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2021-04-12 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Night Stalker story and an earthquake tale.

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I am care clank and I'm really is a trigger and we are comedians as we used to prevent and the hosts of that's must up and ass few by gas on exactly right network. Every Tuesday will take you through, and I caught up a sort of law and order special victims unit and do a deep dive into the true crime. It's based on. We also interview. After from the episodes so far, we ve talked to die and Neil a k, a case. You know back Margaret show. Oh damn floor at a captain Kragan, why Club John and so many more listen and subscribe to that's my step and ass. We applaud casts every Tuesday and Apple pie cast a chair or wherever you Bob John DOE.
And welcome the my favorite murder demanding. So while I am standing up domain court, its core hair, ever sure, half million animals. I say that as someone with wet seventies guy here now, I always take his shepherd just perfectly, not enough time to blow dry. My hair yeah I get on Zoom says I have everything to do dries terribly and the nice and frizzy on the bottom kind of a triangle. I need a haircut so bad. I tell We reject emails here in your stories and their about thirty much anything at this point biting
by then, while pit celebrity sightings the dumps that, Haunted house is, as in my friend, murders we and about universal seizure. Ok, speaking of biting I'm not gonna July, subject: high Karen Georgia longtime fan here a while back you, asked for biting stories, millions yeah. I t I Angie like bite. Well, none. Joe Biden, not Joe Biden, while G do I have one for you during freshman year High School, my church youth group would play games of tag at night in the completely dark and creepy church building, Taxing the sound like a bad idea. It most definitely was one of these nights. I volunteered to be it completely out of character. For me,
girl, who would fain injuries to get out of playing kick ball? Did I went on to like hey school, for like a semester of forbad, kids and p was literally ping pong Why are we just while I'm good at ping pong, because I wasn't juvenile delinquency, hell, yes, and they finally pick something. Kids one actually spend their time in getting good. I add that in the smoking section in the nineties, but you didn't have any more. It was pretty dislike where life I'll do immediate, medial, math with the cold completely out of character, but you know I was stealing adventurous, a k, a I wanted to impress my church crash and nothing. his heart single and ready to mingle, like what happens next as the game is started, I'm doing. Ok, I tag a few people.
my good about myself. When I see when I friends running up the isles of the church sanctuary and I've decided there next they're pretty far ahead. me, but I'm running full speed and gaining ground when suddenly they come to a complete stop it's too for me, thou uncommitted, I'm airborne, I'm crashing into him. My mouth collides with the back of his head Suddenly I'm on the ground and something doesn't feel right. I think there's something floating in my mouth, then registers, it's my front tooth route, and all. Oh I'm inconsolable. As my best, my best friend leads me to the after him to assess the damage and the boy I crashed into follows: apologizing profusely, I repeat, Let me tell him probably not super coherently, considering my newly acquired Lisp Umegae, it you're not my tooth out. You not like TAT, my in shock self had no mercy by this point someone,
found my older brother who drives me to the emergency room where they spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to shove my tooth back in the socket ill, which, as far as it sounds, spoiled, It doesn't work and I will eventually have to get fake teeth and thy fake front teeth. After I get home where that night, with one last year, when I start at the evening with my aunt, harassment and horror, I find out through my completely full text inbox. Oh my god. Oh my popular now that my collided with this kid. I must have had my mouth open because he has cut from that my teeth on the back of his head and a concussion. but who really cares about them? When you essentially bit someone thankful, you didn't care and even brought me flowers. The next day to apologize to me. I didn't get him anything to apologise for my small foray into vampire ism, but personally I
think my having to walk around missing affront tooth for a week at the already awkward age of fifteen was probably apology and us move any way! That's my biting story, thanks Ladys! For all you do your podcast bring some much needed levity too. To my days I tend to listen while I'm at work, and I'm sure some people are confused as to why I'm laughing to myself behind my mask and remember, stay sexy and don't get murdered and if you're ever playing tag, keep that mouth shut. Jamie That's how hard Jamie is running up that I'll dedicated, but I just ask- and maybe I just missed this- was it her crush handed abiding, etc, just random guy like it, but I think it was just a random guy and I'm sure I'll get her way. The creches, probably nearby Privileged Crawley rallies, stopped gawk, yeah losing a tariff is pretty in terms of growth and adult to show
yeah! That was no like. She wasn't in third grade, exactly hopefully the teeth, but she thanked you look better than the rest yeah, it's even when she just gotta braces us believe that's out of her like a team baby or something I tell you- At the time I was super drunk on tequila shots at their rap Party four Shakespeare in the park which the party was in the park and my friends like come down here and I started running between two sets. benches and we're like basely built up. Oh this theme running and then ended up flipping over the ban, and when I sat up by spit out like a perfect derivative grass, it was like a retainer because one I fell my teeth into the dirt. So lucky. I wasn't like hard pavement that was last time. I drank to kill and it was in ninety ninety one. I think the smartest thing you could have given up its worst fucking surely stood.
Don't fall for the secure, like promise, secure promises. You won't get as much weight cause or not much. Is there some like thing about it? I can't o or that there are some diet- that's like you can drink, tequila. Ray, and then it's us like a cleaner. What up? It's fucking? It's! It's still legit mentally poison. I disagree it's clean and I think it causes so many more problems than back then fun yeah, whether or not it there's something. It's like a psychedelic omar we're different than normal drunk. It is, if you go, it's a vodka everyone if you're gonna trees high, not not the bottom of the barrel, what Kutcher brought you buy Smyrna? This is.
My dad's night stock or story? How hello, I'm a thumb pham? I finally have a story to submit to you. I was recently talking to my doubts about the Netflix Nights darker series, when he, which was amazing by raising editorial opinions of us when he casually slipped into the conversation. Did I ever tell you about my night Starker story were let what so my parents meant LOS Angeles and lived there around the time that the night stalker was active in terrorizing the city. In the midst of this, my folks decided to pick up and move to San Francisco and adjust settled into their new home. When, wouldn't you know it suddenly, it was reported that the knights darker was running around San Francisco instead of EL. On, never forget it never forgot. My has them nice darker migrated north. You guys must have been like everyone, he is coming to our house. Has
free person there, like the rumour that first, that I remember going around was he's, kills people in yellow houses and it was people in white ouses. Then it was like you do know certain people to know what the color of the house was, because I think we ve talked about this, but or what we watched it happening and allay very, like uh, that's horrible for there, and then it came fuckin right into the I mean it is such that stories. I wonder we I wanna see everyone pending their house magenta, but everyone everyone, a daily city, was safe because that's the that's the city that little boxes the song Little Box is about. Look I shouted the way, the guy's name and then new measuring I think that every time we're on that fear, I love that
What were you doing? I don't love. My dear has understood the night, Stalkers M, o meant anybody could be as next target. So my dad took up a new routine of casing the house every night before going to bed to double in triple checked at all the doors and windows were locked and that the house was secure. Fine, good work it out at this, time my parents had a German. The short Herod, pointer name thoust by all accounts, was just about the most perfect dog ever to exist, Stephen will you pull up a picture of a german short hair point our so we can give is on this? Oh, I know what that is through Germany, short Herod, pointer, Faust sounds and vertical, but one I know we hours when everyone was fast asleep, Faust started barking up a storm. My jumped out of bed grabbed a baseball bat and made his way downstairs to find fast growing by the front door. With his hackles raised with his adrenaline pumping my dad started, making his way throughout the house throughout the house
looking for signs of a break and he found the all. The doors and windows were still locked and didn't seem to have been tampered with, so he opened the front door to take a look outside when he noticed something sitting on their doorstep. Hoddan Stevens got a picture. Brigham House area closer closer, closer Oh yeah, those guys, Gordon recently, it's what you think of when you think of a duck hunting dogs is adjourned. Herblay. I write a guy like a german shepherd at all. It's like a house suddenly a hound. It's just the german version of a hound occur. It's out of airlines, dang rupture animals. I love those dogs, their social. their dogs that like to have a job those or does it mean to go. Do things like go to office every two years ago? They want to earn a living on the bacon for you, you got those excel. Spreadsheets aren't gonna, throw them out, but the dog, just deleting entire excels, broke up with a paw. Ok, so I really
that part, so we open the front door to take a look outside when he noticed something sitting on their doorstep. It was a newspaper, It's my parents had just moved the area they ve signed up for newspaper subscription. My dad had forgotten that their deliveries would be that various legal calling card legs they re so sinister, the unexpected visitor, the came by an freaked out the dog and my parents was none other than the paper delivery. Now, I'm always talking about your crime with my mom and my aunt, but I rarely have these kinds of conversations with my dad he's the sort of person who prefers not to tell tragic and terrifying stories unless he can point out a silver lining or rap. You
when a hug afterward. Ah me get it done. Thank you for continuing to feed microgram addiction and for providing a reason to laugh, for so many throughout this house gape that is covert Emma famine. The exactly right network is really getting me through. Lately arrives sexy and just sign up for an online newspaper subscription instead Ellen love- and I love stories of like people's kids finally asked them about their lives because you know, like so self centred and suddenly, like your parents, have these- stories is unhappy stories that no one's ever asked them about. I feel like that's a thing of our planet. Cast that I really love- and I took my dad too- it's just like it's really lovely it's great yeah, especially now and so are like this are usually the strong silent that those of us who have the strong sign- and type dad's
dad's from the sixties, camera come out would be like honey. I was so scared and alone. I have never gonna get my believe live. Ok, old school in car entertainment pays off My main concern, one I was a child, I would get bored while writing in the car. This was a key a few years ago. So when we went places in a car, iron attainment was mostly limited. Looking out the window or fighting with Siblings, hey, what can I just say: three leading players in the back of the fuckin head rests in the back, I'm telling you it's. Yours
oh boy, if you have no idea, my friend LISA told me this when we were in high school, but she did it when she was a kid and meet for some recent stuck in my head, and it made me laugh so hard wiess, lanyard S c, H class me. She said she used to stare out the window. Could she was elder? Sister was a lot older than herself is kind of like an only child out of her life. She would stare out the window and pick and picture and invisible horse running along through the fields as they drove by so the horse. Would she would make the horse like jump the fences and go through the trees and stuff like that? She pictured this like a wild horse running alongside the car. Do now is that such a great imagination she worked. She works with horses. She always she's she's, like I always she's, an amazing artist and paint tat. She does a lot of things. I believe the last time that I heard from her. This was like a kind of a Facebook old time, videos a long time ago, but she was working with forces that is beyond isn't the best, but it makes me laugh because it's such a specific, like talk about
having to get creative with your border. Truly like we didn't you guys, don't even lap I never thought to learn about cars themselves and I'm still horrible at recognising make model color but numbers stick in my head, so I started memorizing license plates ivory tower, by would memorizes many places, I could, and I love seeing how the same cars would pass you and then show next to you as a light. Only to pass you again don't speedy rise. You're, not going anywhere faster, yeah, exactly just says the girl who's a fucking race car driver I got older and learn to drive ahead to pay attention to the actual road, but I still habitually memorize the plates of anyone driving quote suspiciously. I believe since fairly random teenage or criteria consisting of driving too slow, zapping too long at lights, and stop signs and driving a super nice car in my middle class neighbourhood
because those rich people, surely must have been up to something. Financial in college. I sort of driving on the highway alot of my crew of criteria settled and the people who cut in an out me and irrigators, not not me, which is why my weird habit, finally paid off I went up. I was visiting my parents fishes with us like I've ever heard. The letter was visiting, my parents washer and drier as Wiring Leon, I get one we again and stopped at a gas station before I hit the road head back to school. When I want when I went to walk inside to pay wholly Chris, The realisation that this was before pay at the pump just made me feel so so so old. At any rate, when I went inside the store- and there was a car sitting out friend a running costs, in front of a gas station. Really shouldn't seem that I'd and a gas station that is a block for the police stations should be extra safe. You can literally,
to the police station from the parking lot, but let us should the knows. A lot of shit, you're, setting yourself up saddened should all over the place here. You have shed all over this gas station shudder and knock and pay eyes, showed your pants good, something triggered my habit and without thinking I memorized the plate, member noise. I'm just as I walked in? I was bowled over by a man running out of the station and hopping in the passenger side as the car sped off somewhere just a rod. The gas station, just after him a teller ran out trying to get the cars information. I walked in ass. The other clerk He wanted the plate. Number wrote down, paid, walked out and hit the road
the smoke I began to hack into my holster got into my truck, went on strike anywhere match on my belt. Look at all the cigarette with one end up in the air, got it goods bunny! Oddly, I have almost never remember to license plate number since was that the big it was like the rehearsal on the performance you should all over the place and then you did. Your duty my random had found its one useful instance, and I moved on, I guess, There's no button. I can't greater Lubeck, unknown down that was pages old right out of that letter with no no rapid up via because that's who they are and they laughed and they blew out their guns.
There are just as I enter the Irish good bite out an email. That's how cool that personal thanks, you're, even stopping by probably Emily, that was a mailing proof, we will vote K this one is. It feels sensitive to me. So what I'm gonna do is it's it's. It's an email, that's the based in earthquakes, so working to say that this took place in California and that's a specific as I'm gonna, be Ok, so I'm gonna say I'm replace all the other city place. Names arrived with the with the phrase such and such a low pets and Erin Georgia and ass man- birds. They love it. Ll be ass. Man knew ass S. Man, scared, Mimi by sorry,
Karen Georgina S, man as our seventy set come. I am currently writing from the car as I crossed the such and such bridge with my family yea for family vacations as we are bumping along and while I'm staring down at the water, imagining what it would feel like to jump off parentheses, not suicidal, just curious. My arm casually brings up the time her family thought her uncle such and such died in such and such freeway collapse during the night. To me everything I move, San Francisco earth, how I know all these details: okay, so
I can be a specific San Francisco, because everyone knows the nineteen eighty nine cents worth, of course, for those who don't know- and this is where back an email in nineteen. Eighty nine earthquake here in the bay was a six point. Nine magnitude quake that rattled the area during the world Series. It killed roughly sixty to seventy people and had a massive financial impact on the Bay area. Now this isn't quotes. Yes, we all thought uncle such and such died. He was a such and such on his way to work, and after the quick happened, no one was able to reach him. We basically planned out his funeral and had come to terms with this death. My mom says, which I I wouldn't have been, is interesting, but sons were coming home from a family reunion where I, in all caps literally just saw uncle surgeons. I knew there is more to this story. Basically, my uncle is an answering his cell phone because he snug of two
different country with a new and secret girlfriend after his divorce. He was, The cell phone scene and didn't have enough minutes on his phone for international international gulls? So he left the phone at home upon his return. He didn't have any missing messages are calls. Needless to say, my mom's family was shocked when he showed up the following month for dinner, with a new woman completely unaware that they had a grave picked out for her. Oh, my god I bear to name Uncles- is as care for ever. He still denied that it was a quote girlfriend Peter to a different country. As for my mom, I asked her what she did during the earthquake and since her and my dad we're living in the Bay area during that time is newlyweds. My mom about us woman that she is handed out shots patrol, invoke it to her neighbours to quote com their nerves, while the ground rumbled to drown. That's that's! Ok, that's tequila does that is
in an earthquake post earthquake when you're when the truly in San Francisco the world has crumbled around you. She was doing God's work on the street that now we re southern California and felt it mildly and then watch the new you I was in fifth grade. It was third great, it was terrifying. Free must have been that that I was in Sacramento Sacramento freshmen in college, and if we were on the second story, a building its acts day, and it felt like some. It fell. A God had picked up the floor and snapped it out like a sheet the whole room, rumbled like a big role. It was one of the weirdest feelings. I've ever felt it was totally different and it was completely aftershock as Sacramentos two hours away from San Francisco. Crazy thing is, I believe, nowadays, other earthquakes in California have been at night, which is almost like a blessing has during the day when everyone's out and about its some there's. So much damage. It feels like someone
screaming ladys with babies, I am thinking of the movie earthquake. Sorry stay sexy and always avoid earthquakes by going Jamaica with your secret. You know every way travel for live shows like ok, let the earthquake happened now that we're up nice, that's just wrote like light the match and throw it behind you. You travel out. Ok, my cabinet there's an earthquake tonight, there was one the other day I matters Venice there's been a swarm as they call them. I slower buying. Grew it it's really amazing what they expect us to share online these days. So true, I mean: do you really need my location birthday and my mother's maiden name? What are you gonna do about? Who s going to see it? The truth is no
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fragrances coming from your armpits make the switch to native today, by going to native d, o dot com, Slash Emma Pham or using promo code Emma check out and get to eighty percent off your first order: that's native d, o dot com, Slash Emma Pham or use promo code. I'm a famine check out for twenty percent off. the first order, Here is a retro meet cute, so The occasions Emma am Pham. You asked to meet you. my parents, vine and Frances, I'm the best one, it's Colorado eighteen. Seventy three and my grandma Betty glass region, accent was so strong. By the way, my friends often thought she was speaking a different language. That's what it's like last now, specifically, it is. it's like
That is an accent that isn't that you need to here for a while. You need to be immersed in. I gotta see this furrowing, your brow, the entire time trying to causes and users of big thick smiled. I certainly was area. No one more time limbs are the local, the local. What was that? her local watering hole. This is the weak grandma she met and ice fella, who she thought might make a good match her. Her daughter is it where that my grandma, picking up man for her seventeen year old daughter in a bar. It is but you know the seventies social, gives this man who I think was inappropriately in his early thirties, my mother, for and this is a number seventeen year olds, number seventeen by any and rights, or do a party with him mostly attended by his co workers, while the part in which I'm sure was a great first date for my introverted mom. She but this is a super handsome fella, in fact all girls were noticing the super handsome fella,
spoiler. It was my dad who, as a more age appropriate. Twenty one years old, my moms the sky and knew no. He was meant for her, so she inserted her super shy south into other gagging of gaol surrounding my dad and try to make an impression but what about her day, you ask why she knew she had to play a course as she waited to make her move. Luckily, my dad was the party at the same time as them so sly, like a fox, my mom's slipped. Her number, in my dad's hand on their way to their car. I second done this. I dont want less. I didn't wake obviously just like but out my arm in the most dramatic gesture, wow and that was the person like did they call you? Oh yeah,
imagine I orbit fisher- that's a cool move. That's empowerment, Leah in front of us, like a bunch of other people tools, I you're gonna call me what's up first, you look over his shoulder and you go watch this shit and then you hand tat, check this out and held it. Everybody. Everybody luck without her date being the wiser she had never done. Even like that before but says she knew she couldn't let this man get away. She waited on Penza needles, all night and barely slap, but she needed have worried, as my dad called her first thing the next morning to ask her out of the room EL careering. I now of the real kicker my mom's date. Was you guessed it? My dad's boss. I remember as a word authority as that, sir, I know he won't. We won't come out and say he got fired over this. Well, it wasn't long before he quote no longer work. There
not actionable these days anyway, but it gets worse. Part of the reason my mom had no trouble getting my dad to call her was that he had seen her in a burger king two weeks earlier unnoticed, smoke and she was- and that says the I was a glorious, long, seventies, hair and bell bottom clad legs up to her neck items. Real creepy he recognized her at the party and was secretly thrilled when she slept him. Her number my parents happily married for forty five years on April, twenty second, twenty twenty one and they have been a truly inspirational raw model of what a marriage can be. I can't wait till we all vaccinated, so I can visit them wherever it is. They happen to be parked in their big ass aren t. They roam the country and together logic,
The jury am also shot at my murdering a mom who is a police. This dispatch are for the Lakewood Colorado Police Department for over a decade. pass on her lover, true crime, to me, along with her, luxurious hair, both of which are greatly improved. My life, and this is new, like dumb drop homology, that's got a wink, yet is again drop stay sexy and We slip Q guys your number when you're on a date with their boss Heather for another, Matt. That's no man. Graded lies spoken in growth, it also must be nice to hear a story about your parents and have that feeling like it was a faded thing here like it wasn't she made the effort, but he was already excited about her. Nothing such a sweet, exciting part of
story and the best part is there: they didn't have a bitter divorce and pesky battle. That's like it's not as much of a meat q when they and fucking aiding each other mama. Now it's not a kind takes away from a little over to the fact that there are now roaming, the country and, in our view, is like its hotter than ever. I think our hands when they derive Bali, DR that's, not safe hey, I'm going crazy without ok. This subject is knew how surprises a treasure in the wall story. You hello, I'll, love this. Love. You love your pats now, under the story of my family, moved into our current home last August, moving across the province, men pandemic and eight months, pregnant is not something I would ever recommend doing. Thank you for the two now
Spring, has sprung. My husband has started with some house projects project, one with some landscaping out front, namely moving some overgrown shrubs from directly beside the foundation he had been outside for about an hour when he came in and asked. Is it a catholic thing too? very Jesus in your garden. Irene is, if I could now its fishing. I like aunt, I I think it's actually you're not supposed to distant caught. The twelve commandment thou shalt bury Jesus senior help. Oh Jesus three grows. Now: that's not that's not respectful of the J man got it and an imprint,
sees it says I was raised Roman Catholic. He was not to which I replied, I'm sorry what he had found buried: one foot down in a plastic bag wrapped in cloth, a tiny religious figure. I immediately asked if there was any blood on assuming that it was a murder weapon. He replied no, but I also didn't touch it with my bare hands, just in case all burner, you see, as in parentheses, it says, match Maiden Heaven. I think so. My bed, friend, is way more catholic and than me and then in parentheses, because there are levels and she asked what the figure looked like. It was a man holding a child. She told me it was probably Saint Anthony and was buried because the previous owners lost something and wanting it wanted to return. When I told my husband, his response was quote: does it matter if, if its glow in the dark, because is it well and my friend
responded! Well, that's just hoodoo glowing Saint Anthony is now in our kitchen as eyes: fucking love they found. The thing is that the people who lost some there like what
please, Jesus help us find our statuary back and then buried the neck, the very next day or some pump was acting up. So my husband was in the cross face dealing with that. All of a sudden he comes running upstairs saying you thought the figurine was cool. I just found the best thing you could find a hidden in a house the ages porn. He found tat in the wall behind our sum of Egypt s copy of insatiable too, along with the receipt from the purchase in two thousand and one. My husband's only regret is that we do hope. We think that letter- and I told him it was not worth it to buy one old porn. His second suggestion was the age s players at his parents. Put. I also vetoed that idea. He is currently on the hunt for a digital copy that is all Sd Gm Bailey. Everyone gather look what we found guys guys we're gonna have a view of the ages porn Cornick. What's ain't Jesus said Psmith glowing Saint Anthony, just like it's like a retainer that a kid who get the glow in the dark. I had one why.
tat, you have to be glow in the dark. Well, because Saint Anthony is the patron saint of lost or impossible blast items are impossible cases, so you pray to Saint Anthony like it like. It's like your daughter's wedding day and you lost the keys to the car, but everything you than you stopping a pleasing at the map is rated, so they must allow something big and crazy to bury something in the yard hours. I've never heard of bearing any now has a part, the process, but I don't understand what the glow in the dark per comes and Patron Saint of raves. Look what a lost cause. I think it's help, you find things in the dark. Ah, a thing: let's fun do they I've glow in the dark and the patron Saint edge
yes, glow in the dark was invented, but how nicely by eradicating ancient alien investor were making wallpaper allows eyes, one yeah hurt, but yeah yeah. I started, but listen if you, while the one more hometown each hour, doing Fancourt home towns. Now, if we ve never read George, you get a better were only reading stories the Fancourt, so you get a better chance of seeing knows yes again, like my job which one you joy lights, special and you get discounts on your merchant whence it attacking touring again you get first debit tickets, so it other than it it's their girl, I'll high and wide videos, and just twenty two cents a day. You too can have all of this in more effectually way. Less than that to like forty bucks now I not now it's always been forty bucks them. We're not you know it's a scam
stop accusing us of scamming, Yale and states. Healthcare, murder, Elvis Tijuana cookie
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