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On this week’s My Favorite Murder minisode, Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories from San Diego and Anaheim including a mother’s brush with almost attempted murder, a deadly magician, attempted kidnappings, and more. Plus an onstage proposal from the Balboa Theatre!

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This is exactly right. It's my favorite martyr, many sold the especial weekly part of the serious podcast series, smaller episode, where we read your hometown in any that make sense yeah. I think all of it Are you guys, email, ass, your crazy, weird home towns are the thing that happened to your dad and I was in college or the same happen. College Roommate College,
and me about. I didn't I didn't graduate from college. I know I send in how about Karen your uncle's college room known, as families ever going to cause it's wrong. The old kilgour of way aren't, you are sure. Ok, let's see here are it so this one is called Richard. Her Maris are almost turned my mom into a murderer: ok, loving dear care Georgia, stash Master, CNN and fluff muffins. No end. Now that's what I thought those last year and unacceptable who can best thank you for raising pie cast. It has made the gym infinitely more tolerable and has given way Marina mind an insane amount of joy to be grateful for what's nice yuruk. Second,
You know that the only reason I heard the story is that I finally cornered my mother into listening to your pie, Caslon Road trip. We finish the first episode and I looked at my mom nervously, calculating how long I was gonna. Take murder. Announce me sick, bastard and she pensively said Aramis. At the time I thought Richard Amerika was going to kill me for fucking Sidebar. I probably should have heard the story. When I told her, I worked at a show about night about the night soccer, but whenever my parents living Anaheim in the early eighties. They were there past our walls. My mom had a terrifying term scary areas areas I am. I had one too. I was a few months old and my older brother was three
my God mother, was a nurse also living and working in the area who happen to live across the street from one of her co workers who, incidentally, was attacked by Ramirez. She survived and ended at identifying later identifying later in court well anyway, moms friends, coworker had been attacked in the house who are living in was walk of houses that, for the most part had this, and this is an all cap, super say sliding last or in the bag, important, no, these site, citing glass doors or a phase of Amerika to get into houses. Yes, it's just that little quickie law. We have one of those shoe and we did in the favour of never locking it. Oh that's nice, a boot! That's a the lake. Those lighting last doors are like a part of seventy serial killers, part of the horror here and I don't think,
the sound of a slightly less or bank quietly opened at night. Now totally, I don't think in my entire childhood. Was there ever everything on the on the ground floor, including the doors and windows and everything locked one time when it was all closed up, just a different time and in reality, stupid time and a stupid reality in unamended anyway, in the middle of the night, when my dad was away on business trip, my mom woke up to the door Bell ringing, like any responsible woman alone to children in the middle of the night. During an active serial killers rampage, she opened the door as the next door, neighbours girlfriend. She said that her boyfriend wasn't harm, but she was too scared to go under house because she swore she heard someone in there and true horror, films fashion my month that cool I'll, take you and your boyfriends house and show you there's nothing to be afraid. So
The two unarmed young women go into a house all alone and choose to tour the house turning the lights on when they go into a room and then off so that electricity money honeys wet anyway, they get to the last room in the house which is kind of a lofty area on the second floor, there's a door and for while also it sounds like a regular room to me, but that's how my mom described it anyway. I hear the sliding glass, then they hear the sliding glass door open. I just have to point out that, yes, I have a hard time speaking, but Stephen printed this unlike eleven point, forty a M Jesse, those two. It's definitely passiveaggressive delay. He printed up these stories. It's like he wants me to fail at his ease against us, that's clear right and it we're just gonna keep on seeing the gas.
As luck would have it. They happen to be in a room where the neighbour kept his pistol. The girlfriend who PS is twenty years old, takes out the gun, my mom mom, that again, mom, takes the gun from her and calls out now and responds where they are footsteps coming up the stairs here as well. To point out. My mom is about ass. She grew up on a farm and knows how to use firearms and always has a manicure agora, permanent manicure and check the safety and aimed directly to the left, the door at the frame, the door
opens my Mama gesture aim and notices that the person coming through the doors bald richer Ramirez. It air member had straight up the doll Sassou curls, so I remember they work curls only a more waves. It was my dad mama who shot my dad. He come back early from a business trip and when he found mom has gone from the house, he went to check the next door. The portion was on the front door. Was locked so he went around the back and found the backsliding glass door open. Not just unlocked fully share, humiliated, angry concern and thought something bad might have happened, sunset of calling nine when one he just went up the stairs without announcing himself while Super Galleon, almost gotcha. So as far as my hometown murder, this specific case it thats. It is missing the murder part but marrow, but very narrowly- and I had this energy because it's a funny story, please keep up. The amazing show stay sexy, don't get murdered, p s if you inspired too
who inspired me to teach my cat ATLAS stored cookie, and he now like us, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy love J D, fun, Bienvenu plan that reminds me of the people that we met at the meat and greed in Anaheim and it was a mother are and the mother was there the day that major mares was running through that neighbourhood in was a boil high its yes, though, no down down. There is perhaps what it was tat. She was there. She he got caught in friend of her house. Oh, right, then the hops got him down on the ground, has the cause the now. I think that they, I don't know something. It was in front of her house where he got specific, a block along the street where they a car and the monkey sing that everyone all her neighbours we're just going outside and leg and like a whom watching and being a part, and she was telling people to go back inside right. She was like they were so crazy if one wishes to EL yeah like
there's a serial killer lose so funny. I was, though, I told the Miser starstruck to meet issued I'll, be right there scene of the crime. Ok, let's see this subject, let us hometown martyr, I'm writing to you about my favorite hometown murder. I'm from a man made peninsula called Coronado Island in Southern California, its part naval. These part resort city, em very small beach town, the other of the wizard of OZ lives there too, and corn on a likely serves as a major inspiration for that story. Everyone's short, corn honouring Santiago is the sex. Deadliest suicide bridge in the United States Golden Gate number one day, hey able
that's Irene. My story is at the core or not or brewing. Company was kids eat free night, so often my family went and my favorite part of Tuesday nights was broadly a k, a trick. Tony, the magician and children's entertainer, now red flag who made balloon animals, talk card tricks and was an overall cool. Do kill him? No, I don't I'm so sorry until stabbed his wife to everyone and that town I sent Coronado watch out for trick Tommy others coming nice, our coming so far away savages lighted up slashed, a police dog whose okay now and died under a hail of police. Liar one time use interviewed by the local news elegantly station of charity function and was like I'm here to make everyone smile
think about this every time to this one track where you can make assault Jager disappear under a napkin that I, in a year old, painting two dollars to teach it all sad anyway, things for doing you lovingly Corey. That was perfect, but how Larry you guys are. Thank you done enough to write in and it's not like insane- and I know that the perfection of that, because it's the details, ness rhetoric, Tony its assault, shaker disappearing. It's one ear like here you're a degree you're, not even a degree of separation away, but it's not like anything bad happened. To you, but you I mean, as a child, probably witness something bad y yeah, but it is our duty to do with a story. Probably know you just relax. I mean he human witness magic. Just like a happy, a serious ammunition, happy sack ok great love it moving and to map it assisted, attempted
Kidnapping, mother, like the paper, says especial brand public on them up in a way that to say that we ask we're getting a deal with the chimpanzees great thanks for letting you know you carry out I'll I'll call. Her lawyer on Tuesday man dies wearing area like this fellow Karen Georgia, Stephen and all pets, Action right there you go thing. So much of the bag. Ass, analyse nations, episode for and say I got me through across country, road trip, moving states walking around alone and ate the new city. Don't do that well and much more. So thanks, thank you woke up I you to people, when I know I've had tried, have tried to kidnap me, I then again, she knows oh yeah, or he knows she. Anna As far as I know, I've just only aware of how many, unless we might we know now, it's like that thing, eating spiders! When your sleeve used on now here
What, if I do not like mine, either by Marine, haven't, I lived in a kind of complex and Anaheim till I was sixteen, and when I was about three, my friend Becker and I were taking- turns writing in my red wagon through the communal driveway Beck Asthma Donna was supposed to be watching us because my dad is inside the house painting a picture of the muppets. She said it was ninety ninety three, so Some man came up and ass if he would like, like candy, give us a ride in my wagon. So like a polite, single Mamma, the ninety is done, it didn't say anything and let the men take us slow. I went to my house and ask my dad if one of my uncle's or other male relatives was in town, when my dad said no, they went back outside together. Only to see the strange,
only to see the stranger appalling beckoned me around the corner in the red wagon, my dad started running after him and shouted hay, and when the man looked back and saw my dad, he took the fuck off running away. Never saw him again, everyone, the nineties, need to solve it. It's us too bad. That's it in my charm of the seventies, mind the fact that that happened and Ninetys is unacceptable and feeling late in time and the timeframe from you seem photos and commercials from the nineties. It's the same. That's there's no time. I know I know, but it's it's our care. He theirs. It It just seems more recent. I now there's no excuse for that, may know crazy. Well, it's just a funny to that she's a go ahead, nominal, walk away and ask someone else. If it's ok examine leave you guys alive. I trust a stranger man, because he's telling me it's ok and I don't trust him enough that I'm not comment.
They come and go asked one about as unjust staying out there with him. Instead of saying get your own fucking, two kids in a red tat combat why you wanna play with children, create man out of here now show that out of the parking lot leave immediately. What are you doing? What are you doing a parking lot anyway, always no matter what, if, unless you're walking briskly through your car taking trash, maybe fuckin lingering! When you know there and then ask him to play with children, shewed onsite guy, the hired me to a few years later, when I was a middle school, I went to my friend, Maidens House were asleep or where she lived in the same sketching neighbourhood. We decided that we would quote sneak out, even though we had nowhere to go. Remember sneak out nervous, like I'm going to wander around like India Parking. Why are we so snow? I wondered entire neighbour of my down really all like lacheneur such idiots, and why
at about three m to the local high school on the way we came across a middle aged man who was walking alone, yelling snug, gauze smile, Jesus Christ. We try to work quickly. I assume came no isn't as a week if we could help him find his pappy classic. At the time. I remember thinking you idiot. There are five of us and were twelve more too old to be kidnapped, because I figured that was his m o that this food was real persists in basically followed us for a couple hours until we got back into our neighbourhood not all of her refill for a long time. I thought that maybe just maybe he really was missing in Andorra but have been. We were just heartless twins who should have helped, but after being a woman in Amerika for twenty seven years, come to realize he was ninety nine percent. Definitely a dick S. Mother fucking creep, who couldn't pulled a boner longer than he could hold his breath. Well, has away with words. Yes in the nineties.
You're crazy time. My dad finishes portrait of the methods. In case you were wondering are always for years. He incorporated my face and the painting and it wasn't half bad. I beg you to send us that picture leave what the fuck a picture of that pay. No, I beg you to send us. The fucking bullet down through the wall is that it is a place of honor and the bargaining laughed its portrait of the methods and then a little girl also painted in their oh, my god. How crazy with that she's like it was great, unlike that, would make me have nightmares for it s stat? Lastly, finally, forgive any mistakes in this amount. My roommates and I are watching up- are catching up on bachelor paradise and, as a result, a pretty buzz you seriously, though unnecessary Gm Anna. Only nine am. I was a real slice of life. I really got to know at that: EMU no murders and in either those but delight. A point. Also, lots of tension, less attention rose, did storytelling
visuals of I was thinking but that it it's it's the It's the essence of all of these things, everything we talk about. It's just I did that nothing about how did nothing about having them. How did nothing but happen to me when I did these exact same things, these stories, that we read these horrible, your crime, things we find out about and you're like it, just parallels your life enough to scare the living shit, we're you ok, this budget line- and this is my sister- got me hooked on your show- hydrogen get killed. Her real, quick, a group in a shitty dirty place called the antelope I wouldn't be thrown down. Also shitty dirty real good awaited disguised. As I see it, big picture in my mind. I now worth of LOS Angeles, do remember the Michel O Keefe murder in two thousand. I think her mom was even on open something spoiler alert if you dont know it in.
That being the security guard at the park and ride where she was parked eyes with her. We weren't friends are anything but had friends and common, and we are on the same class. I remember her being a nice chick and have nothing to do and have nothing to add to that accept. That's that some scheme kind of shit. Knowing someone who was murdered. Ok, fine summer, I moved to San Diego to live in a real city and be a grown up. I guess I think I just really hated where it was from, yet we get it. I found a nice girl on the internet to be roommates with that we got our first apartment in a really sketchy area called North Park might be fine now, but it was scariest buck back them. My roommate and I had a carport in a back the complex and is due care parking behind us blocking us in. I never met him didn't know who he was, and one day I was just set up and called to tow truck. It ended up being the guy upstairs from us, not a big complex. Just six units, Freddy my neighbour, came flying down the stairs ready to beat the persons as who was getting them toad
turned out when he saw me. He changed his mind and he told me later. It was because I great legs any thought that Irish sexy, naturally we started looking like, I know, he's selling weaned stuff, which is ok. I guess caused you now, I'm twenty! He tells me one day that someone, oh some ten thousand dollars and when t collects. He wants to move somewhere else and may be will live together, but he It's a little weird and ended up telling him that I wanted to stop hooking up the next I see him walk by my door to go. Out for the evening and the following day when I get home from work, my roommate and his remain are, in living room, both crying Friday, was killed the night before not long after I saw the morning for the killing. Someone walked by his part Suv and some blood drops under the door on the street. It was built he had a passenger in the car, probably the person who Odin ten thousand dollars a shot him, possibly with his own gun, lock the doors and laughed I had cops. My apartment, not locked, not long after
when I knew, which was nothing. I was a mess scares fuck, not knowing what was going on. I dont think the crime was resolved but short, After my roommate nigh move to a nicer part of town like a mile away. I don't know anyone has been anyone else has been murdered, but hey Now I live in the Pacific, northwest where everyone serial killer, so maybe I'll get lucky lovely, shows day sexy cat. I got that Sadly that is at stake with terrible does that do have another one. Now I mean nothing. Tat that this is magical magic. I cried so we had a home town at the end of our San. Diego live show this past week end, which is why we a sound. Like we're half asleep. We had a very busy and exciting fun weakened in San, Diego and Anaheim, but at the end of one of our shows
we called Guy Name Liquor, Franco up because he said he had a hometown, and he was there with his girlfriend of three years. It was their night of their anniversary, and so this is how that hometown happened now ready for this. This is I'm sure you haven't really quick Eliza We know this one, because we we We have the one we want do because its they sent it in already is Victor VIC Are you here that you yeah that you come on you don't like it? Yes bring on she's coming up. Go: go here, Pearson Stairs! Can you come over here?
guy you can tell us together. We likewise close come together is usually heat. One of them that's a lot of them from flew from Portland Oregon, why would anyone like fairy needs to remain seventy it's me it's ravenous! So sorry what you just sort of we flew you're from Portland. Organ today. For my anniversary, I had no idea nice. Now we drove by the Marquis, and I just started uncontrollably your coming. There, that's a good suppress, gives you took her out of state. I took it.
Yeah, really, smart, we get another one ass. Everybody gets a microphone, my home town, it was, are you add any way you want it However, do you ok? So we have this happy anniversary, I have friends alley and alley was friends at this, like old woman named merrily and she just looked like a cute little apple, faced like old woman and she walked with a walker in one day on Facebook. Alley was lake. Has anyone seen or heard from merrily like it's been a long time or we're getting worried and
so I start googling everything you know, of course, as we do found out, that merrily is car was found abandoned by the police and then a few days later they found her body in the trunk of her own car handcuffs, There is a bag of crackers in with her, and so I dont water, it's a lot like I really dont know the plan was there, and so they are still the system ongoing. They don't ever. Did it so much now ignore ones when caught, but she was at my best friends wedding. So that's how we were like hey like what happened with out with her and she knows how crazy it's crazy and that's important.
Yeah yeah it's time to prepare. You gotta run some pictures yeah. We could have acted out anyway, yeah. The reason we are here in the recently invited us up is because you, my best friend my summits. My wife and I couldn't imagine my life without you
That being said, certainly many will you be my wife things he had made. Absolutely we, let's see that ring it's fucking door is always yeah. I know you can see a little while ago. I got a little, oh my god. Oh, my god, oh my god, it's getting people
lives, although we know that just spoken tonight, there's good words of white as bad party I, but will we can remember the good Paria why I just started shaking when they came up your nose, like? Oh, my god, I know what's happening like dont like oh it's over three years like don't they got him. Can you believe you're getting engaged, hullo whip? Silicones worry me, like I accidently to my coach and limits the throat? That's that's me. I wouldn't say it out loud, but I would just keep give the reason. I wasn't looking hers because I was would absolutely give her meaningful. I contacted made no such a scale. I congratulate you and so far I found her choice, but thank you for letting us feel part of that was so beautiful. Lady has enforce our way into engagement that then, when she stood up for when I mean when she got the ringer you're you're. The first person like this- and I know I love-
like where a huge part of his marriage yeah what's happened. I will do everything we can to not disappoint. You guys not be able to have to make up a new engagement story. You don't want to include us another anymore, stay sexy by that.
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