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MFM Minisode 35

2017-07-31 | 🔗

On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a haunting or two, a friendship formed with a thief, a David Lee Roth impersonator, and more.

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This is exactly right. My dad's, as did he get me on my mom sir. My mom goes like this those slender and Georgia takes the walls with her burps she's, Homer Simpson near your upper lip. Shake or no, she tells me was the guideline burning yeah, oh yeah he's the Birmingham that was. That's right,
the face of excited I face and hating on my own guides for having worked so excited. I'm Kelly Robot, since it's your show, phase you're trying to put it out of it. I get it I won't have you know, there's no show face necessary in this punk ass, no homo! There's! Now! censoring and there is no proper Oh hello, welcome to my favorite murder, the minutes so that Minnesota Minnesota was high. This is the podcast right where we read your hometown motors. You sent us, they could the orange amateurs they could be hometown, M T stories. We love first responders nurses out their first responders, any kind of any emerging dream. Emergency experienced eve had,
and now I think, were floating slightly and lightly into the haunting area who, like one of those every month right. That's definitely because we kind of said that last time are you telling me you have one? Yes, if we say I don T know Disraeli suddenly about it's, because you might cause I heard when we are looking over our notes. I heard you gas and that I'd like, oh my god. Yes, yes, he got seamen, We are not paying attention but Stevens definite, paying attention. I that's a good news about this part came out. I mean it's like a we mean to, but we can't absolute limit rest intentions. My favorite murder, best sententiously, best intentions of tat. Execution Ok. So let's see I've got a couple. Let's start with the first one, my ghost uncle Jerry Man, I am guarantees.
Just even and other animals thanks, are being bought us most. Those I recently moved in a walkie shout out to our boy, Jeffrey Sicking ship was prodigious bridge the unharmed whisky that I stole friendly. Other yes turns out. I live less than a mile from his apartment. General Amazon shut in, though of making friends in a new city. I've been able to bond with many people over this part cast. Yellow wonderful, never change that. I love that love that saw my heart is to make friends life mark as much of a near the older you get the we're. It is down friends and never have Tina Hucks signing. It is my view, and this is how is out of the park. I meet someone who's like. Oh, we were not trying to have this. Conversely,
trying to have this conversation were excited by this conversation. The conversation was already happening. We jumped area and realized looking at each other. This is this was meant to be, and it was about murder. So totally I love that summer, each of us on a robot over martyr, yea. We love it. There are already doing it. Okay, so anyway you mentioned you might like some hometown stories about hauntings. Well, I have I feel there is a hint of the sixth sense, but I find more comforting than spooky, because it involves occasional visits from my uncle Jerry who died in nineteen. Eighty six jerry was our accident was killed when he was thrown from the vehicle he died on his twenty first birthday, these awful a week before he was post graduate from colleagues is. I never met him, but from how my parents describe him. I could tell that he was fun, loving charismatic life, the party kind of guy, his death extremely tragic for my family, I'm sure it was Flash Ward two thousand nine, when I'm
school sophomore in my english class, we're talking about certain children having a deep connection with the supernatural, because that's what you do in high school fingers teacher and often children will have imaginary friends that turn out to be ghosts or spirits and whatever you want to call them. Don't rate the time my youngest brother Dominic was seven years old and I could not wait to go home then afternoon interrogate him about any potential imaginary frenzy, sad so after school. The two of us were playing. Video games are basement and I ask him if he had any imaginary friends to which he responded. Yes, I used to have one AIM Jerry when I heard this my stomach dropped. I then asked him He remembers about his imaginary friend and he said not much just that. He doesn't like to wear a seat belt, No thank you going chills. We re but her next line is literally what the fuck
like all out of all the things that he could say to describe him. That's what he said at that age. There is no way that my brother knew the details of our uncles death or would have the awareness to put it all together later tat evening. I told my mom about our conversation and she didn't act surprised at all. In fact, she told me that when I was younger, my brother would not let my mom back the car out of the driveway until he had buckled up all my jerry, who is sitting next to him till he had buckled up Jerry who was sitting next to her my Mama seven, like ok, I'm sick of what I mean old, also knowing the whole story. It's like they do. You do I personally never have
I personally have never had any interactions with my ghost uncle Jerry, but I find it kind of heartwarming that he still hanging out with us. Thanks for letting me share the story with you, I believe that not all ghosts are scary. Bad goes and Jerry is a testament to that stay sexy and where your seatbelt, Michael Jerry, I love that. God bless you. I mean that's crazy, so got near here. Ok, this is no point, but when you're, like my uncle died at this point, I would think of an older uncle, but then you realize, like their uncle, twenty one. Chemicals uncle you never met him. Young and older than I am just makes me sad, yeah yeah our rights. How about Do you want ok, David Lee? Ross impersonator some sleeping attic bibles. I don't care what I know. That's the only masking www that high. And Georgia. Stephen Stephen saw the different way,
and assorted animals, This is a hometown murder story that involves everything. I love celebrity: impersonators, loose, satanic connections, lung triangles and insanity defences. Yes, nineteen. Eighty eight in Cambridge Ontario Rowena Parsons was murdered having been stabbed seventy times within a hate and carvingknife by Kimball Bike. Really blink corn turns out Kimberly's Hence, was that she had been controlled by her boyfriend. David Koontz trust me, Tuesday him term a murder is expediency. Rowena he's her that it was her job to kill persons, and she testified that Kuntz told sky he went easy told her She had sold his soul to the devil, but during trial. He said it's just an expression, you soldier, solar, rock and roll, what a d bag
apparently, they found some satanic bibles around the house choose so that, of course made the news, even though most of us murdering those now that some bullshit evidence of nothing sat, there some bullshit evidence of nothing must the time the worst part of it, that Rowena was murdered and friend of her and David's. Three or now now Kimberly with sound, not guilty of Rowena murder. By reason of insanity, incentives to secure custody and a mental hospital, he was recharged, Aren't you thousand eight and do was pulled over driving a radically in tow police. He was both suffering from an allergic reaction to nuts and he was David Lee Raw. Oh that's, right too, Does it does one start and then cause the other? I don't pick one of us to get a handful of cash use and also enable Europe here, just jumping with your leg straight up in the air, Finally, following the brutal murder of his mother's child
of his mother and child. He went under Percinet rocks the cops brought him to the hospital, but after he was this, arched or left on his own wasn't super clear. He was seen at a local bar with two women dressed in Scrubbs. He also can The bar seemingly Phil with blind patrons that he was David Lee wroth and got up to perform. The house band, some new sources were even reported reporting those actually David Lee Ross, who was driving typically Ross like what back, I'm not allergic to not anyway, the guys, Bree who doesn't look like wroth and is now facing child sex charges and British Columbia. Maybe he'll actually get punishment for something this time. I'm sure glad I'm sure he, the great at the press talent shall keep up the good work, your helpings junior lawyer, survive long hours and unbelievable professional self doubt much light from Canada, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney
dont out yourself. You stood out from the crowd here, you're doing it you're making it happen that story with every it went in every direction. Van beggared amazing, you have wired the hell yeah, and so you can't do all you do is folk s. You pass that bar here and then right some wrongs. Defend us indomitable trial, please I'll, be ok. Let's see. I'm trying to figure out the I've another hunting one and then I have two three and on the other, to ok, so ok, this one is hometown, haunted, field, question mark high Karen. Mimi Stephen Frank, George and the most handsome Elvis you mentioned that we could send in stories of hunting. So I wanted to share a strange story from my childhood. I grew up a town called next in Missouri in Missouri.
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