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MFM Minisode 224

2021-04-26 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a mace story and a pen-based murder.

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Do you want me to go. First gave a solid, ending Ok, always good. It's gotta Edna! hi, sweet time running out right, yeah, something over. My father, the sixteen year old, brothel rum runner? Hey? Are you asked trickery? see job stories and well I don't have one. My dad's high school job really takes the cake, my dad, grew up in New Orleans when he was sixteen years old. He got a job with his next door. Neighbor slash best friends, family. This really owned, a few bars on bourbon street and hired my dad to work at one of the bars. The in his best friend would go to work from six p m: the two am every weekend during the summers and most the school year to this was bourbon street, the nineteenth sixties, just as Iraq S, but with a lot fewer rules, exact
the place you want to send a sixteen year old to work. I now rules no a lot. We age at that point. Probably my dad describes job Ass quote: we'd, bring beer to the front and costs to the back, and do it all over again, but this wasn't fully the truth soon. Into their employment, the bar owner ass from the start running a nightly errand. Each night around nine p m. They would bring a case of alcohol to MRS Wallis. At her quote home, they were told to quote there and tell Miss Wallace, pays you and only accept cash might and his friend know exactly who Ms Wallis wise and we're rightfully excited to do this delivery, especially again as sixteen Euro boys, Miss Wallace was none other than normal Wallace, the last madame of New Orleans. Well brothel Abner, extraordinaire and then,
she's credited with hosting the first strip teases on bourbon street and helping the FBI with catch it with capturing mobsters, well girl, each evening. They would gather up the liquor drive over her brothel an were let in by the bouncer to wait in the hall still sitting there. Are they saw all the clientele coming and going police chiefs, prominent business men, politicians, even the mayor, allegedly on many occasions every night. Miss laws would come down stairs of the water cash and they beyond their way. They can do this, for nearly three years while later in life, Mrs Wallis tried to revamp her reputation by opening a fancy restaurant on an old plantation my grandmother chose. To go there for her birthday. Shortly after it open miss flawless making the rounds grieving gas and when she saw my dad, came over and warmly welcomed him by name
As you will have my grandmother who didn't recognize. Ms Wallis asked: how do you know that women, my dad replied, I mean near Before- just stay sexy amendment. Immediately, I'm you're telling me the story, but I am picturing the Simpsons where Bart goes to the chef de weight as the story, or does it mean providing no right to think I do think the boss said only accept ash like do not exchange sex for this liquid or like? Don't trust us lady on credit, even though, she had all the cap and the working world, but maybe a steady ass. One before I think it was like. Don't let her say boys? Would you like some areas instead of getting paid to those nice yeah historical brothel story? Ok,
subject line gives us. So I saw just read at you: hi, I'm FM crew and pat listening to your episode to seventy about PAM Hub Karen's remark about what could be less effective for establishing than a ballpoint pan reminded me of my hometown. Murder known in the Netherlands, as the ballpoint murder or the ballpoint affair, In my home town of light in ninety one, a fifty three year old woman, Mary, de mer, this person is right. Sitting in is pronounced blank and they're doing it perfect low growth, it seems like. I know how to pronounce he's names, but they are arriving in finding what ok, so a fish A three year old woman named Mary De Mer, was found dead by her nineteen year old son and Perhaps he showed that she died because a big ballpoint pen
was wedged into her brain that apparently entered trigger warning via her eyes or not It had gotten so far inside her brain that it was not visible from the outside and it only showed up on the x ray. After a few years of fruitless police investigation, the authorities arrest her nineteen year old son for murder, because is there a best came forward to say that he had told her. He shot his mother with a cross bow and then apprentice. These loaded with the big pen you're, a caretaker from his school also comes forward to say he overheard, the sun and another discuss quote the perfect murder after a court case in nineteen. Ninety five. The sun is convicted to a sentence of twelve years. Murder, his lawyers in the cause of death. Could then an unfortunate fall were met.
He fell on top of the pan, which lodged into our brain after the conviction and ophthalmologists. Indeed, evidently test the crossbow theory, but concludes a small crossbow. Couldn't have been used because the pen would have fractured while was found in the victim skull intact. Another up knowledge is carried out the same test and found a small crossbow could not shoot a bit. Pan into a human skull without being, fractured and then parentheses. He did this using actual human heads from cadavers. That's horrified. So after these findings, the sun, whose now in his twenties, was provisionally released more research
Testing is done, which experts say proves a file could have resulted in the injury seen. Apparently there was a similar case, or somebody fell in impaled themselves on a pencil which also completely disappeared into the skull without breaking in parentheses. I the headache just about- and I might plucking Armando eyebrows right now be arrived at its very it. This one is, I guess, the deter. Your warning should come way. The beginning, as this is such a specific, like I thing MA, are so specifically terrifying on appeal and ninety. Ninety six, the sun was acquitted because of lack of evidence when a therapist was onto the stand again on appeal. She claim doctor patient privilege not with thy ear not before all this is to say in some cases, ballpoint pens can be deadly thanks for your great pod. As your style, partly inspired my own very niece war crimes
an international justice POD Castle called asymmetrical, hear her? Yes, yes, yes, truth and maiming. I love it they ok carry with them. What a simple minded itself. That's the plenary is near me that sorry, it's don't listen to enable the national markets You know. Sometimes I skim these so that they are. You surprised, media that were really surprised, that we stay sexy and don't follow your ballpoint pen. Stephanie I mean in that is horrific in so many ways. It really is in its also. This thing that I think comes up in insured crime stories a lot- and I think, maybe now now more because of modern friends, x and study. As this thing of lake of look into,
the science of what happened to make sure that someone isn't going to jail because like in the worst case scenario, which is their mother died in it. Terrible rail accident and now they're going to do about yeah. That's that's so crazy, wow, horrifying yeah? Berry I have some is also reminds me you I I have so many. On that. I can't keep them straight because I'm just so blown away because it's ok, Can I tell you my thought is that this It reminds me and third grade I'll, never forget this cause. I witnessed it with my own eyes on the playground it was after school and for some reason to of Eid save them. Most popular boys at Wilson- school, Jimmy Martin and Billy Baluchi, oh sure, were standing on the plate
ground, throwing a pencil back and forth at each other, as an alike are working it up in air and yes, and they were they were pretty far away from each other. They come up and throwing it was like it was Seventy years later, it was like a p. I say of like here's. What you do not do accept stuff like this is What happens in the seventies? Of course I can't remember in my mind I remember bird that it happened to Billy Curlew G, of them through it. No other one went to catch is turned his head and the pencil went into their ear. Yes now and then I just rumours Jerry for external helping out just like in my mind, I kind of just like yeah that was broken. I have been like area you're, throwing a pencil Eddie, the other can we get,
listeners right in the dumbest thing he witnessed as a child of other children. Doing your own children anonymously you now you don't hear about your kid it. Just those things like names will. What did you think was going to happen have to stories a stitch getting stitches in my face like yeah, what did she say Luke was going to happen as a little cab with you. Stitches in your face twice as a little Kay lacks yes error one in my eyebrow, either a scar right here and one in my chin from believe it or not. The bottom of the kitty pool at that. How poor did you die? If I do dive. I rolled into the pool I was like this will be fine quote teenagers doing it. They really like twelve rolling each other in and then they left him. It's like! I'm not like school caught. My attention bullied leading into the water which has always shark? They grows
and then have to be restrained. I remember it to get stitches. Can I was losing my mind. My mama's holding my hand the whole time just like treasure. Hurt so bad inquisitive you're in a hospital with someone coming out. You with second sewing you Assholes and yeah yeah, and your leg. It's now the I don't care. How much mention is bleeding may when I got my ears pierce, I wanted them so bad, and I was like four. I begged and I saw my watch- My sister do it and the like Pharmacy was: where was I, I got one gun and they went. Did the other one and I ran out screaming like the coroner. Although your leg I saw her, do it, they want to do it on me half way through rather than remain the main body of yours started happening and I was fine weather it somehow that snack flowers, ok, sorry this one's called. I might beyond the no fly list hello. At all. I am,
dear latest episode about Mason, I thought I'd like to share with you. My own May story into those and six or size fresh out of college and moved to the mountains of Colorado to have a year a fun. The year turned into a butt. Don't regret a second of it. My story starts with the typical day As a bell, men, slash valet at a very large hotel and snow Mass Village, Colorado Aspen specifically while working, I was in the back while working hours in the back to- and I quote, key audit of all the key valet keys make usually eggs were on the appropriate peg were marked correctly and so forth. I can't said. A key is with dozens of chalk keys and began to look through them. I really appreciate using the word and correct spelling of chalk keys. Being from a smallish city in Michigan and not really the most quote. Worldly man, I was sure what the pink cylinder dangling from the kids was or what it was for.
Looked at over, and I cannot tell you what I was thinking but pressing. The little handle seem like the next step in my evolutionary process Soon spray came flowing forth and my eyes began to water. I think he's back upon the Peg board and closed the door behind me as I walked out of the back office to get some fresh mountain air mother. I story ass, I stood in our valet circle. I noticed people beginning to walk out of the double doors from our lobby. I saw my services manager ushering people out, but I was still oblivious what was happening. You see the funny thing about our back office in our valet area was that the air handler for the entire lobby sat in the corner. When I closed the or behind me? I thought that was the end of the story, but air handler had started to suck in all the fumes and was literally airing my mistake to the entire sebaste. This is the post office. Hard story,
Oliver and maize? Now, I'm usually a very honest man, but once the fire department showed up, I was about to say, and I ve bang speculation abound. Terrorist attack, gas leak of biological weapons nope the dumb ass twenty three year old, who had never seen a cannon mace they sexy and dump as the button just because it's a button, Kory Kory, That is some of the best advice that you can give a person. Press button saw air just randomly press button, because there's about it now don't do it now, It's only trouble unless you're an elevator and even their carefully I'm not numbers That's gonna get us anywhere, but wait if he made himself a little wooden leg.
Wasn't either one standing there with bright red eye that everyone is a valuable way of paying older people ended. Invariably, that's what's happening around here in terrorism. It must be as utterly terrorists. The time is small scale down this one, ok, now what region this subject I chair in Georgia, I just want to start by saying I love you. I love the podcast and I love the pats great start my mom and I are huge fans, I'm on and she he has been waiting for an interesting murder to quote. Uncle suddenly occur just to email, it till you, but please not to wish for that
we both listen, you can email them. What you need to tell your mom is that you can email about pretty much anything in the world at this point we have to be about we both Greece and every Monday on Thursday. So it's not convenient listening to gruesome murders on the way to pulling out to my christian middle school. But I still love you about how she's a metaphysical obeying this is a middle school jaime or did or is it a person who founded their own middles like a hot there? They are in their own I own, a middle school had a modern, then oh, it's Christians, eight! Many always moving on. So hell, Galvez Hotel how bad is located in Galveston, Texas, sort of near the sea while now that You know, that's. You are bound by the sea while that, while yeah down there,
I first heard of this story for my mom, but I did some extra research to make sure I wrote this correctly: Inga Adra couldn't find her. Last name was a twenty five year old bride. Be it in the nineteen fifties. She was engaged to a mariner who would often leave her alone while he was out sailing whenever This mariner ship was due to port. Dr would go room, five or one. It has been said before that she would also rent the room would choose to go to room five or one, because it was in particular proxy to the elevator which she would use to access. The latter are drove a climb, the ladder to the rooftop and spend her time there while her. Don't be. Newlywed was away at work after a while storm Andrew, was informed. Her fiance would not return because his ship was capsized overcome with fear, despair and heartbreak. Adria hung herself on the hotels West turret to make matters worse.
A couple of days later otters feed, I won't say return. He had somehow survived the storm and was eager to see his beautiful wife, oh well, waiting for his soon to be bride. He was told that she had previously just died by suicide years later. Es visiting the hotel say they can feel a cold show overcome them. Others report doors slamming shut and some of even reported lights. Flickering there ve been more rapid ports such as televisions? Turning off with no explanation and like I said there was more, but I'm too lazy to tuck throughout Europe to play its part, well, hello,
That was the story of the infamous hotel Galvez. So while it wasn't a vicious murder, I still thought it was a pretty interesting story. Thank you for taking the time to make the best podcast I've heard and thank you for being so close to your fans. Oh, I hope you found this somewhat interesting and I really hope you guys haven't read the story before, because sometimes my mom listens without me. Oh my god rude how that is unforgivable. A child merit! Oh, dare Thank you. So much again, three exclamation point much love Jen in parentheses, my mom and Julia in parentheses me, think they're Julia I was beautifully written and I love that story, because that's it's like a ghost origin store. Oh so good, so sad.
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head murder would be the worst outcome is the name of it. And they said, murder would be the worst outcome. That's how asbestos it yeah start Karen in Georgia. I apparently live under a rock and that rock is called Central Illinois. This unless we can actually allow the sun. It took to being held prisoner in my own home, a k, a quarantine to start quarantining did start listening to your podcast, and now I am obsessed it says, but non maghribi obsess kind of way. Small backstroke south. I have grown up in and still live in, a small and very conservative hometown. I am nonsense. Child I've heard that I wasn't attracted to man, but coming to terms with knowing your a gay and any incredibly religious town also comes with along with feelings and fear. And disappointment in yourselves. I might myself has always believed in and still believe, in a higher power, but it took this experience too. Along for me to be like ok, those you love them most in this world need to know
The real you This inner reminds me of fortune fumes turns a beautiful stand up special, but the cold sweetens I'll, take sweetens algae and just heard journey and story, I so inspiring emitting everyone needs to listen to it, though Rita. Because I was gonna say nice. Plug shall enjoy that. I love her after many failed, it I'm dating man, because the younger me had truly hope that my feelings would change. I decided try one last ditch effort and be a match with someone online. We're talking. Early, two, thousands e harmony situation. I knew needed to be so incredibly careful because you ve all seen online horror stories, but I was as honest as they could be. With my personal likes and dislikes. The angle. All too. Maybe other successful relationship with a man after submitting my profile, I stepped away from my computer for the rest of the evening and went to bed at night praying that if a heterosexual relationship was truly what God wanted for me that this last effort decision be the answer to my prayers
The following morning, I was excited and nervous because I received an overnight match that shared ninety percent of interest. With me in eager dissipation. I clicked on this gentleman's profile and although his picture was in a close up, he looked oddly familiar. I know at this the story, most murdering age are hoping. That would be some well known psycho, but, alas, ass. It was a nice young man who happens to be in quite a few As my family photos, my cousin that Tibet, we do have quite a things that quite a few things in common, the most important being a set of grandparents. There was at that point that I knew that God, or maybe my own inner big girl voice was finally telling me that I am enough and to move on that's what ten years later, another quite I'm still quite closeted. I am out to those I truly want to know and finally feel a sense of peace within myself. I
and took motherhood in my own hands. With the help of a donor Have the world's coolest eight year old son, I made sure he made sure to use a cryo bank from incredibly far away, because I couldn't risk my child's donor being a cousin as well Thank you, ladies for the crazy stories and endless laughter. Your big hearts and acceptance of others are what this world needs more of stay sexy and don't let online dating sites set you up with family members hoary I worry that what a beautiful three to share that, so you know, personal them. Also hilarious. I mean like, if that you would be That's like prove, God exists, total it just like you. You just got what you prayed for asylum
your cousin, showing I that's like here's the best you can hope for Corey none. So what are you gonna, and I just love initially I had got- is yours to higher power? Is yours too, and that Egypt anyone fucking, take it away from you there's no. God's rules are not your rules. It's that's, not gods rules either manmade. Also it it's just too I wonder of curry is like older because I just feel against when people you central alone lawyer. You live in a small town living and of ultra conservative area, or something like that. You get served up the idea of what you have to do a son but your family, but is what you're gonna, what school you go to or whatever, and that idea that its what's inside you it's what you know to be true as one or our lost so
class one. The subject line is so. Are we doing Saint Joseph Statue stories now a higher I'm just going to start this, as if I had not written in a bunch of hometown before that, have not been rather better right off the bat. Thus itself again, are there s a absolute support it? It says: don't worry, no hard feelings, bull, shit, we read the first signs and we know how you feel My family doesn't have any good murder stories apparently, but we do have a saint Joseph Statue story, all good everything is accepted here. Yet my parents were trying to unload a real piece of shit barbarians. Parents are trying to unload a real piece of shit out with foundation issues and groovy bright orange shag, car early, ninety or the
It was not selling so devout Catholics that they were. My parents decided to bury the old Saint Joseph Statue and then apprentices Ike. Confirm if it was glow in the dark, but I do know bearing him upside down is key look, I closed for emphasis, They send a no Vienna to Saint Joseph Bonus fact. They had both trade, this no Vienna at the same time not knowing, The other was also praying for a spouse. Ah, got it, but ah basically they they believe, they met because they, both to Saint Joseph, to find a husband and wife you meet. You would talk about that certain structure later you're mad at both for us to the end of the new media. They started: Oh sorry, here's the rest in store at the end of the new vena they started dating and quickly were engaged we'll just like their relationship, Saint Joe pulled through, because at the
and if nine days a cookie, almost unearthly Ladys showed up offering to I the house, in cash, while parents couldn't believe it, but they were so told to move into a new house in a couple days and they didn't ask Estonia, they get in touch with their old neighbor, who told them the lady never moved in but had turned. Into a bird and animal sanctuary, dream life, tat was she an angel? Was she Stu crazy, lady. As far as our family concerned, she was both a sexy and create a saint Joseph was open for all run down of her wardrobe, her long care tricks and tabs. She's just dressed like a bird, she became either I'm wearing her sure I have this late. I have
Blanche from golden girls, colorful shirt on night field, its grandma's shirt for sure he's probably came with public pants that matched you know with OECD I make is that it has a sizeable collar, and so I'm seeing some bell bottoms that wet with that Darien. Yes, oh I dunno kindred spirits wow those great. Nice challenge. Everybody now is a great badge you guys are knocking at our public Jd Park, yeah yeah. Thank you for participation if you want to hear one more from each of us go to the fan, call were now reading fan call only sent in home towns one extra every we saw and because the many many that's right and there's video leave that an Ark and there's a forum and there's all kinds of places to scan extra content. Dont you love continent, content creators, it's what we arc.
Condemned creator as right eye says acceding and took up murdered, Elvis Tijuana cookie
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