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MFM Minisode 36

2017-08-17 | 🔗

This week's minisode comes to you on episode day! Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories including a letter from from a young listener, a surprise lion encounter, a touching ghost story, and the 'laziest' kidnapping attempt ever.

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this is exactly right gotta gregg in all the ragged you look a little baby to think of going on your face that now with the result that i like all that's nice to hear thank you you won't come on
and so on i run cold blooded grows and so you know how that fills out your wrinkles and looks great the bloated girls look blood really get on your drinking last night works well and now that we ve started right is a year so that if this is the way thank you i feel like i'm sick starts are the our best way think starts and compliments on the best way to start anything were you in on me telling georgia she looked like a baby i was therefore a great just so people now those tiny by no later than were actually lake nice now while the rest i would like to start with telling you i think you that's right now good luck you guard i did think when i walk doing that you look for your cheeks are really rosy your silence below we it's because i haven't left the house indeed
days when i actually got like you guys here yourselves are like outside that's sad people welcome i favour a delta challenges rise did you for real oak as you drank and then you two heads indeed he afterwards yeah i mean you internet much but has been supporting musical gets out i've gone i just want to support him you got now your husband is making only may elliot was suckers riot blackened chile cheese whereas we gotta out of people who tell us i had dull taco for the first time i realize you can talk about it and we wanted to know we wanted it could like that's your thing what should i order we ve gotten words that are what should i order i really wish to tell their i gotta say go facilities for export ok i'm pointed there will change your life at two am also
there is a i like there's just a planet soft taco accept hackers but their regular tuckers or get for sure ok fine also yeah it may crinkle cup fries which is like so junior high i now have a terrier that it's really heartwarming their good am third walker molly if you dip their friend rise more my oh yeah april richardson's name worsening the airlock mineral studios reigned over the very first time oh my god hoarding we are here in we're at the mineral would they there really are the air will studio where there were so many of your favorite broadcasts get recorded and there's the table nerd poker hollywood handbook who charted when it might read the part it everything is here we're we're sitting at they have this big like wooden table where you record and everyone rights their name when they're here and so there's all these lacy richardson right there pop tomkins
their who else is there thomas middle age i saw were here i mona beverly right ear just we ino sure could just be naming names off the top of the grass does that's the names were looking at these two of the stable promise and i guess we're sdn right here oh did you i did one right our neighbour that that might be dumb but i mean there's a lot of self consciousness on this table you can really see it there's people who made the who made big swings and made a very bold choices and pictures are really trying to make a statement of other peoples have put their name on here anyhow goodbye anyways oh yeah yeah early stage but this is my favorite murder the many said that's caring kill gara that is georgia hard stir hi hi so this is where we renew your hometown murders that you send us at my favorite murder i think he's gonna be really distract
for me this table i can tell look into my license i am going to demand that they put like a cheap tablecloth now whenever we're gonna research because basically you just have to who's there halo now jason scar jason's about it just like really it's really distracting it is i'm not gonna look at anymore ok so we renew your many sides that even now that you send a we reject your hometown murders that you send us that's right elbow of what type of many sewed sir way it should be done obviously were open to hear you wanna go actually can i start with this one this like girl diseased it so we got a ladder and male outer p o box old school old school and there's a piece of lined be no regular thrill line paper three ring lying paper you gotta lerigo and your lay i look at it and this person is written pencil and take the cutest you're like oh
i wrote like that junior high like this person's herring is adorable ready for the dear karen and georgia oh my god hi my name is jailer i'm a huge fan seriously i'm thirteen by the way i'm gonna get you heard known as far as modern everywhere in the car together it's all we listen to my mom it's like this handwriting i can't oh my door and there is an m m with hearts around it on the top jailer is her name jailer its j e a j p l a jailer we listen to accusations that are less man do you think even like i'm already i'm not believing that the way we re about it's always listen to my mom lets me listen to it because quote because it quote instills a healthy food
of murder and me that's my but it's a plus you guys are hilarious i have a home town murder this one is sick so a few years ago a coach of my school kidnapped hayley owens killed her witnesses said that he asked her for directions then he pulled her into a car they try to chases car but but the catch it a few hours later she was found dead in his basement stuffed in storage men she was only eleven turns out he was on math some of my friends knew him and some went to school with her insane jailer e with a heart p s in the drawing their the deeds are banjos from the banjo murder stories and so she made a striking to stay sexy don't get more
this is where i put it on instagram it's like a really cute drying and end very key word murder is spelled in like a bunch of that one is the banjo course and then there's like some trees and from the forest in there and there's a hatchet and a knife in its adorable and what looks like you know a standard like a boy knife ass well ass a murder knife and acts because it's not always planned that's right and some rope did you notice the use i hope i just saw that through the paper that you're holding oh my god will pass that on instagram beautiful beautiful job what a horrible from especially from a thirteen year old pia an absolutely horrible story acca it's funny they go from im thirteen we love you anyways i'm thirteen and here's a worse murder if ever here's eight incredibly terrible thing then haven't you have very young child wow jailer i mean
you know they remembered a counterbalance your love of true crime with some fun stuff please what are we recommend for thirteen year old roman stamping i dont bob's burgers whom sister run around in a circle love now can we all happy what do you guys like dumb tundra now just like four pieces again at one on my guide try it that is actually really fun that hurts my mouth just like as much above all your mouth and kindly gave it here's my first one cat this is called first responder the sheriff the lion the celebrity in the fucked up old couple that was the original what the wizard of oz was then there like you know one let's get a scarecrow instead of the full locked up old couple because there to greet me i guess ok roll call karen georgia's divinum beloved menagerie brilliant i'd never followed podcast
for emma found and i have been a vivid list an average inevitably isn't going to be a vivid looks haven't been doing really alive they're pretty similar of listeners ledger fourth episode dropped yeah like a misty haliae album what's my boyfriend who has splurge for vip tickets at the fort lauderdale show by the way nice brag is a first responders cool this story is from nineteen eighty six when he was wet behind the ear eighteen paper eighteen year old sheriffs deputy on a solo midnight shift patrol in rural florida locks locks a hatchie to be precise the call my boy from responding to as a signal seventy which was live talk on the highway a little it was wanting am so he handed over to the locks hatchie trailer park where the collar than generated looking for a sheep or a cow
seeing none of the aforementioned he left the safety of his nineteen eighty cop car think clunky black and white with one single vote four across it up yet we know what eighties got curves and little ok energetic absolutely no prior who we see them watch ships doesn't motorcycle we watch cobb we watch com just gun with the obvious agamemnon again i think that you must not only ok any want to knock on the trailer door the elderly couple who had called peered through the window at him and started pointing frantically behind it he turned around to see a fully me the lion walking towards protecting the elderly couple refused open their dory at know what the actual fuck in parentheses it actually says so he pulled his gun
again thank ninety navies long barreled revolver a hake a dirty and tried to make it back to his car and my boy what is an animal lover but as he was desperately trying to fumble through his baseball sized key fog no otto oh otto unlock back then and make sure you didn't accidently shoot showed his gun off he dropped his keys as the now interested lion started to pad toward oh my god oh my god he made a run first locked cop car jumped on top of the light bar and reluctantly aimed six shooter in the lions direction as the line was to put his front paws behind the window to get a better sniff of my but a long haired it was a man came crashing through the bushes driving a golf cart screaming don't shoot don't you he's a friendly like my boyfriend yelled back i don't give a fuck rather it is the lion get the fuck away from here i'll shoot him the man
grab the lion by the ear and pulled him into the golf cart suit yourself zoomed up i don't even give a shit if this is a lie i know these are so into about but please don't lie on these leaving my work sweating and shaking on top of his car gun drawn keys in the dirt as you calm down here eliza the long haired man was actors steve site pack who was well in the area for owning big cats and playing tarzan on tv rights one of the things that really love about being a verse responder or the stories he yells or being with a first responders the stories he tell who for some on the so these are the three seem tells about his colleagues the insight the information that i have never been tribute to for example for the next two plus years my working cop would lit regular fine toy lions in his car is death drawer his locker can't wait to meet you
remember thank you all for the inappropriate times you ve made me snort laugh whilst in the gym wearing headphones ass a stadium linda that is i was going to bed that's so hilarious living it's so funny to because my dad it this was always had pranks being pulled on him or was lange one i feel like there's something about like last time for super first responders my favorite one as they used to they made fun of my dad because he always had the same duffel bag wiki brought his dove to and from the fire house and this one duffel bag and they accuse them of never cleaning it i'll liked that it was always the same stuff in there and so a guy put this old ashtray it was like an iron asked
of a viking both he put that in the bag and my dad said he carried it around for like a month or email because if they were just take out the things were dirty and watch them in the lake just stuff like that i'm knife he watched his clothes i meant you an ashtray in a bag around there's gotta that's fucking hilariously i guess it's like oh thank god when a case doesn't go horribly wrong we should at least make fun of it that's right you're late it's also a way of probably keeping people in line a little bit where the next time you react you have to think whatever i do i'm going to get should for the next three years yeah there's gonna be a nickname made out of this case this whatever hey let me see her this one's kind of like me can save it for the end of its bad if the ending is bad so this is called satanic sex ritual stabbing in milwaukee high are that's easy to hire wisconsin is tackling not lacking in march
in syria killers but this was a crazy not murder story that occurred right near my apartment a few years ago in november two thousand and eleven and eighteen year old man was ten naked and bleeding in the street just a few blocks from my apartment he had been cut and stabbed over three hundred times he was transferred to a local hospital a police followed the bloody trail to a nearby apartment the door was open and when they when side police found knives duct tape rope blood and books on satanism and other occult topics including the neck romantic ritual book and the werewolves guide to life have fun with your werewolf is now go a carnival where all looks like that is dammit i immediately picture werewolf wearing jeans like one leg crossed his hand on the said he's gonna find this lies gonna make life worth living
a sure euro werewolf but somewhat thou hold you back there's all these other days besides that one day where there's a full moon ok apparently schuyler than errs on end met to women online rebecca chandler and raven quotes scarlet larvae raining larvae and you have to pick one or the other yeah you're de wave and you don't need scarlet give up some ass to give a dear friend we give it to me doktor he took a bus to milwaukee to participate in a consensual satanic ritual act with them according to the women the encounter quote quickly got out of hand they died him up stabbed him repeatedly and held him captive for two days according to the hospital he had approximately three hundred wounds on his back face arm legs and neck basically everywhere rebecca was in the apartment cop showed up and blamed most of it on scarlet whose real name she now both home now it's raven mascara
both women were arrested but i don't think they were ever charge the guy surviving apparently updated as facebook status two's quotes stitches sex they say you don't get a murdered laura well he's really he's just taken very lightly he's like me i guess i d go over there for some days hammock sex ritual i mean i hope he doesn't blame himself because even though its say and accepts ritual nothing anybody thinks that that means emanated stab three hundred nine once you're tied up there you're not in good draw anymore we are the points that of of tying someone up i got thea
then you then fun things are supposed to happen on dirty staff in nine not stem cell scars that in our sexist tie ups also any time the numbers that high i just go like just right now picture poking yourself in the back of a hand ten times that's irritating yeah you get stabbed three fucking hundred two hundred and then think of it back in the like what the nurses called there are still learning how to nurse the person at a cow all of those stab wounds of the medical systematic assistant gown mike i like it luckily decides over forty you know what gets round a thought for all of these no derek you have to count them all we needed for the fire ok this next when the subject limas beach day with my dad dad i saw that movie right legend ok high karen georgia
elvis mimi daddy o the newcomers like your very suddenly ivy i knew you have been thing done level whereby telegram daddy exotic who the hell o donnell george and all the other precious animal friends everywhere both for frank he gets nothing ok first of all i promises isn't a week in a burning issue with age secretly i love your o secondly of your planet i mean something's wrong i mean that's relative or a lot of saturday very very true did you see the girl it took the picture of the back of the guy and she said he's so pissed released dear podcast on the way to las vegas you said a kind of
what i mean is that so uncool someone doesn't want to listen to my router i think they are in the right that while also just being forced to listen to applaud guess like that's that's not car consensus that's not fun times road travel now that's were our personalities being forced on us or dude who looks like he just wants to those in the car talk yeah but like those in the car talk you there you both unless into hey you go you meet in the middle terence trent torture you can listen to what's a neutral high gas is american life is a good one everyone likes the shoemaker everyone you know events listen we put it on when you were in the cargo and i am now healthy lost i've got a bad something for everyone and it is so funny so for me it is the most enjoyable thing the neck
i'm ladys ladies and gentlemen boys and girls together in a car don't force your personal beliefs on other people just looseness stone cold steve us listen to the one where he talks to himself no gases yes i mean it out literal hours of inner team truly so enjoy suffolk say there are eight most disturbing nobody secondly i love your partners we just see you guys in madison october i can't wait i naturally started listening to the weak after you were in milwaukee our amazing make my days at work by so much faster thank you here's my ghost story sorry to disappoint but it's not a scary one and no one was murdered my dad died when i was sixteen years old we were incredibly close and i was a total daddy's girl losing him was really hard that such
age to lose apparent i'm sorry every year on his birthday i would try to do something nice to remember and celebrate him by doing some of his favorite things drink martinis watch old westerns go outside eat apples highlights the i'm not like your dad i don't go out i'm ok so a few years ago is feeling especially bound on his birthday just missing so i decided to go on to town i was living in green bay at that i am and i found myself in man a toe is pronounce it it's the one from a martyr think we re manitoba france's yes making a murder metallic ok i was driving down some so rode by the lake where i found the tiniest little beach completely separate from everything and ever everyone and everything the beach was maybe thirty feet by twenty feet i'm not a geometrician it was smile but there were two there were two chairs
the beach so i decided to pull over and sit in one of the chairs and just watch the lake there were apps there is so you know one around perfect because i really knew i needed to ugly com and i didn't want anyone to see when i sat down i immediately started crying but then i suddenly felt fine felt totally fine i fought comforted and save a complete one after an hour of watching the waves i got up to leave the beach and on my way out i saw clear as day my written in the sand kate it was at least three feet tall i know would have seen this on my way in it took up most of the beach do i just got till i got if i am a whole body also no one spoke their name like me most people spell it with a k she's possible to see i knew my dad was with me but this was just a slap in the face i needed to know he hasn't tully left me sometimes it's terrifying to know we're not low
but it also get to know that the people we also hang around so goddamn you stephen i say that because even bigger than not re you ladies keep it up i have no quarrel with closing i'm sure come to me after his son this love kate p s care in your amazing on how did they get made in georgia you're drunk history gives you a story i got me got mean good hearing her name in the sand and then its spell differently in also show walked in that way unless somebody snuck up and as a nice treat her name in the sand and it's just creeping will ya then it goes the out of sets are actually went out and i'm wondering followed on from pingaree obey knew her name and newer namely the spelling
man look there were two seats there yes and that she didn't she went to like purge it but then it was like oh no that's not actually i feel and then killed it out addy i mean that was a beautiful gave some new lex their dad let me now come same here should i re though i've done tune outfitted jailers should you one more year one i'll have you don't you why did the i did the opening one ray and then i didn't my satanic such actually i'm doing ok re sit with like now look at zero but if it gets even care or hours even can we please keep recording what have we been time didn't exist in this room suddenly the
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or be parker ok bye i survived question mark the lace its kidnapping attempt in history has light hearted exclamation everything about this hello marina family i wanted to rein in this for a long time but i've but i having eighty have you heard of a better word i've finally worked up the nerve anxiety to write a funny sphere jaime yes your file africa diana good i get it
grew up in a quiet suburb among island not much happening there but my first shovel fifteen years old quickly lead me led to me being a manager at a carvel in a knot so nice area by sixteen years old carvel yeah they threw the whale thing that's right we finally if i do the whale they they finally have them out here now like in the grocery store freezer section but we ve never californians of never having freestanding carvel still now i never had felt the whale view and we never know and i've never seen any commercials have offer hundred m hundreds episode we have a budget the whale scene and please i'm gonna do you remember pop up by sixteen years old but tat manage remember that we get a job as a kid my gear managerial like ireland sounds great guy have keys now rare i thought i was big time a topic ok
to give you an idea we were wrong multiple times at nine point and i once broke up a violent fight in the parking lot while police cars sat quietly nearby no that's what the neighbour it was like so one night as a tiny try some one night is a tiny manager child i was looking at the store alone at ten p m after they last employee left while i sat outside awake my father because obviously it couldn't dr myself yet the parking lot was empty and dark with the exception of one shady looking white van on the far corner of the law off after only a moment of me being outside the vans lights turned on and it's better on the lot to pull up in screeched or halt in front of me the driver didn't do anything at all but but the side door flew open with an older man was crouched inside oh i see the drivers jason an older man there's two guys scary yeah let's see about and he
let me he looked at me and let me get in aggressively an incentive running for my life and tear i politely said oh nothing you visit there this is normal but the man pause look he was thinking over what to say next and finally said it's really cold outside as though it were a question and not an objective fact about the ten p dot m about ten p dot m and december at the time i was just at the time i was just confused and i said okay still no thank you remind me to disappointed having sound slam the sliding door closed and the van drove off and out of the lot in a hurry a few minutes later my dad shut up and i told him about the weird thing that happened he freaked out italy and even as i was retelling it i realise just how messed up it was that even just minutes later anyway so i survived a very lazy crime through absolute leave no fault of my
i hope you in jordan i just wanted to add that as an avid murdering and current sex workers you guys are angels we're trying to contribute to the frequent stereotyping and mockery of violence against sex workers my day job is in health care and i can tell you that while my colleagues and i face violent behaviour i quote both might or at both my jobs it's one one at once a tragedy at the other its met without well what did you expect i love you all please stay sexy and don't get murdered day wow will first of all that stories fucking where nothing what do you know what nine minutes is a polite thing of nothing you hear night came back you now nothing no gonna do you dumb
so it's really good you'll that was good to hear from you and i'm glad you made that point about sex wordy i'd get its good when people get to speak for themselves how to oh yeah totally retreated this last one this the subject line is this the battlements of celestial fire ready i care in georgia stephen elvis mimi daddy frank and george that someone did the whole line up they did their research you really don't have to do that anymore and i like murdering a family is really saying that's a good one although i understand it's fun to say it's wonders it's fun to see the variations gives you never know what we're getting at its roots going to die
ok i went to a hippie college in western massachusetts there were a lot of urban legends floating around like the velvet elvis painting that had once been used to smuggle coke and the guy who live naked in support of rope look i'm sorry i didn't mean to separate emails about ok but this story is my favorite and its one that actually happened when i was there there is this guy let's call him spidey in my freshman class he was an unsavory character who wore sparkly shirts and was a shady dj part is god s legs you think it my friend dave devalued who is due
but he doesn't care about shirts ok i heard multiple eyewitness accounts of people entering their shared dorm bathroom defined spidey wearing a bathrobe and washing his dick off in the sank apparently after having sex with his girlfriend parentheses side note said girlfriend once told me i looked like a parrot and let me for leave hydra search for peace college and a pair you look like a parent ok will those are beautiful so yeah there's mark so slow
the ec a dick while she was apparently a coke dealer one day a rumour started floating around that he got caught and kicked out of school few hours later opposed appeared on the college message board by someone calling themselves the battlements of celestial fire only a self proclaimed on campus anti drug vigilante group they claimed responsibility for spidey getting caught they said that they had set off the fire alarm by lighting a fire outsides by these room then when spidey left they gone in and taken all of the drugs out put them in plain sight so campus keys security kids would you dont have to light the fire you pull the fire alarm no fire is actually needed for a fire limburg law so these assholes are like drugs are bad working to start a fire that i heard all eyes laser of evil though so the battlements of slots a fire warned everyone that they were on a mission to eradicate drugs from the whole school spoil
learn its regular it didn't work hippies loved her they try to stay anonymous but we figured out who they were a bunch of square why did i always show them at all why wearing oakley fucking nor is it but i love you back at that more of illegal history drug store i like a shower i mean so it turned out that the drug the dick washing was just it just didn't you know like in interesting enhancement of a store exactly the kind of like painting the picture painting the picture with dick washing and embellishment these didn't bade the you didn't take the picture he watched the deck of the story now i'm thinking of our eleven year old that listen thirteen don't worry who was a lie thoughts it was eleven the girl who got murdered in her story was allowed that isn't there i'll be now
when i was eleven by command in a new laptop dick jokes whenever there came hell yeah it's only one editor evidently thick jokes come on yeah what's more exciting i had began the book truly tasteless joe i have do i still carried around i couldn't believe she automatic what's his name in your back pocket you have set out catcher in the right martha huge badly at elections but there will be sure don't worry she'll go off on our own online is going to do is kill it at every show sheep across the table at the eleventh hour eight guys this has been most insane minister that i think we have done our thank you guys felicity sender send your not many said but ever hometown martyrs and beyond to make ever merit gmail i think right now we're doing first responder we like a ghost story a clearly there is no there's not a lot
yeah we just want to hear great stuff just great stories you have to do ass a crime a crime involved or something that would be great a threat crying hopes just because we doing as our debate i asked people tuning and in the morning on their camille on monday morning early can i please i just want this one thing that i like one story that has the theme of russia just one one bloody act right but think see things for listening everyone yes they sex i don't care murdered
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