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From the shores of a lake at the bottom of the ocean, it's a My Favorite Murder minisode! This week Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders including a neighbor with cannibalistic intentions, the Wesson Massacre, and a near miss while peeing in the woods.

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This is exactly right. My idea here We have a certain amount of serbian like it's selling our year hate your talking that was like
well, go new, mainly red menace, sewed murder, podcast, where the things our staff and the staff as things every day in the best way you can for your family all is an forever and end users allows you to your us who so border with us Elvis is clearly an agnostic. I respect him for that I mean you know, I'm not sure he's like a hundred percent sure. He knows exactly how things are that say. It's the great it's! It's really kind of the m. Pride of the agnostics is just absolutely being positive that in this world of mystery anywhere anything is possible. They absolutely know for a fact, there's no such thing as possible and there is no mystery dynamic and also a fuck you're saying go fuck yourself. Meanwhile, do you know that they discovered a lake at the bottom of the ocean? Is it
SALT Lake. I think so. We're shit like dies in there and it's a different consistency of the water. It has it actually like water lapse up onto the sand and makes like you see them over. Yes, I don't have it was in that specific alone, but, like a couple months ago, I saw one that was like a salt lake at the bottom of the ocean. If, like and like there are all these like dead, crabs and stuff at the lake lip yet because they really do do you. Water is water and then they second eye and then nope. No one is actually a bunch of salt water. Isn't why in our having what's under their knowledge, if there's only about in the words of the bottom of that late next to the crab creatures, treasure treasure,
creature, there's a creature that holding back so tracer it. It is what they call him like China, not lead anywhere near the door, wording isn't hoarding, who hoarding also protecting? Oh sure. So it's like a dragon dragon at the bottom of the late Reagan. Creature, who is this is the worst podcast me Mister, Durham, hands down do know that. Did you see the there's like over the whole conversation on Facebook group of people being like? I thought what did you think Elvis was when you first heard him, because I guess at the very beginning and the whole podcast you ve, never been like Elvis and Mimi our cats? Oh, that's never been stated explanation. Urban stated em. I cause I'm like yeah. Those are my like my life. Yes, you and you have called them babies before my red ABC unlike soap, and then he sounds like a go: yes or a baby, crying yes, but not really a cat.
No, he actually is not that cat. Like can. I feel it unless you, then a lot of people said this like unless you have, as have the same easy, don't understand with, but that's what that was you, because there is like when you say that major question I won't say his answer- does sound like words a little bit in the areas like near the its feeling, like Bach yeah, like what the fuck I'm a stupid question is. Why haven't you asked me earlier aid? All the questions you ask me and end an apparent another was apparent than go. I think that people are most rate on what the goat idea. Goat was a real thing. I thought people thought we had a little bill, Yoda like their pads. Like that's one thing, I think if I actually had that it wasn't like elements, the dough, Zenda Blake?
Daddy super. Where who would I I'm crazy? You would be a baby sitting exports this whole time like whenever we are progressing and you're, never necessarily like concerned about the baby it until the end of european citizens, like I just thought. Maybe they shook it, they're all lying mill hey! This is my fear, her voice. I lay I Georgia hard Stark and her baby, Elvis that's Karin Scheele, Gareth and her goat and my goat.
Stephen, I rose, I gotTa Stephen was a person only got no, you never mangled edge. Stevens caution such a master here there have been over. This name is mustache. Ah you know what this we're going straight into our animated series, where you, a nice of crimes with a gold fish with a mustache that we carry around in a goal in Google, is all that keeps like sloshing all over which Emily's man we feed goldfish. The crack Since our small, but it's what, if Stephen, was a crab with an barnacle, was name mustache vertical eddies: oh that's too character and you can't go in salt lake at the bottom. He's comes from the SALT Lake Linen,
everything. I'm hearing you and I'm following up with, and every effort over ones have closer the salt Lake and seems like we can't go that way and will include what's wrong, have to go back and relax. Now we can collect no account. We need
our real weird. This is were sorry we're both on pc, but that we should have mentioned that this is the pc p. I might beginning SEC gets possible. Apparently it's not cold, but I'm fucking freezing. My answer. I walked into this apartment. It was hot hot hot, serious Georgia was lying on the couch. I'm sorry, my reaction, I got very triggered she. Verger is lying on the ground on the couch, not grant in a house dress with the blanket up and immorality her. She looked sick and that made me mad for some reason. Why are you so? Why are we doing that? Have real? My family is so psychotic if you are laying down or in pajamas past eight am everyone goes craze? Oh, they would bucking just hate me. It were my life is so, but I thought I didn't have it because I believe I slop around all day long but like I can't have you doing you're like it was not likely to illness. Honey like are yoke those. Why are we doing this? You you had here. Will you know it bothered me was. I was hot from walking as I want from kind of down the street. I want to get a new practically. No, no! I don't I'm car member forgot about. I was walking. I it was nice. Actually they should take a nice while Cuba, when I got in the heaters, blowing right near the funny or such like it's a Katy decrease in here and then I looked over and you look like you're from a cold commercial world, again sizing Duffy and laid him, but you sounded like we are like husband and wife did Mary differ twenty years and we are like both so unhappy and like at the end of a final fire. Why are we believe? I'm sorry escalation quickly. My father had melanoma. He had chemotherapy three times a week and he still got up every day and clothes on, even if he went back and just laid on the top and link area. He got up every day and put his clothes on such matters as the that's worth. I'm coming from his place by I have examined as an emergency. Huh stresses aren't pajamas right. Well, I need to make that clarification with you and I need to just update myself. I need you to know, too that I have a really big issue with house clothes in the in the meantime outside closed in the house, because you sit down in public places and life who knows who's been doing what other seas. Yes, they come in. Like the minute I will come in my house. I walked my closet and put on a house dress, but like you that this is too is very clear. That could hardly have been tinge kaftan, but I just can't account so I wouldn't were closed and thus
I wouldn't we're closed. Ok, I'm not SEC! Ok! Can I can't have you be sick? I feel like a reality for you. If I know what I mean
it's something I have to take in this area there, a caretaker is what you're saying you have caretaker issues sickness. You can't be flat on a couch eimer. I dont want to be around you of your flat, like the ultimate of lake. We're close is like the fact that I can land a couch seven here and you and like my my like happiest places laying on the couch tucking my feet under cover their my happy place like my feet, tucked under you sure only I had so comfortingly, that's a snugly area, ok and like warm, but you look just like. I feel like now that we ve talked to Romania be better about. We have the opposite of things. Sets allotted time a lot of science. What this progress is the opposite of thick with this whole thing is supposed to be about your hometown, murderers, and so because of that, we ve taught for fifteen minutes about my personal problems with when people look sick. Why? This is our appeal? I? U we both had there been an actual fucking paid, for, I literally just came from very early wisely ground. All the way down. Oh and I came in I left for therapy this morning after we had now do go ok compounds. Usa, melon do as now lets you a hard left turn into murder. Ignore them K. Here's the first one, seven remorse picked out for us. Oh, I was gonna read from the top of your email,
oh I was gonna read from the top of your email, hey I hears the home towns for tonight. Ok, this one
this subject line as you'll, never guess what my neighbour did Ben with six of exclamation points. After who, I'm in here, I love a good neighbour. Anything cause you're stuck next, it up ready their Karen and Georgia hallo my loves good start. My name is: may you and I'm a newish listener to your incredible podcast? I spent the last couple of weeks poring over everything you posted and have commented. An end have recommended you to my lovely mother, whose the reason why I am obsessed with your crime in the first place. She also thinks you're great Sis is really going well, I wouldn't have seizing adding sugar met me. She never wrote seven, those! I think that they need a little. They re little boost it at the time tat they ve been seeming. Sadly, Turkey has been sick and parents been enraged. Let me read something of a tough it'll make their earth. Ok,
I was thinking. I didn't have anything interesting to send you, but then I remembered the saga from my second ear of university or dealing the foreigner here where I have no problem with using my name and the city by the way, because people should be able to google this Dickhead fund, I was studying in a city in England called Canterbury.
Yes, sir, not like name is called Karen. Yes, they don't called Canterbury, which was very quaint and lovely and also very boring yeah. You know what I know, because I read the Canterbury tales freshmen hearing and it was a serious snares best taken a rooster telling everybody what to do come on. We are not always used her easy come down because you love the canopy deal so much. Ok, we lived in a pretty suburban area and on the same road as a graveyard cool and prevent the sees this as important. Ok, one day my housemate burst
Ok, one day my housemate burst in the front or crying and yelling about our neighbour Dale, and it took us ages to calm her down. Dale was an older guy and was always very nice and never complained about us being loud student types. We weren't best friends with him or anything, but we knew him to say hello to. He was always here. We stood in the front garden and we would always stop and do the standard nice, whether exchange of censure him standing guard, gave me like that. Chills him just standing on early anything, you step in all caps, so at fucking turns Dale, had been arrested and was in all the papers were plotting to kill and eat a woman. He was on cannibal message for television. Tell everyone over the candle cop, that's how the cannibal cop I caught her right. Nobody around people know about the dark when he was on capital message boards boasting about all these people, he'd killed and eaten. There is a chinese restaurant, a few streets over from us, and he become obsessed with the woman who worked on there. He was telling people on all these sites that he was gonna cut off her head and either and when the police raided his house, they found all
Upset the axe, he'd bar to do the job well done, God looking guard the f B. I were able to track him down, and so the police overhear shut. His shit down he'd been saying online that he was stealing bodies from the graveyard so that all had to be investigated but turned out he's probably lying about that. They also pretty much dug out his entire garden that we always stood to chat with heavily and the bottom floor of his house. But as far as I remember, they didn't actually find anything, but I mean just because as they didn't find anything doesn't make it any less terrifying they took. They also took his computer and found child porn and loads of other horrific incriminating shit, so they were able to prosecute him. He was jailed in twenty fourteen for nine years and hopefully he pops is clogs before he can get out because he's a dirty bastard boxes blogs you dirty vaster. Once again of both, you low
stay sexy, may home, SK I sing and creep be. Do you have to be to create people out enough to call the cops on you on a fucking Cannibal message board cause. You know that's who fucking told on him? Yes, like people are like I'm on a cannibal message board, because I like to talk about: oh god, this guy's a fuckin Crete by his ass. What? How is the tree biased of the gamble message again, like you're fucked, up like a look whirl here to talk about eating people, but we are not doing what you're doing Dale but you're scaring us unless you're a dirty, bastard, Yale, Dale Tale May those lovely thank you, yea nailed it. May let's see this one there's a funny one. I mean ok I'll, say well on this. One is called unsolved: small town, murder scene. It's almost like you know. I love these
Do you not also highly seamen? Doesn't it's the only medium over her? He wasn't oils even high Ladys. I love your parent cast. It really helps me get through my dark nope my day at work isolating into bad about my day at work. You know, I'm pretty sure my coworkers think I'm insane labour motors also kind of my hometown murder. I don't wanna talk about an ever as it is a very sensitive topic that involves the murder of a fifteen year old girl. I live in a small town in real Alberta, Canada and this crime took place in the neighbouring town of standard standard is quite small and close. Knit current population is three hundred and three Goering three hundred and fifty three cheeses eyed and there I think how many people went to my house like total, are totally it was small, but I mean
we weren't? We weren't a town now still at eyesore down town, can you imagine a town full of an ethical stood out at a nightmare? No, this is our new. I movie copyright. Recording copyright on trying to steal this, but look here said so we're whereabouts or in a van bracelet, here there tissue breaks down at the edge of town we after work, we get an oh. There are closure, they're all drinking in the seven eleven, partly for the whole time and Stephen Ass, though I communicate with them for us, because he's closer remains that we understand our language. I had no idea what's going either he's our translator, concerted stacking and means and mellow Elles. What are they Stephen man? So here I'll do my best thing. I just keep yelling Rihanna at the top of my well in that area,
oh, you don't try to relate and I'm going out and then turns out where the killer word, though we murder all of them yet who three hundred and fifty three the kind of place where everyone knows everyone in some people still don't work their doors. You mean you something I know you'll take with an issue with it's like you know me you're getting. Predictably, I am getting predictable on April twenty second nineteen, eighty one Kelly Cook, fifteen o resident of Standard Alberta received
a phone call asking her to baby sit tat evening. I think I fucking another sign a man calling gave his name is bill. Christians in a very common last name in the area cause our all related by non up. Just saying he arranged hypocrite. That evening she left the house at eight thirty p m and gone to a full size car. She was never seen alive again. Her mother knew something was wrong with our what, within the hour when Kelly did not column check and as was normal, she started calling everyone she knew to ask if they seem Kelly and when that failed, she called the police at ten p m, a call was made at the operator from a pay phone fifteen miles, a majority wrote twenty five kilometres and then he wrote fifteen miles. Also casinos. Ireland owes me, though it she never mind. She clearly knows me from standard and another and another neighbouring town. The operator said that all they heard was a young woman screaming before the call was disconnected. This was believed to be Kelly. Extensive searching in the days following provide proved fruitless. Her body was sent two months later about a hundred and fifty five miles south of standard and a reservoir she'd been Titus Tinder Box and tossed in the lake. Her body was so disk decomposed that they could not determine an official causing death. They believe the perpetrator was a local or live in the area based on his knowledge of common names and geography of the area. The police believe that Kelly was not the original target. A couple months. Prior to this, another young woman had her picture run in the local paper. After that, a man called the standard school district school.
trying to get more information on this girl. The principal refused to tell him anything. He somehow got her information called her that day April, twenty second that day the same fucking day to ask her to babysit, but she was already busy she gave him Kelly's number. Not knowing list would lead, who are friends dad wholly. He like regular. She referred despite this case being so old. The police still get a couple chips every year, but so far no one has been caught. There are a few theories that paint this man is a traveling salesman or someone just passing through. He may have been travelling to the states and that's why her body was found so far south no other cases with similar Emma had have ever been reported in the area. This man will be seventy or eighty is now skasely sticks of me and every time I hear possible new evidence. I get excited. I can't handle a suspense of an unsolved murder. Hope you, ladies enjoyed my hometown. Learner, stay sexy Miranda, that is
amazing and so creepy, so tragic It's just that idea. It that it so easy to wheedle information of people for sure the horrifying for sure, but then also something of lake somebody getting a baby sitting. Job lake- I bet you, was hunting Kelly, the girl that went missing. The second girl, like that, not the refer by actual away the girl who was got Kelly was like our better only when the girl who actually went missing yeah yeah, because the girl that referred her, but she assumed that girl knew that guy totally or was just like yeah Yes, she was like overhear, referring Smee human money or climb a friend of your yeah but but originally that girl must have been like. This is just a babysitting person. Rain. oh, my god, I'm so sad. It says in such an ideal I get even to this day, like you know how paranoid I am like. I wouldn't be like
this person who wants you to babysits gonna pick you up and fucking kill you like it. Will it so easy and obvious yeah that it's almost unfathomable. Yes, yes, it's just crazy! I got a fucking diabolical trick. Yeah and also more or less. I watched the thing on Henry Lucas. Many know most of his more undersea confess you were too hoaxes and lies, but that idea that people we ve seen it. In other cases, people driving around killing people randomly yeah like an that's. What makes them called cases because there's no an annual action, it tries me crazy, ethnic stick to a fuck em out. Do make it easy. Can we please have a chance? Ok,
This one. This decline is Fresno, worse place, best hometown learner. I care in Georgia and Stephen thanks. So much for your service, I can service dogs were Joe. That's right. There article about Emma found a spot on, and I shared with other people. I introduced your part. Can you I escaped Fresno for New York over a decade ago, but I will never forget the haunting story of the west and massacre which occurred shortly before I moved away. Gonna begin everyone knew Marcus Wesson, but on everyone knew Marcus Watson was odd, but nobody knew the extent of the horror residing in his home. Weston was the neighbourhood weirdo, with long gray, deadlocks house on the block, with an unkempt yard and cars on blocks and constant, randomly coming and going at all hours on March, twelve, two thousand for several members of lessons extended. Oh fuck. I know if this do you
on March twelve, doesn't for several members of lessons extended family. Confronted him demanding the release of their children to police were summoned to what they thought was a child custody issue, but a stand off ensue police put his house under siege, too little response guns were fired and the police storm the house, finding the bodies of nine women and children in an teat. Coffins lesson was arrested in the insane details quickly emerged western head, multiple wives and children. Most the product of incest, the complex family structure started with the marrying of his first wife and nineteen. Seventy one then quote: marrying her eight year old daughter in nineteen sound lesson went onto sexually abused to his daughters and three nieces quote marrying in homes ceremonies when they were around seven to nine. Usually each of the five girls became in programmes as a result of the insect he home school, the children and taught them from his personally handwritten Bible did focused on Jesus Christ being a vampire editors know what the actual for everyone and aka- oh my told the children that he was God and had them refer to him as master or Lord. He taught the children to be prepared for Irma. Get in and that the girls were destined to become lessons future wives. So here's the kicker lesson was convicted of nine council. First, you re murdered, despite not having pulled the trigger in any of the killing. The EP, the wives went full nansen, shooting their children and committing suicide as Western had instructed if their family was ever threatened. Lesson is on desperate death row at San Quentin and my sister, who lives and works nearby, has seen lesson visit and I don T in her office Parker talk about making beds in a burning house guy who's going to be put to weigh line when Santa guy. I talk about because he's going to that. I dont yeah, not at the best thing. I've ever talk about making beds in a burning, how's guy who's going to be put to the house. I never heard that phrase making beds in a burning annals, it's kind of lake, on par with rearranging the deck chairs on the Czech tighter, not that you need to meet the explained to you. When I go to me that I love she says, he's still got the hair and is as terrifying as you demanded, and thanks for sharing this story hope you founded as bananas as I have as as Dd Aaron Hell. They never heard that before and listen I second every week for Google.
crazy fuck, the crimes crazy fuck. That murder is murders at an like. That's all I fucking do for the show this guy has been on a bunch of like forensic fiery and all those things that we watch. He was this really big black eye with long gray, dregs we're like to the middle of his back, and he treated his family like a cold, silly traveled around. I remember seeing one where, basically, they were like in a van together for years. There is some I want to say it was a twenty twenty, but that might be right where they inner. Oh Mary, oh shit. my peace. fusing this with another. I hope I'm not another, but there was something where they interviewed a survivor of my arm. Like somebody tell me wrong, I mean so many people were murdered and this is so whore housing are fighting deftly was if its. If I'm thinking the right one, basically, he just they were kind of nomadic and he was, coat leader. Essentially just it was the cult of his family,
sad and so crazy. Well, are you ready for Our dab found the body and almost peed on it. Oh lies some fun some land. Lately I my sister and I are loyal followers longing for each new podcast nine years, our hometown murder Our doubt is a veteran policemen now retired and Pueblo Colorado in December. Ninety nine are elderly, great aunt.
called dad worried about her friend Lucille Pearson missing. After not returning home from a local shouting trip, we knew something was up because dad was avoiding her questions. He usually spoke pretty freely. Waiting. Dad was avoiding probably our questions. He usually spoke pretty freely. Lucille had been caring for a teenage grants on some issues and no one felt it was again situation. The grandsons friend agreed to help in the investigation- and this led police to some private property southwest of town dad volunteer to got the hills to help with the search because he had four wheel drive. They spend a couple days drain a little upon and searched the campsite. They found a firing, some small pieces of scorched skull, but now they could test DNA for Neely, as the sun was setting the last day, dad broke off from the group to relieve himself before the long drive home. Just then he looked down and saw a display structure. He was about to pee, it was Lucille Pelvis and her heart was lodged inside what lay what's exclamation mark
so I put it there. I dont know he. MRS Peel, and what was left of her body location are horrifying. Now they have the physical evidence to prosecute the grandson and his friend from murdering, dismembering and burning the body of my ants friend. Recently we learned dad was the one to find her and it was actually kind of funny how he shared inglorious detail. How close he was too urinating on this poor woman. Sometimes you just got, alas, I didn't that's. She wrote that S Sd Gm Phoebean Laurel your favorite Marinos, oh well! We never talk about that, but that is the lake. is pretty horrifying. The cops their jobs, yeah where's, like our job, is to like read these thing in turn, be funny and say funny things who each other, whatever their jobs, are to go and experienced the worse
humanity has to offer repeatedly led me to find evidence that people are the worst fucking things in the goddamn fucking or you gotta go out of your mind without humor yeah and you have to like, and also just looking like, they're looking for. They know they're. Looking for a dead body, however walking around looking for the scariest thing you could find. If they don't find it, two monsters probably will just leave the rest of their lives free. So like an idle seller vying they'll get shot on being earning riots like there's, so you gotta, have you got you gotta, like you'll, be able to tell himself at the dinner table rare you probably like drink yourself today, let me go ahead: law enforcement. Yes, you finally have a permission. Everything you ve been waiting for all this time. A light hearted and three Jeff family make your family right as letters. That threat can see something else, probably really important, and if it up
Is it about how Stevens per cast as in the upper magazine. Looking at your opus breast friend, I hope so, if you haven't seen it. Hopefully we if we ve, put it on all social media that do you want to tell us about a sure, yeah yeah, my cap, I guess which a lot of people a realist, people comment and there like. Oh, I thought they were just joking. I bought, but we already wishes. We are ringing, one of you better get out of it gets lamp, but every its guiding Gonna Perker episode go. As I have said it, I got over their meaning an hour and a half bear we're Oprah magazine reached out to us and NASA some questions in order there along you know, alongside smoother pet pike, ass and stuff and bridges. Talking like this huge there by can even like I want to go, I want to curb CALL Barnes and noble and be like. Do you have to? Let me Stephen from her tat seeding. It's me seven from upper magazine. Did you tell like your family and everyone here and there are other freaking out there like? Oh, my gosh, this is a big deal. Is she really big deal? I've subscribed on and off to a magazine. Article is the more if I have money I work at it, because, if it's not is not, for you know like leg exercises, I will never do right. At least they do have like here's, a cute sweater, here's acute lips, a car like positive articles about amazing area, the cover, because it is a great I mean I swung she's- on the cover, she's wearing a big licks summary dress in a field and its rise above how to be a force for good in the world. I lay I like that. I'm on that, I'm in the Ets not like how to be a monstrous personally to shake ass to people straight into their tea. That's immerse, Radiophone Oprah, Mary thinning! Gradually, you ve gotten, that's MEG Am excited to see who who finds it. Yet let water is something our next steps for the per capita I mean if people want to give us free stuff concerning certain ex yet again just random free thing. No, not even cats, to have just signed. Like some broken patio tears, I can drop off your house. That's out! No, I mean I just want to make yourself on talking to people about their pets, so I love it because people dont really like all I want to do- is talk about those that maybe but like you can't really do. That implied. Societies are like that. You are giving people like me and like most kind on earth, France, just talk about the cats
Centrist of Asia Unfiltered Ray the edges, Tele GO for Eddie, I a cat, vampire and there's a lot of clear political guests on their luggage. Canadians and share. My problem is, I guess I used to have cats, but an early I should know they're both dead. Now we got one like because she was old on purpose. So, like we knew tat, we are just kind of lady somewhere nice for her to live ass, kicked it I'm so because I was raised on a farm. I am so unromantic any time people try to talk about a european noise. Like I don't know, it's a pain in the ass to think. If someone's, like my cats, are you like? That's, like I mean no, I get it because I understand that its oftentimes it's about more area, but also. I also understand that when you spend all your time with like a little thing that you have this an actual relationship, when I mean I can't even think about my dogs, tired, but when, by the time like one worry died, she was she needed to die. She was probably like fifteen years old and she was like one year old. Can you really again my cat Angus when he died? He was like sixteen are something hailing from their outdoor, like barring cats are like out there for our yeah,
pouring anyone me I mean I was in dealing or former we'll know, because we are talking about a lot of like death like you and a beer like oil slick, I mean all like half of my cats. Great Britain by Coyote Celestial becomes a thing I just talk about like in a lot of times, people that I think the best part about the progress is when people feel comfortable sharing those. Yes, Joe, it's a jail. It's like it just made me think of the very first we had growing up named cc, just showed up at our backdoor and became or cat those modest cats. that's a pretty great. I love my own thoughts or grey. The cats are second ailing,
british certain their aliens bearing on their minds ex of railways. He services, mostly outlets, especially, I was thinking of Alice, hey thanks for listening to lay in a murder many users, especially along and rambling, many setting out the many Ngos, Champ Jesse, where the south end, but mostly stay sexy and town gap, murdered, Elvis. In other words, we want a cookie. Go well
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