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This week’s hometowns include grandpa stories and games with a serial killer.

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This is exactly right. and while Gaza, my favorite murderer the many so to hurt them in a chair. You know this little thing: air and works and recording for the fan called video style. What's up, fan, call echo what the visual play with the Taliban extra thing they give you and which is a bonus aspects it's a bonus aspect, you're sure it's either make urban, which is a rarity these data. We really got Eddie, although I was gonna save just for the bonus. Sorry, just for the fun call. Her
have not died my routes in a while, so I do have like a Polly one. That's kind of look that only the and called gets to see whirling Liberia inside grand studio everything. Yes, you mean because James looked into her exact, the dead body of James Lipton. Only further fan call MR right you're you're welcome question hour Why don't you go first, just to change. It comes right. I played go fish with a murderer picture in Georgia, my friends have been asking me to email, you, my hometown, murder story for some time: after listening to your podcast, I thought well, why not she's. Only I mean seriously. It can't be that Bab yeah, you consider it for a while. Then just do as I am so here my story growing up I lived in a small town near the top of Texas about eight hundred people total. When I was, about six, my brother five and I,
staying the night with my grandparents Sunday morning, a strange man walked. Indoor church were church service. He told all of us if he was biking across America to raise money for charity. I forgot the exact charity this year in the years two thousand my grandparents just the nicest people you'll ever meet and being there people they invite him to come, no lunch with us at their home. He is the friendliest personal ever meet some friendly In fact that ends up stand later than planned. My Papa vitamins to also spend the night in our Dan and he can begin biking journey after breakfast the next morning, kindnesses danger. You know you can just steal the the This is a bad idea building and it gets worse. Can you believe it? the ends are playing cards with all of us. I remember him losing our game of go fish. The even picked up my little brother and spent around like an airplane. We didn't expect anything
as he didn't give us any inclination of what was to come now, set the scene of where this man stayed. While all of us were sleeping, my grandparents den a dam is where my papa kept his huge collection of knives and guns own. While they were all in cases, some of those cases remained mocked, because the children or ever ran- and maybe they are no ADA Justice- we have an open, viable like you, Let's ours is yours, they're, gonna, open concept living space? Now this is open guns. I've done a nice cabinet base, gun cases for new hdtv grace that are the remainder lock in the morning. Scott began his bite journey. It was after some time that we learn that the man who had stayed with us was Scott Eyes. Ember eyes amber
and he had gone on a murder spree an oak le Homa less than a week after staying with us and less than a hundred miles away owes it. Since I was young, I dont remember much of the process the police went through to catch him. My mom and grandma later told me. It was one of the largest man, HANS and Open homer history, incomplete, I see my brain blocks out most of this memory. I have a difficult time remembering his name and have to ask my mom for details any time a friend wants to hear the story. Maybe it you too, being young when this happened, or maybe some repress trauma. So they didn't. They say their name, but so I looked it up and this asked Hall Scott Eyes number he brutally murdered a seventy six year old man named age, a control and his seven year old, wife Patsy, then, because he had in their house because he was spying on his ex girlfriend lived across the street. So I think they must
come home. He killed them brutally and then went across the street and killed his ex girlfriend sixteen year old son and beat the grandmother, oh Anyone thirty seven day, man, hands and, like he like took week some some, nice family like drove him somewhere, not knowing, and they ended up pulling a gun on him and shooting him. he got lost, wait. He made did they Polyte Ireland, the gun on him yeah, oh, my him. He took off until finally, the police caught up with him thirty seven day Mannheim how fucking terrifying that its horrifying, also its horrifying that its grandparent age, people that he did that to actually I now and then a child at the sixth annual targets, yeah brutal, though he saw present. I think he's on death row. Well here, that's the end.
It means I remain she's just like. I think I might be traumatized by and then just got up and ran away. She says it is just a bunch disease for three pay, but hey look if that is the case. So be it and that's fine, because that is I mean that's really scary, late airy and to think about its horrible LOS, open, no understood and put it on a details. Amis, like the close call that Yod is. I mean that bone showing here, I'm so happy that it turned out. Fine, I mean your parents. It was your grandparents that your grand parents, generosity was not that entered the room full of guns and knives that none of that, even if it was a part of the story, I'm very grateful. I thought I was gonna go differently here. Ok
is such just as hometown story. I grew up in a pretty rural area where driving or for wheeler to the store was a common thing and kids rose road tractors for fun migrate Uncle gave me the creeps as a child. He is an alcoholic, not the first alcoholic I encountered, but definitely the one, the only one to make me nervous. I couldn't put my finger on it, but my six year old girl told me to stay away. He would offer. A dollar. If I would shake his hand, which I would put it politely decline over and over until I found the courage to slowly walk over snatch the dollar and run like hell. Yet when I was eight, he developed cancer could no longer take care of his puppy and asked if I wanted her. I love this dog more than anything. So I obviously said yes, she was my absolute best friend and lived to be twenty rewind, fifteen years to my dad was a teenager, my great uncle his uncle showed up at my dad's house with his dog. He,
is drunk and offered my dad his dog for the price of ten cents growing in a rural area, the more dogs, the merrier, so my and ran sounded. Dime gave it to his uncle and then gave the who and gave the dog a pat on the head said: good, bye and left the next morning, the police, old asking for my dad questioning him about his uncle and the dog after seven my dad his dog, he went home, waited for his wife to come home and when she walked in the door he shot her in the face, killing her and then went about. It evening, as if nothing happens, my car over there lived in a trailer park, so a gunshot as easily heard the police were called and he was arrested after my dog past my parents decided to tell me this history of abuse, alcoholism and depression my uncle had and the too few years he spent in jail for that murder? It made me so much. It made so much sense. Why? Six year old me got the creeps, this man, but still
Confuses me to this day why my family welcomed him back into their lives, so lovingly assets De Gm and if a murderer offers you their dog, you should probably take it. Marie is just so it is so I would question my parents that Latin, this murderer com didn't murderer around children, you know- and I don't have their ever alone with him, but either way it's like its predecessors unlike the creditor you now It doesn't sound like Mesrour alone, though it and I mean like, but also That'S- that kind of thing of like family systems and what people are used to it if it already happened in their family or if that was the thing I mean you know it's just kind of like the water level must have been at a thing where guns and abuse- maybe I don't know, but I think the like you and I dont have this problem, but our
a lot of families. It so interesting to me like what is off limits to talk about and even acknowledge, just like there's no talk about periods. There's no talk about sex. If not, I bet your murderer uncle. You know like we don't out about that. Yeah you just well! Yes, in that very true like it could have been the healthiest family in the world, but they were dislike, he's he's here. We don't want him to be here. It's the so and sows birthday. So just let the kids do what they. Why and in our who, because as a six year old, they don't. it may be every eye at the party right on that uncle. Every time I mean who knows, we can assume the worst. Our that's just his home town, but this is. It grandpa and fire story. So too nice hometown story. I heard an episode were Georgia talked about someone lighting their kitchen on fire and decided. I should send in the time my grandfather almost killed, my sister and me when I about eight years all of my sister and I she was six- went to a grip,
parents house is another reference extra for a week. During the summer my grandparents lived in Wichita falls Texas, neither Grandparent Texas story. I didn't even reality. I pick these I know minded. I bet you that it's the majority of our inbox, how we deal with these efforts for a thorough, many died, which is about four hours away from where my parents lived one afternoon. My nana was at work. So, as my group has job to make some lunch, my grandpa desires are free. At some french rise on the stove and a cast iron panned full of oil you mean he was an old truck driver who was never home said. This was out of the ordinary, I guess It was getting everything ready. He realized, he didn't have any bread for sandwiches, so he left us home alone to run the shore there eight and six and there's a fright, or of hot oil on the stove. This is
This is going, I reasoning is going you seen this p s, eight bugs by me walks in and points to the stove and as like stay away from the horrifying. I was lying upside down on the side of the couch in the living room watching the only kids movie they had the goofy movie. When I saw smoke covering the ceiling I walked into the kitchen I love the visual of her lying on the side of the couch upside down on the side of the couch, which is like somebody. You can only do as a kid, because the ban, hey now, would be horrendous I, when I saw smoke covering the ceiling I walked kitchen and the entire kitchen stole and wall was engulfed in flames. You're done like engulfed in flames is the scariest thing to walk into you ve done that it's the scariest three words: English. I realize I needed a call nine when one, but I didn't know my grandparents address, so I panicked and
my parents, who are four hours away oh Jesus, Christ, harmed by the time. I finish, scaring the shit out of my mother, my grand I came running in through the back door that was located in the kitchen he began screaming at us to go out the front door. My grandma, lived in an old house where the front door, what constantly get stuck so no one would ever use it so there sister and I were trying with all of our tiny gain strength to open the front door that never opened. Shall I don't remember how exactly we got out of my grandpa was rushed to the hospital with burns all up his arms from grabbing the cast iron of oil that he on this job and throwing it outside new, because you put it out with water re oil. No, so now makes it worse than he would have needed a bag of flower. But if I were you, seeing the phrase engulfed in flames which we are, then I think that's what you get out of the house I desired apart nasty, do euralia it's not worth saving if you're gonna get
you're, just gonna fuck, it up agrees fire get away. I mean you're dad tat either pleasure. I should call Jim right now just get the confirmation on oil. Exactly that put the protocol is, but I mean Greece, fires, you have to throw the flower dirt. Making sodas is a baking soda, there's some things that we have to make sure it's not something. That's gonna react, but it has a leg douse it entirely and water makes it worse. Can let the thing, though, is it a fire is on a wall. get out get you have to get out. It is not you three degrees out, isn't gonna put the while fire out, yet each year's get it one problem, which is what happened: Grandpa area that Greece on himself burning hot razor. I mean Korea luckily, the only the only the kitchen was complete. Billy torched and not the rest of the house. Olga apparently Grandpa had gone to two different gas stations looking for a loaf of bread defeat us because truck drivers a gas station thy gassing states accede,
don't leave oil on the stove Brittany, Nicole, now yeah and in my tattered stories, Grandpa story that I agree with the idea. Monsieur grandparent all is one of those now a little if we only low homing grandparent via the it was going to say Oh, I remember my friend his Bradford. It is a very good cook and now works marks exactly right. Teaching me, I was like just teach me some ace ex just make it so that I can make myself a casual dinner. I felt like it so I was teaching me how to make some respite. He makes all the time any was like. So you know, there's a pan and we're gonna, throw this better in it and whatever and then and we're going to stand there talking. Then I just walked away, went into something like a fucking. Aren't you can't walk away? as we do. You like if you ve, been doing this by yourself, you can't leave the area. There's like really, but, like our point of cooking use life, you have to
to stand there and do it and not like I'm, because that is me completely we're just gonna get destructive like we did. I write in my journal this morning. I found something to put: am I to do list? Let me tell you that below idea that I didn't have stressed out by the sound of sizzling. That's one of the things that leg like makes me stress, so yeah, I'm dislike her eye, hover, Wanna Kirk, some, the complete opposite that more account one way you tell us, Russia and scare. You need to do much more boiling, ok, but You ever boiled water and then forgot about it and boiled it out and then you're it's hot, I've done that for sure we like entirely eggs immediately and for three hours there. Certainly it's like if you're engaging the oven and this you know where's pretending designed to other people, but this is surely for myself. I give you near the oven and using it that's all you're doing for the four blocks
go to our unjust, be like this is the only thing I am allowed to set a time or for every ten minutes sewing walk away. I'm an alarmed like dude worry they will ITALY I do you just wandering in the yard pay SIRI. Let's see, I ah after having listened to you guys for years, seeing you live twice hum and wanting to share some sort of story with you. I finally decided to steal one for my mom, because ships, a far more interesting life than I imagine I ever will so in honour of the late Joanne. Here we go Joe, and pour went out for Joanne Year and Algerians. My mom was a If a person inside and out she was a tiny thing, but also someone you would well he advised not fuck with being the young knock out that she wasn't the toxic masculinity playground of the seventies should, plenty of stories to share about men who are not on their best behaviour. One of my favor.
It is when she was leaving the grocery store, while largely pregnant with my brother. This would have been Nineteen, seventy five when she was twenty seven years old, quite petite and all belly, as she made her way to her bright, yellow Mustang, a man whistle to get her attention. Turning around, she saw him sitting in his truck with the door open turned to face and masturbating vigorous she's and she was certain that when he saw her from behind approaching that Mustang, he didn't expect the pregnant belly when she turned, but he was now fully committed to his discussing endeavour. Oh my god, being they ever better said she was an used, an used to creepy seventies. Did she point him and began to laugh hysterically. It certainly wasn't reaction. He was going for and we're come with what I can only assume was it. All consuming shaman embarrassment, he slam his truck door and took off. She
progress reason carried on about her day irritated, but I'm sure consoled by the fact that she had it at least managed to somewhat emasculate him. When she told me this story, she's always said that shock is what someone like that is going for, and then, if ever found myself in a similar situation, to not give it to them laughing at them, she said was my best option. fortunately, I've never had to find out first hand my moms down for many years now, after a battle with brain cancer, but still love retelling, some of our amazing stories and only wish I was half as working cool ass. She was maybe all right. And again, with the tale of how she kicked out a couple who'd been staying in her apartment after they shot a hole in her tv only to have F B. I come looking for them after say, stays exiting, don't be afraid to shame. Public masturbate, ERS Lindsey will indeed encourage airing a story about Europe. I love that. That's that's a piece.
Them advice, you have to give people eighty now, here's the thing don't be afraid if someone's jerking off that you in the in the grocery store a parking lot. It's your right. Seattle laugh at that. Very my shame. Fro, shame at them. Bring bring the shame Bell right. Finding great candidates to hire, can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's true sure you can post your job some job board, but then all you can do is hope. The right person comes along, which why you should try zip recruiter for free a zipper, further dot com, slash favorite, Zipper Carter. Does the work for you when you postage Alban's recruiter it get sent out to over a hundred job sites of just one click, then Zipper Kurt, matching technology, finds people with the right skills and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply you get qualified candidates fast.
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I'm, he and my dad built a house in the nineteen. Sixty years on some land in Lancaster, California, the house was small, but it had five. The acres of desert around. It reminds me of the Perry. Mason show oh yeah real lived out there they ran the ad he use some of the land to grow fruit. Trees have a guard in a large barn, slash, garage and doing buggy track in the back cool side. Now love to take any one out for arrive on the and the dune buggy right up until the end. The rest, property was just open, land may grant passed away just a month shy of his ninetieth birthday in March twenty ten, my daddy, head from us that he had been sick thinking. It was nothing and not wanting to worry us, so it came as a huge shock to me in my four siblings when we were called. I will never forget that they standing in my second great classroom waiting for the data start though she was the teacher, not the second greater by the oak
after his death. Might I want to help clean out the barn and get rid of the things my grandma didn't want any more, so she could move to my parents house in Washington. This is where it gets interesting, since my grandpa grew up in the debate. he didn't trust banks they didn't get. A bank account only married, my grandma nineteen eighty Might I wanted to start with the barn, since it was just full to the brim with things in a little while after starting, he grabbed the Mason jar that look like it had just step that look like it. Just had baggies folded up inside curious to know what was in the bags. He opened the jar and found bags with tightly world bills inside her throw anything away without inspecting it. No matter what open? free bag, shake out every book. I went out with States Alcatel, as I can really old old person, and I got those like Samsonite than Advantage Sampson. I you d travelling cases and it was hole of all like.
Aspirin bottles and bandage like old stuff, so excited to go for it and in the vote Hurry back was a twenty dollar bill, like the sixties, and then like a travellers check worth like twenty bucks, but rolling rumours succeeds. It was real Ethel. I put him right back in there and like put it away, Ah that's treasure, your treasure said never fucking for anyone be order so tightly world bills inside He walked in the house to my grandma and told her what he found and she was shocked. This happened after day, as he was extra carefully cleaning things out, I'm sure now ones choose fives, tens, twenties, fives and hundreds were found, Jesus, the pile of only on the kitchen table was growing very rapidly. When all was carefully search through in between book pages in toolboxes, really anywhere and everywhere, organised and cleaned out. The total amount of money that he had hidden was just over nineteen thousand dollars. Oh, my God
oh, my god, I gravity had been sneaking out just scoring it away. Every time you went out there. I, like my guy, telling anyone the look carefully through shit What do you do when he died? Yeah I'd like a person, you tell your why you heavily or why? Don't you trust, absolutely it says wholly Molly. I I love the thought that he wanted. My grandma to be taken care of and with stashed away, would ever extra past she had on hand. He was the kindest, Swedish man would have done anything from grandma. I wish my grandpa new. Just how much I wanted to call him and tell him. I was expecting our first binding just a month after he passed any HU. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Thanks for all you do assessed E g m K. That's us! that's amazing, ray and night, but you know you just
it's always hard to lose Para grandparent but living to ninety is s ripe old age. I mean that is a nice life. That's a great orderly, that's a great light, and it's always nice. One. Nice old person lives that organs. Always them mean in the mean curmudgeon one is that limits about a hundred new like? Why couldn't have my grandma lived here? Hundreds she was back in nice, grandma Molly, you now, let's to be nice as you get older cause. All Europeans and your Arthur Arthritis is in your sick people and you don't understand computers, work and kids. That is its long so, like you know, like a lot of us, feel about Tik Tok. That's how the entire world feels to older people are you're just like what is it I dont. How did you even make their ok last one right, ok, so many good ones as time right I'll do this one stipulates
what the fuck is up guys. So, when I was roughly nine years old, a group of around six kids, including my younger brother and myself, were just wander the city and look for trouble. Island right at one. Point even hidden. My dad's van and through balls of mud and corrupt and paper tells at moving cars in hopes. They'd stop at our makeshift car wash. We had set up- oh my god, but that is to everything whatever child. Out of that was a genius, a marketing genius create a problem and then create a solution for it and then create that solution and feel that nation, your neighborhood, oh, but wait, there's more. But after about three mud balls, it became more about throwing mud, balls, verses, actually washing Garza one up. lucky man had his windows down. With an eye to my ball, I had thrown blasting em right in the face all over his white shirt. Let's, just assume he was not pleased. He was not please pass on your lucky. You didn't get your
ass being at right on my position. today we were playing in the alley when I decided I needed more attention and then, in parentheses, I'm obviously a middle child, so I can try if the plan, I bet apparently decided. I would convince my friends that I've been kidnapped when children are the same people. This is my favorite, though this is Is that kind of thing like this is the way my mind worked as a child, because we were alone, we there are left alone in law or in groups, and it would just be that thing. like this. Isn't you know like watching spider man eating pretzels is not enough for me. I want more. I need to be engaged with em up, I'm a young fertile mind and I mean agenda being kidnapped. I crave adventure and being kidnapped and click. Ok, so I ran into one of the nearby breeze ways when nobody was looking and began to yell for hellhole. Since all of that,
kids were around my age. It didn't take much convincing as they'd run over toward me. I'd make it seem as if I was being pulled away and yell for a thief and look up share. What fuck ingenious. I give them a glimpse of my face around the corner of a building with my hands grappling along the side of the wall and then pretend to be ripped aware. I love this genius actor the plan was working. All eyes were on me. Finally, I had the genus idea to hide in an abandoned garage and wait for them to find me, but they did in after, while I notice that I couldn't hear them anymore, so I walked around the block looking for them, but I couldn't find them anywhere. After about fifteen minutes of looking, I decided it be best to go home and wait ready to laugh their faces about how well I checked them. I got home. I was greeted by all of my friends and my brother crying and my living room I mean that's good idea, if only
aims lived in was let's get inside the sooner this telling I'm trying in every room telling my parents I had been kidnapped. My parents were pacing the living room in a panic just about to walk out the front door. To look for me themselves when I walked in needless to say there for quickly, switch to anger, and I was not allowed to go back outside that. I grew up. A dangerous city played with violent crimes. So, as an adult, I can see how this could have been believable for even my parents. I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for them in those moments that I was quote unquote missing for a split second, they delivered the reality that they might never see me again to this day. I still shamefully laugh every time I think about it and pray my It's your children are as bay of an asshole, as I used to be so sexy, and just know that, if you stager kidnapping, you won't be allowed back outside for the rest of the day, SAM from in pennsylvania- p s.
I too have an older sister. He used to smash me up with a brush and would threatened to kill me if, in my sleep, if I didn't stop playing with their toys, I fully relate to Karen's battles with Laura about trying to wear her clothes. Us younger sister is about a stick together, no amazing job SAM S, eyes get em format. SAM. The thing I think about the most of that is that the parents are like you have to stay home the rest of the day, but we Need you to leave like we, you don't get granted for a week because then you're stuck at home with us for a week may just can't see about and the shit you come up with and the ways you mean arrangements and you have to get out now to go out for our own sanity. I mean I just if I'd been in that group of kids like member, when you were little and then stuff would happen, yeah things will happen that way, change. It was just like your playing playing and then a scary thing,
are a weird thing or whatever new be like as a group of children we have today and that would actually have been really fucked up and scary. You remember doing a child slowly being pulled around a quarter of all four corners of a building just again a circle. The kidnappers. This can only said article at work or work here over here. How wake I that plenary as well, that was a great that lie, means second, are starting to make ever murder a gmail. We want to hear them and any and all topics are welcome and want and will be well be given my attention. A middle child deserve, sir, I. Finally, finally, you get the attention. Finally, you'll be you'll, be the of the rare cherished middle child and his podcast imaginary else's states, accede and don't get murdered, Elvis Tijuana cookie,
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