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On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories from Detroit and Toronto including spooky happenings from a nurse, a fingerprint dust date night, a teen that worked with a serial killer, and more.

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this is exactly right are we rewarding sweet let's start as mother hi here we're in a hotel room that looks like it could be in the shining yet like i'm the smallest conference room this is like a child's conference is also this is my favorite murder oh hi the many so we doing many suit on the road we have well we're down tell us ample emile where it pod vast ellie portfolio
we over by the time you her face was great everybody killed it thanks for coming so many people now so many lovely people really that this of the that many side worthy rigi back your hometown murders that you may laugh at my throat murderous gmail and this we are doing it in a room that is the true colored of must color bastard who in the worst way possible whom this was ass painted in nineteen seventy four gas yes so we got a deep friendship situated and i'm pretty sure the carpet is give me a seizure from its business europe are we twin peaks or the shining this is a hybrid crossover kind of like today's marijuana for they have taken the worst of two things and combine them to give you a hard to tell us why look and listen
don't you can't see he let us describe in detail for you have you ever had a bird shit on your car and there is yes it's yes it's white but there's a very very tiny strength likes lights and of yellow that's the color of these well since the kind of thing or when you cut into and goes shitty diner like that's not the right color of egg yoke yet but somebody that designs rooms at this hotel was like that's exactly the right color that's the way it goes great with slow burgundy and tat carpet with kind of like leafy medallions like somebody is getting a carpeting award but it's on the ground in its permanently you never actually get it is look down what's we only stevens here like interest state gaze upon him stephen secured this for as yet so of course were certainly grateful and in no way have elapsed
gratitude it's not totally and sport what is the designer who more hotel is a listener and she is weeping openly right now just like that color mustard was the pan tone color of the year into dozens of shit the ghost she was a ghost when she design this rule yap show which means she sees in black and white socialism and know what color this is like a dog she pigs these beautiful she said let's not go with natural lighting let go with florescent to go fluorescent if you're in a conference or listened florescent fucking reason sliding this is like the smallest bar mitzvah ever a throne for any jew s definitely this is if you are an orphan do ass you fourteen and your distant aunt does like no or go into the biltmore we only need one table
what we want our own roof one tiny to elicit as there's one tiny table you this it barely holds the three of us in its in its in a banquet there's four chairs one is empty and it's for the goes to design those decorator there like interviewing people in their like without first guy wearing a neckerchief seemed like he knew a stuff but i likely he could see through her i want to give it to her cheek means a jerk off of here she looks hungary are actually do this let's do you hear me belts directly into the microphone just now because you didn't marry subtly thank you i was a gospel we just we just want to tender greens tendering for when you wanna belch it's a short add ok ready this first says the subject line is buckeyes and nursing ghost stories stephen
this nursing go stories about a dead baby nursing it's dead mother i'm to get really matter sickness nokia hello of ladys and nicely stashed stephen parentheses and adorable animals he's picking these now so that he gets compliment that absolutely look at alcatel still didn't get such a pleasure to see all three of you in detroit and i'm still uncloud nine from the meetings we gave women inform her sorry but it's kind of funny thing what are you from the sixties anyway she loves it i would she lives when i give a shit ok i'm a critical care nurse in a medical intensive care unit basically critical critical cares where people are on life support and on continuous lifesaving medication in my which is approximately four fourteen hundred beds we account for thirty percent of all hospital deaths and average a death a day to get better at their job one i don't think they can but that's not the point at a certain point there is no getting around it between
then dying and being murdering oh i have some odd dinner topics love her considering how many deaths sweet had needless to say there has been some odd things have happened we had a p whose last name was i'd changed name changed for medical privacy red reasons owes its a figment can i help and was with us for three weeks the patient died in a knot very pleasant way and the next patient in that room was talking to himself one a fellow nurses went into the room and asked new patient who is talking to he pointed to the corners and said oh just my friend eyes on there is also one room which three different patients all said there are seven people in this room the patients were all admitted months apart from each other that the fact that they said the same thing is just beyond creating a handsome steel like different rooms feel worse than others either the weight of room feels heavy or there's a weird smell
then tonight lucia area then tonight one of our alarms showed a dying harpy a bunch of us ran into the room and realized the room was unknown now i got this room just creek area unless it's getting mustard ear and here it was a great wave form the heart the tracing on the monitoring of paid leave i just want to do that you knew what i saw my legs outlined at any rate let alone you gotta but no one was attached to it that happened three different times as an irish huge carmody nerds every time you bring up giotto rosa i always chuckle we talked to him for a little bit last year during the hedberg friend fringe festival because recognize my husband i appreciate all three of you so much say sexy do your advice this directive and what could for spirits in the critical care crystal in cleveland resolutely oh my god that was scary beautiful i love it this room has handed right
its hunted with that one blue sequence the ground oh my god no off the button that says he ass see the clown that about mitzvah great aunt hired partners ok here's margo state really i was gonna those against augustus even are it this is just open area hello i just started listen to them my former punk us remember that in the first year since you ask listeners and murder stories oh yes when olivia we keep doing at me i think and the whole time from their home towns not sure there's still doing that others bitch hasn't lesson and earl you listen to one and got out i thought i would the few over let's just go right to this one night the term or my dad grew up that's it
away from where i live now there was a serial killer who murder to women in the eighties his name is james whose aim is james kodak he had been previously arrested for the murderers roommate when he lived in florida after eleven years he got out of jail and move to morristown new jersey and two months after moving he murdered amy hoffman she kidnapped from a shopping mall stabbed her body was found in a water tower blue twelve days later a deirdre brian who had gone to school with my dad and aunts was kidnapped from her car and stabbed i believe code ouch put sirens on his car pretended to be police officer however our aid that were not there are not there kodak i don't know i need in saying that close to right but i'm dying they sound confident about the matter yet he was arrested after he cut himself and went to the police claiming that the man who was murdering women in town and tried to kill him what the fuck
haven't just stay away from the police station here i mean i want to give them and rice on having knock at cairo that we want a bad idea still that's that's how bossy and controlling i am i even want to give people advice on how to knock a copying zero killed i want to tell you why you're wrong for having been cause that's right even i want you to get high just see it so clearly that hillocky would benefit from my wisdom everyone needs to take our advice the pill and so i knew something was off you think and quickly realized go dash cottage was murdered had murdered two women my art my mama said europe in the area and members not being allowed to go out at night while this was happening my downward the gas station and the area during highschool after cottage was arrested he realized tat he had been buying cigarettes from him at this gas station on a relatively consistent basis not sure how to end this email with the subject matter the stark well i hope you enjoy question mark my hometown murders i love you
podcast olivia bolivia it's not at first well yes did i mean the word isn't enjoy but what it is is holy shit her wholly shitting along with you isn't it we're down any serial killers i've never heard of you because there are so many so many but also i would say this is it yeah it's three or more yeah he almost meda he could have he's just a plain a lunatic he would have done it if it didn't slit his own rests or that's right if you didn't get his weird plan and it make himself look like a victim here you nut this decline of this one is bernardo plus malta plus six degrees of kevin bacon am fm family smiley on made with punctuation little i've shown toronto last night and was blown by your coverage of the bernardo commissary of that was mine i remember one which is
so well known in canada it's hard to believe there is more to learn from it but yours during your show i did well that's the i compliment yeah because the reason i was redoing it is cause i fucked it up so badly the first time that since the world the fact that you told them stop that they don't know after him follow this case for the i came home i got how rewarding compliment almost makes me think i should do research all that time i thought a very interesting bit was when you mentioned at the end that karl mocha took on the assumed name of leon teal that's interesting an extremely creepy because both bernardo an homolka adopted teal name either right or they married or just before bernardo trial bernardo adopted from a little known movie stirring kevin bacon i do know in
criminal law degeneracy also story it's from eight nineteen eighty also starting very old men who knew there were six degrees of kevin bacon with the bernard or homolka artery i think the fact that on malta readopt that the name after she was freed is extra creepy and onto the fact that she definitely had no problem participating in the murders this article article also scribe pulp as attempt to release self published books of the amazon and the end the black backlash that happen when he did that oh she included allied link i think that's what she's talking about the article we're thing stacy may fowls is fantastic writer that's the girl that i did the quote from who wrote that great article i was unaware you mentioned it that she had written that art in the wars but came to know her from our other writings her twitter energy newly released book baseball lighted a switch which chronicle was her journey through depression anxiety and how she alleviated that view
following baseball on the throne of blue j specifically its great red i thought you should know awesome as always thank you for everything you doing you're amazing show last night sd gm adam you know it so interesting about the teal thing that he's mentioning now that we know is that she was she was giving a message to answer him to him for sure that even though they doing an inside joke they she broke up with him she was like i want nothing to do with him i had nothing he made me do these murders yet you know she had to show that to the public and how she was like joe insight fucking joke and also that actually is such a good movie its along the lines of presumed innocent then here ford movie where you really don't know you are being led to believe that mechanism evil murderer don't don't tell anyone else ok it's really good it just one of those like you you kind of don't know what's going on the whole time and its really i would also yet that's fucked up
they basically that's being like a minimum two montreal and change my name declaring starling yeah i mean it but that's what it is but it's like because my actual now have you grady just continue discussed all these years later heart but she's for its part is she's out of prison a train this is called finger prints dust date night to trade what are you sorry linger print dust date night oh our thoughts i mean i'm loving it hello ladys stephen herbal animals around east timor i'm a huge vinegar podcast not only for bringing a true cried sounds out of the shadows but free or hilarious commentary support of friendship and honesty you're struggles with mental health and addiction nope she wrote edition environmental health an addition
additions you keep putting on your apartment we always say we are mass does not arrive by continues in the winchester mystery so lucky addition just keep building additions additions and we don't know subtraction we cannot add as someone who is trying to be open about my own travels with mental health hearing each episode brings me a feeling of solidarity i have to say that i love stevens voice to smiley face stephen semen of adding should end is lou tina belcher get on that might let people hear your voice now oh sack sexy as my interest in your grand started a very fairly young age thanks to my father my dad we're on an amazing man did not always know how to filter or word things procure
this even now i have to remind him that and see i s and blue blood's aren't really age appropriate viewing material for my five year oh yeah not really my grandfather was a mounted police officer in detroit and father always wanted to follow his footsteps in nineteen sixty seven while in college my dad was hired as a campus police officer for the east for eastern michigan university during the kohen murders in epistle anti the various police forces banded together to try to look at the serial killer later maybe john or my collins african there's a great book called them michigan murders about this whole case smile again my dad was very was away
the eager officer was thrilled to join the investigation due to his hardworking nature as well as my dad's physical appearance and age the police officers felt that he could be very helpful and undercover operations when collins was arrested for karen sue benjamin's murder the police believed that he had an accomplice andrew julian manuel who was on the run in an effort to trap that accomplice my father was assigned to live and john norman john normal collins apartment under cover and hopes that in hopes of catch me complex when he returned as you live in the same boardinghouse issue my mother whoever's helping my father pack up collins belongings and clean if the fingerprint does that still remain from the investigation i have to say the thought of my dad living under cover for several months in effort to catch a murderer always blows me away i didn't know that
happen in the case of the maize my dad stories of this of his time as a police officer during college fascinated me and this interest in john norman collins is what spread it to a large or interest in true crime my aunt who the same college at the time actually met collins at one point he had given her roommate a ride on his motorcycle which is one of the ways he got women with a man them and offered my right as well my aunt specifically i remember the look in his eyes made her uncomfortable and despite its attractiveness kazoo superfund say he was the hot i read so yeah she declined polite i believe no fuck fuck politeness needed labour is discovered that collins often offered girls rides as a way to abduct them so my aunt went with her got stayed sexy and did not get marta meaning
the picture of where john normal collins lived in the time of the last of the murders committed was pictured in a recent book tear and absolutely by gregory foreigner pictures attached to my dad and mom remember talking to the landlady that collins afternoon she always sore up and down geneva such a nice boy gore's re danny way sorry for the long hometown murder i came to see you guys this week in detroit already happened assessed eugene katy neil arrange we do on more yet so i'm ok i guess i guess just came in little goose ok all right there decline of this is a toy it's a trauma hometown i work but the angel of death when i was fifteen hi gang the wicked hometown murder but a serial killer nurse for ya'll where are you
when i was fifteen because that's boston amongst the sale of total his person is actually from her aunt she's moreover she's that's right she's an army rap ok when i missed it now what does a student nurses aid at the super shady nursing home in woodstock ontario could know not thee woodstock this one the dairy capital of canada same that's what i was thinking of you declaring so there was this nurse at home named beth elizabeth then full name elisabeth wet laffer and i work from twenty two to twenty thirteen which happened to be right smack tab in the middle of her active killings re in he doesn't seven beth started working at this nursing home in first year she tried to kill two old lady sisters by injecting them with insulin that they survived apparently it's pretty hard to accidently overdose people with insulin so it's pretty and national if someone does administer a lethal does between two thousand seventeen and twenty fourteen she killed eight seniors
and attempted to kill for more along with two aggravated assaults from before making her canada's for female serial killer during her confession beth said she felt that god was telling her to kill who to kill next or that this here's where mean and difficult social just killed who chooses chloride that's not it's not funny it's like what are you talking about right but that i have it this reaction that when i'm we have set about things i just start life that's what this progress is that's why we're here the ok so you're not out of me after she was girl after she killed she said she felt a cackling from the pit of hell that's inputs within her and then in front sees what the fuck does not even me she apparently had confessed to the murders to a former girlfriend a pastor a lawyer in our
ex anonymous monsoon andrew student nurse and no one did anything except you tell her to stop or pray for her or some shit sorry to give advice again to fuckin serial killers yeah don't tell anyone right i mean and also you're going to tell someone can you want to be stopped don't pick the lane people in europe in your life are the people who won't believe you yeah or the people who kind of dont have the guts to do anything it s just like you should pray you're so silly what's her name on grant yourselves selling their nay margaret eva lichtenberger margaret okay so exactly one year ago today beth and went to a mental health institution drano infest up for the sixth meantime i might add an that she'd killed eight old people and they contacted the police birthplace guilty and immediately on oak
guilty immediately and ungenial on june twenty six twenty seventeen like this is three fifteen months ago you guys it's crazy she was sentenced to eight concurrent life sentences in prison with no possibility of pearl for twenty five years some other weird shit she did while she was actively killing when farmers about her being a murderer true that started quote laughing hysterically zoo do oh and then it says in parentheses cover elvis's years for this one offered to put down her neighbours sick cat with a lethal lethal dose of insulin thanks he says parentheses i'm a student veterinary and this one makes me sad and and finally sheep she published some weird ass palms online about a woman quote quenching craze by jabbing someone to death and another but how much she likes old people quote their wrinkles their frailty their smell knowing that is there last home margaret super fucked up a
so forget to mention the beth went to high school with my mom gotta love small towns fuck politeness and stand of the forest amy as super not smarter stop killing people turning the lisbon list elizabeth margaret snapped kelly viewpoint it is short for elizabeth they almost said really is so go alone yeah let's send our home towns to my favorite runner gmail and stay tax i don't get murdered guy mustard
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