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2020-10-05 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a killer pastor and an airplane pervert.

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This is exactly right. Distracted driving, is a serious problem and our roadways leading to the deaths of thousands of people and injuries and the hundreds of thousands each year. It's important to know that forty eight states ban, texting and driving so distress the drivers are not only putting people at risk. They're breaking the law. Look: it's dangerous to use your cell phone behind the wheel! That's why law enforcement officers write tickets and enforce anti texting and driving laws eyes on the road hands on the wheel and mind on driving. Remember you drive you text. You pay brought to you by nitsa. Go bye.
From Apple tv plus. Why would an enemy officer being down the bots are looking for me? You have to get up she's, not glad to make it home a lot to an open, the Apple tv, app and start watching today, subscription required for Apple TV plus hello and welcome to my favorite murder, the mini. So that's right. That's Karen Kiara! Over there, that's George ART dark way over there. Hi welcome everybody going on this is in the episode where we talk about that, but just keep in mind. Let us know. What's up in a couple of days,
George and Frank are letting us know it's that there I have neighbors who are partying, and I want to judge them, and I want to like you know, call whoever, but then I remembered and all their doing is like everyone, small they'll, be one. Do that goes like, like super loud were, who guy and there's the you know like the old. Rebel and me is just like them and then I remembered in mind when I was in my twenties and we sublet at a house. We the next door neighbors move away, oh my god they're home and move away. We were so loud every single! Oh, my god. Do you think it's like an airbnb or sublet next door, it's a a black, but it just started, and I think it's like people that are excited to have the place that they have. Maybe it's really
two. So George, like my dogs, will bark effort car door has they assume it's always coming here and young anyway, so they were like motherhood right, you're, crazy. That would drive me fuckin crazy, but it's like it's a little bit like it made me go like the first wave of emotion was like bad suck Indiana and then I was gonna like a text that I know text the owner whenever cause his super cool guy, and then I was just like
If I could have five friends over and you'll have one of them be a dude, the els woo hoo. I would do it right totally and that's also like you were that person once so. I want a person to say I'm jealous of those people, I've ruined people's real estate investment. I, with my alcoholism, I've ruined plenty of other people's good time. I can work. You've been to I've, been the woohoo. I've been in love with the Wooooow, the woo hoo guy around from party to party. I mean there's so much that I just kind of like is standing in my bathroom because of course it's really quiet in here most of the time and then so it's like wow, it's literally like this guy, is having the time of his life and I'm, like you know, while of covet, he can still woohoo. Meanwhile you're fucking quarantining and like masking your soltani, don't
get to drink. Malibu cocoanut run away. I really would like to say, as I don't get too had to Mars, will and it's wooing. It am egg down his just just partying and my family right party right my face and I had to take it and I have to eat it and that's my lot in life, the life. I already lived it's a test from the from its like. If Buddhist. This would be the perfect to instead of calling and being a arc. But the question I have to ask myself is: how do I get some more woohoo into my life because it's not impossible. I need to open up to it. We all need and just pay a little extra woohoo in our life. I need to find something I go dude in cargo short. No, no Karen! You need to be the woohoo guy that it.
that you want to see and other people I dont want, do the wooing anymore. I ve done it. I've been the womb guy. I have the word who boyfriend that you want to see another people. Yes, I need to start taking applications for whew guys in my own backyard and stopping jealous and in turn to keep up with the german and the others are killers. Daphne the cargo sharks are took a shall necklace their flip flops for illegal loves. You ok, whatever it takes to get him into the into the yard largest line up a bunch of white clause down the driveway like you and you line them up right into your hair. Get over here you little set, went so bring your cheers over here. It was a real. This just happen like ten minutes before we start a recording, and I was like standing in the bathroom link.
Are too loud and then I was like what you fuckin happier. I know rub: dare you're a hundred you're, a hundred your bitter, and you made people move out of their horns and unreal loud. That's amazing! Ok, ok, anyway, so my apologies for my apologies to everybody and everyone else's stories eagerly send us your worst partying or owner sinister worsen neighbour stories, Brian great idea, creepy, crazy, weirdo neighbour neighbours. At almost made you move or major move or like what did that what's the worst thing and neighbour has done that lake. Or that you don't and two other neighbours. True true, but we do want. Remember not just like don't complain about your neighbors wean. There needs to be an element of creeping if he s a good story, part of something creepy. Yes, exactly
make sure the first thing there's something out of the ordinary and again we don't want hometown murder stories like we still want fucked up humph, so keep sending those yeah, but we're just trying to give you a little bit of an idea like here's the thing it makes me think of, like everybody, in college lived near. It doesn't have to be like right. Next door live near a creepy person that later on your like, then we found our levels of agriculture. The national reliever with an asshole cats started disappearing and then it turns out. I had made a cat army, and they all attacks, but are you ready that was the queue and then they all came over the hill care, whether Bucker Eureka, picketed ivy, like take, maybe you're, fine, you and they might hold my wrist salad. Sacrifice myself to the
ok, we do it. Yeah give us: do you, have a sweet, ending I've looked funny and which covers ok the first one is badass grandma and a family murder right combination, right, hey I've been listening for the last few days. I can't wait to listen every Monday. Sorry Paypal's I've been list, for the past few years hold on. So I was like wow, that's hey, pals. I've been listening for the past few years and I can't wait to listen every Monday and Thursday I'd wake up excited for my morning. Commute oh
must be an old one. Anyways, like Karen, always says everyone in the eighty s got divorced, giving me four grandma's and then, in parentheses, I'm twenty one lol. Honestly, I'm kind of glad it all happened, because all of my grandma's are my best friends, they're all bad as women fighting thirteen different rounds of cancers, the patriarchy all, while raising a ton of children. One of my favorite stories is how, in the last two elections, all of them secretly voted for Hillary because they all wanted to see a woman in the White House House before they die. Yes, they all are married to very conservative men in the south and didn't want to cause drama like the southern bills they are, but they wanted to see that dream come true right. I knew that was we all knew that was happening right. Yes, that's definitely happen, and you can do it again this year, everyone more so or so. Okay on to the murder is what it says
in the event that isn't medium. My mother's stepmom, my Mimi is an icon who drove sports cars in her twenties. But who came a southern housewife whose now obsessed with magnolia and keeping her house beautiful, when I was younger. I was staying with her and I asked how her dad died being nosey. I thought it was gonna, be a heart attack or something. However, I was immediately shocked and interested when she told me he was murdered by my great great uncle at twelve. World murdering owes dream. Story a sort of unclear, because this happened about seven years ago. However, it was something like this. My great grandfather was with his brother chopping would, when his brother decided to start hacking away at him with one of the axes. My grandfather began to run away while being chopped up, they lived in the middle of nowhere North Carolina. So the next close this house was about
it was about a half a mile away, as he struggled to run. He got to the neighbor's home and, as he got to the window, his brother hit him with the ax for the last time and he died as he was hit. He fell into the window covering it in blood, highly disturbing the family watching the evening news, the fam said it was like something out of a horror film, imagining a bloody chopped up man falling into your living room window. While you watch the videos, great uncle was then arrested, and he admitted that he did it because he was jealous of my grandfather success. He killed him and hopes to acquire his land and other possessions. Thankfully he did not receive any of it. My grandmother got remarried and her youngest daughter now lives in the same house. He bought for them grandmother. I lived through
husbands, the other two dying of old age, a batty. What can I say? I truly laws track of the grandmothers at this point. Well, anyways. Thank you for all you do as a kindergarten teacher at a school who decided to open during this pandemic. There can be a lot of anxiety involved. Very true. I'm in nursing school while teaching and I've been exhausted a lot of days, but I love money, isn't Thursday mornings. Thank you for giving me a little break twice every week. I always look forward to love Ya'Ll Dillon Here's Dylan out here in the world, being a teacher and studying to be a nurse she's. Just like double downing on all of us. It's a boy, Dylan yeah, yellow Loin and he wrote he him. So it's a boy Dylan being a teacher in a nurse amazing. I know it. I love every aspect of it. I know we come Dylan may have been hearing about eight years later. A couple years. I originally read your first line that you'd been listening for a couple days. There really is usually about how the african-
that family was never the same. Who got? Who was watching the news? Probably also it just like you're you're just out you know in the country, in the olden days, chopping wood, wood, your brother and suddenly he just tries. He kills. You yeah, that's insane like chop, chop wood and then you turn and top again, but at this time it's your brother, yeah, dude. Okay, this one's called it's a summer, camp murder. Ok, hello carrying Georgia and friends. Thank you for having me now. It's not technically. I hung town, but I It spent eleven summers where this happen, so I think that counts for something lily here we go, they said like most kids growing up in a predominantly jewish suburb in New York. I was an added silly boy, camper for most of my life. Let it It's like it goes without saying yeah that if you grew up jewish in any way shape or form, you went to can totally we were. We were hard core camp people, your camp people,
because our parents are like get away for two weeks. We can't take minimum, not also exactly let it be known. I was and still am obsessed with my camp experience and literally had the best time of my life there, which I have some of my best memories from camp. Absolutely. Despite the events that had occurred on the camp property in the nineteen forties and since I fear authority and getting in trouble, I'm changing all of the names in the story. Smart back, then, the camp was actually a quote adult resort, and then it says For your interpretation and was owned by John and Laura Baker, when John Baker died from heart disease, his distraught wife found comfort in a new lover who we will call Henry who was actually the resorts chef anytime. I talk about a camp african like Camper Resort, in like the cat skills adjusting turn against the whole time. Ria. So he look here. I just had a nice, it
It's all unfolding in your mind. Yes, always from early on Laura, felt that her relationship with Henry wasn't built to last. It says they did get married, hey look and it happened subsiding, but Henry became extremely controlling of her and the property being smart, because she's, a woman Laura had a document created stating that in the event of her death, the property would be given to her to teenage sons. Oh after long and Henry decided to divorce Henry found the document you guessed it, he was pissed a few nights, our Lord had planned to meet one of her sons and his girlfriend for bingo in town. When Lord didn't show up his son went to the camp to see what was going on upon arriving. He entered one of the main buildings to find his mother dead from being bludgeoned with a hammer. When the police investigated the. Can they also found Henry's body and concluded that he had taken his own life
Unfortunately, since Laura sons were teens at the time, they were too young to take over the property, so it went on to be sold to new owner is eventually becoming a kid summer camp. So you can only imagine the rumors and stories that circulated throughout the years. The building and the building where Laura was murdered, became the arts and crafts building and as an indoor kid I spent a ton of time there. I was young at the time, but there's no age requirement for knowing when the vibe is spooky. Oh, but not spooky enough for me to play sports. So I continued making mediocre summer camp art in the murder building for many years. I think the building is now the camp's main office stay sexy and don't marry the chef from an adult resort and maybe find some somewhere else to do. Your arts and crafts What I mean,
is kind of explaining, isn't that, basically sorry, they're kind of explaining the premise to Friday, the thirteenth or film series right, isn't that the one where Jason's in the lake to the thirteen th- I don't remember Steve, no one- are in ELM Street right yeah. It takes place on ELM Street, oh yeah, dude. The negligence wait is that night of the living dead, I think that's. The zombies is at the mall one camp Crystal Lake, the negligence of the camp staff yeah. We walk down in the lake at Camp the scary, just on its own cause, you're out outwards its cabins. There's there's really know, there's like a minimal adult supervision right and so much all about activities happen at night, like you still are doing things at night and walking around my guy around in China. Hang out my hand in this in the Santa Monica Hills like it was you had to go like law,
trails of dark, surrounded by forces, fucking, terrifying, dude. I went to care Well, because I went to the same camp camps, ain't Andrews for like twelve years ass, I am and singing amount of time I loved it to catholics- can do it too, but we, the one of the camps, that we want to give kind of change everywhere, based on where they would rent free and one it was in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where Kemper kill people and the Santa Cruz mountains were lots of bad stores. We have talked about on this show heart of yes wow. Welcome welcome to Camp kids camp everybody. I like it. if you have any really horrifying camp story out and they have to be true, no creepy passed as you'd fourteen year old, nerds right, ok, for this one. Yes, we just started
hi friends, I'm just gonna jump right in. I spent a portion of my upbringing in Southeast Michigan, but my dad's family comes from the west side of the state. My great Grandpa Richard was a police chief in Wyoming Township. This town had a local pastor, who I'll just call pastor Frank in nineteen, thirty, nine, the eighteen year old, daughter of pastor, Frank, died of a heart attack and was buried following a very brief investigation. Years later, Pastor Frank came onto the police's radar because he was accused of attacking a church elder with a lead pipe. This is the game clue. Let's I don't appreciate. This is great: it's not even creepy past that it's a fucking game and how dare you, you can't repeat game, still a great game by the way you guys, should we got at the beginning of quarantine, played it twice loved. It haven't thought about. But it's a great game. Now you have to move on to watching the movie and every of the movie, the movies. If Syria ok now get Let's get real, they accuse
also suggested Pastor Frank tried to give him quote chemically tainted candy. Basically, my great grandpa got super suspicious and he found out that pastor, Frank's first wife had died, an quote untimely death in Illinois several years earlier, against the advice of his fellow officers and seven years after the death of the pastor's daughter, my great grandpa brought pastor Frank into the police station after, being questioned. Pastor Frank confessed to not only attacking the church elder but poisoning his daughter with Ciani. Oh, my God, the crime had been committed on a Sunday morning before the pastor went to deliver his weekly servant, dude, what the fast says that right there
Pastor Frank was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison years later, when asked why he was suspicious of a young pastor committing murder. My great grandpa responded quote. He was a man and one thing I learned in World war. I is that men are capable of anything unquote words to live by which it also says that I've also been interested in true crime. Since I was very young and although I think there are so many problems with policing and I fully support actions to divert money to other resources, I can't help but wonder if my great grandpa passed down this interest to me. He died well before I was born, so unfortunately I never got to talk with him about it. I am not clinical psychology, Phd student, studying the assessment of the dark Triad, Psychopathy narcissism and MAC Avelion ISM, oh my god so safe to say I feel I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. You are so good. I want to look up the dark triad, heck
I thought you were a kid and you did like the testing to see what you're going to be when you grew up or you're fucking career accounts or wasn't like guess what you could study. If you wanted to like, why? Don't they tell you because even if you could have, they would have been like? Oh that's inappropriate for girl, right right and also you won't even take your sats because you barely go to class goodbye. You can't write a book report on silos manner. If you don't read so Marner sorry, I literally barely graduating high school. So that's scared. If you're only going gonna write book reports based on the picture on the cover art of the book, ear fuck, you don't even have a cliff notes. Carrie can we please just pretend I used to curly write, write books Reports based on discharge as it is, is the moving and
we have the whole story of an old man with a beard just described what the picture the razor. Thank you so much for the public. Has your boss a great and, I hope, you're each hanging in their despite the wildfires aim, the pandemic pink you! I don't really know how to end this soldier. Totally just is: are they so endings our largest in writing? So I'll, just say, stay sexy and always suspect cyanide poisoning Taylor amazing. It was amazing I want her to finish. Sclerosis. You can tell tell us like say I get psychopath rate is like a murderer, but then what would then also joining the
priesthood and becoming a priest or whatever like it's like you're, purposely trying to trick people. Yes, that's like a purpose. You know you're going to going to and want to hurt people and still cover that yeah. Yes, it's a cover, no extra, it's so extra! It's very much of what those people do they're like. What's the best way to get people to trust me without being trustworthy, and I don't want to kill strangers, I want to kill people who trust me yeah. What the fuck I mean do Ok. What is it all about this so called morbid theme park, story, noises and it just starts my queens. You asked for more theme park stories and having worked several hellish theme park performing contracts, I finally I have something to write yell about disclaim If you think sketchy dangerous theme parks died with action park. Think again,
Oh shit, the summer after my freshman year at college, I got a job performing a theme park outside of Pittsburgh called IDA Wild the park opened in eighteen. Seventy eight and honestly, like it, had not been updated. Much since then arrive away, swept the slivers alone. However, the park it added several outdoor performance spaces where I had the joy of performing in the heat and the rain for crowds of usually less than ten people all day every day. Yes, Do it that called that's called working on your right. The most the most popular show we did was one where I had the great pleasure of wearing a giant tiger suit, in which I gotta enjoy the aromas of three other people's buckets of sweat. For thirty minutes. At a time in the blazing son shit, here's them line I've ever read. Sometimes I even got to have some spider friends in the head with me. No
And then she writes so fine Spain is correct. I care I dont like surprise in your right or and you're like a six year old, walking around this shitty paying park, and then you walk by a fake tiger. That's it! You can hear human screaming home with them. I gotta go to the theme park. Okay, anyways. The premise of the show this is necessary to the story was the thank you for saying it was that the Tiger Daniel was trying to convince his Fred Catarina, Kitty CAT to go on the roller coaster with him. She was very scared and didn't want to, but Daniel in a very creepy non consensual way kept pushing her to do it until she agreed problematic throughout the show. We constantly pointed to the parks, old roller coaster, the roller coaster I called this thing was built in nineteen thirty, eight and even though it allowed kids as short as thirty six inches to ride
it didn't even have seatbelts sorry weight, cash. Okay, three like when you become a apparent. You speak. You say how your kid is. Thirty, months and therefore six inches tall, and please note that people without kids, don't fucking, know house dont know don't care of specific congratulations on being in the ninety percent percentile. We don't give a shit. We know it's your life, we not in writing our language happy for you, but we are. We just want a drink they're like so do we started the mom wine and why we're all having drinks that we talk about this, so it didn't have seabelts nope just a little bar. I refuse to go on it because it seems so Rickey and always felt weird,
promoting it in the show, but kids, one fucking bananas for both Daniel Tiger and the roller coaster. So there wasn't much. I could do about it one day while getting ready to hand over to the tiger show we got news that a three year old child had fallen off their role as no and was being flowing to the hospital in critical condition. However, our show is about to start, and since it was one of the parks biggest attractions are supervisor made us. Do it in the midst of the chaos. So here I am in a tiger suit, singing and dancing about how fund the roller coaster is moments after a helicopter left the park within an unconscious child Clearly, everyone, the unusually packed audience, knew what had happened and through the Mesh cartoon Tiger eyes. I received the dirtiest looks from parents who seem to think that I had any autonomy in this situation. I
after that, Daniel the Tiger or your projection right are you new? It was just right: yeah, family by family. The crowd started to empty out tossing back disappointed head shakes as they left right before Catarina agreed to go on the roller coaster. A supervisor cut the sound and announced that Daniel had to take a nap. The show is cancelled for the rest of the summer, but don't worry. I still got aware. The tiger suit from meeting greets have traded. More information on the child many times and Sunday and I've never learn what happened to him. The kids running the right that this park seem like they were thirteen and it I've never been a child's responsibility, determine that another child with safe on an octogenarian roller coaster, the roller coaster still open and finally, after almost a century has seatbelts a sexy and dunker sketchy theme parks, especially during covered Zoe. It's still,
Opening so open they just Hadad Seatbelts or via at first when you first started telling us, whereas, like oh well, like a more action park, style things, that's like yeah, more tragedies, Joanne Ink has whether there and Unincorporated Lando Theme Park or playing off in a second local government, so they don't have to have safety checks in Asia or it's too big ones. I mean those accidents happen. All the time is horrifying. I have no end aside from final cakes and corn dogs. I have no fucking interest in going to an amusement park ever I mean I There's some good ones, but I have to say that the
for the future, for three years from now, when we can all start going back to them, there's nothing better. The best ride right now at Disneyland is in California adventure and it's soaring over California. Although now it's soaring over the world, I never got a chance to get on that one. Oh, my god. You have to it's so and there's like no risk because you're actually not going in you're just entering that gets lifted up and get you get moved into. Like I went on, I went on the tower of terror right before the weed rice Crispy treat I ate, kicked in and I had to leave. Oh so I didn't get a chance to go and I had to go up up up and then back down. I like you, had to walk the most. I was on that ride and I was like it's Hydra looks I get it. I loved it. It was like the most fun I've ever had, and then we went in the up at three d ride and I fucking had a I lost it. I had a panic attack. I ran out of there and I was like we're leaving right now, so I didn't
gotta go on soaring over whatever the FUCK Oak is you have to get you to cut your days? Are I think, a lot of counting edibles? You got. You know, you know at a building to happen to you any onto their public rouse you can't do surprise ride edible, definitely overseer over stimulation. Edibles are not. Thing not at a theme park nodded the place looks like they were, but we're bending over backwards to blow your mind and you're like a hold on. I take a rather this version does twenties and she made a lot of mistakes. Hey. I relate that's why we have this podcast, no judgments. Distracted driving is a serious problem on our roadways, leading to the deaths of thousands of people and injuries in the hundreds of thousands each year. When you take your eyes and focus off the road even for a second, it can be deadly not just for you, but for other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. Sadly many Americans user cellphones, while driving weather
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kick off. What more does one want? I love spice when you're a flight attendant many people ask you your weirdest or worst experience on a flight, because many people cannot fathom the idea of spending your life on a plane when airports are such pure torture to so many. While I've now lived through restraining, aggressive passengers, strange and wonderful encounters with celebrities, horrible weather diverting to a different airport unexpectedly unexpectedly and working long crazy hours when things go wrong, I don't think I can top the story that one of my favorite senior flight attendants told me back in the day, things are a lot more relaxed in the way of security, but our main job has always been safety first service. Second, that means looking out for any signs of danger, making sure people have seatbelt on like its turbulent and also things like monitoring the laboratories for anything wrong wrong, I
my friend was walking the aisles and giving out water as usual, once she passed by one of the laboratories near the bag of the plane and noticed a weird odor it smelled like smoke, which is always a huge emergency, because fire on a plane can be deadly but not cause for panic. A lot of people will sneak into the laboratories thinking they won't get caught, sneaking a few quick puffs. They always- and this is some parentheses they always get caught. I've had friends whip open the doors, the second the smoke alarms go off and catch people, redhanded shit, shit, then realized after a second sniff, that it wasn't normal smoke. Oh yes, that was marijuana smoke great. He does the normal knock on the door, hello or you smoking and their no response. She knocked again saying hello or you smoking and their nothing I'm coming in she. Only
the door and then, in parentheses? Yes, we can do that. I read it and opened it before staring in shock on the toilet. Was a man smoking, a joint naked? he was, however, come lately wrapped head to toe in plastic rat. What's she quickly close the door and went to her in charge flight attendant and told him what was going on? He immediately taped to the back of the plane and yelled to the man that he was to put his clothes on right now or the authorities would meet them on the ground and arrest him. Like I said earlier, it was a different time, not sure when exactly but definitely before, nine eleven, these days of a man was caught with all that the police definitely would have been called and the man might have been charged. But back then he was allowed to just walk off the plane like nothing. If you behave from now on, it's like you can do the bad thing, but when we tell you you have to behave, you have to comply and then you're fine
Oh, you ran rap. Ok when I'm finished as a whole, and I had some ideas so thanks for reading and, if you know a flight attendant by the wine and press them for juicy stories, because we all have them also, we really need the wine right now since Covid started, thousands of all the flight attendants have been laid off and many of us have been left devastated by losing a job that we live with. All our hearts and those who could never imagine anything worth giving up flying have been forced to find something else and start back at square one. We are resilient and we can't wait to fly again, but we are also heartbroken to have our wings clipped. I'm lucky enough to work for an amazing canadian company that did not leave us completely out in the dark, but many others are not nearly as lucky: taxi and always wear shoes while going into the airplane bathroom, who lots of love area Can we have a moment to focus out flight attendant
thence, and I mean you and I have experienced so many of them and it's there thus the hardest working bad ass people, ideal yeah, even before our list of dumb ass, so much bullshit, some bullshit, so much bullshit and they always were I mean although all the ones I have dealt with- and I have also had some in my family who are just their prose- they know how to like handle people. They know good psychology orderly. They know how to get people to do things immediately, be like tell what kind of person there dealing with and know how to switch over to whatever the foul, my god and then also highlights not deal with your bullshit and be good at it yeah and so and there's so many who have lost jobs. There's been huge, lay off seriously everywhere, so many jobs have to deal with so many assholes double ass and just guy mean yeah. Here's my theory about this guy on this plan story to go back to that. But, firstly,
I thought it was his first of all how stupid you have to be to smoke part on a plane leg I even if it was nineteen seventy forward and like the height of it all, but the Seran Rep I was like. Is it a crazy guy who was trying to lose weight, and so he was like sweating it out, he's like doing a sweat thing, maybe some weird actor or a distance runner. Maybe you read and Marie Claire that this is the best way to lose weight if you're like in above the in air and you wrap and you wrap yourself, this is the way to lose weight. This is a new weight. Sex to involve discouraging mills grandchildren's that there was a real. That was my act. That was a real headway, Cosmo one time: it's like ten great strip.
Perhaps for Thanksgiving or whatever like one involves discouraging, and I was just like what is happening. What is happening so I put a scrunch yon anyone's balls friend like that's just unnecessary. Don't you! Why are you sure it's? Ninety? In my hair, it's not just took to tie up all your stuff, get it over where it's gotta be ok. This is called Robbie story and then It says in the title: Robbie is still exist. Member would like not people, namely the answer is yes and then it says, with bonus, crazy, hitchhiker great start starts howdy I'd like to preface the story by saying I love I fiance deeply. Now then it as but Lord has you done some dumb shit before we got together and yes, his name is Robbie. They do still exist nine, so my fiance Robbie likes to tell me tales at the adventurous he's had before we got together stories like how he jumped off a damn into water. That was over a hundred feet below.
How he threw a house parties with nothing but strangers. That's like your neighbors, how he has been in multiple bar fights, etc. And then it says he was a wacko doodle alcoholic, Slash, unmedicated, bipolar the The most interesting story, happened to him one night on one of his typical and then in parentheses, what the fuck three a m cruises around town so for his usual routine Robbie, would casually decide to get up in the middle of the night and cruise around in his Camaro, his literal pride and joy wow, Listening to music baby offensively over trusting person that he is. He decided to pick up a hitchhiker that he saw in the side of the road during one of these drives. The ride starts out normally once again what the fuck and who does this with them? Listening to music and Robbie, asking the hitchhiker wearies headed the site
RO guy named town, that's within thirty minutes, so they began to head that way about. Minutes into the drive the hitchhiker Paulson knife on my fiance. He holds nice near Robbie Throat and tell him that he needs to hand over all his money and cards or he will fucking die. So that's. My fiance do with his mid life crisis, car speeds, the fuck up, oh Robbie, starts going seventy and then eighty and then ninety down this back road, all the while the knife is still held up to him. Looks over while holding the pedal to the floor and says: I'm ready. To die. Are you fucking, Robbie, robbies fuck? Yes, Robbie Robbie! Yes, apparently this works. The knife goes down. The his maker goes silent. Rob slows down and tells him to get the fuck out of the vehicle and the hitchhiker does. As he has told
I guess the moral of the story is stay sexy and don't pick up, hitchhikers a three m or may be ever Jesse. Let's just see in Robbie are physiotherapy. Our favorite couple thing John Cougar Melancholia wrote assign them. Ok, I just want to say this: we were being very decision, it's about Robbie? We were, we are being judgmental yet you're putting out on him, but guess what if you're going to go out at three a m and your camaro and pick up hitchhikers, because you like to listen music and meet people or whatever your reasons are, then you do that, like the warrior Robbie and you're ready to die to do that and then, if the people are gonna threaten you you're, like yeah, I expected that you double down because it's three yeah and I'm being crazy, want to get crazy up a fucking like dude on his way to the office. You know right you're out there
to like mix it up with the bad boys, and you because you are the king of the bad boy. What you're on is experiences to tell your future fiance about so she's, all like that's crazy, but inside she's like I love him. So much she'll never be bored of you. If you have cool no holy shit, you can't bore Jessie man. She's, like tell me, everything she's like when I hear it Robbie I'm ready to die, or maybe it's the ultimate upper hand. Also, just remember that in any situation you don't actually literally how to be ready to die and you have to be a good actor and you have to be willing to say the sentence and rolled the dice that maybe the other persons like you know what I am I am actually was due and ideally be be a man I'm guessing to Robbie. That's that beheld, I'm seeing Robbie as being a bit broad chazy ivy Bear even Barrel Cesena kind of like he's, got like a motor Motorhead shirt with a fleece over. It least that's Robbie. So you know
He's gonna pull that off he's gonna, be the our Europe hey Robbie can pull that tonight. Is that it? No? You have one more no I know you don't know better. I keep going keep going. I would have read that one slower that was the perfect inning that was the perfect inning possible Robbie and high fives to all the flight attendants out there and nurses were thanking us, and you know God and Robbie Buddy yeah yep link arms, everybody, because we need to support each other. That's right! These are tough time we're here for you you're here for you and us and everyone and all the murders and also stay sexy and don't get murdered. Goodbye Elvis do you want a cookie.
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