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Oakland, Vancouver, and Seattle: it's your hometown murders on this week's My Favorite Murder minisode! Karen and Georgia retell an 'I Survived'-esque story, read a pot-smoker's near brush with a killer, and more.

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He ran friend was numberless commercials must. Do I like to remind you that a reform on eleven was a frog and those that was a different budweiser, come on we're just their brows, that we're friends and they would call each other and say well? Is it like them? The show party now like the character he plays as Bay Adams got places basically leg. It's over it's a version of an act or in one of those commercials who made a shit, tenant money and now is like dried up and has to work in the catering company, but I think its base on the West up guys get as he says it's like catchphrase. It's really anyways cares. Cigarette Shiloh Bronze rejected Joe, please such a good job. Please Hulu the shit out of that. Oh, my god is I'm hillah international banks that there is a bucket graecia enemies who has its many say, United Winners. That's why you have not feeling listen and hasn't happened yet so basically were in the future right now, but we just got home from our big weaken tour. Oh my god, it was a west coast. Many tour we didn't get killed, beat me most insane irony. I know what it is. They taste aids that decides whether or not to release when we're dead, honour patriotic Hooper huge. Our does like I want to go on record and I want to say make them money due mainly micro money lenders. You don't kill us. Have that yeah, you better, not and also fuckin Casio keyboard, sound a bit she out at the beginning. It should be like a four minute intro, that's all be to do. We will, but you have the little you can't thus Horrida yeah. You have to say that anyone you can't you see that, while the things from listening and spur thanks for coming timing, hey than Coover Hasty, idle, Hey Oakland, that was the greater you guys were the best crowds we ve ever seen in the future and we
which are loved you so much had. We were so great and you are so great. Thank you to the anonymous donor of a giant phenomenon of money. I mean that was pale, ass, a sorry but appreciate it. Yeah the pill dealer the weak picked up in Vancouver was grey it. We don't have the power. The pills to charity dampness children feel nothing now, thank God and would greatly just as successful weekend around like what amp still
Can we somehow manner by any just getting the my future stress which I was just complainant guises? I have seventy three family members coming to an old friends coming to my show in Oakland, and I'm positive everyone's going to leave angry in some way and the only good news, as my dad isn't coming licence tourism in tax and because breathe easy dad's, not daddy Mary. When I'm going to Mount Vernon away with him he'll come we have to go to lean on what it is. We should ask the play Santa Rosa at the wells. Fargo Centre is closer to our house and it's a big ol play scrag that people had come. I wonder how much Joe would like or dislike me doing less, but anyway I mean every up has only just throw random places. We want to go to your borrow Cleveland like yours, like I don't know, I'm sorry when we don't have an actual over. I mean I have a second one for my resolutely on their economic man, but I have to say: Cleveland ERS are still be. They ve been twinning and like responding like crazy of like please come. They got to say: Cleveland is seen its always one of this city is that, unlike that's, fucking cool yoga, you know
you know you like well what have they move from a land on which, like New York, I hate me art, but when you think about these are replacing Cleveland, clear, Moby Superfine could go change, identity and moved to Cleveland and Fuckin. Do it every one united? But you knew in Cleveland lip well for me anyway, I can bulk up good. I convey like I could start drinking again. I can t I only eight spaghetti and export chile, no reputation. It doesn't matter. I dont have to lake in this town, like I'm so hyper, psychotic insecure. But then, if I go to my gun, it's like, I bet you would be a huge plus. I bet you guys are like I'm looking for a guy with a beer in her hand and medical, but a girl collapse. I can deal with her shit and I wanna fuck em little pretty pretty Miss Mario. That's not
please tell me personally and I go back in skinny little big fig booby we're going down a bad pamphlets. I started ass there. Let's just say Cleveland sounds fine internal support, you and I'm doing what you did to Jerry Party colleagues, so they re exactly right and who wants to be pretty backer? I gotta stop or not, also are insulting. Like all of Ohio right now. That's not how I meant it at all: viewing elderly Stephen! I sort it out. If you release this episode, you will never have a page on pay. A guard durham at Steventon bombing. First, ok, hometown murders, Lester! Let's do this! Inlets blitz be serious go. This is out of Seattle. Spare the time he with the best fucking time, everyone there so thin subject, line holy fuck and I survived, and Emma families want high Carrington. Georgia, I never
I could actually take a favorite murder again it, but this takes this. One takes the cake and it's a hometown murder. Yes, ok, we begin and North Bend Washington a small town about thirty miles east of Seattle. It's a beautiful! Would the area close to the mountains and hiking and such twenty six year old, Tennyson Jacobson is getting ready to to celebrate our first mother's day when a man and his your home through an unlocked, or he grubs rather poet, Rapporteur, lock your daughter, oaken door? Oh and quick reminder: it's been about six months clean out that fucking went trap and your drier, who is just new listening parents. I was a fireman stressed how Clean Ireland Lint drier. Please clean out the lender up, even if it's not yours, if you're the laundromat plummet, pull it out there
he grabs or by the ponytail slant slams or on the ground and demands money before leaving he hits or across the face so hard. His baseball cap falls off. Tennyson is terrified, he's going to hurt her seven month old baby that is in a play pen just feet away, but he leaves instead before Tennysons Mother, who had been in the bathroom, comes out screaming.
Comes out to her scream, so he leaves she starts gaming in her mother comes out of the bathroom. She calls on online and her husband, who had left the house just fifty minutes. Prior report is made. Evidence is collected, blah blah blah showers and goes to dinner with her husband as planned. That night wait. She got attacked and goes to dinner with her husband that night well I'll be it still shaken. Was that next line? But, yes, what happens? That's like in a quiet night in bed for FUCK's sake, hey. Why Netflix in like a chill while I like a comma down traffic and unlike or staying in, like cancelling clamber, real God, she so sweet while the nice line is. I know what you're thinking. Oh, what the fuck where's the murder. Oh it's not about what we are thinking. You don't know what we're thinking, what the fuck where's the murder just wait that same night, while in bed the dog starts fussing, so the husband goes to take him out. Tennyson tells them to take the baseball bat with him. He thought she was just being silly, so he grabbed the wasps brainy. Instead, they'd gotten advice that wasp spray is justice active as member spread to know. Was there a run on pepper spray at the local whom, anyway, the dogs, darts, growling and the intruder is in the house. So now just stand down there. Now husband begins to fight off his circle around you husband begins the fight of his life figuring, this guy's going to kill us. If I don't take care, yeah he's
with them and struggling with him for a long time than Tennyson cares. The scuffling grabs the wooden batten runs down stairs. She starts meaning the hell out of him with the back until it breaks in her hand, pause. I miss reading out the benign pause, the to own a cost. It Jim, no opponents, but still the husband is struggling and while Tennyson standing there shocked the husband eels help she grabs the worst spray and empties the can on the guy's face a care, but
It does nothing what the fuck. Finally, she goes to the kitchen grabs, a knife and just start stabbing the fuck out of him at least ten time. My card finally stop struggling and the mother fucker kills over and dies, while bleeding out in the dining room. The cops found the bloody knife in the kitchen sink with a chunk of missing yeah fuck yeah you go girl, get stabbed with it. Did you write this Georgia and about you everything that my dad wrote that you go there? Obviously, it was determined to be self defence and no charges were filed. However, very you have it, though that's fucking eyes revived in my favor murder. All in one sorry, this story is hell evoking long, but I love you guys, keep it up safe sex, you don't get murdered and the end just by the fucking pepper spray left at a huge part of this who the fuck is the guy. What the fuck is he doing there? How the fuck did he find them? Why did a pick on them additional details? If you have time she signed it everything they found a video camera with a tripod duct tape and a flashlight on the guy, a flashlight on the guy.
A tripod videotape directive on. I let somebody with they think he may we not handed and abduction and sexual assault turns out. He'd been recently divorced and Tennyson resembles as Ex wife. He also had a Youtube channel with monologues about how women are evil in shit. He lived in a trailer on seven acres and had driven halfway to their house at night before walking the rest of the way. Through a trail in the world, they found his shoeprints outside indicating he had been avoiding or casing the place. They don't know how he got in the house because they swear, they checked the locks three times he had a key abet when just I bet he had a key tomorrow. Oh yeah, if he was like stalking, are undergoing the work here, but also how how why did he not react to that wasp spray? Let's go right now, Stephen still up, because you know sometimes people aren't cp. They have no. I was your age in fact here,
breathing spring your eyes are gonna react I haven't. You were driver, a female we're driver ones. We are talking about like how scary it is to be a new lady. You were driver late at night and I wasn't peppers branches. I know I have air freshener, because someone told me that if she spray pepper Spain and close space, you're gonna get it too, but you straight air freshener directly in someone's eyes it affected. Fuck, you yeah you want, Ok, whatever is edge, Well, that was fucked up. I was Superfund, I'm they survive, there's something about a person parking their car and walk in there s away, that's our determined ia, and so I think it's unfair that she get a work. He gets to walk through a trail in the woods like Lahti Buck and are, and we don't get to do that we can now I can. Hence your life soon, the daytime, it's my death with people,
Do you want to hear the long one or the longer one I don't know look. I do want to hear the one that says: Peppino Bismarck bleach abortion. Anyone now. What are my choices or six persons familiar aside and Van Coover Canada? The choices are horrifying developments that can once it was better to me a familiar asylum Milly familiar. How do you think I'm like a families idea like Famille aside a mill aside? Those rights are, I think them. I care about Georgia. I M from Vancouver only guy we're just there like, and my favorite with a U Critias murderer is one that happen in a suburb of including a nation is three at twenty to your man named Bruce Black men, whose later diagnosis a delusional gets a frantic killed six of his family members early one morning,
the neighbor was outside when it happened. Having heard what turned out to be gunshots, then he saw two people next or run under the garage only to be shot by a figure in the garage who then came out and beat the man to death by a hammer shit, the worst. About this murder. Jesus is
the signs of a very serious delusions were present for several weeks before the murderers. But none of the family wanted to admit that things are serious and that Bruce asserted believing that he was being given messages from our Bible that he had found in the garage and that one of the only ways that quote true message can be received was of a person ate their own bodily fluids. Yeah. I think you know where this is going, so we started masturbating than saving a seaman. That's not where I thought this was. There is absolutely no and wave eating it. Ok, nope! I mean that an that's the end of it S. Just a super grows story. Also, just the idea that that's coming from a bible in the garage Is it aware that, like she could have been a coat leader if he had the right demeanor young people would have like he found, keep
if he had a little more like outward Yang and sort of so inward ray, and then all these colours, I got guns talking to me and must be like he's fucking insane and some barely guides talking. I am right what the fuck ok, so we started not saving a seaman, but this wasn't enough for him because he wanted to family. They get the message as well, and so we started trying to get them to eat thereon bodily fluids. What if your brother so and which they politely declined? No thank you. You were gonna, hear all he broke into his sisters house early one morning when she was sleeping and stole one of her menstrual pads and outcomes from the garbage and all caps made her a smoothly. This is discussed Owen also pages using the blood and also pages from his Bible. Ok, yeah. This is in a good plan. It's not a healthy plan. What if it worked,
she's like oh, what's this of the strange voice, what did it is work? What it is like the bam he put in was to write them into network because about knowing you ve been related work if he was a better shove, you couldn't flax seasons that if she is it's like yeah, that's why to enhance a gate at his own super plan. Everyone knows measurable goals which has its ok. You do know that there is there some like a my gain, a movie or something, but there's something like a tallying like old country, italian women. If they want to get keep their man, they put MR blood into into this began. He saw no movie now now that's how I keep your man girl, we want to move on from that and I'm not ready? We can't. We can stay here.
The thing is it like, then, what if that is so, then you get to keep your man, but that's what you have done, but you know there is a gesture of actual everyone's dying. Is US military now happy now intends day by the way. It's actually deliberately it's not a week after the week, I'm it's! Actually we were lying, the guys. It's you stay here. They were gale. I had to expose and reveal further Joe me. You think I didn't mean that sorry, I'm sorry about everything. I've done in the past twenty minutes. Why just feels eyewash. There's a man will be dead by the captain. This comic lying here today of my birth is doing instead of getting them x for this trip to just listen, a singer Ross, oh that with their current demands, do you don't fuckin clearly after here to have you don't understand my anxiety? I love it like that's the thing that, like I bet, a bunch of teens would be like love, my therapist till meaninglessness, soon Rossiya ten bucks,
Katy me to the hill. My therapist actually said, because I told her the joke we are making and that we need to get pills. We both a summons travelling idea and she said, have you considered taking beta blockers which are not tat their non our product are purely ready, throw that are there, I ve never had those, and I guess we have to go to a dealer Craig about this on Canada. Around the same time, he insisted on making his other pregnant sister breakfast one morning pass, I'm good. I had breakfast already oil, dank let any fool make you breakfast. I had a hard boiled egg, but it was bitter, and so she didn't eat much of it smart She set us spoonfuls to her dog. And through the rest of it out. She sounds justice crazy towards both the dog and her we're so violently ill. The dog almost died and she spent several days in the hospital and almost lost her. Maybe four
like the family captain. I am the signs of mental illness. Even after all, these episodes the night before the murder. He was staying as parents house and call both his sisters who no longer live there, saying that he had an important thing to discuss and that the whole family had to be there. He was also talking about knives and some general generous, so they called so the sister called versus psychiatrist who say that they should take him to the hospital immediately and that he would have a room prepared. The father declined fucking man, the Father decline and saying that they would deal with it. In the morning. We go to sleep with this personally. Have us do and then he thought that he could handle it for the night that night, during the middle of the night, he shot and bludgeoned six of his family members, including one of the sisters who drove over after the phone call Jesus Christ and the last line, as he was released, with a new identity in the nineties
not now, that's not what I thought the last mandate. Where did I miss up the papers that can be really know those with it, so that the new leaders of unjust design was her name the prisoners, and that was, I draw our J age, a measure it thanks. Thanks out after having nightmares happened to me, I mean there are so many different versions of nightmare in that one can also just I think about all the time member and in L A when they did that news report, and it was, they had gone into all the different restaurants around town and gun, hidden footage and when there are actually doing a kitten kitchens and that's where they have the letter rating here now exactly right. That was right. When I moved away my god and I think about it any time I go to any restaurant interesting and now I give over the good faith that you are not going to put Booker's in the solid or whatever thing you might feel the need to do. When ever I eat lake shrimp or scallops or orders out somewhere. I think one of these could be a fucking time bomb like I love that need them, but one of them could be what would just because if there are one or like a clam, wine is off you're gonna, be, I know, and I, like you, know, Numa going one clamors back a time bomb clam and you could just fuck em be violently ill little eyes. The last time I had food poisoning. It was because I was a chinese chicken salad that I got a fresh uneasy. A chain that no longer exists among us was a great concept, but clearly they weren't either right and I had such bad
the poisoning I was staying at my friends- has I'd just moved back from Chicago, and, oh god, food poisoning at a friends house. Yes, you don't want that. I was like a she was out of town for the way they got. You got a guy when it he alone as fuck. All I did was lay on the bed and then get up and go into the bathroom and then come back and lay down and go back in, took nothing for like full twenty four hours, and I have since that time have not been able to eat cabbage or anything cabbage later, because that's what all of it was to his ass jeez, asses or era that electoral spelt. Afterwards, though my guide, I was finally beautiful. Oh yeah go
let's see this one says: a tea cup is a terrible, hiding spot ladys flattery, first you're off I'm a government drone and been sure entire show at work, and maybe we can have got a couple coworkers hook to thanks for make era, work days, go by a little faster and thank you so much for being open about mental health and sobriety FUCK man, the governments on new us. So this isn't a hometown murder per se, but I feel its appear only as a grad student in the MID sixties, my Mama debasement room is now boardinghouse onto an any of those things basement see at your house. Everything boarding asked board inheritance dont, do it? Ok,
between school and work. She wasn't home a whole lot and didn't really know our neighbours. One dude was kind of creepy not enough to face her. The landlady was a sweet elderly women who kept the master keys in a teacup in her front hall. No now can you hi my fuckin housekeeping. I would say that guts you can do it well? Is this Ok, mom, lived alone and always kept her door locked. So one day she got home and found some of her clothing laid out on the bed and as if she were sleeping those she didn't specify, but I got the impression that whoever laid the clothes had also mandated mass on sweet. Unlike sure, it is like a less smart lady that she is, she get the fuck out of their called her brother to help her back up her things and never set foot in the house again girl a few years later, she got a call from an old classmate asking if she'd semen is turns out,
The creepy ex neighbor had been convicted of stocking, raping and murdering a young woman. Not too long after mom had moved out homelike. She never knew for sure she was, but if he was behind the break in, but I think it's a pretty safe back. I wish I had more specifics, but she didn't recall his name or anything. She just kind of off handedly sprung the story I may one day and never mentioned it again. Love moms day for real the tea cup is the bit the gets me. I know it was a different time, but seriously a damn teacup love. You guys take care a p s on the options you and abusing mom story. Could my name be left out? Well, I'd only said a o p p s awhile back. I was listening to you guys and let out this God awful snort of laughter, just as the big boss walked by my cube. I was embarrassed enough that I lost the threat of your conversation first second, so I skipped back to catch one eyed mist and in the exact same thing again, while she was still, I mean here wonder what I want to know what it was so good so planning while those creepy I looked at them ass. Do you think this is insane? I heard a thing like. It was partly another one of those like undercover now, but this time around my ways and that you should always when you value should always take, and I dont want unsold outlays because they don't I this is whatever, but like a nightclub ballet, let's say: fuck man don't pick a tightening of outlay. You should take your car. Keep your house keys with you. Yet has its now that you're at this restaurant they know you're, not home, they have your house key. They have your address because it's on your paper working your car and they
secondly, your house, that was actually a story line on an episode of CSI Refund Gallery LOS Angeles. I think I can't remember, but no, I think, that's a common thing that later it's just saying there lit it's like when Facebook first came out and it would be like I'm going to talk over seven will raise and I can't wait and then people would get robbed you because you're telling everybody. So I think it's less like us. Accusing or
appointing an who do the work of being a valet and more like you, have to tighten up your games just not kind of weirdly, leaving your shit out all over the place, got it ok, I love I took very well, but she's will also there been so many of those stories like. I can't imagine especially allay people's working there ass off. They it's a good job. You get good tibia you're, not gonna, steal, seventy five cents out of someone's ashtray or like now, press and making a mould of their house key re like you'd. Have I mean that's? Why would you even be a valid if your last sign of burglar in earlier years, valleys are so busy you're running around you're, getting cars wrapping up cars revealing of assholes you're, like you not time to go through the contents of their fuckin trunk? It's the assholes! That should be the people it everybody's, like here's Lifehack to deal with these mother photos are at last. Why, let's? Instead, do I smell?
pot, with my parental, hometown murderer cases in Oakland, and then they set close to the fox later we were just their greetings Steve in Georgia, and caring without some misstep, and is that why you picked out what is it requires high, I'm IKEA? Eight, I am a career. A carrier
except for your oakland showed the menus across the stream. From my job I can patronized. Should I wonder, is it a king, gos, coffee, we're here I'm in offering my whole family already? I know there have been a couple times. You wanted. A hometown murder for the city. You're doing in life shows here's when that happened less than five minutes from the Fox Theatre in Oakland Californian happen kind of recently shit when I was in high school that a block away from my school envision Academy way downtown open like four blocks from the box. The strong wants to give out her fucking location in cash, and I was notorious for ditching class girl nature away, and I was notorious for ditching last selling pot to the kids school and having a kick ass room, smug, pie or hanging out with Slovakia for FUCK's sake get ready. So this chapters, so this shut So this charter school was small and there is one short:
greater Moses Cameron who like to make fun of kids, because he was a total Pisa crap. I hate kids like that and on the multiple accounts I had to stand up for some of these unfortunate kids. I cannot stand this short shit for some reason, Despite my outward hatred and somewhat bullying of him. He still tries to come in and hang out with some of the kids at my house. My answer was always now becoming confused the exception they may day this kid Moses had at least half a pound of wheat on him. Jesus my boyfriend, a few smoking friends, this kid Moses. This grown ass man Moses brought. This grown ass man that Moses brought myself sit down in bed in the bedroom smoking for about two hours I maybe get back to school after lunch. Wreaked of part and showed so heard through the rest of school, Moses Cayman was found guilty of first degree, murder of his father and secondary murder of his mother,
he was tried as an adult and connected to twenty five years and to life in prison. Susan path, fifty and Robert came in fifty five were Moses. Is adoptive parents. They live near lake merit on us, Moses told police. He argue with his mom over being suspended from Envision Academy the school you went to, he choked her with his hands and a shirt and hit her dead body. He waited for his dad to come in the fucking dark behind a door and strangled him from behind only gases easier, really strong to strangle it directly. Has proceeded to cover up his father's head with a plastic bag and sit on his chest with such suffocating him, and then you are what the fuck this sadistic fuck looked into his face when he saw him gas for alive on us as a hid. The bodies in the current tried to burn it, so before I knew this. The day after smoking with Moses, a friend that was smoking with us, was on the phone with Moses telling him the best way to get rid of a body is to burn it.
I was under the impression from the kids I knew or close, and speaking reminds us that the large man that was smoking with has helped Moses to get rid of the bodies in the car no laws. The day way, I did not realise those Arab Moses was the only person convicted of his crime and to the best of my knowledge is definitely still serving. This could clearly has fucking issues he was in and out of foster care, ally and suffered trauma with his biological family. A year later, Moses says this, I'm sorry for the crime that I committed. I hope none of you forgive me for my crime. I know you all think of me as a monster or something else I'm just going to fade away. I hope none of you remember me ever again through the big dumber aside from like the death is the father was a psychologist and simply in the San Francisco County jail and the mark in the San Francisco Department of Public Health as a physicians assistant, and neither of them could get him the help he needed before the worst happen
This doesn't sound far fetched. She too Far fetched to you as I was writing it. I still can't believe it stay sexy and don't get murdered IKEA. That is a heavy duty I didn't realize it was like I felt like after we graduated. We found out that this happen, but she was like kind of in the MAX insinuating. It was like the day or the day after it just makes you think alike. In other things, like I get a ticket on my car, then the next thing I go to I'm bringing like this little ink like this, like thing with me, whether it be a birthday party or doing Santa comedy wherever human germ line. You go, you kill your parents and then you just go hang out and smoke upon the one thing you can do that's going to make any tiring you're worried about like
multiply it by one thousand or so I was thinking. Was you get a parking ticket and near so enraged by it that you hurt someone Michael, I think that's. The thing is like that people feel that legs who do that is so not realistic. Like you get angry and you get pissed off, and you know you hunk of a guy who's driving like an area the size of the person who fuckin, kill someone great right, it's like what you are able to do and what you're like the capacity for some people have to just like sit with things that would like put you into shock forever or sign or even now we're talking about secret. Is cigarettes ass. He was as listen to cigarettes.
While that some yeah we're gonna, think Opel in her men clover and see our old guys China separate time new. The thing I love was how after the show We open that stage door and the citizens of each city were lined up for as far as they could see on every city street coming on, and then we walk down the center of the city streets. High fighting people giant key to the city waiting for us at the end of it, and then we took that key in it opened there,
public some pull and we just got a swell and then then we gotta find out all the secrets to said the cold cases and pearl jam was their programme. Was there? Are we high like this? Is the letter made me? I am real links for listening. Yours happy Valentine's day. Happy valentine, I hope it was. It was rates and we hope that you stay sexy and dont get murdered the guy all this as long as you're. Just now it's not have now. Where are you? My me me me me me. Maybe The fourth issue,
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