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MFM Minisode 3

2016-08-23 | 🔗
In this special minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown murder stories that include a prophetic child, a heroic dog, the Easter Sunday Massacre, and more. They're all succinct and horrifying!

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Why me? Why did you keep you re watching a couch Georgia's house and with that high welcome to my favorite murder, the hometown, many edition, it's a surprise. We just read some of the emails. You guys have sent us telling us your hometown, murders, cause they're, so good and plentiful, theirs probably one hundred billion, I think our gmail great now at least so really tried chip away at these sort. Where dropping a mini episode for you. So so he can you just
He's got some of these read some of the largest trying to catalogue leaves and get them to get them out in the open. Everybody's got a martyr story, they wanna tell ya, and you can do that by emailing us at my favorite murder. Gmail make it interesting right it out on put a link of like some random wiki page no more. I would say no more than eight paragraphs, yeah probably shorter, the better. If you're good at grammar, then I'm Raillery, let's, even though their only captured and that's all. I can tell you want me to go first sure, because this one is from either
Is she says this? Is my hometown murder? Paranormal addition? No, we, like those hello, Ladys, I've been gleefully binging on your part costs that was recommended me a couple weeks ago on last podcast on the left, pay that nice thanks guys, I'm so glad they did so. Are we either? This is a combination, my hometown murder, that being Detroit at any time of the story and what I believe got me into true crime. I was four years old back and major. Only two and my dad and uncle went to a union meeting together. Now, please keep in mind. I was only four and can only remembered this in what I can best explain as flashes and what my mother told me as we, my mom and I wait at home for my dad to come home, she's watching tv in the living room and I'm watching tv in another room, and she tells me that she hears me scream and start crying and she runs to me and she grabbed me and asked me what's wrong and I point to a family photo of my parents and I on the wall and tell her. I can't
Can't you see my uncle's faces bleeding I just made my arm. I just at shivers in one arm, which is kind of weird me on my God. Let's cut a heart attack, I think o o will buy. You got any then I love you. The most secret I've been keep away, was okay, so sorry back to even email. So she says: can't you see my uncle's faces bleeding Gale creepy out four year old here forever. Creepy creeps and she said she looks at the photo and she thinks I'm going insane, and so I said I,
and she said I sobbed uncontrollably and kept telling her that my uncle is going to die and that they were going to throw him in the water in that white car children is finally so spooked at what I was trying at what I was saying that she said she spanked me to try to steps nap me out of it all. I got a seminal. This seven days would have us rational thing background, which you also cause you at her mama, eternal snapshot and probably her moments. So scared at that point that her her for european, like adorable, baby voice yeah. Like blood mommy blood, the latin mommy they're gonna kill him money so damn after the Mama's banks her now she said her mom told her that she told her. You can
hit me all you want, but my uncle is still going to die as issues she specify this the beginning. But I didn't read it: it's her moms, the Maya rather, oh, my god. I was wondering whether that was that was my editorial, whereas, like that, doesn't matter and eight hours its key elements that were back in his email flow of. Finally, my dad gets home and my mother explains what happened. My dad said to her You are going to believe that so she asked and asked him to. Please go back to the bar, where they were after the meeting to make sure he's. Ok, my uncle and his family did not have a home phone. Don't ask me why that's just not suddenly so my this seventy is so my dad goes back comes home and tell my mom that he was not there anymore. He probably went home a few hours later. My mother gets a call from my grandfather whose at the hospital and tells her to please go right away. My uncle has been shot in the face and he was already brain dead comes egg. By turns out, there is an ugly union related argument,
uncle was the union rap, they shot him and they were going to dispose of. Body, the a white car when they all got caught now, both my arms have checked. My mother always said that she had not believed my father that had hedge told my father. Nobody would have ever believed her. I only remember, like I said and flashes for some reason. I do remember that I was watching Lassie. Thank you. Stay sexy until get murdered best advice ever Eba, I liked it did the parents ever love her again, probably not well, they were definitely scared of her. I gave her whatever she had horribly. It's like, I won T live on episode yeah the hour like they have to appease them. The you're kidding I'll, make you go away here. That's right, TAT is so creepy. I love
by it. I also want to known. Did she ever have any visions after the two now where I want to go into the whole paranormal sure outcast to doing up as the paranormal episode? That's a great idea. Let's see oh hold, I'm really sorry, but I just honey meal. That said o one more thing away. This is this starts hello, Ladys, a couple more quick stories. It might be too long. Ok, I know it though it's two paragraphs already there. This is all about you today, just a cup.
Quick stories. I have belonged to a true crime groups, for as long as I can remember, eventually became friends with Carl Sutcliffe brother of Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, who eventually became my prison pinto until I felt really weird about thinking of him as a friend like that way and cut him off cut off communication already about you're on the Euro razors edge right now, any who curl told me that at the time of the Yorkshire Ripper murders he was in his teens is brother, Peter, being his senior by over ten years, while Carl had this girlfriend, and he would always asked Peter to please give her right home the ripper wooden gutter, not knowing he just put her in the car with the ripper himself. Another stories about my friend Jimmy's boys got troop trip,
funhouse here in Chicago. He said the boys were being boys and pushing and shoving the people dressed up to scare the people in the funhouse and running around in such an he pushed this clown and are now grab him and said you little mother, fucker, I gotta kill you and let him go he convince. It was John Young Gacy at that carnival peasant was being sponsored by the Jaycees who the german Gacy belong to assure him, and then she just like every few more stories but an own compartment with about be Sheikh shoot. She don't know either you delivered on every single one of those story did not get on carians cellist now, you're a number one. Well done. There was great courage. Are you ok, this one's by Aubrey. It's called the The subject was my dog: helped catch a murderer. Yes, ok, my hometown murder. I always skip the nice stuff. What does that say about me that I know that you well,
We don't want to come off is like congratulatory, but it's just worry, but it is really nice and israeli row. It is what they were, and it's nice and I dont want people to think I want them. I don't want, we think that they didn't, they just started with their annual rate my hometown murder happen and maintain any nigh on. I was eight years old and re seen Wisconsin, which is about halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago on Lake Michigan, She can't member any the names and she apologizes, but I swear this happened. My sister Mary play in our backyard in June of ninety nine. We lived in town, we live in towns or a gardener, neighbours yard, or only separated by us for
but chain, link fence. Suddenly a man wearing only box or shorts and carrying a knife written in my yea were neighbors yard from the alley followed by two police officers. The officers yelled at my sister me to get in the house and lock the doors Machu sister my two sisters ran, but of course I frozen fear and she says, or now knowing my interest in murder. Maybe I froze with intrigue yeah, I'm going with that during the commotion, the man in the boxers attempted to jump over the chain link fence indoor yard, however, are usually docile harmless. Black lab max attack the man's foot and he decided to jump over the fence to the front yard. Instead, I don't I don't want to
I want to know what will happen if that man made it into my yard, where I stood paralyzed the police managed to detain him in the street in front of our house after their ordeal. They came back for our front door and explain the situation it turns out the sky at raped and murdered his ex girlfriend and her fifteen year old daughter they were found, stabbed to death in their apartment. When the police arrived at his house to arrest him, he wasn't there and couldn't be found for months when they found him. He was camped out in the woods near my house, woods that my twelve year old sister walk past alone, every nay now to get to and from school. No when they found Z afterwards, man, the words chopped down all the words whereon. He did not care to have when they found a solution that you're just trying to solve the problem,
when they found him? He ran and thus entered many of my neighbors yard and just to make the store even better. When MAX attack this guy's leg, he bit him so hard that he broke his ankle. Good boy, yes and a guy couldn't run any more. The police wanted to meet our dog to formally thank him for his service max gaudy honorary police dog award, which I'm sure they just made up on the spot, but it was still Sweden unit maybe AIDS, I need the ism protein, I'm obviously having big feelings, erased everything I'm here today the shells and here he is terrorism. Yeah than I am sweating Sala, all the temperatures that unbelievable boy MAC. She laid eyes on that murder. I wonder if she hadn't been if she had run in with her scared iccat sisters, she went to see her own two eyes girl. I mean this way Stan Watch oh, is always Gawker, that's a good one.
That reminds me of that, like urban Legend, where, like the people come home and the dogs choking Jerry here thou know. You, this man this as well. This one. I heard I remember her like a camp or whatever, but like the lady comes home, it of course it's a big long tail, but how they live way up in the mountains. The sheet is choking on a hand. Yes, you heard it. I guess my hunger is yes. I guess I heard it. I don't know why, or are they came from? beat. You know why? Because it's like details older, but you know I do want to do. Can we one day do end up as a seemed episode of urban legends at length where they came from like that their end then fiction? In fact, yes, can we do when the original stories based on yeah? That's a murder yeah, you know but there is a really awesome. It's it's like a cartoon.
A compilation it's called there, there was a series and it so it was like the big book of those like the big boy seventys. The big book of, and one of them is the big book of urban legend. So they have writers teamed up with com. Regardless I may well draw out all the urban legends. I when I read this book, my Pham there, like half of the book was families don't kill Gara family stories rise like oh, my God, man Giotto, oh my god, my God, like things at York, family is told you is true. It's always like our next door, neighbor, because everybody loves a good story sitting around whatever, but it was all I mean every pay.
Turner was like this one about the people they get the Chihuahua in Mexico and bring it home my across the border because they find a little lost she, while in Mexico that so cute. No one moment, then they take to the vat and it's a rather legend, that's so stupid, but so it's kind of real enough real, like this happened to our neighbours friend. You know that I'm the kind of person that, if someone told me that story, I would argue with them that they were wrong like zone, tells a story. The party, unlike bullshit bullshit it like I just wanted to. Let them have a second, that's so stupid. Why would how that happen? And then there, like- I guess you, I guess you re, and then they don't want to talk to me in your right. At the end of the day, such as I guess, we shouldn't have fun sergeant shouldn't be invited at her own parties to arrive. For there s this from Christine.
Seriously. Guys read this: it's a grandparent murder and it's ridiculous. I will immediately Rita. I, ladies first off I'd like does absolute and I venture to listen to the first ten episodes within three days, and I hope you include my crazy, disturbing hometown murder story in upcoming line. I think he s like Christine. My name is Christine and I live in, should I say, New Jersey, which is your classic this she named the town. But maybe we don't. I know it's hard to say it's hard to say if we should say it or it's hard to say the towns hard to say. Oh no, no, it's easy to say! Oh, I shouldn't so these specific, but I can say it because she included it right like. If that's I didn't Sarah last name I don't understand what kind of privacy people want I feel like if they don't put the- and please don't use my name in this or please I use my town or please use than they are changed. The names of the victim she's like first and last name and town and the whole this town, not last names it s. My aim,
Christine they Lambert, Vilnius, Jersey, which is your classic small town picture, picture lots of victorian houses in nice, old people who, like antiques anyway, my high school, was a really small less than fifty kids in a grade small and it go to the middle school in seventh grade. I was friends with kid name: Ezra Simon Daniels, who was a little odd, but definitely not sociopath level. At the time, we hung out with a group of. Ten kids for a couple years and then in hiding
either a move out of our school district, and I never spoke to him again fast forward to my sophomore year of college just a few months ago and a friend of mine from home calls and asks. If I heard what s her did I hadn't so I promptly googled, it turns out. He called the cops from a Walmart fifteen minutes from my house at five, a m and told him he was covered in blood and didn't know why or how he ended up in a Walmart parking lot owners and later then they took him back to his home where he lived with his grandparents and they found the grandparents laying in their bed bludgeon to death with an aluminum baseball bat, no beaten so badly that they had to pull their dental records to make them them. I promise them, I'm not sure if, as are admitted to doing it, but after reading about it and listening to his nine one on call which you know why not mine, if your curious or want to play it on the show, no prestige stop, and neither of those. I suspect that he was on some sort of extreme drugs and killed them and Desert Amber doing it. Good guess I
I believe I was friends with grandparent murderer in middle school. You never really know who's going to lose. It wasn t so tat. Every one of us is so true. The odds are in our favour. I hope you guys enjoyed the super fucked up story. Keep making awesome episodes have an awesome day Christine thank you that was that was well written, talked well tones and to the point to thanked horrifying everything we want wants for well done. Murder, a plus. Can I should I one? Yes, ok, do you want now come under the sun. In our view, this is by just now,
I'm sure, giving supermodel guess she listens- Gracious Ben, I'm sure you're getting some crazy stories. But I kind of like this one, because it happened right next to my best friends home where she slept soundly in her bed. From Victoria BC in Canada, British Columbia right now there is a fairly small city by wouldn't say it it's a fairly small city, but I wouldn't say it's a small town. People don't get murderer very often here, but one guy freaked out one night and killed his son, his estranged wife, both her parents and then himself by stabbing them all the thing that made the situation really crazy. Besides, is that the same night one The same night, local high schools. Ok,
It was the same night as one of the local high schools grad camp out. Basically, the day before school starts, all the great twelve will hang out and ran in random parts of the city and moving around like potluck, a pot of Wales drinking and causing a ruckus. Yet due to the number of calls that the grab camp out was getting, the police didn't responded. The noise complaints coming from the neighborhood of the family that was being murder only row my friends also live next door to the family and subsequently had to go to therapy afterwards, because her mom is afraid that she could hear the murders happening through her open bedroom window ashes left and it had infiltrated her mind. No anyways hope you enjoy this levels layers totally get that thing just kept giving captain cap. You know what's funny, I understand that woman, who adds up here away like
then just isn't aware now, but that didn't I can help it. I dont know you're sleeping I mean who knows but like it's, why I want to stop falling asleep for the tv, but I mean who knows but like it's, why I want to stops falling asleep for the tv but wire, because God knows what's going in there totally terrible will. Do you notice that when you have a leg, sometimes you dream shit, that's so obvious things it, but you saw about eight lake. Yes, you know, there's a good news: second Scully Movie with Tom Hanks about the guy who crash landed on the Hudson exhaustive. But can I had like such obvious, like water crash airplane dorians last night cause? You saw that Bell born. I saw them the trailer, oh, oh yeah, which has like this so boring. Yes, so Baker uncreative in contrast to the Arabella tunnel tonight there well,
yeah teeth, it, keep it Jesus your teeth, falling out or we re getting through whore, who is the basic South, one or even more sure, this one's from Beverly answers. Hydrogen Karen. My name is Beverly and I'm from the Hamilton County Cincinnati. She gets right into it. She's not complementing anybody. She's got a story to tell I respect your Beverly. The county I live in is so small. We have no history of murders. However, town of Hamilton, the county north of mind, Butler, is famous for the deadliest shooting inside a private residence Easter Sunday Massacre over sounds loving it. On Easter Sunday, nineteen, seventy five James Reppert killed his mother, his older brother, his own Your brother's wife and his brothers larch hold around age either knows you're like a terrible left. Her home
no one really knows why he shot all of them, as there was never really emotive, aside from M simply hating his mother and brother, though some think he may have been envious of his brother at as at the time of the murders, James Forty one was still living with his mother drinking heavily and had trouble holding down a job by all accounts, his childhood. What childhood was terrible? His mother wished he had been born female, that's always ire and his father was incredibly violent, also bad.
When he was twelve, his father died and, as older brother took over the role of father, including the violence towards John no he's currently serving to life sentences at a Correctional Institute and Lemme Ohio. Also, if your interested there is a current murder investigation in Pike County to counties over from me, everything is based on our Beverly land, which is awesome where eight members of the road and family were found dead in four different houses. Three were adjacent while the I thought were a bit further away. There have been no arrest, but during the investigation the police found marijuana and com. Fighting operations in the three adjacent house, you'll be happy to know that while the killer was fairly more remorseless in the killings, all victims were shot multiple times they
left. Oh thank God, a three year old six month old and afford day all I've, though the four Dale was found in the same bed as her dead mother, so yeah link. If you want more a guess, what don't want to know before the Beverly again, beautifully written me I'll die. How do we again? A murder, go a murder Adam Drug Money, the crime of mafia. Ask if you don't kill the kids, although you kill the you killed the woman, the wife. The answer, but maybe she was involved, yeah yeah, that's it! like the story of the person that doesn't kill three incredible young children, yeah Mitya and instead just orphans them you're just ruin our barrels using one. I also like, when you said when they were like dirt,
like to wish it was born and girl you're like that's bad and then, when you said after years of you serve, you said that's bad too. He doesn't like clarify the head, like you, weren't being like one was worse than the other. That's right third the area in its all bad. We also that that's a classic turn. I think that turn is the poor the example of what it's like to be into true crime when you're like who do, Easter, Sunday, massacre, blue and then, when you emir, they get into a children are dead. All who is guy didn't want that to happen is not what I was looking. I I have. I have should we not, I survived church. God. I can't hear our first person It's on my survive. It's like. Can you believe? Let's hear it Now. Ok, so Bree run on the facebook page
that's a drama today, so it's late in the mood and talk about how I almost got murdered o king love it three. So when I was four years old, my parents and I lived in a tiny duplex in a small California, mountain town by Yosemite called Mariposa severe's, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, my mom and I are home alone. One morning all my dad is at work during the early nineties and all she was in the shower, and I was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. The large window above the couch was a wide open. A man may be in his forty is walked up to the window and started talking to me. Here's the conversation with the best of my recollection, high sweetie. How are you doing you watching cartoons where's your mommy, she's in the shower, Oh, she is your daddy home nope, it's just me and mommy! Oh, oh, ok can I commend watch cartoons with you. I don't think I'm allowed its I know your mommy ok hold on.
Och over the door to unlock it. I am able to reach an unlocked the door now, but the devil is slightly higher and I was a very tiny kits. Why couldn't reach it all the while he's at the window, peering in watching me trying to get the lock up? And finally I say I can't reach it. Let me go get mommy. Who see em, he says no, that's! Ok, bye, sweetie, and he ran off. Then my mom got out of the shower a few minutes later and I told her she remembered how war I remember how white her face turned and that's why I've always been thankful. For being short, I did the same thing, but I let the person in no and we sat on the couch- talked no and my mama He didn't know my mama's homesick from work that day we're both homesick and when I told him, I still remember him going. Gus Georgia, whose here from from upstairs- and he
I remember him got legs panic gang and leaving no way yeah and he gave me like a friendship bracelet. He was clearly gonna murder me, oh, my dear, he said he was adorned salesman. He looked like now out of work actor in his like best suit illegal. You mustn't great, Looking back got my earlier Breyer. Failure. Thank you for that story, my god. That was a good story. She said babies I as it were, a baby ardor. Oh, my god, I'm sitting in front of a will open window having some God, damn Hobo walk, and Are the pie? No.
That was crazy. It's crazy is that our is on our many. Like nets are many sewed murder. Many sound has really satisfying rage on everybody. I think you have sent us more unlike make the subject lane really gray and that we will open in Riga or donkeys. Our slogan are either anyways yeah. That's true! I am thinks for listening to the murder. Many so well done stay sexy, don't get murdered by me,
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