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2017-05-01 | 🔗
Let's stop and start it for a new My Favorite Murder minisode where Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders. This week your stories involve a retirement community, a ball-peen hammer, and more.

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This is exactly right. Meyer, hello, That's probably better through that screen. Oh I get in here look! I can fly. First of all, it's Friday right, yeah, he's crazy and, secondly, they just going so I bought and went to target yesterday and got an umbrella for backyard without this morning it was gone.
Ok when, yes, does Mary Poppins over the fence and went into the alley Oh my god. I regret I wanted hosted the then people will know my alley looks rain. So this looking looking for it like a man, that is a giant umbrella and I didn't think to close a brain in these. Ninety, miles per hour? When did you I've brought breath? Did you go get it you gotta get down ten things, someone stole it. I was like what's wrong with you you know it's sad is, I didn't think I just didn't understand right. I just stood there baffled for like thirty seconds you done there your car, when you like accidently, put it somewhere else, and needless here brain like just tries to make sense a permanent. I feel it in my brain is not mood all the time. Just like
Why You start that was a good start, but I didn't even think about. Did we start recording what where its fundamental even when can you hear me new year's eve and nowhere else bones are rarely area in doing something wrong. Stephen! I can't hear you and it's your fault. I can't hear you did you did he had you started recording our faction. I guess we're going home towns. Versa, oh, but before we started home towns. Well This is my favorite murder. The Minnesota addition where we reduce your hometown stories have emailed us, but before we start that we simply must say Open up some sacred space for the last night Georgian I discovered that we both have tramps
Mary. I think we should show each other hours, but I think we should wait for the real. At so you have to turn back in Ireland. Hang around this week's when you think that there are other therapy Lothar that only listen to the many sides. Yeah and they're just like. Well, I guess I'll never know they do They're, fine that it, each other our asses. Next week I suck my favorite murder, or this week's mayfair murder. Lush posies turns out we're a couple: a dome, sly, it's what you ve suspected all along is true and we're gonna tell you to those stories about them No don't do it. I want you to know, I will say that, but I will tell you all we had dinner last night and the look on each other's face when we were like sorry. What is this you're telling me? What was it a dinner
there you have it drives. You know we're like bonded, now relies there's no go back now. My looks like like truck flaps you know, and they have like the Ladys on the amendments, as I quote, but are the pictures naked Ladys? Now? What can you do? I'm really because I've to somebody's zone without of this is that we are a few of our lives gets here. Let's stop, it was sky. Stop, it would start a Laura get out of my room. The only thing I have here is a scourge that this area that we are here. It is Stephen, so borderline fire, because I couldn't find my pay in the paper that you were yet printed and even did everything for hello. No Stephen.
We should be a baby killer, now he's getting in trouble for the fact that this is a motorbike he's giggling. I can ease and travel through without the knowledge of you guys know you ever talked about, then. Why did you invent learner? Ok, this the subject line of this one of our first hometown murder today is ballplayer hammers and Michael Baden. That I don't know. I don't know you. Ok, he Georgia, Karen Georgia, Stephen Mimi, Elvis, etc. Big fan blah blah blah smiling. With a winking, I for women,
fact it I we don't know my own down murder hits close to home. My mom was a key witness. Fuck, yes, Sandra Sandy Allen was a young mother and wife here and Bartels Phil Oklahoma. Her husband, Stephen, was an accountant and she worked at the local miles. Then stay right on the night of June, Eleventh ninety ninety Steed Island arrived home and claimed to have been at it claimed to have seen an intruder her in his back yard, who immediately ran off he locked his car with his kids in it, because that's if, with an intruder running around and ran inside and found his wife, badly beaten on the floor at the hospital where my mom was a nurse, we shout out to nurses and went up
Steve, was observed to be very calm and cooperative, but also covered in blood front and back sadly, while even mean. Sadly, while Sandy fought for her life, she died shortly after arriving all during the search of the island house, police found a ball, pin hammer hovered and Sandy's blood aunties fingerprints, wrapped in a towel in the attic, because you know he quote grabbed at random land thought it might make him look good guilty. So he hid it because what we do she's cancelling the cars that's and is the sun shining directly on car. We never address that they're. Still there to this day was one thousand nine hundred and ninety. When this happened there now all in their 30s they're looking for relationships, they would love to get good jobs. Sorry ok so during the search
none of us are even more seriously. He was bound to be having an affair with a secretariat word. I M really strange sexual preferences. His wife was not comfortable with and had been causing some major marital problem. I know we're not gonna find out, because this is ending right now, God damn it on another animal like what is it? What is like a weird perversion that would actually cause that way. Every new to this words like here's. This thing I know, you're pretty conservative in bed. I love to murder, my wife. So could I get into some murder my wife plain and she's like I'm not into thy, you saw it doesn't do anything for me. It doesn't make me comfortable. It actually makes me on company we're ok, seemingly doktor Michael Baden testified for the defense, saying he didn't think the hammer could then the murder weapon Steve was convicted and is a hammer who could not be the second sorry
no? No, no that's fine! Oh! That's! Why ok do no doctor Michael Baden is no? Is he like that is like a forensic. He did a bad guy, but he will. Support for the defense, though that's crazy. So then, the bloody hammer that was in the attic wasn't even the the weapon according to a doctor, well doctors, nurses, yes, doctors, dog during no well, was sorry No! No! He was the chief medical examiner of the city of New York from seventy eight seventy nine he gave gave testimony of the tribe Oj Simpson. He Is there as an expert witness on Sid vicious? Is dead, she's dead? Well, we see macphersons death wow, they would carotene to investigate David Carotene staff man he's in it so he's like a celebrity death expert, physician yeah! I don't trust him. Ok
I mean it seems, like you have good reason to see officer a civil was convicted in a serving life in prison, but maintains its innocence. His kids lifts live with Sandy's family, so there are the car and all good with Sandy's family gets awful and depressing. My mom stayed sexy and put that murderer in jail. Girl said of the forest, Lena your mom sure did guy that's what if what? If what I always do that what your husband and killed? You know what, if it's a total shrank situation- and he really did come moment like what's this body hammer doing here and then the and there has to be, some of them are legitimately happens, but it's like always what percentage of like husbands and then put away that didn't legit didn't do it? I know, but we are also having an affair and were also indicates some kinda shit yeah, but what
the king, you shit scattered. I bet it's you and I beg oh, I don T care. I die. That's like where I start my truck foreplay is, though, a move which being hung from one tell from the ceiling. Georgia shit, who cares get into its just getting tramp stamp? Tell my god acceptance that you're a new age as I did at once, and it was so sexually satisfying whenever I will never do it again. If you think about it every time, oh, my god, you're back EU sack assistant everytime, I sex around. Do you want to hear, and not so normal family massacre ominously us or killer dentist or creepy ass, hometown murderer. Does some gray. I know right, ok, start with. Let's let us do what dentist dentist colored unto that's my pet hacking.
And order. So my hometown is a little redneck, hick town called cameras. It's in Alberta, Canada and nothing ever happens there. One of the dentist in town. I call him Mister B had a weird room restricting around that. He had killed his wife in the early nineties. The story goes, Miss Doktor be took her out on a boat on the nearby lake. She was wearing a fur and she couldn't fell into the water and drowned. Do the heavy fur coat dragging her under, but in actuality. According to the rumours doktor be pushed her into the lake. I was petrified of this dentists, when I was a kid and refused to go to him? Maybe this is where my insane fear of dentists teams from every one in town knows the story or knows a version of it. His house was avoided at all costs, my Hallo in Holloway, my friends, and I would dare each of the run up and touch area. Dutch, just Dutch, so in two thousand and nine doktor be was driving impact was driving impaired and crashed his car killing his passenger
It is already sorted rumours. They had floated around the city for years, the cement of doktor be as the killer dentist of cameras. He was sentenced to two point five years and a five year ban from driving. I'm not sure how much of the rumours regarding the death of his wife or true but doktor. We no longer practices in town because everyone's going after him. In researching his name. He's fled the country and has a few international dating site profiles floating around. Oh good, and then when the anyone knew he meets, isn't in devoting thanks again for reading, can't wait for more. My favorite murder stay sexy by joscelyn wow, that's good! I love us like because there is a what would you say, sixty percent chance, that's totally small town gosain thinks I too, like some say a hygienist was passed. He was a dick someone hurry now
well, you know either. I think what are the chances that leg felt will boost. She fell in the poor in the lake and then like then he would have helped her. And also you can take the amazing thing about fur coats. Is we're not bears so you can take it off? I mean I'm. Your soldier drown unless she couldn't swim, but then the cycle. Why would she take her out on the water? Then Why would she be wearing a life so yeah? I think he did it exactly. That's like oh eminent. I want to take you out over this clearly dangle you over a cliff only unlike high hang when so now. We are, though, I like it all this. I don't know bring bring them all the most expensive accoutrements that you have only sorry. I you're on Germany, like a fur, lined tent, bring it ok, you got those ugly I put it all the way down, exhausted, ok,
This is a hometown murder suicide page urging Karen! Thank you for doing this podcast. I love you both and just binge, listen to your blood guest and felt like you might enjoy my hometown murder. I bet we well. When I was in high school, there was a murder suicide in my neighborhood all comes. I was eighteen and living in a retirement community with my grandparents that one of ersatz airs your tv show their right. That tv show ITALY right now make a list of all the weirdest funniest or even dumbest things that happen to you and put them together. That's how people get payment. Let's NAM Irena Retirement, retirement boy. The the youth of yesterday a little worse thing. I've ever sad, bringing back grandma up the then a hallmark movie,
It's a whole and then he falls in love. Like the grounds keepers daughter, he ass somebody else. It's there, that's too young to be there. She like cleans the pull over it's called how how I'm I care about. You think you think super or about what's water than let everyone now. If you Do you think of it just enter ever going had now coffee shouted up. You wanna, simpler coffee, Oh, I didn't bring it in you guys, listen, stop it! Listen I'll stay! Getting! No Stephen! That's what we hired him for and don't pay him think O can I tell the story of how Steve I I can't,
the payroll company to give it to pay. You- and I don't mean email me as I K. No, let me know if you need anything of that are boring form letter and then in a really stupid, boring and in Vienna said by the way r p s don't get murdered and I was like a thin cool. We ve broken into Payroll John Rodya, incredible so well we're sayings, even as you're gonna get that check and twelve to eighteen weeks. Our so he's team living in a retirement community with I said him, but yes, it is him. Ok, a team of inner tyrant community with their grandparents one day I came up that must have been a show already. It must have a shower writing, but I was thinking like a six year old. We find none maintainer all cause any kind of like get moving what, if it's a six year old, who can drive What if he has a golf cart without need, rides around and he got it first
Take these rich, then his parents died and handed earlier this year. We will work on. This are ok. I guess areas, one day, I came home and I remember my grandmother told me that a man had a hard laughed. A man had shot his wife multiple times and then killed himself. The two children I used to play well at the community pool when we were younger work were with them. Grandparents, the night and more them. Night and morning so they weren't there, but now are apparent less de. I remember that has been clearly because one day he was forcing the kids in the pool to teach them how to swim. He was very aggressive towards them and gave an that gave me a bad vibes about him turns out. I wasn't wrong, of course, being is curious, as we my grandmother. I were we drove to the house to see if there is anything happening and sadly we couldn't see anything that I had other than the neighbors giving us the deaths there as we. The has thanks for reading out o ye,
that's a vomited, so it's not a hallmark movie. It isn't it's a year now we ve gone into a kind of it could be an inn. Horror film, like an eight twenty four production, yeah. Should you one more of this, but I have. I have my friends yet one so do hers. We think into hers my friend duration, freer. She it just wrote. Her first novel came out recently is getting fuckin. Raver views called start up and I just bought it cool and everyone took out. So she sent me her hometown, which it's a one that I'm I wanted to do because its good, but there's no like great, ending its just like a bummer, so glad she did it and she took the hand she'd. She sank him. It is a good hometown, but it's not a good lake murder. Minor long time said the chaperone speaker and then ok ready. Yes, how you joy, hey, can die.
And I am calling reared Bush story of a cleaner. An engineer and ninety shreck. And should twenty about? She wouldn't go paraffin, Sweden? and she was, and in a come back day, a pretty nice neighborhood in in Afghan and p. Think about it. Here only half of her were drowned. And the other half of her has never been so never been out here. You want bit more about the murder I had just returned summer. Ninety ninety strikes home during the summer Why
are there cheetahs murdered going out partying with a bunch of other swedish AU pairs, then the boy in downtown and it was on this, How are you the alley where different bars. Any kind of vague? Why our g Why, many of buyers- and you can imagine bars gosh, encourage you buy them too hey, stop running at midnight. Maybe some wine,
operating a little earlier refugees according miss you and it's a new members know when you get home, however, trying to get a cab- and I apparently she was calmly You scared and was why tumbling down the street and supposedly all her friends had left her? No six ever do it. You should be able attacks to anyone and then later he was found in the dumpster. She hadn't hang himself off, then a partner in the family sheeler, help here. Suspicion on the Gatt and the family, but then they are cleared and a key figure thing called for twenty year twin. You know: what's happened
I don't know shit man, she just wandered out of the room story. That is unbelievable Soria. There's more. I do not know that at all. I don't know anything about that. She was fucking severed like the black Dalia, oh wait a second. Part two or even pay a bag. No, no I'm sorry way. Ok, let me I think she's just I think she left it again, but then she did it better. Airport. Then she said a lot for a while. The alley with the goat was a ghost town then no one would ever chart for the murder. Well that I think that safe for the home towns, this we allow what a round up a horrible story. If you re think you can beat that send your home towns to my favorite murder, achieve mail bag and plead to Swiss Stephen. To put Europe on probably do yeah. He will. I wanna hear stories of yard.
Doctors and nurses telling crazy, even if there are not more earl, crazy shit that they ve seen or experience, doesn't Mimi, think of and that first one or two slayer those We'll see insane shit or empties YO, my god. They have some shit stories. I sat next to our family friend Dave's wire, who is now a sumptuous go firemen, but he was in training they basically r amp d at first. He would keep at one wedding, we sat there and he was telling stories or dislike. How does anyone do this job? They raise go and pick up. You know people that have been like hit, cars on the freeway type. I could never do that, so it's so stressful. Every time I drive by an ambulance. I just I like wanna, buy them coffee or drugs. They have too. There has to be good for sound and that has PETE have PTSD. I just think they do it for a very short amount of yeah. They don't you
from what the people that I know, but usually it's because their training did you re else, but it would be interesting to know who's the longest running empty or he's probably the psychopath. I mean We hope so send us first responders, send us your. Cool stories? Exploitative, don't doesn't matter well, it's here, it's up to you here. So if it is its, I hear mother yeah, listen, we just ask for look with less than we do you deliver? Listen we! We were getting. Look you don't know Things are his name. He stays that I dont get murdered but an oil or aware
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