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This week’s hometowns include a family massacre and a cult murder.

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since the episode of the pod gas in the version of hard cast where we reduce your emails, whatever you re to us will just read it right out loud. That's right, you tell a story in rearing and right back to you, that's the name. I aim we ve got so many themes out there still taking hollowing stories, who cares, scary, did stories yeah you ever see a celebrity celebrity. Oprah stories are the second ride, uncertainties which I appreciate the piano a theme just murders or a suit, always grandparents or is always Wanna go. First sure This says good old Fashioned, Montana, hometown story rate.
It says, hey there, I'm from Helena Montana, and you would not believe how many hometown stories there are to choose from. I struggled to decide if I would write you about my partners coworker who worked with the Mozilla mauler during his killing rampage. The time I accidently snowshoe do TED Decencies backyard for the many haunting. The haunted buildings around town. Needless to say, there are a lot of crazies around here, which I'm sure Chris Fairbanks can attest to begin with further ado, this is the story of the disappearance of nineteen Marshall. In June of nineteen. Eighty three nine lean attended a picnic with her family at a camp ground in the Helena National Forest around four p, nigh lean and Other children went on a walk near my pen, creek, to see some beaver dams nineteen lagged behind and when the other children turned around, she was gone. There were
ports at nineteen was seen talking to a man and a jogging suit, but it was never confirmed. This man was involved. This area is home to grizzly and black bears, wolves and Mount lions, so there were thoughts that she had been attacked, but there was no evidence of animal involvement found and her body was never recovered. Two years later, a man claiming to have abducted, nigh lean, called the national missing. An unidentified person system from several phone booth in Wisconsin law enforcement also received letters from an anonymous man, claiming he had no lean and was travelling the country, the letters and call transcripts are creepy a spark and you can read them on nine leans, Wiki page. If you want to be scarred for life really into and twenty seventeen, the Jefferson County Sheriff stated that they had no substantial leads. I know we're supposed to Santa for us, but I truly love being in it such a naturally beautiful place, and it makes me so angry that fuckers, like Nellie, nigh, leans abductor Maketh angel,
for us to enjoy without worry. I also really enjoy hiking solo and think of every track as an opportunity to take back nature from shady dudes stay. Sexy and always hike with bare mace, open, get taser and your trust the emotional support dog mad wow. I wonder if they were able to prove that that was actually abductor. Just some fuckin echo it tat. He had sent it sounds like they haven't been able to prove anything that so horrible in the end they also. Then it could also leads into. I think we ve talked about this before, but have you ever seen? The maps tons of people sent me this on Twitter? It's the places where people have gone missing and then the cave systems in america- oh, my error, there, basically kind of mere image more like
You could lay one over the other and their related, meaning life, people, Phelan, Phelan, Hope like fell in places, or that I mean to me in the click bait version is something came out of a cave in or out grabbed people and pulled up again. You know it's. It's very like the descent is very like a horror movie. I think suggestion where whether that actually means that those caves are in national parks where people go missing because there are so many there's dangers and risks are they want their little kids? They wandered off, which just sounds so like leave by re. Fuck knows it's it's horrible! What a horrifying while ok! Well, I have a pretty cool six small town hometown as well. This is called for tis unsolved murder, high care. In Georgia, creatures and moustaches, I grew up in a super small town in the Hudson Valley area of New York, state were literally, nothing happens and we have no sidewalks or bars anyway.
I have always been obsessed with a story about an entire family who was murdered in nineteen thirties on their farm. A few minutes from my childhood home, the story, is referred to as the german family murders and I believe that remains unsolved this day on the day after Thanksgiving one thousand nine hundred and thirty the board and Company of Dutchess County sent one of its workers out to check on a local dairy farmer who supplied them with Malik after not receiving their typical shipment. Arrived at the dairy farm run nine in the morning to find all four members of the german family stabbed to death. Then it says I hope that guy got therapy afterwards. Houston German and his young son Raymond or found first man been stabbed to death in the family, is wagon shed. And Bernice german Houston's, wife and teenage daughter, were found in the family's kitchen. Both stabbed to death, Bernie his body was found under the kitchen table, as she had tried to crawl away. Although a butcher knife
that did not belong to the family, was founded the scene and was determined to be the murder weapon police were unable to find any fingerprints on the knife. They eventually were able to track down who sold the knife, but the man was unable to recall who he had sold at you. Then it says thanks for nothing discovered that Mr German had cast a hundred, and fifty are check that same day of the murder over twenty three hundred in today's money, which led investigators to believe that the families murder was likely a robbery investigators followed up on several leads, including an elusive mysterious stranger, who had been reportedly seen walking around the Germans property prior to the murders in ninety thirty three a neighbor was arrested. He was supposedly owed money by Mr German, but lack of evidence led to the charges being dropped other than this no arrests have been made. I love this. Forty four tonnes of reasons but most sea, because it has everything murder
money, a mysterious stranger, but also because it had occurred in almost a hundred years ago and is still the craziest thing that has ever happened in my home town, and in this insane world that's probably a pretty good thing. Ssdg Megan, good points, Megan. That's a very silver lining. Lower to look at it too, to a horrible and mysterious This makes me want to point back to once again one of my favorite true crime, books of all time, the man from the train, which is unbelievable in it as that, where the idea that someone comes into a small town where people are just as the assumption of safety, because their far away from people away from big city or whatever and decimate Family and he walks away and nothing ever happens for that is yeah just
crazy. I click back. Then it was just so easily easy to like just blend in and be a nameless faceless person. Through town out, it's crazy and you could have, Bon train again read them. and from a train. That's ok, so good! This is okay, ready, creepy, Aber story. How now? That's all that's the beginning of the part of the five, no biomass, or definitely likely Ravens Review may restart their I'm relates to the game, but, as I was painting ornaments for my shop and catching up on Emma them, parentless
these thanks for keeping me company. I heard your request for creepy neighbours and I had to write in with this guy in college. I moved into a condo that I would end up living and for several years I had an older, upstairs neighbor, who I kind of shared a front and back stoop with he immediately established himself as a creep many times I would either be leaving my apartment are taking up the trash or whatever, only to hear a quiet voice behind me just saying hi, or telling me out, you're telling me I was doing my recycling wrong. I can imagine that their whispering actually Actually you don't know the difference in plaster. Styrofoam is actually not recyclable, actually but he's right on you
He would be standing way too close and scare. The shit out of me every time a fucking creep. That's when the next time you do it before you turn around or whatever you throw that elbow bad. You just throw back is why are they standing that close to you anyway? A hundred UNESCO? Oh, my god, I'm so sorry didn't know anyone was there here because you shouldn't be so sometimes I just move my elbows away from my body a tiny bit and if someone's fuckin standing there We rode his mother fucker I'd, sometimes look I'll admit it. Sometimes I do that in Starbucks, when people get right well, not anymore, but I used to what people get right upon you and lie India. I would pretend to turn one direction and then just throw my pony. Adders lie on my shoulder and hit them away
indefinitely done that it's always a middle aged woman, an older woman, a baby boomer woman, his on your ass, so she gets one percent yet look! This is a manly and you have the most gigantic purse, however, always that heavy, always most enormous first, so it's actually it's pretty dangerous does my purse is usually can fit a laptop computer in them and then all kinds of other dumb shit that I have in there. So gyp! Beware! Beware! In twenty twenty nine when we can go outside again and I throw my purse anyhow here we go. pretty early on into living at this con condo his toilet started, leaking making a big water stain on my bathroom ceiling and resulting in a whole that looked directly into our bathroom. I bet You he did that offer my roommate and I put a towel up in the whole, which Van
and she said once when she was getting out of the shower. She looked up and made eye contact us someone, so we take. Paper over the whole and because we were dominant college, we did not give it a second thought to being peeped on, It gets worse, of course, done as a couple of tea. I was, I was woken up in the night from a dead sleep by allowed moaning, because I'm nosey and I dont didn't see any one coming are going from his place. As you could hear, people walk up the stairs. I can only assume he was masturbating face down on the floor. It sounded like he was in the room with me.
Oh my glass, the last or via the last Oreo share, is the night. My boyfriend and I were awoken by a woman screaming it sounded like someone was being murdered, hearts racing. We had whispered a conversation about what to do and, as we are deciding to call the police, we heard a familiar moaning and then the screams turned in something more sexual and then this is an all caps. These people were like sixty years hold. The walls were not even that thin. Why were they being so La Mike? I later found out that the woman leaving the next morning was his Ex wife anyway,
a pretty soon after the old per moved out, and I still Google search his name every once in a while to see if he's been arrested and that's the creepy his neighbor I've ever had, which is saying something because someone in my childhood neighbourhood had a secret meth lab in their basement and got raided by the DE and then the sign of is I appreciate you Alison. You allow, as if you were you, write that why so many problems, I hope I'm done in my life- creepy neighbours, not living environment anymore. I feel like I'm safe fish, but
I like the problem solving. I tape a piece of paper over this one. It's like you get your fucking landlord in there. You point out how there's an eye coming down solve it, get out of that apartment, so the renters rights and that they better fucking fix that whole move you they need to move you across the building away from the bad man right. Okay, this one is a follow up on the sixteen TH street bombing in Birmingham, so it goes high. Ladies, I listen to the podcast today and heard Georgia's story about the sixteen TH street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham Alabama. I currently live in Birmingham and I work for the state crime lab as a forensic toxicologist. A few years ago I helped plan a forensic science conference and our keynote speaker was the FBI agent Bill Fleming, who helped bring people responsible to justice and the final investigation I to mention a few things that you didn't cover in the pot cast
didn't Fleming showed US lots of crimes in pictures or which were just awful. Spoke about interviewing the suspects and how their views hadn't changed. They were still evil racist terrorists. Even after all this time I guess Tiger Stripes, never change one story. He told that really stuck with me was that the ambulances than initially showed up wouldn't take any of the injured people to the hospital because they were black, not even the little girls. It's difficult for me to fathom that kind of hate. I believe that by standards ended up taking the injured in private cars, can you fucking imagine
told us about the corruption and racism and state and federal government that derailed the original investigation. The governor at the time, George Wallace, was the most racist white supremacist in history. Give that piece of shit a Google and see what I mean good Lord another photo agent Fleming showed us was that stay with me was a photo of the bridge or the cowboys boys, those where the hard core double hardcore, KKK members would meet supply. And their attacks, including the attack on the sixteenth street church. This bridge is still in use to this day. I also want to say that the prosecutor, who got the conviction and the early two thousands was dug Jones. He is now a: U S, Senator Democrat, who beat out the republic can incumbent and sexual predator Roy more two years ago. How yeah he's running again this election, so fingers crossed yes vote. Vote for Doug Jones vote for downtown. That's right, I'm including
Some photos of the cars outside that were damage from the bombing and a picture of the bridge bishop. At those up on this many sides post right, I'm so glad are better issue now. But what I learned this year is that we have so much further to go black lives matter. Sd, GM, Mary Ellen. I mean it's it's upsetting, but then it is also good to just no more and more background. Yet we remain especially this week. Keep it The front reminds you know, yeah absolutely. Articles. Newest collection is inspired by a natural sense of wanderlust with pieces that speak too far way travels their newest designs, Showcase, a love for design, an craftsmanship from around the world articles designers, always focuses on beautifully crafted pieces, quality, materials and durable construction are dedicated to a modern, aesthetic of men, century scandinavian, industrial and bohemian designs, and you save up
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He is non Ladys. When I was a teenager, my family lived in the super conservative town of HOLLAND Michigan. We lived in an apartment building that was one of the three in an apartment complex. The largest buildings had maybe twelve to fifteen apartments and was entirely occupied by what could be described as the Amish even mind. This was not a rural area and we were not close to amish country. So it was weird that they're here in the middle of town, where several large families of amish folks not hipsters real life amish. They were old fashioned, clothing, road only bikes and worked as the apartments landscape purse. One more note, although none of them drove. They did use one parking spot for this black luxury car with dark tinted windows seller. Several of them would wash and shine this car once a week or so we eat
joke about how truly weird it was and how they must be some sort of called until one day- and this is on all caps- the F b I came and arrested their leader yep. They really were a cold. I did some research and it turns out they had been a liberal sect of Mennonites that had left Pennsylvania following a man. They called leader and then princesses has no shit after I had been watching them for years, and leader was arrested, charged am convicted of child rape- oh my god after yet after he was arrested. Some of the families moved away, but some of the creepiest ones stuck around the leaders. Black car is still in the carport and the glossiest eyed among them still wash and shine the car. That's my story about living next to a call, stay sexy and dont trust your neighbors Molly wow, while Molly you you're a peeping you're like a Gladys Kravitz peeking over the fence, Wharton staring at your neighbors and judging orderly and It turned out. You are right
and no one believed you can tell her with his late cost first, it's like hey leave. If they want to be a major and they made it, they made it to the big city and they're gonna be landscaper stopping such a judge neighbour, and then it's like none anew the child. Great part, really took a turn because I was like and then it's like. Oh, this is the worst yeah. Well, So because it's this is the story of its separate from you know that Amish being amish. I'm has nothing to do with this story re this. This is this thing where there it starts as a religion, everybody's, it's all about being good and then there's a Winter group here- and there are some it's some kind of splinter sector the goes up by themselves, because the original is too, you know restrictive earlier totally and then, as soon as you like agree to go off on that splinter, you're already fuckin in it and it
Ischia heightening from there yeah, because you are now rebelling against Iraq. So you have less people around you. You mean like your family, you don't have anyone to go back to past. Ok, this less mine, I was held spooky Grandmama, wean high Emma them Pham Human and otherwise so this is not a hometown murder story, but it is my favorite spooky hollowing story involved my late grandmother, and I know you love a good GMO story. My It's from SALT Lake City Utah and I come from a long line of Jehovah's witnesses on my dad side are probably aware J doves, as they call themselves do not pay take in any sort of pagan, holidays or celebration, so
my dad was a second grade or so and came home with a letter from his teacher about a hollowing school parade and needing to come to school and costume. My grandma was a little torn about what to do. After all, she would be shunned if she turned out to be a quote: celebrate her crazy that for a couple hours after sending my dad to school, my grandparents, Donna Bell and Francis received concerning call from my dad school on the other. And the line was the principal insisting they come and pick date, David up immediately. She asked what problem was, and he explained that David, my dad had shown up to school, dressed his Hitler and was waving his arm in the air. The way Nazis did White MIKE Grandma replied well, following about dressing up is something scary, and is there anything more evil you could think of? I believe
she did and picking up my poor unknowing dad from school after the principal realised that she had been the one to get him ready and showed him how to waive his arm during the fray. They had now celebrated Halloween, and so she didn't understand what scary. MR is met right grave. Other Dinah Bell had a pretty rigid religious belief. I always remember her having a great sense of humour, albeit sometimes inappropriate. Can only imagine that this was the seed she planted. That eventually made my dad sister and myself leave this crazy religion or possibly why we all also suffer from debilitating anxiety anyway
even if the story doesn't ever and upon the pod. I hope you got a little ass out of it. I know I do every time a picture. My seven year old, Jehovah's witnesses, Father dressed up as the person that put his own people in internment camps cast a vote was witness stay sexy and although dressing up as a nazi isn't considered cultural appropriations still don't do it Bailey I mean, it's a spur in this day and age, that's like a heart attack store, oh my god. It's just slick and also a seven year. So there's it's either it's either family, that's never celebrated home before I or the most fucked up family Amal time. It's like it's like innocent horror, innocent too terribleness, unity, eyes like well, and hence also kind of in it's in a vacuum sorts. Clearly, it's ok, here's a real quick. He asked the holiday everyone
so be the scariest worse thing that they can think right, you're, just gonna, and that we can in good faith, say give The benefit of the doubt and save if that's all she understood the added she was accurate, but however, do not zounds. Please sit down, funny send us your stories any of any of the above that we ve mentioned before and you I love that somewhere, creepy neighbour called there is like people are combining grandma grandma, ghost, there's our doing cross group.
Crime grandma ghosts, there's all kinds of things, so you can really make it your own. I love it and make sure that this week you do something self carry self Caris for yourself for yourself and for someone else. Maybe who might need it great idea, yeah come on and other than that stay sexy and don't get murdered. Goodbye Elvis do you want a cookie
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