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2017-10-23 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia read your hometown stories from Minneapolis and Madison including a serial killer relation, a badminton murder, and more.

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This is exactly right. Is it time and make its time its many so time its many said Tom. I welcome to my favorite Marty. I know I know the murky so like paper murky, hey, this is where you are sent to your home terrorism. We read the max. You kind of like a practice in reading a reading exercise its just a fun raining exercise. Has we love love to read aloud? Let me pay now my are smarter, the subject line, as does that, make me a murderer high friend, and I were on vacation a few months ago, sleeping in a stranger thousand world Taiwan thinking man
sure would be nice to listen stories about being murdered right now, and it was until we listened to episode. Seventy two and I learned that I am related to a serial. The Why can't I want that experience? What is wrong with me? the highway killer Larry Isler is my great great second cousin or something- and I didn't have any idea until you told me- I grew up in often still Indiana Home of the murder. Isler is my grandmother's maiden name, it's a very small place, so am I They represent a text in my mom and she was of setting the casual about they always always are. I was all excuse me. This is all caps. Excuse me are we related to a serial killer and she was all what are you talking about and I was all I was just
listening to a park asked about murders and they were talking about someone from Crawford's bill with the last named Isler. How many can there be- and she was all oh- you mean Cousin Larry, oh, that when this is what is that who who just cousin Larry's when there's a homicidal maniac in your bloodline, Lazo anyway, thanks for letting me now, I'm genetically I'm genetically a serial killer? I'm coming to see you in Madison next week. Please try not to reveal anything any horrifying truths about my family. This time they sexy. Sarah Larry. Oh, I want like and I know I don't, but I won't one of those o this full time you know moments, you thought one thing and then it actually turn out to be a totally different Danielle, like a puzzle being solved it out, and you can see in my mind my actors face it. I'm sorry
they putting together. That's right, you look to the left for a little while and then you look over to the right kind of blinking. Oh she's, really, discoveries and you're. What I know I watch to which Syria and then realized I watch too much today. Ok, my boyfriend almost voluntarily Goddess murdered and then it says lighthearted Healthcare in Georgia, Stephen and ferry babies level. We're part gas coming to see it as a medicine in October soap story. Here my boyfriend, not a marine. Almost all entirely got us murdered one night to us, her out of the bars and its around bar clothes and I'm waiting outside of the bar for my boyfriend. So we can take an Abraham while awaiting this girl comes up to my compliments, misuse and walks away than my boyfriend. Rosemont signed comes back. I've been continues talking and complementing my ceptin ring. She has one two and then leaves again ever talk their girls out. We're like this, when my wife and I walked past
her car shields. It s an ass, hey. We want to continue party with her an ex boyfriend questions is not a party area, issued this girl right, absolutely not for so many reasons as I'm about to politely decline, my wife, Ngos sure and gets in the car my dating go. I'm gettin her car against all my better judgment and we start driving. I mean we're dry She keeps saying where little things like like we're driving super far away, but we're really close. I promise I call my god she didn't tell us. Her name, and then she goes red flag, number, seven thousand five hundred and seven seven or eight but she kept asking us if he smoked the gone: oh, oh narc, she's, actually driving at Quantico babies, nappies and also told us she was twenty three one year older than both of us, and she has two kids in an ex husband. Oh, she also does she saw as at a few bars. While we were out
Ok, she was scoping us out to probably murder. Once we get closer to the house, she does. Oh there's not really any franchise this place because he just moved in ok, somewhere, literally proudly breaking into a house when we fall unknown in extremely sketchy house, an extremely sketchy neighbourhood. She says: oh, you know what he's Niven home yet, but don't worry, I'm greater breaking in the house. Girl hall I go is one we walk up to the door. She asked us if we have, if we have any cell service way out here, because she didn't, I figured we were probably going to get murdered there and there's no. Turning back now, we can in this house with no furniture, but really oh, what are really old, tiny couch and she walks upstairs and ass. If we want to smoke the guns up there. No, I do not know how it was empty and filled with little toys on the floor and there's only one light, and I immediately column Goober and have the cell service, thank God and garbage cans back downstairs and keeps mentioning how weird this wise and how sorry she is and how she's quote not a serial killer. She mentioned. She is not a serial killer, so many times that she definitely had to be one. Yes, I told her, I called newborn. We were about to leave and she goes. How did they find your address all the way out here and
who just kind of bolted out and laughed once you got into the humor. I immediately yelled at my boyfriend for not consulting with me before he gone to strangers car. His reasoning for agreeing to go on with her is that he saw her talking to me and thought we knew each other when she literally only complemented my shoes. We was the one. That's that showed me to your problem. Asked, and he doesn't even know how to stay sexy and not get murmur about that. I'm glad we may lie, but not sure what would have happened if her ex husband was their. Hopefully, this isn't entertaining a story to qualify as a hometown, SSC Gm Megan Megan. I was Megan. You highly qualified men. I was, That is a horror movie. Absolutely because normally don't you people do that. It's like you inside drunk you feel safe. There are tons of people around here with your boyfriend over and then there's somebody outside turn a pic people off who just spent and
drink and they know that and there like outlets party more and then there like, we ve, been following you that things like that. The real, like realisation that your with someone you shouldn't be with you in your unenclosed basic, a car with them, be like. Oh no, oh leg, you can't go back yeah. He can fuckin role opened the door tucking around. You can, what are things you can do to get people to pull a car over Mamma. You could vomit, that's exactly right, we're pierce. I'm going to vomit and then start to vomit. They will pull the car. That's true, then Papa,
of their tyres and run now that you're. Actually I don't know how you do that, and yet your lives, lingering, our you do get back here. Why? Don't you Bobby I'm running scenarios? I'm running scenarios, this subject line of this one is my badminton murder, Dear Georgia, Karen and Stephen Nature offering upon us that only confirms that my anxieties are not irrational, but also shares practical advice on how to stand up for yourself. Look out for others stay sexy and not get murdered. Boeing's I went to a school any I'll town outside of medicine, Wisconsin, your typical quiet, so no one would ever etc. One day one day I came home from school and my dad was reading a new article on his laptop. He turned the screen around and asked if I knew the guy in the photo from the article recognized him instantly. That's my badminton partner from Jim Clouds. What happens in parentheses, yet this is the type of high school I went to. We spent a full month of class play,
dad you can try your own conclusions about the general population in the area which I asked I can't stand it gave of. Not love is a small group, British people lay a sound like well rounded Reno, like people of the errors, badminton trashy, I don't know, I'm not, I feel like she can either be saying, I'm a billion area or my red ass yeah. If so many choices, ok So my dad tells me that this guy's suspected of murder and in Madison where a teenager was shot and killed on his break from work, turns out. My badminton partner was unknown gang member, which was not a thing in this town with a criminal record, but he had changed his changes aimed at multiple times and the name he used at school, wasn't known by the police. To this day, they actually don't know which, if
of his name's is the real one. Whites then against weirder Erika, even though he was enrolled in high schools being seventeen, this guy was actually in as MID twenty. I send pretending to be a teenage, that's my favorites as Aver best. I mean oftentimes. They have malicious intent when they do that. The idea of being like fuckin, I'm trying this again. I get to do it again and see what happens. You must have had a good time, the first ever anchors, who the fuck would go back I mean the I can. I can I get shivers. When I drive by my own we drove by my yesterday, I was crying membranous screaming Gray S, that's entering it! The way I feel I was in the trunk by media literacy. Ok, I'm pretty
it turned out that he had been rolled and a few different high schools in the area over the past several years and every time you got two graduating age, he would switch schools and start over it with a new name in a different age. What are we or he must have had great skin, though the Route news reports contained warnings that he was armed and extremely dangerous. There was a man hunt by police in the: U S, marshals, to find him there. There would be heightened security at my school until he was found. My dad is telling me this and since my reaction is to feeling overwhelmed us to cry, I just our bawling my dad That's not why incurring I'm so overwhelmed. Someone is dead, my classmates is a murderer. U S marshals or on a manhood. I can't put my thoughts into words so instead I say sobbing heavily daddy was so good and bad men who were he killed two and a half years later, he was found out of the country extradited back to the? U S sentenced to twenty years for
Three murder. My high school now requires privilege for, and are all many having Jenny dead. Letters about legally could be eloquent all the time when it not be nice, it's difficult. I we played badminton my high school for Jim. It was just one. Are you now a bad news? Absolutely it's just like. Its later tennis, smaller longer handled racket summit, as did you shall british when you're playing? Yes, I felt click, ok, for one time my partner killed, you know and switch schools, and you know she went to hit and it her somehow the rat bracket came down and I was wearing one there's really thin plastic goody, headband member those like they barely held my hair back. She didn't like that in it just like shattered and a thousand pieces. There's really hilarious.
Thus Badminton zero memories from that moment. For me, that's issues in the bank has badminton memories. Also wish we had it in front of the boys who, while the girl, Jim Clause, was doing the boys lifted waits, so they were just like standing on lifting weights and watching us play badminton sexism and in society. Just you know it's everywhere kissed. It was a difficult times in p: my grandma is right or die as fuck is this? Is this hey my firm crew, my best friend and I get out of your podcast, I'm a Karen she's, a Georgia every week, and we can wait to see. Ladies in Minneapolis next month, yea. My grandma is a former biker wife with a treasure trove of outrageous stories. Up until recently, my personal favours the one where she ran away to join a staircase in order to avoid being kidnapped. As you do well
last summer, my family? Some of the points in documents outlining my grandparents involvement in their neighbors murder years ago. That's what the ultimate grandma story was revealed a long time ago, my grandpa hired a guide to kill a neighbor. He had a vendetta, woe long story short after the killer did the deed. He panicked, fled the scene and hidden a bush across the street. From her window. My grandma noticed some hiding says she opened the door to her apartment and beckoned him inside when the police showed up at her door later that day, grandma proceeded to hide the killer, all caps under my mother's crib, through a robot over her clothes, my supper, hair and answer the door upon being asked. If she had noticed any commotion that day, grandma totally, she hadn t anything because she'd been napping, which would be true in my case,
I condoning murder by any means sounds like you are both my end. Both grandma and grandpa ended up doing their time, but I do love the story in how it speaks to my grandma's loyalty and the wild tumultuous life. She's loved loved and lived just lived, whom she now Spencer Days, watching unsolved mystery, reruns and eating chile, cheese burritos that she buys and bought from talk. Oh yeah, I e g m L. Ok, she needs to write a book immediately. She needs to write a book immediately immediately, female as a member of a murder gmail and sent a spear hilarious and jack and weird mostly hilarious, hometown stories. Yes and serious acts and don't get murdered by
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