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This week’s hometowns include family secrets and a neighborhood predator. 

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And while my favorite murder, this is the many so many sewed, speaking of which actually we're gonna do live. This Friday re next up, beyond landowners. Desperate India live streaming first, I'm ever re week, no eddying re our secrets. reveal betrayed this Friday. The framing the ad in the fan called yes, you are in the van call. If you are, I think this is really like Antelope Adam TEST run and then maybe see how it goes and go from. There will simply like it networks for us personally how much we just humiliate ourselves without editing
and then, if it works well, both start playing halo call come on just game Do you wanna go first turn this decline of this is old school hometown classics as you. Furthermore, home towns in the classical style. So here period you period gas period most Minnesota means probably pointed Jacob letter laying as their true crime awakening, which Georgia told beautifully awhile back. For me, it's always been the abduction and murder of Katy poorer in spring of ninety ninety nine nineteen year old Katy was working late night at a gas station are hometown of Moose Lake. A man in the Yankees Jersey and about cap was seen on surveillance coming in and speaking to Katy at the counter, then leading her out of the store by the neck, never to be seen again,
My family had to drive through Miss Lake on the way to my grandparents and the highway was full of billboards asking for any information on Katie's whereabouts, the one I remember the clearest was Katy in a silver sat me button up with hair pulled back in a scrunch e literally could have been any girl in the early nineties. It's been twenty one years and I still haven't forgotten. Luckily I am pleased at the subway next door had seen, afford truck, pull up to the station and took notice of the licensing late. Thank you, brilliant start.
with five five seven and ending with a why, as sketches of the captor and the surveillance video which got sent a NASA for detail, refinement went to the nineteen ninety nine version of Minnesota Viral, a coworker of Donald Hutchinson, noticed some similarities and remembered him being weird the week of the abduction and called the police less than a month later turns out. Hutchinson was actually Donald Blossom, who had been working under a pseudonym and how to history of abducting women, which at one point landed him on the sex offender registry. Here too, Miss third wife's last name when they married as a way to escape his background red flag rate trucks license plate was five five, seven hd. Why and he had property near the gas station at a thorough investigation police found bone into fragments in his fire pit. They were Katie's blameless.
directed at first degree, murder in the summer of two thousand has appealed, but his wife, who originally had provided an alibi in the trial, recanted her statement to legislators, saying that he was not on the night of the abduction and she believed him to be the killer, as he had been abusing her for the majority of their marriage and would often be missing for days only police, a sense. Try to attack him to other cases of of abducted and murdered women in the Minnesota Wisconsin area early nineties. He was a key suspect in one disappearance under the name, Donald Pince, but they have not been well to make anything stick at least he is forever behind bars. Katie's billboards changed from calls for help to memorials, and that's when my love of true crime began. Sd Gm known wow. What a tragic story I mean that unfolding as you're a child and saying it in billboard.
our heads and hearing your parents, talk about it, and teachers and staff is just like it was built Sera near memory. For the rest, your life me now yeah. Also. I think that when they, said, did like the nineties way of going viral la thing where you would see something like that, and it would be so shocking and striking, because that was the only way they could get word outrageous that this girl was missing in the people they needed to help and they needed people to participate, bless her like that. That person who did subway paying attention and and cared enough to like right down what they saw. Unremembered versions save so many lives because that I would have obviously I believe, I'm sure he did up before. I'm sure you Erika doing it's incredible yeah it's so good
How can one that was a great good job? Nameless wonderful email, writer, goddamn good job. This one is called my uncle was arrested for murder and I picked these out like a week ago. So I don't remember what they say and it's gonna be a surprise to me too. To this s, that's it makes it son, unexciting, exactly hello. All as soon as I was introduced, your podcast. I knew that I needed a right and to share my story and I'm finally getting around to it. Hashtag quarantine, the stories about long. So sorry, but this is something that completely rocks my whole world family secrets, always sound supercool until they happen to you, slash, involve murder and twenty two years old and only recently found out about my family's deep and dark secret, let's hear owing to how I found out last winter, my elder sister and my father were sitting in the living room having a discussion when I walked into the room, they immediately got quiet, and after a few seconds my sister said. Yes, Daphne doesn't now
obviously intrigue. I asked who didn't know what and my dad looked at my sister and then back at me and asked if I knew how my at my mom sister in law had died when I and so saying she was in an accident, my dad nodded and proceeded to ask. If I knew what kind of accident apparently naive and stupid self replied car, because when you grow up
being told your aunt died in an accident. I feel like it's normal to presume it was a car accident or am I wrong question a question mark my dad shook his head no and said that he didn't think I wanted to know how it happened, because it was sad. Therefore, myths first thought was suicide. When I suggested that option my dad shook his head no again and said she was murdered, your uncle strangled her. This was the first and last time that anyone in my family would talk about the murder with me, because I was obviously not going to leave it at that. I did some digging on my own and after a lot of research, I found out that my uncle caps, my mother's brother and my aunt, or having an argument about leaving him for another man when my uncle got so angry that he be and strangled her with his hands when he when he quotes snap back to reality. He saw me lying on the ground. My uncle was the one who called nine one one, which is why it was world first degree manslaughter instead of murder
He was sentenced to eight to twenty five years and was released after eight, which happened to be a few months before I was born My family were tens, nothing happened and if I hadn't walked into my dad and sisters conversation that day than I would have no nothing about this to this day, my mom does not know that I know, and it was implied that I should never bring it up again- stand wanting to put the past behind you, but I also think- and I deserve to know that the same hand that shakes my boyfriend's hand on holidays and the ones that help raise me when I was little were also the sole weapons in a murder. I your family secrets aren't, is dark and twisted his mine stay sexy and don't get murdered, especially by your uncle here's surprises me or I got it I didn't see coming here. Is that
there's still a part of that there are still in the family and look we don't know the details. We don't know the context, no judgment right, but I was like, oh that it's like it happen and then and then move on their Gaea, honest I mean. Who knows who knows what the contacts was, but oh, my god, it's that thing you like you can never imagine how A family deals with something like that and tell your that family and I'm sure it's like you have all these. We have all these. I would never do this and I would always do this and I will do that in its like. Ok. Well, then, that's your brother to that Europe with so right what the fuck do and
I feel like when we started this podcast. It was easy to do that here, as we were so far on the outside elderly and the longer. We do this and the more people we me and the more emails we read. It is not that simple. Obviously, that's like such that's our learning curve. Is that kind of thing where this I think it happens more than people think it does, and I think that those complexity of anything that is like you, can't say now, you know from the outside. We, you can say what every want about where I think he would do. You have no clue what we, what you would do, if someone, if it it was that close to us beyond comprehension until you have two fucking deal with it, and then you have no idea.
it's interesting, that I wonder if that person was the youngest or like did they say no, but I'm getting why they would be kind of like to find out. I was that happened to me in our female. The time obviously ought to that extent, but to the extent of like my cousin got divorced, and everyone forgot to tell me- and I was in the wedding felt like it wasn't like. I didn't know my very closely, and then I saw after that broke out. We are, we all saw him, and then I asked him where she was, as I thought they were still married and then he is old. Face dropped it. Mrs lulling, and I turn to my mom and my aunt unit. I was like, like I had it like almost temper tantrum, because I was so embarrassed because they would do that all the time or information if you're going to see that person ever again like, but maybe they just didn't exist the added unexpected. But it is that kind of thing. I think you know.
Sometimes that is the coping mechanism which is we talked we're not gonna. Just we're not going to talk about it and we keep it a secret songs. Again, totally sense. I also just like hard and awful, I once more harden offals last us. I've got one right here for em, my Motives was very similar, my role, and then in parentheses. Yes, that's plural are in prison for murder, Woe high Karen Georgia, Stephen and pets. I love your podcast and I wanted to share my family story. I live in a small town of about a thousand people and Alberta, Canada
twenty eleven, a relative of mine, miles, not lend went missing. His wife Helen suggested to police that he may have died by suicide miles was an abusive alcoholic and they were having financial issues as well. Helen also struggled with depression and had attempted suicide. Things were not going well for MILES and Helen said. The police did consider miles a missing person, and most people believed that it was suicide, Six years later, underwater recovery team from the r c m p searched the slow near their farm in the water. They found a large tool box, and I bet you can guess what was in two thousand and twenty eleven miles and Helen were fixing farm equipment. The breakdown, while Helen was operating it and miles was very angry. He told Helen,
that she would quote paid dearly for damaging the equipment miles. Anger continue that evening when he knocked everything off the kitchen table during dinner, telling Helen Quote this meal was not fit for a dog that night Helen decided that she had had a now while he was leaping she shot him twice in the back of the head. The next day, Helen and one of their three sons. Put body and a toolbox along with some added waits. They well did the box shut and threw it in the water near their house. They the guns in the water and burn the mattress and bedding Helen reported to police the next day that he was missing and for six years Helen, and her son got away with it until her son revealed the secret to a friend soon after miles his body was found in October of twenty twenty I plead guilty demand, slaughter and her son plead guilty to offering indignity to human remains.
is now serving eighteen years in prison, while her son is serving three and that's the story of my criminal relatives. Thanks for reading stay, sexy and don't your friends where you hid the bottle That's fresh that some less than a month ago, Ray wholly crap. That's raided they just they. Just into jail. Car. It's more were heavy family way, that's affair. That's a six year family secret. I would amount to allow, that in years that could have continued. I I had gotten high and who Taught US friends secret. I mean I I would make sense lake after that amount of time that, firstly, I think that would feel like so much longer than six area and then you're. Just like he's gonna or it's like I've known this person for five and fifteen years. They would never tell anyone and then a few underestimate how freak
People are gonna, be by saying that you know I, like I don't mean yeah. I love my friends. I don't think there's a single one of them. I wouldn't second rat on. If I found out about the allied Both of you out just send me. You told us, even though we didn't do anything. I have you looked at Steven Reign Minister, that I just think I really think it should take up his backyard. Oh man, let's just keep come I mean truly, this one's got down a box of murder. Victim remains at work. I just started a new job at a small history museum. The other day, as I was putting some things away in the collections room, I decided to snooping around a little because I am not yet familiar with the collection I saw box on a low shelf, simply labelled post mortem miscellaneous. Obviously, the sparked my interest
come from working at a nineteenth century: medical history, museum, fucking, amazing, probably area God. I expected this box to contain postmortem dissection, kits that doctors used to dissect cap cadavers. I list the lead and was immediately shocked to see some foot bones inside of a decaying sock and shoe a skull. And some mysterious wet specimens in little jars. I was equally freaked out and intrigue, but not wanting to welcome any badges you into my life. I shut the lid on the box and went back upstairs to the office to enquire about the body parts I had casually encountered on a Wednesday morning at work turns out. At my boss is a retired homicide detective and have use these homicide. Victims remains as educational tools when he taught forensics two new detectives in the seventies and eighties world. Some of these are remains that he literally found on the job
I assume he is authorized to have them now. But honestly, who knows it was the seventies really. Apparently he now uses these remains to increase the scare factor at hollowing, themed events at the museum and local historic cemetery, as if the eighteenth and nineteenth century cemetery at night isn't creepy enough on its own yeah, he's a character, stay sexy and beware when opening boxes labelled post mortem, miscellaneous Catherine, Sir, referred. Meaning lacks clarity, do go ahead. Yes, we're there remains from the eighteen hundred. The remains were from pre, seventies and eighties. It looks like, and then there ok and then that this Material in town is from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Ok, I will where does
we're just gonna we're just gonna assume and hope that those there they ve been ideas. Ass cases have been clear right. A protocol has been met and hand shook hands with in these are just John DOE. Remains Edna Wright and cast. It makes me think of that story. Member the story did where the tv show was shooting at the ESA like carnival and they thought it was a stuffed yeah scale. Diana had been in it like throughout the ages, I've been through different things. Yeah like I was an actual persons body. I mean One would hope that yeah. Listen I'll, listen, I'm not gonna regions! Subject lying handle, racket dear
but then I was nine years old and nineteen. Eighty four, when stranger danger was at an all time high in my small canadian suburb of have all mine, but can I live in Canada? Ok, it was just paranoia the local paper had multiple stories of young girls being approached by a creepy teenager, trying to learn lure them off the playground and nearby schools. Despite many descriptions given to the police, they couldn't find the guy one day
my friend Natalie and I were walking home for lunch because, yes in nineteen, eighty, four, even a roaming neighbourhood, predator, wasn't enough motivation for our parents to pick us up from skull is just a classic very much. The truth I mean they talk about like the stranger danger thing like set in this paranoid and stuff, but I think it was needed. I dont know if it was an overreacts. I'm is like the stranger danger, because we're still gonna, let you run free of mixture. You don't talk to strangers, cause you're, not gonna, have any protection. Otherwise there will be no adult arouse our on your own kind of negotiating this situation. The only weapon you have is not talk to that person. You don't know that fell, and else I'm surprised or more posters just run run, run away. Don't forget to run it's ok to run away, ok
that would that was one long sentence briskly I'll read the beginning, without that parents are funny apparent that one day my financially and I were walking home for lunch when we saw a teenage boy approaching us through a heavily treed path, led immediately Natalie, my arm and pointed this guy zipper was down in his penis, was sticking right out frozen with shock. We stopped in our tracks on the path he walked straight up to us and said you I want to touch it. Thirty six in this, as in France, is thirty six years later and I will never forget those creepy words with all the courage I could muster. I quietly said no: that's groves, he stared down at us for a second and then just locked away my hair was pounding. I couldn't believe I'd come face to face with a guy who had been alluding local police for weeks, but here the thing this
kid flash. The wrong girls turns out. He lived directly across the street from Natalie shit. She knew his name and his address. We both ran home to our moms and the cops worth the Purvis House. Before we finished eating lie ass. We even got driven back to school in a police car because, yes in ninety four, even in an attempted sexual assault, was an excuse to stay out. his heart was reading about his arrest and the local paper, where the police thanked quote to brave fourth grade? Girls are his capture, which made us feel extra bad ass, stay sexy and keep it in your pants, J, maize, Maisie rate job. Finally, something uplifting from Canada lines. Jesus candidate,
ray of fourth grade girls. I remember when I was in like kindergarten. I was super like around that age and I was walking home from school alone as you do in your five latchkey kid that we say that young okay- and there was- I were six young there. There were some teenage. What looks like to me teenage boys hanging out in our little cul de sac, you no parking lot and I'm sure they weren't teenagers, but and I'm sure they were just fucking. With this little five euro, NATO, hey you little girl want some candy, not the classic and ran in my house which, where they could see where I lived by, then I was alone or they would ever. But I was so proud of myself because I was I had been. There was a big thing,
oh proud of you, said no to their candy and their drug. Oh that's! Right! Now! I'm gonna be alone in this house. If you need anything else, oh now cried on this story here, evaluation to our chance, Eric Dad S, war, grandma and a spy question Mark polity. I've been a big fan for awhile and you too have really been getting me through zoom lecturers and accompanying accompanying grievances. Very sexy of you! This is about ass grandma story. I know you love those My grandma Elsa was born in nineteen thirty three in Manila Philippines. She grew up small village outside of the city during World WAR, two with her younger, siblings and lots of cousins when Japan invaded Elsa and her family had to go into hiding to avoid being arrested by japanese soldiers. She told me about how she, at eight years old, how to do all sorts of insane things to not get caught shit
are brothers, hidden them, mangroves easing a red as snorkel for over six hours. Oh, she pretended to be dead on the side of the road illegally bread to Lapierre in a well and the front. This is as a gross white fish. just wait, fish and even had to climb over a wall of dead bodies. On more than one occasion, bucking acres, old a guy everyone she was hiding with had nicknames too so as not to alert the Japanese to their identities or location. This will explain my aunt named Ding Dong and her husband ping. Paying me like you just call them that your whole life and then you really to share their Fuckin war euros yeah. The most unsettling thing she ever told me was that she quote: could kill Anita horse if the moment ever arose
junior grandma telling you that, like night night night night, Emma just like a year old girl snapping a horse- oh my god and then like them, there are several get that goes against everything. That's a little girl, totally awful forces, a really big guy in your grandma. I can second kill and eat oars, and I wanted I used to eat. I used eat horses just for fun and weaker mother. That's how that's when a bad ass. I was only Elsa, also told me about the horrible thing she saw during the war, including watching her neighbours get taken by the baton, death March to be killed. Let's be eighty a in anyone's into his hand and modern. If this was a crazy enough experience for everyone in the Philippines at the time apparently else's uncle was a spy than us has. Of course he was
this crazy bastard hit a radio in the wall of a nunnery that the family was hiding in to send secret codes to Portugal and England in hopes of stopping the japanese invasion.
I wasn't told a lot about this, but I guess you a pretty big role, because not soon after my grandma and her siblings found the radio the war was over. Well, besides are horrible time growing up during a war and sinks and pretty Grissom things, Elsa turned out to be a total bad ass witches like what else you gonna fucking be hell. Yes, she was. She eventually got married and fled to England with her six kids, including my dad. She taught them all of her war secrets and some less than lethal habits like how to line is suit case so ts. I can't see what you have hidden in your suitcase gather. Around kids Mama's visit come forth. Strange soils are plants it you want to take the. Why get over here, I'll show you how to go. You wanted ring a laser. Do your friends that you're going to visit in here you go somebody to Ireland, do it so over other escapades include building a plane with her husband establishing establishing a night club in Beijing under my family's name founding an hour collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and visiting every continent. Yes, all of them. She lives acquire life now in Southern England, working on a book about her time in the war will see if she ever publishes it can we,
exactly right. Publishing company right now ds, weak citizens. It begins today, state over ear, stay sexy and Don T a horse in wartime Emma from Massachusetts, wow were yeah. Ok, hey, I'm obsessed with using a reed as us, snorkel cartoon level shit. Oh, my god that just like holy shit here, how do they had to do what they had to do a totally they had during that horse s neck. They had to have to survive a fuckin of war. In their home town, and they fuckin dead. It's just not on. guys children,
its trouser else. I'm ass massive high five, which money is that Emma says that she's twenty two just gave her age, and so that means that Elsa could be like sixty should like we can be like drinking bodies with her probably swayed. Sorry, I don't think so because what words I assumed it was all right. You re the signal that doesn't make any its own nineteen. Thirty three no you're right there right mathematically. I doesn't work, do it, it wouldn't work, but we still have a drink with me. We could still have fun, obviously suits the idea to that. She went through such horrible things and then went on to be like. Oh now, I'm gonna live the most nuts lay I like it. I really want to talk about the night club night club and leg basically a whole building, I'm sayin. They
it's a did. They fly the play I dont go and was just for Instagram selfish, rented it Alex can influence circus. Oh you want to look rich from over to else's. Show to use that bag, their failure, occurred, algae and all leg. So our questions Emma rate as more about Elsa, our assent of origin, hell. I'm thing tell else and a right that book at someone again,
get a stock of her in there's a sap at your hand, those good stories down. What's that thing, we do ads for a story worth fuckin saying from good murder ever story worth integration needed to happen to you. Let us know we rarely get your real and about me. I get that present a story worth else's house yesterday and we need to know Christ. Oh my god, send as your fuckin amazing stories. We can't way stay sexy, toga murdered on this issue in a key
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