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MFM Minisode 206 - The Pet Heroes

2020-12-21 | 🔗

This week’s minisode is a compilation of hometowns that feature pet hero stories.

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Through my way, or a martyr, the many. So that's Karen and storage, and we're going to read your statue, its seven. I am on Sunday morning. Ok, are you ready? I'm sorry, my Cocker Spaniel saved me from getting kidnapped. Hello Family nice sank great. love your parents ass well get right to the point, because I'm a professor and schools about to start in life is K. Superficial love affairs, hell yeah. Ok, when I was a kid and add a conqueror spaniel Sassy such a kid dogs nailed Sassy did you use to get sassy magazine.
I think I knew of it didn't get it. Sassy magazine was dead like it, these fifteen, vulgar some teens other fashion magazine, and then they got rid of it. sassy and it was like the nineties- is amazing, like most real Jen Ex current curtain Courtney or on the cover like it was so bad, It was really look up old old, I can say, episodes of Giza anyhow says he who was scared of a lot of things. She would paeon herself when people came to the door, and I do that to me or if anyone turned to better when we were out on a war, be misused and appeal is generally. She found people that work. My family, terrifying, I've always been interested in animals turned out that pact. Passion into a career, I'm a psychologist who studies how animals think and reason
and now I have the best job ever yes, you do shall come over and talk to Elvis MIKE I mean is this: the person- that's like one, videos of apes, seizing tools that contact my Cathy, William, allowing real. You know not a comparative know. The first thing in the video it was a viral video. It was some kind of an April chimpanzee that is using a stick and Fire to rest marshmallows home, it's the great, as I say, the gorilla whose in the kiddie porn, stood in turning around and dancing and going crazy. did you see it really shows how they think they really think I gotta Dounia, ok, Ok, I play games with dogs for science. Oh I didn't. I shall finish that
I would take our dogs. Are we had another one who isn't in this story, but she was too to the field at the school, about a block from our house to work on their obedience training. One day I was there with Sassy, and this guy approached me and tried to talk to me. He didn't get very close because as soon as he came near me nervous little sassy went nuts. She started barking and growling and lunching at this guy. This was a dog who usually beat herself and hid behind me when she saw Stranger- and here she was going on the attack, the guy walked away and I felt kind of bad that she'd act. That way innocent little me thought that he was maybe China Ass for directions or something yeah. Yeah adults, don't ask its route. That was, in parentheses, the next day I was at the grocery store with my dad and saw sketches of the same guy posted on the community announcements board at the front of the store. Apparently, he had been trying to lure kids away from schools in the area and police were trying to find him. Old. My dad and a few days later there
reported on the evening news that he had been arrested from then on. I've always trusted my dogs instincts more than my own. I think everyone is great until proven otherwise, and it is certainly well on more than one occasion on a happy note, my fiancee, my fiance, so an I met through. Our dogs. We were both looking to rent houses that were big dog friendly and kept running into each other at the same rental house, but that's the most precious Were you ever heard? What would you think unless one grand jury- and I mean it- it's mounds and turn it was crazy. Do you like wallpaper wallpaper of dogs and
our dogs are going to be the maid of honor. Man met the energy recently best human beings that I've ever inferences. She wrote the ep where those people and states actually don't get murdered, annoys trust your dog, Ellen, o, mighty and Mimi couldn't be in the wedding. You should let him live there. Just wandering around licking stuff you're survey order. No, I wanted them to work at the wedding was cater waiters, pensive yeah right if they were the part Henderson. Oh my god, I'm just like little gin and tonics on their backs, kiddies, Bowers waiver. That was there's a very sweet. People, I love was her name, I'm sorry Ellen! Thank you on our young, ok, this one's by Aubrey. It's called that this that was my dog helped catch a murderer! Yes,
ok, my hometown, murder. I always skip the nice stuff. What does that say around me that I know that you well we one has come off is like congratulatory, but it said I worry, but it is really nice and his weary row. It is what they were, and it's nice and I dont want people to think I want them. I don't want people think that they didn't. They just started with their anyways rate, my hometown murder happen and maintain any nigh on, as was eight years old and re scene concept, which is about halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago, on Lake Michigan, she can't member any the names and she apologized is, but I swear this happened. My sister narrow play in our backyard in June of ninety nine, we lived in town, we live in towns, where yard and our neighbours yard, or only separated by us for foot chain link fence. Suddenly a man wearing only box or shorts and carrying a knife written in my yea we're neighbors yard from the alley followed by two police officers, the officers yelled at my sister meet again the house and lock the doors Machu sister
the two sisters ran, but of course I frozen fear and she says, or now knowing my interest in murder. Maybe I froze with intrigue yeah, I'm going with that during the commotion, the man in the boxers attempted to jump over the chain link fence indoor yard, however, are usually docile harmless. Black lab max attack the man's foot and he decided to jump over the fence to the front yard. Instead, I know I don't want to I want to know what will happen if that man made it into my yard, where I stood paralyzed, they managed to detain him in the street in front of our house. After their ordeal, they came back to our front door and explain the situation it turns out the sky at raped and murdered his ex girlfriend and her fifteen year old daughter. They were found, stabbed to death and their apartment. When the police arrived at his house. For arrest him, he wasn't there and couldn't be found for months when they found him. He was camped out in the woods near my house, woods that might fall. The old sister walk past alone, every nay now to get to and from school. No,
when they found tat the words man, the words chopped down all the words, my wrong do not get to know when they found a solution, if you're just trying to solve the problem, when they found him, he ran and thus entered minute of my neighbors yard and just to make the store even better. When MAX attack this guy's leg, he bit him so hard that he broke his ankle. Good boy, yes and the guy couldn't run any more. The police wanted to meet our dog to formally thank him for his service max gaudy honorary police dog award, which I'm sure they just made up on the spot, but it was still sweet you to cry.
Maybe I'd. I need the ease and protein, I'm obviously having big feelings. Every everything I'm here today, the shells and here he is terrorism. Yet- and I said I m sweating yeah solidly all the temperatures, that's unbelievable boy MAC. She laid eyes on that murder. I wonder if she hadn't been if she had run in with her scare to get sisters. She went to see her. two girl. What I mean is where we stand watch oh, is always Docker. That's a good on this. One is for its from land at the story from Lana, hey, Georgia, Karen Stephen infer babies, goddammit. I wanted to share with you the night, our pup pepper
man strike: do our proper Charlie saved us from being murdered, while I panicked and apparently changed outfits three times before the police even got there? Ok, so my husband, Brian and I don T see paranormal activity do and we had back to her tiny bungle, overlooking the cute shops, police station and restaurants in historic, nor across George, I found a normal. It's a little suburb right out of Atlantis parameter. We went to bed fairly early bees, Brian had to fly out early, the next funding for work, but we were awoken and terror by our Springer Spaniel. Going absolutely crazy. three a m. it just the middle of the night paranormal activity. Now what you are not cool, Springer Spaniel, it's never darker than at three p m I knew the second that I heard his bark that something was really wrong. It was like no bark I've ever heard from him or any other dog boy. We
Both immediately jumped up and started running toward the barking are tiny bungalow. Had a waste high white piglet hence all the way around it with a big wraparound southern style front, porch, the side door where was glass and have the way the old windowpane entirely starts going nuts attacking the window. When we look up there's a man standing there sat staring at us with his arms casually by his side, rocking back conform with the most terrifying smile on his face, I'm already scared, because you know once I dont like sliding last stores because, like underground or because you can't you can see is your affection when the ice or on that's right. That's not! Ok! You have that. No, you I had that ends that was in a movie where we were, talking about that so perfect and in the area around the light? Often it's it's someone inside at NEA with, although with all windows going I
feel someone is outside, but I'm on now? I know they can see me and I can't see that I'm just gonna live in a box. What's happening? Ok, so Brian who was buck. Ass naked screamed at me to get our gun, who I was always scared of having guns now, so we had a shotgun with no bullets. I gotta be empty gun from the closet and Brian still naked cracked it and help through the window wildlife found someone's Canadian, I phoned nine one MA am waiting on the operator. My husband tells me to have to go back and check the porch. He was convened, This guy was the disk. action and more were coming in the back. Oh my god now elements as what the fuck you. Yes, ok by this point, I am totally out of my mind with panic. The dog is still going deserve. My husband is naked and holding the empty go on seem to be some sort of drug. Doubt zombie, but but look I didn't see anyone in back by this point.
The guy now has crossed his arms and is leaning his face again. The windows staring at Brian through the glass he's that close just smiling giggling and whispering things under his now now he didn't break. I contact with Brian, which somehow made it even more terrifying. Our home was actively few blocks in a police station. You could literally stand on the front porch and see the station. So once I was on the phone with, and I want to one operator she was like describe, so I did and she says- oh goodness, we know that is more whatever you do. Don't chased him if he runs so it says, I'm sorry we then take them. Earlier in the night and he had just strolled off from the station and ended up in our house. While I, is on the phone with I want one. My husband said he kept seeing me run back and forth. In
out of our bedroom. Each time I ran by, I was an indifferent tentative close up. He said I changed at least three times no memory of it whatsoever how, by the, but by the time the police showed up. I had on a summer dress my heroes pulled up. Our lipstick Brian was still naked. With an unloaded gun. The police dragged the zombie criminal off the front porch and arrested him in the front yard. They couldn't stop talking about how creepy the guy was, which must be super creepy. Considering what cop see every day that's so all my again after brine finally got put on some shorts, he asked one policeman what suggestions he better homes safety. He said for get a dog and then get a security system and then get again. She knows how to use as he point made at me. He looked me dead in the eye and said honey. We generally show up to clean up the mess. If he'd got then he could have killed you and gone in the town.
It takes us to get here. It was our sea air, sweet, baby, hero, Charlie, who alerted us to something being wrong and was brave enough to not. Let up until the police got. The bad guy could be kept his mama sexy any didn't. Let me get murdered good boy. I love your show, can't wait to see you live in Atlanta in January. Hosty Gm Katy Charlie's, the boy you can use I'm here, I'm a cap person through and through. You know that. But I fear that, as there is no there's no substitution for like a dog, they really he and the fuckin fervour and the when they were describing the different sounding barking, there's a barking George does, at the
when there's somebody on the front porch that we don't know like and it sounds completely different than her normal bark while I know when they now and they want to know now- and they just want to talk on them now- and there you this that, but it's not the same- these gas will stare at you as someone breaks into thou yeah. They will watch as like their fascinate. Absolutely that are up and running at the vanguard of only other marijuana cry live. I didn't realize how close he was. his face to the door and laughing and waste bring terms the Whisper ANG. That's just someone his completely gone their mind as guy yeah, for whatever reason, I'm also impressed with her husband like took care issues. Even those dick was yeah. You know, maybe because of the air. Maybe we start feel himself fear, not literally ETA,
then, in that kind of thing man of the earth were re, provide money. Would it be, though he then he gets arrested. Airlines. Are you like This Crimea you're really Lilith programme. This is called siamese cats and an attempted Breakin hey gang, my mom and dad we're living in an Calgary Alberta, Canada. In there it twenty, as is my dad had finished med school, is doing his residency at the local hospital, which meant that he often work late into the night. On this particular day, my mom came home after work to the house, they rented May dinner and the website to watch tv later in the evening. She heard something down stairs at the door and idly thought that it must my dad coming home from the hospital earlier than expected when the sun,
But the door handle shaking continued on just a little too long. Ramon looked out of her room at the top of the stairs were her chew. Siamese cats Alex and Cleo we're sitting together and staring down the stairs at the door of their ears repressed way back against their heads in the most scornful. Feline frown my mom likes to say that this was the point where she knew something was wrong. If cats are my dad, they would greedy and happily at the door and yelling for cut out what they were very protective of my mom when it came to strangers ass. My thing too, if you're scared alone look at the cats, are they freaking out YO than everything's fine? Yet they have the sense of things going on that. It's just like my doubts can hear things happening salutary, and so you just get alerted to things and right. You know scared. Well, suddenly my mom heard a thud a picture frames. She had leaning on the inside of the window frame clattered and under the front porch. She knew some unless must have just open the window and she jumped to her phone call nine one one on the police arrived. She met them at the door and even though they search the whole house, they didn't find anything or anyone amiss other than the open window as a police were walking away from the house. My moment
the port to pick up the fallen frame while she bent down to take up the frame. What did she see, but a pair of feet, sticking out from underneath the barbecue cover what can you imagine zones balled up in the barbecue sheep bends over seize their feet? Now I'm in my mom to issue a good scream at the sight of a spider, but I can't even imagine the ungodly sound that she let loose when she saw this feat. The police came running back to the house and they ashamed took away the hiding man who almost went undetected. Unfortunately, for my mom and she called my dad after the whole whole ordeal, he couldn't leave his ship at the hospital to be with her own loyally, share her loyal cats to keep her safe, say sexy interest, your cats C, o my god, the thieves, the image of just don't do Dominic now.
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Just like me when I used to ask to be in my cousin, Charles Room, you just have to visit the living. Who can stand there for as long as you want and borrow it? Ok, my parents house was built in nineteen fifteen and they bought it just before. I was born in the eighties pretty normal house to stories three bedrooms, a big yard and an unfinished basement. We ve never finish the basement as its prone to flooding and we ve always just use it as a general sort of laundry workshop, etc. Space It's just a little bit creepy the way that all unfinished basements are, but never freaked me out too much as a kid when you grow up in an old house, creepy basements in spooky noises at night, like noisy, radiators or just part of life, anyway around two thousand eight, my parents adopted a new dog of lack lab mixed named clerk a car like their oil. Mr mayor, in the corners reading, this that's the funniest, our child The dog had passed away. My sister and I were long grown and gone, and my parents wanted affair they friend around the house. Clerk was
six months old and incredibly sweet he'd been rescued from above I'd situation and for years he hey to be alone and always wanted to be in the same room zone. One. That's so frank. He was pretty well trained by us, foster, family Housebroken and almost never bark. He was and still is, to this day, he's doing great for his age. Pretty much the perfect. I love a day or two after he came home with my parents. My dad was at work and my mom went downstairs to do laundry the basement. access to a door with a little closet area on one side in the kitchen, and it has creaky wooden steps going down to it. Clark, predictable followed my mom down the stairs into the basement and immediately freaked out. It was the first I'm he'd been in the basement and something terrified him looked around and stiffly air a little bit then lead One sharp bark differ, this time my mom ever heard him bark he backed up his hat
eagles were raised tail between his legs. He was so scared. He peed on the floor little bit and then he raced back upstairs To the kitchen, my mom was at a loss for what it scared him so much, but obviously something did she went upstairs, comforted him that he refused to go back down in the basement. He refused MR even stepped through the door leading to the stairs to the basement, there's a door to the driveway half way down the basement stairs and that's the only door Were you don't get a faithful of flying lab if you enter, we ve tried everything, favour dog, treats people, food toys, but nothing in twelve. years, has convinced this incredibly social dog to even passed you that doorway once I was visiting something happened to cause a small hole in the kitchen floor and Clark, wouldn't go near it until it was. covered up. None of us have ever expire. France anything to creepy in the basement, but obviously something terrifying is down there and clerks. Only one with the good sense to avoid it stays exe.
then don't murdered in a creepy basement and then scarce we dog a guide. What's down there, they hang it up. I need items down there. You never know. Who knows what he's talking about or its? I believe I think it like it. Just I from me it like makes. Believe in like bad vibes, more and I sure, but if it's unfinished There could be like one corner of the basement where it there's just a body: it's just like the union a cartoon we down underground, oh, yes, he, the skeletons and stuff there could just be a skeleton. Just right. Neither side of one of their unfinished wall or he's just a design snob and is like finish that fucking basement already it's garbage. I do want to look at it. I will pee on cyber it's now years. Civic its destiny is, sadly, is like that on one thing you stuck up about it. This is the unfinished flooring initiate I'm goin definition.
Ok, listen! Here's a hero, Pat story, perfect! We ve always wanted Stephen Slate Ease and Pat was like sleigh Ladys, I'm gonna. Do I'm old, slay the IRA. Here's my hero cat adventure, I am highly alert you to cats, but I was at the humane society with a friend away from me. other cats cages was a grey cat with Mange and she looked rough. My abused animal flags were raised and I approached the cage. Her name smoke She was, and this is like a title, not good with kids. It s not good with dogs, not go other cats and she was not go with the staff all she put upon out of the cage. When I approached- and I thought your catches, you was a key shape it that nine I went home with a blanket from her cage to test. My allergies are just picture putting her face, and it's gonna love cats, but
smokey, was a fitting name because she looked like a cranky chain: Smoking Butch of an old woman, but a new life, a new name. I change your name asleep. She wasn't cranky. She had resting cap, bitch phase sure she was a bad ass. She bit the shelter for eight months, as I say The paperwork toy doctor as asked multiple times. Are you sure sleet, hissed and swiped, as they try to put a collar on her? I picked her up off the ground and she stopped fighting. She only swipe once and that's the day she saved my life. Why? a few months after I adopted sleigh. We're just gonna, be an animal adoptions to her. I think I've ever got out the hero bar really nice, since the lovely- oh, it's just like us, isn't it has now. It was a few months after adopted slate by worked third ship, but this night I have. I was home with a cold. I was passed the fuck out in a deep, deep, medicated coma when the fire downstairs broke out. I was oh hard pass out that I didn't hear the alarms go off. My friends, we're
back when the elder folks, but they had no idea. I was home. Cautious was were arrayed. They had no way of knowing. I was asleep in the apartment, as is slowly filled with smoke. This was the one only time slate attacked and it woke me right up. I got right the FUCK they're holding the cat under my arm something it was good. Was the big quote, weird guy that every apartment has broke his arm, knocking down the door to the apartment, with the fire raging inside to save the pet that cause the fire? This lumbering giant ran down. The stairs saw the fire broke down the door when the department and save the kitten column lumbering eminence Ruth. They have one of these incredibly graceful suckin there in the hallway. She seen him lumber around the apartment building for years. This is when his body took flight re. Suddenly the lead ballerina most great so dont discount the quiet. So don't it
the big quiet guy that needs to do is laundry and don't listen, don't count out the old cat slate liver another eight years when she passed away a friend forged a special earn for her. She went from the cap and no one wanted to the beloved sidekick assets. De Gm page in New England page. She didn't just go to the site. Kick she went to a true here? Would you say no it you need to get a care, the humane society. Everyone also that's kind of amazing that that cat hated every one that worked there but reached out and touched like listen book. Can you please get me out of here his back and saw these people are insane. I love cat, so maybe your best friend and all the other cats you're fucking decks. If we, if I get out I'll, get a job and pay you back somewhere in a guy, get me the fuck out of here at least months after long time. Also get this blanket out here again to put your face in it. I promise you love me: do you know that when we adopted my old,
at Rory died tragically, but can you quickly. She is exact same thing. She was an old gray kind of tabby. She was way in back of her a horrible cage ass. She was just like forget: it keep going, When we make give you the room even around to test out the way she behaved was if we were trying to strengthen little time should dislike scratching at like the walls and PETE all over, but she lost her arrow yeah and then we may in paper about just like we gotta get. You can say it as yes, where does like no one's gonna tat she is going to die in a shelter, is also really old. So we just rely come on you and Johnny literally took cause wire already had anger. I big huge insane tat and it
her like two weeks. She would choose just hiding under that and then finally, one day she snuck into the teeth like all right. I guess yeah oh sure I did not know it did. I said on you and wish you like a snugly from an on. Yes, she would come up. She would like everything was a test to you. If she came round you have to freeze ia and just pretend like you're watching tv, and then she would put herself where she needed in Attica patterns yeah. My cat whiskers, who we found as a kitten on the street grand. Why lived to be twenty years old and I was like
if I can best yeah cancer. The best this has been the protest. That's even spend kicked off the hook, gas and its now on this feed thinking. We don't you? U everyone. His whole concept is thanks for having their stories and a smart hero, cat and dog and animal part parrot stories. Anything we just anything from your life when I get out of ST things from any. Let's hear from those biochemists, that's right, my favorite murder at Gmail, o first responders. If first responders, apparently you haven't been represent airline. You hate parent, leave, your keeping all your good stories to yourselves all right, we'll stay succeed, don't get murdered. Guy,
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