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In minisodes Karen & Georgia read the hometown murders that listeners email in (myfavoritemurder@gmail.com) and play recordings of hometown murders from friends. Loads of murderey fun!

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This is exactly right. Erin, yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty. First, goodbye
this is my favorite, many sad hometown many. So it's a many said guys. So don't get involved, keep it lay yet get a move on quickly, though, if you're like a quick treadmill, raw or you're like a quick commute, Or some tell YO, born story is use through it, they are but the out just for real listen to summer story. Ok, these are ones that you have sent in to my favorite murder at Gmail that I'm in a red Karen, Let me I haven't read these ok. These will be fun supply yeah, let's see here, so about a week ago. I was with this is from John, but are we going
my girlfriend, and we came we're at my sister's house and not sure how came up what we started. Talking about the murder of my best friend at the time, Eric Joost, J O o s. He when I was a kid, we grew up. Small suburb outside of Austin, basically we're both and tenth we're both tat the time and in full grave. His dad was the coach for the soccer team were both on as well. Some other friends are failing. For a close, and we have member parties. He lived at his parents and younger sisters who I think, before the time they always have an awesome. Birthday parties bay, There are model family, Missis Gibson. Let it go well now, so after one we can in the spring and no one hears from them, They send someone over to check on them. Something was fishy So they call the local police whole families dad triple murder. Suicide is what they were all. They said that the dad went through the house and shot them all, and then and in their sleep like
then ask themselves yeah, so then so right there. It was plausible that he did it obviously, but the family swears. The dad would never do that and an eye see how either his eyes and the bump Local Yoko cops reorient, will acts through the crime scene in messed up a lot of evidence, but another word thing was that he was in charge very high up with the Texas horse Racing Commission, and so a lot of people speculate that he had some damning evidence or new. Some things that may be there was a it on him, but why would they so? That's that Would they family? Usually they leave seminal lives that something terrible like that lead. Has a blasting mark, or some re sign is that that you dont give out the evidence bright So what's the most obvious answer that the dad killed every one yeah, but if it's too
bad there's. No, no other information like then it was revealed that actually began spending on. Raising our whatever. I bet there is somewhere, but these are hometown amounts. You know it sucks about that, because we keep reading these stories and were all so it is in these stories but lake. It's basically that thing where, over and over its people and people going there's no way this person did it and then they did then you're just like can anybody. Do I mean? Will you to help the ie. Eight, like the same thing with me, like. Like learn about serial killers, would we have known right, but we have been tell tell immediately. I don't think so. I feel it got. Sciences should be sciences next step. Let's stop trying to figure out if wine is good or bad for us or whatever the fuck. Those studies are, and let's get onto like a just one of those weird like
the Oder and strict tests, for you can tell somebody's sociopath or not like a path yeah than anything you like, if they look up to the end, to the right when they're lying than there like this. In that there is that your duty or the yawning ass. I love that if you yon and then the person you're with, doesn't catch the on which is and of natural human instinct, then they I'd be a sociopath, but I dont want to believe that way. Because Vince doesn't, like. I tried it. A few times is paying attention to you, I don't know like almost and independence
and I feel like that, might not be hard science. I also want to say that I have the most anxiety about constantly looking for ways. I'm gonna get murdered. Yes, this is obviously just my anxiety and win and husband isn't your number one year number one guy ray and anything else he's ever done in our relationship has not been even close to us sociopath EC. He is one of the most empathetic people. I've ever met here, berries, and very good, very empathetic and fear. It yeah he's very he's together, like when a girl the situation is happening. He's thinking for the group. That's that's a purse. That isn't he'll enter? he'll interfere with chaos to like chill it. Oh, yes, no good people- knew tat if he takes care of those anxious, fucking wife in it in the world and is very sweet about goddamn saint, so get first so yawning
Believe it don't believe it don't believe the on ok, here's the good but see will there's that there's a girl scouts, one that I really like that I immediately tat was gonna, be the girls who got killed in at the girl scout camp, but it was it there's a good generation generation. Why about that? But you recommended to me right: yeah, it's good one. So skirl. Her name is Andrea says. I think this is my first, the first murder story. I remember it's from National Tennessee and it was in the seventies, let's see so the scroll of hay and nineteen. Seventy five Marcia Tremble was nine years old and girl scout knocking on doors selling, those damn addictive cookie early. She went missing and they didn't find her body and tell about thirty days later. Being murdered, wasn't bad enough. She was found on Easter Sunday. I don't want that means, some jewish. I understand the significance of that, but I'll explain the Bible to you later you mind, they did not find the killers of thirty
three years later, blue. So can I guess this is something that was like a pillar of the community. Now I ended up looking it up. If you to anyone in the forties or older in Nashville. They they'll remember that little girl there was ingrained in us by our parents to never go knocking on anyone store yeah good lesson, I can't believe that they'd, let us just knock on doors. Oh and she says I can't be positive by think this- is why girl scouts now cell, together at tables at grocery stores, yeah dude I can try to sell likes my school, be like ghosts how this wrapping paper from door to door or you're not going to go to the lake camp. Yes, list It was only whatever thirty years ago, but it was as if it was the dark ages. The way people approached
our children should be in the war. He asked its whole area. There is, I feel it they must have been trying to send out the her I mean yeah, there's something to where we have a very high population overcrowding, a classroom got in there so loud or when they get together and they scream cause. It's so obvious its idiotic. Yes, no, it's meant for a while, after, like you know, Adam Walsh disappeared and all the eighties heyday of oh, my god. This happens and MRS Crazy, there was a thing. It was There- were searched safe houses if a how in my town they have this problem. If there was a with a certain sticker in the front window- and you are trouble, you could go and not on that door and go to that house of safe, like some was falling you? Yes, the look on your face is exactly right. Georgia, hard stock, is nodding her head because the people who want to eat children get those stickers like sets the most obvious. Like
really that's the murderer. Rapists, Lustre aids. Basically thing do you need ingredients for your child still can't we just set up a governmental programs like it's like cows, to the slaughter we're gonna have on a conveyor about go into. This quote safehouse yeah. First, I remember as a kid seeing me like that so cool, because if I'm scared or whatever and the nicest like, I don't know who would do like that's totally my mom's voice of like oh Jesus, who get involved, who do that yeah? I don't use it on. My poor actually gets a gross yeah, others that I remember hearing, if you ever in trouble or someone's following years since and go to a woman and ask for help the, which is so sad that it's like don't go to a man, because the man caught it was like. Don't go to a car is not all that I'm a little cop. What I don't know this is that person had been hurt badly here very bitter woman yeah. I don't know, there's a woman for how, although it gets too pretty
we can make. If they came to me, I'd be like what did you do? What did you do? Ask for wearing who'd you, you shooting off your mouth. Oh, so here's here's a recent thing, that's going on and that this Cassandra wrote in She of course found us through cracked. Thank you, cracked, podcast crack podcast she's from Calgary, Canada, okay. We have been Manitoba member, when I did the bloody murder- and I was like the information I gave out about Canada. Was severely. Incorrect. I mean you can get everything right. I think I have like a raw roughly like a six great education. So please keep that in mind. When you listen to this party, did I stopped paying attention are unlike third,
SL in six does like. Then he went to the rest of school ass though the total is like six greater exactly. I can't do that clearly this so the trial for this guy just started yesterday and there's has been a publication banners since the murder was committed two years ago to the details of the case are just to emerge and their weird last day at school. Recipe. Calgary is called Bermuda Short stay. Without me, I mean it's. They weren't sooner fuckin thing. I've ever mired. That makes me think of high school and hate that everything so by dockers, like weird here day, re gems day, yes, where I'm always like, I'm not wearing Bermuda shorts. I've broken blood vessels. On the back of my knees, I'm from Ireland go fuck yourself, yeah. Ok, so typically are the university students get drunk where Bermuda shorts and on I'll just have a good time and creep to practically
so on Burma, that Beer Mute Year Mueller near a short stay and two thousand fourteen. This could name Matthew De Group when, on a massive murder, spree and ice, he stabbed five people to death, but- and I ve been well because they look at the Facebook feed that there's been like that. As I have them up and like there's a sweet university keg only ice. I think I saw that same article four deeds and a woman and a euro that killed the police, scented he killed them all at random at a House party, police sent the dogs out after him once they got to the scene and found him not very far away. What was strange about it was that Matthew buried with sequestered for psychiatric treatment for an extremely long time following the martyrs and leading up to the case. So later campus was crazy. Visuals I'll have the staff this persons it definitely cried because they are on my age and could easily have been in the same, I could have easily been at the same parties. I travelled in similar circles, and I could
understand why someone would rapidly murder five young people at a party when I found in the news to what I, as a hell of a lot, was music. If you're a neighbor go you're married they're just bladder dangling around the long. They look at me, I'm just saying I hope you that that is not my plan. People graduate But when I found out then light so so time your life, I'm gonna, kill you One little voice, you shut up publication was lifted. Some crazy shit has come out. Basically in the weeks leading up to the murders, Matthew, degrades mental states, Simba deteriorate deteriorate completely, sending the text to his parents that made no sense again, he was also searching up quote: Obama is the Anti Christ, I'm looking nothing crazy about. Then I am looking into Hitler. It just like
looking into M, as one does well I'd obsessive Hitler, so I've looked deeply into Hitler God. I've, never Google Obama's anti grass about some fun. Websites come up. If you do, I've had some real, smart, well written interesting wept. It's come up. I bet nobody mistakes. The word there for the word there now have some member to into without directly loosen Lou, always right and the knight of the murders his friends went to pick him instrument should become a petition to the party where the horrible this happen to road was incurred. Incoherently babbling about the apocalypse happening at midnight. Those can do a party then yeah and dawned apparent latex Sokolov, quoting Casey ETA kill someone in the apocalypse this friend Bro seriously. He gave his friend a knife and a half. Garlic to protect himself and the apocalypse the car over ain't, gonna do Asia and the rock lips. Unless it's used as currency
see that happening. Yes, because is very good for you. Anna, like camps food product, disgusting, annual space, it up with some girl. That's right got liquid cover a lot of the rotting peas that you'd be eating into eternity absent beckoned. Yet if any of your friends are talking about a the apocalypse B Zombies are vampires actually really being in the real world and if their dawning, Sir Her gloves do not go to the party, not don't take it up you could not take him to a party call the police and say that you want to have him, especially the heads you want to have him committed for the twenty four hour watch something's wrong with your friend. Yes, Ike Word emergency room. They might hear you and never want to be your friend again, but they might also kill five people. Yet why you gotta pick one of those two of you just gotta have your eyes peeled like garlic, yes, sometime in the early hours of the morning, a bunch of people. The party left to get Mcdonald's and left the five baked victims and one sleeping girl allow with the rude from what
hundred twenty or more of this shirt, I this story, but crazy ranting things. I can't evenly stabbed people gone tat. We ve all been This working party, the party that kind of one, and only the one eyed and you're sleeping off, because you can't drive home ia and your kind of like you, it's like a seven beer drunk where you just have a headache, didn't have a good time now. Just have a headache. You will again early hang on your pants, don't like, but another way Khazars like an still hang out there cuz. You think that one guy might try to make out with you, but not panting, and no suddenly and he's like fall down. Drunk Stephen want to make out with him but you're just trying to like stay in the mix, but your friend doesn't want to go home. Yet now Are you friend went home already in your time? Yes, oh that the old I'm gonna stay. I've been stay, never stay behind a muttered yeah, so
I mean more and more, but there's no it's out in its being tried now I've. I find the fact that they do media hold fascinating well because of the jury I do know. Is that why they do can't can't, I guess rain is not at the very beginning yeah. I didn't know that either I would guess it's so that the jury can't find any information where it is like the media. Here would never let that happen because they make so much money off constantly. Having information and hand, even whether its sure not let us put it and then a fact check and other news outlets pick up on that fact checked information and reported as well. Then it's all true. They also guilt the victims, families in giving interviews I dont want to anyone it's too early. I just read this and that Andrea Hook because she was a reporter, but she never did that she never interfered with the victims, families, but reporters cause they had
get their story, would What are the families and say tell us the story before somebody else talks about how she, this girl, the gun ten buddy asked for it was, was slutty in real life like that they would basic in threatened the family pretending money, the friend by saying they're, going to print a story about how she asked for it. You give me that a story and then that's how they get the like tearful interviews on the family is so ugly whenever I watch those those the Fuckin news report. It just seems like such a shark and like a disgusting person who would- and I have to that they don't want to do it? It's thereby making them do whatever or an changes, how himself and opposition, but they will ask questions like how did that you feel, as we all know how they feel you don't have to make them real lives, feelings and show feeling ass, especially when
when that, let that might not be the feeling at the moment it could be completely different than what is supposed to be going on yeah. They could be in some weird stage of grief for their like. I feel nothing here. Completely empty, like I'm so happy rang out now that sucker mounting That's not one of the stages. I always wonder about the I'm suspects family And the like, the murderous university that went this this footage from like it Forty eight hours or something or the sister of the murder victim was like trying to get the family to talk to her and she was so angry because they would at the murderers family, yeah hunches yelling at them, and they were in trial, everyday, supporting ham and at the end there walking on the street and the the victims. Sister is yelling at them and the sister of the murder turns around walks to her and hugs her and is like I'm so sorry we're going
a lot too. I'm am really sorry. Did they both ball? Their hats off here cause I'm gonna start right now. I know because He wants a victim in that situation. There not the murderer their horrified. That, though, wife of the murderer or child muster or re best. I feel like gets about rap too. The worst. How did she not know? Had she not do anything when you have to think that they're probably abuse? At least you know, mentally abused people, some notes super ugly, everyone there so many victims yeah, you look like you're at the gray eyes. Sorry no I'm just feeling low misgiving. No, no just that when someone manipulated doesn't pay. Now I just talking about my own problems. My young is my talk. Holds me asked I forgot to pay my hospital
No eight, the image Same thing. It gets me every time anytime, a victim's, like Father tells a murder. I forgive you, have you ever seen those in the courtroom? Eight, I it makes me lose it immediately, because it's all its. That's that's! Usually when you see one of those people break yeah, because their good at stealing themselves against hatred and now, but it's got that when connection is the hardest thing. Yeah, I think about how hard having to read a victim statement is at the end of a trial, after sentencing were during sentencing, causing going gonna get what you want out of no no but yeah, but yeah. But saying I forgive you who that's that's like biggest punch you can get. I feel I am thinking of theirs very specific lake. Six thousand, whenever cause the dad I remember seeing do it at a big graybeard and by air.
Think he was wearing rainbow suspenders, I'm not kidding, and he was clearly like an old hippy and he said that and I want to say it was to somebody like a b. He came here or somebody where's, just like I'm forgiving, you as for myself totally has this is gonna, be heard enough. And your fuckin her belly, to figure out how to end these podcasting. What if we just put a free just bolstered suck up that be, would that make you happy would then we have in the hands of people, will Elvis far away? So I can have him me out. I just like the fact that this surprises us every time we have a podcast about the worst thing ever and re every time you like
That was how wasn't his funny. As I thought I was so. This was a murder, many so which is just a little little gift to the to the pact. Don't biogas saga I can listen to the actual parkers yet some get you through the media maybe a minorities they opening this up. There's t shirts and my favorite murder shirt shirt. My favorite murder shirt dot com might be shirts and optimum. Try both chamber tell us what the second one that isn't right brings you to write. I would be interested me anything and also we have a patriotic if you feel like a patron comes less might hear a murder and in other member states. Actually don't get murdered by
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