Any couldn't hide it anymore. He called nine when one or report as if you'd just found his dad, like that some former classmates and friends of mine are in this video. I think it's a video of lake. The news report number three: a good friend of my family called up one day and told us that she found her daughter dead in the apartment. The daughter lived with lived with her husband to toddlers. The girls were stony apartment and had been sitting there for two whole days. Grandma found them now. She couldn't find her daughter there mom until she opened a closet and found a woman crumpled up and stuffed in a garbage bag. She'd been stabbed dozens of times in our battle was solved all the way through with blood member that that day vividly because I mom asked if I go to the house with her to help the mom clean it up after the cops were done. You know I helped carry the blood soaked mattress out to the dumpster early shet. They, thankfully cotton arrested the husband and the two little girls are now in high school and not just the sweetest kids in the world. The Roma raise them and did a really good job of it. She made sure to keep the details of the press. Are they ve never had to hear about it from somewhere up poor crown? Grandma was hurried on earth sweet little back? Ok, that's so awful tragic and the thought of carrying a mattress.
I mean Jesus Christ. I was this in the nineties or a while ago. I know it sounds like it sounds like an eye fry man. Don't they have people that do that professional? I think that that you can dispose of stuff like that anymore array. One would hope, let's, let's just say, that's the truth. Let's say that they have hazmat people, that's heavy. Did I can't believe this person is normal enough to fuckin right this time, end user would be road, ok, murder number for. Finally, my dad's not finally but like and- and in conclusion- yes, I was wearing over my dad's culture may and good friend at Claremont Mechanic College had a really rough go of things. His mom committed suicide during his first semester of sophomore year and my dad said seem like after that, he seen like he was a different person, he'd mumbled to himself and state alone, his room with the curtains drawn all day. I do that he stopped going to class and drowned and dropped out soon. Thereafter, a couple of years later, my dad got a call telling him that his old roommate had killed to random people with a ball peeing hammer. Oh now, that's the is just a hammer, that's hammer on one side and then
daddy things. No, the Tuesday Ivy things as a normal hammer and, above all, peace is the warmth rounded thing on either side and I told my dad evermore enough for an hour I mean, can you imagine a wave of carpenters that are going to us just can attack me later told my dad that he'd heard voices in his head telling him to do it. So it's dad talk to him after I'm not really sure where he is now, but I know both my parents visited him in prison. I didn't realize before how many murders I'd been near where to think about that sorry, these are so sloppily written all honey. Are you kidding or not, but I felt like they were stories that should be told I'd appreciate if you didn't use my last name, if you happen to mention this on, the pot casts, thinks Lydia. Lydia holy mother honey gets a therapy. I mean that's just
there's just so much here's that cares. Actually the thing that I love is that she is the kind of person that saw that there is a kitten, her school, that didn't talk and seemed sulky. So she tried to talk to totally that's what stuck with me where I like, and then he was. The kind of person has just like fuck off as in I am not safe, don't stay around me or leg. Please try harder! Not that That's the only mainly sex, not trio, probably about leg, or that's, not gonna, work on me. I think this is worse than as isn't me like trying to legal re, often, second visa, I'm so far gone hand even accept Lydia, Lydia Lydia. Those were great, you guys keep sending them in your hometown. Murders.
Calm down can meet college hometown can be your parents, home town or their college. Just some some story that you know that, like yeah did you you don't have gone to college silk, I sure did I didn't neither I mean I did for a little bit me too, and then I was like this is for me now. I sure don't like it here. Yeah map is hard, send them to my favorite murder gmail and we will maybe get a hopeful. it's a damn thing, also, math is an art for women. The stairs I dont get murdered by sea. One worthy Billina, Cookie Ellis Mukoki, any other Elvis when the cookie, ok,
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