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This week’s hometowns include funeral home life and an interview with a mobster. 

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And well governed by him, my favorite murder them any sewed. We read you you're Emil's to us to each other and to you to you your included. Unless this is yours and delays- and this is your part gasket did you know he started up market? Oh my god! Congratulations! It's doing that and great were Ro Proteome jungle for sure. If you are, I mean quite and my change it I mean I mean Dear Stephen, Georgia, Karen and fur animals star, with the engineer I don't know.
That I am compelled to tell you about a murder that happen in my hometown of Woodstock, inadequate Woodstock is a very very rural town in the northeast corner of the state primarily middle to upper class, with lots of open space and cows December twelve, two thousand five. Forty four year old, Judy Nylon went out for a jog and never returned the next morning, police found Judy's body. Her head had been beaten. Her jogging pants pulled down her hands tied behind her back and there is a rope wrapped across a front of her body and around her neck, her body was found in a shared located on the property of Woodstock, most famous resident Carol. Spinning, oh shit, you know who that is no limit arise, but now I'll tell you could help me. Don't worry
then that name may not jump out it ill, but the names of big bird and Astrid ask the grouch certainly would ring record by Jim Jim Hansen himself Carol spending was the voice and puppeteer of big burden. Oscar the grouch onsets me street, from its debut in nineteen sixty nine until his retirement in twenty eighteen. Oh no, active duty. Finding her killer was not difficult for police, sensible, a sensor receipt signed by thirty six year old, Scott D, O J in that's how it spelled out on a hot pronouncing Deirdre, was found in the road near duties, headband and blood.
The OJ worked as a caretaker on spinning property where Judy's body was found. He claimed he accidentally hit Judy with his car and in a panic, hitter body. He claimed the rope was used to hoist her body up into the shed. This days attorney stated that duties, injuries were not consistent with being struck by a car. In two thousand seven d, O J pleaded guilty to kidnapping and the murder of duty. He was sentenced to life in prison. Later DNA evidence linked him to a raven, another town that occurred in two thousand, for he confessed to the rape and had twenty years added to the sentence: duties, family later sued, carols Binny, claiming he had foresee ability in hiring the OJ due to his history of burglary suicide, Attempts and medical marijuana use
I believe this I believe this case was dismissed. Carols many died on December eighth. Twenty nineteen at his home in Woodstock Duty in Ireland, was beloved by the town as she was the social worker at the towns middle school every year, the school children pay tribute to duties, memory with five key road race, wow, that's beautiful, say sexy and don't get murdered. Love Jean your fellow latch key poster child. I that's such a like what a horrible thing I go out, I mean obviously yeah Judy. That's horrible, but yeah yeah, that's it
would be like on its it somehow involved, leg dragged into your house property or whatever, and then somehow people are trying to say you had something to guys or your somehow responsible it. I'm sure you ask yourself too, it's not enough like could I have done something? Could I have known yes, your leg year associated with that person? Yeah, that's that's horrible, and that's that actually I d say that one feels almost like a legit like small town, secret Yankees. I've never heard anything like that, and you never here, and I mean now wooden I've ever heard, like you gotta that town we would never it now based on RE grey list I'm ok, listen starts. Greetings to you all have just found out be slightly. Spooky is thing that happened on a road. I drive on all the time and have to share with you guys, because I know absolutely no one else in my life will be interested at all
the slightly spooky as thing it was a day after Surrey polices, annual Christmas party in December, two thousand and two at Surrey, UK by the way and they received a hot, not Tom Cruise, his daughter, sorry, ok, but, and they received a call out saying that someone had reported a car veering off the eighty three and its major road kind of like a highway. I think thank you with all life's blazing, so this car wears off police turn up at the scene and were able to find anything or really any signs of a crash. Until someone found a Vauxhall, Astro Nose down in a ditch covered in undergrowth nearby, they found a body and establishes identity after checking the registration number of the vehicle and was later confer by dental records. The only thing the body is reported to have been skeletal or decomposed going by friends Ex they work
Now that the crash had happened almost five months earlier in July. Oh no, it speculated that the driver it, suffered severe injuries and crawled out the passenger side of the door, a car and died in his attempt to climb up the steep and bank met. The driver had been. I wanted by police in July, two thousand two on robbery charges whose last seen enjoying drinks with his friends in West London and his brother had reported him missing so in December a curse seem to come off. The road headlights on police find a total car batteries. Long expire covered in undergrowth, crashed in July. Was it ago scrap a ghastly replay of whatever went down five months earlier, always someone reporting an accident they knew about, but didn't want to be involved with the final with and finally there conscious got, the better of them goes cry. Nationally or is there another car and occupants that did go off the road that night and there are still down there? They are down there. My biggest fucking make
mere all of this getting late a crash and then, but no one knows you crash yeah, I'm going to be thinking about this all night and never going to be able to look at that patch erode the same again be I want to know. I want, look at that patch of road now and see how cars can disappear and I bet it so easy if you, if you think of like I'm in a bank Matt you can't see any any part but like the right when you, drive off, probably its preliminary in such an easy thing. To do in my mind, is it filled with bushes, like over undergrowth in like a lot of fun, let's clear that shit, you don't mean, and in their only tones highway, bushes right get rid of it. If there is poor. Errors down there with the idea that there is more than one crash liked. I know that they like what we found it in the thick know. He has three eight away, like you know, it's funny the majority of mine. Were a ghost,
or goes based stories. So how are we? I am right around the irate everybody wants and I'm sure we asked with a low again rubber, but yeah there's so many good ones. Okay, so I circled there. One hand. Sorry I remember is to go in the office and Stephen would hand us the stories. Printed out and we would star Wednesday we're gonna use are soccer lamb and we can. We were near people. Andy each other to each other. In a speech in small, enclosed room, hello design begins hello. All I've been searching for something interesting to write your about since I started listening some time this year and then parentheses. I dont know when, because time is nothing today, it suddenly struck me that I might have some stories of interest since I spent my youth growing up in a funeral home, but just
like them today, all my it's an honor to you. You know you re exactly since there's nothing super interesting about growing up in a funeral home, except that I may have shut my little brother in a casket when we were children I also thought everyone lived in a funeral home and that's why they were called homes. Additionally, when my family moved into our first non funeral home, I was confused about where we would put the bodies as an adult. I also found out that every Christmas, our presence from Santa were hidden in the bottom part of display caskets, the lower part part that is never opened during a funeral. Oh my god, but this story is about none of those things when was a teenager. I would sometimes work for my dad at the funeral home moving flower arrangement cleaning creating memory boards etc. One afternoon my dad asked me if I drawn anything behind the clock at work
so confused and had no idea what he was talking about. He assured me that he wouldn't be mad. He just needed to know. I told him that I had not and he immediately went back downstairs without explaining any further. I followed him down the stairs to find that he was telling the story to my mom. Her brother and Chris, the other funeral director who worked, works the funeral home still without explanation. He told me to get in the car on our ten minute drive to the funeral home. My dad explained about the clock. He told me that he had taken the clock down a few weeks prior to bring forward for daylight savings. He returned talk to the while no problem, then earlier that day, while there was a family having visitation at the funeral home, he noticed at the clock, had stopped ticking and went to into the batteries when he pulled the clock, off the wall. He found that a woman's face had been drawn on the wall. Oh my god! No, no! No! No! No! What
Once we arrived at the funeral home, my dad very theatrically took the clock off the wall and there It was a woman's face, but it, but it was not. Drawing it looked more like a burn you can clearly see the tracing of the hair and eyes knows and mouth of a skeleton. Now now now it I'm writing this. It seems insane, but there it was my dad, a Christian. I began to share stories of the motion sensor going off in front in the front entrance when no one was there hearing our names being said when we are by ourselves and not wanting to go to into certain parts of the building. The building was sold off soon after that, and I often wonder if the new owners have experienced anything strange.
Its your hollowing spirit, Sd Gm Kelly mad at that one is its nighttime right now and I am not going to go well sorry, who's that I just heard a ringing side do you but I don't know what it was, cause it wasn't my doorbell, the dogs both heard it too like, and what was that Britain We now in your browser, it sounds like you're coming outside from like the door like outside outside the lake outside of the room, you sound like it's coming from outside the room and there are other looking Though, like if you put the doorbell, my dogs would be going yeah ship bananas right now. What
why do did not like that? oh my gosh, also moment elsewhere. Georgia's could hardly like almost thereby ok, I'm scared oh gee. What do I do where you going A year ago that we keep going colder, I just need to tell I mean Are we leaving this and re outwards like this peace? dogs will focus embark? If I like you know something incorrectly. Don't go off here that Please just happened which Ike by her eyes, airbags, and so I didn't, I can't hear, what's around me, yeah, it's like muted and they, just both turned like this. They didn't stand up or Barker do normal dog things when it relates to the avenue. Are you back, your casserole right now what you like to do in Sunday nights. Here's what I
Dont, like the back doors, open hearing was the thing that now well, let's see, if I'm come back to taking this male file with me, if you like said like any other even though the police Karen a child thou art by your bet, that whose every child in the voting close right. Why is there a nineteenth century child in your house? I'm so many these dogs, if the only reason I bought you is her moments like this George. Just as our back to me, this isn't a scary ones. Are that's good, ok,
This is called the death Bell CARE, the Gatt ballot. Kerins Agnes, don't need it's! My teenaged mother questioned a Tucson mobster and then it says mow the seventies ladys. I love you both moving on my mama's, a teenager living just outside of two Son Arizona and a small town called Marina in them nineteen seventies, my mom is not a murderer. Now she not a family, is often a murder. Creeping us or swearing in short, should hate this podcast, I'm. Let's, knowing that I didn't quite take her seriously when she op handedly mention that she interviewed in italian mafia boss in high school. I really am my boss in Arizona shining, but she proceeded to tell me how, in nineteen seventy four, my straight laced catholic grandmother drove her in and there would paneled station wagon. The downtown Tucson Office of Joe Bonanno head.
The banana italian crime family. When you have, we talked doubts about the Bonanno crime family recently. I don't think so, but accounts familiar everyone had been its. Then it says the bananas, along with the Colombo Gambino, Genovese Did she say crime families make up the five families of the Italian Amalfi Mafia, so they're like that one of the big ones does or my favorite? Yes, the top by tat whenever it best love your family is so they sounds like she must have had like, like a class war, like interview, someone of note into sign and she's like how about job, but Nano the head of the Fucking Bonanno Italian cried family. How did she get that interview? Well,
are not rich businesses. As a junior high school, she learned through newspaper research, no internet in the seventies, kids that Joe Banana retired to Tucson my mom in her girl in her school girl. My amity assumed his criminal pass must be far behind him, since he was an old man, retired to a warmer climate narrowly. My grandparents assume the same thing as they voice no opposition to her plan. She said he seemed like a regular old man who gave the impression that he has done his time for his crimes and his image was just vastly distorted by the media. Alas, He did. He die welt, no mob secrets to my teenage mother, who would surely have eagerly reported them talk english class on Monday morning. My grandma waited outside in the station wagon and tell my mom finally, traipse downstairs after enquiring about the crimes of one of America's biggest small bosses,
I can only assume she pose no threat to his criminal enterprises unlikely for my mother. She left her meeting with only a funny story to tell years later turns out Joe wasn't done with his life of crime and years after my mom's interview, he served prison time for contempt of court for refusing to testify in a federal racketeering case, perhaps sometimes he chuckled to himself in prison remembering the precocious high schooler, who had no qualms about interrogating him. We can only hope, stay sexy and don't take your teenage daughter to meet with mobsters today! Well, that's! Larry Energy, someone of note in your community so could you now Ben I've? I know this factually because I've watched US sopranos, but lake. You know the whole thing where you're not supposed to talk about it directly concerts. It's like I workin in December wrestler area, yeah sanitation.
Sanitation? Thank you has like garbage disposals now. The thing that's in USA were human garbage that they work inside it. So she can't I can't. Imagine, do you think she said it. Is your big mafia, guy or she's like you're you're, one of the best genoese sanitation, re management? You ve made so much money through construction and to imitation become because no, I think she knew he was a mob Boston. She's like well he's done. Maybe he'll tell me about out what it was like take. What you know took some of their work parties used to go to like why Christmas parties like every year. What stories could he have to learn? I mean like where I can tell you that when that one gets a little gory, let's see will tell you this one. I mean I kind of love. I do too I wonder if we can get a hold of that Highschool newspaper. Is that what you're doing it for her own paper? I dont know personal paper, get fresh
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My ninety five Euro grandma is an asshole. That's right. I said it incredibly charming, narcissistic, emotionally manipulative and just an overall bet, she's a very wealthy and has her lawyer on speed, dial I've been in and out of her will more times than I can cow, pretty yeah we're in it. I learned to win it right now, pretty sure I'm out now, because I didn't call her on my birthday, inconvenience word. She once asked her daughter, my aunt if she wanted anything of hers when she died and my aunt said she only wanted the diamond necklace she's loved ever since she was a little girl a few weeks later, the velvet
box arrived at my ants. She opened it up and saw that it was the necklace setting without the diamonds unknown in the box. A note in the box said, since you love this necklace more than me, you can have it. Oh, my god. She sucking sex on the paper. I have a plethora of stories like that, but the one I want to tell you is how my family suspects that she might have killed her brother in law over sixty years ago. My ground as I brothers and one of them was named, Melvin Melvin had a huge gambling problem. Murmur that, then he used to play with Al Capone. He was always borrowing money from my grandparents and my grandma hated it one day Melvin at my grandma decided to go for a boat ride on Lake Michigan, and my grandma was the only one who came, but what the fuck she clean
that he got extremely drunken fell off the boat and drown when the body was found and an autopsy was done. It was noted that there was a huge gash on his forehead, in which my grandma explained occurred. To which my grandma explained it occurred when he was falling off the boat, it also came out that Melvin was in more trouble than ever with the Chicago MOB and he'd been begging for more money than usual. We think my grandma was over. His crap got him drunk hit him on the head and pushed him off the bow. The police never questioned her story, I'm sure she charmed the pants off of them or vey she's, never confessed to this or even uttered his name since his death. Thank you for all. You do. My father died suddenly a few years ago and he was the kindest smartest and simply my best friend he broke the cycle of horrific abuse and became the absolute best husband and father till the day he died. He was unfathomable kind to my group mother in even
she didn't, deserve it. She definitely didn't deserve. It stays see and don't go boating with evil. Grandmothers was I mean this is what I am in it for everything about that she forget totally killed him but like what, if she didn't, but who cares because she would strike it's not like. I was like above her who eat. I mean it's just how, due to people on a bow, it's just the two and then one of them false. Often drowns, then just think of the acting that has to start this. Second, you ve committed a murderer and now the whole boat right in your life warming up even base with Mimi Enamel name email. I love New York. I need New York. I love. I need unique New York officer. That's amazing! Ok
thank you my acting. Thank you. Yes, ok this when I'm not going at the name, the title pay Karen in Georgia every eye I always wish. I had a good hometown murder story, but when I heard the request for celeb meetings, I knew I finally had my story to submit victory, Yes, I met Oprah Winfrey. Well, I am. I worked in restaurants in New York for years and years. Is too long about five or six years ago, when I was working in a trendy upscale top is restaurant. My fuckin favorite tat ass. I sat down for our service meaning and found out that Oprah was coming and I was subjected to be her server. The restaurant was very intense about celebrities. Only me my back later in my manager were allowed to speak with her. I was they have a super small section. So I could focus all my attention on her If other guests were to ask her word, ask about her or try to take pictures. My job is to deflect deflect deflect. I e is that
Oh, I don't know who that is what you like. Another glass of wine oversight down was dead men and I approached her acting all cool and casual by freaking out on the inside. She asked how the Marguerite, as were I told her. They were best I never had, and then honestly true, I and my other tables asked me that was in fact Oprah and I'm sorry I couldn't deflect. I mean it's Oprah I told them that go. She was warm and kind and absolutely everything you think she would be her. Looking up at me asking me about Marguerite as is forever burn in my memory. The best part was
When she got up to lead the restaurant it was like the queen of England was exiting the building she stood up and I'm not kidding all the other people at their tables waved and stood up, and she literally waved goodbye. The whole reference should lead us to look at those. She had a bodyguard she was safe. Yet since then, I ve gotten away on some cool peeps, but no one will ever top Oprah. This was such a New York moment and I can't wait till the day that I can be in a New York restaurant again with the same same feelings of magic. We. Been through so much especially the restaurant industry was truly as some of the most amazing creative, interesting people on the planet. Please support your local restaurants in whatever way you can stay sexy and live every day like it's the day you meet Oprah Elise up up up up.
I mean I've. Also an open girl. One year ago, in the matter we are going to my hung. A little mind doesn't count. We know was when we worked when I worked in Chicago who, of course, here around the building and she could not been. You know, I was very much prepared to Babbage S. The owl business is your her Herschel had just wrapped they just regular twenty five years of basically like getting a plus every single day on a daily show. She with that show she deserves every single out of everything that she has totally it. She has taken Something was she to do. Regular, like Jerry, Springer style shows back any in early eighties when it started, which is what every show us and she made that show into what it was herself entirely her. May there she's a genius and she's super fucking cool and real and understands push is to other people, have less shells right now. Let's see
We d like when she would come through the room. It's not like any it's not. I would there was never any kind of pretence. Air like she would come and be like hey guys, like I heard you guys are all meeting did ever like she would just come in like she also worked at the company. It was mine blowing and almost like that It could sound pretentious. She walked through the restaurant, waved it everyone, but it's like bitten open, not for Oprah its No! No! No! It's reality understood! Yes, I like that idea that she understands what she has other people and that's what you want from her. Yes, then there it's me, it's really cool. I would then she she's like planet correctly, where she's, like almost like, has a sense of humor Yang in that position of lake. Those and wasting altars and it's gonna go home and tell someone I saw Oprah Wintry today and they're gonna like she was the best. She waved it everyone. Yes,
darkly and look at it from non member. When we were at Mozart now, I'm now. I just want to talk about restaurant memories as it so sad and feels like come back, but that's the thing: do you see leg, tat person, great male and also there a waiters and of a wait. Wait Savate there in a very specific position, as you have to leg you after basically immediately pretend you're best friends with this person and have no weirdness, because you're trying to give them a good experience, but for the other people I just know if you see a celebrity in a restaurant, do not talk to them while their eating there is food anywhere near them. Yeah just wait if you love them, so much go outside and wait till their done. Yeah yeah
to do it. While there did you or your volunteering to make them hate you, oh my god, that's true. It is like a spoonful of soup right up to their male re like I'm. So sorry, I know you're, not energy. They keep eating while you're for hugging opera, you know not letting her dispatch. Oh, she went out special. The sounds like everyone handled their shit. There may be some busier stories about. Scary sounds and goes sin and also a celebrity needing. I dont know whatever else you feel like sending it's kind of its like a random October or do what feels good until we don't feel like doing that later. This whole years, been around October. Really yet has one long, Lando Autobahn Show. Guys for listening, persevere and stay, taxi and don't get murdered a Elvis, Duenna cookie
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