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This ain't our first minisodeo, but it is a new My Favorite Murder mini where Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories! This week, we read hometown murders and near misses from Portland and the surrounding Oregon wilderness.

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This is exactly right. Right as well too many syrup episode my favorite murder of any sound episodes. This is the many, so that's an episode and it's not really an episode of Minnesota. Are you Karen? Why won't we just write some small, the phrase up to start these fucking last, like a gimmick, but an attitude that either? Because you know why that's it that'll, be. Our death. If we do that, we're done for so bad that it is in that I think that's going up.
But just let's never write it down. Let's start, ok and weaken the this. Is my favorite murder. Many sir. That's Karen! I'm Georgia we're going to read your many said that you guys I can send us which we love disaster. Are you now works? You ve been here before this is your first. You said the oh yeah, maybe You see minutes we need a dagger Germany versus please is I'm looking to subject line that the cook the vat, the knives, and her blunder. I need this my life, someone who really bent over backwards for that very good. I write hello, Colonel Georgia, looking forward to seeing you in Portland on March twenty fifth too late. Already happens. How was it yeah? Let's? Actually, we loved circle back and find your experience like my hometown murder is still a mystery to those who knew the family. Although some one has been put in jail. None of us really believe we have moved slowly. Nice learn. I've been
for the same programme for fifteen years. We are tight, knit community myself and a couple other Marinos, our camp directors just outside of Portland in Corbett or again court as us Corbett is a small farm. Town is small our town, USA everybody knows everyone, one general store one. Cool Hazel linen Jerry storms were known as Hazel in and Jerry Storms, were known as a happy couple. Town she a cook at the local camp and he a communal. Volunteer. A minister and It now that the sounds like a perfect life, what a life, They had two sons and were grandparents to their kids. I gotta ok gamble exactly what we think it means Jerry We often bring his hunting trophies home to the large farm lynn would bring the samples of juries hunting trips out to us at sake at sight. Elk
here once even a bare for us to sample. Owl nice bear stew ocean. As in parentheses I passed on the bare right after Lynne was our head coach from when he hears upon arriving to work on a Monday. In February two thousand nine, the first question out of everyone's mouth was: did you hear what happened to live? That question was found on the side of the road with several broken bones, including her head and was in a hurry, hello, current Jerry, had had plans to sell their boat and meet two men at the Gordon Creek Road Bridge, on arrival rival, one of the men pulled a gun and threatened them. Jerry told, the run which she did, but one of the men ran after her cut up to her on the and tucked her nineteen feet over. The side we share Jerry was missing. It took her three hours to Army crawl, the river and up the hill to reach the road. She said
you can see her neighbours driving by and tried to flag them down, but wearing all camel like you on corporate organ. That is so true. Every like everything person when we were in Portland, had camouflage something on a jacket or some shore. Ok so she this is the downside of wearing. Can you actually Campi ceiling in Asia? We say, and you can't get seem when you get thrown off a bridge when you get chocked, offer us, ok Eventually, a neighbour of the Linz noticed her hand reaching just above the guard rail and stopped and took her to the hospital, because, when you made your second driving and seeing a hand coming out of the guard rail, you like I'm gonna start, but I have no idea. What's gonna happen, you like Japan Linz hand. The opposite of what you see a kitten climb out of the brush with cell there's, a kitten then you're just oh my god. I have to stop because there's really like
are things this hand coming through the guard. Rail could be me, I weren't shearing and it's like hopefully overnight, right as that car rounded terms, so it was like the headlights flash sound onto that. Guardrail. Like you see the men. I hope Lynne was very pale. We're ok, let's ride! it was all over the news. We brought her flowers and a card in the hospital Lynn fretted about Jerry and hope that the police were working to find him. She worked with the police to prepare the composites judges, but was shady on the details due to the fact that she was so traumatized thing. Big things began to fall apart when the police notice so many inconsistent in her story now, Linz Lynde story really began to unravel when one of their sons noticed the jury's revolver was still at his residence, a fact that didn't add up to his family as Jerry always travelled with that Lindsey
We didn't hold water for the police and they searched the stops Christmas Tree farm. Of course you have a Christmas tree farm. I gotta call a tenth at night. For my colleague who does not call me greatest saying, Lynn stops was just arrested, were murder and mutilation of a corpse. Oh, my voice, house was filled with Pepsi cans and the thing was a little too clean way that I feel like those contradict each other Lynn high on caffeine, apparently chopped up her husband of thirty nine years and buried her burned him on the property, the bones so badly burned. And fragmented that he has essentially been turned into charcoal. The prosecutor stated I'm sorry. Caffeine doesn't do that to you notice that math and anger- I wonder if that sarcasm. Oh, that's, not reading. Because also does like how is their house built of Pepsi cans and then meticulously clean or just may. Let you
cleaned afterward right yeah for someone who does coffee all day long, I still Can't get it up to murder mine, my husband are the bow? Ok, it took a lot hunger, to identify the bones of Jerry because they use the same methods when processing and animal, so the burn piles had many different types of bones in them. Oh, how I never heard of this Hazel Lynne that name alone. Hazel Lynne was no stranger to rendering a game animal and her days as her husband was an haven't hunter and she had a set of sharp kitchen knives. She had our set of sharp kitchen idea, which we never got back. What do you want them back? I mean at that point you gonna go the police Miller. Hey feared, I'm using that evidence yeah. We, it gains, are not you. I mean their ankles you now we got them for our letting anniversary. We love the block. It's just sitting there empty it's sick, depressing, ok in court, the defence,
aided the Lynne. A hundred and twenty five pounds and five feet. Tall lights couldn't have killed her two and twenty pounds: six foot tall husband with her hands. The prosecutor made a quick points. I didn't say she used or hands a news film and whose video foamed from a helicopter would focus in on different areas. The woodpile burn pile. Jerry was spread out all over their property. What really see the deal was the fully intact human spine in a burned out garbage. Can we all speculated domestic violence or Lynn covering four one of her sons and her family pleaded with her to share information, but she remained silent, the most likely scenario is: Lynne was mired in a secret debt. The jerry didn't know about upon realization of fight or altercation resulted Jerry being shot at close range with his own gun. Lynn disposed of his body went to the bridge to plant his fishing pole and other aid.
To imply that he drowned or disappeared fishing one day upon planting the evident she slipped and fell down the hillside and had to make her make up her story while fighting to survive with a broken hip, an icy cold, Gordon Cree. Oh my god, like she didn't do. That on purpose, though, is the hammer because I was set for one second, I was like so she threw herself over a bread yeah its intense when had remained silent. The case was closed quickly and she currently resign in the women state prison on a twenty five year sentence to this day, I work in the same kitchen that Lynn did with her former best friend we all Speciale Why went down, but the secret stays with lehne thanks for the humor, this agent, enjoyable hobby, that is true crime and for beings and kick ass ladys. I honestly believe that fucking politeness Otherwise words are helping empower women and other human. To truly stay sexy and don't get murdered. Thank you, Cheers Andrea Lynn and Amanda, similarly dissented together, wanna fuck him.
Crazy story. Don't you think if it was domestic violence, she would have, unlike it's fucking domestic violence. Yeah like leg come, but as a com, a reason The vote will really good reason. We have a true crime by captain. That's right, we love it. You think what was hers I met with those guns were son, something with her son. She covered them. I mean yeah, she flanked. Maybe she cut him up. Another ship should cover that. Maybe he was only abusing the sun, I mean, but they were married for so long now, Jesus No you also, it could have been an accident because then you don't have you don't burn? The bottom burning part is really intense. He had up and burnt and even being like. Oh it's saying it was an accident and it wasn't makes more sense. If you is he killed them, then actually do it like going to that level of fucking covering up yes, yeah, there's a
there seems to be bad intentions behind for sure he a hatred or lack of feelings. So I like the idea that there are three women that just stand around and talk about a fourth: that's not there any more who used to work. There are totally and they work in effect and kitchen and they like serve up food all day and is talk shit. They got their hair nets on and urges lean in and not clean and that something a perfect live. That's. The dream of really is ok, called a murderer foot there, then a few murders in the area I live, but one sticks out to me more than others FBI, sorry in advance for being long winded. Don't touch it. My friend live in an apartment, complex, it didn't seem entirely safe Wendy. I told him about a car in the parking lot with its window busted in an informed me that that sort of thing happen. Once a week. I told him that he
needed to move. He later inform me that, while walking from the apartment, the mailbox that someone hit him over the head with something heavy and stole his wallet I told them to move. Took a little while, after this when he finally found a new apartment. A few weeks later, a few weeks after he moved a woman from his old apartment, complex went missing. Oh well made not important. This is the eastern. This is an eastern Gresham that thirty minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon and thirty minutes from complete lack of civilization, which supply It's me so much about Portland, yeah, it's like in the middle of four yeah like you got cited the hipster areas and it's like small small town yeah I have often thought of it as the armpit of Portland, but urban dictionary has us as the Asshole of Portland, while Kennedy, you, were there no mean urban dictionary?
Her name was Whitney Cocoa and, while I dont know her at all, I knew her shitty apartment complex. She worked at a local Starbucks and was leaving her apartment ahead there, the morning of act. We're sixteen twenty Twond she never arrived later. That day, her suv was found at the local, warm warmer and two days later herself and was found at a different apartment complex when are was discovered. I immediately knew she had to be dead and October nineteenth her They was found at large mountain, the murder is Jonathan Holt. According to his confession, he waited outside her apartment and asked for a ride. He'd been too rich. A few times, but I dont know how well they knew each other after that, in the suv. He pulled a gun on her and forced her to drive to a secluded lake after he first sort to perform oral sex on him. He shot her four times, killing her. He claims to have thrown or phone lake and then took her body to the previously mentioned large mountain, how the fund ended up in a different apartment, complex. I have no clue, he admitted
The crime in the victim's family agree to allow the state to make a plea deal in order to shorten the trial, so they can move on. I doubt such a deal is made the family ass, that he not be given the death penalty and whole instead was sentenced to life without power or the state has. That the family not asked the states either the family had, Am I not asked for the death penalty to be removed? That's what they were gone for. A small story. If you don't mind, they were series of several feet that mysteriously appeared on the Washington Post a few years back there are serious, but I think they have only linked a couple of the feet. Authorities, for some reason, do not suspect, foul play which seems crazy to me, my so who is it there and a funeral director was one of them, to find one of these feet. I haven't talked to him quite a few Here's! What im sure would be interesting story if I can catch up with him and This was a long enough. I'm putting a request to hear one of you read about the monster of Andy's. Thank you. You guys are the best day sexy don't get murdered Eric, as she said,
the thing that tax on about the feet- I've heard about that at that happens in a lot of place, Ray it's not just there and theories are that when lie larger fish eat people like its common that they kind of snow chomp them. And don't eat the shoes, which is where the feed are. That's my feet, Russia and its the boy S, shoes and I've heard that, when their near like a bridge, it's like suicide people, oh really like You know the body decomposing after suicide and again the foot detaches and because the is our so laden boil it like takes them away, takes him out to sea and then back again I love that mystery or it could be the foot murderer, no morphine murderer Covey. All of the above. That's there is lots of good stuff in there. Who's the monster, the Andes, the Yeti? Now you know, I have really quickly
So, here to me that, like when you go to work the morning and say it still dark out your leg. Oh I'm safe it's the morning, but there's so much that I could still dark out and people don't think about it, You know what I mean yeah, that you walk home at late at night by yourself and you freaked out. But then you leave work at five hundred and thirty for five hundred and thirty in the morning, and it's still fucking light out, but it's feel like it's a reset, so doesn't count yeah like you, don't expect anything to happen that early also, usually, if you're up that early you're sick to your stomach. Like it's that thing you have a headache and you're sick to your stomach nears trying to get where you need to go. You can imagine anyone would get up to murder people yeah you're, not paying as much attention. Probably like murderers. Aren't that right now, yes, every anyone who could be in bed is definitely beds. Security of knowing any decent human being is sleeping. Carry that pepper spray. Into the morn till carry it all day. Until you see the sunrise and even then dear
even an Karen and Georgia. If this passes Stephen screening sarcasm, I have been listening to the podcast since day, one seriously. It's like finding my peeps, my grandpa was in the Benton County shares Department for thirty plus years, and it wasn't into a high school that I was informed. Murder is not an appropriate to lunch. Tabletop these days. My friends, allow me thirty minutes of murder talk for we have to move on cue. I have so many hometown murders for you largely because I grew up between Napa, California and core values, organ, and also because my group but was law enforcement. Naturally I was taught to be afraid of everyone and fuck politeness, my hometown murder happening in Corvallis Oregon home of the organs beavers and also where TED Bundy murdered a girl. That's not my story in the spring of two thousand for Brook will burger was cleaning lamp posts in an apartment complex that brother or sister and brother in law, managed Brook was beautiful and a devout Mormon. She had just finished her near a bee. Why you? She was nineteen years old, she disappeared,
broad daylight sometime late that morning, her current flip flops were found in the parking lot. This was a big deal for our tiny town. I just turned eleven in my mother was on me, like white on race, twenty four seven I used to take my dog on walks down my street and then one block over after the I can only work the dog to the end of the trial of a drive, an exact what the fact it is used as the dugout chunky that year Brooks Picture was up on billboards and flyers. All over town for months was we talked about at one point the brother allows suspected, but I believe that was very brief. Then this guy, that used to be in the women's dorms and steal. Panties was suspected here, but he was just a low grave pervert eventually the search narrowed to Joel Courtney. He had been arrested for kids, being in a rape of a woman in New Mexico police were able to confirm that he was in core values. Day and drove a van, so someone seen by witnesses. You'd think you wouldn't drive a value added to just about it,
twitter Corolla powder blew them where the fuck are. You think a website? Ok police found the van and found books and jewels courteously nay inside by not having a body. This was enough to charge him. This is its summer, two thousand, for it would be five more years before she found and her family would be able to put our put her to rest. After being convicted array in New Mexico for eighteen years and then extradited or again to stand trial for Brook will burgers murder Courtney took a deal offered to him, the wolves? there's were involved in this plea deal as We're very much wanted to know where their daughter was. The death penalty was taken off the table in exchange for a full confession. Courtney took her from the Herman Parking Lot. That morning, he Lord hurt to the card to ask for directions, but I'm not sure heat. I heard he learned to the car asking for directions, but I'm not sure if that's true and he raped
and after and she fell back so hard. He realised that he would have to kill her rumours flew in town, and I heard that he even came back into town and went to Burger King well She was still alive in the car after he killed her hidden body so well in the woods it's unlikely it would ever have been found after sentence in New Mexico up he will spend a true life sentence in prison for books, murder, more Tom murders to come I'll, try to keep em shorter space x, you don't get murdered. Shelby Jesus shall meaning a move out about fucking town. I mean yeah, it's awful, Thirdly, sad to see this one home alone saved my life on our planet I enjoy rights, sheer he and they right here our kills knife, which is like ok, yeah. My name is Alisha J from Portland Oregon, and I can tell you the exact moment I became a murdering. Am I grew up.
Typical, suburban town of Beaver Chin Oregon, and am I was twelve years old. My parents loud and stay home alone for the first time while they went to a party expecting to be back rather late is set me up with a pizza buster vs tape and my of my best, Prince wedding, about near the scene where they start seeing in the restaurant? I hear my front door rattle. I looked down the window. This entry and and fucking saw the door Nobile rotating back and forth, and all caps we Harry really quick, ten or twelve twelve So here we allowed to be alone at twelve now not now now, no waiting, my god, I was one in eight. I know if need were we yeah. We were using we're alone the ridiculous
Looking like an idiot, I dropped on all fours words. They may be able to see from other windows around the house and crawled towards my kitchen grabbed the biggest knife and pulled my dog in from the garage scared. They would hurt him than I back to the issue of watching our seventies house, heavy or seventies house heavy. So wooden door. At this point forcibly jerking with a metal on mental sound, not known How to do like, I don't know, call nine when one eleven, I took a clue from Macaulay Culkin from home alone and yelled out mommy to see this movie. It's hilarious, door immediately stop rattling and several seconds later I was able to see headlights backing out for a breaking out for twenty five yards are twenty five yard driveway
Pretty stupid. Stupid lie. I didn't say anything to my parents as I was worried. They would never. Let me be alone. Again. Two days later was reported on the local news at a home invasion down, the street from me had gone wrong. This time there was an older man at home. Instead of a kitchen knife, he had a shotgun and you guessed it. The two home invaders were both shot. One killed on seeing the other critically injured. The whole motor was facing murder charges, but I believe, was dropped after claiming self defense and the injured plead plead guilty to this day, My parents still don't know what happened, and I mean my days at tell them and then videotape you telling my sentiments unleashes. I saw you Gauss at Seattle.
Portland Show sold out so quickly. I bought the tickets before they announcement of the second show. I raised my hand to tell the story, but I swear to God, Karen you looked straight at me and I quickly lost the courage and lowered like dry, which I will always regret. I became an hour an and through the shit I literally scene and bend and swarm through. I developed a morbid sense of humour that, I will admit, is usually popular parties. However, after being with guys since the third, oh I have ring if you guys, since the third episode I finally found my people hundred screaming Clapping over TED, Bundy and real You can last to cope and fuck all who don't understand, keep it up by spreading the humor and joy of dark subjects, Hugson, kettles, two seven and offer a baby's Alisha a whole thousand gonna end, not because the rest were like a really before us. I hated here's what I love, so she does
tell her appearance that this really horrify thing happens, so she can stay home alone again in such child thinking, it's like they choose, put off staying home alone. Your brain isn't doesn't really finish. Until the twenty five we value its? I love her, so much and she's still hasn't told them. I think we should oh, my god, can we please call your parents in Asia. That would be what is how this thing we'll tell him of it: big wide eyes yet miles on her face like our they could have saved the guy who got broken in on down the street. Now I love that I was afraid you're in a say something else. I love that old man was just like nope yeah means in rooms in the dock, barking bad on welfare basement here, it's like. Can you get me the fuck of the garage newborn used to keep your pets in garages now at such a different world like us, a different world she's like she's twenty one- and it was ten years ago
her husband? Also and imagine being so scared and still be able to tell mom, come and see this movie totally tunneling of such a good one. Right. Well, does your hometown murder later go you guys? Organ Portland area send s your hometown, murderous animists, even cause he's doin reading them now made his actual job, and this is job. He loves it. My favorite, Gmail if you it listen. If you have a good subject, I'm it's more likely that will pay attention to it. It helps us and it helps you. It helps our set. If not, you know, don't sweat it. Just stay sexy and don't get murdered
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