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On this week's minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders including a cop's run in with Ottis Toole, pizza drug lords, and one about why you should never go to Poughkeepsie.

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this is exactly right what do you do my favorite murder minnesota twenty to twenty two the one we get back on track did you listen alas makes many sewed now like it's like i get scared listening its horrifying why and you are right to be scared and i just tried to listen this morning the salt water i mean it was a real it was a real study in something very wrong so you wanna not chit chat you wanna get straight to the more important that we chit chat
i don't know it's a self loathing issue it's difficult to look back on the work that you have done what that's why don't listen to air a smart move i didn't know beginning and then i was just like organ for now is hard not to fall into those shiver do that thing or you're like pretend you're someone else yeah listen listen as another person i do what i do is pretend that someone else's listen for the first time and what what
would that sound like you re to that person at what point when they re like this is over me and form and for me not exercise it was like seven seconds india and right now it's probably right now for someone if not seven seconds ago so ok let's get on track so starting now stephen wealth and my favorite murder and minister that's caring kundera and that's georgia hard stark point we love to talk about murder to you yes she do cause you send us your hometown murders that things are happening your hometown or to your family or to your family friends to your college town to that one barber yet they view grew up near but didn't know never talk to directly rode on a bus with their son yup knew them four degree
kevin bacon away heartily but so on ordinary we just read you a couple of those cause they're so good didn't you now forget it seems clear i think our point is clarity i think people understand what's happened when back on track do i go first check great because personal any belch seven times straight into the mike subject line of the first a mail here is the time my dad fought artist tool ding ding ding ding high ladys i recently started listening to your park ass an i'm completely hooked in one of the earlier episodes you mentioned serial killer honest tool i'm pretty sure i called him otis though is an obvious its audits
and i had to share with you this story from my father my father worked for the tallow has he police department the tea p d for a long time around twelve years or so he has some crazy horrifying fucked up stories during this time with the dp day betty does but this one takes the cake for me i'm sure you ve heard of the serial killer honest tool as it turns out he did a stand in a teller has dale while my dad worked there my dad told me once how tool recounted him how he murdered a woman lived sliced offer breast then she and henry lucas drove around with it on the dash their van up
but you rarely ever heard about the men with whom tool shared his jail cell joe nixon he was convicted of kidnapping and murder of the kidnapping and murder of a local woman from the governor square mile parking lot and tallahassee he took her to a remote location tied her to a tree with jumper cables then set her own fire so tool and has everything i hate yes it's really awful also audits tool is like one of the most awful looking because he just looks like he does not give one about anything so frightening it looks like it takes and i think he did pleasure in other people's immense suffering yes he's like a if it were a character in a warm of eu be like that guy's a little too much let s turn it down he gets a texas chance i'm asker characters like it looks like he's wearing a prosthetic forehead but right it's israel forehead he's the one that admitted to killing john luscious on item all trade which we don't know for sure but john walsh believes it
i dont believe it here that missing front teeth story and the ears tat when they found was supposedly item washes head a creek but then if you look at the side by side of the head and which is horrifying the ears are dear friend there's a missing tooth you know what our school you know it's not the same care they just my mean parents to five year old boy earth roughly five euro boys dead in the same area they they want that to be the sheriff i mailed them ok so etc joe nixon he was a little less famous accents he was convicted of kidnap oh sorry
so tool in exchange our sharing cell in the jail on the top floor and one of the day guards including my dad notice that wanders leaking from above so they go upstairs and find the tool nixon have purposefully clogged toilet and water was quickly flooding the cell in addition to that the pair were but ass naked and covered in soap to make themselves slippery what's but that's not the craziest part they'd each fashioned a number of shanks and had them grasped and their fists between their fingers wolverine stuff like they were basically trying to force the police to open the cell and then fight their way out absolutely bonkers the sheriff was president told them to cut it out jokers
you boys back to bed right now otherwise he'd have descendants and police including my dad to quoting quote disarm them the men refused so my dad had to go and russell a slippery did an armed honest tool to the ground she s ass as my dad said while telling me this story quite the nice gentlemen kelly that's hilarious that's fucked maybe he's always tool is the guy in the horror movie that the girl gets away and she's right at the edge of the forest and the man picture up in the trunk and she's crying thank you so much is added to the house but ok hold our real quick we're gonna go apparent he drives are back to the house that you just escaping up in their bodies yeah cause you never expected do oh that's right now it's so excited
how do you it's hard enough to just like find a friend that you want to have lunch with much less that you're going to just ardor people all over the room now between henry lucas and honest tool which one do you think was perpetually laid all the time why did you i was an hour in fifteen minutes late them according to area buddy that's a real honest tool move of may delay that is god as is the one that's like works are thought it was it for and henry is like this which is i was your written please i was here meditating ok
this is called my brother and the texas murder house high karen in georgia have my name is bonnie and i'm from dallas but i have a half brother who grew up in a small north texas town with his mother when he was in high school he turned a club that i guess you could say was like a crime stopper group proteins sounds fucking off early to now did i not have we don't have none of my eyes glowing rhymes worth the valor negative do i think the grimmest surrender murder which we do maybe spy on some people who are so suspicious in their down totally fuck and dig at teens teens one day the group was invited to the local sheriff station for tour and greet type situation this led to a little q and a sash and one student asked the sheriff which case it stuck with him the most and all his years on the job the sheriff went on until a heartbreaking story about a man who lost his mind shot and killed his wife and then shot and killed himself of course the students were intrigue and continue to ask more questions about the case that when the sheriff reasons i can't write my head around brought out the case file and showed the students the friggin crime scene photos the list of things sheriff should not do number one show children thought is dead bodies am i right in any way here's the good part as my brother looked at the photos he couldn't help but feel like something that familiar on you and when he came across the photo the front of the house he realized tat it was his mother fucking how no or caps he went on to discover that the room the wife was shot and killed in was his bedroom no no thank you sir bob i i never really learned too many details about the murder suicide some sorry i can't explain more about that but i still felt like this was a story to might like to hear that's correct anyways you guys are the ted hundred percent because of the existence of this one is to see this
for many served in every way thing your podcast when i tabled things about time so keep up the good work and so exo bonnie spawning that was i mean nothing you're looking a crime scene photos but then to have leg gotcha moment now their story could have been done with just the thick share showed no voters but now it was not jesus that's so awful i've never seen synchronizing photos but i've known you may see one off i've never seen like a folder with actual like the crime scene photos that detective you like detectives used i mean there's something that is talking about that for one of the cases what am i think they re alive shall we didn't seventy talking about about it afterward they a relative of theirs how you look at all the crimes it moves at ted bundy or something now i can't remember but just how that was the part maybe that they were there a policemen are something just at that
evidence was so upsetting oh it was a jury of unchecked jury members yeah right and they did ptsd treatment yes stuff that was a jury because it well it was one of the can only be one of the like eight stories we ve done on the road read i never i guess i didn't think about that that lake anytime i watch any the stuff i closed my eyes all the time like this i'll get like a sense of it and close my eyes but if it's anything like a like the person is dead you can see how they were murdered and there looking at the camera no now cm officer you look at it i look like what what knots did they tie how tight or that ropes i don't know why i just feel like he'll tell me though not in alike excited way and i like horrified ya you gotta see yeah my just also feel like obligated in a weird way leg into their victim to like like now
what they went through narrator telling you isn't it you gotta see fears throne i need to get my own people yes it is very much i see a bit of europe in a put on a hare shirt for your interest you're going to like make yourselves suffer a tiny bit hair sure that's the old days old monks used to put on really itchy shirts as a way to suffer for the lord i always bring it back it sounds like that's funny it's not funny it's money are giving one more ok
this says don't go to poughkeepsie don't get murder high karen georgia stephen elvis mimi my hometown murder comes to you from the town where i went to college poughkeepsie new york it's a last stop on the metro north hudson line from grand central and it doesn't have anything worthwhile except a mall with target attached with couldn't be more worthwhile lifesaving thing ok from november nineteen ninety six august ninety ninety eight a man named kendall francois picked up sex workers from main street in downtown poughkeepsie brought them back to his parents house unfolding avenue had sex with them strangled them and then hid their bodies in the attic and cross bases of his parents how others parents house that was a separate phrase just to four
it really underlining while his parents live there another separates dramatic impact joe but it's like you can't really with areas francois was seventy five inches tol me eyes how tall is that sixty what the fuck why are we doing it that way i don't know how you do in poughkeepsie swell the seventy two abc com poughkeepsie it's there like a metric civic judea even oats us change our metric yet france while was seventy five inches taller oh oh sorry that's what it says in the mug shot and i'm too tired for the man one of us why don't i just read the rest of the sentence you that all the time had a reputation for being violent with sex workers was nickname stinky because he apparently had really terrible hygiene winning combination on september first ninety ninety eight a woman whom kendall francois had abducted managed to break free from his assault and escape the house on full national she told the woman at a nearby gas station that she'd been assaulted and then walked away the woman fly down police officers pointed them in the victim's direction police located the victim took her back to the station for questioning where she found a complaint against francois police went to france was home to ask him some to come into the station for further questioning he went with them willingly and was soon arrested after confessing to most of his crimes he pledged not guilty was convicted of eight counts of first you re murder and a council secondary murder and sends to life in prison without the possibility of free because france was defence attorney got him to plead guilty before the day could ask for the death penalty he avoided trial by jury and since the death penalty could only be given by a jury he avoided the death penalty completely apparently this is some loophole in the new york legal system at the time and it sounds like bullshit france or die in twenty francoise died in twenty fourteen at the age of forty three apparently due to the hiv contracted from one of his victim romantic jesus ok all of his victims were petite white women were short brown hair hazel browner hazel eyes ranging from twenty five to fifty one and almost all of them are reported missing by their mothers because they were sex workers placed in prioritized the missing persons reports and is generally believed francois could have spent stop sooner had please not devalued the missing women because of their sex workers status my freshman year of college i would walk by the murder house unfolding avenue a couple times a week on my waited from tutoring poughkeepsie middle school where france where kendall francois was working as a hall monitor at the time of the murders very bad murderer revives even though it's been completely fixed up i think it was a residential life it was the
residential like director of my college who lived there for a while while i was a student i don't think i could be paid to live in a murder house unless i decided i never wanted to sleep again we're wrapping up now a really terrible deal is torah movie was made inspired by the caps ii murders called of acute see tapes it was pulled from distribution shortly after it was made in two thousand and seven but there are standard trailers available on youtube and one point in college some dude made me watch one of them late at night and youtube actually remove the audio on the video because it was to disturbing i made the dude walk me back to my torn because this is so scared currently do we not released for real and twenty fourteen i just rather echo wikipedia for it now i want to bleach my eyeballs proceed with caution that agenda russia and power also seen a i bet they have re the vacuity tapes
so that's the poughkeepsie murders dont good of him see don't get merged katy for how well thanks katy at the play or its life in prison without the possibility of parole do you care that the death penalty is an option i feel not personally i feel like it that points for me i'm like well he's fucking on u s future he's not out murderer like hurting people now that's all that matters is the option of life in prison with the possibility of parole which than private death penalty wouldn't be an option then i believe i'll fuckin kill him no i don't want him to find us get out of there and it so hard because these people that are like multiple offenders or lifelong offenders it seems so in saying it seems to be a different
it's just a different echelon of crime and how people should be punished yeah people are like rabid dogs they can't stop killing other human being should not all the same like people who can be required ability to get its not gets not as much as i want is like the vehemently get behind abolishing the death penalty i think there's that we be too many cases where it's like no i think that this person not that i think i wanna kill them all when someone else does not think that they are spoken scary blights on humanity for sure i know you know what i think will be interesting is how much this study of like sociopath since i could paths and how like the mental element of killers comes
the plate to actually you know it's that thing of legal sit i think it says you pass they there can't be rehabilitated there are no if you dont have a conscience can build one it does ia women there is which is not to sail sociopath or evil because right people like to talk about that and you are building understanding what's right and wrong if you're not a fucking murderer would yeah sure a lot of sociopaths plenary aren't plenty aren't than you can be in our he can teach that but it's the idea that its lake when a dog has rabies who only wants to do one thing and you can
is tat i think but i mean we're talking about human beings it's just the words it lower alsace x i now again on world are facing a prison plant future where because privatized prisons are gonna make rich people richer than then it'll be everybody will love throwing people away forever that's what i hear is still make sure you're the right person says chill so cool nora many
one more you ready for this ok i honest i love your by gas my friend destroy me under what use are those like i don't care what anybody says the i love you i love your part has no you know what i love it despite what everyone's i love your bad is it my friend turn me into it i was wrecking my brain trying to come up with a good hometown murder story and had completely forgotten about this jem enjoy it uses for any purpose please don't link backed my real name just in case bitches be crazy no shit so in two thousand and i say this to those for me so in two thousand and six in a time of myspace and aol instant messenger i had a part time jobs growth restore pharmacy in an affluent suburb of chicago i went away to college down state but continue to work there when i was home for breaks and weekends in the fog my freshman year a guy from my high school who had been a year to older than he found me be a myspace and started chatting with me i didn't know him but
did know his younger brother i kept making reference to the fact that i had a boyfriend and he throw in a slight so smiley face i was entreat enough to chat with him so few weeks passed right here from him primarily on friday and saturday night she was flirty but never inappropriate and i kept getting the feeling that he was broken like bad things that happen em like he had a rough life when weakened in the far when i was home i learn that my coworker had died she wasn't our fortys and i work with her once or twice but was never closed with her we cast an interesting character as well have been working there including a medium or astrologers and so she can strike me as very memorable but then i learned that she had been murdered or what i do
it is they who i am and i only have surprised sounded like a what i immediately thought a heart disease charges against most middle east ringing and so please watch what you we donate to wearing from was not a place where murders happen it is the only murder had ever heard of happening here and was completely swept under the renault and talked about it and everyone proceeded forth as it had never as if it had never happened but not me i became obsessed with it she's it turns out she had been murdered and fairly abandoned industrial area of town her second job was delivering pizzas at a pizza place for her son also works apparently she swept ships with him that night because her son was quote sick and another specifics of the murder but i know that she was that she was shot when she delivered a pizza abandoned area and the murderer was a drug lord her son only owed the guy money
had plan on murdering him that night but she shut up instead so i guess they were like fuck it this is fine wondrous murder her turning to the pieces together her son was the guy that had been chatting with me from my space it is completely obsessed with a sort of like a month of my freshman year so the next time the guy message me i said something generic like i just found out about your mom i worked with her and i'm really sorry to hear about what happened at that point i didn't know he had played anywhere on the death just that she had been killed and he acted weird that i had said anything at all and never talked me again i didn't drive down the road she was killed on four like seven years it gave me the creeps see i swear to god i thought you were in a save the son did it like it turned out that land or like paid people to do it or something yeah but it turns out it was purely like revenge airlines opposed to be him while which almost feel like he's partly culpable and away oil lake not not just like
accidently but like we argued if you owe money to drug lords bad things are happening in your family you probably don't do it you guys so it's gonna work get a friend india to go in with you on a nice bag of bad grounds smoke that we know you're only drug lords alone there are some people listening to this right now or packing their backpacks to go meet their drug lord please unpack hack stay home just relax i'm an iced tea cup of tea you could actually yes you have a completely drug free day i made it sound like smoking about pot as their only option no drugs are also an option that aim and i'll blow your human egg just i don't i'm trying to make them i shall i give them as drug addicts something that they need that's true for well
we send us your hometown murders that my favorite murder and gmail and utilise thank you for raising these the second fine and depressing its super involved and its everyone's got a story out we want to know all of them we do things for sending an amending a sexy and dont get murdered alice you wanna cookie he's on top the fridge right now give a second to your lying elvis your line i wanna cookies mary not ago that's a cat by
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