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It's minisode time! Do you know where your asses are? This week Karen and Georgia read your hometowns from DC, Baltimore, and Philly along with a hometown from Georgia's uncle Gene.

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this is exactly right she lay all the way down again set my dress turnout right off and rigorously my good morning this is my favorite murder many sewed were karen georgia that's right that's one of us either one or the other and welcome our view is that you having more entertaining us interim or protocol will ever just like just email check and i was like
oh my god i just drawn on and on and on and i kind of have vocal fry and i'm so now i'm going to talk about murder like this then i cleared i mean please now you know no one wants that i now no one wants comprise the future yeah alright well this is the purpose of a re read you your hometown murders because we have one billion of them and we want to hear them all seated picks i'm now it's part of his job that's right out we haven't paid him freya that's rate very busy eating bond bonds with his slippers the fuzzy stuff on the top of them question yes i've never known as on monday ice cream things right well the way i mean it is bomb bonds are like candy kind of almost truffles yes but i think any kind ok it's whatever you imagine like turkish delay like or whatever i imagine the golden girls eating kinda secrets
that's good i've never never had some one go here's a bonbon rate because i think it's like from like forties fiction dammit i think it's stopped in the eightys as a child i remember it any eyes well but there is i think there's a brand of ice cream circle things that our bond bonds but i don't know it's just a general i am thinking of life blanche do blah definitely style upon the bed eating candy vehemently rivals think shoot anyway what i can see her too i can see her eating ice cream in that he'd of new orleans so dominant guess that it's not exe is it not so that yeah i've got an extra where we're going to figure things out o my brain and just like here i need that we're details i love it now i think that it's all about her demographers sure let's see him
the lighting is so hilariously moment authorities him here we're in a room with lake burgundy curtains and ed amber lighting or the fair audio studios and they made a room to like for people to podcast in it reminds me of like we're vincent price would live or something here this is driedup stake house cosplay it's totally like who needs beings ok ready link potato aspartame twice bank twice baggert era ok i literally like lean the paper because i can't see all right let's see high this recital the bats lasher great haim to escalate the points you all are the best see that's from before your vocal critic right right looking at you elvis o website i told my friends and co workers about amazon i keep calm
i keep recommending your pod castro alot of strangers of bars so there's that well here thanks for that brave brave work my story is not a murderer that i know of but it's a really fucked up crime that's good rate in the strangest way which just makes it so interesting i group and the birds of washington dc and not much happens there here back in twenty eleven i was in college but i remember hearing reports that nine women had come forward and had explained slashes on their but with matching cuts in the back of their pants out after going shopping it turns out that all these women had been at various stores when a strange man quote quote
so daintily drop some clothes nearby in and the women would try to help him pick now the clever help and second grown man do in a closed area and when they bent over he would cut their but with a box cutter sorry ma it's such a word footage so bizarre and it's so it's a very what the fuck are we can laugh because known got kill all and also because they wouldn't even notice untold either they went home this is the right way to cut but yes it wasn't like a stab slash it was like it says but the women wouldn't really notice what was going on and to lead their got home or what but changing room because they see the cut was just a sharp hangar poking mike so they dump this man the but slasher i mean how did think of it reviews madam he is like now that's not what i want my name like it's gonna be the white eagle yeah
that's lashers isn't it's not that now he stopped after that it's not great for jail so they d this man about slasher this is not a joke and started suggesting women do basically o sickening suggesting women to basically keep track of their asses when they add shopping malls i always keep track of your ass will i mean yeah that's like that should be a given if you don't do that please start now another person says in parentheses really how is it's ok how does one to do that oh my as if those women like warrant keeping track at thereby like does lazy by women i guess the late enormities lazy but women just have both of your hands on your own ass at all times and then men while they won't be able to assault you that's gonna stop asking for it by just having an ass in the world's array
i was nineteen at the time but so my parents refused to let people outside sippar maybe injuries holy shit honey you got some over protective parents oh it's that's the best sense of ever read i was maintained at the time so my parents refuse to let me go out without supervision whether there are so many problems with the euro eleven that would be ok it's so good all of northern region it was that because he was into like young women do young women suffer still olive norther virginia was on high learnt about the boat slasher when they find they finally got security footage of him in the summer and to home in on him so he fled his home country of peru also he fled to his own country gotta of peru went virginia police finally idead the guy when international and interpol phantom mall in barreaux probably
but he wouldn't be able to stop at that point it took a year but he only was sent back to virginia where he serving a seven year prison sentence it was originally twenty years but of course they reduced it stay sexy and get murdered i'm really emotionally invested at this pointing alex amazing i love the reason we're not getting murdered asea i am to alex so i was aware of a light hearted i mean listen those girls have horrific ptsd and after therapy or do they if they didn't even know it happen and then its then it just like a weird feeling of a dialogue like yeah it's that thing of like this fucking world as it has like what the fuck is wrong with that guy you're what is truly at leg you basically just brushed up against one of the many firms in this world and get your ants cut as proven by happened to have some sort of razor blade in his hand instead of that part is a bummer
i'm sure there dealing with it with them in their way ok wait did you sorry did you hear about the guy in portland who is cutting women's pony tales off on the but now recently yes will heed they just caught him but he was doing it thank you started two or three years ago but my friend jason lopez lives in portland and he just sends me updates every time there is an update about the hair cut the hair a guy like i just i thought he was doing something else to you but now i can't remember what it is but basely cutting women's hair you yeah creep i mean back to front you you gotta be aware hand wonderingly where one hand over ponytail put it up in a type on my fun hold that and then sit on your arm and cover your by heavier ass yet glory twitter where a great world we live in a world ok this one is caught my best friends mothers murder hi there lovely ladys oh hi
ok hometown murder i grew up in then dug minnesota empty marylin no no no natty has its from baltimore maryland fire started i really don't want that's really embarrassing and urges the elder it's that and that's the theme of these hey look your ear human beings stevens operating she's not gonna let me out i demand that you keep you think that i don't give a shit we can take it out you know tat what i europe is done now marilyn a sovereign rights out of baltimore city i should rather say yet and to tell you that forward scanning speed reading thing i don't know what we mean just planning i think the guy that's round on that year total mistake in fifty seven from now if you're gonna if you're gonna have one of these with this
abbreviation of the state can you read it out this could you do some cliffs notes at the front of the email like a short inversion of the email so we know it's happening you do basic shit that i should have learned and third grade www accord this progress before us he's like yes please in september of nineteen eighty nine i was in fourth grade and had a best friend named tanya europe around eight or nine years old and we would spend lots of time together including sleep overs sore families got to know each other fairly well i didn't know very many details at the time it apparently her parents we're going for a pretty messy divorce terry tongue is mother who is only twenty seven years old the time moved out of her mouth moved and our own apartment and from i gather the parent shirt custody of the three kids all girls they occur
that terry lived and was directly across the street from the restaurant where she worked as a waitress tanya the oldest was being dropped off after a bowling trip by her uncle and terry should have just gotten offer shift at the restaurant tanya walked in to find her mother naked and stabbed in their partner in the apartment the two other were spared the site as they were spending the night with another family member fucking guy honey family and friends always suspected that tongue is father murdered terry but no one has ever officially been named as suspects by the pity despite the fact that the more her weapon a knife was found in a near by dumpster twenty eight years have passed which is longer than terry sharansky was even alive and this and still the case remains unsolved so that's all for now i have to admit i don't take all your advice and i've been taking in the woods alone frequently lately some pretty tough cookie
i've been carrying a knife with me jesting harry ago so far managed to say sexy and not get murdered by e mail see keep it up now i can i know that they always think it's the that like their divorcing but like stab today naked and you work across the street at the restaurant said priscilla some guy as a crush on you that goes there all the time and sees exactly where you goin to your home yet and knows when you're there and when you're not rare as easily work knows you're in that home yes and then rate like i'm assuming sexually salting and stabbing isn't sound very like ex husband am oh yeah what is the ex husband emma shooting i think strangling strangling ourselves grabbing but i'm nothing the naked but at the same time that i have no idea what their relationship was like yellow fever is abusive or whatever by its just such lake i feel
all bets are off when it's like a kid finds them that's just the words their kid finds them like what it so awful so off it's just the worse i feel like also her dad wouldn't let her her kiss kid fine her yes he knew that the next person i was gonna be there was his daughter i feel i can all those twenty twenty is that we have watched when it is the husband that's exactly right they do it separately because there said we weirdo like they can separated our like they send the kids away and the air do something or like mother she never she didn't show up to work the next morning so they something whenever the check on her not that like i know my kids going over there after i mean that trust us who is that king or her i mean who's that hurting are like wit that's not revenge that's just destroying a child my got everything power about a horrible here you go ok show me the bat slasher again opened up this one
hometown murder the machete wielding taxi driver i like to start this by saying that if this is not the email for the emma thumb pod custom i apologize i hope you don't read through up up up love hello karen and georgia my name is alison oh she says her last name an says how to pronounce it now and i heard me that's just for us and i heard about my favorite murder through the cracked podcast hijacker brian we love you guys have been obsessed ever since you have something that's less of a hometown murder and more of hometown weird ass thing we like these i like the stephen i live in sterling virginia thirty minutes from washington dc and as active a northern virginia supper but nothing exhilarating really happens except for one thing that happened when i was eleven or twelve this man i can't find his name anywhere was staying with his mom in the next street over from us and since he wasn't from the area and his mouth
couldn't drive he called a taxi once he was too by the driver again can't find a name they drove about five minutes until the driver pulled into a hiking trail close to the neighbourhood and pulled out a goddamn machete saying saying for him to give him his shoes and all his money saying for the passenger to give the taxi driver his shoes and all money the passenger escaped through the window and ran to a house three doors down from us hook while the police meanwhile the taxi driver sped off but since there one half ways to get out of the neighborhood and one is a by trail he had very few ways to escape said the police looked for him for you hours which scared the fuck out of us a very clear mental picture three officers in full armor one hole a big ask on as they walked past our house dark only for the helicopter lights while at after midnight they cornered him in a nearby golf course somehow
it got announced the course in his tax law that happens is this a wheel pharaoh movie and they arrested him leave me this to say my sisters and i have a story to tell at school the next day that a single person believed we believe you out of these eggs you don't get murdered allison that's so funny i'm off the now you have a bunch of people who not only believe you but support yeah we want to believe we do could i play my uncle i think growth teased a couple weeks ago my uncle's now do it he read yeah ok so my uncle's of pretty funny guy and his name's gene and let me put this on to this be a good thing that guy has to go blue yeah yeah ask me anything dunker blue occurred
ok so i was living in japan and there was a cold option and they were called greek decided what the hell they're gonna gas sixty people in tokyo and that's what they did killed sixty people with certain gaps are on gas i think it is unfair to me about six months later i was leaving for los angeles and i always with least my place in tokyo for three months and one day five people came for patriots one was a japanese guy he stayed behind hold out money and said i'll take it right now and i rented too when i came back three year three months later the police pick me up outside of university i was teaching and they took me down the hill for about three hours and drove around tokyo and kept on ask me do you know this guy by an alias name so i said no no i didn't know him finally they showed me the picture of him and i go yankee random my place during the summer and he turns out to be one of the top people that they were looking for a time and his picture dressed as a woman was in all the subway so that's why didn't recognize but after they were asked me and they kept on grassy many about was when i walked into the subway i go there is i forgot his name in others and it was in his name i'm sure there was a subtle she in a way and he was dressed as a woman and i recognise the face i dont know if they ever found him again but the police kept on arresting me they would walk by my place when i would come out in the morning to go to school they stop me one time train station nearby where i lived for no reason at all and yeah does was basically it that's the basic story
no no that's great i ask because that's the guy you seeing that picture gown heard me when you first told me this i thought it was that main guy that's like looks like a cartoon from my magazine of like a crazy leader with the long area i know the picture that guy would cause they try depended on a woman right that the actual sir and gas bombing like the person i think that either left it there like was
in the subway that day that was dresses one and this is the one where they put it in like balloons and backpacks and then they stabbed it with they had like umbrellas ray i think so they went at any rate last podcast on the left about probably three or four partner that's amazing area that parliamentary about its who is just like how they did it it was so interesting it so crazy but there's like hundreds of people got sick linked sixty piecing today so horrible also that so funny that it just like you just so somehow now you're involved in this high level crime because you rented europe began make send you the eu cash and you didn't ask questions hell that he believes in your house for three months and years ex pat to that's all you're high area but so funny
what if it turns out that he did have something to do with though not even in the end he's like just trying to set up an alibi harmless pod council i respect a conclusion i do each uncle jeanne you gotta do it you gotta do i'm turning safe evidence of our i'm saying that doesn't apply but if it does you'll have the perfect outfit for that courtroom don't you think i see it like something with a boat i above all at the neck like a placebo yes millennia do you and are even worse to that visa how many how much time stephen for twenty minutes five march furthermore do on workers rights person poison and how i used to be baby sat by a murderer it sounds like a book the new one by james patterson have you ever seen as james patterson commercials where he's doing the commercial for his own book now it's really something to behold if you get a chance they're usually fifteen seconds long usually he's wearing sunglasses in his own commercial
it's hilarious i my work by my lookin like he's talking about the lead character like if someone everyone knows like it's light hannibal actors at it again but at some character you ve never heard of enlargement for books don't really make any sense to me but i feel it dianetics its they it's all i feel like that level of james patterson style level writer like you're a billionaire even do for ninety years everybody did your books at airport lake you you gets you're beyond literature now you're like a team without any wows anyhow hydrogen karen here is my hometown murder story
when my sister and i were very young and living in baltimore we had a friend in barb not her real name but obviously m referencing everyone's hero barred from strict fake name barb from stranger things her mother would babysit s occasionally we would love to go over to barbs house because her father was a grounds keeper at the golf course that they lived on were how of course that's what baltimore zol about i hear grill get golf we would play on the greens when we were about five years old around ninety four to ninety five barber family moved away we didn't hear anything about them from them afterwards for it a couple of years later when our dad tells us that barbs father had died why he thought was a good idea to tell a twelve year old that i'll never now apparently a couple years after they moved barbs parents went to a valentine's murder mystery we can now but
indeed i am a murder murder mystery we go this is the best i don't care what happens after they now the fact that this is how it starting sorry i'm like actually kind of crying laughing ok event at a bed and breakfast only eastern shore of maryland while after the murder mystery performance they went back to their room during the she went from the to the front desk and told them the room was on fire and her husband was in there and please calm line when one of her story as the chair her story that she told the police was the during the theatrical dinner her husband had gotten very drunk after they back to the room she claimed he started a fight with her so she left and drove around for a couple of hours when she returned there was on fire and she feared the worst that when she went to the front ass she claimed that he would smoke cigars often and probably that's what's had started the fire during course of the investigation witnesses reported that he had only
he only had one beer at dinner and was in a fine his blood working back without any alcohol and in talking to his family they claim that he never smoked a day in his life more investigating revealed that she had been very disgruntled with their marriage for years and have been trying to solicit co workers to kill them all and she split is too and are fifty thousand dollar life insurance policies and in season in human resources human resource quick question how do you know any wouldn't go my husband issue that can i ask my cousin i'll call you tomorrow rate ok we'll talk about it in the kitchen in front of three other people ok so what really happened the oh so what really happened that night there's a crash market the emergency till the just the eleventh hour so what really happened that night sometime after they returned to their room after the performance she managed to inject
and with a paralytic she was a nurse and had acts man and then set the bed on what are far away is he aware what's going on issues paralyzed sounds like it affect now that's fucked up ok she got a pretty long prison sentence because data fucking better have as far as i know is still there are poor i believe barber went to live with our grandparents after everything happened and i still think about her sometimes especially since listening senior podcast i think the previous part my sister i is that this woman who again set her huh on fire used to be sponsible for our lives when we her tiny little four year olds love you guys know this and is cookies keep up the good work thanks for teaching is or how to say sexy and not get murdered julia that's awful fucking insane i feel it there's no like if you're a nurse you could probably get poison like why that the setting someone on fire which i'm
i'm assuming it my mind would be one of the worst possible way said i think it's up their yeah an endless and putting them on to someone you had children within loved at one point in that's just like rule in a way that doesn't matter nothing out like poisoning or shooting doesn't match your exactly right because its she stealing the same size of a bottle whether it's a pair lit out away like a huge denmark she just shoot sum up and kills them and those like i don't know what happened but she wanted him to suffer that's nightmare words yes probably she was hoping that his body would be sober and they couldn't do toxicology report but it's like more than taxpayers is active in that case you couldn't fucking poison yes but she purposely down something just just torture and less and i mean that's evil that supervising evil how that makes me so creta how are you i feel about you read the can
the bites lasher one were to a third time goes keep in mind there is a real fund but slasher do you really think do you guys think your monitors better than these your hometown werner are your friends family coworker martyr then email them to us and stephen favorite murder at gmail com also yours is just a death three weird thing that happened in your town we like those two yet and clearly we need at least one light hearted one every episode so yours is just like i said that i just thought i'd send it anyway that's right even if as some would like i saw where thing on my group grammar school playground i wanna hear about that unlike maybe make a little note in the subject mine lighthearted soon so that even knows where they argue go through in humans here with a circle and across europe or like whether that what's the little line emerges of a guy going all like the shrugging jewellers handmaid shruggings yeah than one of those oh i guess they have them as a circular in fairness and some of them
we gotta see the emerging movie that reminds me i don't have i yelled at i yelled on asylum would you rather billboard with a billboard because it was hooper mochi and i'm just like what is this world coming to think the pupil merges the star i don't i not exactly i firmly the three of us with big become elvis mimi live recording rule doable i refer of course to go their own way and screaming at the people telling us to be quiet and us getting kicked out children crying has we're ruining them well thanks for listen to my favorite murdering here is sexy get motor
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