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This week’s hometowns include secret siblings and a Son of Sam connection.

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Do your emails? That's right, given you, I mean everything: it's pretty base. It matters not discuss. We ve done it literally five hundred times. People know What's gonna happen, it's the mail bag, Georgie Wanna go first okay. This is called so. Rise. I have a secret sibling and this alone please, from the fan call I got we had so many good submissions for the many many for the fan called that I just had to Poland for you now. I love to Poland for the main episode This is a long story, so I'll make it snappy. When I was fifteen. There are sixteen years old, circa, two thousand and seven I was out and about with my mom running errands when she randomly turned to me and said ass. If This was normal, oh by the way, don't be surprised if in the future, similar reaches out to you claiming to be your sister, they probably are. Dumbfounded. I asked my mom to repeat what she just said. She pressed
aids to tell me that when my mom and dad we're dating my mom found out what was supposed to be my dad's Ex girlfriend was newly pregnant and having a girl. Oh surprise, Oh, my mom knew was that the Ex girlfriend plan was to flee to Canada and give my sister adoption because at the time my dad was suing her full custody, but my mom ever found out what happened. for ten years. This would be all I knew about my potential sister that may or may not still exist. Could you twenty seventeen and I'm looking through old facebook messages, and I find a message from a girl that I had never seen before asking if I knew a man name, Bob Bob was not my dad's name. for the sake of the story. Just go with it. This was on as the message from two thousand and nine that's like ten years before, and yet I had no recollection of receiving it unaware my responded. Yes, I know Bob he's my dad I'll show you
Twenty minutes later she responded an all. Perhaps it was her. It was my sister well we meet these targets. Hawking- and I asked her for her birthday and info than cross reference, the information she would go. With my mom's recollection and timeline, and it was her. That's good does Some sleuthing, you don't want to get scammed. You know, don't just accept any sister. The comes around the Facebook gets, its could be them, APOLLO guy ground rules. You please, we ve been talking on an absence. I responded to her message and send each other holiday gifts on occasion and in twenty eighteen I gotta go up to Vancouver Canada in Seattle, Washington and met her for the first time. We are oh alike. Its eerie turns out. The old question is it nurture? Nature is for us one hundred percent in nature. Meeting her was not only weird, since no one of my family has ever mention her existence to me, even though they all knew where she was also because,
She was able to fill in a lot of key information that I had been missing. My entire life about our father, as it turns out my dad was cheating both arms at the same time and unfortunately her earth mother, I have to put a legit. His, I guess, laws and stuff was admittedly raped by our father. Oh no I believe it was this reason that no one in my family told me about my secret sister until my mom blurted out in two thousand and seven my moment add divorce. When I was three months old because he was emotionally and physically abusive and an hour piece of shit. So I A strong belief that our father did indeed rape her mother, it is then a whirlwind. They got to meet someone. I never knew truly existed. She is an amazing person, a mother of three kids and I have show enjoyed getting to know her and we currently worker ITALY planning a trip to Salem Massachusetts to get our. Which he vibes on helpfully. Hopefully next,
October, Cove unwilling what a crazy thing to be like we're both into witches. Let's go to Salem Lake, I never knew you come on new sister. Let's do some practical magic together. I love it. I wish I had her growing up. I have a half brother who, who is eight years younger. I am so happy that her mom was able to escape our father, Fleda Canada and that she was adopted to an amazing family and had a great childhood. Given my childhood experiences. I can't say that would have been true if her mother had stayed love, you all stay sexy and check your facebook messages for secret siblings. A man He then she says totally doesn't need to save us but says I apologise, but the incorrect grammar and run on sentences. I'm an engineer I'm good at math and that's about it. The man. Are you too great? what an incredible story that has that twist that you don't expect, unlike the search
but be a tragic story, but, as one of like of course two women triumph being a coming together. I love that. Well, it's really be beautiful that it doesnt really the source does Really matter because it that relationship that they have now and that weird thing of this sister bond, where it is like the idea that you would have a sister you didn't know about in the second, you meet her. It's like yeah, that's completely my sailor that my love that lovely white, these horrible things, these women were able to thrive. Despite this. Problem. Man. These women were able to thrive like in spite of payment like it's a real fuck you to this day. It's over. It's just a completely separate. There are living in existence that it has nothing to do with that guy right, just like he was up part of it and now he's not anywhere in knots, and it doesn't really matter and now they're doing their thing. That's I mean not to change not to correct your thing, but there is also that thing of maybe there
not living and bitterness and fuck you, maybe they're, just being like. Oh my god, it's this lovely relationship as like here Now that it's it's a healing experience. I love those it. It sounds like to me not to go. That's a good way to spend, and instead of my anger and bitterness well justified justified the justified, but I think this is like a thing of moving pass. We're at what I find kind of like heartening, enlightening about it totally which he knows always again, always less I just I did not go all the way back, but the idea that
the mother randomly while they're out shopping like what was going on? How do you make decisions like that? We're like? I really need to tell this person this thing. Am I gonna wait till you wait till after dinner do with others, and then it's a thing that presses on you until you just say that the weirdest so you're like eggs, spread of mail, you haven't cigarettes enabling Baker things are. much worse, went there with your rather than you even could imagine, and now let's go get shoes year, fifteen or sixteen listen it's the time yet Gub, lesser array here's, my first email on this subject. China's so SAM Berkowitz connection at work
oh cool ants. I'm a substance use counselor an amazing clinic. That's expanding to be able to serve a wide array of people in the community. We just hired a really impressive art therapy system. As we sat in my office shooting the shit until our next appointment showed up. I learned that she grew up in Yonkers New York. upon hearing this, my little murdering o heart leaped out of my chest, having recently finished, marching sound. Instead of immediately acting on my instinct, I brought up that. I completed my undergrad Sarah Lawrence, which has just outside of Yonkers. After a few minutes, I started to ease into the murder in o territory, because how could I not and began talking about? I recently learned more about the Son of SAM Murders and David Berkowitz and then she says. Oh yeah, he was my mail man. My brother and I used to teach him was that you ve gotta, be someone's rail man, since it was a male. Oh, my God,
after hearing this, I was completely unable to play it cool. So I pressed her for all the details when she was twelve years old. She and her brother would hang out on the balcony on the second floor of their home on in the afternoons right about the same time, the mail was delivered each day. My co worker and our younger brother would stare at him ass. He walked into the yard, at which point he would look up and angrily ask. What are you kids like that and my Co worker would respond to this with your rat Oh, my god Oh my god, what a perfect slam here rat phase
to which he replied. I'm gonna get you kid. My coworkers stated that she now seize. He was saying this in a more teasing joking way, but that that they did not know that at the time, in spite of being slightly afraid of him, they continued to hound the male man and would, at times hide behind the fence and yell rat face at him ass. He walked, but also in a way they as children bullied David Byrne. I was just thinking that sure it's like to stop doing that yet night. Why now that the Mai shares, but she also said when she ran away from home when she was a teenager. She lived it untermeyer Park holy Shit and then it says in parentheses, where the cult did their culture and she was well aware of the dark things that were supposedly going on in the parks ruins. Needless to say, this is my new favorite work friend. I know you're here at each and every day, but on behalf of the mental health community. Thank you for being who you are and championing the causes that you do shit
m kills, go, see or therapist, say sexy and don't be a fool D, call your local serial killer. On their ship. Andrea and then it says, pronounced Andrea or really. However, you want to pronounce it. I've been called worse found, Gerais Gerda, and I mean this is a whole different time when bullying was encouraged, bullying, adults opus by MA am now and threat. Mean children was encouraged, it'll give them something to be scared of, and I was just ass, it was Lucy Goosey in the on the EAST Coast are all over the nation, but you know people could just gonna throw words wherever they want it back them. There was no one to tell anybody to do better, clap, clap. Thank your hashtag o, yet
I accidently mutilated. My grandmother's corpse light hearted also went mad grandma story, though no that's not up. Ok, Hello friend knows: so my Grannie Annie died a few. Years ago, right she and that you can there are a few times in her life before her death, during her last hospitalization, she wasn't allowed to eat salt because of whatever medication she was on. She was so for cheese off about the law. Act of salt on her already grass hospital fits ass. She had whenever kids smuggle a dime bag full of salt into the hospital korean and I don't give a fuck what she captain her bra nice when she was eventually caught by nurses. She told them. It was cocaine, she was eighty eight of the time. For when she eventually died and about sixty family members are at her open, casket viewing she had five
Children who organise the visitation, who were absolutely horrified upon seeing her body for whatever reason, the had put neon pink, lipstick, fine, grew and these lips despite having a reference photo which showed her in natural make up for kids were. fortified at the pink lips on their mothers, corpse half joking My elder sister and I asked if they wanted us to change the lipstick and they said yes in the middle of the viewing her children for under human blockade around the casket pretending to be grieving silently so they could block the view of the casket from guests. my sister and I then hesitantly got to work. We wiped off the pink lipstick, the paper towel caps, taking up all the skin on her lips with the lips wages. at the new lipstick right on top of it in the general shape of lips. We left the tube liquid lip. Sticking grannies casket, just in case she made it in the afterlife
stay. I wonder if the mortician sire handiwork after the service wondering what the actual fuck We know this poor ladys corpse. I really hope She wasn't offended that we changed her hard work. Just decide now de grandes bad ass. Sorry, the gay fan and many gay grandchildren, if she'd, never judged and all came, out to her without issue. She was pressed sex work and put my father in his place when he gave my sister a hard time for stripping and making adult thumbs she confronted stew, and yours and public freezing racial slurs on several occasions, and definitely but of attended, black lives matter protest if she was alive at the time for a couple months should it tell anyone that she had gone. Seventy five percent blind in her old age and continue to drive her car training that she wanted quote. Just a few more joy rides before handing over her licence the thank pollution her anyone or herself literally driving blind one last story Christmas before
death. She morbidly gave out some of her jewellery to some of the grandchildren when we asked her why she was giving away her jewellery. She her response was I'm old as hell and definitely gonna die soon. She laughing at our horrified looks following that statement a few months after her I visited a psychic, Medium Grannie. Aim through and started talking about the lipstick in her casket. The meat and was very confused, while my husband and I we laughed ourselves off our tears, Her go still shows up around the house from time to time before she died I she established quote secret codes for us to recognise when she hunch at us. I got my sister and I did this, and they are a little for me. She agreed to not glad cups over an quote sing me a little song when she was around her ghost has broken about.
five glasses up to this and every now and then my husband and I sometimes the guests, will hear her voice, hemming or singing a little tune. Women her dearly granting Annie would definitely say, stay sexy, Nicole Gable can use my last name, no call I! with all that information is provided, I am sure that your grandmother saw what happened at the funeral home that day and was laughing harass under offers, the only ray I write it as the sounds like a grandma who thought this was funny. Yes, it was Like a precious like church, lady grandma, raise all about, you know, Whatever she was ass, they are that what's funny, and was she probably but like thank you for making me not look like a raver at my own funeral and also its I mean, to be honest, it was worse,
a call and her sister yeah. That's a horrible thing to have to experience is like the grandma's, like a it's over for me, it's not and I mean that should then you are asked to do it. It's not like they were messing around it that its annual Grannie Annie's last prank lamb. Yeah it is incredibly fucked up. I get give her sharing. Your horrifying stories are having a sense of humor, really is a helpful way to get through life. It really it'll help you especially having a sense of humor about your own mouth. Alright, I'm not gonna region this the decline line of this as it gives it away high there, my favorite podcast bessys I've written before about how a co worker once tried to sell me a gay porno, storing her brother, but I was.
Sometimes you skip the beginning as you're just turn a day at the meet others to create new Israel. I heard job unless you have yet to be found in southern Spain to be like. Well, I did that was excuse me hold them. I've written before about how a coworker once tried to sell me, I gave a porno storing her brother, but, as I was listening to many so to twenty six and heard the story about the kids, I think that's really beautiful, that That system is so proud of her brother, but as I was listening to many so to twenty six and heard the story about the kids, who would throw darts at each other down, stairs that person mentioned of handedly that her dad set off a bomb at the seminary. Building this I may have a story from my time in high school that, frankly, I can't believe I for gotten about, I was a pretty big Norton, high school and spent my junior and senior years in various AP science courses. I was living
in a pretty rural farming community and since most of my classmates only cared about the three ES football farming and fuck like oh, that's, ok, I missed out on by what I grew up in suburbia link. I owe you mean if I say that future farmers of oh, if working hours schools, singular science teacher had to try pretty hard to keep the students and gain, or maybe he was trying too hard to be a cool teacher. I'll, never know some of the quota court experiments. He have us do and the advance classes included things like making biofuel out with the cafeterias waste oil, bringing in jars of our own urine and running tests to see if we could determine which samples he spite with distilled homemade vodka Yes, he really talk teenagers. Oh sorry, I read I read that wrong in the weirdest way Rita its supposed.
be bringing in jars our own urine and running tests to see if we could determine which samples he spiked with mess or distilling homemade vodka. It doesn't matter. I think they meant distilled. Ah so, like ok, there's the here and I think, a separate from the vodka any rate yes, he really talk teenagers, how to make their own illegal booths, and he made our class a deal about our finals and that here a surprise planned if enough of us got in a he was pretty cool. Way about it, but enough of the students past so he let us now we were gonna blow up. Old car. Ok, I was never in a p everything, but I her the stories that what they got to do and was later tried harder as never gonna, make it but tried hard or because they got to do the clearly The coup sheds smart, people trying to impress other smart people, but you want to be in that room. So this was
in twenty ten and at the height of the myth, busters popularity and needless to say, we were psyched. He insisted it wouldn't be a proper experiment if we didn't learn how to make the explosives or ethics ourselves and I'm gonna go ahead and glass over the specifics, partly for the obvious safety reasons, but mostly because I can't remember what I had for dinner last Monday, let alone a complicated weaponry. Schematics I saw for fifteen minutes eleven years ago. He fell, The farmer who, let us use a dirt field- and we all showed up at them, dug the designated time ready to blow that shit sky high or whatever, flying my peers used did I mentioned I wasn't cool and because he was nothing if not a responsible educator, he called and had the volunteer fire truck and a couple police officers come by to quote make sure everything stayed say so that I can only
imagine that he saw permission to blow up a car and the answer was: if we get to watch than hell yeah, our teacher set the explosives. We were assured to a safe distance away about fifty yards. He hit the ball. and your lover, see a campfire that smokes and smoulders for awhile before igniting. It was like that no big boom noted free flying at children standing in the open, just a small I'll fire that the adults let burn for ten minutes or so and then extinguish incredibly anticlimactic, but considering all the ways that event could have gone. This is probably the best possible outcome anyway. Thank you all for out. This show for all these strangers and all add my voice to the chorus of everyone thanking her for helping end the stigma around town. King about entreating mental health. It's been a rough year, but I did at the opportunity to start therapy inspired the two of you. I have even started writing a book to help deal with the issues I'm working through and, although
I doubt, however, publish it, I'm finding the courage to share bits. I am particularly proud of with my friends, say sexy and don't try. This at home drew that's the first step. This doesn't have to be the boy. Then that you now and the next one could be the book you never now yeah and writing is so cathartic suggests there is so strangely therapeutic itself. It's a great idea, no matter what you do with their heads, sharing it with your friends as such, a beautiful act yeah, that's great amazing story, amazing teacher they should all less so stories that we share in the way the directions they have gone back. Does nothing up in this kind of the greatest I loved thou. It's ok, this one's called quote what the fuck is. A meatball Marin arrogant help pale and yes, subject line as a direct quote, it's a semi, long story, but damn is a good ok about you
years ago, my dear friend from high school move back to our hometown she's here nearly a year and it was fucking wild one. We were on face time, while I was how sitting and she's unpacking her new apartment well on the call she slices her thumb with an eyebrow razor who islands, but my friend has oddly com just goes a sliced. My thumb being about, I was how sitting for a nurse I grab supplies and went over to aid, her in the ten minutes Ten minutes it took to commuter apartment. My friend was purple faced from crying then it says she had talked to her mother, grab your entire hand into a bloody cheshire which was held over her head and are highly train. Usa therapy dog was barking at me anytime. I left my friend side June her bark. So now I was getting shook. We decided we needed to get immediate medical services, but she didn't want to go to the e r, so we get it
my car and come up with the idea of going to the local firehouse you're telling my distress friendly. Only key word she heard was firehouse and then he's grooms. What the fuck is a meatball all Marin to help. So I think that their local far must have been called the firehouse. Oh, ok yeah, maybe it's a chain somewhere or like a chain or a straw. Yeah yeah yeah coins, currently. The restaurant was also in the direction of the fire station, so I humored her once you get to them a CALL Pd firehouse, I runnin to get help the night receptionist tells me to go upstairs to the banks, and I could find a fireman being them though of the night. The floor was dark and quiet, so I yell damn all making my presence known, which worked has a fireman in his boxers comes out to investigate without making. I contact. I told her about my friend and her thumb downstairs and he said: he'd meet us in the bay several,
others. Firemen join us down there to help bandage my friend and make her laugh best per. We did I have the e r hassle or Bill honestly, they didn't even ask for a names and gave us supplies for after care bonus. Our minds are super proud of us individually for quick thinking to utilise the fire station over the ear of all the memories we made that year. She lived in our home town that one holds high rank. I took a photo but my girl and the fireman, but I'm pissed, I didn't get her bare feet in the pic these excellent mind your brow, razors Lady Olivia, from Georgia, that is, Larry asleep, we can't be encouraging people to go straight to the fire department and also I love that she said the phrase night receptionist. That was The firemen who sitting there. He sees two girls come into the fire house in the middle of the night and sends them
upstairs at which, in in the plus thirty years my dad was incentives offered by you'd were not allowed to go upstairs. No, it wasn't a thing that you could do so that code on quotas, night receptionist, was just a bro firemen being like. Oh, why don't you go up to where they're all in their boxers right now that either he was printing? Her are, he was praying can be other fire writers. I think he was breaking everybody at one time or has like this is not a life threatening injury, we're going to have a little bit of sexy to sexy funding. That's my judgment Gary, but if anyone He gets married from that group of people or that's what I was like a data him for a few years, I lay story, ok, this: is I finally story. It's funny We are entering answers scout, illogical area that we normally never do and
do not encourage. Nor do I want to read further stories out, but this one sneaking through because it's funny okay, now we are. This is the one time we're like not like send a story, the bureau. No, we don't want to hear it. I have them, I'm sure, there's a podcast for that, and this I say I bit showed array had a shit, your pants broadcasts, plenty of scatter logical content out there for you to Peru, download onto your found okay. So this as hometown, embarrassing story, hello, so happy or, making embarrassing stories. Now, as this one is my favorite ever and that's a favourite with you, sir we're talking to some some sort of bread, cop or at the end when we are about sixteen, my best friend, was having work done on her house. It's a victorian house split over three floors with her room in the bathroom at the top. She left
school in the morning and her dad reminded her that work is being done on her bathroom and not to use it and what, and good, but come four o clock on the return home from school. There is a thing on my friends, mind apart from evacuating propel, did done she flushes toilet and immediately here's your dad running up the stairs shouting. No shortly after she hears one of them, a very scows. What I don't know what that means that have never read that word before us. Very spouse builders shout what the fuck it's a flying- turd, oh and it says our current. Do your best spouse, liver Puglia accent. honey. I don't have one of the honourable member that earlier, where you're talking about scouting, I'm guessing scout as high spouses, haughty Thanks. Scows must be a word for that accent, ok, I were operating a heart liver.
murdering us! Please, please, educators. Ok, anyway, the builders had taken of the waste pipe to the bathroom and therefore, instead of flushing harmlessly away her blue. Flew out at high speed and hit the scaffolding literally covering the builders and a shower shit. Needless to say, my friend was mortified and spent the rest of the time. The builders who worked trying to avoid requests. I'd literally crawl out about window and never go back to that. I would blame and I might add first I am sure you are aware we are, we really was set. It didn't put one of the apprentices off, though, and he's still ass, dad for her number hell balls, seven red flags, oh yeah, yeah, yeah right. I would like to keep any still like. No, it's not.
Take or very specific in terms of interest. I hope you enjoy the story. If I ever want to cheer myself up, I think of it for a giggle, both my friend and I have been doctors working at the end H us during the pandemic, and we ve definitely needed light hearted stories and your podcast help us through stay sexy get your fucking vaccine t awesome tea with an that I hurt you and thank you for your work that girl gonna date out of it You just don't know you just don't know if you, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere man. Can it make it anywhere? In Liverpool, Liverpool, hello re been banned, gesture go by others at Liverpool, hello. I personally would rather have a Liverpool low, then get the head budded or head, but someone you would rather have spray on you, then either recipient of ahead, but yes shed
This is a hard on. It is one of life's great courage. It would be right and as he would you rather but third, not like weird obscure ones, their actual things that have happened. I would want thousand percent rather get ahead, but then have someone's shit on me. I don't think it's a contest in any way we want shop, just love of memory. I might get a concussion. That's the third issue would have its anywhere near you know. Now it isn't the shed or they had the broken MAO's
I am firmly on the side of that. The shit is the worst thing, but this is why this is the only later that's upper past. The muster of shit is because the actually like started a conversation around the world. We are actually starting an important and highly intellectual conversation about head buts and sharing the shooting part. If you get it on you as a cake, if your back see it rats real people, literally spitting for the rest of your life and light hallucinating. It and, oh, my god, can I tell you that this is not much it its visit again, not called for what four click a bunch people listen to knock a basic right. Now I don't know I don't care, do not care. I was on like one of the ride like open arrives at Disneyland would like on a date with the boy the norm like my team, you up. Your having your hand is correct already, like
on the roller coaster in front of us throws up every one of us behind him, which, for there are a lot of us, get split uttered with the most toxic smelling. and I ve ever hot dog. I like everything, you can imagine it back in the best corn dogs, you ve ever had by the way, Her corn, Dogcart helmet, truly ok, and then the ride went on for another, but felt like ten minutes and we're all just sitting there. At the end I mean we would Braun desk in our life is in we're like. Why do we do, and I will just give you some free clothes, You can enjoy the rest your day, we're like that's, not what we want to do it in my bra. Yeah. No, do you have any many miles brows back their maker re write about you down and the smell is insight and so like he and I had a like a walk to our car. Take up all our clothes before we get a we still dated Blake
that man was bent April, but I locked it under the two of you. If you can make it through there's anything truly. Truly, there was round we drive home in silence of horror. At the end I mean You think about. There's people have stories like that. We're, like the date was going great and now holds a thing, that's outside of your control, anything and then that's just that for you, in that person we ve cut. I was his leisure become too great place, which has sent us your horse date. Horror stories date, horror stories that could that ended, what could have been the greatest love of all all and or were those referring to I love the ones. We look rather like an. You ve been married for sixteen, and I love you yes, getting together under the worst sometimes arise and that Belgrade New, I came to the rescue stories.
Well another great another, great instalment of of the many. So thank you so my writing, those any and for being a part of it. If you want more or we hate many many at the sides now over, the fan call thanks. the exclusive stories they're all great senders and on the forum stay sex and don't get murdered, a Elvis Tijuana cookie high on Doktor Dan host apparent footprint with doctored in a new podcast on exactly right. I'm a cycle. Just author and father, and I know the key to raising healthy and engage kids is for us parents to seek the same in our own lives while striving to be the best versions of ourselves. Every day. Parent footprint with Doktor Dan will give you the tools and inspiration to make the world a more loving, accepting and compassionate place. One parent one child.
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